Na´Vi in for fnatic at SLTV IX finals

April 23rd, 2014 17:02

SLTV has announced that Na´Vi will replace fnatic at the upcoming StarSeries finals.

The Swedish team came in third position in the regular season, thus assuring themselves of one of the four places at the LAN finals, which will take place from May 2nd to 4th in Kiev.

However, fnatic's Chief Gaming Officer, Patrik "cArn" Sättermon has now revealed that, after consulting with the Swedish Foreign ministry and contacting the families of the players, the organisation decided not to send the team to Ukraine because of the political tension between Ukraine and Russia over Crimea.

cArn pull out of StarSeries finals 

Ninjas in Pyjamas, and Titan, the other three participating teams, have so far stayed silent on the matter, with less than a week-and-a-half to go before the tournament.

To replace fnatic, SLTV contacted Na´Vi, who finished fifth in the league, on 31 points.

The first round match-ups for the SLTV StarSeries finals now looks as follows:

Sweden NiP vs. Ukraine Na´Vi
France Titan vs. Poland
Great. They've a better chance anyway
2014-04-23 17:03
2014-04-23 17:26
2014-04-23 19:51
2014-04-23 20:02
Ukraine kalitajke 
2014-04-23 20:02
2014-04-24 00:58
2014-04-23 17:29
2014-04-23 18:18
2014-04-23 18:35
2014-04-23 19:04
2014-04-23 19:45
2014-04-23 20:58
not really
2014-04-23 23:09
-1 fnatic > navi
2014-04-24 00:36
2014-04-24 06:09
2014-04-23 17:03
I doubt they are scared of the tension. Just scared of losing. ;x
2014-04-23 17:05
2014-04-23 19:44
2014-04-28 18:14
Seems logical, I wouldn't like to go to Ukraine with the current situation.
2014-04-23 17:05
Dota 2 SLTV finals ended on 20th and it was the best starladder lan final ever, regardless of the political situation. Two teams from China, 1 team from USA, 1 from South Korea attended. They all returned home safe and unharmed. Speaking of swedes, fnatic's countrymen Alliance were also there and I think till now are enjoying their stay in Kiev. So, there is really nothing to fear.
2014-04-23 17:23
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
I heard LodA was beheaded live in the city centre.
2014-04-23 17:27
2014-04-23 17:36
it wasn't held in London mate..
2014-04-23 18:14
No one was beheaded, Loda's hair was burnt though
2014-04-23 18:33
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
omg no wonder he wears a hat
2014-04-23 19:52
My guess is it has something to do with how young fnatic's players are? Just a guess
2014-04-23 17:34
Maybe. Just an example, sorry for bringing them from dota2. Evil geniuses d2 squad attended the finals with zai (from Sweden btw) being 16 years old and arteezy - 17. :D
2014-04-23 17:43
ketchup | 
Belgium fRe2k 
How about their inf squad? Do they also play other maps?
2014-04-23 18:14
yup ^^, they do :D
2014-04-23 18:40
i m sorry to bring this up,but i have to tell you that you cant technically feed in csgo but you can always throw a game whenever you feel like it :D i know reading this must be tragic for you but i hope you still wanna play some csgo.
2014-04-23 21:08
2014-04-23 18:20
2014-04-23 18:25
Also, NiP is going and they are Swedish lol fnatic just didnt want to lose.
2014-04-23 21:42
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Tell that to roman and zE
2014-04-25 16:20
That case has absolutely nothing to do with the current political situation in Ukraine. Sure, I will tell them. Already searching for their contacts, can you help me?
2014-04-25 16:48
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
True, but surely you agree these times can only further peoples fear of visiting kiev/ukr If they asked me as commentator I wouldnt thunk about it twice though howev er, I can understand their doubts would you have visited egypte 2 months ago when there were reports about rebel activities etc being on hand
2014-04-25 19:08
I thought the same, but after my colleagues have been to Kiev, they told me that everything is ok there. So, I'm planning to visit SLTV final 8)
2014-04-24 10:10
Europe omga 
Navi gonna win this ez
2014-04-23 17:05
Germany Bongskie 
2014-04-23 17:06
go go go Na'vi
2014-04-23 17:07
Canada fnaki 
2014-04-23 17:08
understandable, they have some younger players.
2014-04-23 17:08
landodgers lel
2014-04-23 17:08
Fnatic's mommies are too scared to send their kids. So sad. :'(
2014-04-23 17:09
yea their parents care about them, holy shit, thats really sad
2014-04-23 17:17
2014-04-23 17:18
maybe they sholdn't allow them to go out of house? its so dangerous
2014-04-23 17:31
not in sweden
2014-04-23 17:33
Depends on where you live nowdays.
2014-04-23 17:41
2014-04-23 18:03
momma got told of roster changes
2014-04-23 18:11
Azerbaijan Talley 
2014-04-23 20:41
yes comrade, drink vodka and no fear
2014-04-23 19:33
fear what? listen more to media
2014-04-24 00:31
thats only in russia i guess.
2014-04-23 23:53
It is kind of sad to care about a kid who plays video games and isn't a banker or doctor ^.^ huehue
2014-04-23 17:35
Pls explain
2014-04-23 20:14
It was just dark humour, supposing that a kid is considered "worthless" if their role/fate/job is playing video games
2014-04-23 20:28
I know what your post meant, I just didn't know who in your opinion thinks like that (you,, society) ???
2014-04-23 20:31
those hypothetical parents mentioned above
2014-04-24 01:52
It was neither dark nor humorous.
2014-04-24 19:33
that's just your opinion, i found it to be both in a wry sort of way
2014-04-24 20:29
Are they all under 18? If not they're pu**ies, since Kiev itself will be unharmed, even in case of further escalation in sount/south-east Ukraine.
2014-04-23 17:53
+1 That was like the smartest comment I read on today and the last couple of days.
2014-04-23 20:13
2014-04-24 06:40
Murica bed.
2014-04-23 17:18
U mirin, Troll
2014-04-23 21:27
"consulting with the Swedish foreign ministry" makes the reason sound really legit. GL Navi.
2014-04-23 17:17
+1 LOL Sounds way more professional than just saying " My mom didn't let me go."
2014-04-23 17:19
2014-04-23 17:26
2014-04-23 22:17
old news
2014-04-23 17:11
Pieter | 
Netherlands Grifte 
Ukraine now missing 5 madfraggers in the battlefield who are playing video games.
2014-04-23 17:11
kNgV- | 
Canada AyWays 
2014-04-23 17:22
Azerbaijan Talley 
2014-04-23 20:41
paid xD
2014-04-23 17:12
i would fucking never set my foot in ukraine
2014-04-23 17:12
thanks for sharing
2014-04-23 18:34
Slovakia crushyou 
it is in Kiev right? why they are scared? :D so pathetic
2014-04-23 17:16
Nothing happened during dota2 SL finals. They even provided armored escort for swedish team that was conserned about their safety. Why not just ask SL for something similar?
2014-04-23 17:17
2014-04-23 17:21
yeah that would be easy to arrange
2014-04-23 17:39
ahahaa pussies
2014-04-23 17:44
well I guess you are to scared to go outside anyways
2014-04-24 03:53
Russia fleg 
they just should go to Poland first, pasha will protect them during the way to Kiev
2014-04-23 17:18
2014-04-23 21:41
izi pizi top4
2014-04-23 17:19
Dno`Vi :D
2014-04-23 17:20
"the organisation decided not to send the team to Ukraine because of the political tension between Ukraine and Russia over Crimea." ROOOOOOFL
2014-04-23 17:20
not worth getting shot for 4th place
2014-04-23 17:22
2014-04-23 18:49
2014-04-23 19:06
Azerbaijan Talley 
life > 2000$ anytime
2014-04-23 20:42
2014-04-24 08:19
I'm really interested who's the guy who's not allowed to go :P jw?
2014-04-23 17:26
2014-04-23 17:26
"television says so, so thats the truth" : D
2014-04-23 17:26
I guess the real reason is - we need to play 24/7 to get back on track and we don't really need one more embarassing performance. Seriously I feel bad for players like flusha and jw... too stronk for this team.
2014-04-23 17:27
schneider is bad?
2014-04-23 22:24
the only 'bad' (if you can actually call them this way) players in this team are devilwalk & pronax, who struggle to perform when it comes to an individual skills.
2014-04-24 06:51
ahhh yes, schneider started to play really well recently so I agree... especially devilwalk since he doesn't have any special role there just to focus on fragging :(
2014-04-25 20:29
1) NiP 2) Titan 3) VP 4) Na`Vi
2014-04-23 17:27
Sorry I'm murrican so i don't know any better, is there a reason swedes should be MORE worried about the conflict than other nationalities?
2014-04-23 17:29
Nope, NiP is going there, its probably because fnatic is a young team.
2014-04-23 17:31
theyre pussies. SLTV just held the dota2 finals there and alliance, eg, korean team, two chinese teams, and two russian teams all attended without any issues
2014-04-23 23:03
Belgium Monu 
navi will win it
2014-04-23 17:30
home crowds do it xD
2014-04-23 17:33
inb4 spectators with AKs
2014-04-24 08:20
NEO | 
Russia melelele 
gl NaVi
2014-04-23 17:31
seems very logical due to the situation Ukraine is in atm
2014-04-23 17:33
Sweden SithLord 
CMON NAVI!!! You guys got this.
2014-04-23 17:33
well that sucks, was looking forward to top 4 battling it out...
2014-04-23 17:34
fnatic? top 4? HAHAHAHHAHAHA
2014-04-23 18:25
What's so funny? if your opinion is different please let us know, this is a discussion after all :)
2014-04-23 18:51
dignitas are top 4 imo, but with fnatic we'll get better games. What's the fun in watching NiP wreck dignitas? fnatic have a greater chance of winning than dignitas would I think.
2014-04-23 19:43
yes dignitas is in top 4, but they didnt qualified so I didnt include them!
2014-04-23 19:49
you said you look forward to the top 4 battling it out. Well, dignitas aren't there, so... You must have been implying you though fnatic were top 4, right? hence, #150
2014-04-23 19:51
fine, I guess I should've said top 5 if it bothers you guys so much! I'm sorry my mistake!
2014-04-23 20:02
I forgive you :) ...this time...o_O
2014-04-23 20:12
thank you!
2014-04-23 20:17
They weren't signed up for it either.
2014-04-23 22:06
Nip x navi Vp x titan Wow good games to watch
2014-04-23 17:35
Obama killing eSports...
2014-04-23 17:39
Dosia | 
Russia cann0n 
Nip coming and fnatic not ! who is the swearing like a baby now ??
2014-04-23 17:41
"political tension between Ukraine and Russia over Crimea" there is even more tension in my pants guys
2014-04-23 17:41
Italy rbz 
Show me some of that tension.
2014-04-24 15:19
that tension now is east part, because of putin's men, kiev is living fine now. but anyway great news, go navi, as always XD
2014-04-23 17:45
Estonia rYm 
after consulting with the brain and watching the POVs of the players, the organisation decided not to send the team to Ukraine because they sAck hard and will lose to all 3 teams
2014-04-23 17:46
3rd time navi replacing another team :D
2014-04-23 17:49
Germany Bongskie 
luckyyyy :)
2014-04-23 18:54
this is Zero bought fnatic's parents))
2014-04-23 22:23
(._.*) b4d
2014-04-23 17:51
gl Na'Vi
2014-04-23 17:51
NiP 2 win!
2014-04-23 17:52
Fnatic csgo squad has girls in their ranks ? Cmon it's not like they're 12~13y.o ...
2014-04-23 17:54
oh so if you are 14, it's ok to go kamikaze-suicide?
2014-04-23 22:27
fnatic players are all above 18 i think & it's pretty safe in Kiev nowadays. Past SLTV Dota 2 event was fine, even for russian teams. But i agree, it's understandable why fnatic isn't going there and people shouldn't blame them for that.
2014-04-24 06:57
Europe midi 
LAN dodging level Swedish Foreign ministry Why NiP dont have such problems?
2014-04-23 17:55
ahahah fnatic joke, gl navi
2014-04-23 17:57
Polish guys will go because of da balls plus have Pasha Swedes wont go = pussies Titan wont go = pussies HellRaisers to replace and 1 other russian random team
2014-04-23 18:00
Do you live in another world?
2014-04-23 18:15
Yu mad cause kiev bed?
2014-04-23 19:02
2014-04-23 18:15
2014-04-23 19:12
Well NiP are going so your argument is confirmed as retarded.
2014-04-23 22:07
Russia ilg 
2014-04-23 18:09
2014-04-23 18:10
Poland camarpl 
omg, what do you mean political tension? you mean you are afraid for your safety? or maybe it has something to do with fnatic's sponsors who don't want them to go there? maybe navi paid them because starladder is important to them? carn usually spams wall of text that nobody reads but now it's too hard for him to explain what he means in 3 sentences?
2014-04-23 18:16
Italy rbz 
Ermahgerd Coenspierhcy.
2014-04-24 15:21
POLITICS involved in Games>?!?!?!?!?!?!!? What a JOKE!!!
2014-04-23 18:16
NaVi sponsored Euromaidan!
2014-04-23 18:16
once again Navi replaces fnatic :)
2014-04-23 18:22
nice! looking forward to see Na'Vi going strong at home! :)
2014-04-23 18:27
nooo schneider whyyy
2014-04-23 18:28
the organisation decided not to send the team to Ukraine because of the political tension between Ukraine and Russia over Crimea. What kind of reason is that? Just recently we saw SLTV Dota 2 tournament with teams all across the world. I call that BS.
2014-04-23 18:30
Oh so if you run into speeding trafic with a blindfold and live, everyone should do it? :D ;) :P
2014-04-23 22:30
No offense but I've had too many swedish flagged guys post too much shit, what happened? The fuck are u talking about? Dota 2 tournament was insane and there's not denying it, you're saying like going to that LAN event is the stupidest thing ever.
2014-04-23 23:43
You are quite ignorant, if you do not understand the reason Fnatic didn't send their team. You did even write it yourself:O A morally stand or just respect and cautiousness for the risky situation. And it is a risk to go to Ukraine right now. Well sure there are risks to every country, but that's another discussion. Some people choose to not go and some do the opposite. We are all different and all organisations are also definitely different. Choice, great thing actually.
2014-04-24 18:00
How is that a risk? People are over exaggerating way too much... especially u rofl.
2014-04-24 19:09
ezpz for en i pi
2014-04-23 18:31
en ai pi
2014-04-23 19:35
For now Kiev is safe. Main action is far far away.
2014-04-23 18:40
for now... :)
2014-04-24 03:57
Good news, Na'Vi is in.
2014-04-23 18:50
France cedd 
what a joke ahahaha
2014-04-23 18:57
Sounds like the families made a push there. Understandable, but I wish fnatic would have kept their ground. Anyway, it's not like Na'Vi can't deliver, let's hope we get some entertaining games.
2014-04-23 19:00
And just a week ago a dota 2 tournament happened from teams as far as east of korea. looks like fnatic were shitting in the pants facing titan in the first match.
2014-04-23 19:00
Na'Vi VP NiP Titan
2014-04-23 19:05
2014-04-23 21:48
Oh my God! - nip - titans +HR +#hashtag
2014-04-23 19:12
Denmark gnuhest 
What a bunch of retards in this thread Q_Q
2014-04-23 19:18
2014-04-23 19:32
2014-04-23 20:10
well its hltv, did you expect anything else?
2014-04-24 03:58
I wonder if this means NiP is unlikely to attend as well
2014-04-23 19:27
Not sure why so many people are saying "bs reason". This is by far the most valid reason to dodge a lan. If anyone actually followed the statements and tension, you wouldn't be saying anything.
2014-04-23 19:30
Those two countries are just fuckd up.. Im out..
2014-04-23 19:35
why does a team get so much shit for dropping out of going to an event because they care for their safety over a game, they can do what the fuk they want, such a shit community
2014-04-23 19:38
2014-04-23 20:42
Titan NiP Na'Vi
2014-04-23 19:40
Maybe online. :D
2014-04-23 19:57
fucking nice! :D
2014-04-23 19:49
i wouldnt go to a russian lan either :/ even with out a war.
2014-04-23 19:50
2014-04-23 22:30
United States y0rk 
Good. I like Na`Vi more any how.
2014-04-23 19:50
Too bad.
2014-04-23 19:57
final NiP vs :)
2014-04-23 20:06
its not like they play deathmatch on the streets lol
2014-04-23 20:07
Azerbaijan Talley 
but it is.
2014-04-23 20:43
i was so sure that either Na'vi or HR would replace someone
2014-04-23 20:23
"the organisation decided not to send the team to Ukraine because of the political tension between Ukraine and Russia over Crimea" What about NiP, Titan and VP? Why they aren't afraid of that?
2014-04-23 20:54
2014-04-23 20:59
2014-04-23 21:06
That team is a fucking joke anyway. Bunch of pussies
2014-04-23 21:09
1- NiP 2- VP 3- Titan 4- NaVi
2014-04-23 21:15
Only on HLTV would 100% or the people posting think is has everything to do with FEAR and nothing to do with MORALS. Like if some worthless tourney that didnt even pay for airfare was held in North Korea South Sudan or Guantanimo Bay I'd expect most teams to abstain. And I'd expect communists to do what there told to do.
2014-04-23 21:23
Pieter | 
Netherlands Grifte 
If you are talking about morals every team should boycott ESEA finals. Which in general could be applied to any country. Big talks about human rights and morals, yet they all (secretly) break these.
2014-04-23 21:31
go go go Na`Vi Da`Vi Na`Vi GL
2014-04-23 21:27
Let's see if they can beat Titan and NiP on LAN . I am kind of interested...
2014-04-23 21:32
mamka ne pustila na diskach)
2014-04-23 22:20
gl Na`Vi
2014-04-23 22:41
2014-04-23 23:08
Slovakia sanjuro 
hope for navi vp grandfinals
2014-04-23 23:09
happy guardian :3
2014-04-23 23:28
2014-04-23 23:28
2014-04-23 23:29
1.Titan 2.between VP and NiP
2014-04-23 23:55
I knew it ! I knew one of the EU teams would chicken out.
2014-04-24 00:34
No event can match Copenhagen Games 2014 now though Proof:
2014-04-24 02:01
2014-04-24 04:02
VP NIP NAVI Titan ))
2014-04-24 06:56
nice excuse! Fnatic pull out coz no win chance and no money for travels.
2014-04-24 08:30
GL Na'Vi, ty fnatic for place on finals. " My mom didn't let me go." (c) fnatic players. I hope that NiP is going and HeatoN knocked Swedish Foreign ministry out xD
2014-04-24 08:55
THere was a dota2 tournamen last week - Teams from china/korea/NA/EU came all and nothing happened .. fnatic such pussie
2014-04-24 11:07
Why are people so fucking butthurt? I can think of one episode where a professional player got injured.. Guess where
2014-04-24 11:23
shitty community. why should they put a game over their safety ? beside a broken hand this is the most valid reason not to attend a lan.
2014-04-24 13:40
Well this seems legit for fnatic, they are young players etc. Gl Navi
2014-04-24 13:46
GL Zeus. It's your chance.
2014-04-24 14:04
Poland kiero 
no fnatic = no chickens ;/
2014-04-24 15:18
I want that guy in every event When I say SLTV can I get a starserieeeeeesssss
2014-04-24 17:12
fnatic have been really under-performing lately compared to the other attendees and would not have a realistic chance of winning imo. $2000 for 4th place isn't worth the time and money they put into travelling and accommodations. It's a pretty simple business decision.
2014-04-24 18:43
2014-04-24 20:01
2014-04-25 18:54
let the games begin
2014-05-01 11:32
no schedule, preview etc. for the matches till now !!!!!
2014-05-01 12:14 (press "in english")
2014-05-01 12:17
ty mate
2014-05-01 14:23
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