Reason change four players

Reason Gaming have announced that they have revamped their roster by changing a total of four players.

Reason had strongly been linked with roster changes since their 5th-8th place finish at Copenhagen Games as part of the traditional turmoil that affects the upper echelons of the Danish CS:GO scene after every big event.

With DreamHack Summer in mind, Reason have decided to part ways with every player except Nikolaj "EXR" Therkildsen, meaning that Michael "Friis" Jørgensen, Frederik "LOMME" Nielsen, Danni "smF" Dyg and Finn "karrigan" Andersen are nowhere to be seen.

While the first three have become inactive, Andersen is currently trying his luck with a new German team, has learned.

Pimp returns to activity in Reason Gaming 

To replace the quartet, Reason signed ex-3DMAX trio Nichlas "Nille" Busk, Mathias "MSL" Lauridsen and Jacob "Pimp" Winneche, and raided ESC Gaming for Philip "aizy" Aistrup.

"It has been a terrible period over the last 3 weeks. Friis didn't have time to play, so we decided to find another player (MSL), then smF and LOMME decided to stop playing for a while, and karrigan said yes to another offer," Nikolaj "EXR" Therkildsen told Reason's website.

"It left me and MSL alone, and we decided to ask some of his former 3dmax teammates to make a squad. It went pretty well, and after a discussion about which org we should play under we decided to join Reason as we really wanted to play under the Reason Gaming name.

"I'm really glad to be playing with the former 3dmax guys - they are pretty cool, and we are today happy to announce a full lineup. A lineup with a lot of experience and some really good individual players. Hopefully we can make some good results in the future and play some big tournaments."

Reason Gaming now have the following team:

Denmark Nikolaj "EXR" Therkildsen
Denmark Nichlas "Nille" Busk
Denmark Mathias "MSL" Lauridsen 
Denmark Jacob "Pimp" Winneche 
Denmark Philip "aizy" Aistrup

Gl :)
2014-05-17 19:40
2014-05-17 20:50
2014-05-17 21:19
2014-05-17 22:06
Portugal krypz0n 
2014-05-18 02:09
2014-05-18 02:29
<3 The one who comments below me sucks my winnie
2014-05-18 06:48
the one above me sucks my dick, real men don't have "winnies", bitch.
2014-05-18 07:00
<3 ;) your move
2014-05-18 11:15
they need it
2014-05-18 11:25
GL HF <3
2014-05-17 19:40
3 weeks
2014-05-17 19:41
Brazil autismo 
2014-05-17 19:56
2014-05-18 11:01
France Foumo 
Typical danish stability i guess :D (relax it's a joke ^^ )
2014-05-17 19:41
2014-05-17 19:53
no this is fokin serious. danish teams can't hold more than a dick
2014-05-17 20:06
i cant hold more than 1 dick either
2014-05-17 20:45
Denmark fyhn 
It's funny 'cause it's true!
2014-05-18 05:13
2014-05-17 19:41
United States Prop 
so...karrigan to ESC?
2014-05-17 19:42
in the place of aizy i assume
2014-05-17 19:43
2014-05-17 19:50
2014-05-17 19:44
Karrigan to Attax. You heard it here first.
2014-05-18 13:42
nice gl guys.
2014-05-17 19:43
I don't think they'll become one of the best teams but they can definitely become quite good.
2014-05-17 19:46
wauw Karrigan said yes to another offer mhhh interesting to find out what team it will be. best of luck to Pimp & the rest of the new Reason team
2014-05-17 19:47
Austria db42 
wtf, the other lineup was just starting to look good lol
2014-05-17 19:47
+1 lol
2014-05-17 22:40
2014-05-17 19:48
karrigan in alternate attax!
2014-05-17 19:51
United Kingdom QNo 
yeah, that sounds likely
2014-05-17 19:53
trade out a good team for some useless cunts lol ggwp
2014-05-17 23:09
2014-05-17 19:52
Europe midi 
Disband after DHS.
2014-05-17 19:53
hooch | 
Finland Freisör 
disband after 1st game
2014-05-17 20:23
disband after 1st round
2014-05-17 22:07
Europe midi 
Disband after warmup?
2014-05-17 22:55
Petra | 
World forbii 
disband after getting info
2014-05-18 00:28
disband after game boots
2014-05-18 02:11
disband after steam launch
2014-05-18 02:55
disband after turning on the pc
2014-05-18 06:51
disband after plugging in power cable
2014-05-18 07:29
disband after waking up
2014-05-18 08:36
disband after being born
2014-05-18 11:08
disband after their parents do sex
2014-05-18 15:20
disband after their parents being born
2014-05-18 15:23
shit gone too far
2014-05-18 16:32
2014-05-18 15:25
disband after 1st kill
2014-05-17 22:41
so its just ex-3DMAX the old reason was so good...
2014-05-17 19:54
needs more gla1ve and colon
2014-05-17 19:54
Turkey huth 
I wish them the best of luck and hope they stay together. Surprised to see aizy leaving ESC and Pimp playing after his last comments
2014-05-17 19:55
his last comments was like... i will go inactive, but wont stop playing, will be back soon.
2014-05-17 23:33
I thought he was going to focus on improving his AWP and won't play for a month or two
2014-05-18 00:12
tarik | 
Yugoslavia bleaq 
friis> all of them anyway
2014-05-17 19:56
2014-05-17 19:57
Belgium Monu 
karrigan is going back to germany, at least there he can win some money again
2014-05-17 19:59
haha sad but true :D
2014-05-18 11:27
without a REASON
2014-05-17 20:01
Belgium kOsh 
Friis :(
2014-05-17 20:01
2014-05-17 20:09
gl, 1 tournament and disband
2014-05-17 20:10
So they were disappointed about their results as 3DMAX so they changed gla1ve for EXR?
2014-05-17 20:12
wow bad team really :D
2014-05-17 20:15
Not anything special in particular
2014-05-17 20:42
karrigan was good .. wish dey gave dem some more time :/
2014-05-17 20:15
nille.... didn't he just get banned for cheating and it got hushed down quite fast... probably will cheat in the future because he has no balls
2014-05-17 20:17
His account was hacked - he did not cheat.
2014-05-17 20:35
Sure sure, is this what they call damage control?
2014-05-17 20:59
You really think a player as well-known (and good) as Nille would be stupid enough to risk a situation where he would lose his entire career in CS because of cheats? I don't think anyone would be that stupid..
2014-05-17 21:02
thats like saying no professional athlete would take ability enhancing drugs because "they are good and well known" not even saying nille cheats, its just a fucking dumb argument to say "he cant cheat because hes good and well known" its actually beyond fucking stupid..
2014-05-17 21:21
Not saying he can't cheat and that he 100% doesn't cheat. I just think this community is waay too quick to judge players. He has given an explanation, which can be true, AND he has not been accusated in any other case than this, nor has he been playing like he's hacking, which makes it even more likely that he is telling the truth. I'm not saying he's 100% not cheating I'm just saying it's way too early to judge him.
2014-05-17 21:29
It's fucking obvious to anyone who knows anything that he did. Everyone is just keeping it quiet. It's very common among "good" players to have cheated in the past, many people will do it only to get in to the right "social" group in this scene.
2014-05-17 21:46
Nico has been playing very impressive lately and has not played suspiciously (imo at least). I really doubt he has been cheating lately, and I think you are too fast to judge. Innocent untill proven guilty..
2014-05-17 21:48
He was banned and changed his name 100times in steam after the ban in order not to get caught, still got caught and it's the same thing as nico playing good online. Sure bro your logic is impeccable.
2014-05-17 22:49
Nico has always been known as "Nico" in the professional scene.. Also, he has had some reasonably good offline performances
2014-05-17 22:57
So you opted to post nothing when you ran out of responses?
2014-05-17 23:05
I did answer, lol.. I, unfortunately, said Nico instead of Nille.. I obviously mean Nille ofc. :)
2014-05-18 00:41
At what point did Nille turn to Nico?
2014-05-17 23:10
At the point when he ran out of excuses.
2014-05-17 23:12
2014-05-17 23:22
Lol sry.. I always confuse the two players :D
2014-05-18 00:35
well Nille is in the semi-pro scene for quite a while.I cant remember anyone who acused him for cheating :(.
2014-05-17 21:18
that is what u get with merging Cs 1.6 with Source in denmark. u get all the kiddies from Source that change teams like they change underwear...
2014-05-17 20:17
And you dont think the danish 1.6 teams did that? Where have u been the last 10 years? :/
2014-05-17 23:33
the 1.6 scene did that yes, but not as much as ATM.
2014-05-18 02:24
Needs more gla1ve
2014-05-17 20:18
glad to see p.i.m.p. back in business
2014-05-17 20:18
Petra | 
World sCave 
the danish scene is so fucking unstable -.-'' this team will disband after DH summer xD
2014-05-17 20:21
Denmark zand 
karrigan to dignitas? seeing as nothing is official with Nico edit: didnt see the thing with him playing with german team(which sucks)
2014-05-17 20:35
Portugal Cyborgy 
lol they were getting good but oh well danish scene
2014-05-17 20:37
2014-05-17 20:37
Building a danish team is easy. Staying together as a danish team is probably the worlds most difficult task. No good luck from coloN loserkids
2014-05-17 20:38
nobody wants to build anything with crzy :D
2014-05-17 20:47
Oh god Malthe, this isnt about Sune. That is just hetz and tbh get over it. This lineup makes no fucking sense to me.
2014-05-17 21:03
2014-05-17 21:18
actually it is.. cause aizy left ESC gaming to play in this team and colon is angry that he left.. so im just telling colon why it didnt work out
2014-05-17 21:35
Herden you flamer. On hltv just flaming i like it
2014-05-18 00:06
Denmark smF' 
Dwarf brother agree <3
2014-05-17 20:49
Greece her-1g 
karrigan in another german mix that will fail. just like this new Reason team
2014-05-17 20:39
with the exception of dig the danish scene is a fkn joke bunch of drama queen kids
2014-05-17 20:40
EXR is really underrated and good still, I dunno if I have a ton of faith in Nille and MSL, especially Nille if their roster was like EXR Pimp gla1ve aizy friis/colon that would be ideal
2014-05-17 20:40
Canada pXXe 
EXR is actually not that good, kinda bad at Steelseries Finals and Copenhagen Games, he was one of the worst of the old Reason team :D
2014-05-17 21:26
Andersen or Anderson?
2014-05-17 20:45
7day MAX
2014-05-17 20:46
definitely worse lineup
2014-05-17 20:47
saw it first at chrisJ stream
2014-05-17 20:52
3DaysMAX :=)
2014-05-17 20:55
mason | 
World PRQN 
NO FRIIS? wow, please disband
2014-05-17 20:59
danes,so danes :D
2014-05-17 21:00
Bulgaria bUHALOVIC 
mouz karrigan
2014-05-17 21:00
Actually pissed about this... loved the old reason, they were really different and caused some great upsets in big games. Contrary to that, I really do not like 3DMAX's play style or their general approach to CS at all.
2014-05-17 21:05
No fris no karrigan ? Reason with karrigan and fris top9 This line top15
2014-05-17 21:05
Why would any org pay these guys? :-)
2014-05-17 21:15
pimp sexy
2014-05-17 21:15
Glad Karrigan got out of that mess of a scene in Denmark. This team will most likely disband in a few months and for sure isn't going to win anything
2014-05-17 21:16
seems like a great team
2014-05-17 21:24
Denmark dR_JaCkPoT 
Ffs nothing good comes out og MSL and Nille... Aizy ditches ESC after two weeks :D
2014-05-17 21:24
Canada pXXe 
-EXR +Any Danish player
2014-05-17 21:27
Denmark percy 
2014-05-17 21:35
I think pimp is the pinnacle of ugly.
2014-05-17 21:32
Denmark percy 
2014-05-17 21:36
2014-05-17 21:36
Denmark percy 
2014-05-17 21:36
Nope, your mom is...
2014-05-18 04:39
Denmark fyhn 
And I think you are an idiot.
2014-05-18 05:18
Josh says otherwise
2014-05-18 07:33
Friis was really good WTF reason
2014-05-17 22:03
Denmark lolzbananabe 
"Friis didn't have time to play"
2014-05-17 22:16
why? :(
2014-05-18 00:19
Portugal Cyborgy 
because he didnt have time to put the hours
2014-05-18 20:13
No cENTRYZ no party.
2014-05-17 22:09
World idz 
going to fail so hard
2014-05-17 22:28
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
Needs gla1ve at the least. gl Pimp and co., still the friendliest and most badass person in the CS scene.
2014-05-17 22:33
cyx | 
Bangladesh Stoffi 
I give them 2-3 months - sad but true..:(
2014-05-17 23:01
saucers gonna sauce
2014-05-17 23:02
nvm, gl
2014-05-17 23:15
from bad team to bad team.
2014-05-17 23:25
+crZy rofl!
2014-05-17 23:57
+1 Kappa
2014-05-18 00:29
loooool, ChrisJ announced this would happen yesterday night on his stream, he was like they will create a new team, you heard it here first! LMAO!!!!! CHRISJ NO CHEATERINO PLS
2014-05-18 00:03
mason | 
Tunisia mason~ 
if they added karrigan and cENTRYZ it would be great !
2014-05-18 00:22
noobs kicked, all ok now
2014-05-18 01:01
Portugal Cyborgy 
wasnt aizy already on pimps team?xD this is like 4 of that 3dmax or whatever right? ahaha
2014-05-18 02:57
I miss mTw'08 xD Good luck guys I hope you can build something this time. You don't know how lucky you are to live in EU for CS ! :D
2014-05-18 03:48
honestly can someone tell me how the danish scene is on the verge of sell implosion every month??
2014-05-18 06:37
p1mp is so handsome . ''NO HOMO''
2014-05-18 06:52
why keep exr of all people?
2014-05-18 09:45
he was the only one left as the article states.
2014-05-18 11:49
I liked friis... Shame.
2014-05-18 11:02
ANGE1 | 
Russia monte:) 
-aizy +Friis
2014-05-18 11:18
well reason is new team, gl
2014-05-18 11:27
very bad change in my opinion. Old reason had potential to be a really top team with smF, Friis , Karrigan and LOMME. where the heck is karrigan going to then..
2014-05-18 12:25
oh nice. Good luck. Hopefully the manage to stay together for a bit
2014-05-18 12:29
Can't see this team going anywhere. They should've aimed for a better roster.
2014-05-18 12:48
i hope ence will do the same
2014-05-18 19:12
Karrigan to ALTERNATE !! best move imo
2014-05-18 19:26
gl :)
2014-05-18 20:14
Pimp really looks like a pimp irl
2014-05-18 21:12
well any team with pimp and aizy can be good one.
2014-05-18 22:24
oh n1
2014-05-18 23:17
Damn, Reason just upgraded big time
2014-05-19 14:34
-EXR +gla1ve and welcome back old 3DMAX :)
2014-05-19 21:04
Not even close by skill to cs:s [R]
2014-05-19 21:42
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