n!faculty add Aizy, MSL

With René "cajunb" Borg deciding to leave n!faculty, the squad has removed Finn "karrigan" Andersen, and recruited both Phillip "Aizy" Aistrup and Mathias "MSL" Lauridsen.

After adding a trio of Danes to become an all-Danish lineup in early November, n!faculty bowed out of DreamHack Winter in the group stage following losses to VeryGames and compLexity.

Since then the team has won Gaming.dk League's Championship finals over domestic rivals über G33KZ, but saw Borg join their opponents to replace Nicolaj "Nico" Jensen shortly after.

MSL teams up with former Western Wolves teammates 

After Borg left the team, n!faculty decided to undergo more changes in the form of letting go of former fnatic member Finn "karrigan" Andersen, who had joined the team during Markus "pronax" Wallsten's era.

Now the team has recruited former Western Wolves teammate of Winneche, Mathias "MSL" Lauridsen, as well as Phillip "Aizy" Aistrup who previously played for Xapso at DreamHack Winter. Below is Winneche's official statement from n!faculty's website:

"Since Rene (Cajun) decided to leave for the greener pastures we have been considering every possible move we could make. The outcome is that we today say goodbye to Finn (Karrigan) and welcome in Phillip "Aizy" Aistrup and Mathias "MSL" Lauridsen, Winneche told HLTV.org.

"As stated we were looking into all kind of options to make sure we took what we believe is the right move. Bringing in a former teammate in MSL makes us comfortable in our base of players. Gla1ve, MSL, and myself know each other well from the WesternWolves days and we know what we are made of. That combined with two raw talents such as Raalz and Aiztrup is what we believe can be strong for us in the future.

"Leaving Finn behind was not an easy decision but a decision we felt was needed to accomplish our goals which is once again to make damage to the very top of this game. With that said we know it's not gonna be an easy to claim our way back, especially taking our relatively young age in consideration. But what we will promise is that we fight as much as we can to get ready for the EMS qualifiers and once again appear at what is set to be an amazing event!

"I would also like to thank n!faculty and their partners for still keeping faith in us. We showed with cajun in a relatively short period that we were able to win Gaming.dk SteelSeries Season Finals and we wanna show that just because you lose a vital member, does not mean you can't rise up again!"

The new roster of n!faculty already played in the Nordic EMS One Katowice qualifiers under the name of mates and more!, managing to qualify for the Nordic regional finals.


Denmark Phillip "Aizy" Aistrup
Denmark Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander
Denmark Mathias "MSL" Lauridsen
Denmark Jacob "Pimp" Winneche
Denmark Rasmus "raalz" Steensborg

n!faculty will be on show on February 7-9th as they will compete against seven other teams in hopes of qualifying for EMS One Katowice's $250,000 tournament on March 14-16.

2014-01-30 21:12
gg :D hf !
2014-01-30 21:12
bad line up
2014-01-30 21:12
2014-01-30 21:12
i hope you guys will do well, but i gotta say the reason to you won over UG was beacuse of cajun...
2014-01-30 21:17
aizy to stronK.. best of luck!
2014-01-30 21:18
so pimp main awper?
2014-01-30 21:19
now +Nico +Nille = old Anexis/WW
2014-01-30 21:19
10 replies
2014-01-30 21:50
depends if nico can bring his gf to lans :3
2014-01-30 23:07
8 replies
jenny's play's for epsilon lol so... i think yes. he can
2014-01-31 00:03
7 replies
I think you misunderstood ;) Nico got kicked from über G33Kz because he wanted to bring Jenny with him to LANs, but the rest of the team was against it, because it would ruin his consentration. So that's what he meant :)
2014-01-31 00:58
6 replies
I'm told he wanted that his future org would pay for his gf to go to lan as well, and they didn't want that.
2014-01-31 01:05
2 replies
Might be, but all I heard was that they didn't want her there because it would ruin their consentration :)
2014-01-31 01:12
fox | 
Portugal naskal
no, she said she would pay for all the trips herself
2014-01-31 01:30
He got kicked because he wanted to have sex with her in the hotel with the other players in the same room and they didnt feel comfortable in that situation.
2014-01-31 04:35
2 replies
ahha, nice one :D
2014-01-31 08:56
no, they got a room seperate for them self (jenny and nico)
2014-02-04 18:41
2014-01-30 21:20
5 replies
2014-01-30 21:24
3 replies
2014-01-30 21:40
2 replies
2014-01-30 23:01
1 reply
2014-01-31 06:21
ex.Xapso player
2014-01-30 22:19
Good luck guys, looking forward too see you in Katowice with best performance! :)
2014-01-30 21:22
gl i guess, doubt it will last long
2014-01-30 21:22
karrigan to Reason
2014-01-30 21:30
lol damn i guess people are right when they say "doubt it will last long" with this team. from what i saw cajun was nutty so seems bad to me.
2014-01-30 21:32
reason's line up ?
2014-01-30 21:33
1 reply
karrigan, smf, lomme, exr, colon
2014-01-30 21:35
what a shitty line up
2014-01-30 21:34
GG cajunb lefT :<
2014-01-30 21:35
Dafuq when did MSL leave Reason and why?
2014-01-30 21:38
6 replies
Colon cheats, [R] never going anywhere at LAN
2014-01-30 21:40
5 replies
booooom hs
2014-01-30 21:41
yea so obvious, he use wallhack on lan...
2014-01-30 21:44
what is about dreamhackwinter?
2014-01-30 22:19
Finland FRGVN
yeah yet he has proven himself on lan multiple times.. let alone he had best ratings of cph2012
2014-01-30 22:25
he has proven himself on LAN multiple times..
2014-01-30 23:35
cajunb leaving a team... what a "surprise"
2014-01-30 21:43
- Aizy - raalz + Nico + Inzta or Nille
2014-01-30 21:44
8 replies
2014-01-30 21:44
4 replies
Nico has shown that he is willing to implode every lineup he joins. Inzta MIA since his brief stint in CW (?) last year. The danish scene is so frustratingly shit which is annoying because they could be so good if one lineup could hold for longer than 3 months
2014-01-30 21:54
2 replies
2014-01-30 22:18
Danish scene isn't shit. It's actually okay good. People are just to immature from a perspective outside of it.
2014-01-30 22:36
would be great
2014-01-30 21:53
raalz > Nille
2014-01-30 22:06
1 reply
2014-01-30 22:51
nille and pimp hate each other
2014-01-31 03:11
France cedd
I think this lineup needs some wantz and Nille
2014-01-30 21:44
Ukraine petruska
2014-01-30 21:50
Nico could be Nice on This team
2014-01-30 21:51
1 reply
Hong Kong SHiFT^up
Agreed, only if he doesn't leave due to some stupid issue like device
2014-01-30 22:35
2014-01-30 22:02
Gl mates
2014-01-30 22:13
gl aizyboss
2014-01-30 22:18
arch | 
Ukraine arch
predicted, rly good squad, looks like old western wolves, but without nille and nico ;p
2014-01-30 22:35
2014-01-30 22:40
this team cannot even qualify for EMS finals, which is sad
2014-01-30 22:41
- Aizy +Nico !!
2014-01-30 22:58
RIP n!faculty, 3 months max
2014-01-30 23:00
cajunb xD
2014-01-30 23:03
1 reply
cajunb replace Nico on CPH Wolves! but yeah they need a primary top awper, Pimp was great with awp on ESEC, and some games later but his riffle skills are better then awp!
2014-01-30 23:17
Aizy is a fucking beast
2014-01-30 23:06
karrigan and MODDII switching teams and leaving pretty soon so fast.. possibility of them making a new team together?
2014-01-30 23:09
cyx | 
Chile L1PPE
maybe karrigan join Reason Gaming :)
2014-01-31 00:30
I don't get n!, they keep shaking up their roster every other month. Just because they recruit people from the same country doesn't mean they'll instantly gel and start performing from the get-go. I guess its nice to work for an org that literally doesn't give a fuck I guess, free LAN experience.
2014-01-31 00:30
1 reply
it's never really been because they don't work well together, their members just either decide to temporarily retire/go back to school/take up opportunities from other teams.
2014-01-31 01:10
Solid team! think the mix with talents is really awesome!
2014-01-31 00:45
United Kingdom paullll
Karrigan under rated, but gl! :)
2014-01-31 02:25
+wantz +nico
2014-01-31 03:13
1 reply
France cedd
this wantz was a beast
2014-01-31 03:50
pimp still underrated
2014-01-31 05:58
GL mates!
2014-01-31 06:11
India c0rvus
Who is this "Aizy" you speak of ? (._.)
2014-01-31 06:19
2 replies
2014-01-31 11:54
Danish Talent(rising star)
2014-01-31 12:34
I miss the time that the CS org's was serious about their line'up, now they keep changing their rosters like always
2014-01-31 06:23
Denmark LofiMaster
I think this lineup will do rather good. Might win a few major games.
2014-01-31 08:36
Nico will only play pro gaming if they will give his GF a free vacation
2014-01-31 08:41
karrigan should have have sticked to Playing ducks
2014-01-31 09:33
1 reply
is he any good ?
2014-01-31 11:45
So where is cajunb off to?
2014-01-31 09:40
1 reply
2014-01-31 13:25
Grim | 
United States Bibby
Gl to Aizy :) Next upcoming star!
2014-01-31 09:53
Nico, gla1ve, Inzta, Pimp, MSL The Western Wolves lineup should come back. It would be top 1 ez.
2014-01-31 12:13
Denmark kozality
[...]Below is Winneche's official statement from n!faculty's website: [...]Winneche told HLTV.org. Something doesn't seem right here :D Other than that, gl boys - it looks very bright for all of you with those additions, exactly what I was hoping for! <3 Jacobski
2014-01-31 12:31
-someone other than msl, gla1ve, pimp +nico
2014-01-31 14:56
2014-02-01 02:13
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