ESEA Finals with just six teams

ESEA has announced that the upcoming continental finals will feature just six teams.

In the last few days, ESEA has been making arrangements to bring as many as four European teams to the season finals, which will take place in Dallas from January 17th to 19th.

However, teams from the old continent kept pulling out of the tournament, either because they could not get visa permit to enter the United States or because they lacked the funds to make the trip across the Atlantic Ocean.

ESEA has now confirmed that neither AGAiN nor n!faculty will be able to attend the event, which leaves VeryGames as the only European side who will be in Dallas for the tournament.

VeryGames and compLexity, the top seeded continental teams, will get direct entry into the Upper Bracket semi-finals, but it is still unclear how the tiebreaker between these two sides, to determine which of them gets the overall top seed, will be decided.

The participants' list and the continental seeds look as follows:

Europe North America
1. France VeryGames 1. United States compLexity
  2. United States iBUYPOWER
  3. United States MouseSpaz
  4. United States Homeless

5. United States United 5
2014-01-04 14:27
Oh my, you're so smart.
2014-01-04 15:51
everybody did xD
2014-01-04 19:14
wow start betting immediatly
2014-01-04 23:17
Poland kiero
2014-01-04 14:26
VG - ibp final
2014-01-04 14:27
Semis: VG vs COL iBP vs HOMELESS So you can be right. VG vs iBP in finals ;)
2014-01-04 14:41
im always right! :)
2014-01-04 14:53
And ofc, VG will be the champ! haha
2014-01-04 14:57
There is a lower bracket, so it could be VG-coL finals still
2014-01-05 08:10
Nvm. One team from Europe is enough - VG for the win.
2014-01-04 14:28
2014-01-04 14:29
what about allstars america vs eu? :D :D
2014-01-04 14:29
lol team europe vs NA ?? not goona happen to bad :(
2014-01-04 14:30
that's not good...
2014-01-04 14:31
VG too stronggg for US clan final vg v coL
2014-01-04 14:31
US? ok.
2014-01-05 17:27
col vs vg final
2014-01-04 14:32
When will ESEA learn not to put the international finals in the most expensive period to travel over seas in :D
2014-01-04 14:32
January is not the most expensive, its actually one of the cheapest.
2014-01-05 00:33
2014-01-04 14:32
2014-01-04 14:33
i guess next season they will have the finals in europe.
2014-01-04 14:33
it should be in Europe long time ago ;/
2014-01-04 14:36
It's an American league, how does that really make sense?
2014-01-04 20:57
its American AND Europe league now, isnt`t it? and everybody knows TOP skill is in Europe so 1 EU team and rest NA team lowers final big time 4 (or 6)EU teams and 1-2 from NA would be perfect :D final hosted somewhere in Germany
2014-01-04 21:57
But arent there tf2 finals on this lan too?
2014-01-05 00:35
Why in germany? :D
2014-01-05 01:26
germany best
2014-01-05 11:05
Their main client base is in NA. Their headquarters are in NA. They have hosted solely NA LANS. They would be doing a large disservice to the people who helped get them where they are. That is regardless of talent, period. When you start treating your clients badly, you will lose money and business. How many more American teams are there than European ones in the league? Regardless of being international, ESEA, as any smart business would, is going to cater to their largest user base. Sorry, that's just the reality of it.
2014-01-05 02:10
This is like the first post on that I have found helpful ever. Cheers man for not being intentionally stupid!
2014-01-05 02:45
Azerbaijan Talley
Agreed. Hard to get why people don't understand it.
2014-01-05 10:46
usa has too many debts, they can't afford it!!
2014-01-05 01:28
I think from NA only coL and iBP could afford that. Also only EU orgas who could afford to go there: Na`Vi, Titan(ex-VG), AD new team(?), feel free to add more.
2014-01-04 14:37
Yah. US finals is ok. It just that there are lots of problem for EU teams now. Visa, stable organization and money but it will be just for now. This year, more organization will be stable.
2014-01-04 14:44
than kick the stupid americans in their fuckin asses dude. how can one of the tournament players not get a freakin visa? only that issue is reason enough to have everything in europe.
2014-01-04 15:11
what? I can't understand your english dude. You mean, you don't think that it is just a visa problem for Europe team why they can't attend this current ESEA FINALS?
2014-01-04 16:02
It's not a visa issue as much as it's a money issue. Also, ESEA has much more of a NA user base, so holding the LAN in Europe makes almost no sense at all. The short end of the answer is that European teams have much better sponsors than NA teams, and have a better chance at making it to the LAN internationally. Outside of coL and iBP no other NA teams have solid backing. The only reason this LAN fell through as badly as it did was because a bunch of the teams in the top6 lost sponsors right before, or didn't have a strong enough sponsor. If you send it to Europe, the same thing will happen. A bunch of Euro teams will show, and no NA. There's no solid solution here, and again, ESEA has a more dedicated NA base so they're going to cater to NA regardless.
2014-01-04 21:01
You're assuming a lot on their part.
2014-01-04 14:40
Guess u sdidntread my private message on hltv i sent you :(
2014-01-04 14:57
They could do a few things, but they're all logistical nightmares. Host separate European and American LANs. Host separate European and American LANs, with a final, larger scale LAN with a reasonable prize purse. BYOC the finals, sort of like CPL. Or just switch off the LAN location every other season(NA one season, Europe the next). Sadly, most of those will lead to the same problems so long as ESEA isn't offering a strong top prize. It's why a lot of teams are hesitant(this has been said the past 2 seasons from European teams).
2014-01-04 21:09
Europe midi
VG ONE TEAM ARMY YEAH! VG vs coL in final to attract more viewers.
2014-01-04 14:36
don't doubt in iBUYPOWER
2014-01-04 14:38
Germany sanity_
yeah like at DH Winter? Where iBUYPOWER talked big and went out 0-2? coL actually knows how to play the game, they dont just talk big. If anything I would go with coL. Maybe iBP improved a lot since DH winter, who knows.
2014-01-04 15:42
link/pic where they talked big?
2014-01-04 16:04
In interviews their players said they hadn't lost a single scrim while being on EU soil ;) while coL admitted to being raped a couple of times and having lost a lot :) We all know how that ended ^.-
2014-01-04 20:53
Is that talking big? Scrims and official games are so fucking different things everyone know that. In dota there was 2 teams who only scrimmed against eachother and 1 of those teams (Orange) managed to get 3rd place at TI3.
2014-01-04 21:04
I don't recall iBP ever saying that. I heard them say they played well in scrims, but never did they say they won all of them...
2014-01-04 21:05
Anger said it ;)
2014-01-05 14:41
VG vs coL final with VG taking it 2-1.. boooooring.
2014-01-04 14:40
send my team will be there and win this shit hole
2014-01-04 14:43
hahahha fail next season should be in europe
2014-01-04 14:43
Cmon i want to see mOEs team there!
2014-01-04 14:45
2014-01-04 16:37
france vs america :D
2014-01-04 14:45
2014-01-04 14:47
such shame
2014-01-04 14:48
On the one hand: it's sad to see only 1 EU team attend ... on the other hand: ESEA is NA based, we have EMS. Let murica have their scene ...they need it.
2014-01-04 14:50
I fail to see the humour in this.
2014-01-04 14:53
2014-01-04 14:56
2014-01-04 14:56
that way americans will have 2 places in top3.. talking about lucky
2014-01-04 14:57
2014-01-04 14:59
no , u guys dont get it , the rest of the EUROPE teams are packed up in Verygames , so yeah , maybe VG has around 20 players , ez , gg , goodbye america teams
2014-01-04 15:00
Oh now I get it thnx.
2014-01-05 00:39
2014-01-05 00:45
tickets are too expensive for teams without orga, that's why
2014-01-04 15:03
Really? W0W
2014-01-05 00:40
GO compLexity they'll will win ESEA season 15 looking forward to more EU teams competing next season in LAN playoffs
2014-01-04 15:05
Lolol easy money for VG !!
2014-01-04 15:06
That would be ex-Verygames, MIRAA. (Unless i'm missing something)
2014-01-04 15:06
VG still paid this trip so they play under their name
2014-01-04 15:16
Hmm, so that's what I was missing. Thanks.
2014-01-04 15:21
no they did not.
2014-01-04 21:06
Going to USA for playing 2 games np
2014-01-04 15:08
Sad news :-\
2014-01-04 15:10
Well, still we will have European winner :D
2014-01-04 15:12
easy money for the French
2014-01-04 15:13
Izi for VG ! Plz next session final in Europe
2014-01-04 15:21
ez col
2014-01-04 15:26
VG to win this
2014-01-04 15:29
2014-01-04 15:39
2014-01-04 17:36
yeap, valve should do this.
2014-01-04 18:26
ESEA Failnals :(
2014-01-04 15:45
VG top 1
2014-01-04 15:49
Reduce prize money and use it to help teams with travel funds. Something to consider for upcoming events.
2014-01-04 15:49
well, they are doiing the best out of how things are going! creds to esea :)
2014-01-04 15:51
GO low
2014-01-04 15:57
haha wtf
2014-01-04 15:58
VG >
2014-01-04 16:04
Wasn't it just Nip the last time?
2014-01-04 16:05
should be ex-VG, not VG
2014-01-04 16:17
2014-01-04 16:28
pathetic european teams pro players and organisations who don't have cash for flight to usa better pack up and quit ;e pro esport n.c
2014-01-04 16:30
... lame
2014-01-04 16:38
no one cares about american tournaments. american cs is like watching a horserace with donkeys.
2014-01-04 16:43
2014-01-04 16:44
fail event (*_*)
2014-01-04 17:09
hahahaah nice
2014-01-04 17:26
Should invite more NA teams
2014-01-04 17:29
i'm gonna be so disappointed by VG if they don't win vs 'murica
2014-01-04 17:45
Would be nice to see the Euro's commit to making this game big. They have this tourny in NA for a reason but no team commits to going. Dont play if you dont go to finals.
2014-01-04 18:24
Not a big surprise. ESEA gotta do something to sort this out, otherwise they'be getting shit like this every season.
2014-01-04 18:24
pathetic european teams pro players and organisations who don't have cash for flight to usa poor eu teams :(
2014-01-05 01:00
one reason to not invite someone else who can?
2014-01-04 18:26
like whom ?
2014-01-04 23:09
France BreiZzhOr
Team Rocket win this
2014-01-04 18:29
1 year NA, 1 year EU and continue like this better idea.
2014-01-04 18:46
2014-01-04 19:00
Poland dziad5
FAIL!!!!!!!!! ITS SO SAD :(
2014-01-04 19:03
Too bad for all the teams that wanted but couldn't go :( Must be really frustrating..
2014-01-04 19:06
lineup of ibuypower?
2014-01-04 19:18
DaZeD, AZK, Anger, adreN, Skadoodle
2014-01-04 21:03
Sweden BenneDoT
2014-01-04 20:02
The weird thing is that back on CS 1.5 and early 1.6, CPL used to attract A LOT of teams from all over the world to play on the USA, including medium and even low tier teams from Europe. And every single top team attended. Now, even the best teams of the world (the top euros) aren't able afford this trip.
2014-01-04 20:14
I bet when there was an IEM New York with 250k every team would go!
2014-01-04 20:57
Well... CPL prize purse was much lower than that, so it still a weird situation.
2014-01-05 04:53
+1, because esea is shit and people know it now.
2014-01-05 16:22
2014-01-04 20:31
VG will rape NA teams ;-) top NA cs player: ;-)
2014-01-04 23:08
lol pic
2014-01-05 02:10
Poor esea :(
2014-01-05 00:41
pathetic european teams pro players and organisations who don't have cash for flight to usa poor eu teams :(
2014-01-05 01:01
2014-01-05 01:01
I aint even mad
2014-01-05 01:00
It just keep gettin worse and worse each year. Later ESEA!
2014-01-05 02:48
Imagine if vg lose this which is very possible.Col are the great merican hope and should not be doubted.
2014-01-05 04:03
Europe: 1.VG . . . . lol
2014-01-05 04:06
ex-Verygames* rather.
2014-01-05 04:53
gogogo ibp :D
2014-01-05 05:06
so expensive to play there.
2014-01-05 05:09
Regarding the topic all i can say is ESEA had to a long time ago make sure they play finals somewhere where all the teams have to pay EVEN to attend! No surprise there's some teams that can never come accros the boars cause of crazy ass high expensess... 2nd concern is I want to say that ESEA is BAAAAD and I want to take this opportunity cause those ppl who own the ESEA client and play ESEA pugs know that the last update is spreading out trojans aka viruses all over ppl's computers! Here is one of the threads that those idiots closed for some reason probably trying to back their american asses up where ten's if not hundred's or thousadnds of ppl were getting a trojan warning while tried launching ESEA pug client today, so something has to happen and they better fix their sh**t dumb americans...
2014-01-05 06:35
If you don't think coL will win this, you aren't paying attention. No disrespect.
2014-01-05 08:27
maybe some explain why AGAiN cant go there? i know no organsation etc. but they surly had some offers even zowie still could sponsor that trip cuz they look strong and i think top2 could be in their hands...
2014-01-05 10:04
trip + hotel is more expensive than 1st prize. that's why nobody wants to go there...
2014-01-05 12:08
they wont win it anyway , why bother going and losing the only money they've won lol
2014-01-05 12:12
vg > usa
2014-01-05 11:40
we can also give credit to USA for giving so many troubles for the damm fucking visa
2014-01-05 11:48
United Kingdom Button
Complexity to win! C'mon lads
2014-01-05 11:55
They really need to look over things like plane ticket prices etc when they shedule this. And take guarantees from the participating orgas that they can send their teams if they qualify (unless plane tickets prices go threw the roof for some unplanned reason). Or bake some of the price money into travel fundings, orgas will still want to send their teams for the exposure but the risk is smaller since you dont have to invest as much money.
2014-01-05 16:13
2014-01-09 20:52
No reliable gaming, no moe
2014-01-09 20:53
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