Recursive release team

Recursive have announced that they have parted company with their CS:GO division.

The former We Got Game team linked up with Recursive towards the end of November as they sought financial support in time for DreamHack Winter in Jönköping.

At the Swedish event, Recursive gave a good account of themselves, finishing in a respectable 5th-8th place after losing to eventual winners fnatic 2-1 in the quarter-finals.

kennyS & co looking for an orga

With EMS One Katowice and Copenhagen Games just around the corner, Recursive and their CS:GO team have come to the conclusion that it is best for them to follow different paths from now as the Finnish organisation does not have the financial resources to support a top team.

"We would like to thank Recursive for quickly trusting us and sending us to DreamHack Winter; without them, this magnificent experience would not have been possible," team manager Jordan "Next" Savelli said.

"This news was unexpected, we are sad to go but we understand their decision and we appreciate that they were frank about it.

"Until we can find a new organisation, we will play under the name Nameless. If you would like to support us, contact us by e-mail at"

Nameless' roster is the following:

France Vincent "Happy" Cervoni
France Robin "GMX" Stahmer
France Kenny "kennyS" Schrub
France Kévin "Uzzziii" Vernel
Switzerland Mathieu "Maniac" Quiquerez

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2014-01-20 03:24
verygames reborn
2014-01-20 03:26
16 replies
You do of course realize, that the reason why VG released the squad was because they couldn't financially support a top team, don't you? So how could they be reborn, you dumbass?
2014-01-20 10:31
15 replies
no they just did not have the money that ex-vg wanted to have (a raise..) so vg could very well take a team in that dont have the high standards as ex-vg
2014-01-20 10:42
10 replies
You have no idea of what you're talking about.
2014-01-20 10:50
5 replies
dont care rly
2014-01-20 10:58
3 replies
Bulgaria b0xeR4et0
If you don't care don't post you make a fool of yourself
2014-01-20 11:17
2 replies
2014-01-20 12:10
1 reply
2014-01-20 15:16
He's right. ""Until this year, a full season asked tens of thousands of euros to be invested into the team," a VG statement read. "For 2014, the team’s ambitions will triple this requirement and Team VeryGames will not be able to cover those needs. We couldn’t or didn’t know how to evolve fast enough for this.""
2014-01-20 17:49 Not a single word about a raise...
2014-01-20 12:06
2 replies
2014-01-20 12:10
Official statements dont usually release such details, unless its not such a professional org
2014-01-20 14:31
It's funny how everyone knows better than you, yet noone can post a link to back their blablabla up.
2014-01-21 09:37
simple, dumbass, Recursive doesnt require nearly as much money as ex-VG do, dumbass.
2014-01-20 14:36
3 replies
Thanks, captain obvious. You can fly away now. The day is saved.
2014-01-20 14:50
2 replies
Off-topic. Why are you a Sean Gares fan?
2014-01-22 23:42
1 reply
Well.. he seems like a cool, down to earth kind of guy. Interviews with him are kind of fun, since he is native English speaker, so it's not just "we played good, but they played better, and uhm, so we need to play better next time", if you know what I mean :))
2014-01-23 01:21
Gotta replace gmx and uzzziii, holding back the lineup...
2014-01-20 03:27
5 replies
not really..
2014-01-20 03:29
who calls for these guys?
2014-01-20 09:13
3 replies
2014-01-20 10:03
2 replies
well then id love to see kennyS, happy, maniac, sixer & maj3r
2014-01-20 16:23
1 reply
I would have -maj3r +sf if he was still playing or even KQLY i guess and of course -sixer +apex but doubt that's likely
2014-01-20 16:46
2014-01-20 03:28
2 replies
2014-01-20 16:23
2014-01-20 17:02
Slovakia giveitup
2014-01-20 03:33
2014-01-20 03:35
i am | 
Yugoslavia bleaq
OH MY GOD! They killed Kenny.
2014-01-20 03:37
3 replies
2014-01-20 09:36
2014-01-20 11:38
Ax1Le | 
Portugal KSED
2014-01-20 14:37
i thought it said Titan release
2014-01-20 03:44
never heard of them
2014-01-20 03:49
1 reply
?????????????????????????? -104312592483598342097123402345682394612358143670923854762390861794238623546345699999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
2014-01-20 16:22 sounds good
2014-01-20 03:51
1 reply
Hong Kong SHiFT^up
This is so unlikely even ex-AD would be more likely to go back to Virtus.
2014-01-20 04:01
Just pick them up plz, so much potential ...
2014-01-20 04:21
-scream +kennyS
2014-01-20 04:24
happy maniac kennys kqly apex . like the last lineup of fnatic at 1.6 with karrigan and friis awping. it would go like : t side kennys awp + kqly riffle (from what i saw he's good with riffles too) and on ct side double awp combo. i'd like to see that :D
2014-01-20 04:37
2 replies
i like to riffle too...
2014-01-20 09:09
1 reply
No one wants to know what you do behind closed doors you pervert!
2014-01-20 12:12
Uziiii is bad
2014-01-20 04:39
Happy KennyS Maniac Apex KQLY
2014-01-20 04:53
8 replies
sick indeed.
2014-01-20 05:16
because ruining NaVi and VP to create AD worked so well, too.
2014-01-20 08:56
4 replies
Shouldn't Titans theoretically be involved then
2014-01-20 11:28
In the end navi seems to be better off. Starix zeus seized edz and guardian, cpuld be awesome in the long run!
2014-01-20 14:34
2 replies
yeah, my point was mostly about how successful AD was after they had the stars from NaVi and VP. Just because those five are the best players from Recursive+Mystik does not mean that, together, they would be a better team than either of those.
2014-01-20 14:43
1 reply
Very true. Though ad still did decent damage. Couple of good events where they beat nip
2014-01-20 20:03
so sick new top1
2014-01-20 16:39
Happy and Kenny could still replace Harts and Kio but they just added SF yesterday, so no maniac. There's a lot of talk of SF using DA private aim-bot guess that's not an issue anymore? If anyone has any news about that it's an interesting situation.
2014-01-22 23:48
Shame; best of luck guys, I'm sure you'll find a new sponsor pretty quickly.
2014-01-20 06:40
2014-01-20 07:08
kennys/KQLY (mb both?) apex happy +1
2014-01-20 08:11
-Uzii + Apex
2014-01-20 08:24
Malta WATSKy
2014-01-20 09:06
Malta WATSKy
i mean im sorry for them
2014-01-20 09:06
-xizt + delpan
2014-01-20 09:24
4 replies
-friberg +olof
2014-01-20 11:45
3 replies
-fifflaren +dennis
2014-01-20 11:49
2 replies
2014-01-20 11:59
i believe you meant +givar/floreNz XD!
2014-01-21 09:39
Grim | 
United States Bibby
Gl GMX and kenny!!
2014-01-20 09:33
If they replace Uzi they might actually do something with this lineup
2014-01-20 10:13
-Damien +Naikon
2014-01-20 11:16
CS:GO really lacks stable, credible organisations. There are a few out there, but there is a long way to go. I guess with the popularity of games like LoL/DOTA/SC2 etc., the potential sponsor base has become more diluted as sponsors look to the more popular games for their needs rather than CS.
2014-01-20 11:36
1 reply
I agree dom.
2014-01-20 16:12
2014-01-20 11:57
Ukraine petruska
new hope ;) gl
2014-01-20 12:54
2014-01-20 13:45
2014-01-20 15:10
2 replies
Not gonna happen, they're still together as a team...
2014-01-20 15:18
2014-01-20 16:40
They probably don't pracc or play too much, expected?
2014-01-20 16:53
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