Top 20 players of 2013: Xizt (6)

January 15th, 2014 20:19

In the 6th spot of our Top 20 of 2013 by we have NiP's Richard "Xizt" Landström, who followed up his amazing 2012 with another great year during which he was in the upper echelon of fraggers and was one of the more consistent players.

Basic info and history

Richard "Xizt" Landström started his international CS 1.6 career as an 18-year-old, taking part in DreamHack Winter 2009 with a team called ColdFrag that, among others, featured Markus "pronax" Wallsten and André "BARBARR" Möller.

2010 would become his breakout year, going on to star for H2k Gaming and Lions, teams that would finish 2nd at DH Summer and 3rd at DH Winter, which would later earn him the 18th spot on our Top 20 ranking.

He signed for fnatic at the end of the year and went on to have an even better 2011, finishing 13th on our Top 20. A few months into 2012 he took over as the team's in-game leader and they quickly climbed to the top of the world, winning Copenhagen Games, DreamHack Summer and GameGune.

But in the middle of the year he recognized the potential in CS:GO and went on to join SK Gaming's Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund and Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg in creating NiP. In the four months after that, the team won every possible title, never losing a match on LAN, making Landström the most successful player of the year considering the amount of tournaments he won in both games.

Coming into 2013, he was considered one of the very best players in the game, even putting in an MVP worthy performance at THOR Open, while at the same time being the team's in-game leader.

With more and more teams starting to challenge NiP, they were expected to have a tough year ahead of them. But it all started per usual, with a triumph in Fnatic FragOut League over in the final, and then despite a loss to n!faculty in the first RC EMS One Spring Cup, they clinched the second one and went into Mad Catz Vienna in good shape.

With a 58-0 map record to defend, the Ninjas would not budge, going on to defeat all of their challengers and eventually take first place ahead of the Danish squad Anexis (16-13, 16-5). Landström himself had a great tournament, getting 0.79 kills per round and playing well in every single map.

Xizt had his own streak to keep going at the start of the year

A month later they began their long road trip with a tournament in Russia called TECHLABS Cup Moscow. They left with another title, beating Na`Vi and then twice, while Landström prolonged his streak of having at least as many kills as deaths to 26 maps in a row on LAN, going back to THOR Open in December of 2012.

Furthermore, he was the team's 2nd best player with a 1.15 rating, which would prove to be a rare occasion for the rest of the year as his teammates Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund and Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg would continue to dominate at most tournaments.

Next up was Copenhagen Games where NiP again made light work of their opponents and won their 2nd title on the year, disposing of VeryGames, fnatic, and Western Wolves at their final four steps.

Happy NiP squad in the prize ceremony

NiP with their biggest CS:GO cheque until that point

Although Landström's streak was stopped at 30 maps after a 9:11 performance in a 16-4 win over Finnish Curse, he still went on to have a good event with the team's fourth best 1.16 rating. Also worth noting is that he particularly did well against VeryGames in the upper bracket quarter-final, having a 42:20 score (1.43 rating) in another big win over the Frenchmen.

The team's streak was 85-0 after Copenhagen Games ended and the pressure of keeping up with it was rising. Already the weekend after, NiP flew to Kiev, Ukraine for the SLTV StarSeries V Finals and prolonged it to 87-0 after beating ESC Gaming in the opening match.

But then, a team that was visibly improving during the first few months of the year, finally managed to outplay the Ninjas, winning 14-16, 10-16 and putting an end to the over 7 months long winning streak.

Landström was perhaps the most motivated by the loss, as he put in a Man of the Match performance the next day (45:17, 1.71 rating) when the team demolished Na`Vi in the consolidation final (16-3, 16-5).

However, they wouldn't get their revenge as denied them once again (15-19, 14-16), so Ninjas in Pyjamas went home with a 2nd place cheque for the first time in their history.

Nevertheless, Landström kept up with his great form and ended up with a 1.19 rating, 2nd best of the event and in his team.

"2012 was a great year and I think we had a lot of pressure on our shoulders going into 2013. The bigger our winning streak became we got more and more pressure from the community, everyone expected us to win without even losing a map.

The more you win you will subconsciously become more lazy and not practice as much, eventually that will come back you will have to pay for it. When we lost our first match, it was a huge relief for every one of us, all of that pressure was just gone.  I'm really proud how we handled the defeat and we managed to come back and win even more."

He would not falter soon, following that up with probably his best performance of the year at RaidCall EMS One Spring Finals the next weekend, helping the team get back to winning ways, and again excelling against VeryGames.

Xizt played great at RC EMS One Spring Finals

As NiP beat the Frenchmen yet again in the semi-final of this tournament (16-33, 16-14), Landström was the top fragger with 53:32 (1.52 rating). While he didn't impress in the other matches, he did just enough to end up with his year-high 1.26 rating, good for being the 4th best at the event overall.

Before going on a deserved break, the Ninjas proved they were not shaken up by the Kiev defeat by winning another tournament, ESEA Season 13. Although VeryGames put up their best fight yet in the upper bracket final (16-14, 16-14), NiP went on to defeat Quantic in the grand final (16-10, 16-4) to close their spring season in style.

Although Landström didn't play against VG the same way as in previous events, he did top frag in the grand final against the North Americans with 47:22 (1.53), and he ended up as the 4th best player of the tournament once again (1.19 rating).

"My role in the team was to call the strats. In 1.6 I was more of a clutcher and I feel like that was my strong part, I think I was more of a highlight-reel guy back then.

When I switched over to being the IGL (and CS:GO) my role changed a lot. I'm doing everything for the team to win, I would say I have some sort of "middle" role in the team, trying to do all the small things good and doing everything for the team to win.

I can't really think of a match where I played lights out individually, I just tried to stay consistent and doing the small things good and just playing for the team to win."

Upon returning from their spring break in the middle of May, NiP would start off rusty, losing to Copenhagen Wolves and Western Wolves in two consecutive RC EMS One Summer cups, and later only qualifying for the LAN finals by the skin of their teeth – on superior round difference despite only beating Anexis, and losing to both fnatic and Team X in the group stage.

They also lost the final of Fnatic FragOut Season 2 against, so the team was in visibly poor shape going into DreamHack Summer mid-June.

Xizt from NiP

Xizt & the rest of NiP weren't in great shape before DH Summer

As soon as the tournament in Jönköping kicked off, it was obvious the Ninjas were not playing like themselves, losing to Western Wolves 2-16 in their group's first place decider. They then had to play for 2nd place versus (also known as Team X), but things became very difficult.

The best team in the world found themselves on a slippery slope, losing round after round and eventually facing elimination at 10-15. They won one round, but then quickly went down to a 2-on-5 situation at 11-15, and it was all down to Landström and his teammate Adam "friberg" Friberg to save the day.

And then in what ended up being one of the most iconic moments of the year, as well as in the history of CS:GO, Landström managed to get the defuse in a smoke to prevent his team from getting eliminated.

Xizt's 1vs3 defuse against at DreamHack Summer [Video by ESEA]

"2013 was a really successful year for us and I had a lot of fun. If I have to pick one special moment it would be my ninja defuse against in the DHS group stage. We were down 11-15 and me and friberg were in a 2on5 situation, and somehow we managed to win and after that we came back really strong and won the whole tournament."

It all seemed easy for the Swedes after that boost of confidence, as if that moment magically restored their skills. Even though Copenhagen Wolves gave them a scare in the quarter-final (14-16, 16-3, 16-10), NiP went on to prove they really are the best team in the world, defeating their new big rivals with ease in the semi-final (16-6, 16-9) and then Epsilon in the final (16-5, 16-2).

Landström overall had his worst tournament yet with a 1.01 rating, but he still made great contribution in several matches, in addition to the invaluable defuse against

But despite their big recovery, the team had definitely lost its invincibility, and would take advantage of that at the next event, RaidCall EMS One Summer Finals.

NiP overcame Western Wolves with no problems (16-6, 16-10), but then the CIS-based squad edged them out in the semi-final clash (16-11, 11-16, 14-16) in one of the best matches of the year. Despite that, Landström had a solid event with 0.79 kills per round as 2nd best in his team.

Xizt's NiP knocked out by again at RC EMS One Summer

Next weekend almost saw take out the Swedes yet again at SLTV StarSeries V Finals, but a big comeback on the third map (9-16, 16-10, 19-17) sent the Ninjas through to the grand final.

Then it Natus Vincere who almost surprised them, but despite going down on the first two maps, NiP came back and won another title (12-16, 9-16, 16-8, 16-2).

After a lengthy break throughout July and half of August, the Swedes traveled to the United States for the playoffs of ESEA's 14th season. With all other European sides passing up on the trip, it was just NiP against North Americans, and to no one's surprise they came out on top despite losing a map to compLexity in the final (16-11, 13-16, 16-10).

In those last two events Landström wasn't fragging as much as before, having 0.70 and 0.73 kills per round respectively, but he was still doing a solid job having more kills than deaths in 11 of the 17 maps.

He was back in his old shape at NiP's next winning campaign at DreamHack Bucharest, having the 3rd most kills at the event (193) and another great 1.18 rating. And once again he played well against VeryGames (34:22, 1.23 rating), helping the team knock the Frenchmen out in 5th-8th place.

But that was the last time NiP would defeat VG for a while, as two weeks later they would lose for the first time online in MSI Beat it European Finals (8-16, 7-16).

"When we lost to VG the first time, that whole evening was a disaster... I remember I got DDoS'ed and I had to pack my stuff and hurry over to a friend and play over there. We really tried our best to win the match, I don't want to take anything from VG, they played good.

I believe they gained a lot of confidence from winning that match and once they got confidence, they just rolled on it and played really great. I don't know what we did wrong, I think it was more VeryGames that had change their playstyle a bit and it took us some time to adapt to it."

It would change the rivalry between the two sides in more ways than the Swedes could fear, as on the next occasion they met at SLTV StarSeries VII Finals, VeryGames would triumph on LAN for the first time (14-16, 6-16).

NiP did beat fnatic in the lower bracket final, but then ended up losing to Astana Dragons in another instant classic with a CIS-based side (16-7, 12-16, 20-22), finishing 3rd overall. Landström's individual play was certainly not to blame for the disappointing placement, as he was for the first and only time in the year the team's best player, and for the third time fourth best rated overall at an event (1.17 rating).

Xizt vs. fnatic at SLTV StarSeries VII Finals

Two more losses to VeryGames would end NiP's campaigns sooner than the Swedes had hoped, in the final of RaidCall EMS One Fall (14-16, 6-16) and in the semi-final of ESWC (13-16, 16-19).

Enough was enough, so they decided to pass up on TECHLABS Grand Finals and SLTV StarSeries VIII to fully focus on the upcoming tournament, DreamHack Winter that had $250,000 up for grabs.

They practiced for several weeks in their new gaming house, and prepared specifically for dealing with the French-Belgian squad. After going through the first day with wins over Recursive and Universal Soldiers, as well as LGB in the quarter-final, NiP learned that they will meet VG in the semi-final due to the Frenchmen's loss in the group stage.

On day three of the event, the "Final before the final" happened and the Swedes did indeed outplay VeryGames, clinching the three-map series (16-13, 6-16, 16-5) and moving on to the grand final.

Xizt after the win against VeryGames at DHW

"I really enjoyed playing vs VeryGames [throughout the year], they were our biggest rivals and we had some epic series vs. them. One match that I will remember the most is from DHW, they had won the previous 4 matches between us and when we finally beat them, it was the best feeling I've ever had in my CS career."

After that NiP were already predicted to win the first place prize of $100,000, as it was just fnatic waiting for them in the final, but it would prove to be a tougher task than it seemed. After dropping a huge lead on the first map, the Swedish powerhouse went on to lose the series (14-16, 16-6, 2-16) against all odds, and relinquishing the biggest title of the year to their younger compatriots.

"One big mistake at we did at DHW was that we put all our energy and focus on VG. When we played the final vs. fnatic we didn't play up to our standard and I think the semifinal vs. VG could have something to do with it. Fnatic played very good, but it felt like we could have done so much more.

We chose the wrong match to play bad, and it cost us everything. I believe we are a better team, but we didn't play up to our potential when it mattered the most."

Landström himself wasn't in great shape individually in these last three events, averaging only 0.68 kills per round, which although still above average, demoted him to being NiP's 4th best player in that period.

To counter that, he stepped down as the in-game leader and will be looking to do better when the team gets back in action in 2014.

"I have stepped down as the IGL and Fifflaren will take over now. One goal that I have for 2014 is to play better individually and trying to help out the team more in the frag department. We changed because we felt like it was best for the team, Fifflaren got a different way of calling strats and we feel like we will become a stronger team this way."

Why is he the 6th best player in 2013?

Despite his slightly worse form in the last couple of months of the year, Richard "Xizt" Landström was NiP's 3rd best player throughout 2013. He particularly excelled in the early months when they were dominant, playing great during title winning campaigns at Mad Catz Vienna, RC EMS One Spring and ESEA Season 13 among others, as well as later on at DreamHack Bucharest.

He also played great in a number of big matches, especially against their biggest rivals VeryGames, and perhaps surprising to some he was one of the most consistent players in the world, having a rating above 1.00 in 63% of his maps.

Only eight players had more kills per round than Landström's 0.75, and even less when counting only kills with rifles, which are his main strength.

Bold prediction

Landström was impressed by Na`Vi's 19-year-old Russian member and he predicts he could become a force to be reckoned with in the future.

Russia Denis "seized" Kostin

"I think seized has huge potential for becoming a star in 2014. He really impressed me during his short time in NaVi. He's a smart, young player and he's got a bright future."

Where would you place Richard "Xizt" Landström on your Top 20 of 2013? Do you think 6th place is the right one for him having in mind the entire year?

We have come to the final quarter of our Top 20 of 2013 ranking by, with only five superstars remaining to be revealed. Stay tuned to to see who those will be, and which place they will end up in.

2014-01-15 20:19
Sry but Scream is better by far ! But Xizt is a very good player !
2014-01-15 21:56
2014-01-15 22:12
2014-01-15 22:37
Not through whole year. Stop crying about and deal with it.
2014-01-16 00:11
yeah i think scream so far had to be rated higher, though im interested in the rest of the picks. I don't see how shox wld be rated higher then scream when scream has played more events. Sure shox has done well, but scream was on VG the whole year.
2014-01-16 03:29
ARTeMis | 
Australia zebO 
Scream's the dumbest player EU, nothing but raw aim. But considering how shocking he played for the last 1/4 of 2013, he was lucky to place as high as he did. And for an IGL, Xizt manages to smash many heads and go big in the frags. You don't see that from many other IGL's like Ex6TenZ, great IGL, not so great at the frags.
2014-01-16 07:28
The whole top20 overall is bad i think because they should seperate them to top 10 entry fragger, top 10 IGL etc... In POD cast they said this top 20 is meaningless and i have to agree with that.
2014-01-16 11:32
2014-01-16 13:24
xizt 6th best player? no way
2014-01-15 20:19
Actually he's got a better rifle kill/round ratio than shox while being IGL, that's quite insane imo but w/e.
2014-01-15 23:37
2014-01-16 00:33
2014-01-16 01:32
2014-01-16 13:24
Its actually shoxie thats calling in-game for VG on the terrorist side
2014-01-17 20:13
It's easy to always pick the players with the most frags and highlight clips, but when you're the brain behind a flawless 87 wins straight, due to your callouts, your strategies and your team's plays. Then it's fair to say you deserve to be in the Top 10
2014-01-16 00:02
This ^
2014-01-16 00:30
2014-01-16 13:51
Well said.
2014-01-16 17:30
so xizt :)
2014-01-15 20:20
France .NBK 
2014-01-15 20:20
Algeria TixQ 
I Feel that so GTR FORST Shox NBK Dosia
2014-01-15 20:20
And Fifflaren???
2014-01-15 20:33
2014-01-15 20:35
Lol :D
2014-01-16 07:26
Seems like a inconsistent year for him but none the less sick plays and a great aim. Fiffy 5th?
2014-01-15 20:20
He won't be fifth. He's already 20+ =)
2014-01-15 20:25
Liechtenstein Chamele0n 
haha fiff top 2019
2014-01-15 20:25
Looking at the stats it wasnt really a inconsistent year for him.
2014-01-15 20:57
"[...]and perhaps surprising to some he was one of the most consistent players in the world" You should read the whole article my friend.
2014-01-16 03:23
not bad:)
2014-01-15 20:21
nice deserved
2014-01-15 20:21
Shox, NBK, GTR, Forest, Dosia in top 5.
2014-01-15 20:22
Since when was Dosia (at least) top 5 player of the year? I mean, he's good, but jesus christ, there's a limit.
2014-01-15 20:22
they need to have someone that isn't nip or vg in top5 i guess
2014-01-15 20:23
why? In these tables they keep posting showing stats, I haven't seen one with Dosia in it. The truth is, VG and NiP have been so far ahead of everyone else this year, they have clearly dominated, and the top 10 should show that, with more than half being players from those two teams...
2014-01-15 20:30
i wasn't disagreeing with you dude : ) the only reason I'd see dosia being higher is to make the list seem more widely demographic, same reason as Hiko being so high.
2014-01-15 20:34
I actually think Hiko deserved top 10... his stats are sick and he's the reason why coL made it as far as they did at DreamHack.
2014-01-15 20:36
This year, Hiko >>>>>>>> Dosia, I have know idea why the fuck they put it in this order... It's easy to compare these two players because they play the same role, and Hiko is surpassed by very few in this position, the only one who is better for sure is GeT_RiGhT
2014-01-15 20:36
rofl? since when is dosia lms on his team? You obviously don't know what you're talking about if you think his role is to flank. He got the reputation of NiP killer this year, and has played better against the best team in the world than anyone by far. He carries his team almost every event, usually in top 5-10 for stats (and thats pretty much every tourney, not like the 3-4 that hiko was in). Also unlike hiko, he has actually won events this year, and it is pretty common knowledge that hes in the top5 best players in the world. Have seat
2014-01-16 14:28
The only events Dosia has won were SLTV and Techlabs, wow! What a list! Hiko has only been in 5 big LAN's this year, yes, but they were big LAN's where he was the best player in the team for 4 of those events. His average rating in these 5 events was 1.18, Dosia has done nothing to deserve top 5 this year, certainly nothing more than the America saviour, the Machine, or the most successful igl of the entire year. p.s. I can assure, if you mean what you say, you are one of thousands that thinks it's common knowledge that Dosia is top 5 player. Have seat.
2014-01-16 17:39
Estonia 2026 
VG took over in October, they were "dominating" for 3 months only and that's nothing.
2014-01-15 20:40
They haven't dominated at all. NiP is absolute shit compared to Virtus Pro like half the year and VG is shit compared to Western Wolves/NiP/Copenhagen Wolves until like August.
2014-01-15 22:48
Biggest load of bollocks I've heard not only this year so far, but top one last year too :)
2014-01-16 00:33
Slovakia sanjuro 
not ahead of dosia
2014-01-16 10:02
What has dosia done exactly? He beat NiP like 5 times, that's it.
2014-01-16 17:24
Slovakia sanjuro 
mad player
2014-01-16 22:17
2014-01-15 22:15
After this i have a question, Dosia is overrated ?
2014-01-15 20:22
no, I don't think so.
2014-01-15 20:23
Incredibly overrated.
2014-01-15 20:26
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
not at all
2014-01-15 20:46
I didn't expect Dosia to be higher than 8th, but you need to remember its year long. Dosia was a little average the last 3 months of the year but he was an absolute beast for the first 9.
2014-01-16 02:58
2014-01-15 20:22
I'm Dosia inc
2014-01-15 20:25
2014-01-15 20:25
"We chose the wrong match to play bad, and it cost us everything" Well if they played bad against vg they wouldn't even reach the finals so they had that going for them at least.
2014-01-15 20:25
Dosia wont be there. It will be friberg
2014-01-15 20:27
France Kairos1g 
don't bite don't bite don't bite
2014-01-15 20:28
2014-01-15 20:37
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
2014-01-15 20:48
United Kingdom smoggy:. 
one of the best in game leaders, hopefully he can take it to titan and the other teams this year
2014-01-15 20:30
2014-01-16 18:40
Dosia top 5? come on...
2014-01-15 20:31
why not? That guy was one man army
2014-01-16 15:21
Amazing player, SO UNDERATED. When the match gets difficult he always appear, and that my friends, that is be a pro-player.
2014-01-15 20:31
2014-01-15 20:32
2014-01-15 20:32
Of course he is. FRIBERG also>>>>>>scream.
2014-01-15 20:34
friberg > scream? lol.
2014-01-16 06:42
Not friberg>scream , friberg >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> scream.
2014-01-16 11:01
i hope u're joking.
2014-01-16 13:53
actually he is . cs is not only aim. sorry
2014-01-15 21:15
if u mean teamplay its top players with their own skill.
2014-01-15 21:28
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
Xizt K/D 0.75/0.61 ScreaM K/D 0.73/0.62 what are you talking about?
2014-01-16 08:17
2014-01-16 18:43
i mean aim not means always more kills duDe.
2014-01-16 20:46
csgo kinda is..
2014-01-17 14:16
So... 1.GTR 2.f0rest 3.NBK 4.shoxie 5.Dosia
2014-01-15 20:33
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
2014-01-15 20:49
f0rest best - dude
2014-01-15 21:46
1.GTR/f0rest agree as well
2014-01-15 21:47
gtr no,f0rest-yes)
2014-01-15 21:52
Serbia LEdq 
Prepare for the NiP wave audience
2014-01-15 20:33
Really good rifler, Xizt>Dosia in all particular ways.
2014-01-15 20:34
Denmark qwedsa 
Xizt amazing player, well deserved.
2014-01-15 20:35
Belgium owzr 
1)GTR 2)Shox 3)f0rest 4)friberg 5)Device
2014-01-15 20:36
I hope you troll... device won't be top20 friberg already 11th. shox won't be over f0rest. where the fuck is nbk?
2014-01-15 21:00
calm down, freedom of expression you know? NBK instead of friberg houyeah
2014-01-15 21:25
It seems to be: 1. GTR 2. f0rest 3. shox
2014-01-15 20:37
2014-01-15 20:38
im surprised people still think device will be on this. As much as I'd love him to be, no way would he be put in over nbk or dosia
2014-01-15 20:46
seized;s second bold prediction :p
2014-01-15 20:39
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
3rd actually
2014-01-15 21:23
oh thx my bad
2014-01-15 23:13
Dosia is playing better than Xizt actually, but in 2013 xizt deserves higher rank.
2014-01-15 20:41
1- GTR 2- f0rest 3- shox 4- nbk 5- dosia
2014-01-15 20:44
Fifflaren in-game leader. Really nice, fifflaren will fit the role exellent :D
2014-01-15 20:45
and it won't look that bad now when he is bottomfragging, coz on hltv being igl is the most legit excuse for that :D
2014-01-15 20:49
True dat sir ;) And i've always felt that Fifflaren is the true in-game leader of NiP, tho I think he will be better than Xizt. I'm looking forward to this :9
2014-01-15 21:54
xizt hight than ScreaM, seems legit.
2014-01-15 20:46
where is neo, taz?
2014-01-15 20:46
top 50?
2014-01-15 20:49
top100 ?
2014-01-15 20:58
top 150?
2014-01-15 21:14
neo,taz dont play in top-team ;) end his skill on 1.6 >>>> skill cs.go
2014-01-15 21:50
top 200 ?
2014-01-15 23:12
top 250?
2014-01-16 03:24
Big fail from hltv GG.
2014-01-15 20:47
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
it's all about stats, fucking deal with it.
2014-01-15 20:49
if it was only by stats , the list would be like this
2014-01-15 21:42
what means "L"
2014-01-15 21:54
2014-01-15 22:13
2014-01-15 22:18
2014-01-15 20:48
seems like they forgot some players
2014-01-15 20:48
how is he better than scream could some 1 explain me why?
2014-01-15 20:55
Hold on, I'm trying to think how this makes sense...
2014-01-15 20:59
hltv logic
2014-01-15 21:00
there is a reason they write an article about every player and not just put them on a list without any text... if you actually READ the text you will maybe understand it
2014-01-15 21:01
Nip carries him
2014-01-15 21:40
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
Xizt K/D 0.75/0.61 ScreaM K/D 0.73/0.62 are you overstupid or just playing fool?
2014-01-16 08:24
u can measure player by their KD,scream is entry fragger he will die more times but he has much more kills,xizt is behind forest and friberg when it comes to entry kills so he does not die so often,xizt deserves top 20 but not top 10,i dont remember when was the last time when we got a highlight from him...
2014-01-16 15:37
1)GTR 2)f0rest 3)shox 4)Device 5)chrisj
2014-01-15 20:56
Netherlands [Np]KNz 
2014-01-16 00:51
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
chrisJ? :D he will evade next 50 LANs or pasha will eat him alive
2014-01-16 08:25
ScreaM ------------------> Xizt Nip carrying xizt
2014-01-15 20:57
scream is better than him hundred times...
2014-01-15 20:59
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
Xizt K/D 0.75/0.61 ScreaM K/D 0.73/0.62 seriously?
2014-01-16 08:26
m0nt | 
Australia m0nt 
suprised by some of the players that havent made it in like apEX, pimp, TaZ etc
2014-01-15 21:00
You'll be #1
2014-01-15 21:09
Kazakhstan Getlive 
5. olofmeister?
2014-01-15 21:01
SpawN | 
Iceland vasyl86 
good bet, he should be in top20
2014-01-15 21:28
deserved, but Dosia a top5 player? no way ,top7-8 is what he deserves truly
2014-01-15 21:04
l o l ScreaM > Xizt kthxbye
2014-01-15 21:08
mad cuz stats?
2014-01-15 21:18
More kills per round, less deaths per round and more titles as the In-Game Leader. Case closed.
2014-01-15 22:12
"case closed" batman is that u?
2014-01-15 22:57
Consistency - that's the operative word. He's quite good at almost all LAN events. screaM may have better aim, but doesn't have all the numbers behind him. He has a few, but Xizt so much more consistent and in the aiming department is not that behind him. Let's see what will be written about Dosia. I don't think he has better stats than Xizt, so let's wait a bit.
2014-01-15 21:18
gtr forest shox nbk dosia
2014-01-15 21:31
This list started out strong but now its pure shit
2014-01-15 21:33
hah and xizt was better than scream in 2013 ??
2014-01-15 21:44
He use to bee good in 1.6 ... now he is awesome :) at least i like the way he plays and that's what i think :D
2014-01-15 21:45
Netherlands g@M 
He deserves it as does get right I got a feeling we wont see friberg
2014-01-15 21:49
friberg is #11
2014-01-15 21:51
nice. i think if fifflaren will fit well in the igl role, and knowing xizt fragging potential, NiP will be a stronger team. GTR - backup friberg - attacker Xizt - attacker f0rest - attacker/main AWPer Fifflaren - IGL/2nd AWPer. Sounds good.
2014-01-15 21:52
GTR - Clutcher.
2014-01-15 22:19
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
yea, in every round 4 of his teammate will die and he will clutch every round. there is no role in team like clutcher, lol.
2014-01-16 08:28
fucking deserved, xizt is nip's unsung hero fosho
2014-01-15 21:56
2014-01-15 23:16
xizt one of the best players i've ever seen
2014-01-15 22:04
5. Olof or schneider?
2014-01-15 22:04
Fun question, if u can pick between Xizt or Friberg to be in ur team, who would you pick ? No explanation needed !
2014-01-15 22:05
Xist - Easy.
2014-01-16 00:07
NEO | 
CIS Timel3ss 
5. Dosia 4. Olofm 3. Shox 2. f0rest 1. GeT_RiGhT <3
2014-01-15 22:06
NBK was so huge this year.. Always in top fragging, always present in top match. He deserved top5. NBK >> Olofm & Dosia
2014-01-15 22:18
NEO | 
CIS Timel3ss 
2014-01-15 22:20
VG and NiP are the 2 best teams in the year, so its normal i think we will see GTR, Forest, Shox and NBK. The 3rd team this year is Virtus-Astana, so its seems normal to see at least 1 player from Virtus in the top5. I vote for ANGE1
2014-01-15 22:17
NEO | 
CIS Timel3ss 
ANGE1 is a great captain, but no better than Xizt.
2014-01-15 22:20
the only player from VP/AD who deserves to be there is Dosia and it's arguable, cuz he was worse than Xizt & ScreaM.
2014-01-16 06:51
1. GTR 2. Forest 3. Fifflaren 4. Tweeday 5. pita
2014-01-15 22:22
lold n1 :DDD
2014-01-16 00:47
i like how most of the people are guessing the top5, and they don't even talk about Xizt, while this news is totally about him and his outstanding performance during 2013. Deserved this place in top 20, he's an essential part of NiP's success.
2014-01-15 22:27
Poland Marvelm 
I agree he is, but top 6 is slightly too high for him imo. With friberg being 11 and them both having more or less same all-year performance, with friberg shining probably couple times more, I'd put them both at like 8/9, with Scream above them, people may say 'he's only aim blabla' but his allround ingame performance was pretty awesome this year.
2014-01-15 22:34
xizt is a fucking good player and aimer and very calm on this playstyle deserved but yeah scream deserve more that top 7
2014-01-15 22:28
Ukraine petruska 
Scream and Guardain better than Xizt
2014-01-15 22:36
xizt #6??? come on, he struggled hard for the last half a year
2014-01-15 22:38
2014-01-15 22:38
nice diamon xD
2014-01-15 22:40
Seriously Xizt 6th???? Most overrated player in the Scene.. Also Xizt > Scream&JW? :D
2014-01-15 22:41
well deserved... leading the best team in history of any CS version... gg
2014-01-15 22:41
nice! really deserved
2014-01-15 22:45
wheres is neo? damn i miss those day ps: dont get me wrong i play and i like cs:go
2014-01-15 23:16
neo all days at botoom xD i wanna see pasha more than neo xD
2014-01-15 23:50
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
pasha #19 =]
2014-01-16 08:30
damm :)
2014-01-16 12:43
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
2014-01-16 12:48
GTR shox NBK f0rest Dosia
2014-01-15 23:17
fnx | 
Norway Trypticon 
1: Shox 2: Shox 3: Shox 4: Shox 5: Shox
2014-01-16 00:27
it has to suck being the only member of NIP not to make the top20...-fiff
2014-01-16 00:34
the real support player!
2014-01-16 00:40
Nice, excited to see the 1.6 trio all focusing on fragging. And having dosia over both Xizt and ScreaM is kinda wack (assuming he is #4 or #5), but hey that's just my opinion and I'll just enjoy the delicious tears of all the whining over this ranking.
2014-01-16 00:44
1gtr 2forest 3shox 4nbk 5dosia
2014-01-16 01:09
2014-01-16 17:42
"I have stepped down as the IGL and Fifflaren will take over now" Interesting.
2014-01-16 02:20
Brazil hugoooo 
Would be nice to see chrisJ as 5th
2014-01-16 02:40
this is not online ranking...
2014-01-16 02:56
2014-01-16 07:09
I don't agree with these rankings, the best players of the year should be directly correlating with the stats. 1. GeT_RiGhT 2.f0rest 3.shox 4.chrisJ 5.cLy 6.Hiko 7.GuardiaN 8.ScreaM filtering 4-7 since they didn't play nearly enough maps to be considered on the same level as other players, ScreaM is still like 7 players ahead of Xizt,NbK, and Dosia. NbK has a good rating, but ScreaM outperformed him with only 4 less matches. He outperformed Dosia too. Stat-wise Dosia only has 3 more maps than ScreaM, yet ScreaM outfrags him by nearly 300 kills. I don't understand why NbK,Dosia, and Xizt are higher than ScreaM when they're all are statistically inferior. Stats should be the most direct method of deciding player ranks. Xizt however does have a noticeably larger K/D difference, something that I could accept as a deciding factor, but NbK and Dosia, cmon.. They're both awesome, but I think other people deserved it.
2014-01-16 03:11
And how many international LAN tournaments have cLy played this year? One? If you read some of the articles you'd know that these rankings are based on LAN stats. cLy, chrisJ and Hiko almost haven't attended all that many this year. The only thing that made it possible for Hiko to be on this list is because he pretty much carried his team facing the very best EU teams when he played here. Unlike cLy and chrisJ. And furthermore. Saying that player X is better than player Y because he has more kills is a really stupid statement. I'm not even going to waste time explaining it, you'll figure it out if you think for one second.
2014-01-16 03:38
I said "filtering 4-7". I also didn't say that having more kills equals a better player, I based my opinions on the ratings, as well as observing that scream had a better rating while having more kills than dosia and nbk with barely fewer maps.
2014-01-16 04:27
That defuse was insane...
2014-01-16 03:33
Such a shame we won't see olofm in this years ranking. Statistically he is the 3rd best swede in the world, only surpassed by GeT_RiGhT and f0rest. Hope to see him here next year, when they hopefully have been attending some more LAN tournaments.
2014-01-16 03:33
Fifflaren IGL? i look forward to seeing how he goes im sure he will do fine Bol in 2014 NiP
2014-01-16 04:59
Dosia better. Where is Dosia?
2014-01-16 07:04
1. ceh9
2014-01-16 08:49
Hahahaha :D
2014-01-16 09:00
no TaZ top20 = BIG LOOOL, ScreaM only 7... hahah.
2014-01-16 09:43
Poland El Vis 
taz will be #3
2014-01-16 12:35
expectation is good but over expectation is dangerous to health specially heart when it breaks :| btw don't get me wrong i m also taz fan... nxt year i want to see neo and taz in this list. let's see what happens...
2014-01-16 13:53
I'm not a fan of TaZ, but he is one of the top 20 players CS:GO imo TaZ > pasha
2014-01-16 15:09
"It's easy to always pick the players with the most frags and highlight clips, but when you're the brain behind a flawless 87 wins straight, due to your callouts, your strategies and your team's plays. Then it's fair to say you deserve to be in the Top 10" (c) Ivanmt
2014-01-16 11:13
Not only is he the brain but has better rifle kills per round than shox, scream, f0rest and majority of all the all-star players. Nothing but deserved.
2014-01-16 12:23
ANGE1 | 
Russia monte:) 
f0rest getr shoxie nbk Dosia
2014-01-16 11:52
Poland El Vis 
gtr shox forest taz nbk deal with it :D
2014-01-16 12:36
taz is their massagist ?
2014-01-16 13:00
Poland El Vis 
i said deal with it pedale ;D
2014-01-16 13:48
i had to laugh because you mentioned taz in the top20
2014-01-16 23:33
Poland El Vis 
2014-01-16 23:35
2014-01-16 13:10
Great fragger, considering that he's IGL, totally deserved ! <3
2014-01-16 16:07
#5 apex
2014-01-16 17:06
Best ninja defuse of 2013
2014-01-16 17:41
Xizt the best ingame leader past 4 years, and possibly the most underrated player of all time imo.
2014-01-16 18:22
Where is OverDrive? Top 2-3 i think.
2014-01-17 15:29
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