NiP win Copenhagen Games 2014

April 19th, 2014 21:49

NiP have just won the grand final of Copenhagen Games 2014 against 2-1 (12-16 de_train, 16-6 de_inferno, 16-13 de_dust2) and picked up the €14,000 cheque.

With NiP starting off as Counter-Terrorists on the initial map, de_train, the story was quite different than many could have expected. In spite of the first round going the Swedes' way, VP caught up just two rounds after and started decimating through NiP's defence.

A bunch of quick upper strats resulted in a 6-2 lead, before NiP took a stand for a round when the Poles switched things up and used a lower bombsite strategy instead. After that more and more fast upper pushes alongside a lower fake ended up being successful yet again and NiP just haven't been able to reply and faced a 4-11 score for their Terrorist half.

The pistol round saved them for the time being, as the EMS One Katowice runners-up picked it up for themselves, alongside both anti-ecos, one of which was just barely saved by Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund's one-versus-three.

First gunround saw NiP running a smoke upper strat to plant the bomb and defend, which worked out in spite of Paweł "byali" Bieliński's quad-kill while defending. The same strat was ran three more times afterwards, with two going NiP's way, while the last was defended by That and a couple of ecos thrown in made up for a tie at 12-12.

NiP then tried to force a low buy and got into the A bombsite with Richard "Xizt" Landström leading the way, but the Poles managed to get the retake, which was when everybody stood and stare. had some room to breath after de_train 

A similar strat was ran once again and Alesund was left in a one-versus-three, where he picked off two and had only seconds to stop Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski from defusing. Alesund decided to try his luck with a knife, as Pogorzelski was standing in a smoke and he was without too many bullets, and almost was able to make it, as his opponent defused the bomb with only two health points.

Only a slow lower push and another A smoke strat was holding back, but they were able to stop the bomb from planting in the last round, which decided the outcome, 16-12 in favour of the Poles. NiP didn't have the best of starts into de_inferno as well, as they left Adam "friberg" Friberg alone on the B bombsite defending, which was where led their attack and got off to a 2-0 lead.

Thanks to a saved MAG-7 and a few five-sevens, which helped Alesund and Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson combine for four kills in the following eco, and take it down to 2-3 after Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg saved a scary anti-eco with four kills.

It only took two good pickoffs by Jarząbkowski on the B bombsite in the following two rounds for to get back in the lead, only to fall short to Friberg's spraydown of four people when they tried to attack the same bombsite again.

Another four-kill by Bieliński and a smoke-off A strategy went in the way of the EMS One Katowice champions in the remaining rounds, but the rest were picked up by the Swedes for a 9-6 score at the halftime.

Friberg was on form the whole tournament

NiP's terrorist side was a lot scarier than the one of A long push in the pistol round saw both teams dancing back and forth from arch to long, but NiP came out on top. With Friberg leading both in kills and attacks, weren't able to do anything at all, apart from Bieliński's flank attempt before map point, and the match was tied at 1-1 on maps. were on the Terrorist side once again on de_dust2 and made wonders in the beginning. 5-0 score was mostly thanks to Pogorzelski's quad-kill in the pistol round, before both teams exchanged a round. Landström and Friberg were the ones to put NiP back on the front foot with a won eco, as well as the following success by Friberg and his triple.

From the remaining seven rounds, VP only won two, while NiP continued to thrive thanks to individual performances of Lindberg and Alesund, and the halftime score said 7-8.

A won pistol round by Jarząbkowski-Wojtas duo was met with a forceful reply on the following eco, which ended up in a very scary two-versus-two, where nobody had more than twenty health-points. Even though VP survived, NiP were still able to plant and take out most of the opposition.

That helped them win the following three rounds with to a couple of B bombsite attacks before NiP met with Bieliński on short, which put them back to a one-round deficit at 10-11.

A double-boost by VP won them a two-versus-three afterwards, but NiP didn't get too scared with yet another force buy in their hands, where Alesund won a one-versus-two clutch and took it to 12-13. An early pick-off on short allowed NiP to take over the A bombsite and with an eco and a similar story on long, they found themselves at a match point.'s economy was completely shredded at that point and NiP could celebrate only moments after when they won de_dust2 16-13.

Paweł BielińskiPaweł Bieliński

Copenhagen Games 2014Best of 3
19th April 2014

 NiP K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' AlesundGeT_RiGhT 77 - 46 +31 - 1.42
Sweden Adam 'friberg' Fribergfriberg 65 - 56 +9 - 1.17
Sweden Richard 'Xizt' LandströmXizt 64 - 52 +12 - 1.17
Sweden Robin 'Fifflaren' JohanssonFifflaren 41 - 50 -9 - 0.81
Sweden Patrik 'f0rest' Lindbergf0rest 41 - 57 -16 - 0.79 K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Poland Paweł 'byali' Bielińskibyali 63 - 55 +8 - 1.20
Poland Jarosław 'pashaBiceps' JarząbkowskipashaBiceps 62 - 54 +8 - 1.12
Poland Janusz 'Snax' PogorzelskiSnax 53 - 56 -3 - 0.96
Poland Wiktor 'TaZ' WojtasTaZ 43 - 61 -18 - 0.75
Poland Filip 'NEO' KubskiNEO 40 - 63 -23 - 0.65

Copenhagen Games 2014 final standings:

1. Sweden NiP - 14,000€
2. Poland - 6,000€
3-4. France LDLC - 2,000€
3-4. Denmark dignitas - 2,000€
5-8. Sweden fnatic - 500€
5-8. Denmark Reason - 500€
5-8. Sweden LGB - 500€
5-8. France Titan - 500€
9-16. Finland ENCE
9-16. Denmark 3DMAX
9-16. Norway H2k
9-16. Sweden
9-16. Denmark ESC
9-16. Sweden Property
9-16. Germany mousesports
9-16. Germany ALTERNATE
17-30. Denmark AESTHETIC
17-30. Germany Wild Fire
17-30. Denmark Bango-I-Karise
17-30. United Kingdom fm-eSports
17-30. Denmark FLAEKKETID
17-30. Finland Menace
17-30. Denmark tRICKED
17-30. Denmark TEAMGOK
17-30. Slovakia NecroRaisers
17-30. Sweden Lemondogs
17-30. Denmark oXzone
17-30. Sweden Karnage
17-30. Netherlands Avenue
17-30. Denmark naptoR.Factory

Even though the tournament has come to a close, still has more to provide, including statistics, photos and highlights.

2014-04-19 21:49
That round when Get_Right won 1v2 ;( gg wp NiP
2014-04-19 21:56
1 v 3 i think (fast pistol frag from behind)
2014-04-19 22:02
1 round decided the outcome of the whole match of 3 maps? :)
2014-04-19 22:05
this round pretty much decided who will win dd2, it was 2 points round for both teams, and NiP won it, and imo byali with taz failed a bit there. gtr was on fire today, this time NiP made less mistakes and they won! ggwp both, top2 world imo ;] can't wait for sltv!
2014-04-19 22:12
CS is pretty much about making your opponent to fail...NiP throw also some stupid rounds , f0rest played bad in the final and many others thing.
2014-04-19 22:33
byali didnt fail there, maybe his spray 1v1 against krzysiek went bad but taz lost this situation rushing gtr instead of hide and wait..
2014-04-19 22:49
yea if it was taz that poked out from the box in back of B and got awped its on him. You simply can't get cheeky against the worlds top player, keep your angle, rely on refragging.
2014-04-20 07:31
taz walking around corners peeking easy AWP angles was such a face palm moment.
2014-04-19 23:00
idd and besides they'knew where gtr is, could just crossfire him it was like 30 sec left
2014-04-19 23:10
Norway k9ken 
2014-04-19 21:49
United Kingdom grund 
GeT_RiGhT is the best player in the world.
2014-04-19 21:54
Rly? Dat knife by Chris ^^
2014-04-19 21:55
yeah exactly :D He was like: Lets lubricate bread with butter my dear^^
2014-04-19 21:58
GTR is a smart player. Knife = you win round for sure. Glock = 50/50. 7 bullets on AK = 40/60. Just unlucky...
2014-04-19 22:04
Knife = you win round for sure din make muc sense
2014-04-19 22:05
get a life
2014-04-19 22:06
get sum sense homeboy
2014-04-19 22:07
im not amazed a swede talks like a...regular swede from malmö :^)
2014-04-20 03:34
maybe you've heard but, there's no regular Swedes in malmö
2014-04-20 03:49
China wqnxy1 
what is wrong with sdewes from malmö? =DDD (i am not from sweden, so just wondering =] )
2014-06-08 12:27
2014-04-20 17:28
+1 most ppl arent even smart enough to realize that his ak clip was empty and it was a better idea than trying to glock an armored opponent through the smoke.
2014-04-19 22:06
I'm not smart as gtr too. Cuz i was screamin on him when i saw that for the first time. And then I realized " oh my god.. i was wrong" :D
2014-04-19 22:09
please delete ur account. lol
2014-04-20 08:03
lol imao rofl
2014-04-20 09:01
2014-04-20 09:11
I suppose that round was the exception to the rule.
2014-04-19 22:07
are u kidding me ? if gtr decided to kill him with ak they didnt lost that round and probably a comeback to win that map...
2014-04-20 05:18
Yea dude he should have totally decided to win with the ak, losing with the knife just shows how dumb he is, i troll
2014-04-20 07:39
He had 7 bullets in clip and if he missed those in the smoke welp.. switching to w/e and lost anyway. He just should've stabbed after 2nd slash.
2014-04-20 09:30
Knife = you win round for sure. Looks like from now on I'm only using knife cause as you said, I should be able to win 4sure right?
2014-04-20 09:29
Oh god. I'm talkin only about GTR's situation.
2014-04-20 09:37
Knife = you win round for sure. Looks like anyones situation.
2014-04-20 09:43
7 bullets on AK = 40/60. Looks like anyones situation. Dude can we stop arguing? You know what I mean. And I know what you mean. Peace:)
2014-04-20 10:37
2014-04-19 21:58
Shox > GeT_RiGhT Just had a crappy tourny.
2014-04-20 00:57
is that the reason TITAN/VERYGAMES dont win any tournaments,GeT_RiGhT is by far the best cs player in the world he is so consistent.
2014-04-20 13:08
Sorry I meant that Shox > GeT_RiGhT in 2014 so far. He has been playing much better than GR other than this tounry. Online he has been huge. Overall throughout CS GO life so far, yes GR is the best play followed by forest.
2014-04-20 13:41
"Has been playing much better than GR other than this tounry", "Online he has been huge" #FacePalm.. So not winning major tournaments, but kicking ass in online makes you Nr 1 in the world?!?...
2014-04-20 18:34
Then all germans #1. GTR top 500 :D
2014-04-20 21:48
what does it matter when you lose to LDLC? - honestly LDLC are good, but not that good, Titan should win such a game with relative ease.
2014-04-20 23:24
2012 has been waiting a long time to hear you say it.
2014-04-20 07:34
Korea CLo 
2014-04-19 21:49
Hungary v11K 
2014-04-19 21:50
2014-04-19 21:50
nice try
2014-04-19 21:56
takk to ap
2014-04-19 21:58
CIS Laggy 
gg wp
2014-04-19 21:50
GG svergie i mitt hjärta <3
2014-04-19 22:02
World iLion 
gj both.
2014-04-19 21:50
Ukraine GR4PH 
2014-04-19 21:50
Latvia osi 
2014-04-19 21:50
GG wp but i hate NiP :)
2014-04-19 21:50
2014-04-20 01:10
2014-04-19 21:50
2014-04-19 21:50
2014-04-19 22:03
best team ever gtr top1 for sure
2014-04-19 21:50
finally! gratz
2014-04-19 21:50
GG VP rly strong
2014-04-19 21:50
gg wp
2014-04-19 21:50
finally back to winning :) well played both teams
2014-04-19 21:50
2014-04-19 22:01
Poland Pab 
ggwp vp and nip top2 clearly;<
2014-04-19 21:50
shut up u fanboy!!! Go cry to ur mother...!
2014-04-19 21:56
Poland Pab 
haha why should I cry:D? didn't even mention what team did I cheer for so better stfu gtr fanboy:D
2014-04-19 22:00
He said both these 2 teams are top2, not nip being top2
2014-04-19 22:04
Seek therapy
2014-04-20 15:18
They'r getting Trust Keyboards now. Gratz on finally taking home the big prices. No but really, it was an awesome final, good to see NiP take home a win again.
2014-04-19 21:50
Well played nip GG spary get right
2014-04-19 21:50
GG WP nip, deserved win
2014-04-19 21:50
gg wp
2014-04-19 21:51
Czech Republic KB24 
GTR > shox end of story.
2014-04-19 21:51
2014-04-19 21:52
2014-04-19 21:56
2014-04-19 22:04
2014-04-20 03:20
+10 000
2014-04-20 17:26
Poland trancemeister 
last 2 tournaments VP won, today it took 2nd place because Neo was afk. Currently are World Champions and today slightly lost. Vp currently top 1
2014-04-19 21:51
2014-04-19 21:54
vp not even top 3
2014-04-19 21:54
nop bro, they are top 3
2014-04-19 23:12
top4(titan,nip,dignitas,vp), navi lgb fnatic slightly behind
2014-04-20 02:09
lol i dont think titan are top 3 atm. They are failing every lan so how could you rate them top 3, they may have potential but its not realized
2014-04-20 02:17
most of their games online and some offline are amazing from their side, shox scream nbk are sick! they just fail at the most important matches, thats their problem
2014-04-20 02:38
If someone fail at IMPORTANT matches, how he can be top3? TOP3 - guys who never or even rarely let luxury to fail versus top4+ teams. At this moment they are not top3 team, NiP - VP - dignitas they proved it at last 2 big events.
2014-04-20 03:31
LDLC best team in france in EMS Katowice and Here.
2014-04-20 19:24
VP NiP and LGB placed at or higher than Titan in the last two tourneys please look at who titan has lost to on lan this year alone, ESEA they lost to good but not all-star americans. Once they drop their #2 or w/e it is seeding in these tourneys and have to face the real teams early expect plenty of early exits. 4/20/2014 NiP/VP on close footing, the rest of the top 8 teams jumbled but not too far behind these "titans".
2014-04-20 07:50
I was placing teams by their skills and abilities, not by their recent LAN placings.
2014-04-20 12:14
2014-04-20 15:20
Na'Vi? They´re barely a top 10 team.
2014-04-20 15:17
2014-04-22 12:04
-100 bad troll :/
2014-04-19 21:55
bad troll /eos
2014-04-19 21:55
2014-04-19 21:55
If it wasnt for that <3 Virtus.Pro i would actually give ashit about ur opinion! Nip won which means they are on a slight higher level atm , deal with it
2014-04-19 21:56
Level higher? Can you explain that? ;o
2014-04-19 22:16
Nip stomped VP on inferno and was simply better otherwise they wouldnt win would they ? or is 16-6 luck for you ?
2014-04-19 22:25
VP won in Poland much due to the support of their fans. The same was true here for NiP and dont forget...NiP won 14k. VP won 100k. You're welcome to repost the score if it would make you feel better.
2014-04-20 08:02
Denmark gunnark 
Don't think nip got alot of support after knocking out dig in Denmark.
2014-04-20 11:25
why would denmark cheer for nip when they did knockout 2 of the best teams in denmark ?
2014-04-20 14:39
"MelleN - <3 f0rest"
2014-04-19 23:10
"Stabello <3 cube"
2014-04-20 01:08
menix - <3 LGB
2014-04-20 03:35
Intern joke. Stabello is cube :>
2014-04-21 22:20
2014-04-20 13:45
I didnt say nip was amazing but obv since they won , they are better atm
2014-04-20 14:39
neo played shit cause they got owned.
2014-04-19 21:58
neo played shit cause he had no reward waiting for him at the hotel
2014-04-20 08:32
2014-04-20 12:59
question, wich was the other tournement? ems and? Just question bro
2014-04-19 22:00
sltv I think but it was year ago with different line up but don't bother he's a troll
2014-04-19 23:07
SLTV StarSeries VIII Finals
2014-04-20 10:17
yep no top teams
2014-04-20 14:28
there is no world championship in CSGO yet one is a world champion ....of anything
2014-04-20 10:23
haha didnt u see the rankings xD?
2014-04-20 14:22
2014-04-19 21:51
congratz nip but this event sucked
2014-04-19 21:51
2014-04-19 21:52
looking forward to sltv finals.
2014-04-19 21:51
YES! <3
2014-04-19 21:51
2014-04-19 21:51
gg wp
2014-04-19 21:51
NiP top1
2014-04-19 21:51
Nice good game!
2014-04-19 21:52
2014-04-19 21:52
2014-04-19 21:52
Lithuania fRls 
I got a feeling this would happen
2014-04-19 21:52
2014-04-19 21:52
I already knew!
2014-04-19 21:52
gg. can't stop vp from making stupid mistakes that lead them to the loss.
2014-04-19 21:52
GG !
2014-04-19 21:52
titan still best (._.)
2014-04-19 21:53
Knocked out at quarters this event and in group stage at Katowice, seems legit..
2014-04-19 22:01
Titan are the best team, i agree. But there are some teams who are better than Titan, like LDLC, VP, NIP :) But they are the best. Loosing big tournaments don't mean anything actually. As long as their fans believe that they are the best, it's the only thing that counts :)
2014-04-19 22:03
haha u da man
2014-04-20 14:31
True. Navi best team in the world.
2014-04-20 15:23
that host is awful
2014-04-19 21:53
2014-04-19 21:54
"Titan are the best team, i agree. But there are some teams who are better than Titan, like LDLC, VP, NIP :)" What? :D
2014-04-20 01:09
I have found out after an extensive research conducted in HLTV that there can be better teams than the best team Titan still best :) It's just that other teams can play better than Titan. But it's not a big deal :)
2014-04-20 17:47
Nice final, gg NIP ;]
2014-04-19 21:53
What xizt has done on t side (leading) was out of mind. So well played. Almost every round read perfectly. ;o
2014-04-19 21:54
5-8. Titan - 500€ ahahahaha
2014-04-19 21:53
when nip win $ 100,000 event, talked
2014-04-19 21:53
When Fallen and co. win 1000€ tournament, talked
2014-04-19 21:56
u mean when they actually win something
2014-04-19 21:57
ah sorry (._.')
2014-04-19 21:59
kurtdeus will be brave to show his face again after that burn. Well done sir.
2014-04-20 00:24
Its not the money that they're playing for.
2014-04-19 22:00
NiP have won 100.000 from getting 2nd place in two major tournaments. so in total NiP have won more money from CSGO than VP and fnatic combined, since they have won dousins of tournaments before ...while fnatic and vp are still struggling
2014-04-20 10:25
worst event ever in every possible way I think
2014-04-19 21:53
2014-04-19 21:54
The teams still did their best tho
2014-04-19 21:57
rip in peaches nip
2014-04-19 21:53
2014-04-19 21:53
good game, GTR amazing as always
2014-04-19 21:53
doesnt he stop shouting? its not a boxing event
2014-04-19 21:53
5-8. Titan - 500€ ahahahaha
2014-04-19 21:54
#worth it
2014-04-19 21:57
what a monster friberg was in last map. that deagle single shot after killed the first with awp in b2 of dust2 was simply CRUCIAL for their victory. amazing championship, cgts!
2014-04-19 21:54
Also not forget 1v2 gtr clutch they probably would've lost without that round
2014-04-19 21:55
yeah, but for me the mvp is friberg for sure. gtr always a beast. whata a sick player.
2014-04-19 22:05
Sweden Obon 
gg NiP solidifies top1 spot
2014-04-19 21:54
By never winning a major tournament.
2014-04-20 02:01
United Kingdom QNo 
logic fail
2014-04-20 02:17
DO u know that NiP has about 75% wins of all LANs since CS:GO released? They won all of majors one time. :)
2014-04-20 03:34
fail noob
2014-04-20 04:12
Poland MJP 
nice hard game, get_right buy hes soul back ,, gg VP - wp NiP
2014-04-19 21:54
2014-04-19 21:54
sooo much luck on d2. GG
2014-04-19 21:54
2014-04-19 21:54
PLS what? oh mad fanboy. sorry i feed troll.
2014-04-19 21:55
Mad? I'd say the very opposite =))))
2014-04-19 21:55
2014-04-19 21:56
Read the topic.
2014-04-19 21:56
Mad fanboy arrived? Go ahead prove that GTR 2v1 round wasn`t luck. OFC i must be mad VP lost close match vs NiP.
2014-04-19 21:58
I'm the very opposite of mad, that's what I meant. GeT_RiGhT is an extremely clever player and by having the patience of his, it just worked out very well. Pls no hate, much love to you polish guys. "Kurwa ale glupia rakieta od badmintonu"
2014-04-19 22:03
Hate? I just said LUCK. You attack me like mad fanboy.
2014-04-19 22:08
Oh wow... You should experience the internet a little bit more. ._.
2014-04-19 22:10
;_; Your tears are so sweet.
2014-04-19 22:19
ahah, brainwashed scrub
2014-04-19 22:31
He said "pls" only. That's an attack from a mad fanboy, right?
2014-04-19 22:31
BAHAHAHAh said the 'madfanboy' LOLOOLOL
2014-04-20 04:14
because the team he was rooting for won, so he has absolutely no reason to be mad you silly person
2014-04-19 21:58
Your logic is broken.
2014-04-19 21:59
You have no clue about what you're even on about, do you?
2014-04-19 22:05
Why do you even ask if you called me mad fanboy?
2014-04-19 22:09
2014-04-19 22:11
You're the one with a broken logic man..
2014-04-19 22:07
Sure coz i called one round "LUCK ROUND" I MUST BE RETARDED SORRY.
2014-04-19 22:08
Just watch this and cheer up :D <3
2014-04-19 22:12
Cmon, NiP deserved to win this final, they were better today.
2014-04-19 21:57
Much love to Poland and Virtus Pro, great final game.
2014-04-19 21:59
2014-04-19 22:03
2014-04-19 22:07
2014-04-19 22:13
Caps Lock so strong. And no, you did not say anything about GTR in your first post.
2014-04-19 23:01
Still you dont answer. Where i said they dont deserved that win?
2014-04-19 23:03
2014-04-20 15:29
lmao butthurt VP fanboi
2014-04-19 22:02
Ofc i am fanboy, only fanboys can comment about luck in 2v1 round.
2014-04-19 22:04
Stfu already
2014-04-19 22:07
2014-04-19 22:10
Poland Marvelm 
Haha go back to your cave plz, you embarass our country..
2014-04-19 22:41
2014-04-19 22:50
Let's say VP would have won and some1 else had whined about luck in 2v1, you would have been in my position, 100%. Stop whining and just accept that NiP played better and deserved to win.
2014-04-19 22:10
2014-04-19 22:38
You didnt. But you still implied it by saying it was up to luck.
2014-04-20 01:43
its called skill - something thats not known of in poland
2014-04-19 22:33
Country: Ethiopia
2014-04-19 22:36
country: not my actual country, sherlock
2014-04-19 22:36
woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow i rly dont know that.
2014-04-19 22:40
2014-04-20 01:45
Really great games! Loved them all, good job both teams
2014-04-19 21:54
2014-04-19 21:54
2014-04-19 21:54
NiP proving they are still #1, Titan proving they are still inconsistent as fuck.
2014-04-19 21:54
titan are consistently low,as long as they keep facing other opponents than nip
2014-04-19 21:55
Poland Marvelm 
That's actually not true, they struggle lately, that's a fact, but the previous months, I mean like the end of 2013 and maybe january, they were really great, lately they were also great online, but somehow they can't find themselves on LAN these days, maybe pressure is hitting on them, who knows, I still think they're a definite contender.
2014-04-19 22:43
one thing happened,the same thing as nip before Gaming house
2014-04-19 22:45
Poland Marvelm 
Funny thing is that the time actually fits, when they got the gaming house and started to play sort of 'LAN' style on a daily basis, somehow their lan performance really weakened, hope they can find themselves soon.
2014-04-19 22:47
I agree
2014-04-19 21:55
gtr >>>>>>>>>>>>>all
2014-04-19 21:54
Poland Baaq 
Gut game. Damn.. So close. Fiff finally playin.
2014-04-19 21:54
Norway cago 
Where is all the polish "VP will never loose"- faggots now?
2014-04-19 21:54
2014-04-19 21:55
Nip won! Faggot!
2014-04-19 21:56
Cool, it was a nice, close game
2014-04-19 21:58
2014-04-19 21:56
hmm show me at least 1 comment that VP will never lOse
2014-04-19 22:06
Seek help
2014-04-20 15:30
VP will never loose in future! =D
2014-04-20 19:43
wp nip vp strong
2014-04-19 21:54
gg :P
2014-04-19 21:55
2014-04-19 21:55
gg wp nice game
2014-04-19 21:55
knife knife knife
2014-04-19 21:55
WP :-)
2014-04-19 21:55
crowd booing for vp just ruined the tournament, shame :--)
2014-04-19 21:55
I didn't hear a single boo during the entire final. Sure, the audience was somewhat pro-NiP, but unless I'm deaf there wasn't any booing going around.
2014-04-19 22:00
it was at the end when that announcer guy called up the runner up and winner
2014-04-19 22:01
Agree, although nip played really well the tournament was just really bad overall
2014-04-19 22:00
GG deserved win after watching their strats on de_train you can clearly see they've practised this time.
2014-04-19 21:55
titan top 20 confirmed.
2014-04-19 21:55
Cph games is the perfect example of what happens when a small local LAN, gets a big-ish prize pool. What a joke this was, please do everyone a favour and either hire someone to run the LAN and reduce the prize pool, or just stop altogether.
2014-04-19 21:55
best organized event ever !! almost no delays :) cool
2014-04-19 22:00
I agree, it was embarassing to watch. They need to step up their game big time for next year or it's not going to end well for them.
2014-04-19 22:05
not gonna happen, it's been like this for 3 years now.
2014-04-19 22:15
As I remember it, the last 1.6 event was awesome for me as a viewer.
2014-04-20 03:59
last 1.6 event was when navi boycotted the event. it was horrible. maybe not as a spectator but for sure as a player.
2014-04-20 04:06
What exactly went wrong? From my point of view as a remote spectator the event seemed to run smoothly and on schedule. That is more than I can say for most of the LAN events I have been to back in the 1.6 days.
2014-04-20 14:47
The event was shit. The schedule wasn't held on the first day at all. The servers didn't work in the groupstage, causing the rates to flick up and down all the time. We waited 4 hours for a server against Reason, and finally decided to play the match, despite all the lagg that was caused by their server. After we started the server crashed in the 7th round, so we had to continue the match on a rented online server. The only reason why the event might have been succesfull from a spectators point of view is, that the event had an extra day compared to the other years they hosted this event. Also the fact that the don't create a lower bracket, at an event with amatour teams, is just retarded. With 16 groups and only 1 favorite in each of the groups, you basiclly don't have a chance to change your seed. This means that you can be the 2nd best team at the event, but lose NIP and end up 9-16. I've been to countless events, but every year this event fucks up bigtime.
2014-04-20 15:49
dunno what stream you watched? from my point of view CPHG was a complete failure, The schedule wasnt kept, servers crashed all day, and then bots started to die - they werent ready. The format was shit, BO3 everywhere, with loads of amatueres - sure they get another map, but the amount of exciting matches the first 2 groupstages can be count on 1 hand. This hurts everyone, and is that extra map really that important for the amaetuérs? (fuck that word btw!) - and no lowerbracket is just retarded. And the promoting / outside spectatorship was hopeless, primarily hurting from the format. 1 stream to cover the entire event, not even the Danes where covered when played. The last one is the only one I can find a reasonable explanation too = to low budget / not enough casters and thats ok / a shame - but understandable. The 2 other points are just meh, especially running all these matches on (apparently) crappy gear. Who in their right mind runs BO3 everywhere - with 1 stream to all games? and the Danish Quarter-final is casted by some russian / Ukranian while the stream shows Titan vs Alternate? I dont understand it - could have been so much more.
2014-04-22 18:10
-1/10 never forget.
2014-04-19 21:56
2014-04-19 21:57
actually -1/11
2014-04-19 22:16
I stand corrected.
2014-04-19 22:20
nevah evah
2014-04-19 22:50
2014-04-20 15:09
2014-04-20 15:40
Thank you.
2014-04-20 18:12
GG WP,very close game
2014-04-19 21:56
May 2014 World Rankings: 1) NiP 2) Virtus.Pro 3) Dignitas 4) Titan 5) LGB 6-7) fnatic and LDLC
2014-04-19 21:56
United Kingdom QNo 
+1, though I'd put Titan and dig on 3-4
2014-04-20 02:21
GG. Congratz
2014-04-19 21:56
gratz but plz upload dat crazy moment of " cosmo barber knife by Get_Right " on de_train XDDD
2014-04-19 21:56
2014-04-19 22:09
GG... NiP is Back <3
2014-04-19 21:56
gg nip wp bothhhh
2014-04-19 21:56
NBK blog incoming "we will be back" :D /just making a joke, so no shitstorm please
2014-04-19 21:56
GeT_RiGhT with 77 kills in the final.
2014-04-19 21:57
2014-04-19 21:57
NiP top 1 defenitly!!! NiP <3
2014-04-19 21:57
HUGE gz NiP. deserved, you are the best indeed
2014-04-19 21:57
nope , VP 1 sry. ;D
2014-04-19 21:58
Congratulations NiP. And well played VP!
2014-04-19 21:58
2014-04-19 21:58
gtr and friberg Mvp
2014-04-19 21:58
That was such an epic final. Well deserved NiP BEST FINAL CS:GO HAS SEEN TO THIS DAY.
2014-04-19 21:58
GG !! get_right carried as always
2014-04-19 21:59
fm esports too stronk :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D:D::D:D:D
2014-04-19 21:59
GG final was defenetly worth watching. but whole tournament a bit shity.
2014-04-19 22:00
vp throwing good nip played so bad surprised how they won
2014-04-19 22:00
and ScreaM played ... oh he is home right now (._-')
2014-04-19 22:01
I feed on your butthurtness. Gimme moar!
2014-04-19 22:07
Get Right and friberg Mvp, beautiful play guys, also Forest stepped up when needed and fifflaren played well on inferno. Such a great team work
2014-04-19 22:00
VP still very strong.
2014-04-19 22:01
Nice, NiP vs VP new NiP/Titan rivalry?
2014-04-19 22:01
2014-04-19 22:02
Leave your home and kill yourself.
2014-04-19 22:06
Niggas in Jamas
2014-04-19 22:02
Lithuania alon9 
that anouncer must probably be the most epic thing happened in this CPH Games.
2014-04-19 22:03
Well NiP is clear number one now. Exciting final indeed.
2014-04-19 22:03
Austria db42 
whole nip taking it a step ahead in the final, if friberg and fifflaren wouldnt have such a monster performance on inferno they would have lost, and d2 was everybody just playing their a game exceot forest maybe.
2014-04-19 22:03
bla bla bla bla bla ... if pasha wouldnt has his monster perfomance all event , VP maybe top 300 :)
2014-04-19 22:10
Austria db42 
2014-04-19 23:07
you talk about "if friberg and fifflaren wouldnt have such a monster perfomance on inferno they would have lost" .. it's shit talking dude .. every team has good players and sometimes someone have bad perfomance , sometimes good .. this game is about it :)
2014-04-20 09:40
Austria db42 
friberg had 26-12 or so, and fifflaren 20-10 or so while everyone else struggled to get a positivbe kd and more than 15 frags lol
2014-04-20 11:54
again 1.6 >>>>> n00bish saucers
2014-04-19 22:04
You're a very smart person.
2014-04-19 22:10
40% of NiP = sourcers
2014-04-20 10:27
Hmm, I missed the final. Did nip make a comeback ?
2014-04-19 22:04
Yes, on both 2nd n 3rd maps.
2014-04-19 23:12
2014-04-20 01:11
GG !
2014-04-19 22:04
i wanted vp to be victors, but nip deserved GG gtr friberg carried guys that match was amazing, el clasico ;d
2014-04-19 22:05
Nice NiP!
2014-04-19 22:05
Good Job GeT_RiGhT!!!!!!!
2014-04-19 22:06
Oh my god ppl are actually making fake accs just to hate Taz/NiP. this community is terrible, i aint gonna be supprised if Reddit gonna dominate CS:GO which would kinda sucks. Anyway GTR MVP obv
2014-04-19 22:07
welcome to , prepare your anus
2014-04-20 10:28
nice gj gg
2014-04-19 22:06
waiting now for clash on SLTV lan finals!
2014-04-19 22:07
gtr and friberg simply carried NiP
2014-04-19 22:07
the two best teams in the world to stick it to the hilt by the 1st place no doubt either team could be the winner but as they say winning is winning good job NIP <3
2014-04-19 22:09
GeT_RiGhT > Shox GeT_RiGhT > Titan
2014-04-19 22:09
NiP won €14.000 so they have enough money to buy McNip's for the next two weeks in Sweden. VP got €6.000 so they can buy a new clan-house in Poland. It's pretty fair in my opinion.
2014-04-19 22:09
2014-04-19 22:11
6k euro = 25+k zlotych, this is not even a 1/5 cost of small flat in PL
2014-04-19 22:20
1/10 of small flat in Warsaw
2014-04-19 22:31
I lol'd. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned that real estate here is in some case more expensive on average than in Sweden.
2014-04-19 22:57
I doubt that.. 150k euro minimum for a 1 bedroom in my city (Uppsala). 100k if you are lucky. In other cities, like Stockholm, it's way worse. Renting apartments is out of question unless you have been in line for at least 5 years in my city. Again, in Stockholm it's way worse.
2014-04-20 01:10
Then they are not. However, for instance, Berlin or Vienna are cheaper than Warsaw, and, for this matter, your city (and Stockholm) as well.
2014-04-20 01:19
It should be noted Uppsala is about 4th biggest city in Sweden. The prices for apartments, while high, is a lot better than the "big 3".
2014-04-20 01:23
I'll google the details then. It comes as a great surprise that prices might be that high, despite, for one, the population density. According to my best knowledge, that should play a great role in all this (vide Canada, the US, Australia, etc., though unlike, lets say, Russia, where the government coercion distorts the whole picture and make the market an absurd).
2014-04-20 02:57
Average price per square meter is $9400 in Stockholm and $2600 in Warsaw. Stockholm is actually among the 15 most expensive cities in the world. As far as I've understood though, the renting prices compared to property prices in Warsaw is supposed to be ridiculous, so in that regard the difference might be a lot smaller between the two cities.
2014-04-20 13:13
It must be ridiculously difficult to build in Stockholm then is the prices are that huge (more than three times more than Uppsala, looking at the map that relation should be like between Lodz and Warsaw, even though Lodz sucks a lot, as its ugly). I smell stupid laws and mad technocrats in the city hall, maybe even on par with Southern California level or places like that.
2014-04-20 16:27
It's actually not that big of a difference. I did some more research into this, and found the newest numbers released by the most complete statistical bureau for real estate in Sweden (Mäklarstatistik). It turned out that the average sq m price is $4800 in Uppsala, $8200 in Stockholm and $10 400 in central Stockholm. That's of course a considerable difference, but I doubt this is a rare case in Europe. Though, there's probably more than enough laws in the form of for example strong building restriction in certain areas, which I believe has both its positive and negative sides.
2014-04-20 17:58
Lol'd at the last paragraph. I wouldn't get into details though, as I assume you would take some mad statist approach (based on what you wrote). The US is a great case to research this, there's almost a direct proportion between regulations (they differ a lot, state, county and city wise) and real estate prices, that is, obviously, if you take stuff like population density differences into account.
2014-04-20 19:11
Well, I'm glad you had a laugh. I'll admit that the housing market isn't something I'm greatly informed about. Stockholm is situated on 14 islands, with a lot of preserved park area, wild nature and historical locations in and around it, hence why I brought up building restrictions.
2014-04-20 21:09
DA best Grand Final Evah
2014-04-19 22:09
Expected :)
2014-04-19 22:09
f0rest hahahahaha
2014-04-19 22:09
NiP deserved to win. Virtus has shown that they are a true top team
2014-04-19 22:10
Guys where is the: omg f0rest had worst rating? BICEPS OMG DADASDADA xaxaxaxaa xDDDD
2014-04-19 22:11
2014-04-19 22:11
taz played so bad this final. :/
2014-04-19 22:11
when did he played well? he is just in because he was around for all the time...
2014-04-19 22:21
in first mounths of CSGO? he was the best player in VP(beside pasha?) reply if i am wrong :)
2014-04-19 22:23
actually, the first month for esc were really bad, they werent good in cs go. so i dont think he was good at all. dont get me wrong, i dont have anything against him, but i really think he is not that good. They all struggled when they switched to CS GO, all teams besides NiP and Titan. But today Taz is on the same level as when he switched from 1.6. And i really dont like his attitude. I really like Pasha, this guy is a beast and he seems to be a funny guy.
2014-04-20 15:16
Danish crowd booing #neverforget
2014-04-19 22:12
Very exciting final and really happy to see NiP take the win this time around! GG WP
2014-04-19 22:12
I think it was the most enjoyable final to watch so far, as well as the most enjoyable match-up between NiP and VP for sure. A shame for VP, but they need to practice more their CT sides. Well played to both teams.
2014-04-19 22:13
2014-04-19 22:15
fiffy>f0rest gtr best,ez skins ez life
2014-04-19 22:16
GG WP NIP! Well deserved!
2014-04-19 22:20
Neo and Taz played so bad. If they can Improve, VP will be undisputed champions. :) Btw. Titan is not even close to level of this 2 teams. 1. VP/Nip, and after rest of top team, but far away from finalist. ;)
2014-04-19 22:20
Neo played very very well in semi-final...
2014-04-20 03:40
The number one team in the world is NiP, without any doubt. VP have the potential tho, but if you look at it, they won 1 single tournament since they changed to cs:go ;)
2014-04-20 13:55
2 tournaments. they won last SLTV :D
2014-04-20 14:42
omg they has change in team, after they feel confident with this new lineup they won the biggest turnament and after this when all ppl. said "its coz the home crawd, they will not pass the group stage in CPH" thye menage to play once again in Final vs NiP and thye won on map and fight really well on third. When it cames to change in teams thye need just time and VP had this time now they can do whatever they want, ofc. i hope that loose will just give them motivation not loose it.
2014-04-21 12:49
Vp win sltv lastv year because nip titan no attend. Only teams like navi and astana top 12 and top 11
2014-04-19 22:24
#1 Nip #2 Vp #3 Titan
2014-04-19 22:26
Titan is good only on-line LGB IMO
2014-04-19 22:29
dignitas > lgb
2014-04-19 22:34
#1 nip #2 vp #3 others
2014-04-19 22:31
#1 NiP #2 VP #3 dignitas
2014-04-20 17:28
GGWP NiP VP lost cuz they felt too confident. They need to cool down (742 probably still2confident after IEM) NiP and VP top2 Neo bedest Kappa
2014-04-19 22:28
what we learnt from CPH Games: VP win in Katowice wasn't just a fluke, they played really well once again. Titan is more of an online team nowadays. :D
2014-04-19 22:29
2014-04-19 22:33
2014-04-19 22:35
NiP, i love you! <3
2014-04-19 22:30
GeT_RiGhT 77-46 lol
2014-04-19 22:30
NIP hater's where are you now? ^^
2014-04-19 22:32
2014-04-19 22:33
and how are u¿?
2014-04-19 22:37
Quite ok thx Neo bedest but still not "as good as" fifflaren
2014-04-19 22:50
khmkmh -1/10 khmkhm
2014-04-19 22:38
2014-04-19 23:03 who has these kind of stats?lol
2014-04-19 22:32
GTR has :P
2014-04-19 22:40
Friberg was really on point this tournament. Especially in Grand Finals. Combined with GtR's clutches equals win :)
2014-04-19 22:37
gtr 1.42 very nice, tell me more about that knife fail now, please
2014-04-19 22:46
2014-04-19 22:52
Incredible match. The highlight reel (both teams) from the grand final will be 1 hour long.
2014-04-19 22:47
gg, well played VP!
2014-04-19 22:47
-1/10 never forget
2014-04-19 22:48
4/20 blaze it fggt
2014-04-19 22:50
again you ? i know he was low on this match but stop doing shit in all threads same as fiffy or other players all ppls having bad days
2014-04-19 22:55
this pic is acctually kind of legendary for cs. neo, get right and forest in the last places in scoreboard and fiffy top fragging lol
2014-04-20 08:35
I am still waiting for "Kick f0rest, bottomfragger"
2014-04-19 22:56
2014-04-19 23:10
Few thins why NiP won this time: - they have much more star actions that VP, I don't mean number of frags for player in a round but defending in 2 or taking with 2. - they were really great / lucky in predicting where VP might go which was giving them nearly always 3 players in defense on inferno and d2 - all VP were strong, but no ace player that would be unbeatable
2014-04-19 22:56
NiP players were focused on the game VP was 2 chilled and they were making BASIC mistakes. FFS their tactics were good but on randoms from SILVER 5 rank not on ONE OF THE BEST TEAM (example 742&byali vs GTR...) I`m glad that NiP won. They deserve it. VP didn`t. 2arrogant 2confident etc etc. Cooldown 4 VP will be good WP NiP
2014-04-19 23:04
Neo and f0rest so bad this lan, I think it might be time for Neo to retire ;(
2014-04-19 22:59
Tehehehe Kappa
2014-04-19 23:06
f0rp bad only in final
2014-04-20 01:20
f0rest played sick de_nuke and especially semi-finals, he is one of the reasons why they beat dignitas in 2 maps.
2014-04-20 03:42
Wait what? f0rest underperformed in the grand final ONLY, was the second best nip player during most of the games they played, why do you even talk when you have no clue whatsoever?
2014-04-20 13:59
2014-04-20 16:06
How so? I have absolute no reason to be mad, at all ;)
2014-04-20 21:07
2014-04-21 17:07
wp both teams, VP prove them selve that they not only be lucky at katowice
2014-04-19 23:02
not very often f0rest has a a bad final like this =(
2014-04-19 23:34
i saw f0rest have some bad finals and matches against top teams even in 1.6. however, neo was usually always a monster in finals and against top teams. this has nothing to do with with fanboying neo as i like both neo and f0rest.
2014-04-20 01:45
United States UltimaPutt 
GeT_RiGhT with the carries.
2014-04-20 00:44
Good to see them winning again wp vp :D
2014-04-20 01:10
GTR > VP Neo -1/11, never forget.
2014-04-20 01:14
It's a shame. In poland when NiP lost against VP, the crowd was screaming N I P. When it comes to another country there is some booing from audience... It's just sad
2014-04-20 01:21
It's about country ... this event was home for Reason , Dignitas, Esc , ... and it's normal :)
2014-04-20 09:35
Is it normal to disrespect other players by booing them? no its not.Crowd in katowice was two levels higher than rest
2014-04-20 10:40
this wasn't Sweden .....
2014-04-20 10:30
did i say sth about sweden? I said in another country. Denmark just show how disrespectlul and retarted they are
2014-04-20 10:38
u just showed how retarded u are, judging a whole country cus a few danish nerds at a shitty LAN booed
2014-04-20 14:56
It doesn't change the fact that it wasn't appropriate to do that. Rest of the crowd should have scream louder than these few bastards.
2014-04-20 18:11
People see my stream :)
2014-04-20 01:22
fifflaren better than neo and f0rest confirmed
2014-04-20 01:23
I like that they did BOOO <3 the crowd, Pasha neo byali snax seems like nice guys but that piece of thrash guy named taz deserves the BOOO
2014-04-20 01:26
These are two of the most likable teams in csgo along with maybe coL. I'm not sure why anyone would boo.
2014-04-20 01:52
No they are not?, Taz atleast isnt the twat keeps screaming like a bitch everytime he wins and when he loses he starting crying like a 10 year old kid, the team gets liked for players like Neo and pasha nothing else
2014-04-20 01:53
That's part of the game like you commonly see in sports. Deal with it.
2014-04-20 01:55
well i am happy about it so i love to deal with it?:D
2014-04-20 02:00
Aaand so is booing. What did you expect from a lan in Denmark where 90% of the crowd is rooting for NiP? :D Plus it was only a very few people who actually did that. Some people are just retards.
2014-04-20 02:03
that is what ceh9 did for 3 years. still everyone loves ceh9
2014-04-20 04:40
hes doing it to make pressure on works pretty well on the tournaments dude
2014-04-20 05:15
Deal with it you fucking faggot and stop spitting your venom at them all the time like they killed your mother. Grow up, think about yourself and ask yourself who you are? you're an idiot.
2014-04-20 09:58
According to people who were actually there spectating, that was only a few people and they were told to stfu by everyone else around them.
2014-04-20 02:13
NiP too strong
2014-04-20 02:05
NiP vs VP last minutes before the victory video
2014-04-20 02:06
Another video of NiP winning the event
2014-04-20 02:15
I heard CS:GO brought no emotion to the table!
2014-04-20 14:03
gg nip, deserved; coming from a huge vp fan :( :D
2014-04-20 02:16
VP were lucky because they should of lost 2-0. Both teams make silly mistakes but NiP were the better team gratz to them they finally ended the losing streak.
2014-04-20 02:17
Vod link plz?
2014-04-20 02:28
2014-04-20 02:34
Thanks bro! <3
2014-04-20 02:36
gg NiP :) <3
2014-04-20 02:39
NiP best!
2014-04-20 02:59
deserved :D GL
2014-04-20 03:38
NiP's just proving they're still the best team. They have never lost that spot in Global Offensive. Their LAN record can't be compared with any team. Their consistency have been so high, they manage to play final in every event and they win most of them. Can't compare online games with offline, it's two very different aspects. Good play by VP tho, their second final in a big LAN tourney in a row. Clearly the second best team atm. Dreamhack will be very interesting if they put in a lot of money again.
2014-04-20 03:58
that dust2 match is the craziest i have seen in csgo so far!!! it reminded me of 1.6 top tier games. Im also satisfied with the way csgo is being played by the pro teams right now!! csgo won today
2014-04-20 04:42
NiP and VP both great teams!
2014-04-20 04:46
ez skins ez life
2014-04-20 05:36
VP were on form, so very impressive for NiP to win like they did, they can sleep well again :D
2014-04-20 05:47
WP to both teams, indisputably NiP and VP are the top2 right now. However I can't understand people putting Titan in Top5 even. They play horrible right now. Do not deserve this place in any ranking.
2014-04-20 07:49
really nice final well played by both teams :)
2014-04-20 07:52
imo 1.NiP and VP 3.others
2014-04-20 07:54
neo played shit cause there was no reward waiting for him at the hotel this time ~_^
2014-04-20 08:33
2014-04-20 09:13
Tweeday can stop making Dream 2: the return of the 2nd place and make cph games 2014 the rising of the McNiP
2014-04-20 09:49
Germany gg-wp 
I am just not a real NIP Fan, but if you got class you got class and I appreciate that. Virtus, Virtus Pro! I love those polish guys. VIRTUS PRO, VIRTUS PRO, VIRTUS PRO! Seriously Virtus made it to a such convincing csgo team that it's a pleasure to watch them. i rewatched the finals today in the early morning and you just gotta be proud how they developed as a team. that nip has class is standard and well known. so nothing special and i am not excited about this tournament win at all. i am just honest in this case.
2014-04-20 11:09
GG guys ! I think VP=NiP Mirage VP>NiP Train VP>NiP Inferno VP<NiP Dust2 VP<NiP
2014-04-20 11:08
Nuke NiP >>> VP ;)
2014-04-20 11:55
haha true :) but still I think vp fucked their money too hard on the ct side of inferno ;( they're a much better team on inferno as what they showed
2014-04-20 21:05
what about de_train...?!
2014-04-22 13:41
The final was very good in every aspect. Well played by both NiP and VP. I think that NiP wanted to win more than VP this time. Overall however, the event was quite disappointing for a viewer. I'm okay with delays, problems always occur. But the totaly unprepared production was awfull. Streamers did their best, nothing against that. But is it really that hard to get one guy who will actually watch the stream and one to keep an eye on the chat from time to time ? The inability to fix simple problems like game settings (gamma, AA, etc.) up until the grandfinal was horrible. No music during breaks (solved by a radiostation LOL), not nearly enough games streamed, bad variability (I mean watching fm toxic all the time?? There were so many interesting teams to watch), and last but not least the kinda amateurish mistakes like not turning off microphones, and the imba english grammar in the announcments. All of this made the stream look very very unproffesional. Stream can go and be in down finally :D Peace.
2014-04-20 11:22
2014-04-20 11:49
danes proven onliners
2014-04-20 12:01
titan #1 world, shox #1 universe.
2014-04-20 12:02
2014-04-20 21:00
f-uoy get right you won the whole game gg.
2014-04-20 12:38
Can anyone reply me with the whole B-tournament standings? Then i would be happy. Cant find it anywhere.
2014-04-20 12:41
2014-04-20 17:05
Get_Right and f0rest are just amazing , i really enjoy watching them , without them csgo would be boring , forest and gtr if you read , thanks a lot for bringing us this pleasure <3
2014-04-20 13:26
5-8. Titan - 500€ not bad
2014-04-20 13:47
hehe trollZ
2014-04-20 13:53
Portugal Dg. 
that round of friberg vs two with awp and a deagle single,absollutily amazing!
2014-04-20 13:56
Congrats to the NiP boys proving they are No.1
2014-04-20 14:36
congratz NiP! now win the next major tournament aswell!
2014-04-20 16:15
gg wp! congrats
2014-04-20 16:34
and all back to normal ( 1.6 times) Poland vs Sweden , neo&co. vs gtr&co.
2014-04-20 16:56
gz for NiP and also for VP (especially with lurppis's prediction), sad only for Titans but nice to see LDLC on such great level
2014-04-20 17:02
Vp ems + cph = 106,000 $ NIP ems + cph = 64,000 $ Gg
2014-04-20 17:43
hahahah retarded as hell!
2014-04-20 20:58
CS:GO NiP = $375,000 VP = $122,000 CS 1.6 f0rest = $860,000 Neo = $631,000 gG wp
2014-04-21 04:26
2014-04-22 19:41
NEO 7x WorldChampion @ 1.6 1x WorldChampion @ CSGO Forest?
2014-04-22 19:43
2014-04-22 23:04
Wait no. f0rest has 3: 1 ESWC, 1 CPL, and 1 ESWC Neo has 6 from 1.6 and now one from CS:GO
2014-04-23 01:12
2014-04-23 11:30
neo and forest! two beasts!
2014-04-20 18:28
2014-04-20 18:50
Where can I watch the game if I missed it?
2014-04-20 20:30
2014-04-20 21:51
nip the best
2014-04-20 20:50
2014-04-21 00:27
neo low aim " Filip 'Neo' Kubski40-63" => nip win
2014-04-21 00:56
Virtus.Pro dissapointed more than Nip impressed, well played, deserved win.
2014-04-21 04:39
vp played the second and trird map so bad, neo and taz was far away to do a good game on dust2
2014-04-21 06:48
Wuhu NiP
2014-04-21 12:54
2014-04-21 18:00
2014-04-22 13:33
Missed that match,well writen enjoyed reading.
2014-04-22 17:17
I couldn't watch the quarter, semi final and final. Can someone give me the link of vods?
2014-04-22 17:21
NiP the best team ever.
2014-04-27 19:21
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