ESEA announces EU ladder prizes

ESEA has announced nearly $600 worth of monthly prizes for their new European CS:GO ladders, effective immediately.

After launching a ClanBase style ladder system featuring their anti-cheat system, ESEA have now added $600 worth of monthly prizes to their European CS:GO ladders.

In ClanBase you would only compete for virtual points and bragging rights, but now you can win win upto 12,500 ESEA points - worth $250 in Amazon vouchers - in the 5v5 ladder.

ESEA now offer prizing for their European ladders 

This is a good change from ESEA's previous prizing system which only allowed ordering from their ESEA Market, which was ineffective for Europeans due to high shipping fees.

You can find the full prizing information for each of the three currently open ladders below:

5v5 ladder
1st 12,500 ESEA points (worth $250)
2nd 6,250 ESEA points (worth $125)
3rd 3,000 ESEA points (worth $60)
2v2 ladder
1st 2,000 ESEA points (worth $40)
2nd 1,000 ESEA points (worth $20)
3rd 500 ESEA points (worth $10)
1v1 ladder
1st 2,500 ESEA points (worth $50)
2nd 1,250 ESEA points (worth $25)
3rd 750 ESEA points (worth $12,50)

You need ESEA Premium to compete in the European ladders. Everyone is eligible for winning the prizes, which will already be given out for the first time at the end of the month.

2014-04-13 19:46
12 replies
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2014-04-13 19:46
11 replies
thank yåu
2014-04-13 19:47
Poland kRAMERO
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2014-04-13 20:27
9 replies
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2014-04-13 20:51
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2014-04-13 22:16
7 replies
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2014-04-14 00:05
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2014-04-14 19:47
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2014-04-14 20:56
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2014-04-15 20:14
1 reply
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2014-04-15 20:38
n1 also as second comment, your mind = blown
2014-04-13 19:48
6 replies
anders getting good at dis maybe new job is n1 commentator?
2014-04-13 19:57
2 replies
2014-04-13 19:58
hahah lmaol
2014-04-15 21:23
u are good
2014-04-13 20:10
Why are you such a darn likeable chap.
2014-04-13 21:06
ty based anders
2014-04-14 01:33
whenever someone told you who you are , you give him your id full of .gif clans and insta win. don't understand what's wrong with that
2014-04-13 19:48
Why is 2v2 ladder not 5000 points?
2014-04-13 19:54
4 replies
We didn't think it would be that competitive. These can always be adjusted.
2014-04-13 21:01
3 replies
ok, I would've thought that it would be more competitive than 1v1 though, it looked pretty good when they had that 2v2 tournament at dreamhack :)
2014-04-13 21:25
2 replies
Yeah that was pretty cool but in reality a lot of people would just rather do 1v1 aim map for warmup or just to kill 10minutes than play 2v2 league maps. Already we see hundreds of 1v1 games played while only a handful of 2v2 games.
2014-04-13 21:51
1 reply
Ahh, aimmap makes sense actually, Go get em' al
2014-04-13 21:58
n1 but not second!
2014-04-13 20:02
Finland joona
Sounds great :) Personally i would give 2v2 a little bit more prizes since it was on 1.6 ClanBase a huge thing back in days >P
2014-04-13 22:11
1 reply
These prizes can be altered, these are just the starting prizes to get things started. We imagined 1v1 aim and 5v5 will be the most competitive in the future so that was our logic behind the prizes.
2014-04-14 21:23
lol no wonder no team takes these matches seriously. they are the ideal ones to throw for skins.
2014-04-13 22:15
2 replies
No skins will be bet on these matches...
2014-04-13 22:34
ez skins ez life
2014-04-13 23:11
How is 750 points worth 1250. It should be 12.50
2014-04-14 00:14
2014-04-14 02:32
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