Top 20 players of 2013: SmithZz (17)

The support player of VeryGames, Edouard "SmithZz" Dubourdeaux, occupies the 17th spot on our Top 20 players of 2013 ranking by Even though his role of the team's primary entry killer often goes unnoticed, the Frenchman was an important component in their continuous success throughout the year.

Basic info and history

Edouard "SmithZz" Dubourdeaux first joined VeryGames back in 2008 and went on to have great success in the CS:Source scene through the years. With some on and off time in the French giants, he finally returned in August 2012 to replace Dan "apEX" Madesclaire, and complete the lineup that would around a month later together switch to CS:GO.

The team immediately showed that they will become one of the best in the world at this new game that united the two scenes, ending up second only to NiP at events like DreamHack Valencia, ESWC, DreamHack Winter and AMD Sapphire Prague.

In the beginning of 2013 one of VeryGames' star players, Cédric "RpK" Guipouy, decided to hang up his mouse. To replace him, the team added Belgian hot prospect Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom, who prior to that represented Imaginary Gaming.

Shortly after, a 3rd place in Fnatic FragOut online league followed due to a loss to in the semi-final. And before heading out to Vienna for the first Mad Catz event of the year, they also lost to Imaginary in one of the RaidCall EMS One cups.

It was maybe a sign of things still not clicking with the new lineup, and the team eventually went on to place 3rd in Austria, losing to Danes Anexis two times including in the semi-final.

Starting the year with a 3rd place at Mad Catz Vienna

Dubourdeaux himself was doing well fragging-wise, posting a 0.72 KPR and starting a rise in form in that period. Before Copenhagen Games he helped the team win Cup #4 of RC EMS One Spring with his year-high 0.92 KPR, including an incredible performance against mousesports in which he had 38 kills (38:15, 2.09 rating).

He brought that form to LAN as well, becoming the team's top fragger in Denmark with 0.86 kills per round. But yet again, it didn't prove to be the formula for success as the French-Belgian squad ended at their lowest place yet, 4th, featuring losses to NiP in the upper bracket and then the same Danes they lost to in Vienna, now called Western Wolves, in the lower bracket final.

Still, Dubourdeaux ended up as one of the best players of the event, having the 7th highest rating overall (1.28, his best in 2013) and topping the charts in entry kills (0.17 per round).

Welcoming the first title of 2013 at Mad Catz Birmingham

Just a week later, VeryGames went to the second Mad Catz event in Birmingham and finally won their first international CS:GO title, although without meeting their new nemesis Western Wolves either, as they were knocked out by fnatic in the semi-final. Dubourdeaux was once again practically flawless, being the team's second best player behind Kenny "kennyS" Schrub and the 4th best rated in the entire tournament (1.21).

"[Adding ScreaM] didn't change much in my playstyle, because RpK and ScreaM had the same role in the team: madfragger. So I kept doing my supporting job to help him make the headshots he's famous for.

Concerning why I was in a good shape at this moment, I think adding a new player boosted the team, cause you will lose some teamplay so you need to make up for the difference by individual performance in this period. So most of the time, you play more greedy than you usually do, and sometimes it pays off." - Dubourdeaux about the first few months of 2013 when his form peaked.

But despite climbing to the top of the podium in Birmingham, VeryGames still didn't completely prove themselves, as neither NiP nor attended that event. The next chance for them to challenge the Swedes came only a week later at RaidCall EMS One Spring Finals.

After besting British side Anexis 2-1 in the quarter-final, the French-Belgian squad was paired up with NiP, but similarly to all of their past encounters, the team led by Richard "Xizt" Landström came out on top (16-3, 16-14) and they finished 3rd-4th once again.

Another loss to NiP at RC EMS One Spring Finals

The busy month of April was not over yet, as a trip to Dallas, Texas for ESEA Season 13 Global Finals was one week away. It was another chance to challenge NiP, but although they came closer than ever with two 16-14 losses in the upper bracket final, VeryGames were still defeated. They also lost the consolidation final to Quantic (22-20, 16-14), so another 3rd place was in the books.

That was obviously not good enough for the team with the highest aspirations, so they decided to make a lineup change, removing Kenny "kennyS" Schrub and adding Richard "shox" Papillon, which would prove to be the right move in the long run. It also meant that Dubourdeaux would now take over the AWPing duties in the team, something he was quite known for in his CS:S days but had no experience with in CS:GO.

"Adding shox was really good thing, even though switching back to AWP was quite hard because I was so late in comparison to other AWPers. It also helped me a lot in my co-leading role, cause now it was three of us, with Ex6TenZ and him participating in making tactic calls and stuff like that.

The difference between adding shox and ScreaM is that shox fills the spot you need him to fill, and ScreaM is a player that you need to support and put him in good spots for him to do what he does best." – on how adding shox affected the team compared to adding ScreaM, and how it affected Dubourdeaux himself.

The team started with some shaky performance online in the RC EMS One Summer season, but after some losses in the cups they eventually qualified for the finals as second in their group behind They also decided to skip DreamHack Summer in order to have more time to get the new lineup ready for the challenges ahead.

And the plan worked, the team came to RC EMS One Summer Finals and conquered the event. Although they didn't meet NiP on their way to the title, they defeated Copenhagen Wolves, fnatic and NiP-slayers, winning their most meaningful trophy in CS:GO yet at that point.

Dubourdeaux's form had fallen off in the period post Birmingham, but he wasn't distraught and knew it would come back.

"I don't have regrets about my performances during the year, maybe I performed badly at ESEA + EMS in the middle of the year, but that happens to every player so I didn't change any of my mindset or motivation. I just kept doing what I do the best and it came back."

The team then went on a summer break during July, meanwhile cancelling their participation at ESEA Season 14 Global Finals due to traveling costs. In August they would return to winning ways, adding a title from Mad Catz Cologne where they beat fnatic in the final on LAN.

DreamHack Bucharest in the middle of September was the next big LAN event with all the top teams, and as EMS One champions VeryGames came in with the highest expectations. However, NiP once again proved to be a thorn in their side when the two giants met in the quarter-finals and the Swedes won with ease (16-10, 16-2).

Defeated by NiP once again in Bucharest, for their worst of the year 5th-8th finish

It was back to the drawing board for Dubourdeaux & co, and only two weeks later they would find a solution. It was the MSI Beat it European Finals where they will finally defeat NiP, albeit online. It was a semi-final match for the trip to China, and the result was convincing in favor of VeryGames, 16-8, 16-7.

One of SmithZz' contributions in their first win over NiP

Two weeks after that, they would confirm that the curse is lifted as they finally defeated the Ninjas on LAN (16-14, 16-6) after over a year of trying. The occasion was SLTV StarSeries VII Finals, which VeryGames would go on to win over Astana Dragons, with Dubourdeaux being the man of the match in the final against the CIS-based squad (48:32, 1.32 rating).

"I think it's my first victory against NiP offline, at SLTV. I wasn't feeling so good in my personal life at that moment, and breaking that psychological barrier made me forget about my problem at that time." - on his best moment in 2013.

They would defend their throne at RaidCall EMS One Fall Finals in Cologne two weeks after that, once again outplaying NiP, and this time with a comeback in the final (5-16, 16-14, 16-6).

Dubourdeaux shined in his entry killer role at this event (best of all players with 0.17 per round), as well as at the SLTV VII Finals before that where he was 2nd best (0.13).

"I think people who watch CS:GO are more focused on madfraggers such as ScreaM or f0rest, or clutchers like shox and GeT_RiGhT. They like the show. But sometimes they forget that someone has to make the entry kill to make things happen, and that is one of my roles.

I've always done it with my previous teams, it's kind of a dirty job. You don't get as much fame as madfraggers and clutchers, but people who you play with know that in order to win, you need someone to do it well." - On his entry killer role, and if it goes underappreciated by the public.

Dubourdeaux's form overall was back on the rise, as he put up 0.74 kills per round in Germany, which he would even improve on the weekend after on home soil at ESWC, having 0.80 KPR and 0.17 entry kills per round.

VeryGames notched up their third win in a row over NiP in the semi-final of the French event (16-13, 19-16), but then they unexpectedly fell to their compatriots Clan-Mystik on the big stage (11-16, 12-16).

"First of all, Mystik are really strong team, they proved it with their last performance. They are French, and we have always struggled against French teams in the past, even in CS:S. I can't explain it so much, but it's like NiP against Swedes.

We don't underestimate them, but it's like we are scared to lose to them during the game. In the future we will face any team with the same mindset." - explaining the loss to Mystik.

The team's busy schedule then sent them to Beijing, China, for the MSI Beat it! Grand Finals where they returned to winning ways after topping fnatic in the final (16-12, 16-10).

Winning their 6th title of the year at MSI Beat it

DreamHack Winter's $250,000 tournament was next, only days after their return from Asia. However, the team was upset already in the group stage by compLexity so they moved to the playoffs as 2nd.

After overcoming Copenhagen Wolves 2-1, they met NiP in the semi-final, but this time the Swedes were ready to get their revenge and they knocked the Frenchmen out of the biggest tournament of the year with 16-13, 6-16, 16-5.

"After ESWC, we didn't train enough in order to be prepared for DH Winter, some of the players had a lack of motivation cause of the loss against Clan-Mystik, and cause of the fact that we played a lot to win the events we won earlier. So we kinda screwed up our preparation for DH Winter. I think that's what cost us the LAN, at least our match against coL.

It doesn't change anything about our rivalry, we will always be rivals, cause we are all competitors and we all want to win. So we will see next year how it goes between us." - about the DH Winter loss to NiP and if it changes the rivalry now.

Dubourdeaux's individual performance was certainly not to blame for that loss, as he was the team's best rated player overall, and even the event's 2nd best rated in the playoffs with a 1.20 rating (largely thanks to great play against NiP). He also looked to finally settle into his AWPing role, having his best average yet of 0.21 AWP kills per round.

December didn't bring anything spectacular from the VeryGames camp in terms of tournaments, apart from a loss to über G33KZ in Fragbite Masters quarter-final, and defending the throne on home soil in EPS France XI.

But there was one piece of news about them that shocked the world back in November, when the organization announced it would be closing the doors at the end of the year, and that the team will have to look for a new home.

But even though Dubourdeaux's squad will be playing under a different name in 2014, they will not have different ambitions.

"For myself, I would say work harder, keep my motivation to do it, and work on my AWP skill, to find it back :D. I hope we will all stay together, and we have to become stronger and perform well in 2014."

Why is he the 17th best player in 2013?

Edouard "SmithZz" Dubourdeaux is at 25 years of age the most experienced member of the team formerly known as VeryGames, and as their support player he unsurprisingly  spent the year being overshadowed by some of his more noticeable teammates.

Nevertheless, he had a number of great performances throughout 2013, and his entry killing ability is almost unmatched in the whole world (5th most total entry kills with 341, and 6th most entry kills per round with 0.14).

He did, however, have a dry spell in the middle of the year, and was "only" the fourth best player in his team with the second lowest rating in our ranking (1.06), which are all the things that kept him on the 17th place.

In the end, he was an integral part of a squad that spent a good period of the year on top of the world, so having a place in this ranking was never in question for him.

Bold prediction

Dubourdeaux's bold prediction didn't go far from home, as he thinks that Clan-Mystik's rising star AWPer Hovik "KQLY" Tovmassian can go on to achieve great things in the future.

France Hovik "KQLY" Tovmassian

"I would say KQLY! What I saw of him was pretty good, and if he keeps working he can probably make some damage in the future."

How did you see Dubourdeaux's 2013 performance? Did you notice his excellent entry killing abilities? Is the 17th place on our Top 20 the right one for him, or should he be higher or lower?

Tell us what you think in the comments below, and in case you missed our previous articles follow the links in our Top 20 players of 2013 by ranking. Stay tuned to for our announcement of the 16th best player of the year tomorrow.

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Spain akproxx 
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congratz!! VG4EVER.
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Spain akproxx 
smithzzzz <33333333333333
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China Ava1ondraGon 
2014-01-04 19:22
Glad to see he is in the top20 as he seems to be underrated most of the time.
2014-01-04 16:04
Ahmad | 
Egypt 181314 
absolutely deserved
2014-01-04 16:05
2014-01-04 16:06
17.? rly? he should be in top15 at least..
2014-01-04 16:07
ye :x
2014-01-04 16:16
should be 20th imo
2014-01-04 16:52
2014-01-04 16:58
nah, I'm just stating my opinion
2014-01-04 17:01
imo GuardiaN won't be in top20 even not in top50
2014-01-04 17:05
y u so mad
2014-01-04 17:06 may be keeping calm, but provoking others yeah?
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go back to yodeling you cunt
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Nice English
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russkies m8
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:DDDDDDD usless thing 4/5
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GuardiaN easily top10 he's such a dominant player
2014-01-04 23:58
2014-01-05 00:07
What you said isnt an opinion sir
2014-01-05 11:39
+1 pasha is better than smithz he was always beside ex6tenz the weakest member in vg
2014-01-04 20:11
Ye, I am not saying that SmithZz is a bad player. Just that pasha, dupreeh performed much better. :)
2014-01-04 20:16
Denmark Mrnobody 
He has not been good at any events so far, never hitted a shit with his orb...
2014-01-04 18:02
Vietnam aNup 
i don't think he plays Puck...
2014-01-04 18:12
He played well at dhw, he and shox were carrying. Dupreeh is good but too inconsistent and Xyp9x only started playing really well recently
2014-01-04 18:17
deserves no more, is enough for him...:D
2014-01-04 16:09
2014-01-04 16:09
He's 25 years old? dafuq thought he was like 20max XD
2014-01-04 16:13
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
same here =]
2014-01-04 16:15
well he did join vg in 2008, so it makes him at least over 20 :)
2014-01-04 16:22
Dat logic.
2014-01-04 16:57
2013-2008=5 15+5=20, there are not so much players who join top teams at 15.
2014-01-04 17:02
He thought Smithzz was 20 these days, he obviously didn't know when Smithzz joined VG, so I don't know why you replied to him at all...anyways.
2014-01-04 17:07
Do you read at least the start of these posts? I'd suggest you to write a comment after you read the whole thing.
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2014-01-04 16:14
gj but not best
2014-01-04 16:15
(jw best)
2014-01-04 17:40
Ok 4 players nip and vg this top20 only fifflaren and ex6tenz out
2014-01-04 16:17
ex6tenz has to be in this list...
2014-01-04 16:37
no, he doesnt. he is a great leader but not a great player. they should have him in a spec slot and get kenny back and theyd be unbeatable. fortunately though, that is not allowed. damn frenchies.
2014-01-04 16:41
Liechtenstein Chamele0n 
most retarded comment ever
2014-01-04 23:14
hahahaha agree
2014-01-05 15:55
Unfortunately he won't cause team-leading does not seem to be something to count on in this ranking. Moreover, Ex6 began to frag more when Shox entered the team, sharing the calling, leading and stuffs with him so Ex6 was able to focus more on his aim...
2014-01-04 16:56
Glad to see him there, I was affraid he was too underrated to be in that top20. Really deserving player, congratz.
2014-01-04 16:17
smithzz already proves that he does fkin work on the scoreboard at times even if it ain't fancy and doesn't have those highlights. Amazing player
2014-01-04 16:20
expected him to be higher tbh, he had a really good year
2014-01-04 16:21
The bold prediction thing is really good idea !
2014-01-04 16:22
top15 prefer
2014-01-04 16:23
lol he is 17 and not even comparable to dupreeh and Xyp9x... WTF?
2014-01-04 16:31
yeah i was thinking the same :D
2014-01-04 16:48
What part of this rank dont you understand? This rank is suppose to rank players by achievments, impact in the decisive games etc, this is not a skill-based rank. So what did dupreeh and xyp9x won exactly in order to be ahead of smithzz?
2014-01-04 17:35
dupreeh and xyp9x didnt have an amazing team with amazing players like ex6.
2014-01-04 18:15
I know, skill wise both of them are superior. Was just trying to make him understand what is this rank about, not a skill-rank, but rather an overall performance, impact and achievment rank.
2014-01-04 18:18
Well, I guess they are not good enough then, as those 'amazing players' didn't want dupreeh or xyp9x in their team, right? And if SmithZz is so bad then why is he playing for ex-VG? It is not a skill-rank.
2014-01-04 20:35
more succes, support player
2014-01-04 17:59
Finland 6294 
How do you pronounce this guys last name? :D
2014-01-04 16:41
2014-01-04 16:52 here you are, click on the logo with the speaker (French, not English) ^^
2014-01-04 17:00
Do you know how to pronounce the French city of Bordeaux? If so, just add 'Doo' before it.
2014-01-04 17:06
it's not "doo", but the french u, like the german ü, and not bo, but "boo"
2014-01-04 17:21
finnish pronunciation : dyburdo
2014-01-04 17:06
Yup that's correct :)
2014-01-04 18:42
Whaaat? Ok now fifflaren could be top 5 right? Even Xyp9x is far way better than him.
2014-01-04 16:41
Do you at least follow the streams?
2014-01-04 17:00
That´s the main reason I said he didn't deserve a Top 20, Top 50 could be.
2014-01-05 20:40
You can't be serious
2014-01-05 21:07
Well, if you keep your mind that this is a Top 20 of all the year, I bet you can find 20 better players than him. I´m not trolling, also I think shox and scream deserve a Top10 at least, but he didn´t reach a great individual level on his own team to be part of this top, but I think its about likes.
2014-01-05 21:18
2014-01-05 21:21
It's not a skill ranking. If you read everything written in these articles, you'll get it.
2014-01-04 18:52
In that case, I said it correctly, fifflaren will deserve the Top 5, because he won more than others a lot more, even when he is the worst player of his team as Smithzz is.
2014-01-05 20:43
It's not a skill ranking, but it's still a personal ranking. Your team's achievements matter, but not as much as boosting yourself into the top5 if you under-perform consistently. So no, I don't think we'll see Fifflaren in top5, or even top10. If he does, I don't see the point of this ranking.
2014-01-05 22:20
"If he does, I don't see the point of this ranking." I thought the same when I saw SmithZz in the Top20.
2014-01-05 23:10
Sweden binz 
SmithZz TOP 3 LOL
2014-01-04 16:42
2014-01-05 11:44
behold , TaZ will be even higher hahahha if that happens ill cry
2014-01-04 17:02
considering pasza was the best player of his team this year (according to the article) and he placed 19th, I don't think TAZ will take part of this ranking :)
2014-01-04 17:11
good to know, thanks
2014-01-04 17:05
You're welcome :)
2014-01-04 17:10
taz will be there for sure because in ranking topic admin said that 18 players were at cphw and 16 of them were on eswc so this 2 are taz and pasha.
2014-01-05 13:05
not a top 20 player
2014-01-04 17:05
fiffy 16?? :D
2014-01-04 17:10
very bad lan
2014-01-04 17:11
Poland dvsN 
Fair rank imo
2014-01-04 17:12
Best mid dd2 awper <3 no1 can challenge him there :p
2014-01-04 17:20
jw can :>
2014-01-04 17:42
JW is good but there are many awpers better than him in my opinion chrisJ kennyS GuardiaN
2014-01-04 19:26
GuardiaN has something to say about that as does KennyS.
2014-01-04 20:33
mid awping in dd2 is a diffirent thing
2014-01-05 15:59
2014-01-04 17:34
only 17 o.O
2014-01-04 17:43
Fair ranking ! I was thinking about 15 maybe but he was pretty quiet for a while this year He is doing very well on the other hand since 2 months, carrying a lot of games. he's a great and complete player
2014-01-04 17:45
A bit weird seeing him only 17 but ...
2014-01-04 17:47
hes fine on the 17th place.
2014-01-04 17:54
Anyone who thinks he doesn't deserve to be in the list is a complete ignorant.
2014-01-04 18:01
interesting who will #1
2014-01-04 18:16
this top is more than a joke already. top 20, 19, 18 and 17 players that should't be top 50 except xyp9x
2014-01-04 18:17
Enough internet for today.
2014-01-04 18:27
2014-01-04 19:52
Should we report that kind of post ?
2014-01-04 19:18
mad because french and belgium and he's a guy from bg in a fr team. both comments are so legit=)
2014-01-04 19:51
he's french player in a french team, and please either stop trolling or buy a brain asap
2014-01-05 18:03
Top 50? 10x5 players = 10 Teams. We don't even have 10 prof. Teams in CS GO yet. The ranking is fine and based on statistics ;)
2014-01-04 19:48
exactly, this ranking is shit. they don't have brains for themselves.
2014-01-04 19:51
calme ton sexe rémi
2014-01-05 00:30
Bulgaria b0xeR4et0 
2014-01-04 20:08
and who should be top20,19,18 and 17 in ur opinion?
2014-01-05 07:51
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
he shouldn't be in this ranking fifflaren top 16 incoming
2014-01-04 18:20
if smithzz is in top20 so do all nip players need to be in, except fiffy
2014-01-04 19:07
they will be though?
2014-01-04 19:30
Well he was on fire on past events. Deserved.
2014-01-04 19:26
Good to see a 25-year-old pro. Most of them are very young. BTW, who is the oldest pro from top teams? Congratz, SmithZz!
2014-01-04 19:48
Wasn't fiff the oldest, I think he w is like 27-29
2014-01-05 00:29
Azerbaijan Talley 
every single vg player has to be in this top 20, including shox being the 1st.
2014-01-04 20:13
I don't know about ex6 :p, but I agree about the rest!
2014-01-04 20:36
All NiP & VG players, except Fifflaren & Ex6tenz (prolly, cuz fifflaren bottom frags like 60-70% of their games, same goes for Ex6tenz, who started to frag a lot quite recently).
2014-01-05 07:49
SmithZz was amazing last year and he deserved a place in TOP20. Such a good player!
2014-01-04 20:36
2017-01-31 20:43
nbk Shox forest Scream GuardiaN jw get_right kennyS angel apex bialy pasha friberg Edward markeloff snax Dosia starix Colon Happy +FeTiSh ,zeus ,dupreeh ,SmithZz ,Xyp9x , etc ... ;)
2014-01-04 20:37
Liechtenstein Chamele0n 
-edward, happy, bialy, snax, colon
2014-01-04 23:18
bialy > edward, happy ;)
2014-01-05 01:16
Liechtenstein Chamele0n 
I'm simply saying that none of these guys will be in top20. Imo they atleast don't deserve it. Only pasha from again
2014-01-05 01:32
np :) p.s- bialy = small scream (nice aim)
2014-01-05 13:52
You are probably right, but this ranking is about whole 2013 year and where was bialy (or snax) in the first half of that year?
2014-01-05 13:45
no way he is > Edward...
2014-01-05 14:06
Edward only 16 ;)
2014-01-05 20:12
Top 5: 1. GeT_RiGhT 2. ScreaM 3. f0rest 4. NBK 5. Edward
2014-01-04 21:53
scream top2, NBK top4, Edward top5 and no shoxie? lol.
2014-01-05 07:46
You mean no GT or f0rest in the top 5?
2014-01-05 22:31
i mean that ScreaM isn't top2 4sure, cuz he is inconsistent and he isn't a complete player like GTR, f0rest, shoxie or even NBK. NBK isn't perfoming well like past 4-5 months, so i don't think that he deserves top4 spot, even if we consider his previous perfomances. Edward is a decent player, but he isn't top5, cuz there're a lot of players that are better him skillwise and brainwise.
2014-01-06 07:13
If he is 17 then every member of NiP should be in the top 20, which I also don't agree with.
2014-01-04 22:36
hope ppl with a litte bit of intelligence finally know whst smithz is capable of
2014-01-04 22:39
if smithz is only the 17th best player in world something is wrong. He's a lot better then problably the next 7 guys who you gonna show but ok.
2014-01-04 22:42
Hltv fan boy of swedish player looooooool !
2014-01-04 23:02
best vg player in dh winter keep it up!
2014-01-04 23:56
stupid users not understanding this list is stat generated not heart generated, please grow brains or stop embarassing hltv
2014-01-05 00:41
ok but stats in this game is not everything. when you win the pistol and you get almost 2 free rounds those kills dont mean a shit and smithz isnt a fragger but his "brain skills" are amazing so he's a lot better then 17th place. BTW if this is only about stats Ex6TenZ isn't a top20 player (that must be a troll)
2014-01-08 15:23
Good player!
2014-01-05 00:53
I agree!
2014-01-05 00:54
Top % 1GtR 2fOrest 3 JW 4SreaM 5DELPAN (BEST SNIPER) OK
2014-01-05 02:31
#1 GeT_RiGhT #2 f0rest #3 Shox #4 GuardiaN #5 Hiko #6 Xizt #7 KennyS #8 ScreaM #9 friberg #10 NBK #11 Flusha #12 Dosia #13 JW #14 markeloff #15 Edward #16 Nico #17 SmithZz #18 dupreeh #19 Pasha #20 Xyp9x
2014-01-05 02:49
GuardiaN #4 ? Nice joke
2014-01-05 12:24
GuardiaN has around 1.19 rating. He is 3rd best rating in the list.
2014-01-05 14:22
United Kingdom smoggy:. 
i always forget about smithzz lol, i guess that's because of the role he plays, good choice and cracking write up!
2014-01-05 03:28
as long as the igl are not forgotten.
2014-01-05 09:50
damn... this guy has an unreadable last name
2014-01-05 10:17
taz not top 20?
2014-01-05 10:21
No. Taz has 1.00 rating, then he isn't good enough in top 20 since pasha is the lowest rating in top 20 with 1.04 rating.
2014-01-05 14:24
poor taz =( also i cant believe i am going to see a top20 list that wont include Neo...what is cs coming to?
2014-01-05 20:05
CIS skruxie 
2014-01-05 15:28
so many fanboys... 1.gtr 2.shox 3.forest 10000% WHY do u write wrong predictions?
2014-01-05 17:15
shox cant be nr.2 how u cant get this already , f0rest is a monster since the beginning of the 2013 , shox achievements are since joining VG
2014-01-05 17:19
i understand your point, but opinions like lurppis and other pro players matter the most. After vg beat nip shox got the credit
2014-01-05 20:54
No. GTR + f0rest 100% top2.
2014-01-05 17:29
exactly... shox doesn't have the rating and the achievements to be nr.2 :]
2014-01-05 17:34
Yes. Shox has "only" 1.15 rating, while f0rest with 1.27 and GTR with 1.30.
2014-01-05 17:45
Rating doesn't only matter ! Shox has been impressive and was carrying with Imaginary before moving to VG . He was always constant while Forest had many bad times this year (still a monster though ... ) I'd go with droxas 1 gtr 2 shox 3 forest But i agree that it wouldn't be a big mistake if forest is 2 and shox 3
2014-01-05 18:06
1.15 vs 1.27... It's big difference, and Shox played only 49 maps, while GTR/f0rest played 123 maps.
2014-01-05 19:03
f0rest has much more maps , much higher rating and a lot more achievements , he was a monster the whole year so i really doubt shox can fight here ,lets me realistic :]
2014-01-05 19:08
mach0 | 
Hungary druGh1 
all I want to see is GTR or forest fighting _alone_ with totally mid tier players in an average team as shox did it for the first half of the year. I cant see them making it with the same ratio as they did it together with a team wich had a 87-0 streak and dominated the scene for so long time
2014-01-05 18:08
Will the 16th be released today or on Monday ?
2014-01-05 18:14
Ez for smithzzz
2017-01-09 15:50
2017-01-31 20:36
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