Help fund a Golden Five documentary

A Polish filmmaker has started an Indiegogo project to raise $30,000 required for a documentary titled Golden Five, following the roster in 2014.

The project was started by Radek Jedrzejczak, who has ten years of experience working as a director, a camera operator and as an editor in his own film studio Talk To The Frog.

He's previously worked on short films, music videos and commercials, and this will be his first venture into eSports, which he first learned about during World Cyber Games 2009, won by Golden Five.


"In 2010 I read an article about Polish gamers who won the golden medal at the World Cyber Games in Chengdu (China) playing a game called Counter-Strike. I was intrigued and the aspects of e-sport and professional gaming surprised me. I had never considered playing computer games could be a serious profession. In time, I met these Polish players and decided to make a documentary movie about their team", Jedrzejczak said on Indiegogo.

"I followed them through tournaments in Kiev, Hanover and Jonköping (Sweden) but financial considerations meant I had to abandon the idea for the feature. Meanwhile, Much change had occurred both in the game and in the Polish team. Counter-Strike 1.6 became Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and the team replaced two of their main players for younger ones, however, the core of the group stayed the same.

"Now, through crowd-funding and the Indiegogo platform I have found an opportunity to finish this movie and have decided to revisit the topic. I'm still impressed by these guys who have been playing professionally since 2004; about their passion for the game and their will to fight.

"If you also like this team, you share a passion for Counter-Strike or gaming in general, and you would like to see this movie completed, please support our project.

"Any help would be very much appreciated."

The ambitious goal of the project is to raise $30,000, used to follow Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas and his troops around the world in 2014 as they hope to clinch another world title with

There are various levels of support for the project, ranging from a donation of $5 to $500 all the way to $30,000 for a co-producership. Each level from $10 and above also includes a prize.

You can now help fund a documentary about 

For example, for $10 you get your name in the end credits, for $50 you get to play GODM with, and for $500 you get to play a best-of-three versus

There are many other levels for donations as well, and you can find them all on the project's official Indiegogo page, where you can also keep track of their progress in donations.


"Our story begins in the present day, I hope to begin shooting again before the Intel Extreme Masters tournament in Katowice, which takes place over the weekend of 14-16 March, 2014. We will visit the gamers at their homes and meet people from their close surroundings; parents, friends, girlfriends. It is interesting to me to discover what these people think of their friend's gaming career and how much support they offer. I would also like to show what our players do when they aren't playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO)", Jedrzejczak explained on Indiegogo.

"Meanwhile we will travel back in time, to learn how our heroes began playing Counter-Strike, how they met each other and how their team has been shaping over the years, through victories and defeats. We will show the best moments of their career: Their 3 times gold medal victories at WCG(2006, 2009, 2011), two gold medals at IEM(2007, 2012) and ESWC(2007, 2008).

"Returning to the present, our story will follow the team before one of the most important tournaments in the world which is IEM in Katowice. We will follow their practice during bootcamp, how they prepare tactics and strategies. How they build the fighting spirit of their team and the communication between players. The final part of the film will show the emotional rollercoaster that is gaming as we see the team perform at the tournament. We will see how important communication is to the players how the crowd reacts to the gameplay. We will also follow the team to the next tournaments in Yonkoping (Dreamhack, Sweden) and in Paris(ESWC)."

Payment methods include PayPal and credit cards. Once again, if you're interested in the project and wish to support it, head over to its official Indiegogo page for more information.

2014-02-02 18:55
Help five nerds just because they want to make a documentary? and children who are starving in Africa who help them out?
2014-02-04 07:15
Don't go there, because you'll end up sounding like a hypocrite... If you enjoy/want something is natural you would want to fund/sponsor/pay for it... We all have more than we actually need, and yes, money could be better spent, but this is the way of things...
2014-02-05 12:09
Yea, lets give all our extra money to African kids.
2014-02-06 04:06
they dont want it someone elses initiative... and it funding this is wrong because african children are starving, you buying a PC or PSX is also just as wrong. that is also just for pleasure or whatever non noble meaning to spend money... btw it seems end date is already here and its closed?
2014-03-26 22:00
lamp | 
Russia lamp` 
will be nice to watch it!
2014-02-02 18:55
Sweden sebb7 
2014-02-02 18:55
Sorry that it's not a Swedish team
2014-02-02 21:09
wouldn't donate regardless of nation. fucking beggars can gtfo, especially with no return-donations. lel.
2014-02-02 22:03
it's a DONATION! ffs, you expect return from a donation?!
2014-02-02 22:23
if it means the community donates 25 000 dollars right into his pocket, yes, I'd want a return.
2014-02-02 22:27
Movies don't make themselves, mate. Shit costs money. He is offering a service, which is making a movie. That's your return, a documentary about Golden 5/VP.
2014-02-02 22:39
are you retarded? if it doesn't reach 30 000 dollars he plans to keep the money.
2014-02-02 22:41
Ya, that sounds kind of fishy.
2014-02-02 23:14
No, if the project doesn't get funded you all get your money back.
2014-02-03 03:35
No you won't. He has set it to "flexible funding" which means he will keep the money if it does not reach it's goal. "If your campaign is set up as Flexible Funding, you will be able to keep the funds you raise, even if you don't meet your goal. If your campaign is set up as Fixed Funding, all contributions will be returned to your funders if you do not meet your goal. Flexible Funding campaigns that meet their goal are only charged 4% as our platform fee, whereas campaigns that do not meet their goal are charged 9%."
2014-02-03 06:06
no it doesnt, read man. click the link in the bottom of the article
2014-03-26 22:01
Australia TotalEclipse 
It would cost a lot of money to travel with the team all over Europe though.
2014-02-03 03:56
I agree. This guy is just looking to have himself a job for a year. Rather than what actual filmmakers do when filming a documentary - they do it for free because they are genuinely passionate about the subject. I get that shit costs money to make. But not 30k to follow these guys to maximum 6 tournaments that will be located in europe and the filming period will amount to no more than probably ~20 days in the whole year. And yet he needs 30 grand to do that? hahaha.
2014-02-04 08:12
ZywOo | 
Sweden j9mply 
cl_brain 0.
2014-02-03 02:12
f0rest | 
Sweden gonace 
I agree that it's kind of fishy with flexible founding, but maybe there's an explanation to it? One explanation could be that he just keeps his money, he's from Poland, right. But that docent make it a fact, just a possibility. But on the other hand you're not forced to donate :)
2014-02-03 08:47
2014-02-02 18:55
2014-02-02 18:55
isnt even golden 5 anymore
2014-02-02 20:27
Poland tfg 
30k is way too much, wont help
2014-02-02 18:55
A world title for these guys? That's only going to happen when a paper dog successfully chases an asbestos cat through hell.
2014-02-02 18:56
it seems as though you were wrong about those chances :D I would agree they were small but not as small as you described ^_^
2014-03-26 22:10
And you know what - I'm really glad to be wrong. Fantastic to see them play so well!
2014-03-27 11:12
me too! :D
2014-03-29 21:36
2014-02-02 18:56
France EMYOR 
2014-02-02 18:56
2014-02-02 18:58
Latvia osi 
lurppis, can you guarantee all donated money will go to create this movie?
2014-02-02 18:58
As far as I am aware, lurppis is not affiliated with Indiegogo.
2014-02-02 18:59
of course not, i have nothing to do with this movie, the filmmaker, or indiegogo. however, i can guarantee that you'll never see the money you put in, because it says they won't refund any of it even if they don't reach the goal of $30k.
2014-02-02 19:21
it would be awesome if they would use a bug or something to stop the counter at like 29k and say nobody else helped and they're keeping the money...:D:D
2014-02-02 20:40
you mean an hack, right? ;)
2014-02-02 20:54
he is master with hacks <3 :D
2014-02-02 22:37
Why didn't you state that in the article? This tiny fact makes this whole initiative rather scam than honest fundraising.
2014-02-02 21:56
it's there in big letters when you click the link, if you donate without checking if you get a refund (ITS RIGHT THERE MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN) you would be a huge idiot.
2014-03-26 22:08
#22 ?
2014-02-02 22:01
The problem here is human nature. I ask myself a question: "Why would I make a movie with 30k if I can just stay home and keep the money?". I cannot justify any logical answer to this, except moral. Moral values are something most humans do not excel; if more so when it comes to money.
2014-02-03 17:10
traveling around europe with 5 guys who are professional gamers with a camera is sort of a paid holiday, so not a huge reason to keep that money pocketed unless he is not into gaming at all
2014-03-26 22:09
ZywOo | 
Sweden j9mply 
Undoubtedly the most stupid question on HLTV of 2014. Nothing can top this.
2014-02-03 02:10
They will reach the 30k easily. I'm not worried about that.
2014-02-02 18:59
Germany Dok1 
It will be hard unless they are able to achieve a kind of hype for it ;)
2014-02-02 19:28
The money would be better spent as a saving fund for the team to travel to the tournaments since they have had so much problems with sponsors lately.
2014-02-02 18:59
Dont think they will have so much problems in
2014-02-03 15:07
2014-02-02 19:00
So they gonna make a movie same as nip's? only this team gets out of the tournaments on the very 1st day...
2014-02-02 19:00
ohhhh wow
2014-02-02 19:00
I thought it said $3,000 but $30,000 lmfao that's unreal
2014-02-02 19:01
yea i dont know how the costs looks like but price is sick imo. Maybe the goal is to get Oscar :D
2014-02-02 20:38
$30,000 is an extremely low budget.
2014-02-03 12:48
2014-02-03 21:23
2014-02-02 19:03
Haha, I definitely want to read what this said before it was edited...
2014-02-02 23:43
Poland oFi 
sorry but 30k? for what? oO
2014-02-02 19:03
for salary and bitches
2014-02-02 19:07
2014-02-02 19:12
dirty :D
2014-02-02 20:44
Do you think that will work for free? =D
2014-02-02 19:11
Not for free of course, but for 30k? That's more than a year salary in poland.
2014-02-02 20:40
be realistic, more than 4 years of salary in Poland:)
2014-02-02 20:50
2014-02-02 22:26
2014-02-03 03:40
Algeria TixQ 
waiting this Film :)
2014-02-02 19:07
Worth mentioning: "FLEXIBLE FUNDING This campaign will receive all funds raised even if it does not reach its goal. Funding duration: February 01, 2014 - February 24, 2014 (11:59pm PT)."
2014-02-02 19:07
+1 +1 +1
2014-02-02 20:44
Even if they raise 130k, they can simply state: "We did not reach our goal". There is no reason to do that kind of "fund", if their intentions would be pure. ONLY reason to put that kind of a statement in there is to keep the money no matter how much the "fund" receives.
2014-02-03 17:13
And no credit will be given to loord and kuben?
2014-02-02 19:08
30k he must make some Hollywood-like movie lol
2014-02-02 19:09
forsaken | 
Slovenia dn1 
30 k is nothing
2014-02-02 19:11
Actually 30k is way more than enough.
2014-02-02 20:14
30k way more than enough? Hollywood movies = $10 000 000 to >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
2014-02-02 20:20
Yeah, and most of this money is spent in advertising the movie. And paying huge cash to big stars. Have a look at independent film makers, they don't need a lot of money to make products which are about the same technical quality and much better cinematic quality. 30k is more than enough to make a movie.
2014-02-02 21:16
30k is enough for making this golden five movie, not for american movie
2014-02-02 21:24
Depends what you mean by "american movie".
2014-02-02 21:35
i mean by "american movie" american movie?
2014-02-02 21:36
So, we agree that "american movie" is different from "Hollywood movie" ?
2014-02-02 22:51
Advertising budget is not included in a film's budget in Hollywood its taken from a different fund.
2014-02-03 13:07
I'm sorry ? The studios are paying for these advertisement campaigns. It's included. It may not be in the final figures used to compare the costs of production between movies, but it doesn't change the fact that tremendous amounts of money are spent for advertising. Money that you can easily cut off if you're an independent.
2014-02-03 13:44
i never said the studios arent paying. im saying that the budget used to make the movie doesnt include advertising costs. those come out of either the distrubuter's pocket or the studio pays for it separately. so when you hear that a movie cost 200mil to make thats just the production cost. you have to at least double taht to include the advertising cost.
2014-02-03 19:05
I'm aware of that, but I'm not talking about the figures the medias use to make you go to the cinema, or to make this stupid top10 most expensive movies of all time, I'm talking about the fact that most of the money comes from advertising and expensive casting, as well as distribution. Most of it can be avoided now. The fact that the money is included in the same budget or not is not relevant.
2014-02-03 19:19
the comparison is retarded, and so are you.
2014-02-02 21:15
aha nice argument,golden 5 cast is so expensive!
2014-02-02 21:16
Not to make a hollywood-live movie it isn't...
2014-02-02 22:28
Hollywood isn't all about special effects. You can film movie like end of watch with 30k when you don't need actors.
2014-02-02 23:25
Equipment costs money... Production costs money. I do agree with you but 30k is an insane low ball number... Most indy films have a budget of a bit over than that honestly.
2014-02-03 01:41
Are you the moviemaker?
2014-02-03 15:11
Ive worked on low budgets before .
2014-02-04 01:23
This masterpiece took only $500 to produce. Just saying.
2014-02-03 09:52
2014-02-02 19:11
30k wtf
2014-02-02 19:11
not even much, i can get those money in 2month
2014-02-02 20:21
yes get 30k from donations in 2months goodbye
2014-02-02 20:41
i dont mean i can get those 30k by donations ;D
2014-02-02 20:52
You would have to abandon yor dream of spilling champagne at stureplan, for two months then.
2014-02-02 22:11
2014-02-02 22:15
yeah well, maybe his dad isn't rich like yours
2014-02-03 12:16
najs änglish
2014-02-03 12:49
still i can live alone in USA
2014-02-03 13:10
2014-02-03 14:06
u mad?
2014-02-03 14:12
"Still I can live alone in USA" No, not mad.
2014-02-03 17:00
I smell it, you are fucking butthurt to me
2014-02-03 17:02
If it still was 1.6, I wound donate. But 30k for a "BAD" top team noty
2014-02-02 19:11
Let's go!!!
2014-02-02 19:12
ofc not. Director charges himself with 20k and the rest goes to G5. GG WP
2014-02-02 19:13
Anybody knows maybe there are already documentary film about counter strike 1.6 or go ? i know there is tv series about NiP, but documentary film ? hope they will succed and can't wait for film
2014-02-02 19:14
the second one is by shaguars father :D
2014-02-02 22:01
yep i know, he was an amateur film producer and he didn't like it that his son played so much games(CS) so he made it :) And now that son has become a multi million poker player :D
2014-02-02 22:24
old NiP got a swedish documentary
2014-02-03 15:13
rather see titan document
2014-02-02 19:14
Gl with project! Try to donate some
2014-02-02 19:14
2014-02-02 19:15
Sweden mrarrogant 
too much? you can also pay 250$ for bo1 then bro
2014-02-02 19:17
or i can get get a pracc on fb
2014-02-02 19:18
you know its not about selling a game with them, its about crowdfunding -_-
2014-02-02 19:22
ill get you a game vs them if u pay me 100 euros
2014-02-02 19:23
you must be proud.
2014-02-02 19:45
no but saying people could make a lot of money with this concept XD
2014-02-02 19:48
This definitely shouldn't focus only on 2014, it should start earlier with whatever footage (outgame and some ingame) of the original golden5, eventually culminating in the roster changes and the "new" team. Which isn't really the one people called golden5. 3 new passive skills for TaZ ego will be obtained. But i still really like this project.
2014-02-02 19:19
aizy | 
Poland flvcko 
nice, g5 legend counter strike
2014-02-02 19:18
Indiegogo sucks, better use kickstarter
2014-02-02 19:20
Russia remdyx 
soglasen, dumau oni ne soberut takie dengi na etom saite. vse je kickstarter bolwe izvesten.
2014-02-03 13:39
nice to see that kind of project, but 30k$ :O ?
2014-02-02 19:21
Nice to see a project asking 30k for a team that is a hasbeen? It's literally the same if I asked for money to film Elvis concerts and make a doc out of it
2014-02-02 19:24
i never said asking 30k is nice :p
2014-02-02 19:26
But asking $10 000 000 is good?
2014-02-02 20:53
This is seriously harmfull. He wants money, like they want on those spam e-mails which promise "yes yes bick cock, huge, huge cock" way after those scams died out. So a COMPLETE random guy asks you for 30k so he can make some money. Make money about The Golden Five, which has been pure rust for the past 2 years. Ima make a better document! Just send me the money.
2014-02-02 19:23
what if they don't reach 30k$, will they just leave with the money or something?
2014-02-02 19:24
NEO | 
Poland PRAWUs 
This campaign will receive all funds raised even if it does not reach its goal. Funding duration: February 01, 2014 - February 24, 2014 (11:59pm PT).
2014-02-02 19:27
Thanks. but, in such a short time they will only get free money by doing nothing it seems.
2014-02-02 19:34
2014-02-02 21:05
it doesn't mean that if they don't raise 30k they won't use the earned money to push the production of this movie further. have some faith in people.
2014-02-03 19:35
30k for living in 5 stars hotels, hot biatches around, shemales and othr sht. And the most funny thing if the donations do not reach 30k there will be no refunds LOL. so if people donate 29,9K 100 missing and no refunds :D
2014-02-02 19:27
I'll donate 500$ if u fix me date with Asia Marks ( ) from the indiegogo team! HELL YEAH
2014-02-02 19:29
NEO | 
Poland PRAWUs 
2014-02-02 19:55
No way. I think she is Neo's girlfriend.
2014-02-02 22:25
fiance actually
2014-02-03 19:37
it`d be my first donation whooohoo nice chance.
2014-02-02 19:28
how about no?
2014-02-02 19:29
To everyone who considers to put money for this I would suggest to go find out what happened with sons of starcraft. Both kickstarters, unknown director who no one knows, etc.
2014-02-02 19:31
this guy knows what hes talking about and it wont be any different here.
2014-02-02 19:38
Nice, good luck guys!
2014-02-02 19:32
30k rly?
2014-02-02 19:32
awesome, gl :D
2014-02-02 19:33
wow this guy is crazy. 30k LOL fucking bitch trying to make money. NIP probably got paid for the show.
2014-02-02 19:35
I was wondering why you would ask for such amount of money for a cs movie.. now I understand : no refunds -.-
2014-02-02 19:37
Ukraine petruska 
It is cool,like nip-show ))
2014-02-02 19:38
2014-02-02 19:38
I like watching G5 playing but i don't see a point of this movie? Do they want to do same thing that NiP did? Well as far as nip goes it had support of real TV which have lot of real money. For me it looks like someone want to create job for himself by making movie where we will see emo general Taz and other guys acting like animals when put first time into the cage. anyway 30k is out of question and if they get even a 500dol it would be great archivement.
2014-02-02 19:41
United States mah9 
just because it was done by a TV station doesn't mean some other kind of documentary couldn't be done... often times documentaries are independent so they can be more interesting, NIP's tv series was boring as hell, for example.
2014-02-02 19:47
Exactly. He's just trying to crate a job for himself. Indi film makers should be raising money for costs of making the film only. IF they make money from the film after it is produced that is their benefit and gain. But raising money to pay themselves a salary while making the movie is pathetic.
2014-02-04 08:47
Azerbaijan Talley 
2014-02-02 19:41
my frreakingz godz, NOT IN A 10000000000 freaking years
2014-02-02 19:42
23 days to gather 30k, and no refunds if the goal isn't reached? seems very unrealistic and almost like a scam to me, to be honest
2014-02-02 19:43
Was going to put $50 but this No refund thing kept me away...
2014-02-02 22:22
2014-02-02 19:43
Norway billson 
2014-02-02 19:45
+1 :D
2014-02-02 21:07
United States mah9 
if this was the dota or sc2 scene it'd be done instantly, i doubt it'll happen here though. would be very cool though
2014-02-02 19:46
Yes! And what great documentaries we got. Sons of starcraft was released 2 years later than promised. But waiting was surely worth it! An one hour long amazing film of old interviews and youtube clips glued together. Totally worth of donated 50 000 dollars. Another one was Star Nation, pretty sure that will never come out, it was supposed to come out 3 years ago.
2014-02-02 20:01
Switzerland NEIN 
I just hope loord, kuben and luq get the credits they deserve. Because the two new guys haven't done shit yet. The true Golden Five (not the current team) definitely deserves a documentary. They're by far the most succesful CS team in the history of CS (I said "team" and not "organization"). Wondering if he actually has the sources to make a documentary about the things that happened between 2005 and 2012.. I would definitely donate but the "no refunds if we don't reach 30k" is just unacceptable. I mean he could earn 28k without even moving a finger... Make it like normal crowd-funding, where people get they money back if there won't be enough donations to realize the project.
2014-02-02 19:55
2014-02-03 15:43
Germany Dok1 
30k seriously is a bit too much. Can't he get any sponsors? Sell the movie for $2 once it's finished? Build some hype, make a website, a youtube channel and profit from both ad revenue streams + sponsoring.
2014-02-02 19:53
The most likely scenario is a random guy on the internet getting money without lifting a finger, I highly encourage you to invest your money elsewhere.
2014-02-02 19:58
2014-02-02 21:08
They obviously won't reach 30k, or even 5k for that matter. And since there is no refund, you basically donate money for their salary. What a fucking rip off, haha.
2014-02-02 20:03
Europe yoss 
Don't donate if u don't want to, nobody force u to do this O_o btw 30k$ it's funny low price for professional film. This is no USA or Sweden where acquisition appropriate resources/sponsors is easy to achieve. Also it's fucking ridiculous that people donate more money for worthless streamers on twitch, than for proffesional documentary movie, making by specialist.
2014-02-02 20:03
This is not a professional film. This is a documentary and $30k is a SHIT LOAD of it. They don't need any more than $12k. Most of it will just go into pockets for nothing.
2014-02-02 21:40
And how exactly do you know that? The ambitious goal of the project is to raise $30,000, used to follow Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas and his troops around the world in 2014 as they hope to clinch another world title with
2014-02-03 05:04
Because I work with production houses and also make documentaries with various budgets and scale. The travelling around the world bit is them referring to the upcoming EMS One taking place in Katowice, Poland with $250000 grand prize and its qualifiers.
2014-02-03 12:42
The "travelling around the world" is kind of laughable when it is highly likely they wont attend anything outside of Europe. It would be literally 5 events in the whole year that would be on his back doorstep that he would have to attend. wtfchicken is right. He needs no more than 10k to make this a reality. The guy just wants a damn salary while he is doing it. Which is pathetic, as everyone who knows anything about film knows that people use money and budgets raised to solely produce their film. Money is a luxury that may come to them after the film is produced. And if so, congratulations to them. This guy is just fishing for a very nice job (polish wise) for a year. Greedy greedy greedy.
2014-02-04 09:02
2014-02-02 20:06
30k is reasonable amount... It includes travelling around the globe, equipment etc... Tho, this guy doesnt look so professional to me (checked his YT channel), low skilled tho.
2014-02-02 20:11
United Kingdom smoggy:. 
if the director has his own film studio i'm guessing the 30k he's asking for is for the travel expenses for him and his crew?
2014-02-02 20:16
People spend money on fucking weaponskins nowadays. Would not be surprised if this 1000000% scammer just gets free 30k easily. Edit: Very questionable news by hltv, guess Nix0n is running low on cash. This is a pure fucking scam and hltv takes what, 20%?
2014-02-02 20:28
hahah nice trolling :D but i wont feed u
2014-02-02 20:38
I went fullon but not trolling. This is a pathetic scam and very questionable from hltv to support such. The obvious deal is, hltv gets a share. Otherwise they would never post a scam on their news.
2014-02-02 21:48
Ye i know btw. f*cking americans hide aliens in their country ... pathethic rly
2014-02-02 22:26
2014-02-03 02:17
Hello Alex Jones.
2014-02-02 21:40
:D haha, nice one
2014-02-02 21:49
Romania blg- 
"For example, for $10 you get your name in the end credits, for $50 you get to play GODM with, and for $500 you get to play a best-of-three versus" OKOK TIER-3 TEAM!
2014-02-02 20:32
2014-02-02 20:33
OK if it's for 1.6 golden five. If CS:GO - garry move out.
2014-02-02 20:35
30k u made my day.. :D ye pls donate ur money too an unknown polish filmmaker, so he can travel with a loosing cs go team and watch a shitty 3 min movie in 2 years :D
2014-02-02 20:41
Nice I guess
2014-02-02 21:07
ZywOo | 
Sweden j9mply 
This is waaaay to late imo. I mean they aint even G5 anymore, this would've been interesting around 07-09~
2014-02-02 21:08
2014-02-02 21:10
ask the bank.
2014-02-02 21:10
golden best <3
2014-02-02 21:15
Hiko | 
United States entfy 
Sounds like what tasteless did in Korea...
2014-02-02 21:18
too late... most kids today don't even know them, not even in poland
2014-02-02 21:21
Honestly these crowd-funding campaigns shouldn't be allowed without guaranteeing refund if the project doesn't reach its goal. Otherwise it's just free money for scammers.
2014-02-02 21:25
must be a joke
2014-02-02 21:26
Seems like a big scam :)
2014-02-02 21:27
awesome, i'll ;p
2014-02-02 21:27
to much GO kids who dont remember how much impressions, great frags,experience,great matches,fun and many more G5 give to us...
2014-02-02 21:32
Sounds legit.
2014-02-02 21:33
There is an unnecesary break in the title in the main page bothers me
2014-02-02 21:35
2014-02-02 21:59
Not gonna happen
2014-02-02 22:07
Latvia EMB 
Oh come on, paranormal activity budget was 15000$, how it can be 30k for documentary about team :D
2014-02-02 22:10
well paranormal activity was shit , this has better potential imho
2014-02-02 22:26
2014-02-04 08:49
Change it from non-refundable and you have at least $50 from me.
2014-02-02 22:26
The last time someone took donations to make an esports movie that movie was never made and the guy used that money to travel to Korea and have a good time... no thanks.
2014-02-02 22:29
What was his name?
2014-02-02 23:40
Dont remember.. Google sons of starcraft i believe...
2014-02-03 01:42
2014-02-03 02:33
Thank you both!! :P
2014-02-03 20:50
Dosia | 
Russia cann0n 
5$$ 0o
2014-02-02 22:30
actors list?
2014-02-02 22:31
Poland oFi 
director : micheal bay as neo : tom hanks as taz : the rock
2014-02-02 23:23
pasha = chuck norris
2014-02-03 12:25
Raise your Overdrive? :D
2014-02-02 22:31
^(._.)^ This!
2014-02-03 00:49
2014-02-03 15:03
If G5 had a twitch account that accepted the donations, assuming their english is ok and they played enough 10k is attainable in a few months of streaming.
2014-02-02 22:49
30K for a documentary about a counter strike team?!? I doubt he will be able to raise those kind of funds through the community
2014-02-02 23:52
perhaps virtus pro will fund the documentary themselves if they win katowice
2014-02-03 00:52
they wont win ^^
2014-02-03 02:08
ZywOo | 
Sweden j9mply 
I will personally fund it if VP were to win Katowice.
2014-02-03 02:13
Sus as fuck.
2014-02-03 00:59
Luq will be in the movie 100%
2014-02-03 01:38
What?!?! nah....
2014-02-03 02:07
I would like to see a detailed list of what they think their cost is gonna be producing this movie. 30k for a documentary seems a bit farfetched.
2014-02-03 02:25
they an get farked who in their right mind would pay 500 dollars to vs subpar cs:go players
2014-02-03 03:40
wtf? no.
2014-02-03 03:58
I think 30k is too much. They're making documentary right? Not a film.
2014-02-03 04:46
As much as I love the idea of solid documentary about them (and as long as they include LUq ;), I'd rather watch some sort of in-depth summary of the past 9 years of G5. I don't think following them through all the tournaments in 2014 is a good idea and I don't expect them to win anything. On the other hand I'd love to have the insight into their successes. GL though, don't think that any hate is necessary in this case, nobody forces anybody to pay anything.
2014-02-03 05:12
I'll donate my Famas | Doomkitty.
2014-02-03 05:54
Don't wanna watch a shitty documentary and i sure as hell won't pay to watch it. no ty
2014-02-03 06:22
$350 to play with them? I already played against all poland in matchmaking.
2014-02-03 06:32
Denmark Sander 
Hahaha wow :D
2014-02-03 07:17
sad to see summit getting 20k donations in a heartbeat and g5 won't pass the 5k for sure
2014-02-03 07:46
summit aint scammin
2014-02-03 12:26
100% scam
2014-02-03 08:17
Will definitly donate, if they change it so that they return the money when it doesn't reacht it's goal. Shame they do it this way, because it probably won't reach its goal this way
2014-02-03 08:58
+1 edit: Just watched the trailer. Oh man, this would be so awesome...watching the Golden Five in 1.6 was just awesome, their mid-round team-play was just brilliant, everyone played his role perfectly and you could see on big tournaments like they were literally "physically" fighting their way up to the #1. Maybe I will still donate. But yeah, it would be much better if people would get back their money in case it doesn't work out.
2014-02-03 13:57
"for 500$ you can play bo3 vs VP". As if anyone would pay such money for a bo3. As a reward for donating 50bucks ok, but 500? No way in hell. (not that I'd ever donate money to them). Since when do professional film makers have the ask for fundings anyway?
2014-02-03 09:04
$334 so far... :)
2014-02-03 09:22
Slovakia crushyou 
wont make $1000
2014-02-03 10:29
The G5 should fund their own documentary . After all they are the ones that took the most money out of tournaments and shit . 30K is alot of money but : "The ambitious goal of the project is to raise $30,000, used to follow Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas and his troops around the world in 2014 as they hope to clinch another world title with" Moving equipment , traveling expenses , rent etc. If you take all that into account 30k is not that much . I don`t think they will reach 10k , but gl . For 500 you get to play a BO3 , ok , why are people raging about this ? It`s still a donation , and you get to play against them . Oh wait i forgot , some dumb fucks just play MM with all kind of retards and spend hundreds if not thousands of $ on retarded skins that actually have no value . Just saying ... You are already donating you clowns !
2014-02-03 11:04
30k is way too much for something like this.
2014-02-03 11:11
Maybe they should make some g5 skins and that way they might have some realistic chance to get 30K On the other hand 30K for a documentary is wayyyy tooo much
2014-02-03 11:25
+1, it is too much, especially if they will not reach 30k they will not give the money back, haha
2014-02-03 15:01
It sound like they put a unreasonable price to reach so they just can get some few thousand extra for free. This looks very unproffesional and I don't believe in it for a second.
2014-02-03 11:31
lurppis how about you just delete this stuff ? its very fishy what they are doing, if they dont reach 30k ( they wont ) they keep everything, lol what? I could be like yo dawgs i want to make a movie about old SK and spawn and shit, 50k pls oh btw you won't get refunds if i don't reach 50k, thanks for that 15k that you just put in my pocket lelelele dolan pls
2014-02-03 11:44
The most ridiculous thing I've ever read tbh.
2014-02-03 12:18
2014-02-03 13:43
1st i was like yeah i will send some cash...than i read hltv forum and im like 'wait a minute'. thats silly :(
2014-02-03 13:47
nice scam
2014-02-03 13:49
Neo pasha taz byali and snax should just stream practices and people will donate and it will go towards the documontaty
2014-02-03 14:39
2014-02-03 14:55
2014-02-03 15:00
i wont help if they will not guarantee a money back
2014-02-03 15:00
delete the post cause its getting ugly xD
2014-02-03 15:15
no bad
2014-02-03 15:31
At $30,000 it is so obviously a scam.
2014-02-03 16:05
2014-02-03 16:17
It's just a supplement in gratitude for ur donation, not a sale of service. Why, u stupid fuck, can't understand it?
2014-02-03 16:22
Get urself back to school
2014-02-03 16:53
2014-02-04 20:24
I understand if they were any good in CS:GO.. But the amount of money they want for a such documentary is just ridiculous. I find it being a scam
2014-02-03 16:17
So unproffesional to just have a newsarticle about aswell with a silly statement. This is just to fucked up.
2014-02-03 17:41
nty lmao. They tryna milk it
2014-02-03 18:04
I think it will be a brialliant documentary about the best cs 1.6 team ever. Its a good idea to find some donators here on So lets make it happen guys!
2014-02-03 18:10
Good start.. $29 600 to go!
2014-02-03 19:31
"Help to fund a Golden Scam"
2014-02-03 21:09
LOL +1
2014-02-04 09:16
Just checked and it was over 500, now it's 415.. Sad.
2014-02-04 00:59
Help five nerds just because they want to make a documentary? and children who are starving in Africa who help them out?
2014-02-04 07:14
IGC style (,_.)
2014-02-04 17:22
We never learn :/
2014-02-04 20:21
i would rather buy 10 camels from a moroccan on ebay than spending my money on a movie about 5 unknown noobs from a 3rd world country (russia)
2014-02-04 20:25
Denmark kozality 
Although it's better than the absolute Legends case it's still pretty sorry to see only 500 bucks donated for these "legends".
2014-02-04 20:29
How poor are you guys that you can't justify spending $30k on a documentary? Film-making is expensive as all hell; just a decent camera/audio setup would cost $10-15k. I can justify the expense, but I can't justify myself donating towards this campaign. 1, flexible funding is a big no-no. If you don't meet your goal, don't keep the money you raised; that just looks like a scam. 2, this documentary is 3 years too late. The "Golden Five" are the Golden Three or Two as of now, depending on your thoughts on pasha. They're a shell of their former selves who have yet to win a major title in CS:GO; they've had issues even winning minor titles. If they manage to prove themselves at Katowice, then I'd consider donating (just a small amount, since I don't wanna donate $100 only to not have it refunded if the $30k goal isn't met). However, funding is only until the end of this month. A good concept I guess, but it really couldn't have come at a worse time.
2014-02-04 23:14
This should of came out 2 years ago when the 1.6 era ended. On top of that Pasha will never be considered G5. Majority of those titles were won with Luq and not Pasha.
2014-02-05 06:26
Poland MJP 
Love to se this movie , but couple years ago to be honest. Now hmm , i love them guys , know Neo since 2004 where meet him on WTM2 Polish Lan. Donate money - i can do taht , thats ok part. But if they not reach 30K , nothing will be refounded bad times mate for shit like this. Golden Fine : Neo , Taz , Loord , kuben , LUq(pasha). I can deal with LUq and pasha. They both kind of G5 we can say . But still real one is with Lukasz LUq Wnek. But them money , nothing will be back - LOL dude get out !
2014-02-05 11:41
Hi guys, i'm the author of the Golden Five project, my name is Radek Jedrzejczak. Let me explain some topics here because is getting really nightmare to me. First of all - scam - do you really think that i could ask fan of counter-strike for money and run away, well, don't measure other people by one's own yard stick. Do you think that i could involved Neo, Taz and Pasha in this project and fuck them? Be serious. 30k $ - yes, it look very much but not when you produce documentary movie. When you count days that we have to spend to make recording, it's not much anymore. Look how many players we have to record and his parents, close friends. When you have professional crew and you have to pay them every day, it's not much anymore. And if we want to travel to few tournaments, i hope that this money is just enough. I'm not talking here about editing and postproduction but just about camera recordings. 30k $ is for the most documentary production films just 1/3 or even 1/4 of all budget. Before you make any comment about budget please visit your national film commission and check the budgets of the documentary films. Flexible fundings - well, this option is the best for us - filmmakers. We can get the money even if we don't reach our goal. And I think if you like the idea of the movie you can donate 5$, 10$ or 25$ without ruin your life. It's also good for us that we can show our potential co-producers that we have some money to start our production and convince them to start with us. If you have more question i will answer asap. Believe in us and don't talk any bullshit god damn it.
2014-02-05 15:08
Europe yoss 
Hi Radek! I'm really startled by HLTV community reaction as you're. I don't know if they're just uneducated, bunch of kids, or simply stupid, but let's leave this issue... For me, the most suprising thing is that people act unjustice towards G5 and their history, by denigrating them here, just cause they're not on the top right now and they're asking for help. It seems like CS community forgot about ppl who gave them such a great emotions. Team with the most number of titles in history of CS. Also I suggest you, to make your own topic on hltv cause you might be missed by most of community here. Sry for my english.
2014-02-05 16:25
There are tons of people who already did that (scam) and yes, involving other people. 30k$ which none of the money or high part of it comes from the players (in the case they are the ones wanting to do it)? They want a documentary or you are the one wanting to do it? You can also move over sponsors and tell them your project (i guess you already have done this).
2014-02-06 04:05
ok, thx yoss. In every movie you need a dramatic plot not only success. For me this is a good opportunity to show how they are going to fight to get back on top.
2014-02-05 17:02
"For example, for $10 you get your name in the end credits, for $50 you get to play GODM with, and for $500 you get to play a best-of-three versus" Reallllllllllllllllllllly? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Now serious,what?. You want a documentary about G5? Go and ask their members for money to do it or in other way to at least giving by theirselves a high part money of the documentary/filming it by theirselves and then giving into you?. Anyways at this time...not many would be interested in seeing a loser team over 3-4-5 tournaments of CSGO where you are going to film when you can watch them in any tv or streaming. 30k...rofl...i'm just without words. You have it easy, win a tournament (or some) and fund it by theirselves.
2014-02-06 04:01
2014-02-06 04:05
You don't get the point of fundraising, donation. You don't buy here anything, you are supporting us and in return we have something for you. It's not a shop. If you are not interested that probably this campaign is not for you. Streaming and documentary film, nice comparison.
2014-02-06 10:27
530$. Almost there.
2014-02-09 20:45
It's so close ! But seriously, what will it be about? They wont win anything 2014, maybe some local lan but dafuq...
2014-02-09 21:19
it's about the past dude...
2014-02-09 21:25
30.000$ to make a movie about the past. Talk about easy money to look for OLD clips and edit them and put in some interviews...
2014-02-10 16:38
@They wont win anything 2014, maybe some local lan but dafuq..." it was local indeed :)
2014-03-27 11:52
read screenplay part
2014-02-10 00:16
It looks like it is going to be the scam of the year. :) Over $500 for nothing.
2014-03-01 16:13
2014-03-05 14:57
Its over. I feel embarrassed for them (._.'')
2014-03-05 14:44
Well, good try.
2014-03-05 14:58
Now VP have won Katowice, someone should make this happen.
2014-03-26 21:40
I don't think it would need a fucking $30k to make a documentary. I expect half of the money going to their pockets.
2014-03-27 12:08
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