Titan sign ex-VeryGames

January 7th, 2014 15:21

Titan have announced that they have completed the signing of the former VeryGames CS:GO lineup.

The French giants had been on the lookout for a new organisation for the last few weeks, after VeryGames announced they would not longer be able to support the team due to financial constraints.

Last week, ESEA announced that the French team would be attending its continental finals in Dallas in mid-January, meaning that the players had already secured the backing of a new organisation, whose name has now been confirmed.

Kévin "Ex6TenZ" Droolans' troops will be joining Singapore-based organisation Titan, who were formed in 2013 and made their way into the eSports scene by picking up the former Orange Dota 2 squad.

French team now donning Titan's colours

Together with the move, Titan have also been confirmed that the entire team will move to a gaming house located in Brussels, which will put them on the same level as other teams, like Ninjas in Pyjamas, as far as training conditions go.

Below you can find an exclusive interview with Richard "shox" Papillon about the move:

How do you feel about joining an organization like Titan, who have for the first time decided to support a CS:GO team?

We feel really excited, because things are growing up in CS:GO more than ever. When we were playing CS:Source, we always dreamed about the possibility of CS being our job and today this has happened, thanks to Titan. Our motivation is higher than ever; I guess it's time for a new era and we are now ready for this.

Is this move a considerable boost for your team, as far as conditions go?

We already had everything with Team VeryGames but now we can live off our passion and the gaming-house will for sure help us improve. Everything is made so that we can have the best conditions, which is a huge motivation boost. We do not want to disappoint anyone

You will now move to a gaming house in Belgium, a great news for the team. How important do you think that this is and how will this help you guys improve?

When you are playing online, and you have to work on tactics and teamplay, it always takes more time because it's harder to make yourself understood through a monitor. Talking about all this, the gaming-house will help us in term of time wasted, creativity and productivity,

Your first event under the new organization will be the ESEA Finals. How will you guys prepare for it? What are your goals? Considering you are the only European team in attendance, do you think it will be an easy win?

For the ESEA finals, we have been bootcamping in Anvers, Belgium, since Saturday and we will continue practicing here until the event. Winning this event matters to us because it will be our first event under Titan's tag and we want to start the year with a win. On the other hand, we also want to defend the European power!

It will be everything but easy. Americans proved at DreamHack Winter that they are serious opponents and compLexity beat us thanks to their good level. We have a really short preparation due to Christmas holidays but we'll do our best to finish first place, that's our only goal.

The French team's first LAN event under the name Titan will be the ESEA finals in Dallas from January 17th to 19th, where they will be pitted against five North American sides, including iBUYPOWER and compLexity.

Titan's CS:GO division consists of:

Belgium Kévin "Ex6TenZ" Droolans
France Nathan "NBK" Schmitt
France Edouard "SmithZz" Dubourdeaux
Belgium Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom
Richard "shox" Papillon

2014-01-07 15:22
2014-01-07 15:37
Ex6TenZ | 
Finland qBeY 
-rpk +NBK
2015-09-24 10:26
neeve | 
Portugal neeve 
2014-01-07 15:22
Spain akproxx 
2014-01-07 15:22
2014-01-07 15:22
Estonia fejtz 
2014-01-07 15:22
Why isn't your team on the fanbase? =[
2014-01-08 14:42
i don't have any clue about it :D
2014-01-08 15:47
You must add it, my Eesti vend. :(
2014-01-09 11:00
Im not sure if I/we can add it :D Cheers man tho.
2014-01-09 14:09
I'd be happy, if MayaM was there. :) My favourite team, because there are no strong teams from Baltics, just DeNova LT and EE MayaM, but i choose MayaM. :)
2014-01-09 16:29
2014-01-09 16:30
Though, looking forward for MayaM @ FanBase. :)
2014-01-09 16:30
nothing i can do about it :d
2014-01-09 16:34
Let's hope for the best, and wait, 'till HLTV add's MayaM. :D
2014-01-09 16:35
I just checked it myself and it does have us on the fanbase lol :D hltv.org/?pageid=251&teamid=5056
2014-01-09 16:36
I typed in, and it didn't kick out MayaM... Oh well, cheers vend. :)
2014-01-09 16:37
you had to type in feidon in the player and then click on MayaM gaming under "feidon" profile
2014-01-09 16:40
Cheers, didn't know that. :) Not there's <3 MayaM Gaming. :D
2014-01-09 16:41
finally! gl :)
2014-01-07 15:22
2014-01-07 15:22
Sweden Vaart 
knew it
2014-01-07 15:22
2014-01-07 15:22
2014-01-07 15:22
Nice, they will finally get what they deserve, a gaming house!
2014-01-07 15:23
much deserved
2014-01-07 19:43
so they can grow to hate each other eventually and start going through roster changes 3-4 weeks of bootcamping is best IMO
2014-01-07 19:43
Yeah the Koreans showed a long time ago that team houses doesn't work at all.
2014-01-08 00:27
it all depends, if they work as a proper team and treat eachother as such then they shouldn't have an issue.
2014-01-08 05:04
The Koreans doesn´t share the same mentality.
2014-01-08 18:25
dissapointed but meh
2014-01-07 15:23
No need to , they only changed the name :) besides if they keep up the training and whatever where doing are still the same team!
2014-01-07 19:08
Titan > Alliance
2014-01-07 15:24
never ! :)
2014-01-07 15:24
still Alliance would never sign VeryGames, it was known even before DHW 2013 :)
2014-01-07 15:51
2014-01-07 16:41
Cuz they mainly focus on Sweds :ppPPpP
2014-01-07 16:53
what about their LoL team :pPppPPp
2014-01-08 08:52
2014-01-08 10:37
VeryGames was simply too expansive for Alliance. Staff member of Alliance told me that they couldn't afford paying salary and trips for the squad and he mentioned that there is no chance of Alliance picking ex-VG.
2014-01-07 16:58
Good news ;)
2014-01-07 17:05
hahhahahah they can afford to pay the best dota2 team in the world, but cant pay a top3 csgo team? bullshit
2014-01-07 18:02
Does it matter if it is top1 or top3? They are still attending EVERY lan that is out there so I don't see what are you trying to say. NiP would never attend ESEA lan too back in the 2013 if Valve wouldn't invite them to their office to "try new update"... I know I will never make you believe me but I write this to those who are interested and to those who want to know more about it
2014-01-07 18:53
nice styko! its also good thing when "pros" players responding to the community!
2014-01-07 18:58
Which pro responded to the community JoOoOohNy?
2014-01-07 21:41
You know Alliance is EG right? You seriously think they cant afford to pay verygames? rofl EG can pay the salaries of ANY eSports team in the world without a problem dude, and theyve just won 1,5 million dollars....
2014-01-07 21:40
you are clueless
2014-01-07 21:52
Well, can't really blame them. Most team sponsors prefer keeping their operation methods discrete
2014-01-07 22:41
You are talking like I am spoiling biggest secret of all time. I just said that Alliance couldn't afford ex-VG. Or I should say Alliance is not willing to spend so much money they have on CS:GO team like ex-VG :)
2014-01-07 23:01
ROFL people not understanding this, it's not that they can't afford it, but it isn't financially feasible to do it, there isn't enough ROI in it.
2014-01-08 00:29
United Kingdom wap 
As #386 said, Alliance can definitely support, however the ROI would probably not be high enough. edit: And I just saw your #373 post, sorry!
2014-01-08 05:31
it's ok :)
2014-01-08 13:37
top3?! :)
2014-01-07 18:55
dat_name! btw styko is right x)
2014-01-07 18:58
U are one of those fuckin delusional kids who think that aliance is some goodly rich org. Year ago it didnt even existed. Won TI and every kid think they have the most money. Get a grip please.
2014-01-07 18:59
You know alliance is EG right? end of discussion
2014-01-07 21:38
no it isnt
2014-01-07 21:54
Alliance is just a part of EG. It is not the same organisation, not as a whole
2014-01-07 22:59
suNny | 
Argentina Sunnie 
Well you've got your answer in what you said. They can afford the best dota 2 team but they can't top3 CSGO team, why? because they just can afford ONE big team. Despite of what you said that Titan is top3, which is relative, they need to assist at every big tournament so that's quite expensive!
2014-01-07 19:16
exactly this
2014-01-07 19:30
Ok, now where are the facts? youre talking about something you dont know.
2014-01-07 21:41
suNny | 
Argentina Sunnie 
The same goes for you! :D. I'm just guessing, the fact that Alliance didn't get ex-VeryGames supports my theory or maybe it gets closer than your thoughts about why they can't afford them.
2014-01-07 21:57
because a team can make more money with a dota or lol team than a cs:go team.. so its more easy to pick a dota team and pay them because u will earn money easily.
2014-01-07 19:45
Are you stupid? You do realize how expensive that would be, right? Jesus christ you're an idiot
2014-01-07 20:21
stoped reading this bullshit coment after " best dota team in the world" .. but i insisted and then I saw "verrygames top3 in cs" and I just wanted to wish you get cancer. hf
2014-01-07 22:14
Alliance was the best team in the world back in 2013, and when alliance as organization picked them up.
2014-01-08 02:38
"the best dota2 team in the world" AHAHHAHHA
2014-01-08 01:52
Navi fanboy, tell me how much they won in 2013 please
2014-01-08 02:38
2014-01-07 18:22
clearly in the know
2014-01-07 18:46
2014-01-07 18:54
2014-01-07 15:24
2014-01-07 15:24
LOL who are Titan? Never heard of them... Bad move VG
2014-01-07 15:24
Just because Titan is "unknown" makes it a bad move? If the org can provide the players with enough money to live of the game and additionally live together in their own house, what on earth could make this a bad move? To answer your question, they were formed in 2013 and as mentioned in the article picked up a Dota2 team as their first ventuire into esports..
2014-01-07 15:31
for a second I thought it was the old Titans from 1.6
2014-01-07 17:31
Yea, I had the same thoughts at first when I heard the rumors. ^^
2014-01-07 17:37
how is taht a bad move, when they got supported to go to the usa to play the esea finals, and get to live in a gaming house?
2014-01-07 15:32
..and don't forget, a full salary!
2014-01-08 14:23
Did you even read the article? Orange Dota2 team are a gigantic team, they have been able to play full time now and get a gaming house. YEA LOL BAD MOVE.
2014-01-07 15:37
An org that now houses some of the best teams in the planet, has not one but two gaming houses, and is able to afford paying salaries. :P
2014-01-07 15:37
They also have cypher, one of the best, maybe even the best quake live player atm
2014-01-07 16:26
So, all in all, they have the arguably best team in CSGO, QUAKE and DOTA2. But i doubt know about DOTA2 because of no MUSHII. But it's ok. Atleast their DOTA2 squad can compete good vs Chinese teams ;)
2014-01-07 16:44
2014-01-07 17:10
They flopped badly since the addition of Meracle ...
2014-01-07 17:24
nop. titans were beaten this 3 days by iG , TongFu and DK constantly bro
2014-01-07 18:41
It's Chinese bro! Everyone will be proud if they we're defeated by a Chinese team you know what i mean? But hopefully they can produce good result soon cause they will be leaving in a gaming house ;)
2014-01-08 00:21
Not dota2. Other two a case could be made for. Anyways, it's all about DK!
2014-01-07 19:01
Wrong! :( - Meracle + YamateH Then we're talking about competing against those Chinese teams
2014-01-07 19:17
Wrong in what? And you mean their dota2 official line up is +yamateh and not meracle?
2014-01-08 00:19
No, I mean they cant compete with Chinese teams if they have Meracle in their lineup. Not as strong as they were with YamateH like in ACG.
2014-01-08 04:57
Oh i see. I also thought about it because I saw their game vs Mineski in ACG finals. Very good teamplay with Yamateh. I feel the TI3 DK team in Titan +meracle.
2014-01-08 12:32
theses 450k+ userid's knowledge...
2014-01-07 16:30
Because there's a direct correlation between a userid on HLTV.org and their knowledge of a lesser known, Singapore based gaming organisation..
2014-01-07 16:53
I would think the VG team had multiple offers from many many good orgas and they know what they want and probably took their time discussing all options. If they chose TiTans it must mean they are good and exactly what VG wanted.
2014-01-07 17:07
Top3 Dota team.. + at least top2 CS:GO team. Its not really a bad team.
2014-01-07 19:45
GO GO Titan!
2014-01-07 15:24
Denmark percy 
Never heard of this org but aight, GL & HF
2014-01-07 15:25
New organisation :) make only for DotA 2 .. but now :) interesting
2014-01-07 15:26
Old Team Orange lineup - Mushi, but they seem to be doing well :) and Quake :)
2014-01-07 15:27
We all love MUSHI ! <3
2014-01-07 15:29
No MUSHII already since after the TI3. MUSHII is playing already for DK.China with icex3, and B-GOD(Burning). But TITAN got young Meracle. A B-GOD skill like for a carry role.
2014-01-07 16:46
i know that why i put - Mushi :)
2014-01-07 16:51
you have to change your name :(
2014-01-07 19:00
I do indeed :(
2014-01-08 06:15
Poland jMS 
not only... Cypher also plays under their tag
2014-01-07 16:06
Their Dota2 team finished 3rd, at the international. :) GO TITANS
2014-01-07 15:43
well they were Orange eSports at that time (+Mushi). So far they won some SEA tournaments under the tag TITANS :)
2014-01-07 16:08
gl boiz
2014-01-07 15:25
2014-01-07 15:25
fucking great go for it
2014-01-07 15:25
WOOHOOO i was hoping for alliance but this is fine too :)
2014-01-07 15:26
you can purchase easily their jersey in Singapore bro. Hopefully! haha
2014-01-07 16:47
2014-01-08 04:43
gl titans ..
2014-01-07 15:26
Titan used to have a CS team back in 1.6, am I right?
2014-01-07 15:26
This is a new organisation. "Kévin "Ex6TenZ" Droolans' troops will be joining Singapore-based organisation Titan eSports, who were formed in 2013 and made their way into the eSports scene by picking up the former Orange Dota 2 squad."
2014-01-07 15:27
Oh right, I should've read more than just the interview :P
2014-01-07 19:19
That was another org, not this one.:)
2014-01-07 15:27
It was StrykerX's TitaNs. Not sure when he shutdown TitaNs, but presumably it was in 2010 which was the last year TitaNs attended international tournament.
2014-01-07 15:41
that was Titans
2014-01-07 15:41
2014-01-07 15:27
2014-01-07 15:27
2014-01-07 15:27
India transformer 
2014-01-07 15:28
fnx | 
Norway Trypticon 
YES! This is gonna be VERY interesting =)
2014-01-07 15:28
You could say it is going to be VERYgames interesting on a TITANic level.
2014-01-07 15:46
fnx | 
Norway Trypticon 
I considered that pun for a sec =P
2014-01-07 15:58
But did the Ex6TenZ of this newspost make you ScreaM in shox?
2014-01-07 16:06
I live in a f0rest and ScreaMed the trees to death, so they don't xizt anymore, but I really got swag now.
2014-01-07 16:31
Well, I was wandering around that same f0rest when I came across a McDonalds where they gave me a friberger aslong as I'd GeT_RiGhT out of there because I didn't think that Fiflarren could Xizt in NiP.
2014-01-07 16:48
So last night I went back home, but than I saw a Rattlesnake and I was ScreaMing w0w, but then I head something so I hide in the bushes. When they showed up, I was Happy because it only where some Uberg33kz. One of them had a taz shirt and another one was wearing neo shoes a label of adidas.
2014-01-07 17:23
that reminds me other the other night when I was cooking, I slipped and did a Twist, knocking the rice out of the Delpan and spilling the sauce on the pita bread. I had to flusha it all down the toilet before going on a devilwalk to calm myself down. I saw a bunch of thuggish KRiMZ, luckily I was carrying my Delpan so I knocked olofm SKYTTEN high
2014-01-07 17:40
But hopefully they don't plummet like TITANic
2014-01-07 18:18
or they mae seized to xizt, n0thing left.
2014-01-07 18:39
haha! BOOM!
2014-01-07 16:49
Why do I have this feeling that this will not last long.
2014-01-07 15:28
Of course you have! Because you are the king of trolls in HLTV! :P
2014-01-07 16:50
Hmm, same feeling. At least about the house and salaries, that can't be cheap to support.
2014-01-07 18:34
2014-01-07 15:29
gl guys <3
2014-01-07 15:29
nice, GL"!
2014-01-07 15:29
So the other question is, is Razer going to be the sponsor they announce, or Steelseries? Or another brand?
2014-01-07 15:29
I may have missed this...but why another sponsor? Seems like Titan is taking good care of them
2014-01-07 16:41
Also true but I mean peripheral sponsors like Razer or Steelseries
2014-01-07 16:47
Prefer for Razer to continue the RIVALRY. TITAN vs NiP. Razer vs SteelSeries ;)
2014-01-07 16:51
Well something tells me Razer had a part in their going to Titan. Orgs always need sponsors lol.
2014-01-07 17:20
Razer had some fingers in this move.
2014-01-07 17:46
then that would be great. Continue the RIVALRY! haha
2014-01-08 00:22
Czech Republic THE_WILLY 
Yeah same question, but it looks like it is going to be Razer. Both Dota2 and CS:GO teams and Cypher come from orgas that were sponsored by Razer...
2014-01-07 18:40
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
nice =) but on what game were titans before cs go?
2014-01-07 15:29
Dota 2 and Quake Live. Their dota team consists of ex-Orange minus Mushi I believe. I saw them at the ACG Lan in Singapore where they won first place. They look promising.
2014-01-07 15:31
dota 2
2014-01-07 15:32
2014-01-07 15:30
Gratz new Organisation, gon' be da best team
2014-01-07 15:30
Australia TotalEclipse 
That's pretty awesome. I don't understand why people are already slating the Titan organisation when they've given the players a gaming house to live in, the money to attend the ESEA finals hosted in Dallas and a salary. They obviously have the money available to sponsor ex-VG to the full extent that they need, at least for the time being. This is awesome news for CS:GO and only makes the competition stronger by allowing ex-VG to compete in every major tournament.
2014-01-07 15:31
2014-01-07 15:32
So again Richard Lewis was right. Now when they have a house. Nip wont even touch em in 2014.
2014-01-07 15:31
Gaming house = skill boost
2014-01-07 15:38
Yes, like NiP. Gaming house = going down from top1 ezpz
2014-01-07 15:52
Yes exactly, VG will no longer be top5 in the world instead they'll be top15.
2014-01-07 16:25
Not like that LOL :D
2014-01-07 20:25
It's what happened to NiP man, VG are doomed
2014-01-07 20:27
mad swedes, ex-vg will continue to be top1 just like they are now
2014-01-07 20:52
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but who knows
2014-01-07 22:29
NiP top2-3 not even close to top5 lol :D
2014-01-07 22:29
Agreed. They should move out of the gaming house and become top1 again like in the good old days.
2014-01-08 02:23
SpawN | 
Mexico <3 Zetas 
manager - niak?
2014-01-07 15:31
2014-01-07 15:32
2014-01-07 15:32
Good luck guys, hope you will win it !
2014-01-07 15:31
Oh really?
2014-01-07 15:32
2014-01-07 15:32
2014-01-07 15:32
i hope us as belgian will be able to meet them in brussels
2014-01-07 15:32
2014-01-07 15:33
Switzerland NEIN 
First I thought we're talking about the legendary Danish Titans :(
2014-01-07 15:34
Germany Dok1 
That was unexpected but org nonetheless. And great long-term team name :D. Time for Titan era!
2014-01-07 15:34
2014-01-07 15:35
Good luck!
2014-01-07 15:37
glhf Titans
2014-01-07 15:37
2014-01-07 15:37
n1- gl
2014-01-07 15:38
Ukraine petruska 
not bad,but Aliance better
2014-01-07 15:39
Finally they have same opportunites like NiP. This gonna be insane.
2014-01-07 15:39
Good luck you lovely French/Belgium men :D Let's hope this move proves fruitful for both parties :) Also good to see new organisations dipping their toes in Counter Strike.
2014-01-07 15:40
Finland 6294 
Remember the Titans!
2014-01-07 15:41
Good luck to you guys.
2014-01-07 15:43
2014-01-07 15:43
800€ salaries to start with!
2014-01-07 15:44
Only 800? What is the minimum wage in France?
2014-01-07 15:46
About 1,400€ and 1,500€ in belgium apparently but to play a game I suppose it's a good thing to start with considering they won't have a rent to pay either.
2014-01-07 15:49
It's not €1500 in Belgium. No freaking way.
2014-01-07 15:54
Just googled it mate, I'm not saying it is.
2014-01-07 15:55
Maybe that's gross (with taxes)
2014-01-07 18:42
Well,is pretty good because I think they will get the prize money also.
2014-01-07 15:55
don't say shit ! We're far far far away to get 1,4k for the minimum wage ! It's something like 1,1k not more. I guess VG player are gonna get 800e at least and they will come some bonus, which would make it to a pretty decent wage :)
2014-01-07 18:08
That's not shit, that's just without taxes.
2014-01-07 18:14
something around 1200 E I believe
2014-01-07 15:53
2014-01-07 16:27
Thank you.
2014-01-07 16:33
Is it monthly? I did not read their article in their site yet.
2014-01-07 16:58
1120/month is the minimum legal wage after taxes, in France. 800/month is approximatively the wage of Titan players.
2014-01-07 17:16
But they don't spend anything on rent, not sure how much the average french person spends on rent, but they probably save a bit on that. Plus, they get the prize money as a bonus if I'm not mistaken. (And that can be quite a big sum of cash, so that's probably their main source of income.)
2014-01-07 18:13
In a big city you can't find anything descent bellow 550/600, 700if you're a couple So yea its quite a good offer, given that the variable part of their salary is gonna be at least 2000e a month.... I envy them
2014-01-07 19:44
Ok. How did you know about the aprrox 800/month? I did not see any post/blog about it yet. Got link sir?
2014-01-08 00:24
2014-01-08 01:59
Thanks ;)
2014-01-08 12:31
You've got to consider that they also have their rent (more than likely most bills too) paid for them which is a large chunk of most salaries :)
2014-01-07 16:56
Players get to keep most of their winnings also, right ? they better keep themselves motivated !!
2014-01-07 17:42
i think great and now they have gaming-house too and i think that salary ok at start :)
2014-01-07 16:27
finally gl!
2014-01-07 15:45
come on new TITAN! gogo to the 1st place at ESEA'S LAN!
2014-01-07 15:45
2014-01-07 15:46
Nice ;DD
2014-01-07 15:46
Nice. The best news here is that Titan will provide them a gaming house, that's what they need to overcome NiP. Best of luck guys.
2014-01-07 15:46
Uhu, gaming house does everything, if I get a gaming house I'll also be able to defeat NiP, believeeeeee
2014-01-07 15:50
Dont be so stupid. The finally can managed to put more hours to the game than before. Many of them played after work and study.
2014-01-07 15:56
+1, no disrespect to NiP they are still very good, but they've been playing fulltime since early beta unlike these guys.
2014-01-07 18:49
United Kingdom smoggy:. 
no doubt the players will keep going from strength to strength, i hope the org can do the same thing!
2014-01-07 15:48
The third Titan pro team... /T/, TitaNS and now this.
2014-01-07 15:50
eg lol
2014-01-07 15:50
kids with EG-Alliance going away. Really expecting them to use the gaminghouse properly and not like NiP. Btw what did blowis said?
2014-01-07 15:53
Richard Lewis knows all!
2014-01-07 15:52
Even a broken clock is right twice a day ;)
2014-01-07 16:05
true dat :D
2014-01-07 16:22
Just like when the NIP team came together..
2014-01-07 17:33
haha as much as he's a megalomaniac he does a decent job most of the time
2014-01-07 18:51
Its still better than not knowing at all isnt it ? :)
2014-01-07 18:53
the point is that he misses even less than hltv
2014-01-07 19:22
Even a Portuguese can make a intelligent comment once in a while.
2014-01-07 21:23
MIRAA is one of the main editor in HLTV.org, you may just have a bad opinion of portuguese cuz 60% are kids raging all over the website.
2014-01-08 05:47
Well he could be one of the main editors of this website and I appreciate all the content they are putting on the web. However there's no point reacting the way he does. Gotta respect your fellow colleagues even if they (HLTV & Cadred) got some issues in the past. And no I don't base opinions on a flag, it's true what you say but I won't judge on that, I judge on your actions not your not your origin.
2014-01-08 21:02
Then if you have that opinion your comment wasn't well made. You said "Even a portuguese can make an intelligent comment" , so you're just contradicting yourself now
2014-01-13 06:36
I don' judge you on person, I judge on your action and being said that 60% of the Portguese on this website being retarted and with a comment like MIRAA made I feel like hes being one of them.
2014-01-13 10:16
2014-01-09 01:17
2014-01-07 15:52
Hope, titan dont suck. Best future for them :D Richard(cadred) told you ! :D
2014-01-07 15:53
2014-01-07 15:54
I saw EG or Alliance tips here so many times you fools
2014-01-07 15:55
Nice, I guess
2014-01-07 15:56
hope titans have enough money to support ex-VG for next complete year! GL
2014-01-07 15:59
dont need to worry about that :)
2014-01-07 16:31
Congratz! Great news for ex-VG and CS:GO as a whole. Good to see that organisations are investing more and more into CSGO! Good luck Titan for future tournaments!
2014-01-07 15:59
Slim Shady
2014-01-07 15:59
2014-01-07 16:04
Good luck!
2014-01-07 16:05
Titans to rape 2014
2014-01-07 16:05
McTitan in belgian mcdonalds soon?
2014-01-07 16:08
i'll make the 10 min drive to a Belgium Mc!
2014-01-07 16:45
2014-01-07 16:08
gl belgians
2014-01-07 16:10
good read
2014-01-07 16:10
2014-01-07 16:17
I'm shocked, really.
2014-01-07 16:20
They will always be known as Team VergyGames.
2014-01-07 16:20
Red and white baby! Always to be known ;)
2014-01-07 17:01
Go, go, go!
2014-01-07 16:22
good luck:)
2014-01-07 16:24
ok, i can say for sure that this titan logo is the worst e-sport org. logo ive ever seen :D
2014-01-07 16:24
Great news, finnaly this team will have gaming-house which will really help ! Good Luck wish u will be real Titans go go!!
2014-01-07 16:25
2014-01-07 16:25
Hate the titan logo
2014-01-07 16:31
2014-01-07 16:36
Europe midi 
Found some photos of DotA 2 squad. Jesus. Focking. Christ.
2014-01-07 16:36
hahaha I also notice it bro. It just like they just cut the head of dota2 squad and put it to the no head body picture. haha
2014-01-07 17:02
nice! good luck
2014-01-07 16:36
I will miss the red and white jersey guys BUT, welcome to ex-vg fans club Titan! It will be good for us South-East Asian fans because they where supported by Singaporean guy. Easy to purchase their stuff like jersey hopefully ;) I think we can said it now that playing the game because you think it's a job is not a bad reason anymore. As shox said, it motivates them higher than ever and if you think, if you will perform poor continuously in every event, you will be kick out by the team. At last! My prayer was been answered! Having a gaming house! Although I'm not sure how it will affect them as a team because they(or ex6tnz) prefer just to practice online and just have a boot-camp. But it's soooo nice! NEW ERA! But wondering if Brussels got a BETTER internet for them to play well ping online. Done being excited for what team would they pick. Now it's time to be excited to see their gaming house! Said it's after the ESEA though :(
2014-01-07 16:40
No problem about the internet in BRUSSELS, belgium closer to servers ^^
2014-01-07 21:33
Maybe that's why they put the gaming house there because closer to servers. Nice ;)
2014-01-08 00:17
2014-01-08 00:39
i want to see this gaminghouse
2014-01-07 16:38
with a name like that, they'll maybe invite you
2014-01-07 19:37
2014-01-07 19:43
i hope so
2014-01-07 20:16
Greece her-1g 
Gaming houses were a standard in 1.6 . Im glad that this trend tranfered in csgo. It will increase the skill level in pro community and will set new standards. Gl to verygames because they deserve it ofc.
2014-01-07 16:40
How many of the top 1.6 teams actually had gaming houses?
2014-01-07 16:57
He don't know maybe :P
2014-01-07 17:03
Only Na'Vi
2014-01-07 17:55
Greece her-1g 
navi, col, mibr, sk, wnv, project_kr, maybe mtw im not sure
2014-01-08 01:34
teg,eq and igg (all ro)
2014-01-08 11:42
GL Titans!
2014-01-07 16:40
Go Titans! Dominate 2014!
2014-01-07 16:44
Wonder how their jerseys gonna look like.
2014-01-07 16:50
Denmark mindgames 
Still not as legendary as The Titans!
2014-01-07 16:48
TITAN's YEAR ! fuck YES!
2014-01-07 16:49
2014-01-07 16:51
attack on titan <3
2014-01-07 16:52
vnG | 
Denmark vnG 
Hopefully not the guys behind this: titans-gaming.org/ ? If it is, allow me to puke all over the place, for not doing more about hyping this signing.
2014-01-07 16:54
vnG | 
Denmark vnG 
titan-esports.com/ <- There it was! Wonder why they chose a roadkill as a logo? GL frenchies.
2014-01-07 16:56
to all the ignorants, TiTan is offering : gaming house + pro salaries to every ex-VG players (+ english courses) best move they could do by far.
2014-01-07 17:00
english courses should be free for every frenchie! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
2014-01-07 17:02
2014-01-07 17:03
ahahah nice one
2014-01-07 17:05
do they really teach them english ?LOL
2014-01-07 17:24
yeah, Ex6 said that in the interview at vakarm :D
2014-01-07 18:17
Belgium Clinternet 
2014-01-07 17:02
Why would they temporarly boot in Antwerp, non of them speek dutch.
2014-01-07 17:02
Because u need to have a very good dutch understanding to have a good bootcamp preparation in counter strike right ?
2014-01-07 17:08
pls m8, when ur in a gaming house of 5 frenchie/belgium speaking people the only thing to do is speak dutch!
2014-01-07 17:13
No but I cant imagine that if your going to live somewhere for a certain time then why not pick somewhere they speak french. They cant play cs 24/7, and where they bootcamp everyone speaks dutch which would in my eyes make it a hassle to do other things than sit at the bootcamp all day.
2014-01-07 18:06
And Bart de wever Is Ugly as fuck and i shit on antwerp
2014-01-07 21:35
Half the EU LoL teams have gaming houses in Cologne, where the LCS studio is. 98% of them doesn't speak german. So that is just how it is with gaming houses, they will anyway be home almost everyday, whenever they go out they aren't gonna have problems with anything really.
2014-01-08 11:08
But because its a hotspot for LCS and shit, antwerp isnt a hotspot for anything, maybe homeless people and hookers and tourists with bad taste.
2014-01-09 20:08
It's a hotspot for saving money for the house. Having to buy a gaming house or rent it w/e + give monthly salary is abit of a cluserfuk for an organisation. I guess they just tried to find the nearest country possible to france and buy a house there.
2014-01-09 21:33
The gaming house will be located in Brussels, they only bootcamp prior to ESEA in Antwerp.
2014-01-08 15:46
sick team name Titan
2014-01-07 17:06
Awesome! I wonder how Titan can afford all this? Can't seem to find any sponsors. Maybe they're supported by some rich businessman!
2014-01-07 17:12
Yes rich Malaysian afaik
2014-01-07 17:23
Ah yep, makes sense. Thanks.
2014-01-07 18:41
Germany sanity_ 
The orga is backed by a rich frenchman apparently. The rumors where either a rich frenchman or a rich german.
2014-01-07 19:04
teen titans? huehu gl lads, show some skill in next tournaments
2014-01-07 17:14
Awesome news, good luck guys, wish you the best :)
2014-01-07 17:25
wonder if they'll be using the same equipment with this sponsor?
2014-01-07 17:26
nice name gl titan's
2014-01-07 17:29
I bet they refused EG and other shit bcus of TITAN this sounds like "psg" of csgo ,money,house whatt else,srsly doubt any other orga could offer this
2014-01-07 17:31
fnatic, SK Gaming, Alliance/EG, Millenium, Acer, Alternate they all have a Team house in europe. Most of them for LCS LoL and they also would have place for five more players. But they all stick to their tradition regarding nationality. Millenium signed a new LoL LCS Team. To bad that they didn't sign the former VG Team.
2014-01-07 20:08
good news.. Titans GL
2014-01-07 17:32
nice +1
2014-01-07 17:37
Fitting name.. Best of luck in 2014 :)
2014-01-07 17:37
awesome gl guys!
2014-01-07 17:38
Azerbaijan Talley 
They really fit this name. GL!
2014-01-07 17:38
Nice to see that Niak is still with the team
2014-01-07 17:43
So the rumors were true. nice one
2014-01-07 17:44
glllllll !
2014-01-07 18:06
good luck ! GoGoGo ShoxieJESUS!!
2014-01-07 18:11
Where can I find their sponsors? I cannot find them on their website nor on their facebook page. Is Razer still behind this team?
2014-01-07 18:14
shox is a TITAN gl frenchies. will love to see them rape like there is no tomorrow. finally every player will be able to play at his best!
2014-01-07 18:16
shoxieTITAN instead of JESUS inc.
2014-01-07 18:20
it will be a bigger fail than astana
2014-01-07 18:19
Belgium -Extaz- 
It won't. Because Astana Dragons was a new team made to be top 1. VG is already top 1/2. They are staying with the same players, only playing for another orga that offers them more (higher salary and gaming house). Astana Dragons picked players from different teams to make one top team and it didn't work out. VG was a top team. Titan is, and will be a top team.
2014-01-13 09:56
2014-01-07 18:25
does Titan have any sponsors ? Or do they have just a rich owner like AD ?
2014-01-07 18:34
ASUS, Powerade and a few others.
2014-01-07 18:49
how do you know? :o
2014-01-07 19:09
that's a different organization that folded?
2014-01-07 19:38
I guess you're mistaken with the russian TitanS esports lol.gamepedia.com/TITANS_ESPORTS
2014-01-07 22:44
you are correct. titan-esports.com/ that is there official site. looks like they are still on the lookout for sponsors as there is a link to contact them about enquiries.
2014-01-08 03:52
gaming house is in brussels so HLTV should change flag to Belgium
2014-01-07 18:34
I'm sure these are gonna be some fucking kickass team jerseys! :D
2014-01-07 18:36
2014-01-07 18:38
Avant-Garde should have picked them up lmao #auscsgo
2014-01-07 18:40
gl hf
2014-01-07 18:48
2014-01-07 18:51
cant wait to see what they can accomplish with a gaming house
2014-01-07 18:52
I know Titan from dota.. but i don't know much of them ..
2014-01-07 18:54
Will they have gtx TITAN cards in computers?
2014-01-07 19:05
2014-01-08 09:42
really great! they will attend all Lans, pro salaries , gaming house etc Titan top1 2014
2014-01-07 19:12
Thats better then VG i think!
2014-01-07 19:13
nice stuff
2014-01-07 19:23
HFGL TiTans.
2014-01-07 19:32
It's good news to eSport to see a very good organization putting money to CS:GO.. Just wondering what will happen to ex.AD and ex.US
2014-01-07 19:36
Why is the gaming house in Brussels? I mean why not France? Hope it won't ruin their education.
2014-01-07 19:37
Studies can be stopped for one or two years and resumed later :-) I did that
2014-01-07 19:52
I like their playstyle and appreciate their success but it did sound a bit strange to me.
2014-01-07 19:58
Belgium -Extaz- 
Exactly, Ex6TenZ is the only one studying and he lives in Belgium <50km to Brussels. It won't affect the Frenchies/Belgians' education, unless they stopped studying to play full-time. Knowing ScreaM and NbK are only 19 this might be possible.
2014-01-13 10:01
ex6 is the only one studying this year.
2014-01-07 20:14
Okay then, thanks
2014-01-07 20:29
Renting costs, the prices in Paris are simply too high :)
2014-01-07 20:27
I guess so. It would be hard for French people to leave France I believe
2014-01-07 20:30
you mean, culturally ? Brussels is a french speaking city, it should be fine !
2014-01-07 20:33
I know that people who live in a certain part of Belgium speak French. I was trying to say leaving your country to live somewhere else.
2014-01-07 20:55
Well it's not, you need to see it as a part of France but it belongs to Belgium because else Belgium would be as small as luxembourg.
2014-01-07 21:21
Lol we are not to seen as a part of Fra
2014-01-07 21:42
True and BRUSSELS Is really a Nice Town to party and drink beers so i guess they Will spend good moments beside cs :)
2014-01-07 21:44
i hope they won't spend too much time "a la gare du nord" xD
2014-01-07 22:17
hahahahaha that Aerschot street^^
2014-01-07 22:39
Brussels is truly a godforsaken place, its a shame its our capital really. What a filthy city.
2014-01-09 20:10
Like a lot of other capital... Where do you come from in Belgium? :)
2014-01-09 22:06
I hope Titan is for real! You guys deserve it!
2014-01-07 19:49
What tag are they gonna use?
2014-01-07 19:52
Titan Scream * razor
2014-01-07 19:56
2014-01-07 21:35
I rlly hope they getting sponsored by logitech
2014-01-07 19:55
cg and good luck!
2014-01-07 19:57
Iran Animal1ty 
Want see the new t-shirts;)
2014-01-07 20:13
Nice Gl guys.
2014-01-07 20:26
Titan + gaming house > every fucking dreamteam
2014-01-07 20:59
very cool
2014-01-07 21:23
Never heard of the organisation but since they can give these frenchmen salary and a gaming-house, they must be something speciel. GL!
2014-01-07 21:38
Good luck boys! So happy for them
2014-01-07 21:41
WOW~ Gaming House nice. Come on Titan!
2014-01-07 21:44
Hungary ayeitsastro 
I wish all the best to the guys. Favourite team, by their playstyle, attitude etc. gave me such a motivation. Best CS:GO Team in 2014, I predict. =]
2014-01-07 21:56
GL Titan :3
2014-01-07 22:02
Germany gg-wp 
Very nice with this new taken door and motivation my frenchies will play on upper-extremest level.
2014-01-07 22:04
EG missed out on a huge opportunity. Great pickup by Titan.
2014-01-07 22:08
That's sweet. Kinda wish the would have gone with EG though.
2014-01-07 22:17
2014-01-07 22:20
Why antwerp, thats the dutch part of BE :p. Why BE really..
2014-01-07 22:26
I've never heard of Titan. Do they have the financial means necessary to support a big-time team like ex-VG?
2014-01-07 23:02
If this is the Titan team I know of in Singapore then they've been around for at least a decade.
2014-01-07 23:56
It's not. The organisation is new and from Malaysia. They have quite some funds though.
2014-01-08 03:26
wow I really want to see what this guys can do now that they have training house :D go Titan!
2014-01-08 00:07
how's their tag going to look like?
2014-01-08 00:11
Congratulations! GL in the future! :D
2014-01-08 01:23
Greece her-1g 
actually they have dope divisions!!! exVG for csgo cypher (!!!!) for quakelive and ex-orange for dota2 i think that this is a serious orga
2014-01-08 01:36
fnx | 
Norway Trypticon 
Yep, few orgs can pack that kinda heat!
2014-01-08 14:39
gl my beasts!
2014-01-08 01:36
cYpheR is in Titan for Quake Live as her-1g said, the org seems pretty legit, Titan2014? I'm tipping them.
2014-01-08 03:55
2014-01-08 04:43
Good luck Titan!
2014-01-08 06:58
Belarus ALBiNh0 
gl Cypher
2014-01-08 08:07
Gl TiTan :)
2014-01-08 09:23
Unknow organisation, i hope with the new organisation they can begin like when they ends!
2014-01-08 09:41
2014-01-08 10:46
bugs me abit it's not "titans" but "titan" but gl to them, definitely a great move if it's all legit.
2014-01-08 11:11
gl in this new home champions ;)
2014-01-08 11:58
i'll say always "this is VeryGames " :p
2014-01-08 12:19
Fak yeahhh :D Hope that titan can support these guys as well as they deserve it.
2014-01-08 13:38
WOOP WOOP, *Champagne bottle being shaked and *BANG**
2014-01-08 14:41
2014-01-08 16:16
France PouletFurtif 
2014-01-08 16:51
go titan
2014-01-08 18:25
At last:) + a gaming house...shizniz
2014-01-09 01:20
That ain't no meracle naga
2014-01-09 23:51
Titan :)
2014-01-13 23:36
cypher ql :D likeable org for sure.
2014-01-13 23:46
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