Video: shroud vs. NetcodeGuides

1-on-5 clutches don't happen very often but Mike "shroud" Grzesiek had a special one yesterday in CEVO-P Season 4 playoffs against

In the lower bracket final of the North American league CEVO Professional Season 4, Manajuma and were battling to stay in the tournament.

Manajuma had won the first map de_cache 16-10, but then after also having a great start on de_nuke it ended up going into overtime.

At 17-15 looked like they would snatch one T-side round, but Canadian rising star Mike "shroud" Grzesiek exploded in the upper site and won a 1-on-5 clutch to secure the perfect OT half for his team.

It turned out being a crucial round as Manajuma later barely managed to take the one round needed for 19-17, winning the match 2-0 and moving on to consolidation final where they will meet compLexity.

Casted by CEVOTV's Adam "@LATORRyo" LaTorraca and Luca "@misled138" Graham.

Highlight info

Player: Canada Mike "shroud" Grzesiek
Match: United States Manajuma vs. United States
Final result: 19:17 (10:5; 5:10; 4:2)
Match date: 20.05.2014
Map: de_nuke (second map)
Event: CEVO-P Season 4
Weapon: M4A1 Asiimov, Five-seveN Copper Galaxy
Action situation: Manajuma up 17:15, 1on5

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saw it live. great guy
2014-05-21 19:45
like most people who stream, he's very nice *when he's streaming* :)
2014-05-22 00:01
2014-05-21 19:45
Bosnia and Herzegovina SkeBo91 
not "SHROUD" it's "$HROUD" :P
2014-05-21 19:49
He changed his name for one game, its "Shroud" ^^
2014-05-21 20:51
He was just money for that game ^^
2014-05-21 22:16
Lol'd at that last bullet
2014-05-21 19:48
Just realized his last name is Grzesiek XD
2014-05-21 19:48
2014-05-21 20:24
i think athid did a typo, his last name is Grzesiak i think xd
2014-05-21 20:42
Poland jakbu 
His last name is Grzesiek.
2014-05-22 01:17
Krzysiu aka GeT_RiGhT and Grzesiu aka Shroud
2014-05-21 21:40
actually its gretzky
2014-05-22 17:10
plot twist
2014-05-23 15:57
Europe uppermost 
the 4th kill he only had 1 bullet left.........
2014-05-21 19:48
yeah well played netcodeguides u were just unlucky i guess
2014-05-21 19:49
Korea ws0 
NCG had too much confidence.. as Shroud said they could've easily went vents to lower and play it safe but they decided to rush like idiets
2014-05-21 19:57
It isn't even humanly possible to play more passive the way Netcode played that round. They were 5x1 and they didn't run through a fucking smoke
2014-05-21 20:07
2014-05-21 19:53
Way to GO, athid
2014-05-21 19:55
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
Him and the 5th player both choked bigtime... simultaneously!!
2014-05-21 19:55
shroud is a beast :) wp
2014-05-21 19:57
United States Prop 
If this isn't on the top 10 plays of the year, I don't know what should be...
2014-05-21 19:58
It was a good play indeed but it was online at a fairly unknown and minor tournament so I doubt it will be included in the top 10 plays of the year.
2014-05-21 20:19
2014-05-21 19:58
Shroud gonna beat everybody on lan also :P
2014-05-21 19:58
Mike, pls. Kappa
2014-05-21 20:02
He "wonned" that for his team,didn't he?Kappa
2014-05-21 20:05
Sweden 1up' 
Cryzark wonned 15:15 Kappa (Weckoo)
2014-05-21 20:08
2014-05-21 20:07
2014-05-21 20:14
Gratz to shroud but after looking at the clip, it looks like it was more like the opponent's fault Ideally he should have killed like 3 ts max
2014-05-21 20:15
2014-05-21 20:15
3rd and 4th was the only nice kills at the beginning he misses 9 bullets, and last was just lol.
2014-05-21 20:17
are you serious?
2014-05-21 20:23
Tell me something I posted that was wrong
2014-05-21 20:39
He's completely right
2014-05-21 21:46
World ba$e 
Even shroud said it in an interview post game. He said it was ok but could have been better if he didnt missed everything at first.
2014-05-21 22:49
He's correct lol
2014-05-22 06:22
mason | 
Tunisia mason~ 
2014-05-21 20:21
So awesome, good job to Shroud and MJ, I am hoping they beat coL. Also thank you for the skins ez life ^^
2014-05-21 20:23
HLTV leaving the best clips for the best editor (athid) I see
2014-05-21 20:24
Dosia | 
Russia cann0n 
not bad but try that on EU top scene !This is not hard vs non pro teams
2014-05-21 20:26
Damn, that was a nice 1v5.
2014-05-21 20:27
shroud is hardcore player <3 his game play
2014-05-21 20:29
Splendid ace (ladnie ich grzesio wytlukl :D)
2014-05-21 20:31
-anger +shroud > coL against 1° on NA
2014-05-21 20:33
that would be nuts
2014-05-21 23:01
minus anger, plus shroud is less than complexity one degree on North America
2014-05-22 00:52
2014-05-21 20:40
inb4 he pulls a mosbeck @ ESEA LAN.
2014-05-21 20:42
Lithuania kab 
I am so shroud of you. Great highlight, great music.
2014-05-21 20:50
2014-05-21 20:56
kab <3
2014-05-21 22:54
noice :)
2014-05-24 02:11
Chile Cristoff 
saw it live :) sick
2014-05-21 20:53
I love the 4th kill haha
2014-05-21 20:55
holy shit, raw aim, a bit failed on the 1st guy
2014-05-21 21:18
I don't care what other people says. This guy has been tearing apart teams almost singel handledly for quite some time now, and proven himselft agains big NA teams like coL and iBP. That typicall "only online, no LAN xp blablabla", everyone with some knowledge of the game can see that this guy got that little something. And both coL and iBP would improve if they snapped him up. I also think it's funny that some guy comment: He has not proven his worth against good EU-teams. Well how could he? He needs a more stable team first imo.
2014-05-21 21:30
Greece her-1g 
i fully agree!!! imo ibp is kinda overstacked if you could say it with skilled players while coL lost a top fragger that got replaced with anger which is good but meeeeh. swag could deliver against top eu teams easily. I believe shroud is in this skill caliber and im sure in the upcoming esea finals he will deliver on lan. So the best choice for him would be to join coL.
2014-05-21 22:33
Why does everyone want him to join COL? What's wrong with his current team? Lol. All that does is enforce the idea that only IBP and COL can be top North American teams. I would rather see Manajuma stick together in the coming seasons and show that they can be a top team in their own right.
2014-05-22 01:44
Playing with guys like Hiko or n0thing would be such a pleasure for shroud.
2014-05-24 14:16
Who would you replace on iBP for shroud? Statistically their starting 5 are very close and just going off of what I know from watching most of their CEVO/ESEA matches there's no standout weak link.
2014-05-21 23:12
I will not state who I think is a weak link in iBP in consideration of the players. I just say that I honestly think Shroud would fit in there. Maybe more in iBP than in coL since I feel iBP got more potential than coL. I also will add that I think Shroud and swag would be a sick combination, maybe it would even brint a major to the US for once.
2014-05-22 00:46
2014-05-21 21:47
Portugal antCB 
cool clip, but what a throw from NetCodeGuides guys, lolol.
2014-05-21 22:12
Top onliner right now and nothing else until he proves himself on LAN against top teams. I remember when Mosbeck got this much hype online and underperformed on LAN.
2014-05-21 22:15
stfu already, see you posting this same crap on every thread about this kid
2014-05-21 22:27
You mad I have my own opinion? You mad I state my opinion where the subject is being brought up? Stay mad.
2014-05-21 22:37
Korea ws0 
nah nobody's mad except u.. ugly dweeb flaming behind his monitor.
2014-05-22 00:47
Learn what flaming means.
2014-05-22 00:59
Korea ws0 
;_; keep working that monitor tan
2014-05-22 02:19
1505 Comments on HLTV, I think you're talking about yourself in 3rd person.
2014-05-22 03:34
Korea ws0 
been on this shit for ages, 1K comments is nothing lol
2014-05-22 03:48
a m a z i n g
2014-05-21 22:25
Greece her-1g 
shroud to join coL :)
2014-05-21 22:30
whats the command for that color of crosshair ?
2014-05-21 22:39
complexity and ibuypower players both show some respect to shroud when i've watched some of their streams - even they consider him a top player etc etc non-german, themosbeckprospect etc etc
2014-05-21 22:53
I know shroud says he didn't like how it turned out, but honestly I jumped out of my chair when it happened and cheered. It might not have started off as the most well executed ace and a misplay by NGC, but a single person can still lose in that situation. MG a man down after starting the round with miniker dropping and Shroud with no more than half health proved that even an ace he isn't a fan of, is still in the top 10 highlights of the decade for most, and definitely well deserved.
2014-05-21 23:14
top 10 of the decade lol - overhype much ?
2014-05-22 13:18
United States ferdog 
Yeah decade is a bit much to be claiming. Maybe in 2014 thus far.
2014-05-22 17:16
I'll be honest, if that passes for skill than you guys are horrible players, that was just the other team playing super horrible and being very low on health
2014-05-21 23:54
not every player can be as good as you my friend.
2014-05-22 00:26
Korea ws0 
damn open scrub coming out with the insults.. having fun in MM mr pro?
2014-05-22 00:47
being very low on health? there isnt any assist from his teammates..
2014-05-22 00:58
guess u forgot csgo shows assists...bc i dont see any from his teammates
2014-05-22 01:23
Any time a player wins a 1v5, it is a misplay by the opposing team. Netcode messed up, no one is debating that. I saw it live, and what made it so hype was the fact that it was so unexpected. Watching it, you figured he might get 1 or 2 down before dying but he ended up clutching and it was a total "wtf" moment. Shroud was playing lights out that whole bo3, so the clutch was just the cherry on top of his overall performance that night.
2014-05-22 01:51
+1 finally some sanity in these video threads.
2014-05-22 09:00
Portugal Cyborgy 
i blame the Ts for making the fucking insta crouch shooting,just play a bit without being always static as fuck please,move around a bit,use the cs go aceleration to your advantage
2014-05-22 01:06
Players like shroud are so good for the NA scene, what a star
2014-05-22 03:23
same for swag and n0thing.
2014-05-22 04:13
swag, n0thing, hiko, skadoodle, shroud. pls
2014-05-22 04:11
Whiffed the first 10 bullets, whiffed the last dude :P
2014-05-22 06:05
2014-05-22 08:49
2014-05-22 08:54
2014-05-22 09:14
2014-05-22 19:03
Shroud > Scream
2014-05-22 20:52
ok chuckles, nice try
2014-05-24 02:13
Chile Cristoff 
good to see this on hltv news
2014-05-23 05:07
So sick....
2014-05-24 01:39
Denmark paidz 
Sick :)
2014-05-24 02:09
Silver Elite against him ?
2014-05-28 18:50
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