LGB and team part ways

May 6th, 2014 14:21

Isak "cype" Rydman's team has decided to split up with the LGB eSports organization, the team have announced via Facebook.

The organization's short history goes back to October 2013, when it was created alongside its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squad, which has since climbed the ranking to being one of the best teams in the world.

During those seven months the team was able to give NiP a run for their money twice in a row at Dreamhack Winter and Svecup Grand Finals and only a few months later ended up being 3rd-4th at the second major, EMS One Katowice.

dennis & co are looking for better conditions

They weren't capable of passing Virtus.pro once again at Copenhagen Games, which got them another 5th-8th placing.

LGB's inability to take part in more events due to insufficient support was more than obvious though, which seems to be the reason for the team to part ways with LGB to search for better conditions in another organization.

"The team and I have decided to part ways with LGB eSports. We have had a few great months but for us to keep evolve and become even better we are now looking for other options." Rydman told xtrfy.com.

"We want to thank all our fans for the support aswell as Xtrfy, who have been the people behind LGB eSports for the time being, both of which have been a big part of what we are today."

LGB had the following roster:

Sweden Isak "cype" Rydman
Sweden Dennis "dennis" Edman
Sweden Simon "twist" Eliasson
Sweden Freddy "KRiMZ" Johansson
Sweden Olof "olofm" Kajbjer

The team is now sitting at fourth place in ESEA Invite Season 16 with twenty-four points from sixteen matches, which means they have a chance to advance to the global finals, depending on how the rest of the matches end up.

World Fr3de 
So sad...
2014-05-06 14:21
Omg n1!!
2014-05-06 14:21
Denmark menix 
2014-05-06 14:22
Korea saddummy 
SK plz
2014-05-06 14:22
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
SK is not interested in superstar teams... Only superstar players.
2014-05-06 14:41
2014-05-06 15:30
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Let's hope this time thy do the right thing ;')
2014-05-06 19:13
+1 man
2014-05-07 01:55
Germany lpSykl 
SK already have a XBox Call Of Duty Team, they dont need CS... hahaha
2014-05-07 12:15
Bulgaria Zinnoc 
Actually we don't have CoD team anymore.
2014-05-07 13:33
Germany lpSykl 
oh no! Why? I allways watched competitive CoD! :o
2014-05-16 17:19
2014-05-06 14:22
The shortest news in the history of HLTV :D
2014-05-06 14:22
Poland mki` 
They usually do news posts like this when learning of a team change.
2014-05-06 14:24
2014-05-06 15:50
hahah what a funny guy xD
2014-05-06 15:54
3DMax u heard it here first.
2014-05-06 14:22
Its 3dmax for sure! heard it here 2 - i all rdy knew it
2014-05-06 15:02
all rdy
2014-05-06 16:33
Nope, sorry. I actually said it before you, mate.. ;) hltv.org/?pageid=18&threadid=586187#r537..
2014-05-06 16:52
2014-05-06 14:22
yes plz
2014-05-07 00:23
2014-05-06 14:22
Germany Dok1 
2014-05-06 14:22
good teams fall apart wtf?
2014-05-06 14:22
The team is still together they just no longer play for LGB
2014-05-06 14:24
fall apart from organisation :)
2014-05-06 14:35
did you even read the article?
2014-05-06 14:42
u know when i wrote this article was in two sentance?!
2014-05-06 14:54
2014-05-06 14:23
Really hope they get picked up by a better organization , they deserve it ! :)
2014-05-06 14:24
I think they will :) Why would they leave a (stable?) org?
2014-05-06 14:32
No money
2014-05-06 17:15
2014-05-06 14:25
Hope to see a great team out of its ashes
2014-05-06 14:25
Alliance ez
2014-05-06 14:25
Brazil autismo 
rest in ripperonis LGB, hope you guys find another orga
2014-05-06 14:26
Germany ayyy 
2014-05-06 14:25
Go Kevz!
2014-05-06 14:26
SK should aquire them
2014-05-06 14:26
+1, SK deserve a top-team!
2014-05-06 14:37
yeah, and ex-LGB deserve a good organization to back them :D
2014-05-06 14:52
SK are not a good organization, two bad events and they will kick them or make them switch players
2014-05-06 15:12
we will see, that is, if SK decide to give them a chance
2014-05-06 15:32
I wonder if that's the case tho... I'd rather say: we will see if ex-LGB will give SK chance ^^
2014-05-06 19:34
one can never know :)
2014-05-06 20:26
SK already has stuff going on with other players
2014-05-06 22:35
really? who? (if its not a secret) :D
2014-05-06 23:20
is secret :d
2014-05-07 01:50
2014-05-06 14:26
dignitas without cajunb > this lineup
2014-05-06 15:13
i'm pretty sure that dignitas with cajunb would be similar to LGB if we compare their skills/teamplay
2014-05-06 15:33
nah. dignitas far more consistent and lgb are overrated to the high heavens.
2014-05-06 16:00
Iceland bist 
that's what happend with every swedish counter strike team ( NIP NO INCLUDED ), either constant changes in roster or leaving constantly organizations, YE VP, ESC, PGS, FX TOO POLAND FUCK THIS
2014-05-06 14:27
Bulgaria cob 
well if they want to achieve something, they would need salaries, bootcamps etc.
2014-05-06 14:27
Iceland bist 
if LGD can't handle this yes it was right decision, if it was because they want more money or something went wrong in the team it's fkin swedish move.
2014-05-06 14:29
they had 0 salary in LGB, pretty hard to be top team without playing professionally.
2014-05-06 14:41
Let the Guessing Begin
2014-05-06 14:27
As far as i know LGB have their money the right place - they should be able to afford this team. The only thing that might come to my mind now, is either a "world known" organisation is picking them up (Eventually SK?) or unless something major happens within the scene the next couple of days, such as (example: fnatic disbanding) etc .. Then fnatic eventually pick 'em up. It would be a big questionmark to me, why they should leave LGB - unless they have some major announcement incomming.
2014-05-06 14:27
Argentina thankzz 
go SK
2014-05-06 14:28
Hm wondering what happened, they seemed to be good for them?
2014-05-06 14:29
Can you read? It says the organisation wasn't big enough for them, they want to go to more events.
2014-05-06 14:31
can you not be such a tool? the post was short and didn't include much info when I posted
2014-05-06 14:48
Even if it wasn't as full as it's now, it was still said that the team left the organisation, and there was nothing about the team disbanding. It's also obvious from the statement (which, I'm not sure about, but I think was there from the start?) The tool here might be you.
2014-05-06 19:50
The is more than one reason why would a team leave an organisation.
2014-05-06 20:02
The LGB logo was so sweet tho :(
2014-05-06 14:29
2014-05-06 15:58
yeah now my stickers will be useless... so nice on redline
2014-05-06 17:57
Turkey rusty james 
+ fucking 1!
2014-05-07 01:55
2014-05-06 14:29
lets hope for this!
2014-05-06 14:39
2014-05-06 14:41
Alliance = Evil Genious :P
2014-05-06 14:41
Evil Geniuses* :)
2014-05-06 15:18
Nip1 and Nip2 xD
2014-05-06 14:46
ahhahahah this was good
2014-05-06 15:06
Sweden mrarrogant 
It IS Alliance
2014-05-06 15:41
+1 this would be so amazing
2014-05-06 17:11
what a hell is going on nowdays...
2014-05-06 14:30
2014-05-06 14:30
Brazil mth^ 
2014-05-06 15:05
2014-05-06 14:31
Surely SK will pick this squad ! Would love to see dennis back in SK !!
2014-05-06 14:33
like this team, GL finding organization
2014-05-06 14:37
SK would be so perfect. They deserve a top organization.
2014-05-06 14:38
SK incoming
2014-05-06 14:40
Estonia 2026 
Looks like a great chance for SK.
2014-05-06 14:40
SK incoming.
2014-05-06 14:41
Finland cockcheek33 
2014-05-06 14:42
SK plz
2014-05-06 14:42
-cype +eksem and join SK - this will be a top2 SWE team.
2014-05-06 14:43
that would be the best but wont happen.
2014-05-06 14:46
imo they are top2 swe lol
2014-05-06 15:04
come back when they won a major
2014-05-06 17:35
SK.cype SK.dennis SK.twist SK.KRiMZ SK.olofm OR [A].cype [A].dennis [A].twist [A].KRiMZ [A].olofm OR EG.cype EG.dennis EG.twist EG.KRiMZ EG.olofm btw. [A]=Alliance
2014-05-06 14:45
ANGE1 | 
Russia monte:) 
SK 4sho but it can be 3DMAX .
2014-05-06 15:05
Brazil mth^ 
+ [A] pls
2014-05-06 15:09
[A] is eu version of EG btw ^_^
2014-05-06 15:33
I dont think alliance will put their money in counter strike. so much more to make in dota and League og Legends
2014-05-07 09:29
Fnatic to let go of their current roster, will take LGB lineup. Ftw!
2014-05-06 14:45
wtf is going on? shox,cajnub, now lgb
2014-05-06 14:46
Brave yourselves, dreamhack summer is coming.
2014-05-06 15:28
They're just chaning their organisation, they want better support.
2014-05-06 19:51
We are currently tweaking SK, will be back soon!
2014-05-06 14:48
2014-05-06 14:48
CSGO death confirmed -titan -dignitas -lgb btw LGB's mistake was to kick eksem and pick up cype
2014-05-06 14:51
SK should pick them and maybe replace -cype +eksem or Delpan maybe
2014-05-06 14:51
Australia spraynpray 
This would be good, the SK website says they still have Delpan on their roster.
2014-05-07 01:07
Atleast team dont split up, gl guys for new home!
2014-05-06 14:52
SK lets goooo
2014-05-06 14:56
2014-05-06 14:57
good news this, LGB eSports cared shit about them, they deserve better org.
2014-05-06 15:00
So we cared shit Huh? Well im glad to be informed by someone Else, if there is one thing that is certain, the its we Always cared, so please elaborate and Share your sources
2014-05-06 15:51
2014-05-06 15:58
2014-05-06 17:46
such a great team, achievied some solid results without being paid , i really hope they gonna find some stable org and prove us even more <3 lgb
2014-05-06 15:01
hoping for SK comeback
2014-05-06 15:03
RIP LGB they just were shit when eksem and skytten left. I would love to see Skytten, eksem, olofm, roque, pita- Skytten, eksem, olofm, twist, krimz-
2014-05-06 15:07
ANGE1 | 
Russia monte:) 
Delpan eksem SKYTTEN/KRiMZ dennis olofm
2014-05-06 15:15
delpan (main awp) cant play with olofm and dennis in same team
2014-05-06 15:17
they really are shit buddy.3-4 @ katowice,eliminated by VP at CPH games.Winning esports venture online cup.
2014-05-06 15:35
2014-05-06 15:50
u are saying that they are shit with their new lineup,but they achieve SOMETHING THAT THEY WOULD NEVER ACHIEVE WITH SKYTTEN + eksem?
2014-05-06 15:52
At Dreamhack Winter they lost 1-2 vs NiP in the Quarter finals. If the brackets would have looked different, I'm sure they could have placed 3-4 there as well. I think the team is better now but not by a lot. Twist is insane but Eksem was great as well. Not sure which is the best of Eksem and Cype or which fits better in the team.
2014-05-12 18:05
Placing 3-4th doesnt make you shit in my World ..
2014-05-06 15:52
they own dude.REally tired of this guys here talking about roster changes etc.
2014-05-06 16:33
that's what he's saying, that they were not shit.
2014-05-06 16:34
My bad read it too fast :/
2014-05-06 17:25
ANGE1 | 
Russia monte:) 
Totally agree with some comments about -cype + Delpan or eksem. Cype mby is a good back-up but Delpish or eksem much better :)
2014-05-06 15:06
eksem is a beast...
2014-05-06 15:07
SK would be AWESOME
2014-05-06 15:08
2014-05-06 15:09
i never liked this overrated team, but this is sad. SK would fit to them.
2014-05-06 15:10
Sad, I hope they decide to stick together.
2014-05-06 15:10
Next news thread: Alliance pick up ex-LGB.
2014-05-06 15:12
Why are they winning their ESEA matches if they can't afford the plane ticket ? Do they want to get banned for not going to the LAN ? lol
2014-05-06 15:12
I am the manager of the team and in a statement to fragbite I said: "We will now focus on FACEIT Spring Season and then Dreamhack. We can, thanks to the prize money from IEM Katowice, participate in both Dreamhack and ESEA finals no matter what." As for now, we're TEAMGLOBAL, and is solely financed by our earlier won prize money and my personal savings. We will probably be TEAMGLOBAL at Dreamhack.
2014-05-06 15:24
so u left LGB without having other option or something?Seems strange to me
2014-05-06 15:37
Which organization do you think wants to keep us if we openly say we're looking for options? This was a mutual agreement.
2014-05-06 15:42
yea,u are right.Hope u will get picked up by [A] or some great organisation.My fav team by far
2014-05-06 15:55
Thank you, im sure we'll find a new home soon. Thanks for the support! :) #TEAMGLOBAL
2014-05-06 15:56
GL man. Sucks you have to use won prizemoney to fund trips. Hopefully ESEA covers a good bit (assuming your guys qualify) like they said they would this season.
2014-05-06 16:05
vuggo <3 such a gentleman
2014-05-06 16:35
SK.olofmeister xD
2014-05-06 15:20
so im not longer LGB esports fan? ((
2014-05-06 15:21
Who said they aint gonna stick together?
2014-05-06 15:23
Expected. Small organization cannot handle so good players. No money = no fun, sad but true And don't forget that the squad is not splitting up, they're just changing their orga ;)
2014-05-06 15:25
Inm keen to know where some of you get all this from, that we Got no money whatsoever
2014-05-06 15:54
Let them talk. Wish you good luck with LGB!
2014-05-06 16:04
Wise words :-) and thanks
2014-05-06 16:07
Didn know you were working for LBG now :D
2014-05-06 16:27
Have been ever since it began :-D
2014-05-06 19:48
Nice nice :D
2014-05-06 20:38
never go full retard
2014-05-06 16:03
Greece her-1g 
they are still a team jesus....they will just search for another organization that will provide them with proper funding. Being one of the best european teams i can see a good organization (deffo not 3DMAX) picking the up. Maybe SK if they can fund them properly
2014-05-06 15:28
Alex Garfield or Alex Müller, do your job!
2014-05-06 15:29
they have to be SK gaming
2014-05-06 15:31
its not SK-Gaming i can confirm this.. Dennis hates SK + SK dont want a csgo team.. they already stated that.
2014-05-06 15:33
Taiwan SCVready 
2014-05-06 15:33
Denmark qwedsa 
no winning no $$$
2014-05-06 15:36
Delpan back??
2014-05-06 15:37
suNny | 
Finland m1skaa 
What organisations need a team right now? All I know is mTw :D
2014-05-06 15:40
2014-05-06 15:42
And what is left is only their Name ;) They are on the same level like an amateur organisation like LGB. Has to be Alliance/EG or SK Gaming for the former LGB boys.
2014-05-06 15:42
Sweden mrarrogant 
it's Alliance 100% if nothing goes wrong
2014-05-06 15:42
Fuck LGB this is a great lineup that proved they can compete with the big boys, SK should sign them.
2014-05-06 15:46
Why fuck us? We didnt kick the ?
2014-05-06 15:55
Unfortunate, loved this team :/
2014-05-06 15:54
Well it's kinda hard to tell, they had their matches when they got the ball rolling besides that it just went downhill really, gl to them all.
2014-05-06 15:54
sk ! hurry up :x
2014-05-06 15:57
if they join Alliance they will rise!
2014-05-06 15:58
IKEA joining in on eSports is what i have heard. IKEA.cype IKEA.dennis IKEA.twist IKEA.KRiMZ IKEA.olofm They get free chairs & desks, and some good financial backing. This could be huge!
2014-05-06 16:03
I Like this!
2014-05-06 16:07
2014-05-06 16:39
2014-05-06 16:39
2014-05-06 16:47
2014-05-06 17:04
The team will be playing under the name #TEAMGLOBAL within the ladders and have Viktor ”vuggo” Jenderby as their manager. ”We are currently focusing on the FACEIT-leuge and the upcoming DreamHack Summer. We can, with the price money from Katowice take it easy, and thanks to the players enter all the upcoming tournaments, with or without an organisation behind us. Including to participate in DreamHack Summer and the ESEA LAN Finals in Dallas, if we would qualify, which right now are looking good, Jenderby says.” fragbite.se/cs/news/34829/lgb-och-spelar..
2014-05-06 16:11
SK have Delpan and pita
2014-05-06 16:19
yeah, ofc
2014-05-06 17:43
Same team, will just play with a different name, no worries.
2014-05-06 16:42
Alliance will probably pick them up, heard it here first.
2014-05-06 16:48
i never heard of alliance.. swe org?
2014-05-06 17:44
Yes. They got best Dota2 team.
2014-05-06 18:03
DK is the best team btw:)
2014-05-07 13:01
Alliance or SK
2014-05-06 17:01
2014-05-06 17:11
Team[3D].cype Team[3D].dennis Team[3D].twist Team[3D].KRiMZ Team[3D].olofm
2014-05-06 17:15
United Kingdom smoggy:. 
GL to the players and the org!
2014-05-06 17:21
mtw please
2014-05-06 17:33
cool they were awful
2014-05-06 17:49
why do you exist?
2014-05-06 18:16
Argentina Stricken.- 
mtw or mym
2014-05-06 18:22
2014-05-06 18:23
Portugal Cyborgy 
olof/dennis/twist/flusha to NiP
2014-05-06 18:33
Alliance inc.
2014-05-06 18:38
I've heard 3DMAX can guarantee excellent conditions and support.
2014-05-06 18:46
aizy | 
Poland flvcko 
maybe SK?
2014-05-06 18:50
shame the org couldn't grow with the team.
2014-05-06 18:57
Hoping that mTw would take a swedish team
2014-05-06 19:12
go go alliance
2014-05-06 19:14
mym,sk, alliance, mtw?
2014-05-06 19:32
MYM sucks because they put too much pressure on their players to get good results that when they fail they end up dropping them. We've seen it numerous times. SK, Alliance or MTW would be better imo.
2014-05-06 20:22
SK pls sign these talents. PS: I want a SK HOLO Sticker in the market !!!!!!!!!
2014-05-06 20:07
atleast they put behind that LGB - LesbianGayBisex tag :D
2014-05-06 20:35
Thats your mind, not the actual.
2014-05-06 21:02
2014-05-06 20:40
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
Alliance or 3DMAX pls. Heard enough shit about SK's poor reputation as an organization.
2014-05-06 23:14
so... they can just get signed by another org and have the exact same team yay
2014-05-07 01:06
Hope LGB picks up a new team aswell <3 kevzz
2014-05-07 01:42
Turkey rusty james 
+ fucking 1! that logo is and always will be my favorite. i dont care if they recruit a 3rd tier team for their organizatoin. that logo is sick.
2014-05-07 02:02
Hope alliance Picks them up a csgo division would be sick
2014-05-07 05:30
facebook.com/SKGaming/posts/101521833793.. "We've got a big announcement coming up later today and cannot wait to share it with you. Hint: 2004 - 2009 - 2014. Any guesses?" sk? :)
2014-05-07 10:00
does MYM have a team ATM?
2014-05-07 12:23
I dont know why everyone is screaming for delpan:p
2014-05-07 12:59
United States Bibby 
2014-05-07 19:54
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