Dignitas sign über G33KZ

February 16th, 2014 20:03

Team Dignitas have announced that they have completed the signing of über G33KZ.

The Danish team had been without an organisation for the last two months after parting company with Copenhagen Wolves in December as negotiations over the 2014's contract broke down. 

At the turn of the year, über G33KZ made headlines when they cut all ties with Nicolaj "Nico" Jensen and replaced the Danish AWPer with with René "cajunb" Borg, who at the time was in n!faculty.

With only a few weeks left before Copenhagen Games and EMS One Katowice, the Danish giants have now been given a major boost as they have been picked up by Team Dignitas, who have been without a CS:GO team since August.

This is also the first time that dignitas, a UK-based organisation, will bet on a foreign CS:GO team.

"We are extremely proud to announce that from this day forth we will be representing Team Dignitas," team captain Henrik "FeTiSh" Christensen said.

"After a few months of searching we found that the Team Dignitas offer met all of our requirements and we can now start looking to improve our game, and hopefully do some more damage at the international events during 2014!"

Meanwhile, Dignitas have announced that Steffen "3k2" Markussen, a former member of the team when they were in CPH Wolves, has been brought in as coach.

Dignitas' first event will come in a just a few days' time as the team will take part in DreamHack's $10,000 invitation, where NiP, Titan and fnatic will also be in attendance.

Dignitas now have:

Denmark Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth
Denmark Nicolai "device" Reedtz
Denmark Henrik "FeTiSh" Christensen
Denmark Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen
Denmark René "cajunb" Borg

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2014-02-16 20:04
SpawN | 
Slovakia mBust3r 
2014-02-16 20:04
gl Nico
2014-02-16 20:04
Dont you know Nico was already kicked by UB? Check the previous post.
2014-02-16 20:06
maybe he wrote gl to device @ his irl name Nico_laI
2014-02-16 20:09
maybe he just troll xD
2014-02-16 20:11
same :D maybe he laugh at Nico...
2014-02-16 20:18
2014-02-16 20:41
lamp | 
Russia lamp` 
2014-02-16 20:04
Nice read
2014-02-16 20:04
Why not just write the news done before posting it? Is it really this sensational
2014-02-16 20:04
that is the news, are you thick?
2014-02-16 20:05
If so, it was already posted five times in the forum
2014-02-16 20:12
what's your point?
2014-02-16 20:16
You can read more in the forum threads than whats here. Late, bad quality news to be precise
2014-02-16 20:23
especially when esports heaven already posted it an hour ago.
2014-02-16 20:06
great news, they deserve it
2014-02-16 20:04
Great team, could be a top 3.Excited to see them next week in the Dreamhack Open thingy, where they face NiP/VG etc..
2014-02-16 20:05
very cool =)
2014-02-16 20:05
danish pride
2014-02-16 20:07
2014-02-16 20:05
fuc* yeahhhhhh
2014-02-16 20:06
Very informative.. On the plus side, it's great to see dignitas getting into CS again.
2014-02-16 20:06
gl hf! don't switch players every two weeks and this might work.
2014-02-16 20:06
in next three weeks they gonna change lineup again
2014-02-16 20:06
Spain akproxx 
I never expected this O.O
2014-02-16 20:07
Really they deserve it, good luck!
2014-02-16 20:07
unexpected but nice
2014-02-16 20:07
Chile dEaux 
2014-02-16 20:08
ex-CPH right?
2014-02-16 20:09
2014-02-16 20:09
That's a great move, good luck.
2014-02-16 20:09
Dosia | 
Russia cann0n 
2014-02-16 20:10
France Kairos1g 
2014-02-16 20:11
cool stuff, good luck Danes :)
2014-02-16 20:16
2014-02-16 20:16
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
niiice =]
2014-02-16 20:17
Didn't see Dignitas picking up a non-UK team.
2014-02-16 20:28
2014-02-16 20:21
The Danish team had been without an organisation "for the last for the last" two months :DD
2014-02-16 20:21
More to follow...!!!!!!111!!!!!
2014-02-16 20:21
Gl Denmark <3333333
2014-02-16 20:26
Niceee. Well deserved.
2014-02-16 20:28
no p1mp, no success.
2014-02-16 20:30
p1mp always seems to be an after thought in danish teams, hes not in with the boys club it seems.
2014-02-16 21:29
Which is ridiculous, if you ask me. He almost never underperforms plus he seems like a genuinely nice guy whenever he's interviewed, acts as a support-caster or writes here in the forums.
2014-02-16 22:02
2014-02-16 22:36
2014-02-17 11:32
nice GL guys! <3
2014-02-16 20:31
Do they get salary? :)
2014-02-16 20:33
They do. How much is unknown.
2014-02-16 20:41
over 9000
2014-02-16 21:00
ITS OVER 9000 !!!!!
2014-02-16 21:04
Ok, ty :)
2014-02-16 21:13
"and hopefully do some more damage at the international events during 2014" "hopefully" terrible mindset
2014-02-16 20:34
He's being modest...
2014-02-16 20:43
I can assure you, Fetish has a winners mentality. :D
2014-02-17 08:35
Team Dignitas are here tomorrow big.
2014-02-16 20:42
2014-02-16 20:44
nice org and nice team ... gl guys !
2014-02-16 20:46
Top 5 team in EU for sure.
2014-02-16 21:04
Spain akproxx 
1-3 world
2014-02-16 23:37
Very nice!!
2014-02-16 21:09
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
Don't know how long they'll last with Device. Hopefully longer.
2014-02-16 21:18
Here we come! :)
2014-02-16 21:23
gl :)
2014-02-16 21:23
big pickup for Dig, interesting choice to enter back into CSGO.
2014-02-16 21:28
lol at the title at dignitas website "Team Dignitas ventures into CS:GO" and they missed the "for the 9th time" part :)
2014-02-16 21:31
Which other 9 csgo teams did they have
2014-02-17 21:45
i like this edit
2014-02-16 21:34
great news. gl
2014-02-16 21:36
its good to see Dignitas step up their game and try out Cs Go and pick themselfs up a top 5 team of the world if u ask me
2014-02-16 21:39
Dignitas LoL Team ?
2014-02-16 21:49
not bad *Obama's not bad*
2014-02-16 22:03
Gl :)
2014-02-16 22:04
Greece her-1g 
solid orga and solid lineup. even though i think that nico was a better fit than cajun but i believe they will sort things out now that they have a financial support. also i dont know if 3k2 is a good fit for a coach. I would prolly choose someone like trace or even more experienced guy like zonic.
2014-02-16 22:05
Denmark dR_JaCkPoT 
3k2 is perfect! He has always been the tactical mastermind. He will fit in great.
2014-02-16 22:19
A guy more experienced than 3k2? Good luck.
2014-02-16 23:23
Portugal Cyborgy 
2014-02-17 00:46
Greece her-1g 
i think zonic would qualify "as a more experienced player"
2014-02-17 03:28
I don't really get what 3k2 will do as a coach? Fetish is more experienced than 3k2, not much - but he has more LANS and titles than Steffen. So what will 3k2 do as a coach? Bring water :D?
2014-02-17 08:38
Denmark iPlayer 
2014-02-17 09:19
Well this is pretty to answer: First of all, Fetish might have more experinece because he has participated in more tournaments and Maybe won a little more - but the fact is, that 3k2 is, in my opinion one of the Best ingame analysist you Can have. He will be spectating our games and bring us a overview of The most crucial mistakes we make - and then advicing us with a potential solution. In addition, 3k2 is extremely strong with smokes and flashes and in general making up new serups and strategies. Whenever we need a smoke or a certain flash, he Can make him do it in seconds, while we focus on other stuff ingame
2014-02-17 13:58
yea, nicolai told me the other day so I didn't reply. Thx for the reply though :P and glhf, looking forward to see you play :)
2014-02-20 15:30
You clearly dont know 3k2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
2014-02-17 16:04
Greece her-1g 
i dont. we didnt have any 3k2 in 1.6 we had ave
2014-02-17 21:34
well if i would disrespect ave now i should kill myself so i wont do that but 3k2 is good :)
2014-02-17 21:37
poor dupreeh,this isnt mTw :(
2014-02-16 22:26
haha ^^
2014-02-16 22:42
Nice one. Now waiting for ex n!ficulty to find new org. :)
2014-02-16 22:30
3DMAX. Mark my words.
2014-02-16 22:49
nah, anexis would be a better fit
2014-02-17 01:12
No more anexis.
2014-02-17 07:04
did they disband?
2014-02-17 08:30
2014-02-17 09:54
thx for the info bro when did that happen?
2014-02-17 12:18
2013 summer i think.
2014-02-17 14:11
2014-02-17 20:04
Greece her-1g 
haahahahahahahahahahah nice guess
2014-02-17 21:34
Great news! go Dignitas!
2014-02-16 22:35
what a shitty movie tho
2014-02-16 22:41
Spain Donra 
dignitas is a good orga?
2014-02-16 23:06
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
One of the best really, though they usually go for UK teams.
2014-02-17 01:25
Denmark iPlayer 
Since 2010 I haven't seen a Dignitas team do well nor last for a long time. It might be because they've chosen UK teams, but those UK teams blamed Dignitas (I'm pretty sure of).
2014-02-17 09:25
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
I meant as an Org in general, they have so many teams in other games.
2014-02-17 10:09
Czech Republic GzzM 
2014-02-16 23:21
Croatia m4niaaaaac 
much nice team
2014-02-16 23:23
Europe _jUNGLE 
GL, they deserve it!
2014-02-16 23:52
well they have been always amazing, hjopefully dignitas can be up to the expectations of the team
2014-02-17 00:37
2014-02-17 00:56
Very good for the Danish team!
2014-02-17 01:02
so what happens to.nico ??
2014-02-17 01:57
Greece her-1g 
nico prolly stays home with his girlfriend
2014-02-17 03:29
Glad they got picked up the are a very competent team
2014-02-17 02:18
gl guys
2014-02-17 03:40
Germany gg-wp 
great team, they deserve a strong, fair and good support.
2014-02-17 04:07
Now we have ex-ad and ex-faculty staying without org, zeus said on stream that therr rumours that ex-ad will ve picked up by lemondogs
2014-02-17 06:33
Can't really see why LEMONDOGS would pick up ADS, haven't they always went for SWE teams?
2014-02-17 10:48
Who knows, who knows..
2014-02-17 11:56
m0nt | 
Australia m0nt 
not bad, ive heard dignitas don't assist very much on the monetary side of things though.
2014-02-17 06:36
Good luck
2014-02-17 07:56
Good luck guys
2014-02-17 08:22
great team, great sponsor... hopefully from them both we will see great things
2014-02-17 08:30
n1111111 glglglgglglglgl will do a lot of damage
2014-02-17 08:39
good luck guys. :)
2014-02-17 10:06
3k2 as a coach. Nice. A rival or ex-VG in CSS era ;)
2014-02-17 11:04
lol nica is bot....
2014-02-17 11:26
I remember 3k2 from Source and his experience will good factor for this team. Although every player in this team are good on his own way and every player have a kind of experience.
2014-02-17 20:10
United Kingdom smoggy:. 
sweet to see dignitas back in CS, gl!
2014-02-17 20:38
bad move. an amalgamation of dicknitas and uber gayz will be imperative of continuous failure of uk organisations and danish teams.
2014-02-17 23:15
Awesome! Maybe now, Dignitas will finally have a long-lasting CS:GO team. Best of luck under your new flag, boys!
2014-02-18 00:30
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