Exertus pick up United5

Only days after the disbandment of the former Exertus team, the organization has found a new squad, Matt "Warden" Dickens' United5.

Merely five days ago Exertus have announced the release of its former squad after series of mixed results in North American leagues, ESEA and CEVO.

In their stead, the organization has signed United5 consisting of experienced names such as Tyler "Storm" Wood, Dickens and David "Xp3" Garrido, who are currently at sixth place in ESEA Invite and have recently been sent to the lower bracket by compLexity in CEVO Professional league.

"The team is excited for the opportunity to represent Exertus eSports. We’re thankful the organization believes in our team to represent them, because I know there were many more teams interested in the sponsor. We look forward to building a long lasting relationship with the Exertus brand." Dickens told Exertusesports.com.

Exertus now boast the following squad:

United States Matt "Warden" Dickens
United States Zach "TM" Miller
France David "Xp3" Garrido
United States Jason "moses" O'Toole
United States Tyler "Storm" Wood

Expected :) not.
2014-05-07 10:10
new top1
2014-05-07 10:10
11 replies
Still the same team, I would say top4 NA: 1. iBP 2. coL 3. Manajuma/Mediocre 4. Exertus
2014-05-07 13:03
10 replies
Netcode sucks?
2014-05-07 13:46
coL out of top 4. 2 is netcode.
2014-05-07 14:10
7 replies
iBp is 1 manjuma is 2 col and netcode 3/4
2014-05-07 21:34
6 replies
reliable>coL as far as their current form is concerned.
2014-05-07 22:02
5 replies
You're ridiculous. col and iBP are fighting for the one spot.
2014-05-07 23:19
4 replies
ah that was like 2 months ago. have you seen coL recently? they lost more than they won. they were also on a losing streak for a while after swag left. its just now that they re starting to move forward. at one point n0thing seemed like he didnt even wanna play.
2014-05-08 00:36
3 replies
Have you seen col recently? In their last playoff game? At socal lan? I do not get that vibe from n0thing and I watch him every time he streams. They at first beat ibp and then lost later on at like 5 AM. Col is playing well, and to think that they aren't even in top 4 is downright crazy.
2014-05-08 00:42
2 replies
2014-05-08 02:17
2014-05-08 02:29
How is coL going with anger?
2014-05-08 06:36
2014-05-07 10:10
will never win anything
2014-05-07 10:11
Europe DrexxEnt
I think someone predicted this on the disbandment thread, so I could say EXPECTED?!
2014-05-07 10:11
2014-05-07 10:13
2014-05-07 10:49
a french guy among them !!
2014-05-07 10:55
Warden and Storm from coL in 1.6 times?
2014-05-07 11:17
8 replies
yes : D
2014-05-07 11:23
Yes. fRod was with them before he was replaced.
2014-05-07 11:27
4 replies
before he quit/became inactive
2014-05-07 12:03
2 replies
It's sad that he had to end cs this way.
2014-05-07 15:40
1 reply
he got a real job and had to move back to miami, he did have a comeback in go for a little while.
2014-05-07 21:58
yep, thanks) they had amazing line-up, btw
2014-05-07 12:40
dun fotget xp3
2014-05-10 23:48
1 reply
for sure! I saw their game on nuke tonight against adreN and co. they showed a kind of stability and descipline in game, imho
2014-05-12 10:44
Ahahaha old exertus got dropped like a bad habit
2014-05-07 11:59
1 reply
they had the sponsor for a while, then the team disbanded. what are you saying?
2014-05-08 07:11
Still not able to win anything
2014-05-07 12:07
Great pickup.
2014-05-07 12:14
They will never play outside America. GL in ESEA though.
2014-05-07 12:16
Hahaha, just clicked what Lurppis was getting at in PODCast#24. Storm 8)
2014-05-07 12:22
I'm glad that Exertus still have interest in CS:GO and maybe now that u5 have a sponsor to fight for they might step up their game. gl
2014-05-07 12:22
why is warden and storm still playing when they clearly suck?
2014-05-07 12:45
2 replies
Mayb4 because they enjoy playing the game?
2014-05-07 19:44
Lol. N1 retard
2014-05-10 07:19
Israel kLifOrdQ_o
why not manajumas? anyway gl to warden & co,what and when will be the next lan they will attend?
2014-05-07 12:53
1 reply
u5 is the most stable team roster wise on the planet.
2014-05-08 07:11
Matt "Warden" DICKENS Tyler "Storm" WOOD Sounds like some cast for a porn :c
2014-05-07 13:04
1 reply
2014-05-16 11:49
Drop a squad that won't win anything, pick up a squad that won't win anything. Seems legit.
2014-05-07 13:38
1 reply
u5 had really close matches agains most teams and won matches they were (on paper) NOT supposed to win as ppl just like you and pro didnt see any future in the team as even some of those players themselves confirmed back in the days that they are just playing for fun as they are all grown up and have other jobs and duties, but apparently playing "for fun" actually brought them some promising results that they were able to back up with recent past natches and prove that they could possibly be on the top competing with other pros, so I dont know why u hate on them, but based on prev results I beleive ex-u5 has more chances rather than fl0m's team... , but of course it possible that they wouldnt achive BIG results, but the org also saw some future in the team so whatever... let it be... hope it works out okay...
2014-05-07 14:47
Awesome. I guarantee they will start doing better. Now they actually have a reason to try hard and practice hard. I can't wait to watch them at their peak.
2014-05-07 14:57
i guess Warden should be the oldest player in pro csgo scene! gl to them
2014-05-07 15:22
I love Warden and U5, but sadly they are not gonna win anything. They are mid of the pack team and they won't even qualify for the ESEA LAN. But gratz to them anyways.
2014-05-07 15:49
Xp3 living in USA?
2014-05-07 15:54
2 replies
2014-05-07 16:48
no he lives in montreal, canada.
2014-05-07 18:26
Storm is still pretty good, the rest not so much. Won't win anything.
2014-05-07 16:31
expected hope they preform well obviously
2014-05-07 16:52
Storm and Warden <3 <3 <3. I really like to see this guys
2014-05-07 16:52
Czech Republic MindLimp
This should be great for Exertus, u5 team has shown NA teams what stability is all about, not only that they play for fun and do a good job of making sure to keep their league status. If you watched "the hype" interview with shroud, you would know ex exertus was all for fun, but since loosing shroud they havent performed up to par(even when shroud was around.) And now all of a sudden oct just up and left. Good move ex u5, however I will miss this old school name, and good luck this coming up season.
2014-05-07 17:09
Warden has actually been playing really good lately
2014-05-07 18:03
soooooooooooooo washed up
2014-05-07 18:07
US Scene like Liechtenstein!
2014-05-07 19:04
1 reply
Russian scene like nonexistent!
2014-05-08 06:50
Grim | 
United States Bibby
2014-05-07 19:51
Was expecting to see Mediocre Gamers get picked up, but I'm glad to see united5 finally get picked up by an organization.
2014-05-07 21:59
u5 have had the same core 4 players for like what, 1 1/2 years now, thats hard to beat, maybe now they will actually put some time in though.
2014-05-08 01:55
wow when did Warden came back?
2014-05-08 18:34
coL beats NC and people rank NC > coL.... Love the internet.
2014-05-09 09:50
Storm and warden are fucking legends
2014-05-10 00:01
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