Video: chrisJ vs LDLC

Fnatic FragOut League brought us this highlight of Chris "chrisJ" de Jong and his favourite weapon against

In today's match of mousesports and, the two sides had a nail-biting battle in the upper bracket final, which ended up with two close results with de_inferno going into a single overtime.

On the first map it was de Jong, who started off the action in the first gunround with his big green gun, as he single-handedly defended a five-man A attack from short.

You can download the GOTV demo here.

Highlight info

Player: Netherlands Chris "chrisJ" de Jong
Match: Germany mousesports  vs France
Final result: 14:16 (10:5; 4:11)
Match date: 24.03.2014
Map: de_dust2 (first map)
Event: Fnatic FragOut League Season 3
Stage: Upper bracket final
Weapon: AWP
Action situation: mousesports down 3:0

You can find the rest of's videos by going to our YouTube channel here.

2014-03-24 15:53
2014-03-24 15:54
2014-03-24 15:55
2014-03-24 17:59
What u want Perfec Seven?
2014-03-24 18:16
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Perfec7 changed name to perver7 ;-)
2014-03-24 19:45
perver7 changed name to Five7
2014-03-24 19:59
2014-03-24 22:04
2014-03-24 15:56
Slovakia ABzV 
2014-03-24 16:06
Poland tfg 
ofc xDXDXDxdXDXD 2bad he wasnt able to do same thing @ems :///////////////////
2014-03-24 15:56
your point is?
2014-03-24 17:37
Poland tfg 
that mouz are onliners
2014-03-24 18:05
I think the whole "onliner" insult is a bunch of bullshit, lan is nothing compared to online.
2014-03-24 18:49
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
cuz oJ onliner?
2014-03-24 18:52
hence the term "onliner" lol?
2014-03-25 04:18
he does fine at lan as well. Btw, aren't you the known as the cheater of HLTV?
2014-03-24 19:58
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Against Titans? Different skilled team, and he also carried hard against thrm. Mouz had the toughest group draw, with VP, Hellraisers and titan. All 3 teams atm (or at least at katowice) better than ldlc
2014-03-24 19:47
i hope mouz stop changing lineup and continue practicing hard~
2014-03-24 15:57
Would be nice, and could see them going far that way :)
2014-03-24 19:57
fucking onliner...
2014-03-24 15:57
"aced bitches"
2014-03-24 16:00
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
please, repeat at least -1 at lan that's it
2014-03-24 18:51
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Please spec xJ at lan. just once that us all
2014-03-24 19:48
athid@csgo good action ofc.
2014-03-24 16:00
2014-03-24 16:03
United Kingdom QNo 
chrisJ too stronk <3
2014-03-24 16:07
2014-03-24 16:10
online too stronk
2014-03-24 16:18
The difference between his LAN and online-performance is getting ridiculous.
2014-03-24 16:26
dude this was one round. You better say that about KQLY who 100000x better this match compared to lan.
2014-03-24 16:47
United Kingdom Alth 
What felix said. KQLY practically carried his team to the ESWC trophy. What the actual f**k has chrisj done on a real lan in CS:GO. And please don't say German EPS. That's almost as much as a joke as the UK scene right now. Every international lan he has attended he has flopped, yet he continues to brutally stomp teams online, no matter who they are.
2014-03-24 17:05
"yet he continues to brutally stomp teams online, no matter who they are" When did that happen recently? He is playing as good offline as online what i've seen... edit: and everyone knows that ESWC was a fluke.
2014-03-24 18:15
Well, i talked about chrisJ here since this thread is about... yes chrisJ. I never said anything more then i think the difference between LAN and online is getting out of hand. He need to step up on LAN. Seriously.
2014-03-24 18:18
Then you are clearly judging what you see on highlight clips like this because he issn't even doing that good lately and thats why I said he is doing as good offline as online.
2014-03-24 18:31
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
He carried one of those 2 katowice matches, and look at the opponents mouz played there please... if he aces online against kick you guys expect him to do the same against nip or titan at lan, now THAT is ridiculous
2014-03-24 19:51
mouz's group @ ems: Titan, HellRaiser, Virtus.Pro g_G what do you want this team to do?
2014-03-24 23:39
He's dutch and in a german team, of course he's bad @ lan
2014-03-24 16:27
Crucial facts that needed to be published.
2014-03-24 16:32
2014-03-24 18:49
u wot M8 ill rek u cunt
2014-03-24 16:47
2014-03-24 17:38
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Stomp Ur twat face lyk it aint no ting
2014-03-24 19:52
I'll eat your eyeballs and enjoy it.
2014-03-25 10:38
N1 onlineJ.
2014-03-24 16:37
Drum n base, is the best music for CS videos 4 sure.
2014-03-24 16:46
Tunisia edgg 
<3 athid
2014-03-24 16:46
my first clip on cs:go z)
2014-03-24 23:30
why "onliner" is bad? almost all who call him "onliner" never play at lan. at lan much more difficult to concentrate on the game.
2014-03-24 16:49
Because online means almost nothing in comparison with lan.
2014-03-24 17:02
chris,did u quit smoking weeds after mayam's loss :3?
2014-03-24 16:58
Chrisj Chrisj everywhere
2014-03-24 17:17
woohoo aThid ! :D
2014-03-24 17:20
Azerbaijan Talley 
Aces online, gets 5 kills at 1st half on LAN
2014-03-24 17:36
2014-03-24 17:37
de jong
2014-03-24 18:02
why are they going short 1 by 1 like retards
2014-03-24 18:04
haha good point, easy picking them off like that, not sure what they were thinking :)
2014-03-24 19:58
I miss the old mouzsports.. the old 1.6 lineup. These guys are really giving mouz:Cs a bad name..
2014-03-24 18:06
more online action from this cheating heap
2014-03-24 18:46
"cheating" i see you know very little about cs
2014-03-24 19:04
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
onliner get his previous skill again
2014-03-24 18:49
2014-03-24 19:57
tiziaN :>
2014-03-24 20:14
stfu onliner! okay?
2014-03-24 20:57
you guys do realize ChrisJ is reading all of your comments, right??? Be nice pls! :)
2014-03-24 23:24
2014-03-25 00:16
Technimatic - Daydreamer
2014-03-25 19:21
chrisJ don't care much about the retards of hltv (which is about 50% of the community if you count the "trolls") He knows he is an awesome awper and that he wants to do the same on next LAN gogo!
2014-03-25 00:21
chrisJ's AWP carried the rest of mouz in Katowice too.. kids in this thread calling him online are retarded. Great action, great player.
2014-03-25 00:55
Lithuania kab 
athid making csgo clips? thought this won't happen :D
2014-03-25 02:18
2014-03-25 02:20
Dosia | 
Russia cann0n 
not much actions but this is ace ...congratz
2014-03-25 07:23
I dont see how people can get mad at someone for being better online than on lan...He doesnt cheat, I bet he just gets nervous on LAN. That sucks for him. But I dont see how u can hate him for it...
2014-03-25 09:16
Dont really see alot of people blaming him for cheating, i just think people think its fun to call him onlineJ since he only performs like this online. But its a fact that he is one of few that really have this big difference online and on LAN, only people who are naiv enough to say differ are the fanbois.
2014-03-25 09:47
well theres people that do say he cheats, and there are people calling him a faggot for being better online than LAN. I just think thats crazy lol.
2014-03-25 09:50
LOL german onliner fag.
2014-03-25 10:10
I am not german and ye many of this wnbs are hacking, but a canadian mongo talks about vcs omfg
2014-03-25 14:36
german fanboy you are
2014-03-25 23:35
chrisJ iNET player kidding ^_^ great to see him doing good
2014-03-26 15:29
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