Titan win DreamHack Stockholm

Titan win DreamHack Stockholm SteelSeries CS:GO Invitational after beating NiP on the first and final map (16-10 de_nuke) and take home the first place prize of $7,500.

Coming to a rematch on de_nuke, Titan escaped the pistol round by the skin of their teeth as they won a one-versus-one for a four-round lead after Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg attempted a flank on catwalk.

Then it was Richard "Xizt" Landström, who pulled off a one-versus-three from the toxic area, as he killed the defusing Titan, while the rest had no time left. Together with an upper push the score was sitting at 4-2.

Following seven rounds were split 2-3 thanks to Adam "friberg" Friberg's four kills and Landström's combination with Lindberg, but Richard "shox" Papillon's triple turns it around for an eventual 10-5 before halftime.

Titan were undefeated in the tournament 

Switching to the easier side of Counter-Terrorists, NiP needed the pistol round and got it after a successful lower bombsite defense, which took the match to 10-8.

Nathan "NBK" Schmitt was at the helm of Titan's first Terrorist round with his four kills including a one-versus-two, thanks to which Titan went on to take two more rounds despite a good attempt in the eco round, ending up in a one-versus-one.

The last few round were played offline, but it was Titan who pulled through and took them under their wings to win the tournament at 16-10.

Final standings of DreamHack Stockholm Invitational:

1. France Titan - $7,500
2. Sweden NiP - $2,500
3. Sweden fnatic
4. Denmark dignitas

2014-02-22 03:38
prntscr.com/2uonts Love you Titan :)
2014-02-22 03:38
2014-02-22 05:00
where do you bet weapons ?
2014-02-22 11:25
Denmark e1z
On CSGOlounge.com
2014-02-22 11:31
Thanks ! :)
2014-02-22 13:27
2014-02-22 11:32
Thanks ! :)
2014-02-22 13:27
titan boss of paname
2014-02-22 03:38
What a great match, glad I was able to watch it
2014-02-22 03:38
Boring but wp titan
2014-02-22 03:39
n1! gratz!
2014-02-22 03:39
congrats hehehe
2014-02-22 03:39
Very smooth and Sexy match.
2014-02-22 03:40
gj titan, love stream
2014-02-22 03:41
Probably one of the worst events i have ever seen. The double elim bo1 is soso, but everything from the production to the massive delays have made this event one of the worst in recent memory.
2014-02-22 03:41
2014-02-22 07:24
Yes. Do you know why there was delays?
2014-02-22 12:24
ddos attacks
2014-02-22 12:55
Yeah, i know. But mute20 didn't seem to know that.
2014-02-22 14:18
Instead of appreciating Dreamhack's efforts, you guys can only crib! How the fuck were they responsible for the delays? Who the fuck are you to blame them? Sitting behind the screen and being a keyboard warrior is the easiest thing on the internet. God bless hltv.org community. Considering the quality of matches, casters and team behind the event, it was one of the nice event if not the best.
2014-02-22 14:20
Denmark fyhn
Doesn't matter who's to blame, an event with this kind of delays will never be considered 'one of the nice event if not the best'. Seems you just want to bash someone in the head instead of facing reality.
2014-02-22 15:10
Even tho it's just the beggining of 2014, this even is the biggest failure of this year. I can't believe there will be any bigger
2014-02-22 03:42
wait for the techlabs ;-)
2014-02-22 13:01
I watched 6 hours of tournament brackets with dubstep music and missed most of the action.
2014-02-22 03:42
Nice evening (lol, 12 hours), great matches, performance and host, of course, these DDoSs are so terrible and what a nightmare for every one - players, casters and spectators. Hope we will get rid off these pieces of shits soon!
2014-02-22 03:43
Dreamhack must have outsourced to China this LAN production. They can run flawlessly the biggest LAN in the world with thousands of ppl but can't fucking run a 4 team LAN. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED ????
2014-02-22 03:45
this is what happen when you mix counter strike community with skins
2014-02-22 03:46
best comment of hltv since csgo creation
2014-02-22 03:52
+ fucking one... Doesn't help that CS is still absurdly easy to DDOS.. Didn't the new patch JUST fix that?.. wtf
2014-02-22 05:22
you can't "fix" DDoS. The only way preventing DDoS is not to expose your IP and the gameservers IP or having an extreme amount of bandwidth.
2014-02-22 06:33
It's incorrect, there are techniques to protect yourself from DDOS, but it has a cost, and requires technical skills.
2014-02-22 15:42
hahaha...go ahead..tell me. What are those techniques? Changing IP every minute ( like some bigger homepages do....) ? Not possible for playing online games. Play via proxy? Again: not possible for online play. Go ahead..teach me master...teach me the wise techniques of protecting yourself from getting DDoSed. The only fucking way to avoid getting DDoSed for players is: hide your own IP .... or get so much bandwith that you can ignore the attack = have fun paying.
2014-02-22 16:12
Dude, before assuming someone knows less than you, just ask normally what they know instead of trying to ridicule them unsuccessfully. One of these techniques is called VAC (no, it has nothing to do with Valve Anti-Cheat). It stands for "VACuum", and it's a technology developed by OVH. Its basically three different couple of routers and analyzing boxes, which analyze the input traffic (not all the traffic of course, only a fraction). Once they detect an attack, they switch the traffic on one of the machines (which is the vacuum), and this machine will drop all packets which match the characteristics of the attack, while letting all the others through. They say that they can handle any kind of DDOS attack, no matter its duration or its size. Of course this statement is obviously a taunt to test their system, but it's been in place since last year on their network (they provide divers hosting services), and it seems to be working fine. Now, I don't think it's an absolute protection of course, because there is no such thing, but it's effective for sure. If you're interested, you can get more informations here : ovh.com/us/anti-ddos/anti-ddos-principle..
2014-02-22 16:46
you clearly missed the environment you are currently talking in. Such methods are not suitable for online gaming. Ofc there are methods to prevent DDoS, lol. So? Again: next time watch the environment you are talking in and think about how useful it is to state stuff, that can't help anyways.
2014-02-22 17:09
You'll have to be a bit more specific than that if you want me to take you seriously.
2014-02-22 17:12
haha..whatever dude. Says enough about you.
2014-02-22 17:15
:) Sure does about you.
2014-02-22 17:32
That you think it's about the bandwith says a lot of your knowledge on the subject. It's about how and how many requests routers handle. And at the same time you are talking like that to people... Good job.
2014-02-22 16:53
same for you: you clearly missed the environment you are currently talking in. Go ahead: name me suitable solutions against DDoS for online gaming. - extremely high bandwidth - keeping IPs secret as much as possible Yeah...always good to actually say nothing of any value... Good job.
2014-02-22 17:12
So becasue the environment is hltv.org you should act like a douche (and at the same time not having a clue)? No, you do not need to have an extremely high bandwith. I literally just explained that to you. Next i did say something of value. I tried teaching you that it is not about having extreme bandwith, but how your routers and servers handle incomming requests. The easiest way for them to prevent DDoS at is to have the server locally and proxy the broadcast via a nearby datacenter that is better guarded against attacks. These attacks is most likely low low/threat attacks than can be easily avoided with better infrastructure.
2014-02-22 18:17
yeah..you clearly didn't get what i meant. no point in "arguing" with you.
2014-02-22 18:46
No i did not. You wrote what environment i am talking IN, not about. The specificly reffers to me and where i am. Not my fault you can't write properly. And good to see you actually responded to the solutions i listed. Again, good job. You are doing well.
2014-02-23 02:34
Wtf is wrong with you? Y so maaad? Because you are wrong?
2014-02-23 14:02
arguing ? U have literally no idea what are u talkin about. Just like a little kid who think that he knows better. In fact u know a shit but pretending as hard as you can. Thats nice arguing since u didnt said anything which is true. Just repeated over and over the same shit. But what can we expect from a someone who 2 years ago was saying that CSP will be successful game and csgo wont reach 100K.
2014-02-24 13:46
it suppose to, but apparently the attacker didn't get the IP from the game.
2014-02-22 10:53
They have a much stronger network at the Dreamhack Lan events, therefor they can handle ddos attacks.
2014-02-22 10:28
I think the issue is that it's a new studio and they did not yet have time to install a really powerful network. Hence the attacker killed it easily. They had GOTV on which gave the attacker their IP and then it was game over for their network. Next time fuck GOTV. I'm sure DH will have it all sorted for next time anyway though, they're not poor.
2014-02-22 03:45
one of the stupid tourney in last 2 years
2014-02-22 03:46
Event organizers really gonna need to step it up a bunch and get proper DDoS protection. This event was whack as fuck. I was literally watching a bracket picture whilst listening to dubstep music the entire day. And when it finally began I was either AFK or it only lasted for a round or so and the stream crashed again.
2014-02-22 03:47
nip so bad
2014-02-22 03:50
chill guys titan won ... bet there is no chance that stuff like this will happen at ems
2014-02-22 03:51
how so? >.<
2014-02-22 05:32
well the ppl hosting the tournament will obviously find the mistakes in this event will try rectifying them.. I HOPE they do that
2014-02-22 06:50
They got DDoS it's hard to prevent something like that, give them a break.
2014-02-22 14:13
NIP, WTF???!!
2014-02-22 03:59
Honestly, the event had a great start, but these technical issues just killed it. I really hope DreamHack will invest more on their studio's IT security for the next ones, because otherwise it's not even worth it. Still congratz to Titan.
2014-02-22 04:02
DreamDDos Stockholm. Nice mathes nontheless. The ones that were possible to watch, that is.
2014-02-22 04:02
So the top-3 is 1.Complexity 2.Titan 3.NiP
2014-02-22 04:06
Malta WATSKy
2014-02-22 04:08
2014-02-22 08:17
Malta WATSKy
im joking
2014-02-22 13:59
Complexity ? looooooool
2014-02-22 12:02
Complexity won Titan therefore they're btter than Titan. Titan won Nip so Complexity is better than NiP too.
2014-02-22 12:24
retard retard retard :D
2014-02-22 12:32
You're just mad that US has surpassed EU in CS .
2014-02-22 12:35
2014-02-22 13:00
yea and complexity won so many international lans therefor they are te best
2014-02-24 12:57
2014-02-22 13:49
god that was terrible to watch
2014-02-22 04:11
nice well played both team...
2014-02-22 04:12
2014-02-22 04:13
so if Titan won and iBP beat Titan, means iBP best in the world ? GO 'MURICA !
2014-02-22 04:19
iBP needs to do it consistently. One win does not deserve to be called best team in the world
2014-02-22 04:21
2014-02-22 04:25
And the most retarded logic of the year award goes to.
2014-02-22 04:26
And the GoT_TrolleD award goes to.
2014-02-22 04:30
To.. Superior.
2014-02-22 13:26
2014-02-22 04:34
And that's why we're calling americans, the most stupid nation in the world.
2014-02-22 10:13
2014-02-22 10:55
Which gets surpassed by you easily because you don't get an obvious joke.
2014-02-22 13:19
very fucking funny
2014-02-22 16:11
If we're so stupid get off our internet, our pcs, our countrr strike.... Stop investing in our stock market with our currency that your country begs for in times of trouble., where we use our most advanced technological army to save your 3rd world country.
2014-02-22 13:28
having polish flag, gg
2014-02-22 13:34
I'm proud of my heritage? So what?
2014-02-22 13:51
Your comment is so pathetic 3rd worlder.
2014-02-22 14:47
Ok czech
2014-02-23 00:20
We beg for dollars? Bitch please... its like monopoly money
2014-02-24 12:39
Well i dont disagree with that lol... But when countries are in turmoil or a natural catastrophe occurs everyone looks at our 'dollars' EDIT: soon all forms of currency except gold will be monopoly money... Including the euro lol.
2014-02-25 14:23
But NiP always beats iBP
2014-02-22 10:15
ibp worst team I've ever seen.
2014-02-22 10:55
Dreamhack... more like.. streamhack amiright
2014-02-22 04:28
It was called DreamHACK for a reason. xD
2014-02-22 04:41
worst tournament ever
2014-02-22 04:33
Grats Titan. That Was great performance by them. Lets see how other teams will improve to fight against great Titan's defence.
2014-02-22 04:56
i know everyone says it all the time but fiff really needs to go he is the weak link in the chain and lets NiP down so badly.. hes just not on there level inb4 "hes the caller" let xizt call hes fine as IGL and recruit a proper sniper.
2014-02-22 05:25
Maybe in a perfect world... but what's the chances of finding a top-level awp who also is an unselfish, 100% dedicated strategically gifted player and who they all have great chemistry with? Piling on talent to a team doesn't make it better , weirdly
2014-02-22 05:36
definitely correct on talent stacking doesnt make teams better but gtr and f0rest played with delpan in SK and that did wonders. obviously im just someone looking from the outside in but what i see is fifflaren being an obvious weak link and teams like Titan exploiting him as much as they can
2014-02-22 07:08
yes, they were exploiting him hard i started to feel sorry for the guy
2014-02-22 19:09
Greece her-1g
They will merge with fnatic they will take pronax as a igl jw as a awp , xizt the entry fragger and forest and get right their typical roles
2014-02-22 12:33
Friberg over xizt.. But Forest, gtr, friberg, pronax, jw is nice... Or fiff out, twist in.
2014-02-22 13:30
Greece her-1g
this could actually be team SWEDEN. if esl decides to host enc again
2014-02-22 14:41
"Recruit a proper sniper" every single one of their players can awp, from GeT_RiGhT to Fifflaren and well to... Fifflaren obviously has had some serious consistency issues though but everytime I've seen the awp in the hands of a fellow NiP player they've usually got frags, for instance GeT_RiGhT on cache getting a 4k out of no where like it was nothing. Awping in CS GO is not like it was in 1.6 or source, first you have to afford it which is hard in competitive games unless you're romping the other team or doing an extra save round for it, second you have to execute with the weapon which is hard to do against any team that is that is average or better because they'll just smoke and flash you off, for example awping mid on Dust 2 CT is pretty much useless unless you're versing a trash team that wont smoke it off, the awper would be better off pretty much anywhere else around the map, third if you die without catching some frags you're money fucking your team, fourth clutching with an awp is harder to do than with a rifle in CS GO, its like in source where you can just roam around agro and get frags, fifth NiP's playstyle doesn't require a dedicated awper, just because they lost to Titan you assume they need a "proper" sniper? Lol, Titan them selves have dominated nuke with merely nothing but a m4a1-s left side of ware house in the past, also it really wasn't even what was winning Titan the game, if you actually watched it the other night you would know smithz missed a lot of his shots and in the end the game was close, went into OT and the better team on the day ended up winning, I mean for crying out loud NiP flogged Titan at DH on Nuke and awping had zero to do with it.
2014-02-22 11:59
2014-02-22 13:05
AWP is very viable in csgo - nothing has changed you just need good money management.(every top team bar nip has a dedicated sniper) clutching was always hard with an awp if you tried to win 1vx's in any other version with an awp ur obviously a low grade player "nothing but a m4a1-s" - VG was awping/scar20ing and have so for ages. im not just judging this game alone i just feel fiff is a huge weak link and gets exploited therefor should be replaced and a good replacement would be a dedicated sniper as they are lacking in that department *EDIT* once again i will state im just an outsider looking in and i really wouldnt have a clue how they feel/what they think & whats going on internally - this is just my opinion
2014-02-22 18:13
Low grade player? I'm playing in the pro league atm and I'm my teams awper and do very well with it but like many others I realise its not as versatile or viable as rifling, shutting down an awper is much easier than shutting down a rifler, you cant exactly just pop flash your way through a smoke run out with an awp and take down 3-5 players as quickly as you could with a rifle, I should add that quick scoping in this game has a delayed accuracy compared to other versions so it has indeed to changed, RattlesnK has a blog about the viability of the awp in CS GO compared to other versions that I think you should probably go and read... As for the m4a1 comment, before shox was holding uppers with ScreaM he was playing left side of warehouse listening out for ghetto drops while protecting annex, it was a very passive role that worked really well, at times he did pick up an awp but that was more so him obviously trying to make him self harder to read or playing unpredictable to pickup surprise frags by going cat early round or close up t red with support from another player, keep in mind this was only when they had the cash to burn or if the weapon was picked up from an enemy player. Now on to Fifflaren, it is well known that he plays roles that nobody else in the team wants to play, his role isn't even to frag, he is pretty much a support player, you can find this out for your self from the NiP documentary where he gives you examples of what he does for his team, on top of all that he is now calling for them so I seriously doubt a replacement will do them any good and before you go and question his calling ability he was calling for the most part of their 87 consecutive map win streak on LAN. Also I remember you from Source you weren't exactly a good player, I honestly think your lack of experience explains a lot of your opinions here on this forum...
2014-02-24 05:12
i never played source except for a couple of times i got asked 2 slut, i didnt really read this just skimmed, ps did you see how good fiff was at EMS One? f0rest awping - waste of rifle. see how much impact VP's awping made on the comp?
2014-03-17 06:55
I'll just pretend that the whole event was backwards and the first game was really the finals.
2014-02-22 05:53
I feel for the DH guys, they put in so much hard work into eSports and putting on such events and some how they get fucked over by some selfish twats. Don't get why people direct their hatred at DH and not the guys who ruined it.
2014-02-22 06:16
+1 apart from the in game sound at the start and the ddos it was a great event!
2014-02-22 10:17
2014-02-22 17:25
Welcome to HLTV where there are more kids than a mature gamer like me and you ;)
2014-02-22 18:17
Germany gg-wp
conratz titan :) Good that i fall to sleep at 21 CET and missed that failsession of dodosing and servercrahses. ^^
2014-02-22 06:30
me2, fell asleep after the fnatic - dignitas match and woke up to the grand final
2014-02-22 06:58
DH has to sue the ddoser right? Imagine that dude in prison right now next to some thugs, that would be so perfect.
2014-02-22 06:54
Prison in Sweden is like a vacation.
2014-02-22 07:14
worst thing i ever read
2014-02-22 07:16
It's true though.
2014-02-22 12:05
woops. #198
2014-02-22 18:29
maybe the facility and regulation is all fine and dandy but i would imagine there is still some nasty motherfuckers in swedish prisons that would drop you like a sack of potatoes if you looked at them wrong.
2014-02-22 18:27
What if a prisoner was watching the games and decides to fuck up the guy? Sweet dreams.
2014-02-22 07:27
Not that great of a vacation so they're able to watch CS matches all night long.
2014-02-22 12:07
gj TitaN!
2014-02-22 07:07
Congrats Titan! I think it's safe to say they are back to number 1 for now. Until next event. It's scary to see what happens when Scream really gets back to his old self.
2014-02-22 07:21
deserve !
2014-02-22 07:27
lol Win two karts only nuke
2014-02-22 08:01
I hope this DDoS problem gets sorted out ASAP. Killed the matches for me.
2014-02-22 08:13
vods ?
2014-02-22 08:23
These kinds of joke isn't even funny anymore dude.
2014-02-22 10:32
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd
dis fifflaren hahaha
2014-02-22 08:33
Finland coswell
It ended at around 3 a.m. cet?
2014-02-22 08:46
gj guys !
2014-02-22 09:03
the guy ddos'ing the event must really be the most pathetic human in history.
2014-02-22 09:15
great performances by the teams competing, this year looks promising apart from the cretins who are bent on its destruction.
2014-02-22 09:19
2014-02-22 09:21
I haven't watched the final game as consolidation final ended at 1 am CET. These Ddos'es are unbearable :-(
2014-02-22 09:28
NiKo | 
France Amko_r
GG :))
2014-02-22 09:29
best team in world released a long time before this event :).
2014-02-22 09:55
Deserved, wp Titans, but this event was ridiculous.
2014-02-22 09:58
the 1st match was epic, and glad they won again the tourney :) gg
2014-02-22 10:03
Deserved. GG
2014-02-22 10:23
Well done.
2014-02-22 10:25
Anyone saying NiP isn' the best anymore don't really know what they are talking about. Just because you don't win every single event there is, doesn't mean that you are worse or better for that matter, than anyone else. Anyhow, congratz to Titan on a victory well deserved!
2014-02-22 10:26
If you outplace team x only in one event for a past year. And they beat you multiple times over and over again. It surely doesnt mean that you are better than em. Face the fact. Since shoxie joined VG/Titan are just overall way better and more complex team than nip is.
2014-02-22 11:22
NiP still top 1 ;)
2014-02-22 11:53
Far away from it mate far away.
2014-02-22 11:57
titan > nip
2014-02-22 12:12
2014-02-22 12:22
How many events in a row must titans beat for nip to not be #. 1 anymore?
2014-02-22 13:33
It's a shame how much power these ddos'ers have.
2014-02-22 10:34
good watching bar the ddos and delays (:
2014-02-22 10:36
Shit DDoS.. Valve when solution?????
2014-02-22 10:44
the fact that only nuke and dust2 were played just proofs that csgo needs more/better competitive maps...
2014-02-22 10:50
Thats mainly outcome of bo1.
2014-02-22 11:37
Stop complaining ppl, it was great to watch teams compete before Katowice. And I'm pretty sure they will all improve, especially fnatic who probably is just hiding a little before a big event
2014-02-22 10:59
tweeday made NiP get 2nd again because of karma for not putting fnatic at the ending in his NiP video. prediction : NiP 2nd again at katowice.
2014-02-22 11:05
I bet NiP won't reach top3 in Katowice trust me :)
2014-02-22 11:37
exactly :) virtus pro for no.1!!!!
2014-02-22 11:42
So when is the last time when nip actually won any event ? Half year ago ?
2014-02-22 11:23
Congratz Titan, NiP so far 0 improvement. Top3: 1/Tit 2/iBP 3/NiP
2014-02-22 11:36
iBP just antystrat Titan in Esea finals nothing immpressive...next time they meet they gonna be demolished.
2014-02-22 13:44
Titan BEST!
2014-02-22 11:53
inconclusive results imo ..... but let's just be happy that there won't be any event as shit as this one was in terms of organizations TV6 studios, fuck you.
2014-02-22 12:06
Event was well organized. They were simply unprepared for the vicious ddos attacks. Get mad at security breechers, not tournament organizers who are earnestly dedicated to putting on a great event for the fans
2014-02-22 17:29
titan outplayed everyone, really impressive
2014-02-22 12:10
Well, fuck. Now I know how the french felt for a year.
2014-02-22 12:17
nuke TIT-NIP 10:5, really? NiP lost just coz of you cant fcking organise your 10000$ tournament. Momentum.
2014-02-22 12:19
ye right. Its not like nip won both pistols in a first match and still couldnt win. Its not like delays were for both teams. Its obviously only nip who are affected and tired of it. Excuses at its finest !
2014-02-22 12:30
couldn't explain it better to be honest
2014-02-22 13:01
lol if you ever play a competive game or doing competive sports then you will know thats delays/breaks always benifit the leading Team, because the trailing team cannot build up a momentum which is essentially for a comeback to win the game. you can never win something in gaming or sports without having a momentum. Titan was leading because they started as CT on a map which is heavily CT sided and the delays/paused on their t side really helped them. If nip have started on ct side they would have won. also its a fact thats statistically 3 out of 4 teams win nuke when they start as CT! thats why one tourneys are shit as fuck
2014-02-22 13:47
you freaking mad.
2014-02-22 12:33
Titan gave us toptier lvl plays. I don't say that nip sucked yesterday but Titan played better.
2014-02-22 12:31
-fiff +anybody
2014-02-22 12:42
and the others got nothing? lmao that prize distribution 7,5k 2,5k ....
2014-02-22 12:58
Well, having a 50% chance of winning a prize when going to an event, I think it's more than fair ^^.
2014-02-22 15:59
not if you know that 50% of the teams are stronger than your team :D
2014-02-22 16:55
Don't fucking go then, it's an invitational event !! :D
2014-02-22 20:25
no shit?
2014-02-22 21:41
2014-02-22 12:58
2014-02-22 12:58
nip played very bad as terrorist in nuke..
2014-02-22 13:05
f0rest failed pretty hard in many important rounds.
2014-02-22 13:35
forest is shit man.
2014-02-22 13:37
He is not shit. But he is not that good like the fanboys saying. People blaming on fifflaren when his teammates doing some terrible mistakes
2014-02-22 13:41
Yet, at major events he kills everything that moves. Stats don't lie.
2014-02-23 20:09
f0rest has been playing just average for a long time,he just gets lots of eeco kills
2014-02-22 13:43
Bulgaria b0xeR4et0
This tournament was a fail lol
2014-02-22 13:59
stats ?
2014-02-22 13:57
Good job !
2014-02-22 13:58
fuckin sad nip u have ibp rolling titan 4-1 what happened..murica is right now the 2nd best nation.. its a good day for murica but sad for eu.
2014-02-22 14:05
Russia AR4ER
nice game by TT
2014-02-22 14:10
LGB should've been invited to this tournament.They will be "THE TEAM" in 2014.
2014-02-22 14:16
GG NiP, keep going no matter what &#9829;
2014-02-22 14:16
After all the shitty organization nothing of this means shit. Not even NIP win over FNATIC. we are yet to see a real rematch of DH final
2014-02-22 14:31
OMG Just because fnatic won the final in DHW they are best. What i've know, Old VG/Titan haven't lost a match against fnatic. Same for NiP except the DHW final. Makes me feel fnatic made a one hit wonder.
2014-02-22 17:16
I'm not saying that Fnatic is better than NiP, but they have beaten them before, if you remember the "scandal" last summer where the Fnatic players refused to shake hands after their win.
2014-02-22 18:48
never said they are best. I think nip is clearly best, but yestardays matchup dindt even mean that nip is or isnt better than fanatic. Im saying it wasnt even a real game after all sadly, and a rematch is yet to be seen
2014-02-22 19:47
NIP need to work on knife rounds
2014-02-22 15:39
+1. Nuke is really a questionable map in bo1 scenarios.
2014-02-22 15:51
+1 nip suck in all maps
2014-02-22 16:01
Get rekt
2014-02-22 16:02
2014-02-22 17:29
Sweden Snipatore
any vod please?
2014-02-22 18:01
2014-02-22 18:45
Sweden Snipatore
thx ...
2014-02-22 19:11
Congrats Titan, but for both teams sake I hope the next tournament will be on better terms. Both teams had to be exhausted and frustrated after due to all the delays.
2014-02-22 18:46
2014-02-22 19:49
Hard to look back on any of the matches to critique, all I remember is delays and that god damn bracket image. What should have been the first great tournament of 2014 was a horrible experience, for players and spectators. Dreamhack have to take responsibility, in this day and age you have to have an anti ddos solution.
2014-02-22 20:10
Titan was just upper on this event.
2014-02-22 20:55
Anyone know where I can watch the final?? :( fucking ddos, was too late
2014-02-22 21:02
NiP needs to get rid of their dead weight. f0rest and GTR should be winning everything thats left of CS.
2014-02-23 03:17
By dead weights you just mean fifflaren I presume. F0rest was pretty shit this lan as well though.
2014-02-23 03:50
Yes. I meant fifflaren.
2014-02-23 17:40
f0rest is heavily under-performing, xiZt haven't been playing as good as he was in the start of csgo. the only players that are doing good jobs at their tasks are get_RighT+friberg
2014-02-23 11:25
Well, there's not much you can ask when Titan has a 4-star roster.
2014-02-23 17:51
3* but i can assume u counted shox as 2
2014-02-24 13:03
nop,he said 4 and thats correct
2014-02-24 14:05
i dont count smithz as a star player, ex6tenz star-caller
2014-02-24 17:36
smithz ad ex6tenz might not be amazing fraggers but you can see what their presence does to their teams, they got really nice reading skills.
2014-03-08 21:34
why would you read while playing csgo? it doesnt make sense
2014-03-12 17:27
read the opponents, like, with the intention of knowing what they are doing or want to do and win the round.
2014-03-12 20:54
why would you reas opponents, they dot have text
2014-03-12 22:13
you put text on them in your mind and you can read them
2014-03-13 03:12
dude, what if you cant read?
2014-03-13 08:11
i dont count scream as a star player so i agree with you,3 star
2014-03-12 21:09
Is there coming demoes fromt he matches?
2014-02-23 10:20
nip is better on other 80% of maps. d2 nip> vg (propably, last resul at DhW inferno vg>nip mirage vg>nip( vg played that map in official games, nip maybe once). train nip>vg so where is here 80% ?:O
2014-02-23 14:49
Denmark kaspeRztw
2014-02-23 17:52
så godt var det da nu heller ik det du modtog:D
2014-02-23 18:39
Denmark kaspeRztw
28 euro er da ok ?
2014-02-23 18:44
Titan is a lot better as a team than NiP so it was kind of obvious..
2014-02-23 18:45
I demand VODs.
2014-02-24 12:31
France rsi_rise
2014-02-24 13:42
dissapointing performance from NiP
2014-02-24 19:42
This thread is full of lolz.
2014-03-13 20:27
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