ESEA announces S16 LAN finals

ESEA has unveiled the first details about the global finals of this season's invite league.

The event will run from Friday, June 27th to Sunday, June 29th, in Dallas at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, which has been the location of ESEA's LAN finals for several seasons already.

A total of eight teams will be in attendance at the event, as the top four sides from the North American division will be joined by the top four teams from the European league.

This hotel will host yet another ESEA event

To make the event more appealing to the community, ESEA is also looking into the possibility of expanding on the All-Star Game and creating more side events.

Below you can find the event schedule:

Friday, June 27th:

00:00 - All-Star game
01:30 - Upper Round 1

Saturday, June 28th:

17:00 to 00:30 - Playoffs up to the Lower Round Finals

Sunday, June 29th:

17:00 to 19:30 - Consolidation Final and Final

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2014-04-05 01:12
2014-04-05 01:14
2014-04-05 01:17
European ESEA Invite is so good this year, most of the teams could go to the finals, and I actually have no idea who will accompany NiP.
2014-04-05 01:18
Titan no matter the standings 90% of the teams will refuse to go anyway
2014-04-05 02:35
VP, Na`Vi and Titan are rich enough to go regardless of the summer season price jump.
2014-04-05 10:46
What about the others? Are they not rich enough?
2014-04-05 12:45
Well not like those. You will see teams dropping out before the LAN finals like previous seasons.
2014-04-05 13:24
2014-04-05 18:51
Netherlands JUNG13
^nice call :D
2014-05-14 00:42
Titan ez
2014-04-05 01:19
Maybe this time all 4 European teams can attend the event thanks to the money they earned in Katowice :)
2014-04-05 01:26
Hopefully we can see NiP, Titan, Dignitas and attending. They all have a stable organisation and now and they all have a good chance of winning (unlike how it was before when NiP raped everyone). Looking forward to it!
2014-04-05 01:30
HR has bigger chance of winning vs NiP/Titan.
2014-04-05 03:54
sure! *sarcastic*
2014-04-05 06:45
Name last time, when NiP won HR or Astana Dragons? Thats somewhere in last summer?
2014-04-05 08:12
seeing their current performances online and on LAN, they arent strong contenders.
2014-04-05 12:51
Yet they're beating NiP every time, what's ur point?
2014-04-05 14:55
im saying that even though they have a good track record against NiP, they havent had the best 2 months. there are other teams apart from NiP competing in major tournaments
2014-04-05 21:36
Therefore if they'd participate there's a very big chance that they would be the one kicking NiP out of the tournament.
2014-04-06 03:12
it is a possibility but no certainty. all im saying is, given their recent performances, NiP has a higher chance to beat them.
2014-04-06 03:26
Who cares about recent performance? HR has been inconsistent all the time but they always manage to beat NiP.
2014-04-06 11:51
Great logic mate, the two teams have hardly played any LAN matches at all the last six months because HR keeps getting knocked out by inferior teams before they get to NiP, who are always in the ro4/finals.
2014-04-07 05:12
um, it's the same team? Also when did they last play them?
2014-04-05 16:26
Jep same, they are regulary playing each other, both lan and online.
2014-04-05 19:57
2014-04-05 12:46
HR don't even play this tourney.
2014-04-05 10:47
NaVi instead Virtus
2014-04-05 04:49
NA should only get 3slots imo :D
2014-04-05 01:31
2 even
2014-04-05 12:41
Pretty crazy that if coL loses about 2 more matches with like 10 left they're out of playoffs. :o
2014-04-05 01:40
hoping european teams make it...
2014-04-05 01:57
gaylord hotel was better
2014-04-05 02:01
2014-04-05 04:07
so much better
2014-04-05 06:41
2014-04-05 02:03
Europe midi
Inb4 1 european team and still will lose the final again.
2014-04-05 02:10
Sweet! Now EU teams will have plenty of time to come up with an excuse for not going to the LAN...
2014-04-05 02:32
gonna have to wait till the prize pool is announced for that. chances are it won't be worth the investment unless you win it all.
2014-04-05 02:39
2014-04-05 08:43
Players usually grab all the cash (well some of them may return couple grand to their orgas) while organization pays for flights and hotels.
2014-04-05 10:51
n1 im gonna be attending
2014-04-05 03:05
ESEA need better casters for their events
2014-04-05 03:12
nice !!!
2014-04-05 03:32
can't wait to see which EU teams won't go again while the same vanilla strats don't get executed correctly in NA matches.... it's like watching the MLS and can't get the Premier League on TV
2014-04-05 04:07
i actually smiled pretty big after reading this, kudos to u
2014-04-05 06:42
NiP, Titan & NaVi
2014-04-05 04:48
so much NA hate. go iBP.
2014-04-05 05:57
I would like to see ibp and col from NA also ibp vs col I'd like to see after all the alterations :)
2014-04-05 06:21
2014-04-05 08:13
lol No way 4 european teams are gonna attend. Just like last year... ESEA league provides good practice, but it's not worth the travel for the lan.
2014-04-05 08:58
Yep. If you are going to ship a team back and forth over the Atlantic and pay for various travelling expenses, (as well as salaries I imagine), I reckon the sponsors will demand quite the exposure in return, for it to be worthwhile. A few hundred thousand unique views on Twitch wont cut it. Personally I think crowd funding is the way to go, and I'd gladly pay a bit myself if it meant eg. Dignitas could be represented.
2014-04-05 09:18
Yeah, they need a venue that can hold paying spectators to up the prize pool to an amount that euro teams could justify traveling for.
2014-04-05 09:39
Why would the europeans not attend? why americans attented?
2014-04-05 11:36
Because it's in the US, and it's not cheap for the Euro's to get there XD
2014-04-05 12:25
I hope Titan/NiP/VP/LGB-Dig attends.
2014-04-05 13:29
2014-04-05 14:21
NiP to win!
2014-04-05 14:26
2014-04-05 17:14
can someone drop a esea trail code ? pm pls ,need it for a friend
2014-04-05 19:15
hope this time more than one european team can attend them
2014-04-05 20:08
Prize pool?
2014-04-05 21:00
Who wants to go to California lan for 3 weeks then go esea finals :) <3 jk jk!
2014-04-06 22:15
:c me? fck it was a joke!
2014-04-07 05:47
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