AdreN to captain ex-AD

According to StarSeries' website, Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev has taken over as the captain of the former Astana Dragons team.

Last week, it was revealed that Astana Dragons and their CS:GO had come to a mutual decision to part ways after less than five months together.

During this period, the team clinched the bronze at the ESWC finals but then became a major disappointment as they finished 5th-8th at DreamHack Winter and fourth at the StarSeries finals.

AdreN is the team's new captain

And while it was revealed that there would be no changes to the lineup, it has now come to light that Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow has stepped down as the team's ingame leader, with Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev taking up the role.

The former Astana Dragons team, who remain on the lookout for a new organisation, have the following roster:

Kazakhstan Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev
Ukraine Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow
Russia Mihail "Dosia" Stolyarov
Ukraine Yegor "markeloff" Markelov
Ukraine Emil "kucher" Akhundov

What do you think about this change? Will it improve the team's gameplay? Let us know what you think.

2014-01-06 17:15
1 reply
AdreN CAP )))
2014-01-12 18:05
2014-01-06 17:15
5 replies
Wasn't AdreN igl in's glory days when they beaten nip and shit? I never really understood why they never given Adren a shot as igl in AD, i think this change will be quite good for them.
2014-01-06 17:28
4 replies
Latvia Ke]R[4u
no he wasnt
2014-01-06 17:57
1 reply
lol he mad
2014-01-06 21:49
2014-01-06 22:30
He has been around that role his entire carrer. k23, United, Virtus pro. Kinda like dosia and Ed1k, where they have one in-game leader, and onw who's supporting. I guess AdreN will do a grate job, but that also means he won play as aggresiv and focus on his fragging, which is really his type.
2014-01-07 09:48
2014-01-06 17:15
Algeria TixQ
Adren speak Russain weel ?
2014-01-06 17:17
30 replies
2014-01-06 17:17
@h@h@h@ this question made my day
2014-01-06 17:17
No, he speaks Portuguese
2014-01-06 17:18
17 replies
2014-01-06 17:38
4 replies
Oh, my enigma, I love you!
2014-01-06 17:39
2 replies
2014-01-06 18:09
1 reply
Your thoughts are so deep, I could spend my entire life trying to describe and understand them
2014-01-06 18:11
you sir, are the coolest user on hltv! Without a fucking doubt
2014-01-07 01:56
2014-01-06 18:03
7 replies
What? I could have chosen many languages, it's just the one that came to my mind first... Don't cry
2014-01-06 18:05
By insulting him, you proved you see your country as a joke (._.')
2014-01-06 18:10
4 replies
Hahaha, nice one m8
2014-01-06 18:12
its not an insult though.probably for a priest it is
2014-01-06 21:09
2 replies
Some of the's staff members consider that as an insult (i can tell you based on a few bans :3). So maybe they are priests (._.') well... i don't want to live in this planet anymore (/^_^)/
2014-01-06 21:14
1 reply
NEO | 
Poland edisone
Your are the smartest guy in comment section here. Thats sad tho'. (>.>)
2014-01-06 21:26
2014-01-06 20:24
2014-01-06 18:08
1 reply
Would you have laughed harder if I had said Swedish ?
2014-01-06 18:12
however, u could have chosen ur own language (just saying xD)
2014-01-06 23:30
1 reply
they don't have a language ª_ª
2014-02-12 09:39
Ukraine/Kaza/belarus/Georgia speak russian...
2014-01-06 19:02
2 replies
moldova azerbaidjan ,..........latvia estonia lithtuania just a little speaks
2014-01-07 22:14
2014-01-08 16:55
better than your
2014-01-06 19:33
sir. all ex ussr countries can speak russian too. more than least people! dont be so douchebags and help each other from ukraine with love :)
2014-01-06 20:46
1 reply
Germany tummi
"people! dont be so douchebags and help each other" +1
2014-01-07 14:56
Everything which is international in Kazahkstan is in Russian. But theire everyday langueage, is their own. And if you look a bit further back, to his day in United, then you see he has played with Russians before.
2014-01-07 09:50
3 replies
guardian played with russians too, and he doesnt speak russian afaik :D
2014-01-07 14:03
2 replies
Europe midi
He told he understands it, and can say some simple things.
2014-01-07 22:04
Hahahha I guess that's not normal, that u can communicate with :D
2014-01-12 17:06
Probably will get better as ANGE1 is pretty good rifler so let's see:)
2014-01-06 17:16
2014-01-06 17:17
bullshit AdreN is their madfragger with Dosia
2014-01-06 17:17
10 replies
Ange1 is the entryfragger.
2014-01-06 17:59
9 replies
2014-01-06 18:15
4 replies
Conventional CS wisdom says that IGLs shouldn't go balls at the start of the round. You typically want the IGL to be alive for a bit longer, so that he can make mid-round calls.
2014-01-07 08:19
3 replies
ANGE1 has always been the igl, he's also always been the entry fragger
2014-01-07 14:06
2 replies
Indeed he has been. But AD/VP have never been known to be tactically the best (or even good) team around. It's possible that him being an entry fragger might have to do something with that... something like he couldn't do one role without compromising other.
2014-01-07 16:37
1 reply
AD failed because they had decent all round player instead of a support player. ANGE1 was the main reason they thrashed NiP so much with VP
2014-01-07 16:54
2014-01-06 21:18
3 replies
2014-01-06 23:34
Poland poyar
finally I read something funny on today. Can go sleep now :)
2014-01-07 02:12
haha... :D Even more of a reason for him to not be an IGL then :P
2014-01-07 08:20
-kucher +B1ad3 for igl. ty
2014-01-06 17:19
1 reply
-daG +tfg
2014-01-06 17:30
United Kingdom smoggy:.
hope it works out! gl
2014-01-06 17:19
getting desperate yo
2014-01-06 17:19
Will see how it changes their playstyle :]
2014-01-06 17:21
Makes sense since ANGE1 was always entry fragging anyway.
2014-01-06 17:22
as far as i remember angel was always considered as a good fragger, tat sometimes goes insane. in 1.6 there were sick moments, for me deffo top aimer UA. gl i hope to see him back at what he does best.
2014-01-06 17:24
1 reply
2014-01-06 17:30
So if they fail again another one will lead the team! It's kinda getting fashion to do that. lmao I doubt they'll succeed.
2014-01-06 17:29
6 replies
Isn't it better than disbanding teams all the time or switching players?
2014-01-06 17:34
Hmm.. Should that come from a country which change players 24/7? O_o
2014-01-06 17:39
3 replies
Wow did I really attack you personally that you have to attack me/"my country" when all I do is saying that switching ingame leaders has been becoming fashion in CS:GO? Oh dear..
2014-01-06 17:44
dat burn
2014-01-06 18:30
Lithuania AioNw0w
Sweet burn bro +1
2014-01-06 21:39
Sometimes a new perspective can rejuvenate a team Look at what happened when neo took over igl role or seized
2014-01-06 20:12
this team should just quit.
2014-01-06 17:29
-AdreN -kucher -markeloff -ANGE1 +Dosia +Dosia +Dosia +Dosia
2014-01-06 17:44
6 replies
-markeloff +markelon
2014-01-06 18:19
4 replies
markeloff is dead...he is better at dota2 than cs:go.
2014-01-06 18:38
2014-01-06 18:49
-skineloff +caresaboutwinningloff
2014-01-06 20:13
2014-01-06 20:24
2014-01-06 18:21
Intriguing move, hope something improves.
2014-01-06 17:47
Slovakia kubiaxk
Hm .... dont think thats gonna work ,.... :D
2014-01-06 17:48
it can work imo :) if they havent problem with doing everything what adren will want:)
2014-01-06 17:50
Hope they won't switch it back to Angel as Na`Vi did with seized and Zeus
2014-01-06 17:59
phahahahaha with angel they have chance to be in top5, but now they have only aim lol
2014-01-06 18:08
Changing the IGL is a news now? First time I see an article about that.
2014-01-06 18:09
11 replies
Denmark dondane
Wasn't there just an article about Na'Vi changing a month ago? Just be happy for the fact that are producing articles in every aspect of the game.
2014-01-06 18:32
4 replies
Wasn't. It was about them changing players. I'm happy, just saying it feels weird, but then again I'm in a cranky mood today so maybe that's why.
2014-01-06 18:34
3 replies
Denmark dondane
Well everybody has those days :D Cheer up
2014-01-06 18:57
there was article about navi igl... dont say what u dont know
2014-01-06 20:32
1 reply
I actually checked the last month in news archives, didn't bother to go through the rest. Don't say what you don't know.
2014-01-06 20:41
Thought the same thing... AD is so overhyped by hltv.
2014-01-06 20:53
5 replies
Yeah it just feels like a promotional article for me.
2014-01-06 21:30
4 replies
jealous much no news of uk scene?
2014-01-06 21:36
3 replies
Like there's any news on Malta. I only live here by the way, I'm not English nor from anywhere in the UK. I'm not jealous, just stated my opinion and people like you take it personally. Fuck off.
2014-01-06 21:54
2 replies
same i just live in malta.. and im Russian im just saying that you have to respect all teams
2014-01-06 21:55
1 reply
And where did I say I don't respect them? Besides I don't "have to" do anything, they're people like me and playing the game doesn't make then anything special, but that's aside from everything and on a different topic. I said from the beginning that this article feels forced to me, and still stick to it just like #86. Nothing else.
2014-01-06 21:58
omg theyr gon b n1
2014-01-06 18:13
IMO: Bad Idea...
2014-01-06 18:20
1 reply
Kazakhstan Getlive
2014-01-06 19:54
2014-01-06 18:28
We can only wait and see what happens...
2014-01-06 18:41
1 reply
Thinking the same thing
2014-01-07 00:22
A Korean ?
2014-01-06 19:06
at least some change. maybe for better. gl
2014-01-06 19:15
Verygames to Astana Dragons!
2014-01-06 19:30
Let's hope they will suck even more and finally disband.
2014-01-06 20:54
Slim Shady
2014-01-06 20:59
Thats good atleast I wont have to see Angel die at the same spot round after round from the same person when he is trying to get a pick, maybe Andren will be quick to change strats on the fly.
2014-01-06 21:10
This is good for them actually since AdreN wasnt doing shit for the team ange1 at least mad a lot of entryfrags plus he is a great individual player and aimer.
2014-01-06 22:30
2 replies
Agreed, this is going to be a solid change for them.
2014-01-07 01:47
adren pretty has been pretty much avg all year
2014-01-07 09:54
Adren beast.
2014-01-06 22:59
ANGE1 worst strats and tactics
2014-01-07 09:19
Does craft1k still play?
2014-01-07 09:29
2 replies
good question
2014-01-07 13:57
no, he hates csgo
2014-01-09 19:55
Ukraine minemax
Not good.
2014-01-07 11:28
2014-01-07 11:29
2014-01-07 13:23
okay, gl :|
2014-01-07 14:36
2014-01-07 15:14
Ukraine petruska
We will not see 5 awp ;D
2014-01-07 15:41
Adren is such an underrated player. Hes been nuts since he burst onto the scene in k23.
2014-01-07 21:40
Russia AR4ER
gL in new organisatioN!
2014-01-08 13:17
disband already
2014-01-10 05:38
GuardiaN > AdreN edward > kucher
2014-02-12 10:29
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