CPH Games female groups drawn

The Group draw for Copenhagen Games' female CS:GO tournament has been made, with the 11 participating teams having been drawn into two groups

Like in the male tournament, the female competition will use the GSL system in the group stage, with the top two seeded teams automatically progressing to the Upper Bracket semi-finals.

Group B looks very stacked on paper, with Epsilon having been paired in the same group as Bad Monkey Gaming, who are Zainab "zAAz" Turkie's new team, featuring three Swedish and two Spanish players.

zAAz now playing for Bad Monkey Gaming

There is also a great pool of talent in Group A as ALTERNATE, last year's champions, will tackle Mayra "IpSa" Perez's LDLC.com and Anita "aNi" Lok's Concord Gaming.

All lineups for both the male and the female tournaments be found on the participants list.

Group A Group B
Germany Team ALTERNATE France Imaginary Gaming
France LDLC.com Europe Epsilon
Europe Concord Gaming Sweden Bad Monkey Gaming
United Kingdom fm!Ladies Europe eSport-Engine.com
Norway Queens of Norway Europe Playing Ducks
Europe Team TacTiX

Stay tuned to HLTV.org for full coverage of Copenhagen Games, which will run from April 17th to 20th.

imG ezpz
2014-04-13 00:29
wow zAAz she looks even more beautiful :P
2014-04-13 00:31
2 replies
that photo is two years old
2014-04-13 00:32
1 reply
ahh sure I noticed it was from ESWC 2012 :D but still she's really nice ^^
2014-04-13 00:34
either bad monkey gaming or epsilon
2014-04-13 00:33
2014-04-13 00:40
In what team does Xizt's gf play? Wonder if she's gonna pull a 9-45
2014-04-13 00:41
5 replies
She was playing for Epsilon(?) but got kicked.
2014-04-13 00:47
4 replies
France jaimez
Are you sure ? It's not even been 2 months since she played in Epsilon :o
2014-04-13 00:54
3 replies
Sweden Snipatore
not kicked she's in the participant list : Epsilon eSport Ladies HellRose
2014-04-13 00:56
hm, maybe im mistaken
2014-04-13 01:05
She got kicked from Lions, now i remember :D
2014-04-13 01:10
2014-04-13 00:42
Austria db42
alternate got this
2014-04-13 01:00
Denmark qwedsa
she looks fatty on this pic >.<
2014-04-13 01:10
1 reply
2014-04-13 01:19
QoN 2 strong
2014-04-13 01:13
The male csgo has 26k euro , how about the girls ... what's the prize for them ?
2014-04-13 01:41
imaganary gaming with shoxies gf :) win this !
2014-04-13 01:48
2 replies
Amandine? Or what is she called. Doesn't scream's gf play in it too?
2014-04-13 10:35
1 reply
Scream's gf : imaginary gaming PrincesS
2014-04-13 22:52
Epsilon ezpzlmnsqzy
2014-04-13 01:55
6 replies
Cyprus JoOoOohNy
2014-04-13 02:27
no disappointerino ples
2014-04-13 02:32
cyx | 
Chile L1PPE
gina i love you <3 :)
2014-04-14 20:55
2 replies
2014-04-14 22:10
1 reply
cyx | 
Chile L1PPE
2014-04-14 22:16
Go get them!
2014-04-15 01:28
cyx | 
Chile L1PPE
Gina <3
2014-04-13 01:57
go Aidy <3 ! !! !
2014-04-13 02:00
Actually more teams than expected. Goodluck!
2014-04-13 02:31
Are women's teams much worse than men's?
2014-04-13 03:40
1 reply
mostly but some male teams are worse
2014-04-13 04:16
go bad monkey
2014-04-13 04:46
Goodluck zaaz. Although not a 1.6 player but used to watch you.
2014-04-13 07:38
zAAz - female ScreaM :D
2014-04-13 08:17
epsilon glhf
2014-04-13 08:49
Go epsilon!
2014-04-13 11:09
arch | 
Ukraine arch
GL LDLC ;) and zAAzyyyyyyyyyy
2014-04-13 11:58
Poland Keruzz
why no jennyz? -,-
2014-04-13 12:01
Go go fm!Ladies, go go NatH!
2014-04-13 13:08
Gawd, when HLTV post something about the female scene it always turns into a copy paste fest. So many comments that there shouldn't be a female tournament and women should be in the kitchen and talk about that women want equal rights. Talking about gaming is not physical so it shouldn't be separated. There are a few reasons, which were scientifically proven. Lets say that for one csgo girl player there is at least 50 boys. So obviously if one of the best girl teams, is up against 15-20 of the best male teams, likely they beat 2 of those teams in group stage is small. The female player pool is so much smaller, so the skill ceiling is going to be lower. Next to that, girls only have 2 official events a year: Copenhagen Games and ESWC. Can you not just relax a bit and support? Why wouldn't be a female tournament? Next to great entertainment which sponsors, viewers and companies love, the girls are able to fight each other on the battlefield instead of online practice. Some girls just like to play against other girls instead of playing against guys. There are many female teams, like the team I play for called Epsilon who play online tournaments, leagues and just practice against pretty good male teams. For example, we would love to be invited to the private male group on facebook to play against even better teams but since we are girls they don't take us seriously and reject our participation in this particular group. Next to playing against guys we also participate on events like Dreamhack which don't have a female tournament. And gues what, we made it to the 3/4th place in the BYOC in June last year and had a great match against Lemondogs. Anyway, there are more female teams who do the same. Please stop whining about female gaming, just accept it and make the scene a better and nicer place! and fu to all the tl;tr comments :P Peace out <3
2014-04-13 18:19
8 replies
gl gina <3
2014-04-13 18:33
succes meid!
2014-04-13 22:01
just a question , females can't play on other tournemants like EMS .... ?
2014-04-13 23:07
Agree! En maak ons Dutchies proud :3
2014-04-15 01:37
1 reply
English only please. Thank you.
2014-04-15 03:59
So what stops women for participating in leagues, signing up for cups etc so you can qualify for all the other LAN tournaments? Absolutely fucking nothing. The only thing that prevents females from reaching levels required for professional gaming are 1. Lack of dedication to learn and improve, lack of will to play and practice hard. Stems from the fact that women don't have to work for anything in their lives. 2. nothing else You are not being taken seriously because you don't play seriously. Why would anyone want to waste 1-2hours of their time scrimming you when it doesnt do anything for them and its highly unlikely you try to get anything out of that scrim.
2014-04-17 15:09
2 replies
Have you even read what I said? Sure there are teams who don't play 'seriously' as you say but there are teams who do.
2014-04-18 13:58
1 reply
Women arguing skills, pick 1 irrelevant point and focus on that while ignoring everything else. So what stops women who play seriously from participating in leagues, signing up for cups etc so you can qualify for all the other LAN tournaments and truly compete with the men? Absolutely fucking nothing. The only thing that prevents females from reaching levels required for professional gaming are 1. Lack of dedication to learn and improve, lack of will to play and practice hard. Stems from the fact that women don't have to work for anything in their lives. 2. nothing else
2014-04-18 15:40
Denmark vexity
2014-04-13 20:50
BMG to take this tourney
2014-04-14 06:24
gl Alternate <3 shushu :D
2014-04-14 08:23
GL IpSa :)
2014-04-14 10:21
As I've posted before, a female tournament generates a further and different kind interest and promotion in eSports. Everyone hating on this thread is actually unintentionally supporting and validating the decision. Some of these girls are paving the way for more females to get into gaming. They wouldn't necessarily achieve the same level of exposure if they were hidden deep in the main draw. While eSports is still growing it's important to have big female profiles. And while the player pool if girls is quite low, we shouldn't be being so brutal towards them.
2014-04-14 10:41
fm!Ladies ez pz
2014-04-14 11:57
we really need 2 turn female esports into a sexist joke.. make them play in bikini's or something Kappa
2014-04-15 22:39
Concord gaming ez
2014-04-16 04:04
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