Top 20 players of 2013: Dosia (4)

January 17th, 2014 20:26

The 4th place on our Top 20 of 2013 ranking by goes to Mihail "Dosia" Stolyarov, a player who was the main force behind's success in the first half of the year, and was one of Astana Dragons' most important members in the second half. His consistent performances, playing great in a number of big matches and a more than impressive clutch round record made him one of the very best in the world last year.

Basic info and history

The first time Mihail "Dosia" Stolyarov's name appeared in the international scene was at World Cyber Games 2009, when he led Russia's representatives to a surprising 4th place together with his brother Sergey "Fox".

However, it would only be in 2011 when the duo joined MYM, and later Moscow Five, that Stolyarov would make a name for himself as one of the most consistent players in the world, ending up 19th on our Top 20 ranking that year.

Although lacking titles, his Moscow Five team was always a threat to the very best, and even though 2012 was no better in that regard, Stolyarov improved even more individually and was one of the main stars at the last few CS 1.6 events he managed to attend, such as IEM6 World Championship, GameGune and PGS.

He was left teamless in August when Moscow Five disbanded, and while still playing CS 1.6 events under Alexey "OverDrive" Birukov's, he also started playing CS:GO in Rush3D at the beginning of October.

But even though that team received an invite for the first big tournament in the new game, ESWC, the Stolyarov brothers decided to pass up on that opportunity and instead team up with Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow, Emil "kucher" Akhundov and Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev in

The only event they would attend by the end of the year was SLTV StarSeries IV Finals where they finished in 2nd place behind ESC Gaming.

Even though Stolyarov didn't really shine at his LAN debut in CS:GO at that event in December, he would quickly show his potential after the turn of the year in Fnatic FragOut League. In this online tournament he led with 0.81 kills per round to reach 2nd place, putting in a Man of the Match performance against VeryGames in the semi-final (52:26, 1.44 rating) which was his team's first notable victory, as well as a sign of things to come.

Although would skip the first international event of the year, Mad Catz Vienna, Stolyarov would still attend it with Alexey "OverDrive" Birukov's Russian-Ukrainian mix Nostalgie. With him in the starring role (1.12 rating), they somehow managed to reach the playoffs, but the draw would pair them up with NiP in the quarter-final stage where they got knocked out with ease (2-16, 5-16).

Dosia clutches against NiP at Mad Catz Vienna

A month later were ready for their first tournament of the year, TECHLABS Cup Moscow, where they would put up much better resistance against the Swedes than the Nostalgie mix previously. Even though they still lost 12-16 in the upper bracket final and 10-16 in the grand final, they seemed to be closer than anyone before to the invincible Ninjas.

"NiP know almost everything there is to know about CS:GO, but as we have seen in the last big LAN tournaments they have had some difficult situations. This has happened more often in the last two or three months. I think they will soon lose because every streak ends someday, but they are still great now." – Stolyarov in a pre-Cph Games interview with 

A week later traveled to Copenhagen Games where they made it to the upper bracket final after wins over ESC, Western Wolves and Quantic, and even though they didn't break NiP's streak there, they gave them an even better fight than in Moscow (13-16, 11-16).

Even though they then ended up losing to Western Wolves in the consolidation final which made them finish 3rd, had proven themselves as a top team and it was in big part thanks to Stolyarov's performance. playing versus NiP at Copenhagen Games

He ended up being one of the best players of the entire event (1.22 rating) thanks to doing well in every match, including the one against NiP (43:36, 1.15 rating). With 342 total kills he was second only to Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg, and he had also won 11 clutch rounds.

With only three days of rest before their next event, SLTV StarSeries V Finals, and NiP traveled to Kiev, Ukraine. The Swedes were on an 87-0 map winning streak by the time they reached the upper bracket final, but Virtus would not let them prolong it any further and Stolyarov would fulfill his own prediction, as they won 16-14, 16-10 to become the first team ever to defeat the Ninjas on LAN.

They even proved that it was no fluke by beating them in the grand final two days later (19-15, 16-14), as the Swedish fairytale finally ended and the legend of Virtus was made. Once again the main protagonist in their success was none other than the younger of Stolyarov brothers, putting in an MVP-worthy performance with a 1.18 rating and another set of great displays against NiP.

"The [best memory of the year] was victory over NiP 5-0 in the finals of Starladder. We were the ones who stopped them at that moment."

But after their big success, didn't build on it, missing out on RaidCall EMS One Spring Finals due to not even attempting to qualify, and also on ESEA Season 13 Global Finals due to visa problems. After an inactive period until the end of May, they returned to action in RC EMS One Summer cups with some mediocre results.

Not long after, Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev announced that he would be unable to attend and practice for the next few events due to participating in Asian Cyber Games, so called upon the best free agent available at that moment, Slovakian AWPer Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács.

Dosia continued with his great form at DreamHack Summer

Two weeks later, they had their first test with the new lineup at DreamHack Summer, and even though the start was rocky, they managed to top their group ahead of ESC Gaming after one of the biggest comebacks of the year (from 4-13 to 16-14). then beat Marcus "Delpan" Larsson's Lemondogs in the quarter-final, and then met NiP for the first time since their victory in Kiev two months earlier. This time they weren't so successful, losing 6-16, 9-16, but Stolyarov continued performing great even in this 3rd-4th place campaign, once again with team-best 1.22 rating in the tournament.

He would once again play great against the Ninjas two weeks later at RC EMS One Summer Finals, where now managed to come back from a map down and defeat the Swedes (11-16, 16-11, 16-14). Stolyarov did great in both map-wins, which would later, combined with his previous performances, earn him a nickname "NiP killer".

"It is easy to play against NiP for me - they like to play on aim and that's what I love to do too."

Virtus, however, lost the final to VeryGames (8-16, 11-16) and finished in 2nd place, but they showed that even after the lineup change they are able to handle NiP.

"NiP killer" was at it again at RC EMS One Summer Finals

But the rivalry with the Swedes would once again turn around a week later at SLTV StarSeries VI Finals. Even though were just about to clinch their third victory in the last four meetings, the Ninjas made a big comeback from 15-5 to win the third map on overtime (16-9, 10-16, 17-19) and advance to the grand final instead of their nemesis.

It was a crushing blow for Virtus who ended up losing to Natus Vincere as well (19-16, 5-16, 14-16), finishing 3rd in what would turn out being the last event for the team.

At the end of August Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow and Stolyarov decided to accept an offer from Astana Dragons, creating a new team together with their old teammate Kystaubayev, as well as two Na`Vi members Yegor "markeloff" Markelov and Ioann "Edward" Sukhariev.

"The time playing with Guardian was great - he is one of the best snipers in the world and he did lots of important frags. There was a potential [in that lineup] for sure.

I was discussing [the move to Astana] with ANGE1 for a long time, as we both had to make a decision and we made it." – on the time with GuardiaN in the lineup and his and ANGE1's departure for Astana

With the creation of the new team, Stolyarov was also for the first time in a long while about to play without his older brother, Sergey "Fox".

"In fact our views on the game were different, we often argued over something, even more often than the rest of the team did. But still I was very pleased to play with my brother and his level of play was very high."

The new team had a very rough start, losing several online matches - to fnatic in Mad Catz Cologne, to ALTERNATE in the SLTV StarSeries VII opener and also failing to go past the group stage of MSI Beat it European Finals.

But before their big debut at DreamHack Bucharest they did manage to take down fnatic on LAN at TECHLABS Cup Kiev, so they came to Romania with at least some positives to draw from.

In Romania they finished in 3rd-4th place, which for a team that was built to become the best in the world wasn't enough, but at the same time it wasn't a disappointing performance either. They made it to the semi-final with ease, and there met NiP for the first time with the new roster. Even though the Swedes came out on top eventually (10-16, 16-12, 8-16), it was a decent battle and it showed that Astana have potential.

Astana Dragons after the battle with NiP on the stage in Bucharest

Stolyarov was of course the best in that one map-win against the Swedes, and although Markelov and Kystaubayev had a better tournament overall, he was also good with a 1.11 rating.

Astana would go one step further at SLTV StarSeries VII Finals, defeating NiP for the first time (7-16, 16-12, 22-20) and reaching their first grand final. However, VeryGames would outplay Stolyarov's team once again in the match for the title (12-16, 9-16).

Stolyarov himself did great in most of the matches, and as usual was one of the best players against NiP (68:57, 1.10 rating), but he underperformed in both series against VeryGames which made him end up with a below average 0.98 rating for the tournament.

He would be back in top shape at ESWC, even though the team itself wasn't, as they lost to Clan-Mystik in the semi-final (12-16, 16-14, 7-16). They did manage to defeat NiP once again though, in the 3rd place decider, and Stolyarov again top fragged in the series (53:34, 1.43 rating). Not only that, but he was one of the best players in the whole tournament, having the 3rd most kills per round (0.83) and a 1.22 rating.

Astana beat NiP again at ESWC with Dosia on top of the scoreboard

But the lack of titles was worrisome for the CIS-based squad, and after ESWC they tracked down the problem. Sukhariev was removed due to lack of teamplay to make place for Emil "kucher" Akhundov, another former teammate of Stolyarov's, which almost recreating the old lineup which now contained four of the players from the start of the year.

"We made one mistake: instead of keeping the gamestyle we changed a lot - positions, tactics, etc - so we didn’t have enough time to adapt to all the changes and get used to the new playstyle."

The first event after the lineup change went great, Astana won TECHLABS Grand Finals ahead of Na`Vi and Universal Soldiers and it seemed they had fixed what wasn't working before. But then they would falter at the biggest event of the year, DreamHack Winter.

After struggling in the group stage, where they lost to Copenhagen Wolves and then had to make a big comeback against Reason Gaming in order to go through, Astana met compLexity in the quarter-final. The North Americans didn't seem to pose a problem on the first map, but then they turned the tables and won the last two (16-9, 7-16, 12-16), knocking out Stolyarov & co. in 5th-8th place.

They disappointed even more in their last event of the year, SLTV StarSeries VIII Finals at which they arrived as the main favorites, losing to Serbian team GamePub (6-16, 11-16) and then the new lineup of Natus Vincere strengthened by two of Stolyarov's former teammates Kovács and Sukhariev (21-17, 13-16, 11-16).

Ace against GamePub in the last event of the year

Stolyarov's form dropped in the last few events, as he only had a 1.01 rating at DH Winter and 0.90 at the StarSeries Finals, but he was still alwasy around team average.

As it would later come out, the squad was hit with problems within the organization in the last few months, and near the end of the year they announced their departure from Astana Dragons.

As of now, the lineup is still together and without a new home, and with a secured slot at EMS One Katowice they will not be parting ways any time soon. Stolyarov himself has high ambitions for 2014.

"Personally I would like to become the best player of the year in 2014, because being the best player of the year means that the team had to win a lot of titles. For now, our main goal is the Katowice event and we are preparing for it." – about goals and plans for 2014

"As a matter of fact I learned a lot [in 2013] and I'm still learning something new as the game is still young and needs to be studied."

Why is he the 4th best player in 2013?

Mihail "Dosia" Stolyarov played at a very high level for the most part of the year, especially during his time in, but also in Astana Dragons. Aside from his MVP performance at SLTV StarSeries V Finals when Virtus became the first team to defeat NiP, he played great at numerous other big events where his teams finished in the top three, including Copenhagen Games, DreamHack Summer, RC EMS One Summer and ESWC.

Additionally, he shined in a number of big matches, especially against Ninjas in Pyjamas, leading his teams to win against the Swedes on no less than five occasions.

Despite the last few events that saw him slightly underperform, he was one of the most consistent players for the rest of the year. Only six players had a rating above 1.00 more often than his 64%, three of which are ranked below him and have less team success overall.

But more importantly, no player has won more clutch rounds than Stolyarov's 46 in the whole 2013, and with all that in mind, he was placed at the 4th position of our ranking.

Bold prediction

Stolyarov was one of the more bold players in their prediction, siding with his former teammate Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács in seeing a bright future for the Slovakian 17-year-old Martin "styko" Styk.

Slovakia Martin "styko" Styk

"I didn't see many of his games, but in the ones I did see he showed very strong performances. He definitely has a big future if he keeps playing."

What do you remember from Mihail "Dosia" Stolyarov's performance in 2013? Did he play well enough to be at this position?

Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned to our Top 20 of 2013 by to see who will fill up the top three places.

dosia beast! ps. n1111
2014-01-17 20:26
World fns1 
fifflaren 3rd
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fifflaren? LOL, shoxie 3rd
2014-01-18 02:01
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shoxie out of top 20
2014-01-18 02:34
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shoxie 2nd, f0rest 3rd GTR 1st
2014-01-18 18:49
Denmark Pimp 
2014-01-17 20:27
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Netherlands guzzj 
What a suprise! GJ Dosia!
2014-01-17 20:27
Surpise , really? o_\
2014-01-18 09:06
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Not deserved.
2014-01-17 20:27
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deserved *
2014-01-18 01:25
and whats your point?
2014-01-18 00:14
His point was that dosia being 4th wasnt deserved. Its pretty clear what he meant.
2014-01-18 09:59
It's pretty clear what he wanted to ask: what are his arguments.
2014-01-18 11:42
he didn't ask anything... he stated his opinion.
2014-01-18 14:49
What? That was obviously a question. Unless you're missing something.
2014-01-19 13:44
Slovakia sanjuro 
potato medal absolutely deserved for dosia
2014-01-18 11:15
2014-01-17 20:27
Europe _jUNGLE 
Fifflaren' top10 clutcher is a joke ;j
2014-01-17 23:30
m0nt | 
Australia m0nt 
gg no device
2014-01-17 20:27
...if he'd deserve it over Dosia, he'd be here as simple as that, so... nothing to wonder about...
2014-01-17 20:42
Well dosia don't deserve 4th place, not matter how should have been on the list
2014-01-17 21:15
Why not? He's without a doubt one of the best players in the world and he can win games on his own.
2014-01-18 01:54
Lithuania AioNw0w 
Thats not for you to decide..
2014-01-18 09:04
you seriously thaught Device would be 4th best player of 2013???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? So far i think HLTV's list has been pretty good as of what these players has performed 2013.
2014-01-17 21:59
maybe he thought he didn't deserve 4th, but he meant that he deserved to at least be at the last and this was his last chance.
2014-01-17 22:11
I just hope that your disappointment will not ruin his career.
2014-01-18 04:39
2014-01-17 20:28
#funny #joke #haha #jaja #xaxa deserved.
2014-01-17 22:58
n0thing | 
Poland ScR1337 
I am suprised
2014-01-17 20:28
He's always so happy.
2014-01-17 20:28
3.f0rest 2.shox 1.GeT_RiGhT
2014-01-17 20:28
Other reav 
Correction: 1.GeT_RiGhT 2.f0rest 3.shox
2014-01-17 20:38
Shox will be second :)
2014-01-17 20:55
Other reav 
okay, well we'll see tomorrow.
2014-01-17 21:03
1Get_Right 2f0rest standart
2014-01-17 21:54
no forest will point to even discuss it
2014-01-18 09:58
Correction: 1. G_R 2. shox 3. f0rest
2014-01-17 21:08
We'll see.
2014-01-17 21:32
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Thats imo the most deserved one, but I fear hltv is gonna put shox 3rd.
2014-01-17 22:12
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Azerbaijan Talley 
-fifflaren +dosia
2014-01-17 20:28
2014-01-17 20:29
more than... +1
2014-01-17 20:43
expected that deserved
2014-01-17 21:56
Knew this! 3.Shox 2.f0rest 1.GeT_RiGhT
2014-01-17 20:29 "scream is not a good clutcher"
2014-01-17 20:29
This is not accurate statistics to argue who is a good clutcher. Get Right, for instance, is always in clutch situation because he's always lurking while his teammates all die. He has a billion chances to clutch, therefore a million clutches won.
2014-01-17 20:37
Portugal mfxd 
Good point
2014-01-17 20:55
This is a great example of why these kind of statistics don't tell the full story of players performances, there's just too many variables to consider. I much prefer ESH's method of ranking where statistics are considered, but not the deciding factor.
2014-01-17 21:19
but then it's a subjective ranking.
2014-01-17 23:29
what is ESH ?
2014-01-18 11:10
Maybe he doesn't die because he's better at protecting himself, considering he's TOP3 in the world for a couple of years ago. Maybe.
2014-01-18 13:41
That's not the reason. Any player in the world could stay alive until his teammates are dead. Any fucking player.
2014-01-18 15:44
What do you mean? Don't you think some players don't risk as much, thus protecting themselves from an, sometimes, easy kill from opponents? We aren't talking about any player here. GTR is top3, probably the best in the world, right now. I know something has to do with it. It's a matter of position, game feel and experience.
2014-01-18 16:20
There should be a clutch per match statistic but yea idd :d
2014-01-17 20:40
That doesn't tell anything more. The thing that shows it the best is percentage of clutches won.
2014-01-17 21:09
That also wouldn't tell you anything more :) Because percentage of won 1vs2-1vs5s would always be extremely low and pointless to compare. They are very rarely won and most of them are not even possible to win, because for example a 5vs1 isn't really a clutch situation, it's just a dominant round for the other team in 99.9% of cases. There is no statistic that can clearly show who is the best clutcher, or who is the best at anything really, it's all down to interpretation and what you really find important in a clutcher. Nevertheless, when individuals stand out as much as GTR and Dosia, it's quite clear that even if not the best, they are some of the best at it.
2014-01-17 21:42
Hello Tgwri1s. I just wanted to point out,that the clutch statistic is not accurate !As far as i remember Get_Right won 1v5 on inferno vs Astana Dragons,but i dont see the 1v5 clutch at this statistic ;)
2014-01-18 10:52
It was during the MSI Beat It! 2013 EU Finals, which were held online iirc
2014-01-18 13:04
Actually it was more like 1v4 cuz situation after exchange
2014-01-18 13:24
As one of the users above me said, that was online. ;) Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that this list is 100% accurate because it's impossible to automatically record all clutches (the system can't recognize some extraordinary cases), so as with all stats take it with a grain of salt. But in the end, even if something is omitted, over a period of a year the best ones will always end up with most, so it doesn't really affect the point.
2014-01-18 14:47
Thanks for the reply ;) I did not pay atention,that the stats were affecting only LAN performance. Also i overally agree with your 2nd statement ;)
2014-01-18 21:07
For me best player is the player with highest kdr + most opening frags T side since that where you're skill needs to be at it's highest.
2014-01-17 22:52
Over rated Dosia. NBK should be 4!
2014-01-17 20:29
yep and dosia 5
2014-01-18 11:12
GTR dA clutcher :D
2014-01-17 20:30
Dosia's aim is always on point, it's a pleasure watching him play! Deserved spot.
2014-01-17 20:31
how can he be 4 he got molotoved twice at dream hack :) just kidding good player top 10 for sure
2014-01-17 20:31
no apex weird
2014-01-17 20:31
2014-01-17 20:33
not deserved imo , he was nothing more than a top10 player last year... his rating is low as well
2014-01-17 20:31
agree, now let the hate begin
2014-01-17 20:33
he was the stand out player of vp/ad so this is totally deserved if you ask me. don't forget that they were the first to beat nip.
2014-01-17 21:16
Still don't see dosia deserving #4.
2014-01-17 23:33
2014-01-18 13:42
Poland Pab 
tbh i dont feel like its deserved.. whatever, gj
2014-01-17 20:33
2014-01-18 18:45
gg Dosia
2014-01-17 20:33
No Device, No Apex in Top 20? This ranking is a joke!
2014-01-17 20:34
device? apex ? lol
2014-01-18 11:13
srsly most overrated player ! friberg deserve this more
2014-01-17 20:34
This would be perfect if they switched him and friberg...
2014-01-17 20:35
He is amazing but top 4 is a bit lol
2014-01-17 20:35
gj dosiaN
2014-01-17 20:35
2014-01-17 20:36
deserved? friberg > dosia
2014-01-17 20:39
friberg <<<<<< dosia
2014-01-17 20:46
in your mind :D
2014-01-17 21:01
just cuz friberg sAucer?
2014-01-17 21:30
hahah it's discrimination 1.6'ers xD
2014-01-17 21:58
2014-01-17 20:37
gg Dosia!!!
2014-01-17 20:37
Deserved maybe top 7, but top 4 is seriously over-rated. Don't get me wrong, he's a great player, but still..
2014-01-17 20:38
It is all about stats so everything is good
2014-01-17 20:42
2014-01-17 20:39
overrated :S
2014-01-17 20:41
Xyp9x | 
CIS dotFive 
2014-01-17 20:41
Totally deserved, this guy is a machine, gj dosia !
2014-01-17 20:42
2014-01-17 20:44
no its not deserved,his rating is low ,his achievements are nothing to be impressed of; friberg,NBK,Xizt,Guardian,ScreaM,JW are players that did better than him last year. this top4 spot is ridiculous
2014-01-17 20:50
That's dull, don't be delusional, numbers don't lie. If you were following the scene and all teams whole year, you wouldn't be able to make such a statement. Be sure that every player on this top20 list deserved his placement, and Dosia was one of the few who had great consistency, and who was the best player of his team(s) trough out the whole year. You are one of those people who are rating people based on their "beauty" of the playstyle (scream for example). Dosia carried VP/AD in almost every tournament, and considering all the facts and stats, HE TOTALLY DESERVED 4th place.
2014-01-17 20:58
no im not that kind of people and no dosia wasnt that impressive to deserve this place, anyway its done already
2014-01-17 21:02
Yea, he doesnt deserved this just because your own personal subjective opinion.. Seems more legit than numbers!
2014-01-18 08:08
gob b | 
Iceland shine4t 
It seems to me you are forgetting this is for the whole of 2013 ... NiP was of course the best team so maybe friberg, but you have to look at the raw stats, friberg was his teams 4th best player. Dosia was his team best. VG didn't play as well thru the year as people think just because they managed to win a couple of events in the later stages of the year, just look at the beginning. VP ended up above VG on most of their tournaments when they were still playing, only losing EMS One. These top20 lists are not just top5 from one team because that team was the best, no it's a list of all of the players who helped their team play good in the ENTIRE of 2013. Dosia did that 4th best. End of story. p.s shox will be 3rd, remember he only started playing for a good team in the second half of 2013, whilst in the first part of 2013 f0rest was going ham winning titles like no other. And in the second part he still was around the 3rd spot, So top3 is GTR f0rest shox and that's the correct top3
2014-01-17 22:39
2014-01-18 13:46
jw:D? are you kidding me? just look at stats ffs... and if we are talking about guardian,look at achievments(and maps played on lan).totally deserved without any doubt and your opinion based on NOTHING is just joke
2014-01-18 12:27
2014-01-17 20:43
Like really? clutches don't mean shit if you play more games and against noobs... xizt + ScreaM > friberg > dosia
2014-01-17 20:44
woho dosia deserved
2014-01-17 20:45
Belarus ALBiNh0 
omg saucer is 3rd this year
2014-01-17 20:45
well played throughout the season, absolutely deserves this
2014-01-17 20:45
n1 deserved!
2014-01-17 20:48
wat? kibaken top1 i think:D
2014-01-17 20:49
3.f0rest 2.GeT_RiGhT 1.shox
2014-01-17 20:49
3.shox 2.forest 1.get right
2014-01-18 11:16
2014-01-17 20:49
Europe midi 
Undeserved, should be around top10-15.
2014-01-17 20:49
Totally deserved, Dosia is a great player.
2014-01-17 20:53
Serbia FREb 
Still think NBK should be higher.
2014-01-17 20:55
Russia 0MEGA 
best Dosia! <3
2014-01-17 20:55
ahahaah, wat????
2014-01-17 20:55
Portugal mfxd 
Dont agree tbh , absolutely great player but top4 its too much imo.
2014-01-17 20:56
NBK > DOSIA 1000 times.
2014-01-17 20:58
Take this highlight clip-masturbators. Totally deserved. Too bad for him Astana failed so hard.
2014-01-17 20:58
Romania blg- 
2014-01-17 20:59
+1 HAHAha
2014-01-17 21:00
-1 haha
2014-01-18 00:01
well deserved dosia has been smashing heads all year! predator
2014-01-17 21:01
1.shox 2.gtr 3.f0rest 8)
2014-01-17 21:01
1.get right 2.forest(or shox) 3.shox(or forest)
2014-01-18 11:17
I actually think this is very deserved. A lot of people seem to forget the first 6 months of the year :-)
2014-01-17 21:01
2014-01-17 23:09
Warning: this list is made by an intelligent person.
2014-01-17 21:02
Dosias level really plummeted after You might say that the stint with gives him the 4th spot, because with AD he was way too unstable in his performances.
2014-01-17 21:03
BMI of all the top 20 combined
2014-01-17 21:04
omg, he better than guardian, scream(!!), nbk and friberg?
2014-01-17 21:09
and dont forget (jw
2014-01-17 21:32
(jw best)
2014-01-17 22:35
Ukraine petruska 
2014-01-17 21:09
Europe omga 
deserved best defender
2014-01-17 21:10
biggest joke of this rating
2014-01-17 21:14
I don´t know, who in the world would imagine Dosia over NBK or even friberg if we are talking about the whole year?
2014-01-17 21:14
im glad he is here, deserved
2014-01-17 21:15
Cadred is shit, hltv worst shit
2014-01-17 21:17
2014-01-17 21:18
4. Dosia ? Nice Joke
2014-01-17 21:19
better then your verygames (except Shoxie) .. deal with it
2014-01-17 23:29
his verygames ?
2014-01-18 11:18
i hope this is a joke.
2014-01-17 21:20
2014-01-17 21:23
This is why I prefer cadred methods of ranking. Statistics should be considered, but not the deciding factor. There's no fucking way Dosia has had a better year than NBK or Apex.
2014-01-17 21:25
2014-01-17 21:41
I'm all up for hearing what everyone has to say, but there's no need to resort to that kind of language :) NBK, sure, debatable, but they are 4th and 5th and Dosia was more consistent and was the clear star of his team, so I put him in front. But when you mention apEX in that sentence it makes me wonder just how much thought you have(n't) given to all this, or just how realistically you remember 2013. Sure, apEX was considered for one of the 19-20 spots, even though he barely had enough rounds/maps for that. But whatever you remember about him is definitely not his whole year, or could be something from his online play. His only "great" tournaments were Mad Catz Vienna and EMS Summer, where his teams finished 5th-8th (ems was only 1 bo3). The tournaments in which his teams shined he didn't do so well, with LDLC 3rd place at DH Summer he was their worst player overall, didnt show up in key matches. During winning of ESWC with Mystik KIOSHIMA and KQLY were stars of the team and legit MVP candidates. Prague Challenge wasn't a big tournament, it had 1 top team and 1 mix team with top players, so that doesn't even go into the equation. So I would love to hear you back up your claim that apEX had a better year than Dosia, who was for the whole year the star of a top3-4 team.
2014-01-17 22:05
Ok I'll use people in the top 20 for example. Why is Dosia above Jw, Friberg or Xizt?
2014-01-17 23:09
Because Dosia is the STAR player of his team. Don't forget Friberg and Xizt statistics are a bit inflated because they play in the most dominant team of 2013. This makes getting good statistics a lot easier when you consider your opponents will have more eco's etc etc. Dosia on the other hand played on a team which wasn't clearly the world best. His performances enabled them to put a stop to NiP's winning streak. He was their main star by far. I think it's a fair placing considering it is a lot harder to perform in a not so dominant team (strictly comparing to NiP and VG). And about JW, he is pretty far behind Dosia LAN performance wise in 2013 except for Dreamhack Summer and Winter.
2014-01-17 23:30
1) He was more consistent than each one of them 2) Friberg and Xizt were not the stars of their team, the way I interpreted NiP's success was that it was more down to the play of their two star players and they will be duly rewarded by being placed above Dosia. Of course Xizt and friberg were also important, that's why they are in the top 11 3) jw definitely deserved a place in the top10 because of his peak performances that hardly anyone could match. And also because of his entry killing and importance for fnatic/Epsilon. But he was very inconsistent, so there was no way he could be ahead of players who played much more, were also one of the best in their teams for most of the year and have helped their teams achieve more success (in other words the players in top7). 4) Dosia was one of the best clutchers 5) Dosia was often a star in big matches (finals, semis against good teams), especially against NiP, the best team of the year. Now let me ask you something: Is it possible that you haven't considered all factors? Or that your memory doesn't serve you great (year is a long time after all, plenty of things happen)? Or you simply didn't watch enough of Dosia's matches? Or even if you did, the casters didn't talk about Dosia much, but they filled your ears with friberg or anyone else? Are any of those things possibly affecting your opinion? If yes, then you should understand why I use stats as the backbone of the whole ranking.
2014-01-17 23:43
Where is dev1ce on this list then, He's the star of uG and dupreeh is on the list?
2014-01-18 00:05
device attended only 4 events and had 17 maps at them, not nearly enough to even be considered.
2014-01-18 00:16
So if gtr only played 20 games you wouldn't consider him, even tho it was obv he's the better player?
2014-01-18 00:24
It doesn't matter who is the better player, this is all about performance during a one year period. Skill has nothing to do with this ranking.
2014-01-18 00:25
Where is fifflaren then?
2014-01-18 00:33
He didn't perform well enough to get into the top 20.
2014-01-18 00:35
He almost won everything! Skill has nothing to do with this ranking
2014-01-18 00:39
Well, if it's not clear to you, I guess you are completely missing the point of this ranking and you are thinking of something entirely different. Or you are pretending to miss the point. Either way, you have all the answers above, no point in repeating myself.
2014-01-18 00:44
I'm not, just the fact that doisa isn't the 4th best player in the world. And your augments even fightes againt him being so high on this list. But as druGh1 said; this list is very biased. But I can see your CIS fanboys are happy, guess your rather have more users. Then have right and true rankings. This would be the same as if FIFA rated Ribery over Ronaldo, because they liked him more. Dosia is simply not better then nbk.
2014-01-18 12:38
Well, as I presumed above you completely misunderstand the point and you still go on about who is the best player in the world at this moment. And no point in explaining it to you when you come up with conspiracy theories like that. But it would be nice if you understood the difference between skill and performance.
2014-01-18 12:57
I actually like the ranking so far, good job. people keep on complaining.
2014-01-18 15:39
the difference between skill and performance Skill and performance goes hand-in-hand, not against each other. stats and reality says so.
2014-01-18 21:42
OMG you are so fking dumb! keep reading until you understand or just su please. I cant believe the retard level in this thread, it must be over 9000...
2014-01-18 13:20
Would add the news is a really good read but you have really overrated doisa(and yes he should be in top 10)
2014-01-18 00:27
Wow, Tgwri1s has put so much time and work to make so detailed, well explained, argumented, in one word, legitimate top 20 rankings, and regardless of that, you're ungrateful. One thing is not to agree with the rankings, other is to be a stubborn shithead not to understand what was the ranking based on.
2014-01-18 06:09
Wtf is wrong with you, how am I ungrateful? And why should I be grateful over a miss placed ranking. And ranking is obv based on 1.6 bias(and yes I did play 1.6) just that this list have at least 5 better player then dosia without the top3.
2014-01-18 12:49
Then you make your own ranking son :D
2014-01-18 18:41
i rly dont understand you.Tgwri1s gave you so many proofs about that and you are still saying overrated without any single evidence? and ffs look at stats.fifflaren?jw? in which universe they had better performance last year? and device is just bad joke.he is good player but "top players 2013" with 4 lans:D? please...
2014-01-18 12:35
Stats even says dosia isn't 4th best player.
2014-01-18 12:43
im just looks your top3 list?
2014-01-18 13:05
Gtr, forest, shox.
2014-01-18 21:44
still better than jw and fifflaren.and stats arent only about overall performance but about performance on lans and in important matches,clutches,entry kills...and its about achievments aswell...but i guess that you only looked at "stats-csgo-players" and device,just lol...btw i just read few your posts...this ranking isnt about SKILL ffs.there are better players but this is about stats,about overall performance,about performance in important matches,about achievments etc etc and not about highlights and stuff) (reply to 296 ofc)
2014-01-18 12:58
srsly ? cmon device dont deserve a spot
2014-01-18 11:21
who is device, dupreeh?
2014-01-18 15:36
2014-01-18 00:06
1) based on what? The rating system? It's not an accurate representation of if a player is playing bad, there are too many variables imo. 2) So being a star player in a team automatically gives you an advantage over better players? And would you really consider Dosia a star player? It seems a huge chunk of players have not even been considered for this top20, the danes are a great example. Markeloff has had a AWFUL year, yet he's on the list because, yano, it's Markeloff!
2014-01-18 12:41
I'd like to add that I do appreciate the work you put into it, you clearly have looked into this a lot. Of course it is always going to be an opinion of how you interpret the stats.
2014-01-18 12:49
Yea, there's no arguing that. This is all just my interpretation. It doesn't mean it's right. The players don't care, or shouldn't care much about rankings, they should do what needs to be done for their teams to win. The rest is up to us fans and media, to talk about them, to judge them, to praise them, to criticize them. We will mostly be wrong, sometimes right. But it's the talking about them and making stars out of them that is one of the things that will one day make this a sport, and that is ultimately the point.
2014-01-18 14:16
1) Yes, based on the rating system because I have investigated this A LOT, and even if at some matches it isn't accurate, over a period of a year, like most statistics, it evens out and the best ones end up on top. Even if the number 64% isn't accurate, if you compare it to jw's 55% the difference is obvious no matter what criteria or variables you want to add to it. 2) Yes, being a star player in your team during your team's success periods does grant you an advantage over players who are not stars in other teams. That's the reasoning used in this ranking. This is first and foremost a ranking of stars. And who says they are better players, and more importantly why would it matter who is the better player? We're talking about performance in a one year period. The star that plays well helps his team more than a role player that plays well. And by all means Dosia was definitely a star player of his team(s) in 2013. No, there was no chuck of players that wasn't considered. Everyone was considered, as you can imagine by now I wasn't going by memory but by data, so it's wasn't even really possible to leave anyone out of consideration.
2014-01-18 13:16
totally agree
2014-01-18 13:48
he's jsut better, stop arguing jeeez...
2014-01-18 00:03
Stats says otherwise
2014-01-18 00:05
Stats says he is the best clutcher alongside GTR. Stats says he is considerably consistant with his excellent performance on LAN. Stats says he is carrying his team to become top 3 in the world. Stats says he played amazingly well against the best team in the world.
2014-01-18 08:23
Dear turboPIG, #146 and #183 owned you big time meit..
2014-01-18 08:17
So if you are the star of a team, even if this team is worse than yours you are a better player? NBK carried way more games and won some tournaments all by himself, he has always been the most complete player before shox joined and even then he was still the guy that completely carried the team and won Raidcall EMS One by beating VP almost by himself. Dosia is more inconsistent to me, he is that kind of guy that would be top fragging against NiP and than become a complete other player when he faces VG.
2014-01-18 14:21 wasn't worse than VeryGames before shox joined, which was plenty of tournaments (the first 6 months actually). And Dosia was without a doubt the star of his team, while NBK had on and off tournaments. Of course he did have those crazy tournaments and matches, and that's why he is in top5, but so did Dosia, and I deemed his performance more consistent overall so that's why he is just slightly ahead.
2014-01-18 14:55
they still defeated VP more than they did (more than 2x i tho?), offline + online but now the difference became even bigger, last match AD played against VG, VG was constantly trolling. I can only think of one match where Dosia played good against VG, and that was in the first half of the year. He is a really good player, clearly between mid-end top10 but my opinion will not change, to me NBK is clearly better.
2014-01-18 15:19
So you decide to completely ignore the fact that Dosia played incredibly well against the team that was better than VG during most of the year (NiP), and instead you just look at the 2-3 matches against VG? The thing is you, like most people, think that the things you remember and give importance to are the only things that happened. But A LOT happened within the year and you can't remember all of it. Of course it's fine that you have your own impression of both of the players, and that you think NBK is better, you're completely free to think whatever you want. But allow your brain to be tickled a little bit and rethink things every once in a while.
2014-01-18 15:31
so you think Dosia is better than NBK because they defeated NiP? ... ANGE1YL already admitted he spent an incredible amount of hours looking at demos from NiP which is ok, but when you start playing shit against average teams it doesn't mean a lot. Even tho they lost a lot NBK almost always played good against NiP, After shox joined, he and NBK were going crazy. Dosia got overhyped because of those matches against NiP, but you have to be more consistent against other teams and win more important tournaments to earn a top 5 spot. this list is just way too subjective, clearly made by a CIS fan.. as they are the only ones who agree with this list.
2014-01-18 15:55
Well there goes the entire discussion when you start with those accusations. No point if you're gonna be like that.
2014-01-18 16:07
well it was a bit harsh but it's true. no way Dosia deserves top 4, and your argument about Dosia being the star of his team is invalid since VG was better than VP (more consistent) and VG is still better than AD, I dont think they ever lost against them? NBK is better than him in every way tbh.
2014-01-18 18:49
I know better than to discuss this with guys who make wild statements such as "better in every way", or the guy above you who calls me "clearly a CIS fan", but I'm replying just in case someone else might read it. VP was just the better team before shox joined VG, they got 3rd at Cph Games ahead of them and then beat NiP to win SLTV V. But that's not really the point. Dosia was by far the best player on the team in that period. NBK was never during any period of the year that kind of a star, he had great events every now and then, but sometimes it was ScreaM, sometimes kennyS, sometimes NBK, and later shox the star in their team. And shox was the one who contributed most to VG's great success from June onwards, and he was rewarded for it by being placed above Dosia. Directly losing to a team in a match is completely irrelevant, we're not comparing teams, we're comparing players' contribution to team success (or at least I am, I'm not sure how you would do your ranking). It's all about personal performance that leads to team success, and Dosia had plenty of big matches that lead to VP/Astana's success during the year even if it wasn't one of his few times meeting VG. Also, as I repeated many times in the article and in the comments, Dosia was just more consistent than NBK, and was one of the best clutchers of the year, so all that together gets him ahead of NBK in my book.
2014-01-18 22:10
scream 4th dosia 7th
2014-01-17 21:29
dosia > scream, close.
2014-01-17 21:31
ScreaM > nbk & shox
2014-01-17 21:32
wuut? no...
2014-01-18 01:24
wut wut, wut, wut
2014-01-18 11:23
wp! Dos9n f0rest > source.
2014-01-17 21:35
2014-01-18 11:23
Did not deserve to be in top 5.
2014-01-17 21:36
someone who created this list is highly biased towards 1.6, IMO putting friberg as 11. putting scream as 7. not to mention apEX not to mention device putting Dosia 4. a lot of nonsense shox will be #3, heard it first here.
2014-01-17 21:42
shox will be #2, heard it here first
2014-01-17 23:39
+1 the stats used like most clutches are irrelevant as well. But hey it's a 1.6 site so there will ALWAYS be a bias, no matter how large.
2014-01-17 23:54
2014-01-18 00:06
scream lacks in many departments and he's not consistent enough. #7 is absolutely okay. Xizt is debatable but all the other players ranked higher as scream do indeed deserve a higher rank than scream. NBK and shox are far more important for the success of VG than scream. apeX did only shine in LDLC (and Nostalgia). In mystik he stood in the shadow of kqly and kioshima and he had some quite poor performances. Though I actually still see him higher ranked than players like dupreeh and kennyS.. device doesn't deserve a top20 rank. Only short periods of activity and no achievements. f0rest and GTR pretty much won 95% of all the events as a two-man-army and their stats are just way above of everyone else's stats. since this is a ranking of the WHOLE year it would be a joke to rank shox higher than GTR or f0rest.
2014-01-18 01:53
edit: after thinking about it, I don't see apex above kennyS anymore (in this ranking of a player I still think apex is better). In my previous posts I forgot about the 3rd and 2nd places kennyS got with VG. edit2: with "higher ranked" I actually meant "better ranked".
2014-01-18 02:09
we are on the same opinion about apex, nowadays he seems to be a monster only on the internet, but still, I think he deserves a spot in the top20 scream, he was in a bad shape only in the last 2 months, other than that he was a monster every time, and the main factor they could finally beat NiP besides shox lets say you have to put together your 2013 dreamteam.. 80% of users would say with gtr, forest, shox, scream, +1 i think scream is a top5 player, a one-of-a-kind, but its just my opinion i wasnt sure about device though ++ you didnt say anything about friberg, who had probably the most difficult role in NiP throughout the year, and still, had almost equal rank as xizt
2014-01-18 13:23
Sorry, but IMO most people just overrate scream. He's definitely a very good player but the role he's playing isn't as crucial for the team as the ones of other players (like NBK for example) and he often struggles in simple "standard-situations". I always get the feeling that some people here rate players only according to frag-movie-highlights. Like I said: rank #7 is absolutely okay. Well the thing about friberg...actually I see him higher ranked than for example GuardiaN (simply because GuardiaN played too few tournaments and has almost 0 achievement...IMO GuardiaN is the better player, but that's not what this ranking is about). In comparison with Xizt...well Xizt also plays a special role (he's IGL and does most of his work in the mid-round, still he has pretty impressive stats...there's no other IGL with such stats) and he's one of the most consistent players in the entire scene; friberg is nowhere as consistent, he had some very poor performances and unfortunately he often struggles in the most important matches while Xizt plays very consistent and he can keep his level no matter what opponents they're's hard to rate these two guys simply because they play with GTR and f0rest. I'm always wondering how they would do if they wouldn't play with f0rest and GTR, but that never happened since the beginning of GO.
2014-01-18 13:51
Who cares gtr(1.6) wiped all the shitty sAuce rands on their own hl2 engine /thread
2014-01-18 06:50
Seriously, what has apex done to get in, lets say top10? :D Everiwun so obsessed wid him ) ... Oh yea he had a few highlights throughout the year.
2014-01-18 09:56
why do you say top10? o_O
2014-01-18 13:10
Just an example )
2014-01-18 13:17
agree only with friberg.i guess that he should be higher but the rest of your list is nonsense,sorry and yes,shox will be 3rd.its crystal clear
2014-01-18 16:54
dosia played well most of the year but last few months he has been pretty average. he's an amazing player, i'd put him in the top10, but maybe not 4. it seems a bit too good. i would probably put nbk 4th =\
2014-01-17 21:38
i did not know that about fifflaren, that certainly fits another piece into the puzzle of nip, at least statistically speaking for me, im still struggling to see why scream wasn't higher on the list.
2014-01-17 21:38
Inconsistency seemed to play a major factor. Dosia was fairly consistent up until the last couple of tournaments. Not that I agree with Dosia being higher than ScreaM, but I'm just sayin'.
2014-01-17 21:59
If we're being honest NBK has the most important role of entry T fragger and shox is the #3 player in the world, and the best on the team. There are 2 players on Titans that the majority feel are stronger and more important to the team success. For me NBK is the most unreplaceable player in cs:go.
2014-01-17 23:09
gl in 2014 Dosia, underrated player it seems from the comments. Haters gonna hate :)
2014-01-17 21:39
Surprised to see so many people saying this wasn't deserved. He's an incredible player.
2014-01-17 21:40
nice drunk analysis of 2013 players
2014-01-17 21:43
loll wTF
2014-01-17 21:44 best huli =) ufa tashit
2014-01-17 21:47
Absolutely deserved. It really pulled the whole team in the clutch-rounds. All who say that he is overrated. You idiots. There are facts. This Kill-death and clutch rounds.
2014-01-17 21:50
2014-01-17 21:51
2014-01-17 21:51
Russian tank :DDD
2014-01-17 21:53
not deserved at all
2014-01-17 21:58
Great skill player... deserved it!
2014-01-17 22:00
teh best!
2014-01-17 22:08
Dosia da beast!
2014-01-17 22:41
disagree. hes dirty sprayer.
2014-01-17 22:41
now u guys see clearly how wrong u were, when u were writing "jw best", "scream best player", "guardian top awp" etc etc and it is shame that such players like xizt, dosia, nbk are so underrated, and only thing that u see is headshot percentage and stats, entry kill rounds and clutch rounds doesnt matter for you, but for overall result of matches it is more important than hs percentage
2014-01-17 22:44
i dont understand why you put guardian there...
2014-01-18 17:41
lol, this isnt my words, I was quoting what guys on this website used to write
2014-01-18 17:43
but they are right with guardian in this.he is probably the best awper skillwise,he is great clutcher and the best entrykiller it term of duel won... so thats why i dont understand why u put him here next to jw
2014-01-18 17:49
did I say that he isnt? disregarding that he is good in group stages against weak teams, he is still good player, but my point is that u guys, I mean whole community, are disregarding such players like nbk, xizt, dosia and u see only guys who are making 30+ frags against noobs and guys who has nice actions or high hs percentage. here it doesnt matter that Dosia was playing very good entire year, and maybe he wasnt making sick aces, he have not high hs percentage, he wasnt making 30+ frags against noobs frequently, but in overall he is still better than scream, guardian, jw etc EVEN if he is underrated here on forum
2014-01-18 18:01
man i agree with this ranking.dosia was beast... and i understand your point with jw best,scream monster etc.i just dont understand why you put there guardian bcs i dont think that he is overrated at all and his performances on lan against every top team speak for themselves and he was beast in almost every match even when he hadnt good team
2014-01-18 18:09
he was beast when he hadnt good team, that was time when he was playing like one man army, but if you would remove his mad catz and cph games performace (when he didnt even pass group) he would has rating like 1.08 and he probably wouldnt even be in top15. i think that when it comes to play for better team, he had to play more for team and less for stats, thats why he played so good in 3DMAX etc, because he could do what he wanted. btw. maybe it looked like that, but when I wrote GuardiaN along with jw etc, I didnt mean that he is overrating, I meant that if you read posts about GuardiaN and read posts about Dosia here on, Dosia comparing to him is underrating as hell, even if he is better player and this rank shows that
2014-01-18 18:19
agree that dosia is underrated but i rly have to disagree that he is better player than guardian.and this rank doesnt show that at means that he had more succesful year(which doesnt mean that he is better skillwise)
2014-01-18 18:29
being better skillwise and being better in overall isnt the same but, dosia has most clutch rounds won and he is 7th most consistent player, and GuardiaN wasnt even count in that. Also there was 3 tournaments in which GuardiaN was playing with Dosia in one team, and in 2 tournaments Dosia was better. and like I said group stage GuardiaN > Dosia playoff GuardiaN << Dosia
2014-01-18 18:41
Don't argue with the stats, Your opinion doesn't matter shit when placing these players. Well played Dosia.
2014-01-17 22:44
Stats place Dosia around 12th. At least have a bit of prior knowledge before you spout dribble.
2014-01-18 15:24
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
nbk > dosia
2014-01-17 22:49
deserved russian deagle
2014-01-17 22:51
He is an amazing player but I honestly think that NBK and Xizt were above him this year. Doesn't really matter tho, he deserves to be very high on this list.
2014-01-17 22:57
Agreed and well stated, were splitting hairs here and it doesn't matter the exact placement.
2014-01-17 23:04
not deserved scream, nbk, xizt,... >>>> Dosia
2014-01-17 22:58
Deserved +1
2014-01-17 22:58
People on this site OVERRATE their own opinion. Such nerd rage (by the same folks) every day, sad-life. Sure apEX, Devich (e), and olofm are considerably high on the skill chain but to start the year device was the only one on most peoples radar. Back up what you're saying with facts or don't bother flaming.
2014-01-17 23:02
omg low 17 not 4
2014-01-17 23:04
where is Delpan?
2014-01-17 23:12
Raging in matchmaking
2014-01-18 09:58
ANGE1 | 
Turkey RAGE_M 
2014-01-17 23:18
Love dosia
2014-01-17 23:18
Dosia is a really good player. But he's not above any of the guys in top 8.
2014-01-17 23:32
2014-01-18 00:08
be dosin
2014-01-17 23:32
lol bs NBK > Dosia, HOPING FOR A #1 GTR #2 SHOXIE #3 FOREST
2014-01-17 23:38
3. forest 2. shoxie 1. gtr
2014-01-17 23:44
This list is fucking hilarious
2014-01-18 00:00
He deserved to be in top 10. Dosia was awesome in every lan tournament last year. And nobody cares what you fan boys of nip are saying. Facts and numbers don't lie !
2014-01-18 00:08
totally aree,dosia was awesome around the whole year,he's insane!
2014-01-18 00:13
JW best
2014-01-18 00:13
haters gonna hate. gj dosian
2014-01-18 00:24
2014-01-18 00:29
1 get_right
2014-01-18 00:32
ok hltv dosia 4th lol ? scream friberg nbk >>
2014-01-18 00:50
Taiwan SCVready 
he deserved it!gj dosia what a beast
2014-01-18 01:04
Dosia 4th best player of 2013.. aka the biggest joke of Don't get me wrong, this guy is a superstar from 1.6 and also one of the best players in cs:go in 2013, of course. But placing dosia higher than: Friberg, Scream and mostly NBK is a big joke imo. Entry frag: Friberg > Dosia Aim: Scream, Friberg > Dosia Consistency NBK > Dosia And for all the russians, dont even start talking about "stats", "rating" and such. Dosia is definitely top10, but there is no way he can honestly place higher than theese 3 players in 2013 CS:GO.
2014-01-18 01:07
I don't care about this rating so I won't argue about deserved/undeserved stuff, but "this guy is a superstar from 1.6" made me laugh a bit. Does this imply that he was a superstar in 1.6? Because that's quite far from the truth ^^
2014-01-18 09:09
United Kingdom wap 
Um no it's not, dosia was a beast in 1.6
2014-01-18 14:42
pff... he could shoot well, if that's what you mean. One of the more notable russian pro players, particularly in the last few years of CS 1.6. But no one would ever place him in top4 of any global annual ranking in 1.6. I believe word "superstar" applies for players like Get_Right or f0rest or NEO or markeloff if we're talking about 1.6. Definitely not Dosia, lol. He was never on par with them.
2014-01-18 15:15
1.6 superstar? ahahaha n1.
2014-01-18 13:56
Chile Cristoff 
Deserved Dosia dA beast clutcher
2014-01-18 01:08
well deserved Dosia ---> <---
2014-01-18 01:13
nip played like my team on mm
2014-01-18 13:16
default frags
2014-01-18 18:56
default frags for Dosia as always thats true
2014-01-19 19:47
dosia beasting it up since 2009
2014-01-18 01:15
He's quite good but 4th place? Lmao he's not even close to that. The fact that he's above some of the other players like guardian, nbk, scream (arguable I guess) is ridiculous.
2014-01-18 01:29
Dosia is beast ;)
2014-01-18 01:40
Dosia | 
Russia cann0n 
yes gj Dosia ----> the best b holder on Inferno !
2014-01-18 04:25
Brazil FelipeeCNR 
Dosia is a nice player
2014-01-18 04:48
That's because all you hate Russia and russians on this site. But they don't give a damn about it. The cat does not care about what mice think about him. The end.
2014-01-18 04:51
United States EMD11 
2014-01-18 05:19
Thanks Tgwri1s for your time and effort you've been spending for years now, all in order to entertain our community with stat features and contents such as these rankings (although I liked them more in 1.6, just because of the game itself, that is) Hat's off
2014-01-18 06:16
deserved for sure!!!!
2014-01-18 06:53
2014-01-18 07:22
I'm a big fan of Stolyarov brouthers from tp.uSport times. Ofc he deserved to be on top list, but for me rating must more loook like: 1. gtr 2. f0rest 3. shox 4. ScreaM 5-6. Dosia or NBK. 7 Xizt. something like this, cuz Dosia perfomance on the end of the year wasn't good enought for my point of view.
2014-01-18 07:36
Belarus ALBiNh0 
what did they bring to you? i mean broughters
2014-01-18 08:19
Dosia deserved! Three other positions share shox, get right and forest:)
2014-01-18 07:50
Norway Breivik 
so much players saying that styko - rising star.. interesting :/
2014-01-18 08:03
one word : monster
2014-01-18 08:18
Mr Dosia deserved it!
2014-01-18 08:25
Title : From Sourcer With Hate
2014-01-18 08:27
Xapow tawut
2014-01-18 09:07
Good job dosia.
2014-01-18 09:13
completely unexpected.
2014-01-18 09:23
very deserved Nip killer gj Dos9n
2014-01-18 09:24
well, im not agree with this. Even in his team he is far away from being a top player :/
2014-01-18 10:17
NEO | 
CIS Timel3ss 
ceh9 the 1st :D
2014-01-18 10:20
Spot on. Very good rankings thus far. I hope shox won't surpass f0rest.
2014-01-18 11:37
deserved :)
2014-01-18 11:53
2014-01-18 11:57
Russia AR4ER 
Dosian n1!
2014-01-18 12:01
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
1 gtr 2 flusha 3 shox
2014-01-18 12:11
Netherlands g@M 
Flusha is already in top 20... An before you say jw best he 2 expect some more nip...
2014-01-18 12:39
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
Oh.. then 1 shox 2 gtr 3 f0rest
2014-01-18 12:57
rofl:D you rly made my day with those 2 comments
2014-01-18 17:52
f0rest 3??? GTFO
2014-01-18 18:00
One of the best for sure!
2014-01-18 12:50
Nbk > dosia.
2014-01-18 12:55
Spain akproxx 
styko :D
2014-01-18 13:57
"Why is he the 4th best player in 2013?" READ THE FUCKING PARAGRAPH AND STOP BITCHING.
2014-01-18 14:08
For me it's hard to put them in clear ranking order, but hopefully a lot of ppl would agree with 1. GTR 2. Forest/Shox 3. Nbk/Dosia/Scream And in which order u put them 5 is a matter of opinions and should be pretty accurate. If u don't have a clear ranking rule/points system, it'll just be a matter of opinion at the end of the day. p/s: I love Device & Apex since Source, but how many tour/maps they pld this year ? and wtf have the done so amazingly this year that ppl keep bringing them up ? enlighten me... Dosia might not be 4th in my list, but to even consider comparing Device and Apex with Dosia this year is ridiculous to be honest...
2014-01-18 14:15
Such a joke lmao. Completely overrated.
2014-01-18 15:23
are you dude br@? Dosia is a fragmachine...
2014-01-18 19:50
Dosia is amazing ^^ deserved
2014-01-18 15:30
Fucking deserved it, amazing player.
2014-01-18 15:50
Dosia GJ!
2014-01-18 16:55
Mischa, don't pay attention to hamsters. If the person argues with statistics - he either the washed-up or rather stupid school student who tries to prove here something to someone, having left the ridiculous comment. That you devoted so many years &#1082;&#1089; - adequately respect, and that you entered the four of the best is an indicator of your work. Don't stop, and you will be the first. Dosia - the best
2014-01-18 18:13
Statistics place Dosia at around #12. Go figure.
2014-01-19 00:39
BUT WHO WILL BE TOP 3 ?? GTR F0REST and ??? Heaton ??? Carn ???
2014-01-18 19:22
2014-01-28 21:58
Dosia: was in 1.5 is a beast... was in 1.6 is a beast... and he is a beast in CS:GO... DosianJkeee is a madfragger!!!!!!1
2014-01-18 19:49
2 GETRIGHT 1 FOREST ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
2014-01-18 22:16
Denmark qwedsa 
and when I right top4 I get banned -.- hltv
2014-01-19 09:51
2014-01-19 12:26
I believe u can do it again dosia
2017-01-17 01:34
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