mouz & 3DMAX round up EMS One

mousesports and 3DMAX will round up the list of participants of the $250,000 EMS One Katowice tournament after making their way through the lower bracket in the final qualifier.

An excruciating qualifying process that took over a month and a half to complete came to an end today., Na`Vi, Reason and Clan-Mystik secured their spots yesterday, so it was all down to the final eight teams in the lower bracket to fight for the remaining two places.

On one side of the bracket mousesports first edged out Wizards with two 16-14 wins on de_nuke and de_dust2, after which they had to meet Swedish side TBA who also had a tough time defeating Russians USSR (9-16 on de_dust2, 16-9 on de_inferno, 16-14 on de_nuke).

After missing out on DH Winter, chrisJ's mousesports will appear at the second CS:GO major

Unexpectedly though, Chris "chrisJ" De Jong's team didn't have many problems against the Swedes who took Na`Vi down to the wire last night, so mousesports came out victorious 16-10 on de_train and 16-5 on de_nuke.

"We are extremely happy to qualify to the main-tournament. We obviously haven't had so much (hardly any) practice with tabseN yet but we knew the chemistry would be there since LEGIJA, tiziaN and I have already played quite a lot with him in the past.

We had a really hard time against Reason yesterday, they just played a lot better than us and we couldn't get into our game. Wizards also put up a huge fight, playing 16-14 twice with a lot of extremely close rounds. We were quite scared of TBA after seeing how strong they played versus Na'Vi, but today they (luckily) didn't seem so on point. Thanks to mousesports and their sponsors BenQ, EpicGear and XMG for the support and confidence in us. Cu in Katowice!!" – De Jong stated for after the match

 mousesports K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Germany Tizian 'tiziaN' FeldbuschtiziaN 42 - 25 +17 - 1.47
Germany Nikola 'LEGIJA' NinićLEGIJA 42 - 31 +11 - 1.33
Netherlands Chris 'chrisJ' de JongchrisJ 43 - 25 +18 - 1.33
Denmark Casper 'cadiaN' MøllercadiaN 25 - 33 -8 - 0.79
Germany Johannes 'tabseN' WodarztabseN 22 - 29 -7 - 0.74
 Property K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Sweden Alexander 'SKYTTEN' CarlssonSKYTTEN 30 - 32 -2 - 0.97
Sweden Mikail 'Maikelele' BillMaikelele 37 - 36 +1 - 0.92
Sweden Christian 'Spitfire' SchiöldeSpitfire 27 - 32 -5 - 0.82
Bosnia and Herzegovina Faruk 'pita' Pitapita 27 - 38 -11 - 0.76
Sweden Fredrik 'roque' Honakroque 22 - 36 -14 - 0.63

On the other half of the bracket, 3DMAX and H2k replayed their clash from the Nordic pre-qualifier's final, and they once agains needed overtime on de_inferno to settle the score. The Danes again came out on top 26-23, but the Norwegian side made a big comeback on de_nuke 16-13 to take the match to map three.

However, 3DMAX proved to be the better team on the decider de_dust2 with a 16-3 score, so they were through to the all-important match for EMS One Katowice. Awaiting there were ALTERNATE who previously beat MYM in their own thriller, 8-16 on de_inferno, 16-8 on de_mirage and 21-17 on de_train.

Danish youngster aizy proved he can be counted on with a series of great performances in this qualifier

Fittingly enough, the final match of the qualifier was a nail-biter as both teams had much to show for despite the late hour, starting with an overtime on the first map de_inferno, which ended up going to 3DMAX after a 21-17 scoreline.

ALTERNATE wouldn't budge though, and even though the Danes took de_dust2 into another overtime, the Germans prevailed 21-19 leaving it all up to de_train. In the end, 3DMAX were better by just enough to win 16-9 and qualify for EMS One Katowice after a very long day for all parties involved.

"This is fantastic for us! Since we made this team our main goal was to claim one of the spots for EMS Katowice. Gla1ve, MSL, and I have been on the very top level before, but recently our teams have not been doing so well." - Jacop "Pimp" Winneche said for

"With this lineup we once again feel we have the right elements to fight for one of the very top spots again. As for this qualifier and every other single official match we have been playing, it has been a rollercoaster. The fnatic fragout started out like this qualifier... All our matches were extremely close and eventually we lost the most important ones, mainly because our ability to close a match is beyond all common sense.

Every single match in this qualifier has been ridiculously close, even if one of the teams has been leading with big scores. All the ridiculously close overtimes and so on! Gz to everyone else who qualified for this event that I'm sure is going to be amazing to watch and play! If this qualifier was the teaser for the event in Poland, I'm sure its gonna be the most epic event ever!"

 3DMAX K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Denmark Mathias 'MSL' LauridsenMSL 88 - 74 +14 - 1.19
Denmark Jacob 'Pimp' WinnechePimp 73 - 65 +8 - 1.05
Denmark Rasmus 'raalz' Steensborgraalz 66 - 70 -4 - 0.97
Denmark Lukas 'gla1ve' Rossandergla1ve 69 - 72 -3 - 0.90
Denmark Philip 'aizy' Aistrupaizy 62 - 71 -9 - 0.86
 ALTERNATE aTTaX K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Germany Felix 'fel1x' Zechfel1x 85 - 71 +14 - 1.18
Germany Kevin 'kRYSTAL' AmendkRYSTAL 69 - 71 -2 - 0.95
Germany Christian 'Rak' Hermenau-PuhlversRak 64 - 69 -5 - 0.94
Switzerland Manuel 'SolEk' ZeindlerSolEk 66 - 70 -4 - 0.93
Germany Azmican 'asmo' Berberogluasmo 67 - 77 -10 - 0.88

Mousesports and 3DMAX have therefore finalized the 16-team list for the $250,000 tournament, which looks like this:

Sweden fnatic France Titan Sweden NiP United States compLexity
Ukraine ex-Astana Dragons Sweden LGB eSports Denmark dignitas France
Australia Vox Eminor United States iBUYPOWER France Clan-Mystik Poland
Denmark Reason Ukraine Natus Vincere Germany mousesports
Denmark 3DMAX

EMS One Katowice will take place on March 13th-16th in the Spodek Arena in Katowice, Poland and will be there to provide you with the best possible coverage.

2014-02-28 04:15
Norway toap 
2014-02-28 04:16
Germany pa$co 
:) I'm looking forward
2014-02-28 04:19
Anyone that can handle the pressure and still hit those kind of shots after playing over 9 hours until the early hours of the morning, has the willpower and mental capacity to hopefully do well at Katowice. Congrats to all participants!
2014-02-28 04:20
mouz will go on LAN and embarrassing themself once again....
2014-02-28 04:22
You just embarrassed yourself with your English skills
2014-02-28 14:24
he is right though
2014-02-28 14:25
im not so good with my "English skills" but im not playing like a god online and then flop at LAN, mouz didnt even win the BYOC at dreamhack. lol
2014-02-28 16:52
youre probably as bad online as you are at LAN, congratz on that
2014-03-01 04:53
yes i am bad but so what? better to suck then to be a no life onliner that destroys the game for the ones that really trying.
2014-03-01 15:23
what the fuck how are mouz supposed to "try" in your opinion. the qualified for the LAN, I dont see your problem, how are they supposed to prove themselves when you say the shouldnt attend LANs? like seriously wtf but in the end youre probably just mad that you lost a bet so whatever
2014-03-01 15:42
no im not betting skins. yes we will se how they do...
2014-03-01 15:49
14 rounds after 2 matches on LAN. GG mouz
2014-03-13 21:43
what is this supposed to tell me?
2014-03-14 07:48
man this tournament is going to be sick
2014-02-28 04:22
mouz onliners ....per the usual
2014-02-28 04:33
2014-02-28 04:36
2014-02-28 13:09
Snabel Aka Virgin Killer AKA AIZY LEGEND :)
2014-02-28 04:36
Some people saying tizian should be out... idk why.
2014-02-28 04:52
gl vox xd
2014-02-28 05:00
This is gonna be a great event for sure. Two weeks until things get started! Can't wait!
2014-02-28 05:09
I'm gonna watch the SHIT out of this tournament :D
2014-02-28 05:22
chrisJ , pasha will find u in Katowice, we remember
2014-02-28 05:42
remember what?
2014-02-28 05:58
He was flaming apEX and VP players if I remember corect :D
2014-02-28 05:59
Suddenly chrisJ has a black belt on karate and kick-boxing and destroys you all
2014-02-28 13:51
I have big d* but it doesn't mean that I'm good in sex xD
2014-02-28 14:11
Too deep man.. tooo deeeeeep!
2014-02-28 15:12
Poland xudi 
2014-02-28 20:33
Maybe pasha cant move his arms because his too big.
2014-02-28 20:48
Poland xudi 
man pls look at chricj face you think he is a real fighter ?? pls man
2014-02-28 21:06
Its not always in the surface dude, that moustache man... next chuck norris!
2014-02-28 21:47
16 very strong teams!!!!! Nice
2014-02-28 06:18
Really happy for 3Dmax, a lot of solid guys there who have proved they can own on LAN. I wouldn't be surprised if its a typical fnatic, titans nip top 3 in no specific order - but damn I am excited to see how the other seven top 10 team finishes. There are so many strong contenders, including some who (col. For example) have beat all or some of the teams I've mentioned in bo3. Look out for navi, with guardian. And my god, do I dare to say neo has been in 1.6 form lately? Looks to be An amazing tournament.
2014-02-28 06:45
Seems cool, good lock in Katowice. :)
2014-02-28 07:21
2014-02-28 07:44
A very good list but I'd have liked to see H2K complete it instead of Vox or mousesports actually...
2014-02-28 07:46
All these qualifiers have been a real joy to watch. Can't wait until Katowice!
2014-02-28 07:48
mouz probably the youngest team at the event lol
2014-02-28 07:51
3DMAX are very young aswell.
2014-02-28 09:26
yes youre right, raalz and g1ave are really young right? Aizy too I guess
2014-02-28 10:51
None of them are 20 yet
2014-02-28 12:29
Denmark Pimp 
1x 17, 4x 18 :D
2014-02-28 14:38
u? 17 or 18?
2014-02-28 14:48
Denmark Pimp 
Aizy 17, rest 18 :)
2014-02-28 14:49
gratz on qualifying, much deserve:)
2014-02-28 15:26
damn thats some talent in your team :D glad to see that you qualified, especially for raalz :)
2014-03-01 04:48
i thought legija was like 30
2014-02-28 17:49
nah hes 23 or sth I think, but tiziaN is 17, tabseN is 18 and cadiaN is young aswell
2014-03-01 04:54
Palestine Em27 
2014-02-28 08:00
Dignitas and vp to crash out First :)
2014-02-28 08:14
Congratz 3DMAX & mouz!!!
2014-02-28 09:31
Haven't witnessed a more exciting qualifier in forever! Have to give a HUGE shoutout to Vendetta, Semmler and of course our beloved Anders for covering immense amount of games these past days/weeks! Your dedication truly means a lot!
2014-02-28 09:32
i agree! GOOD casting skills there!!
2014-02-28 13:52
mouseports so sick LAN team. They are going to win that lan !!!!1111oneone
2014-02-28 09:41
eksem played very good all matches...deserve better team
2014-02-28 10:15
nice to see 3 danish teams !!!!!
2014-02-28 10:52
#1 Titan #2 #3 NiP just on this tournament and only then if has luck with opponents:DD
2014-02-28 11:00
2014-02-28 11:06
Slovakia radeoNko 
gl all
2014-02-28 12:02
Come on mouse! Gogogogogo
2014-02-28 12:43
Norway nyx7 
no h2k :(
2014-02-28 13:39
cyx | 
Bangladesh Stoffi 
This just shows imo that you can use K/D ratio for anything. Aisy from 3d-max was the most important player and he is at bottom with -9 on the scoreboard.
2014-02-28 13:58
Germany gg-wp 
great achievement for mouz. alternate almost made it also, but it is like it is in this case. best wishes to both teams and I wish mouz a cool time in katowice. :) you made in the first majortournament of the year guys. also 3dmax congrats. :) that's damn great if you look at how many teams tried that through those qualifiers. speaks for the qualitiy as the teams you are.
2014-02-28 14:06
a event with this prizemoney should have more teams like old CPLs
2014-02-28 14:26
Im pretty sure MSL had a smokehack
2014-02-28 14:34
Denmark MSL 
Im pretty sure aswell :D
2014-02-28 19:10
unlucky wizards..they would have won against TBA if they had beat mouz :X
2014-02-28 14:54
Nice for mousesports and 3DMAX, it's very nice to see players "new" rise and teams evenly matched ! If you look at the list of 16, everyone one is pretty scary (except maybe the first column but still ...) ! It's gonna be amazing :D
2014-02-28 16:13
mousesport biatches ! :)
2014-02-28 18:52
Good job mousesports. Unfortunately you playing style is still too much dependent on individual actions/aim instead of teamplay. Still lots of work to do for LAN finals imo. If not, it ll once again be a big fail. @Chrisj try to avoid Pasha m8!
2014-02-28 19:34
i'm really surprised of the level of aizy and raalz they rally played wll yesterday .... they're really steping up
2014-02-28 20:02
gonna be quite the event. stoked!
2014-03-01 08:47
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