TeamCRG win epic.TWELVE

February 17th, 2014 23:20

TeamCRG have triumphed at epic.TWELVE over TLM with a 16-7 score in the grand final, taking home the first place prize of £750.

epic.TWELVE took place this past weekend in Kettering, United Kingdom where nine teams gathered to fight for a £1,000 prize purse. While most of the teams were mixes, most notably Joshua "steel" Nissan's and Brandon "weber" Weber's The Not So Lovely Men, there were a couple of teams who also took part in the recent EMS One Katowice UK Finals such as TeamCRG and TLM.

danielsan, tsack, decclan, CRMJ and redSNK with their epic.TWELVE trophy

The top two seeds, TeamCRG and TNLSM quickly reaffirmed themselves as favorites after flawless group stage campaigns, after which the tournament entered a double elimination best-of-three bracket.

However, while TeamCRG made it to the upper bracket final with ease, Nissan's team lost to TLM in the semis (16-13 on de_inferno, 16-8 on de_cache) and were sent to the lower bracket. TLM then put up a great fight against TeamCRG in the upper final, but ended up losing 2-1 (14-16 on de_inferno, 16-11 on de_cache, 16-12 on de_dust2).

TNSLM got their chance for revenge in the consolidation final, but TLM proved to be stronger once again (8-16 on de_nuke, 16-14 on de_inferno, 16-3 on de_dust2), and they ended up joining TeamCRG in the grand final on stage.

The upper bracket winners had an automatic 1-0 advantage, so they needed to win only one map, which they quickly took care of with a 16-7 result on de_inferno, earning themselves £750.

epic.TWELVEBest of 1
16th February 2014
United Kingdom

 TeamCRG K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
United Kingdom Ricardo 'CRMJ' CostaCRMJ 25 - 17 +8 - 1.44
United Kingdom Daniel 'danielsan' Boundydanielsan 18 - 11 +7 - 1.21
United Kingdom James 'redSNK' LittlewoodredSNK 18 - 14 +4 - 1.10
United Kingdom Decclan 'decclan' Tobindecclan 18 - 15 +3 - 1.09
Greece Konstantinos 'tsack' Theodoropoulostsack 11 - 12 -1 - 0.94
 TLM K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
United Kingdom Joe 'JT' TalbotJT 17 - 18 -1 - 0.98
United Kingdom Luke 'fearLess' MorrisfearLess 17 - 19 -2 - 0.96
United Kingdom Eamon 'cAUzEd' DreacAUzEd 12 - 18 -6 - 0.74
United Kingdom Connor 'Sliggy' BlomfieldSliggy 12 - 17 -5 - 0.72
United Kingdom Henry 'HenryG' GreerHenryG 11 - 18 -7 - 0.68

epic.TWELVE final standings

1. United Kingdom TeamCRG (danielsan, tsack, decclan, CRMJ, redSNK) - £750
2. United Kingdom TLM (HenryG, JT, Sliggy, cAUzEd, fearLess) - £250
3. United Kingdom TNSLM (steel, weber, vertigo, jakem, NeiL_M)
4. United Kingdom Rasta.mix (Harsh, CJME, ShadowmaN, WigSTAR, MontSta)

TeamCRG are expected to be in action again already tomorrow at the EMS One Katowice EU qualifier #1. The next edition of this tournament will take place in the summer, named epic.THIRTEEN and scheduled for July 17th-20th.

2014-02-17 23:21
where's Rattlesnk h3h3
2014-02-17 23:22
CRG has redSNK. Who need Rattlesnk ? \(^_^)/
2014-02-17 23:55
henryG copied hudzG
2014-02-17 23:25
In case anybody fancies watching the final, here's the link:
2014-02-17 23:25
Nobody wants to see your stream kya <3
2014-02-17 23:35
Razeh. me. you. outside. now. </3
2014-02-17 23:41
It's cold outside, would mom allow that mate?
2014-02-17 23:48
mom? u mean mum?
2014-02-18 00:44
African Union wtbx 
you? you mean you?
2014-02-18 00:53
No i don't.
2014-02-18 01:04
2014-02-18 08:55
the epic spiderman meme picture!!!1 xDD
2014-02-19 13:32
My screen is full of coke, because of you, sir. Thank you.
2014-02-19 17:37
wow neil_m can't even come top2 at easy UK LANs nowadays. sad.
2014-02-17 23:25
I haven't got a PC anymore I just went for fun and I was terrible.
2014-02-17 23:42
Portugal Cyborgy 
at least you admit it while steel probably onlined the lan
2014-02-18 03:28
oh look tsack on lan 11-12 l0l
2014-02-17 23:27
he dropped 30+ in most maps in the upper bracket.
2014-02-17 23:42
so he dropped 30+ against total noobs and the only important game against good enemys he did 11-12 dunno how that is better
2014-02-17 23:55
United Kingdom CRMJ 
Lol kosta that video you put after haahhaa
2014-02-18 00:25
you do like to give it
2014-02-18 03:22
2014-02-18 10:31
hahahaha that video
2014-02-18 17:19
hahaha get fuckt trashkid
2014-02-18 02:00
Nope 33-11 vs TLM in upper bracket final cu
2014-02-18 10:34
ot: does anyone know what happened to 4k since i havent been following the uk scene
2014-02-17 23:27
yes but did they split or are they together what happened ?
2014-02-17 23:42
CRG gokart?
2014-02-17 23:28
arch | 
Ukraine arch 
lol no fm.toxic. no myxmg, no rasta.xd only mix, no hudzg ...
2014-02-17 23:30
no point attending for £750 the players flights would cost double that easily
2014-02-18 10:09
RattlesnK 2 STRONG 4 UK
2014-02-17 23:41
Rattlesnake rage quit all teams...
2014-02-17 23:49
tsack .. That name dough
2014-02-17 23:50
Konstantinos Theodoropoulos
2014-02-17 23:51
Denmark kozality 
steel was a monster in the games I saw him, holy shit!
2014-02-17 23:57
wp tsack & redsnakez
2014-02-18 00:35
terrible photo gz to TeamCRG!
2014-02-18 00:36
£750... Jesus Christ. Is this really what the UK scene has become?
2014-02-18 00:50
African Union wtbx 
epic lan is a small tournament.
2014-02-18 00:54
Bigger than ever?
2014-02-18 09:55
Not to mention only 1 actual team attended lol poor excuse for a LAN
2014-02-18 10:13
Well three actually perhaps teams in the UK should start attending properly, top end have shown they will throw the teams/mixes together if called upon yet actual community teams still haven't shown up much to help support the growth of the scene. Spend less time saying it is the LANs fault for attracting "only 1 team" and perhaps you as a supposed UK player should focus on getting a team and attending. Some people forget about the bigger picture which is simple, the more teams that play and are more active in the scene the better it is for everyone because I can then attract sponsors for such events like this! Which then filters down the scene effectively. It's all about return of investment for sponsors, it showed for League of Legends at epic.Twelve as they now have a fully sponsored event for next event.
2014-02-18 11:31
United Kingdom r0mm 
This was entirely the LANs fault for lack of people attending. iSeries will be massive. So not to worry folks.
2014-02-18 11:55
African Union wtbx 
um... no.
2014-02-18 11:59
Do explain how so? Prize pool was sensibly staggered, I communicated with various people through the Facebook group, people said "move the tournament off Friday and we will come" we did that. I cater for all kinds of teams by creating a system that rewards people for their expectations, GOTV was available throughout the event, we had a stream for it all event, hell even if people were at the event we had a dedicated internal stream to watch such things. We put the final on the ESL stage, we poked orgs and teams in the run up. What more can one person and a few others perhaps do? If so let me know and I will personally change it.
2014-02-18 13:06
gumpster plz lans fault omg
2014-02-18 13:17
2014-02-18 13:20
2014-02-18 13:47
Only 1 good team attended that finished in the top5 and didn't get beaten easily by mixteams... that better? Decent teams wont attend LAN's with a £750 prize & Sponsors wont sponsor a small LAN that no decent team previously attended! Not your fault thats just how it works. That's what made the CPL/WCG/ESWC/WEG/WSVG UK Qualifiers so good back in the day, decent UK teams actually had something worthwhile to practice for these days none of these qualifiers exist or they're played online and won by foreign teams.
2014-02-18 15:56
That is because times have changed w1cked. It is all about Return of Investment, and when you look at the UK eSports scene, do you see much of that? We don't have any decent teams in any of the premier eSports titles, from CS to LoL, to DotA2. We have no real stand out player in SC2. It also doesn't add to the fact that sponsors see a mix of a weak scene added with a lack of activity within said scene. It's perhaps time for some people to stop whining that there isn't anything like "CPL/WCG/ESWC/WEG/WSVG UK Qualifiers" and perhaps try and help build a scene that can bring those types of things back to the UK.
2014-02-18 18:24
It's got nothing to do with times changing and LAN's have always been about return of investment why else would anyone bother sponsoring them? It's your job as LAN organisers to get in touch with international tournaments and request to host UK qualifiers then sponsors will be willing to get involved.
2014-02-18 20:10
It is also the job of the LAN to make sure it builds in a certain way. So basically that was the third event at a new venue, on a better internet, we are getting to a point now where we are growing and there are still teething issues, if for example we said next LAN we will do these massive qualifiers for next event, and end up having massive issues, that could ruin it for other events and future events. You have to build slowly and grow through that. We have seen many times how shit can go wrong, and we have a different view on that. At epic.TWELVE, we had a really good DotA2 tournament hosted by ESL UK which featured TUP machines and a solid prize pool, and hopefully in future we can grow to develop that side of it. But what you simply cannot afford to do is piss off sponsors for events and/or other organisers & international tournaments as it effects everyone else in the country.
2014-02-18 20:21
Yeah I'm not saying you should do it now because you'll probably fail miserably. But in future you should :)
2014-02-18 21:09
United Kingdom r0mm 
The lan wouldn't have happened it if wasn't for you...getting enough teams to turn up. But the original date planned was where it all fucked up to start with.
2014-02-18 19:17
It is the same weekend every year. It just so happened it fell on Valentines Day. People requested the tournament moved to the Saturday, it was done like that. Unfortunately we have to plan a full year (if not more) in advance to perhaps make sure the dates are clear, several other events are on at the same venue over the weekends in February & March which we couldn't get ourselves into, if we moved it closer to iSeries, people would say "OMG it's too close to iSeries, can't go". If we moved it to Christmas or even January, people would complain it's far too early for such an event. We have though taken such feedback on board and made sure we got in first for next year and done it a week later in February.
2014-02-18 19:38
United Kingdom r0mm 
"It just so happened it fell on Valentines Day. " This is why it was the LANs fault. "We have though taken such feedback...." This is the LAN organisers realising where they fucked up. I personally think you did a great job working with what you had, and I'm very glad people like you are here to help the scene along... But I have absolutely no idea how lan organisers are repeatedly defending their case instead of just accepting they fucked up like we all do, but it was too late to make any major changes. This is nothing against you gump, I'm just stating the absolute obvious in my opinion
2014-02-19 01:00
So if it was our fault, why was it our biggest event ever? If it was our event why did LoL teams bring so many teams? Why did DotA2 bring teams? Anyway I'm sorry you missed the event, it was a great event, just a shame CSGO teams couldn't turn up in force.
2014-02-19 03:34
Nice to see CRG back in the saddle. The UK scene was looking good around this time last year; maybe it's time for a revival.
2014-02-18 00:59
Portugal Cyborgy 
TNSLM (steel, weber, vertigo, jakem, NeiL_M) online much?
2014-02-18 03:24
Mix much?
2014-02-18 07:43
United Kingdom r0mm 
Yep you caught them! Gj!!!
2014-02-18 11:54
nobodies vs nobodies...
2014-02-18 04:57
WP Dan & Kostas :-*
2014-02-18 10:12
i knew CRG would win it =(^.^)=
2014-02-18 11:04
henryg played hon?
2014-02-18 11:25
Well played and congratulations Rick <3
2014-02-18 11:37
Ukraine petruska 
nice work ;)
2014-02-18 14:08
Look at the state of those kids, eww.
2014-02-18 18:49
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