Bracket for EMS EU Finals released

The EMS One European Finals bracket has been released with sixteen qualified teams ready to battle for one of the six spots in the global finals.

Throughout the last month national qualifiers have been held in the United Kingdom, the CIS region, Germany, Nordic countries, France and Poland, from where eight teams managed to proceed to the next stage.

The other eight came from two open European cups, with the second decided only yesterday evening. Now the sixteen teams learned their fate as the organizers have announced the double elimination bracket with the following matchups:

Poland vs. Sweden GreyFaceNoSpace
Germany ALTERNATE vs. Russia USSR
Denmark 3DMAX vs. Sweden oBG
Spain Wizards vs. France Clan-Mystik
Germany mousesports vs. Norway H2k
Denmark Reason vs. United Kingdom hudzGs TEAM
Poland MYM vs. Sweden TBA
Norway Partyastronauts vs. Ukraine Na´Vi

The whole tournament will be played out in a best-of-three in the next three days, between February 25th-27th, with the schedule looking as follows:

Tuesday, February 25th

19:00 Upper bracket, Round 1
21:30 Lower bracket, Round 1 

Wednesday, February 26th

19:00 Upper bracket quarter-final #1 + #2 - winners qualify
21:30 Upper bracket quarter-final #3 + #4 - winners qualify

Thursday, February 27th

19:00 Lower bracket, Round 2
21:30 Lower bracket, Round 3 - winners qualify will provide with full coverage of the tournament with all of the matches showing up in the Hot matches section, including streams which will cover the EMS One European Finals.

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VP Alternate 3DMAX Mystik Mouz Reason MYM (not gonna happen, I know, but #belive) NaVi
2014-02-24 18:47
Poland marco555
2014-02-24 18:48
My predictions for the winners in the first round :S
2014-02-24 18:51
H2k > mousesports IMO
2014-02-24 22:44
h2k will bash mouz imo ; )
2014-02-24 19:04
Israel selukvey
Mouz2strong online.
2014-02-24 19:08
hhhhhh......nice joke :p
2014-02-24 19:13
no way
2014-02-24 20:19 < GreyFaceNoSpace ALTERNATE > USSR 3DMAX > oBG Wizards < Clan-Mystik mousesports > H2k Reason > hudzGs TEAM MYM < TBA Partyastronauts > Na´Vi
2014-02-24 19:11>>>>>>>>Greywhatever
2014-02-24 19:21
i think GrayFaceNoSpace can surprise. Atleast if it is the same lineup pyth berg hMp max REASTEN
2014-02-24 19:23
Lineup seems solid, but still I don't think it will be enough against VP in BO3. We'll see.
2014-02-24 19:27
pyth willdo it ;D
2014-02-24 19:38
+1 :P Depends on pyth i think
2014-02-24 19:43
hMp can rock too imo
2014-02-24 22:10
Greyface lineup updated = -hmp +centryz
2014-02-25 04:01
> navi...LoL
2014-02-24 19:46
even tho its the navi name, the fact is that they have been playing pretty bad recently, and if rain does another 40bomb NaVi is crushed. So really dependant on PartyAstronauts players single performance
2014-02-24 19:48
if rain gets 186 kills they have a chance... well,good luck... BOOM! he's dead (guardian) :P
2014-02-24 19:49
How have they been playing bad lately?
2014-02-24 19:59
sry, mixed them up with AD
2014-02-25 09:12
Srsly? With Guardian and Zeus in NaVi? Have you seen latest SLTV where they played with this lineup only for couple days?
2014-02-24 20:01
sry, mixed them up with AD
2014-02-25 09:13
Well Extana Dragons suck big time. That's for sure :)
2014-02-25 09:48
+1 :)
2014-02-25 12:27
will see...
2014-02-24 22:12
yepp :)
2014-02-24 22:17
i am sorry.but on what stats are u saying that navi have been playing bad ..
2014-02-25 06:20
sry, mixed them up with AD
2014-02-25 09:12
Think Wizards have a decent chance against mystik. They've been awesome the last few weeks.
2014-02-24 19:33
the Wizards will win against mystik, mystik was making some mistakes yesterday that would cost them against a stronger opponent than H2K....H2K OVERRATED
2014-02-25 16:04
Venezuela cubek
Wizards they've been doing it pretty well
2014-02-25 04:44
gl Mousesports & ChrisJ
2014-02-24 18:47
hudzgs <3
2014-02-24 18:48
2014-02-24 18:49
2014-02-24 18:50
Liechtenstein Chamele0n
VP ALTERNATE oBG Wizards Mouz Reason TBA Party
2014-02-24 18:51
LOL. I expect 16-1 or max 16-2 for Navi's favour. Keep dreamin! GuardiaN shall ruin your dreams!
2014-02-24 19:19
Liechtenstein Chamele0n
we'll see :)
2014-02-24 19:24
For sure. You have no idea how good Navi has become since adding GuardiaN and Edward back! They have been bootcamping like every month for few weeks! Are you forgetting Starladder season 8 finals?
2014-02-24 19:26
Liechtenstein Chamele0n
just wait jkaemcheator gonna rape
2014-02-24 19:27
Ukraine gungrave
they bootcamping like 1 day (its today) :D
2014-02-24 19:53
*every month for few weeks* They have been bootcamping in december and january.
2014-02-24 19:58
Ukraine gungrave
few days before starlader and this all
2014-02-24 19:59
bo3 double elimination so much cs coming up.
2014-02-24 18:53
It's kinda boring format to watch, but most fair for the teams. No place for lucky win.
2014-02-24 20:11
Spain Donra
oh mystik. Shit. Good luck wizards, you will need it.
2014-02-24 18:53
Israel selukvey
Wizards playing really good in the last days, i wont be surprised if they win.
2014-02-24 19:09
Spain Donra
yea you're right but for me, individually, mystik have better players (Kennys is a monster), so they will need play without big mistakes.
2014-02-24 19:12
kennyS is inconsistent and plays for himself too much, not for the team. I believe in Wiazrds :)
2014-02-24 19:34
you shouldn't have that flag :s Go wizards I believe in you!
2014-02-25 05:18
Spain Donra
hahahahaha ohh man! You made my day hahah.
2014-02-25 15:13
Israel selukvey
Kennys is inconsistent. One game he's top scoring and the other he's at bottom. I believe that wizards would take.
2014-02-25 15:31
VP , ussr,3dmax,wizards,h2k,hudzgs,TBA,navi
2014-02-24 18:53
2014-02-24 18:55
2014-02-24 20:39
hudzg win ems
2014-02-24 18:57
to bad for Wizards :( i like them
2014-02-24 19:09
I think exactly this
2014-02-24 19:16
they showed some good games, to bad for them... but, i will cheering for them, gl!!
2014-02-24 19:20
I disagree. I think W have lot of chances to reach the next round. We can't forget that CM is a new team with less than 1-1.5 months of life
2014-02-24 19:43
thats true, but... mb they have some chance yea, u are right :) gl dudes
2014-02-24 19:50
Mouz Navi TBA Alternate Clan-mystic
2014-02-24 19:14
GL ChrisJ.....eze
2014-02-24 19:16
Bad luck for wizards with the bracket. But, they already beat mystic a few weeks ago. Was a different mystic roster though. GOGOGO WIZARDS!
2014-02-24 19:17
gon b gud! =D
2014-02-24 19:22
Teams qualifying shall be Na`Vi Virtus.Pro Mouz or ALTERNATE Clan-Mystik hudzG's Team 3DMAX
2014-02-24 19:22
Denmark kozality > GreyFaceNoSpace ALTERNATE > USSR 3DMAX > oBG Wizards < Clan-Mystik mousesports > H2k Reason < hudzGs TEAM MYM < TBA Partyastronauts < Na´Vi
2014-02-24 19:29
where is Cursive???
2014-02-24 19:39 > GreyFaceNoSpace ALTERNATE > Soviet Union 3DMAX > oBG Wizards > Clan-Mystik mousesports < H2k Reason < hudzGs TEAM MYM > TBA Partyastronauts > NaVi
2014-02-24 19:44
Partyastronauts > NaVi iLOLED Navi is a tier 2 team just below Titan, NiP and PA is a tier 4 team. So KEEP DREAMIn. Gonna be 16-1 or 16-2 for Navi.
2014-02-24 19:47
+1 for nova :P
2014-02-24 19:51
haha, navi sucks
2014-02-24 19:51
Rly? NaVi with Edward and Guardian... I don't think so.
2014-02-25 09:50 > GreyFaceNoSpace ALTERNATE > USSR 3DMAX < oBG Wizards < Clan-Mystik mousesports > H2k Reason < hudzGs TEAM MYM < TBA Partyastronauts < Na´Vi
2014-02-24 19:51
2014-02-24 19:52
2014-02-24 20:02
2014-02-24 20:03
2014-02-24 20:03 > GreyFaceNoSpace ALTERNATE > USSR 3DMAX > oBG Wizards < Clan-Mystik mousesports > H2k Reason < hudzGs TEAM MYM < TBA Partyastronauts < Na´Vi
2014-02-24 20:04
poor poor :(
2014-02-24 20:09
this is in katowice spodek?
2014-02-24 20:09
Online... That's final qualifier for LAN finals.
2014-02-24 20:12
Reason vs hudzGs TEAM gonna be good
2014-02-24 20:13
Spain sNirFle
Wizards winner :D
2014-02-24 20:15
Have organizers selected match-ups and brackets? Looks like no coincidence that VP/NaVi on separate ends of brackets. Same goes for nationality. Polish/German/Danish teams on separate parts of brackets...
2014-02-24 20:15
It's pretty legit that and Navi were given the top 2 seeds! Nothing biased I see.
2014-02-24 20:28
Well, obviously I'm glad they both did, I was just curious.
2014-02-24 20:34
Upper winners Virtus 3DMAX mousesports Na'Vi Lower GreyFace H2k
2014-02-24 20:26
VP vs MYM final
2014-02-24 20:40
mystik has a chance to revenge xd
2014-02-24 20:41
2014-02-24 20:42
gogo MYM & CM
2014-02-24 21:14
Teams qualifying ideal Wizards Na'Vi Clan mystic H2k TBA Maybe Mousesports hudzGs Team
2014-02-24 22:34
No dreamteam?
2014-02-24 22:47
unlucky for greyface and party, think they dead now.
2014-02-25 00:27
I'm still curious as to how they're gonna get six winners out of a 16-team pool. EDIT: Just looked at the Event page. So the upper bracket quarter-final winners and the third-round lower bracket winners get the spots. If my thinking is correct, a team will qualify if: A) they win their opener and then their next match; B) they lose their opener and win the next three matches; or C) they win their opener, lose their next match, and win their two lower-bracket matches. Am I right?
2014-02-25 05:17
Poland mki`
There's a third championship bracket as a tie breaker
2014-02-25 16:30
I think it's time to have a 32 man tournament. So many big teams deserve a spot in a major... I mean all of them almost.
2014-02-25 05:20
They actually don't dserve spot in major. I mean 6 teams out of above list will qualify. This seems about right. Teams here like GreyFace, USSR, Alternate, oBG, Hudgz Team, TBA, PartyAstronats are nowhere being top teams that can even surprise big names. Two undoubtedly best teams here: VP and NaVi are in this qualifier only because they completely and utterly fucked up at DHW. I would say for NaVi it was most horrible event in CSGO, for VP it was losing to French mix (Recursive) after leading 12-2. Horrible performance.
2014-02-25 09:54
the teams who qualify deserves the spot, dont care about who is famous. TBA got pretty good players and so does Greyface so i think they really can surprise and qualify
2014-02-25 13:13
chrisj.exe PRRRRAAAA
2014-02-25 08:22
Kappa = GreyFace (no space)
2014-02-25 08:42
all but vs. GreyFaceNoSpace are kind of interesting and unpredictable
2014-02-25 08:45 USSR 3DMAX Wizards H2k hudzGs TEAM TBA Na´Vi
2014-02-25 09:55 > GreyFaceNoSpace ALTERNATE > USSR 3DMAX > oBG Wizards < Clan-Mystik mousesports > H2k Reason > hudzGs TEAM MYM > TBA Partyastronauts < Na´Vi
2014-02-25 11:30
Russia monte:)
this but Reason < hudzGs TEAM
2014-02-25 12:12
and maybe <h2k but im not sure
2014-02-25 12:59
Go-go, Loordy. Certainly TBA looking much stronger, but Loord haz zis. They will win this, then Starladder, then Dreamhack, then they will conqure Iran, Iraq, USA and the whole world. This is how it's gonna happen.
2014-02-25 11:50
2014-02-25 12:58
NEO | 
Other TaYeM-
EZ for team Kappa
2014-02-25 13:54
3dmax virtus pro navi clan mystik mousesports MYM to qualify for iem katowice
2014-02-25 14:02
2014-02-25 18:06
2014-02-25 18:48
gogogo Wizards!
2014-02-25 22:37
2014-03-04 18:03
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