recruit AGAiN

January 25th, 2014 17:47 have returned to CS:GO by adding AGAiN, who most recently won SLTV StarSeries VIII Finals in December, as their new squad.

The Russian organization best known for Aleksey "LeX" Kolesnikov's teams had been without a Counter-Strike team since Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow and company left to form Astana Dragons in the summer.

AGAiN had a rough 2013 after ending 2012 on a good note, as they struggled throughout the year and wound up changing two of their players in the process before signing with Universal Soldiers.

TaZ' AGAiN sign with 

The team showed promise under the US flag, but the organization failed to live up to their promises and the Poles returned under their old tag AGAiN. They beat Natus Vincere in Kiev to win their only international title of the year at SLTV.

Now the team has signed on to become the Counter-Strike team of, who had previously only housed CIS-based teams. Below is Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas' statement on's website:

"Hello there, I’m very happy that after many weeks of looking for new home our search finally came an end. For some you it might have looked like forever, and trust me it were long days for us aswell, but here we are with our final destination for year 2014. We are happy to be joining as their new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, and eager to meet all the expectations that organisation has put in front of us, but most important to come back to place where we feel, we belong which is TOP", Wojtas told

"I’m not going to say that it will be easy, or that we are the best team out there, but for the first time in long time we will get the support we were looking for, and our only issue will be – results. So from this point I want to thank for trust in our team, and my hope is that we will have great cooperation together, and achieve results that will finally satisfy both parties. I’m also happy to announce that Christian Lenz will be our CS division manager, welcome back bro!"

This move now gives the following roster:

Poland Paweł "byali" Bieliński
Poland Filip "NEO" Kubski
Poland Jarosław "pasha" Jarząbkowski
Poland Janusz "snax" Pogorzelski
Poland Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas's new roster will first be on-show in EMS One Katowice Polish National Finals, where on 14-16th February Filip "NEO" Kubski's side will hope to qualify for 2014's first major.

sick xD
2014-01-25 17:49
Albania fL0 
2014-01-25 18:20
amazing! nice!
2014-01-25 18:52
2014-01-25 22:24
MarbeN | 
Australia MarbeN 
Nice amazing news
2014-01-26 12:04
lamp | 
Russia lamp` 
2014-01-25 17:49
World Krypt 
GL guys
2014-01-25 17:49
2014-01-25 17:49
Solid players + solid organisation I hope this will turn out great! I'm sure the Poles have a lot of motivation now.
2014-01-25 17:49
2014-01-25 17:49
nice home for a nice team
2014-01-25 17:49
2014-01-25 17:49
oh god, nice one :)
2014-01-25 17:50
Spain akproxx 
Obvius :D
2014-01-25 17:50
2014-01-25 18:05
Spain akproxx 
2014-01-26 11:18
2014-01-25 17:50
gl Poland
2014-01-25 17:50
nice g5
2014-01-25 17:50
2014-01-25 17:50
Poland kRAMERO 
zajebiscie > Wiktor W. > Filip K. pleas use those tags
2014-01-25 17:55
looks good=]
2014-01-26 12:52
A | 
Russia alonsen 
yea, just like old times
2014-01-26 13:32
Germany Dok1 
good luck!
2014-01-25 17:50
top3 at IEM poland
2014-01-25 17:50
Germany Bongskie 
their contract expires in end of 2014. I realy hope they will show us some good results.
2014-01-25 17:51
2 months
2014-01-25 17:51
I don't think so.
2014-01-25 17:52
Probably (,_.)
2014-01-25 17:52
They got 1 year contract
2014-01-25 17:57
contracts can be terminated
2014-01-25 18:57
Yes true but i know vp is one the serious org that rly respect players that they have and again always wanted org like that so i think they will go well together
2014-01-26 00:03
2014-03-16 15:17
GL ;>
2014-01-25 17:52
Azerbaijan Talley 
Really sad for Virtus, they could find a better team
2014-01-25 17:52
For example? Ex AD are worse, ex CPH are from Denmark and I don't see them in Russian team, besides I don't think that they are better than AGAiN either.
2014-01-25 17:55
CPH are at least two times better than VP
2014-01-25 18:04
Estonia 2026 
two times? Don't get ur hopes too high.
2014-01-25 18:06
3 times then.
2014-01-25 18:15
2014-01-25 18:24
Make it 5. Since they are Golden 5, CPH wolves might as well be 5 times better :)
2014-01-25 18:35
They ain't the Golden 5 anymore.
2014-01-25 19:19
#78. It should've been just a pun :(
2014-01-25 19:28
The silver 5?
2014-01-26 00:57
golden 3
2014-01-26 01:56
Golden 2 actually :D The original G5 were: Neo, TaZ, Luq, kuben, Loord Although pasha could be counted as one of them aswell ;)
2014-01-26 04:06
I would say pasha is golden now :)
2014-01-26 04:21
I would say no golden 5, no golden any1. They r just awesome by theirself... Or not, or maybe yes, u never know.. :o
2014-01-26 07:22
Portugal Cyborgy 
2014-01-25 18:33
ex-cph are better.
2014-01-25 18:19
2014-01-25 20:34
ex-ad/cph are definitely better than again at this doubt about that... but i think that again deserve this and i hope that they will be top3-5 this year.glad that they finally have decent organization
2014-01-25 18:25
Portugal Cyborgy 
how are ex-ad better than Again if ad finished last and agian won the last tournament they were participating?
2014-01-25 18:33
yea so again > ad bcs of 1 tournament...? look at long-term results at big events please and not only at last tournament without all top teams
2014-01-25 18:39
You're comparing two teams which both failed to live up to all expectations and are equally dog shit at the moment
2014-01-25 19:11
i didnt expect much from again in the beggining with new lineup but yea i expect a lot from AD and they pretty much failed.but they are still more succesful without any doubt
2014-01-25 19:35
At placing more 3/4 in tournaments and never actually winning any? Sure. But that's the complete opposite to why they formed
2014-01-25 19:40
The only teams really winning anything are NiP/Titan, with a rare upset occurring(fnatic DHW). You compare placings between teams, and if one team consistently places higher than another, they are still the better team. AD is better than VP at the moment, even if both aren't really living up to their initial hype.
2014-01-25 21:38
yeah because AD was progressing a lot... oh wait they just got worse and worse in every tournament they attended
2014-01-25 19:13
but they still did much better than again didnt they?
2014-01-25 19:33
2014-03-16 15:17
Azerbaijan Talley 
2014-03-16 15:27
Nice GL! :)
2014-01-25 17:52
2014-01-25 17:52
2014-01-25 18:14
ohhhhh yeah
2014-01-25 17:52
gl. show everyone you deserve it at EMS ONE
2014-01-25 17:53
I hope that they will play CS:GO like 1.6,and even better :D GL^ guys
2014-01-25 17:53
Good move guys :)
2014-01-25 17:53
Poland and Russia? joke, but GL
2014-01-25 17:54
well, i hope such acts help to cure medieval nationalist prejudices
2014-01-26 19:07
Europe midi 
I hope snax wont write in his nick shit about russia anymore.
2014-01-25 17:54
Norway Crush<3 
What did he write?
2014-01-25 18:18
Europe midi 
basically, FUrussia some old shit from 1.6
2014-01-25 18:31
yup, i remember this match. how he feels now under FUrussian orga? good lesson for all retard, like Snax is
2014-01-25 19:20
I hope they will play here for at least year, cause everybody knows how hard is for AGAiN to get good organisation
2014-01-25 17:54
2014-01-25 17:55
2014-01-25 17:57
Good luck
2014-01-25 17:57
Good luck guys.
2014-01-25 17:57
2014-01-25 17:58
Pieter | 
Netherlands Grifte 
Great move, nice to see VP back. GL
2014-01-25 17:58
Nice =) Better than having this AdreN cunt.
2014-01-25 17:59
Great news. Good luck @VP :)
2014-01-25 17:59
good move.
2014-01-25 17:59
Georgia rowG 
nice GL!
2014-01-25 18:00
Romania tr$ 
How long has it been since they had a decent orga? lol Hope they do well this time.
2014-01-25 18:00
i think we cant call them G5 anymore but GL to them
2014-01-25 18:00
You couldn't really call them G5 ever since the CS:GO switch.
2014-01-25 18:16
i dont think so its because of roster change as you know...
2014-01-25 18:29
Sure, that as well :) AS far as results are concerned, they should be called 5th-8th Five.
2014-01-25 18:36
No one can be top forever but deserved to call that even in Gs:GO
2014-01-25 18:39
NiP can be called the golden 4 :)
2014-01-26 00:42
yea GeT_RiGhT not living up to expectations anymore..
2014-01-26 11:40
GL Virtus!
2014-01-25 18:01
Haha, good luck!
2014-01-25 18:02
Lithuania Snof 
2014-01-25 18:02
2014-01-25 18:03
2014-01-25 18:03
cant wait to see what they can do
2014-01-25 18:04
Anyone knows what are possible financial terms?
2014-01-25 18:04
well they are pretty good comparing to AGAIN, G5 and US w/o any salary ;D
2014-01-25 18:36
this will be the team of the year gl neo and co
2014-01-25 18:04
no more fkn exuses now pls perform or quit ps a guy who used to like Neo and co in 1.6
2014-01-25 18:05
2014-01-25 18:06
goodluck vp ;)
2014-01-25 18:08
France Preyst1x 
holyshit nice!
2014-01-25 18:10
World breezy0 
lol nice
2014-01-25 18:10
2014-01-25 18:10
Good for them. They are certainly capable of good results.
2014-01-25 18:11
Am so Happy for "AGAIN"
2014-01-25 18:12
GL! much better than ex-AD
2014-01-25 18:12
Good for them. Although I still don't see them fighting for a slot in top 5.
2014-01-25 18:17
I'd like to see your top 5 list then. Assuming that 1. NiP 2. Titan 3. G33kz (?) IMO slots 4 and 5 are not obvious. You can put many teams there but I don't think that any of them is strictly better than another. ;)
2014-01-25 19:07
I'd still say coL, fnatic and perhaps AD are better contender for top 5 than current VP.
2014-01-25 19:14
Ex-AD is so inconsistent right now but maybe I could agree about other two. We need to wait for EMS after which everything will be clear, till then there are only speculations. Cheers!:)
2014-01-25 19:41
fnatic,LGB,coL,iBP are better.also frenchmen (CM,Recursive) have better chances to get there
2014-01-25 19:44
I have to say that both Recursive and LGB did not achieve anything yet. Also, as I said none of those teams are not CLEARLY better, it means that they can beat VP as well as be defeated by them anytime.
2014-01-25 19:55
probably, but still they are doing better against the top3-4 teams than again/vp
2014-01-25 20:04
I think top a 10 is more realistic target for VP. Right now we have (in no strict order): 1. NiP 2. Titan 3. Fnatic (got to place them here because of DHW) 4. G33kz 5. iBuyPower (because of ESEA win) 6. Col 7. CM (could be 5-6, they did win ESWC) 8. ex-AD (could be higher, but as noted by others they are inconsistent) 9. NaVi (they are improving rapidly with new line up, seized, edward are beastly rifle, Guardian is beastly AWP). 10. VP/ex-again. ... 10+. LGB/Recursive - they could possibly get into top 10 with their current line ups. Also, SK (the orga) could raid LGB and make a very strong team. So, as you can see, top 10 is now VERY competitive. Last year there were probably like 5 good teams. This year there are perhaps 12. Anyways, I am cheering for VP and Navi so if they do well, I'll be ecstatic :)
2014-01-25 21:38
iBP has only one major win(on their own soil) to their name, they're going to have to come up with some solid results to be placed #5 consistently. At the moment, even with ESEA in consideration, I still would rate coL higher until proven otherwise.
2014-01-25 21:41
Col played well at DHW. iBP beat Col quite a bit. Col nearly beat Titan in BO3. iBP beat Titan in 2 BO3. It's hard for american teams to have many results on EU LANs so we need to judge their skill on the limited data we have. I doubt ex-Again can have 2 back to back BO3 wins against Titan. Anyways, the list is not "strict", I just want to show that top 5 is more or less uber-competitive and even top 10 is hard.
2014-01-25 21:46
coL played well at DHW. coL played well at ESEA despite placing 3rd. coL has played well(the core of the team) at other events. coL lost to iBP in one Bo3(upper bracket) last ESEA, won lower bracket over iBP, and beat Titan in lower as well. coL lost to iBP in lower bracket this ESEA, but the top3 placings were all close games. iBP has had one successful outing in its tenure(ESEA). iBP didn't make it past groups at DHW. iBP traded win/loss with coL at last ESEA(core team), and then traded win/loss with Titan at this ESEA, and lost to them at the previous ESEA LAN. If we're talking about basing skill on events, we can't take a single event out of context of other events. That's what the issue is with your statement. iBP has played well against coL(they play them a lot) and Titan(who seem to struggle against American teams). They have not played well(so far) against any other European teams. Hence putting them at #5 isn't feasible. I also wasn't rating VP above iBP. In fact I never mentioned them once in my response. Just food for thought. I think iBP are a great team, but they've been shaky on LAN so far. If they have another good outing placing them in the Top10 makes sense.
2014-01-25 23:46
Cm won't be top 10. You're eluding lgb and nfac ?
2014-01-25 23:34
I don't believe in nfac but lgb can certainly do well. I also think there is possibility that SK raid LGB (by offering more money) and then make a "strong" team. Anyways, there is A LOT of competition in top 10, and top 5 is nearly impossible for VP to enter.
2014-01-26 01:10
2014-01-26 00:15
I said it's not a strict/exact list. My only point is top 5 is very competitive/hard to get into.
2014-01-26 01:11
those muricans are crazy...
2014-01-27 12:00
2014-01-25 18:18
EMS One Katowice its now or never for them.
2014-01-25 18:18
Yup, home soil advantage.
2014-01-25 21:38
World fapper 
The latest achievement of the Polish five is their brilliant victory of the StarLadder StarSeries. We hope that this year the new rosters will continue to delight their army of fans because the contracts were signed for the whole 2014. !!!!
2014-01-25 18:19
whats is height of snax?
2014-01-25 18:20
Dosia | 
Poland marco555 
2014-01-25 18:21
Go polak bratankis!!! I hope the G5 will return and become top 5
2014-01-25 23:56
Latvia osi 
I dont know why, but I am very happy for polish guys. They so much needed great orga behind them - let`s hope Sneg&co and this team will bring us many great moments. In Virtus.PRO we trust!
2014-01-25 18:23
Czech Republic THE_WILLY 
2014-01-25 18:27
2014-01-25 18:28
I'm very happy for Polish guys, they're really deserve it. Good luck
2014-01-25 18:29
I will miss the Russian side ! :( But will be nice for Golden5, at least one big org got them GL
2014-01-25 18:30
2014-01-25 18:32
Finland zehNN 
Expected! GL & HF NEW VP!)
2014-01-25 18:33
Hopefully this team can step it up like ibuypower just did in the near future.
2014-01-25 18:33
2014-01-25 18:35
If you actually think iBUYPOWER "stepped it up" I feel sorry for you and am wondering how you can manage to use a computer surrounded by your puddle of drool.
2014-01-26 00:17
Lol. You're trying way too hard to appear witty and smart, but honestly - you're not.
2014-01-26 08:59
smarter and wittier than you, mad fanboy
2014-01-26 09:56
Mad? Fanboy? About what, exactly?
2014-01-26 12:59
I have no idea why you are mad, only you do
2014-01-26 13:50
My god. You brits are the cesspool of this site.
2014-01-26 15:49
Says the guy who doesn't know the difference between Ireland and British flags
2014-01-27 19:15
Retard alert
2014-01-27 09:36
haha if ibp went to a "real" LAN they wouldnt make it out of group stage, like they did at dhw xdDdDd
2014-01-26 04:00
I wouldn't say that. The core of the iBP team(anger, adreN, AZK - and Dazed on another American team) used to always place well at international LANs. But they have had really bad results overseas, so I can understand why everyone rates them badly.
2014-01-26 21:32
AWESOME! I think this will be a stable organization and stable lineup if they can perform at a reasonable top5 level consistently.
2014-01-25 18:34
Denmark qwedsa 
hold it there, there's a long way till top5. Getting results is what matters now, then we can talk placements in big tournaments.
2014-01-25 18:44
I think you misinterpreted me. I said "IF" they can consistently be top 5. It's not completely unrealistic. I think with their current level, they can take down any team except NiP and Titan in a bo3. But this applies the other way as well... ex-CPH, fnatic, mystik, Na'Vi, LGB and probably the 2 'murican teams are equally strong teams, so top5 is very keenly contested.
2014-01-25 19:49
Nice :D GL guys!!
2014-01-25 18:34
Norway billson 
2014-01-25 18:34
Top 20 players of 2014 -> Neo first
2014-01-25 18:34
2014-01-25 18:40
2014-01-26 16:21
Poland kiero 
What does it mean? Now we love Ruskich? fuck sick men;)
2014-01-25 18:35
Yup, love Ruskich. Lubov ko vsem.
2014-01-25 21:41
foken noic!!
2014-01-25 18:35
2014-01-25 18:36
Russia AR4ER 
hahah nice)
2014-01-25 18:38
gl VP
2014-01-25 18:41
2014-01-25 18:43
Great pick up! :D
2014-01-25 18:43
Denmark qwedsa 
JUST AMAZING ! Can't wait to see how much damage they can do with good orga.
2014-01-25 18:43
ou, nice :)
2014-01-25 18:45
good luck !!!!!
2014-01-25 18:51
gl vp
2014-01-25 18:53
Ukraine petruska 
wow!Polska finaly found good organization,gl!
2014-01-25 18:54
GL :)
2014-01-25 18:55
Good news for everyone I think, hopefully they will stay with VP for a while now.
2014-01-25 18:56
GL VP :)
2014-01-25 18:57
Nice! Hope they perform at their real level this year :)
2014-01-25 18:58
Poland Marcines 
gl :)
2014-01-25 18:59
zdrowie :D and on the second leg :D
2014-01-25 19:02
NEO | 
Russia melelele 
nice polska, > Neo K. but snax......
2014-01-25 19:06
nice GL :)
2014-01-25 19:08
Its amazing how much people would love to see this team succeed, myself included. Would be awesome if this was the oppertunity they needed even just for them to be some contention for the current top teams.
2014-01-25 19:11
gl hf!!! :D
2014-01-25 19:16
2014-01-25 19:20
gl golden3 fu Snax
2014-01-25 19:21
This is a good move from Virtus pro
2014-01-25 19:22
2014-01-25 19:27
Lovely <3 Wish you the best of luck guys !
2014-01-25 19:28
1month suck .
2014-01-25 19:29
new top1
2014-01-25 19:31
great news, too bad theres no loord instead of snax
2014-01-25 19:34
snax is 5x better than loord
2014-01-25 21:50
2014-01-25 22:42
Dosia | 
Russia cann0n 
gj Lex ! good choice ! Virtus Pro without cs rosters not a Virtus Pro .
2014-01-25 19:35
Lex no longer Virtus Pro
2014-01-25 19:44
so where is he? if he really isn't in VP anymore then its even worse than I expected :o
2014-01-25 22:32
lex take a break
2014-01-26 18:10
;/ he seemed being a good guy it looks strange because he wanted taz&co in VP and when he left they actually joined VP
2014-01-26 20:03
lol? he is the owner...
2014-01-26 00:59
Who is "Christian Lenz" ?
2014-01-25 19:40
Team manager
2014-01-25 19:45
Ukraine petruska 
haaha lol
2014-01-25 19:46
oh, this was the category "good old times" :-)
2014-01-26 06:38
is that the danish guy who was once their manager in the past?
2014-01-26 07:35
no, i´m german. but yes, was their manager during the ESC time (till summer 2012).
2014-01-26 16:52
Oh alright, gl for you and team.
2014-01-26 20:24
World breezy0 
he's german and i think he was their manager at ESC-Gaming.
2014-01-26 16:52
Ah yes, #360 the person himself confirmed it.
2014-01-26 20:25
that danish guy who was manager of them was in MYM times, he was TwaizZ I think, he was very good either ^^
2014-01-26 20:10
Yeah haha, wrong person. Thx for info.
2014-01-26 20:26
hell yea cmon boys! :D
2014-01-25 19:45
Better pick someone else they can't do nothing in GO. After 2014 when they propably don't win nothing, hope they quit for ever.
2014-01-25 19:52
2014-01-25 19:54
well the question is can you?
2014-01-25 20:33
2014-01-25 20:00
Belarus ALBiNh0 
snax now wears dosia's jersey :D
2014-01-25 20:04
2014-01-25 22:05
Pakistan MrHassan 
GoooooD LucK.
2014-01-25 20:05
2014-01-25 20:06
Virtus <3 Just try to stay in this team longer is possible :D
2014-01-25 20:06
keepin' it slavic
2014-01-25 20:09
like Poland have something in common with Russia lel or maybe one thing - we are slavic, nothing else..
2014-01-25 20:30
seems like you're reading between nonexistent lines.
2014-01-25 20:44
omg omg omg
2014-01-25 20:10
I wonder what's your working plan to be on top once again ?
2014-01-25 20:11
Practice, practice, practice.
2014-01-26 08:13
gl VP
2014-01-25 20:15
pff, they will leave this orga after 2 weeks..
2014-01-25 20:30
2014-01-25 20:36
2014-01-25 20:39
A seemingly perfect match... let's see how long it lasts
2014-01-25 20:39
awesome :) GL boys
2014-01-25 20:43
Very good! Very happy for the Poles! Finally they found themselves their new home! Congratz!
2014-01-25 20:57
haha, i hope translates theirs website to english
2014-01-25 21:17
that might actually happen going forwardm but maybe not anytime soon as VP still has Russian rosters in other games which doesn't require the need of English, but ya, having Poles on board now might change things around in terms of getting someone to translate the GO news :) Just hope AGAiN shows great results under this new tag!
2014-01-26 15:58
2014-01-25 21:29
Nice one =)
2014-01-25 21:44
GO VP! <3
2014-01-25 21:46
Nice to know
2014-01-25 21:50
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
I don't think VP is a very good org but there really aren't any other choices. Nonetheless, gl in IEM Katowice!
2014-01-25 21:51
I think so too (bad orga)
2014-01-25 22:11
great news
2014-01-25 21:53
just gl!
2014-01-25 21:54
This is first time I'm grateful that half year ago AD was created. :-D
2014-01-25 22:10
2014-01-25 22:13
+1 nice
2014-01-25 23:03
Europe yoss 
well done forji
2014-01-25 23:06
good job mate
2014-01-25 23:44
They put up a lot of effort and this pick is totally deserved. Gl taz
2014-01-25 23:31
good :D
2014-01-25 23:32
Amazing news, I am really happy for the poles and VP! GOGOGO I will be cheering for you guys!
2014-01-26 00:28
2014-01-26 00:53
2014-01-26 00:54
The only problem I've with this team is that I read some comment about how neo didn't like GO and shit. I would like to know if they have passion for the game and how devoted to it they are. That's how I judge a team and how I determine if I root for them or not. It would be nice to know their stands on that matter. :)
2014-01-26 01:06
you think they would still be playing GO all this time if they didn't enjoy playing it? -1
2014-01-26 02:23
2014-01-26 01:52
Do all polish people's last names have ski at the end or what
2014-01-26 02:23
lol my too xD
2014-01-26 02:35
taz combobreaker
2014-01-26 02:36
its from old times where polish nobility were reconnised by surnames with ski,cki(most common is ski) on the end of the name, womens has ska,cka. Mostly the end is "owski", womens "owska" like Lewandowski, Sklodowska. I dont have for example name with ski at the end but my mother had but after marriage took she my father surname.
2014-01-26 10:12
2014-01-26 02:43
Half the food from my mouth just fell out. NICE. Very happy for the poles. They really deserved a strong steady home. BEST OF LUCK!!
2014-01-26 03:05
2014-01-26 03:13
2014-01-26 03:16
top3 this year boys
2014-01-26 03:55
bol, dome some heads.
2014-01-26 04:28
2014-01-26 05:58
NEO | 
India raiNzZ 
this ups and downs :/
2014-01-26 07:37
United States MadCl0wN 
now i can watch again virtus pro :D
2014-01-26 08:09
2014-01-26 08:14
waste money on them!
2014-01-26 09:27
yeap and deleted post which were created like 1.5 months ago, about this which were just a gossip but with kind of proof but who cares... now they are happy cuz they wrote about this "first"... But still GL Poles u deserve this, and f*ck murcians and other bi*ches who says that they are not even top6/10 like i said before SLTV, you will see what they can, and after this just stfu or go kill yourself i dont care...
2014-01-26 10:01
There was no news on hltv since Pasha on his Facebook wrote that you are NOT joining VP. Chill dude.
2014-01-26 10:43
TaZ, not Pasha.
2014-01-26 11:07
100% it was Pasha, but he deleted this post from his Facebook :-)
2014-01-26 11:40
Btw. two polish teams and two russians orga. What the hell?!
2014-01-26 10:20
why not ?
2014-01-26 11:10
What's wrong with that? Why do you care what country the sponsor is from?
2014-01-26 11:50
For us russkies = commies ;/
2014-01-26 12:19
What an ideology has to do with gaming? Anyway, I know that Russia is a much hated country in Poland (hard for me to figure out what's the reason), but weren't you a communist country too? We had dozens of communist doers with Polish origin, who helped few bastards to arrange a revolution here. Your logic is even more than just dumb on this matter.
2014-01-26 12:50
I like Russians and I am Polish. Not all Poles are f...ed up mate :)
2014-01-26 16:14
we were communists by Russia
2014-01-26 16:21
You really don't know why Polish people hate Russians? Not even one thing? Maybe a mass killing, maybe forced into communism, maybe years of oppression...
2014-01-26 17:24
now 90% of russian also hates communism and the Soviet government which was killing/repression own people, or do you think we proud of it?
2014-01-26 21:36
sorry not here...
2014-01-26 22:27
I'm joking, I know that Russia is not that unfriendly towards Poles (I guess?) I might be a friend of you but you know most of the poles still have mental disliking to Russia
2014-01-26 20:05
why we have one of the most expensive gas around Europe from you? Why u puts rocket close to Polish border, and u didnt accept putting anti rocket barrier by Murcians on "our" Land? Why most of communists were not sentenced for mass crime? Why u lies about Smolensk, and Katyn? Why u didnt return or gold and paintings after XIX and WWII which belongs to the Polish nation? i could write like that all day long, but im tired after work and i dont think that make sense cuz u probably dont know shit about this stuff. I know most of this thing is not your problem and foult and I know most of this shit is also foult of our stupid (russian) government but srly. u ask why? For me i dont have nothing to new generation of Russian but i will always remember the old one and thats the problem...
2014-01-26 22:30
I like Poland, and I like your nation. You are blaming us for having a few bastards in our history who ruined our country and made a lot of people suffer. Why the most of world hates Russians for having Stalin (who was Georgian), hates Germany for Hitler (who was Austrian)? Stalin is responsibe for Katyn, but he is also responisble for killing ~30 millions of Russian people, during mass repressions period. About rockets : we have nothing against you, we just don't like the fact that rockets are being placed straight upon our border. You and US are claiming it to be against Iran, but this excuse sounds way too stupid to believe it, even for our goverment. Thus, it means that US and allies preparing for a war(?), so our disturbance is quite understandable, isn't it? About gas : dude please, don't even whine about it. I live on the Far East, the place where gas is being mined. The weather here is always around -40C in winter and +35 in summer with 90% humidity and in these conditions we pay for the gas 3 times more than people in the Western Russia do... It's me who should be whining about gas (and about all the prices too, though) Paintings? LOL. In this world no one would give valuable paintings to another country, no matter whom it belongs to. Anyway, I don't care that much if you hate us or the whole world does, I was just curious to find out the reason :)
2014-01-27 01:51
ok fine, nice to hear it, but to be clear i dont know what are you says about Iran and USA? Me and i think most of Polish ppl. mostly dislike USA than Russia and Iran, back in time we even had nice realationship with Iran, but now our lickingballs basterds government want to destroy this by doing everything what UE and Murcians says... I dont know maybe i also have kinde of bad feelings to Russia(not normal ppl. like u) cuz i know that our government is still those guys which were in communism which Russia gave it to us:/ I dream that whole Slavic ppl. will role the World but its looks like chines and muslims will... Peace Dude
2014-01-27 10:58
I have heard in the news that US are defeding their European allies from Iran, allegedly that was their purpose of placing rockets. Official country borders have no meaning, as long as we don't draw them by ourselves :) Have a nice day.
2014-01-27 11:22
co ty pierdolisz?
2014-01-26 13:08
gowno :)
2014-01-26 22:14
us? Like you and your boys band?
2014-01-26 16:54
Poland venomstw 
Do not listen this buttheads. We are brothers now ;D
2014-01-26 12:44
love ya
2014-01-26 12:51
make peace on world then we can be friends :(
2014-01-26 15:48
2 ?
2014-01-26 12:43
yea 2??
2014-01-26 14:47
so? there arent as many as good russian teams compared to 1.6
2014-01-26 15:19
And another one is?
2014-01-26 16:54
Which is the other one wtf?!
2014-01-26 18:01
Hymm i dont know... maybe MyM?!
2014-01-26 22:13
Nah MyM is not russian.
2014-01-26 23:02
Gazprom is VP main sponsor ?
2014-01-26 12:16
Norway Crush<3 
Not according to their website.
2014-01-26 16:22
GLHF, nice to see this team under :)
2014-01-26 13:57
2014-01-26 14:39
gl polish guys!
2014-01-26 14:48
NEO | 
Poland camarpl 
seems like they need to learn russian :d
2014-01-26 14:52
nice )
2014-01-26 15:26
2014-01-26 16:06
VP recuit Poles short movie VP's new jackets for the Poles and other rosters
2014-01-26 16:08
nice, a started to love this combination of colours when I saw AK and AWP ASIIMOV's :D
2014-01-26 17:00
nice, awesome video, I just hope they pull through and secure some lan wins. IMO if it wasn't for US recruiting them they would of been in VP and they would of attended ESEA LAN finals and beat IBP. BTW the VP clothes look nice.
2014-01-26 18:51
Good good good.
2014-01-26 16:36
GL VP! gogo NEO
2014-01-26 16:51
how to destroy the dream of a professional csgo team? 1. recruit 2. to high demands 3. accept one lose 4. fire / split team after 2nd lose
2014-01-26 17:15
gz gl team
2014-01-26 17:35
good team but not best (jw best)
2014-01-26 17:52
GL ! Hope they bring the results with a stable orga now.
2014-01-26 17:54
Ukraine potapUA 
Very nice move because AGAiN and US they played pretty good for this organizations and i think they can be in TOP 5 for sure. And now they have even bigger motivation so i think it could be fun wathcing them playing vs top teams in the future :)
2014-01-26 19:09
nice to hear that from ukrainian :) I'd like to drink vodka with such guys :)) Always loved Navi, best team ever in 1.6 Do you know LeX is still in VP? Cos I heard from some russian guy there that he left VP
2014-01-26 20:01
Ukraine potapUA 
Hi, well i think were kinda brothers in some way in this E SPORTS thing? :D CUz NAVI and ESC big friends especialy Ceh9 huge friend of TaZ :) idk about LeX i wasnt looking for VP since they had no CS:GO squad. My opinion is that they made the best decision even ex AD team is still available.
2014-01-26 21:05
bialy or byali? here :Pawe&#322; "byali" Bieli&#324;ski here ----- bialy
2014-01-26 20:13
his nick is "byali" but in Poland we call him "bialy" :D you know byali is spelled like "bialy" in English I guess? :D
2014-01-26 20:12
Zawsze myslal, ze jego pseudonim bialy.Jak w angel'skim jezyku "white" :]]
2014-01-26 20:22
Poland venomstw 
Bialy = byali, it's been made to just better english pronouncation
2014-01-26 23:38
byali is more directly in pronunciation. In polish we saying 'bia&#322;y' but in international 'byali' sounds same
2014-01-26 20:12
teammates call him bialy as well
2014-01-26 22:38
AD sucks. nobody will pick them up now. Go VP!
2014-01-27 04:30
Agree :))
2014-01-27 05:45
Ow yeah ! nice move
2014-01-27 10:12
Very nice !!
2014-01-27 11:05
2014-01-27 11:12
2014-01-27 13:25
Nice job! #govirtuspro
2014-01-27 18:20
Virtus.Pro < NEO
2014-01-27 19:24
poland low
2014-01-27 19:39
Good luck
2014-01-28 01:07
Poland MJP 
gl mates :) - time to make frends in russia ^^ :)
2014-01-28 03:59
TaZ gg...
2014-01-29 10:08
2014-02-02 09:18
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