SK-LGB mix win FACEIT January Cup

January 24th, 2014 12:13

An SK-LGB mix EL1TEGAM3RS1337 has won FACEIT January Championship and $800 after beating Nameless 2-1 (12-16 de_inferno, 16-13 de_cache, 16-4 de_dust2).

Once again eight teams took part in the monthly finals cup, once again four invited teams in the form of ex-AD, SK-LGB mix, fnatic and Nameless, and four teams who made it through qualifiers.

First round saw all the qualified teams get quickly eliminated with scores ranging from 16-1 in EL1TEGAM3RS1337's, the SK-LGB mix, match, to a narrow 16-12 win by the former Astana Dragons team.

The SK-LGB mix then disposed of 1337, the former Astana Dragons team, with a score of 16-9 on de_dust2 in the semi-final to clinch a spot in the best-of-three grand final.

dennis' mixteam EG1337 win January's FACEIT Championship

Second semi-final took a while to finish due to DDoSsing and other issues, but eventually it was Nameless who followed a 9-6 first half with a 7-4 effort to knock out fnatic.

Grand final saw Kenny "kennyS" Schrub's side win the opening map de_inferno 16-12. The Swedish mixteam led by the likes of Marcus "Delpan" Larsson and Dennis "dennis" Edman tied the series with a 16-13 win on de_cache.

It all came down to the third and final map de_dust2, where the Swedish mixteam prevailed as they annihilated Schrub's team with a final score of 16-4 for a 2-1 win overall.

23rd January 2014

FACEIT January Championship final standings:

1. Sweden EL1TEGAM3RS1337 - $800
2. France Nameless - $400
3-4. Ukraine 1337 - $150
3-4. Sweden fnatic - $150

Next FACEIT Cup will take place at the end of February, with another $1,500 up for grabs. Four teams will be invited, and another four will be determined through online qualifiers.

ukraine vs switzerland?:D dafug?:D
2014-01-24 12:16
France mani^ 
2014-01-24 12:18
Ukraine kalitajke 
2014-01-24 13:32
a lot of people don't now the difference between switzerland, swaziland and sweden. especially americans. it's quit simple: we've got a square flag!
2014-01-24 17:16
we got a queer flag
2014-01-24 17:47
Switzerland is located in Asia, right?
2014-01-25 06:34
bro, u dumb, Switzerland is located in Africa..
2014-01-25 17:25
It's actually between the 2 islands of New Zealand
2014-02-05 23:49
swaziland? lol
2014-01-29 18:28
obviously. And that's why several Americans think that Switzerland is located in center Africa with white people, snow and that kind of stuff, haha!
2014-02-05 23:44
2014-01-24 12:17
Somethings wrong with that small scoreboard. :D a/w, great evening, great plays!
2014-01-24 12:18
That was the best tournament ever, not...
2014-01-24 12:18
what this low prices
2014-01-24 12:24
Germany ayyy 
yea, should have been 250000$ like dhwinter in this big tournament with 8 teams...
2014-01-24 13:00
Sweden robiinxd 
It is good for a online tournament.
2014-01-24 13:24
Norway ESSIN 
better than sk
2014-01-24 12:28
2014-01-24 13:53
Poland tfg 
was pretty obvious they will win, 2bad i have only bet shit skins on them @csgolounge
2014-01-24 12:33
twist op
2014-01-24 12:57
fnatic with gtr stand-in wtf :D
2014-01-24 13:04
was xizt
2014-01-24 15:45
was GTR later on.
2014-01-24 20:59
arch | 
Ukraine arch 
lol mix of lgb+sk plays better than sk :D ex-ad :/
2014-01-24 13:08
Portugal Cyborgy 
well LGB is better than sk so its pretty normal?
2014-01-24 15:28
Ukraine petruska 
800$? pff...
2014-01-24 13:37
Monthly online cup
2014-01-24 13:47
thats nice money if you ask me but you know what? you make monthly online cup with 10 000$, thank you!
2014-01-24 15:36
2014-01-24 16:01
yes so kids that never saw an internet caffe to spend 700$ on organner and win 2k or steal knifes like delpan and sell them for real money and win 2k without spending anything from your pocket
2014-01-25 08:09
Switzerland NEIN 
new SK should be dennis Delpan twist olofm cype if they really stick with pita (I never understood why this guy ever played in a good team..) it should be - cype
2014-01-24 14:25
u would want krimz right here. krimz is op. delpan is a moron.
2014-01-24 14:43
Portugal Cyborgy 
never understood why pita payed in a good team?ur user id says it all
2014-01-24 15:29
Switzerland NEIN 
I got like thousands accounts here. Already visited HLTV during the time gotfrag died.
2014-01-24 15:56
2014-01-24 14:39
Spain akproxx 
Fnatic laners lose with get_right
2014-01-24 14:57
They alredy where in very worse situation on Nuke that 5 GeT_RighT's prob wouldnt save the map.
2014-01-24 15:08
Ofc, they didnt have Jw (Jw best)
2014-01-24 15:47
fnatic offliners... wait wat?
2014-01-24 15:05
eksem IGL and some swedes is op
2014-01-24 15:29
lemondogs lineup for SK- the best chemistry +xelos +cype +pita twist delpan
2014-01-24 16:16
Lol@AD :-)
2014-01-24 16:24
WOULD it be hard to list the two or at least one roster(s)? You wrote it's a mix between the two but no names at all, and only mentioned dennis and kennyS from the other team. Please.
2014-01-24 17:15
^^^ lol @ how mad this guy is
2014-01-25 03:35
Russia sNQ- 
2014-01-26 20:42
Sweden JAMV 
EL1TEGAM3RS1337 eksem Delpan twist cype dennis 1337 AdreN markeloff Dosi kucher ANGE1 Nameless kennyS Davidp GMX Uzzzii Happy This was basicly what everyone wanted to know from this news.
2014-01-29 18:25
2014-01-29 20:49
2014-01-27 04:20
Taiwan SCVready 
lineup ?
2014-01-27 07:47
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