Top 20 players of 2013: dupreeh (18)

Another player who had a breakthrough year is our number 18 on the Top 20 players of 2013 by, Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen. His Copenhagen Wolves consistently reached the playoffs at every big event and he proved to be one of the most talented fraggers out there.

Basic info and history

Peter "dupreeh" Rothmann Rasmussen was 19 years old when CS:GO arrived back in 2012, and before that he was playing CS:Source only at lower levels, with no notable teams on his resume.

"I have always played CS, but I had no idea what competitive play was when I started. After a couple of years of FFA-stomping in source, I went to my first LAN and really got into the competitive gaming thing! From that point, it was a dream for me to get to play with players like FeTiSh and co. and to get recognized worldwide.

In the last couple of months of CSS I did play with a lot of the good players and I did improve a lot, so when CS:GO was released, and a lot of players decided to step down, I got offered a spot by 3DMAX (xlo, socN, gravityy and purityy) at the first danish LAN event in CS:GO. I was really new, but I have always had a flair to learn quickly, so within a couple of weeks of individual play, I was ready for my first tournament with a topteam." - Rasmussen about his experience before 2013.

With that 3DMAX squad he went on to attend his first big events, DreamHack Winter and NorthCon, and even though the team didn't make any splashes, he gained some valuable experience.

Getting the big opportunity

After the turn of the year, the players of 3DMAX parted ways with the organization and started going on different paths themselves. Still, they finished playing EMS Winter 2012 where they ended in 3rd place and where Rasmussen showed some great fragging talent, albeit online.

On January 18th, Copenhagen Wolves announced their new roster containing some of the most successful players in CS:Source history led by Henrik "FeTiSh" Christensen, and Rasmussen was happy to be invited along for the ride as a newcomer.

"The greatest moment for me in 2013 would probably be when I was recruited to Copenhagen Wolves. I knew FeTiSh and the rest of the guys from the source era, and they were considered top3 in the world for a long time, so this was a huge opportunity for me. This really started my career, and I have evolved so much as a player since!"

They had their first test locally at HKLAN in February, finishing in 2nd place after a long lower bracket run and a map-split in the final with Anexis. Their executioners, who were considered the top team in the country at that time, went on to place 2nd at Mad Catz Vienna a week later, while Copenhagen Wolves took a pass on that tournament and ended up making a lineup change shortly after.

Nicolai "device" Reedtz was removed, which would be far from last time Rasmussen plays with him, while former CS:Source superstar Bo "wantz" Vestergaard took his place.

Copenhagen Games were dupreeh's first big LAN with Cph Wolves

The team's goal behind the change was to prepare better for Copenhagen Games, their international debut, but things didn't go as planned. They got outplayed by their rivals Western Wolves (ex-Anexis) in the group stage (16-6, 16-5), which pitted them against NiP in the first round of upper bracket.

Surprisingly, they did somewhat better against the at that time invincible Swedes (losing 16-10, 16-10), but then an inexcusable loss to Norwegians plan-B in the lower bracket sent them home with a disappointing 17th-24th finish in their hands.

"There were a lot of things that should have been improved at CPH GAMES. First of all, 3k2 and FeTiSh were still very new to the game so they had loads to learn, as they were still thinking 'this works in source' but it didn't in Global Offensive.

Apart from that, we kicked device as well, and brought in wantz, an insane player, but adding a new player to a team just before a big event is not always a good thing, as teamplay can be hard, especially when you go up against other experienced and well-structured teams. We were still a really new team, when we look at it with international goggles, but it also made us realize what was going wrong, and what had to be done for us to improve."

We didn't see much of the Copenhagen Wolves in April, a month which was one of the busiest in the year for most teams. It turned out that another lineup change was happenning, seeing Steffen "3k2" Markussen quit to make place for the returnee Reedtz.

And judging by the results that would follow it was the right move, as in early May they claimed the throne at local events League Season 6 and The Blast ahead of their countrymen Western Wolves and fnatic.

That was followed up by winning RaidCall EMS One Summer Cup #1, during which they once again defeated Western Wolves, and also Anexis, NiP, Absolute Legends and, thus showing some serious potential with this lineup.

dupreeh's action in the final of RC EMS One Summer Cup #1

Before going to their new first international LAN test, DreamHack Summer, they secured a place at RC EMS One Summer Finals by topping a group ahead of always dangerous Na`Vi and ESC Gaming.

Coming in to Sweden with big expectations, they began brilliantly, destroying Germans 3DMAX and North Americans Curse 16-7 and 16-3, respectively, and topping their group. However, luck of the draw didn't favor them as they met NiP again, who slipped in their own group and barely escaped it as 2nd.

The Danes still gave it their best shot, even scored a 16-14 win on the first map, but the Swedes were determined to win the whole tournament and there was no stopping them at that moment, so the Wolves were out after 16-3 and 16-10 losses in the other two maps.

DreamHack Summer proved Wolves' potential

Rasmussen, who had an average display in Copenhagen in what was his international debut with the team, did significantly better this time and was one of the team's two stars in Jönköping, together with their other youngster Reedtz.

Despite their promising performance, upon the return from DreamHack news hit that Bo "wantz" Vestergaard would leave the team, so they were forced to call up a stand-in Søren "socN" Falke for the RC EMS One Summer Finals only a week away.

To make matters worse, a few days later Rene "cajunb" Borg also announced that he wants to stop playing CS:GO, so Wolves had to find yet another stand-in for the German event, which turned out being Danni "smF" Dyg.

And if that wasn't enough troubles for the Danes, the bracket draw once again didn't go in their favor - this time they had to meet VeryGames in the quarter-final.

The incomplete Copenhagen Wolves still put up a good fight against the team that would eventually win the tournament (12-16, 16-12, 6-16), largely thanks to Rasmussen who was the top fragger of the whole series (67:56, 1.15 rating), but they had to bow out with another 5th-8th finish.

Despite the lack of notable team success, Rasmussen had started establishing himself as a star on the rise with the recent displays at big LAN events, and he credits his experienced teammates for helping him get to the next level.

"I was not really considered a top player in source, because I really lacked experience and in-game knowledge. I had plenty of aim, and I was considered a talent, but I never had a breakthrough. By playing with such experienced guys like cajun, 3k2 and FeTiSh, they really taught me what I was missing about the game.

I learned so much, and combining that with my aim, I kinda had my breakthrough in CS:GO. I improved my in-game abilities, in terms of IQ and how to read enemy plays, and in general just realized what I was doing wrong, and tried to fix any individual mistakes that I often made." - Rasmussen about what exactly he improved at during the year.

"The difference compared to before is a lot of things. You rely a lot more on your teammates than before. You have experienced guys that know what to do a lot of the times, they have great aim and great in-game knowledge.

By playing for Copenhagen Wolves I have learned so much about how it is to be a professional e-sports athlete, how it is to be recognized by people, how it is to be considered favorites at, in most cases, Danish LANs. It was an experience that changed me as a player totally. Oh, and I experienced going to a lot of international LANs too." - on the difference between playing for Cph Wolves compared to before.

After the event in Cologne, it was time to complete the lineup once again, so Copenhagen Wolves signed two fnatic players - Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth and Michael "Friis" Jørgensen.

A lengthy summer break ensued, and the new lineup wasn't seen in action until mid-August when they lost to VeryGames online in Mad Catz Cologne semi-final. They also qualified for SLTV StarSeries VII, but then decided to pass up on the league as they would be unable to attend the Finals anyway.

Their MSI Beat it European Finals performance was one to forget, with only 1 win in 5 matches, but they snapped out of it by taking down VeryGames in the first RC EMS One Fall cup 16-14, and then giving NiP a hell of a fight in the final (16-14, 22-26, 6-16).

DreamHack Bucharest was set to be their first big LAN test with the two new members, but once again just before the event, they had to get Falke to stand in, as their in-game leader Christensen was unable to attend.

They still topped their group ahead of their countrymen n!faculty, but the new lineup of Natus Vincere got the better of them, so it was back to the drawing board. Rasmussen himself, however, still put up 0.80 kills per round to prolong his streak of doing so to three events in a row.

Wolves couldn't cope without their in-game leader in Bucharest

He was on peak form in that period, as he led the team to winning Cup #4 of EMS One's Fall season with an outstanding 0.99 kills per round, including his probably most impressive match of the year in the final over Party Daddlers (future mousesports) where he had 54 kills in a double overtime second map (54:33 score, 1.52 rating).

That was, however, after another lineup change, as Reedtz was removed right after Bucharest, and Jacob "Pimp" Winneche was brought in to the pack. The team later had no trouble qualifying for the finals of RC EMS One Fall, and they also secured a place at ESWC by clinching the Danish spot.

Their first LAN task was to hold on to the national title in League Season 7 and at NPF #14 local event, which they did by defeating Morten "COLON" Johansen's side AWESOME in both of the tournaments.

The big test, however, came in form of RaidCall EMS One Fall Finals at which almost all of the Europe's top teams took part in. This time Cph Wolves finished second in their group after wins over n!faculty and fnatic, but also a 16-4 loss to VeryGames. And then they had to meet NiP in the semi-final.

In a very similar fashion to how Rasmussen's side started at DreamHack Summer against the Swedes, they defeated them 16-14 on the first map, but once again saw the match slip away after two 16-6 wins by Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund & co.

Although he didn't continue his 0.80+ KPR streak this time, Rasmussen was still the team's top fragger at this event, at which they secured a spot for the year's biggest competition – DreamHack Winter.

dupreeh celebrating the moment Cph Wolves qualified for DH Winter by beating fnatic in the group stage

He was back at it a week later at ESWC in France, where he ended up being the top fragger of the entire tournament with 0.85 kills per round.

In the group stage, he helped the team overcome VeryGames 16-13, but the quarter-finals were once again an insurmountable obstacle for Copenhagen Wolves, this time the wall being Astana Dragons.

The lack of success was, as it became usual for them, followed by lineup changes, with Reedtz once again joining together with Nicolaj "Nico" Jensen, and latest addition Winneche on the way out with Michael "Friis" Jørgensen.

"The lineup changes are just a joke... We have been adding subs and new players all the time, but this time we have found the real lineup, and this one is not going to change unless something really unexpected occurs." - Rasmussen in December, commenting on the numerous lineup changes during 2013

DreamHack Winter was the goal, and after about three weeks of preparations, Copenhagen Wolves took on SK Gaming and Astana Dragons in the group stage of the $250,000 event. They passed the first two tests and topped their group, as they more often than not did throughout the year, but the quarter-final draw again didn't favor them as they had to meet the almighty in-form VeryGames, who actually fell to compLexity and finished 2nd in their own group.

It was a match Rasmussen regrets the most from all the big ones they lost, as this time they had a real chance to make it past VG, going into the second half of the third map with an 8-7 lead on T-side of Mirage. And yet, the Frenchmen's experience prevailed and the map was lost 16-12, putting an end to all the hopes for the Danes.

"The one I really think we should have won was the match against VeryGames at DHW 2013, where we lost 2-1. I don't know, we always seem to face NiP or VG in the quarterfinal, even though we always end 1st in our group.

I guess we are just unlucky at some point, but you have to beat everyone to win. But yeah, the game against VeryGames I really wanted to win, but we were still a new lineup so we had struggles when things heated up and they simply showed they were a better team when that happened."

In the aftermath of DreamHack Winter, the team was unable to agree terms of next year's contracts with Copenhagen Wolves, so they decided to part ways with the organization. Under their temporary and current name über G33KZ, they took part in Fragbite Masters online league where they got their revenge against VeryGames (19-15, 16-10) in the quarter-final, but this time NiP put a stop to their efforts in the next stage.

Meanwhile, they lost their national title to n!faculty at the Championship Finals (16-14, 5-16, 17-19), although still they are still able to call themselves team of the year in Denmark as that only reduced their league map record to 31-2.

As far Rasmussen himself goes, his final adventure of 2013 was traveling to Belgrade, Serbia for the final of European Championship between Denmark and France, from which he finally returned home with a trophy thanks to defeating Kenny "kennyS" & co. 3-1.

Denmark's winning squad at the European Championship

And thanks to their top eight finish at DreamHack, the next major tournament, EMS One Katowice, is already booked on über G33KZ' calendar for 2014, which Rasmussen has big plans for.

"I would be lying if I wasn't going to say we are aiming for top1, because that's what we do. I think we can manage it honestly, but it wouldn't be like early NiP dominance, I think we won't see that for a long time, because there are so many teams that are getting equal.

I hope and believe that 2014 is going to bring us something big. We have to keep the same lineup and work on our teamplay and individual plays, and then I think we can beat everyone. We have the potential and we also have the individuals to do so, so I think it's just a matter of time, but it won't be easy, at all." - on team's plans for 2014.

What makes him the 18th best player of 2013?

Coming into 2013, Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen was just another average Danish player in the eyes of the general public. Despite that, Cph Wolves took a shot with him and he showed that with some talent, the right players to learn from, and a lot of hard work everyone has a chance to make a breakthrough.

And 2013 was just that for him, a breakthrough year in which he showed that he is one of the most talented fraggers in the world.

He spent the whole year in Copenhagen Wolves, as a consistent part of lineups that kept flashing potential but never made that next step towards a big title. Rasmussen himself, though, did make the next step as he scored the world's 7th best 0.77 kills per round at big international events.

He was also his team's primary entry fragger, having the world's fifth most entry kills per round (0.14), although with average success rate of 50%.

Overall, a 1.10 rating would generally mean he should be expected higher on the list, but due to lack of team success, which in turn resulted in the lowest number of maps out of all players in our Top 20, he is placed at number 18.

Bold prediction

As someone who practically came out of nowhere himself, Rasmussen didn't mind the task of finding one such player for this year and predicting big things for him. And like his teammate Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth, he picked the youngster from their rivals n!faculty.

Denmark Rasmus "raalz" Steensborg

"Hmm. Thats a good question. I think there's a lot of talented guys out there. In Denmark, I believe players like raalz, cadiaN, aiztrup and PnX can become really good, if they keep playing and actually get a chance one day. Well, raalz already has it as he's playing with the guys from nfaculty, and he's good already, but I think he can become really, really good in maybe 6 months, no doubt."

How did you see Rasmussen's 2013 progress, did you see it coming or did he catch you by surprise? Does it earn him the 18th place on our Top 20 of 2013 by, or should he even perhaps be placed higher in your opinion?

If you missed our previous articles, check out the Ranking page and get yourself up to date! And of course, stay tuned to for another 17 articles about the year's biggest stars.

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Always happy to be mentioned by such a great player :-) You will be even higher ranked next year Peter!
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2014-01-07 16:58
2014-01-09 20:51
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