win FACEIT Spring League have bested dignitas 2-0 (16-10 de_inferno, 16-14 de_season) to win FACEIT Spring League 2014 and $10,000.

The eventual champions had a rough start in the league, finishing in shared 3-5th place together with ex-LGB and Titan, forcing a new mini group among the three to determine who advances.

There prevailed with wins over both, securing a playoff spot. They defeated LDLC in the upper bracket semi-final, but were knocked down to the lower bracket by dignitas. add another championship to their collection 

After Titan knocked LDLC out at fourth place, the Poles took down the French-Belgian side, and got a rematch versus dignitas in the grand final, this time with no advantage for the Danes despite winning the upper bracket.

In the grand final Virtus scored a 16-10 win on de_inferno to open the series, and clinched the championship with a 16-14 scoreline on de_season for a 2-0 win overall.

1st June 2014
16 K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Poland Jarosław 'pashaBiceps' JarząbkowskipashaBiceps 56 - 37 +19 - 1.45
Poland Filip 'NEO' KubskiNEO 39 - 35 +4 - 1.11
Poland Wiktor 'TaZ' WojtasTaZ 35 - 34 +1 - 1.05
Poland Janusz 'Snax' PogorzelskiSnax 36 - 34 +2 - 1.03
Poland Paweł 'byali' Bielińskibyali 31 - 40 -9 - 0.79
 Dignitas K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Denmark Nicolai 'device' Reedtzdevice 45 - 38 +7 - 1.17
Denmark Philip 'aizy' Aistrupaizy 39 - 38 +1 - 0.95
Denmark Andreas 'Xyp9x' HøjslethXyp9x 33 - 39 -6 - 0.89
Denmark Henrik 'FeTiSh' ChristensenFeTiSh 33 - 42 -9 - 0.82
Denmark Peter 'dupreeh' Rasmussendupreeh 29 - 41 -12 - 0.72

FACEIT Spring League 2014 final standings:

1. Poland - $10,000
2. Denmark dignitas - $5,000
3. France Titan - $2,500
4. France LDLC - $2,500

Virtus and Titan will next compete at DreamHack Summer on June 14-16, while the other two top four finishers have had to withdraw due to conflicting school schedules for some of their players. 

2014-06-01 23:39
nope, just trolling. it should be bo5 final with diginitas 1map advantage.
2014-06-01 23:40
2014-06-01 23:52
huyak | 
Russia 50bombs 
2014-06-02 00:08
2014-06-02 00:24
The normal way is bo3 with 1 map advantage. It was 2-0. Call it 2-1 and stop whining.
2014-06-02 00:43
2014-06-02 01:34
Poland jakbu 
2014-06-02 02:24
Didn't dignitas beat VP in a BO3 2-1 earlier to get into the upper bracket? To support you, it should be 2-3 with VP on top lol Dig-VP 0-1 season 1-1 dust2 2-1 mirage 2-2 inferno 2-3 season
2014-06-02 04:30
I don't think you understood shit out of my comment.
2014-06-02 07:51
true, but I still think VP would've won...
2014-06-02 08:19
2014-06-02 13:57
Denmark fyhn 
Ye well deserved coming from the lowerbracket with no disadvantage! I agree!
2014-06-01 23:41
blame faceit, not me
2014-06-01 23:42
they won 2:0 anyway, so where is your point?
2014-06-01 23:46
Denmark fyhn 
Lately they have been playing BO5 with a 1 map advantage, that's my point.
2014-06-01 23:48
2014-06-02 00:29
Kaze | 
Portugal sennsei 
on faceit?
2014-06-02 04:36
Denmark fyhn 
Honestly I can't remember that an cba looking it up. Point is they had no advantage after just beating VP a few hours before, with is just plain stupid.
2014-06-02 12:39
Imagine it was advantage for Dignitas 1:0. Ok, they lost 1:2, problem solved. The hard story is when VP played Starladder(?) not sure if it was that tournament, and they came from upper bracket, won first map, lost next 2.
2014-06-01 23:46
bo5 = 3 maps win NOT 2
2014-06-02 00:09
bo5 is not a regular boX, even with upper and lower bracket, bo3 is. but excuse is an excuse.
2014-06-02 00:54
Poland PR5 
meaningless, so it was 2:0 (2:1 with advantage)
2014-06-01 23:47
It's not meaningless at all. You approach the game differently if you know you're up a map.
2014-06-01 23:52
Poland PR5 
If you're a professional u always playing at 100% and never give up the map.
2014-06-01 23:57
"<3 Neo"
2014-06-02 00:31
their disadvantage was coming from the LB and having to play another final before the upper bracket final you turd.
2014-06-02 00:37
Denmark fyhn 
I think Canada may be the only place in the world where a second chance on equal terms is considered a disadvantage. You turd.
2014-06-02 00:59
This guy is right, virtus had to play an extra bo3 to make it to the finals, dig didn't, make sense to me
2014-06-02 02:27
Europe 27 
2014-06-02 09:54
Just awesome play from Neo and Taz (others as usual)... and TAZ is MVP If VP wins antieco more, there will be simple straight wins ... TO VP: win antieco... why you dont wait for some time in base and then simple rush.... :( :( :(
2014-06-01 23:49
2014-06-02 11:42
2014-06-01 23:39
Poland czabi 
2014-06-01 23:39
What a tournament
2014-06-01 23:39
Sweden BenneDoT 
2014-06-01 23:40
2014-06-01 23:40
Poland AEWAR 
2014-06-01 23:40
Poland Baaq 
yeezzzz! Dignitas are ultra good players.
2014-06-01 23:41
Well done.
2014-06-01 23:40
They've just deserved it. Acutally, taz is playing well so they are getting better. ;)
2014-06-01 23:40
2014-06-01 23:40
ddosing fetish
2014-06-01 23:40
Nah, my ISP sometimes just fucks up completely to german servers. Weve had this problem several times before, and I cant do anything about it.
2014-06-01 23:57
Change ISP. As Dane you should have plenty of options in that field.
2014-06-02 00:06
Nope, thats the swedes :D No matter who i switch too they all go trough the same routing, have tested. And tbh its not a massive deal when we can just swap servers.
2014-06-02 00:11
but neo though!!
2014-06-01 23:41
2014-06-01 23:41
2014-06-01 23:41
Pasha 1.45 ;o
2014-06-01 23:41
AnJ | 
Denmark devonBFD 
WP by TaZ all playoffs, not so well played by Dupreeh in the final. :( GZ VP, bicepZ!
2014-06-01 23:41
Can't really bad talk dupreeh, if it wasn't for him they would have lost to VP the first time.
2014-06-01 23:43
thats why he wrote in the final :)
2014-06-01 23:48
wrote? uwotm8
2014-06-01 23:50
AnJ | 
Denmark devonBFD 
? I wrote that Dupreeh played bad in the final, which his KDA reflects. :D
2014-06-01 23:59
Read below - I went full retard, my bad haha
2014-06-02 02:01
God I just went full retard, my bad bro haha
2014-06-02 02:01
Oh shiet... You will turn polish very soon, that's what happen when you go full retard on hltv.
2014-06-02 09:12
2014-06-02 15:56
well done guys, same for dignitas
2014-06-01 23:41
2014-06-01 23:41
go cry in corner.
2014-06-02 00:07
GG, nice strats from VP in the final moments
2014-06-01 23:41
2014-06-01 23:41
2014-06-01 23:42
Poland Kub4w 
gg wp both teams :)
2014-06-01 23:42
Germany pmb  
gg <3 first online win from VP?
2014-06-01 23:43
Great tournament, great games all weekend long, gg VP! :)
2014-06-01 23:43
Today was a good day to watch counterstrike. Awesome teams, awesome games. Congrats to all involved.
2014-06-01 23:43
mason | 
World PRQN 
They planned it, lost the first match, and win the next 2, N1 :)
2014-06-01 23:44
Inb4 Virtus Pro don't lose a map at DreamHack.
2014-06-01 23:44
It seems like in the most important matches, VP goes always beastmode, but in normal and not relevant matches they relax too much. GG VP
2014-06-01 23:45
2014-06-01 23:46
Alomst 3 hours of grand final. Great match, both teams was awesome! :)
2014-06-01 23:46
aizy | 
Poland flvcko 
Deserved. VP still mighty.
2014-06-01 23:46
2014-06-01 23:46
1.6ers win again
2014-06-01 23:46
muddied inc
2014-06-01 23:47
feed this stupid kid with more attention
2014-06-01 23:49
neo vs dignitas video pls!
2014-06-01 23:48
Well played Poland!
2014-06-01 23:48
neo too stronk, k@t
2014-06-01 23:49
gratz virtus, nice tournament, pretty stupid imo that dignitas didnt have any advantage because they came from the upperbracket but on the other hand it made the matches more interesting
2014-06-01 23:51
They have won 2:0 so what that one map advantage would change? In the final Virtus.Pro was much better, Dignitas played really bad compared to the final bracket. Anyway that was really amazing tournament and waiting for next edition, and more csgo action. GG WELL PLAYED
2014-06-01 23:56
The whole mentality of the game would change. You approach the game differently if you're up a map, and you approach the game differently if you're down a map.
2014-06-01 23:58
You might be right, I have never been in such a situation so can't really grade whether you are right or not. But in fact, rules were known long time before the tournament had started so no one can complain about the system. Dignitas can just blame themself for such horrible performance on inferno and first half on season. GG
2014-06-02 00:05
when there is bo5 people are complaning that there is an advantage, it there is bo3 people are complanng that there was no advantage :)
2014-06-02 00:10
you dont see me complaining when there is a bo5 so why are you talking to me
2014-06-02 00:38
wow, when VP wins I can see how many you're here on poles... "Success has many parents but failure is an orphan" Just can't imagine how much shots you would fire towards vp boys on their fb fanpages if they lost.. fuckin hate such people
2014-06-01 23:51
2014-06-01 23:53
Poland Marvelm 
Standard polish 'fans':))
2014-06-02 00:03
2014-06-02 00:13
2014-06-01 23:52
World nm:E 
Last three tournaments: 1st, 2nd, 1st. LAN and online. TaZ finally getting back into form. Titan falling behind. VP vs. NiP is where it's at now.
2014-06-01 23:54
Germany pmb  
(starseries :( )
2014-06-01 23:57
World nm:E 
2014-06-01 23:58
4th sltv
2014-06-02 00:14
Poland rvT 
GG WP both teams really impressive!
2014-06-01 23:54
2014-06-01 23:54
You mean Russian Powerhouse? :)
2014-06-02 00:10
Good organisation helps them a lot to step level higher ;]
2014-06-02 00:15
pasha +19 nice nice :D
2014-06-01 23:57
when old polish 1.6ers smell money, they crush everyone like little bugs
2014-06-01 23:58
+1 :D
2014-06-02 15:44
Nicolai Reedtz &#8207;@dignitasdevice 3m Fuck that shit.. @FACEIT should probably consider some Upper Bracket advantage next time - Why the hell play it otherwise #SpeakingTruth someone is mad boys
2014-06-02 00:00
they won anyway 2;0 lol
2014-06-02 00:01
Id assume its the fact that taz refused to swap servers after testing the NL server. We had a slight ping advantage (like 10 ms?). The admin instantly wanted to go back to the one where I had 200 ms. Guess its somewhat fair that taz wants to gain whatever advantage he can, but the admin acted really poorly and tbh felt like he wanted to bum bum someone :D
2014-06-02 00:04
ye well hes a scumbag isnt he, fuckig kid in a 30 year old man body
2014-06-02 00:42
These polish guys trying to cheat themself to skins. Ofcourse they trying to cheat with ping advantage aswell. I've said it before, they should be banned from the scene.
2014-06-02 00:50
I didnt say that he wanted to cheat or somehow act poorly. He wanted a more even ping, admins then wanted to go back to the german server. nl server = 10-20 ping advantage dignitas de server = 200 ping advantage vp. I dont get why the admin tought that it would be fair to play on the german one. And i think he did his job poorly.
2014-06-02 00:58
We had 1,5 hour before our game, admin wrote to players to be on skype 20:30, asked about servers, both teams said .de is okey. We join the server wait for Fetish to finally arrive (10-15minutes), he comes with ping 110+, they don't say a word, we start the game -> knife round + 2 rounds, 3rd round Dig asks for server change. I'm like WTF, now? Okey lets check in half of the map, really no other scenario in the world was possible. So we change the server to .nl, Fetish ping is now 25~, 3 of Dig 15~, ours same as before 35+. We did not agree to play vs 3x lan ping. Admin called to go back to .de server (that's perfectly correct, as u have time to check your ping), then we ask about .nl/.uk, not Dignitas, they already started to write stupid shit, we were the ones to ask for better solution. So we go to other server, Fetish has good ping, most of them around 30~, and we had like 4 guys with ping 50 (ping in console = 66), but hey lets play, we want don't want this stupid fight. Server was terrible for us, we still played, still won the game.
2014-06-02 01:07
Poland dijef 
110 ping is internet provider issue and provider should be changed if FeTiSh can't have stable ping on .DE. What he will do when he will play russians next time?
2014-06-02 03:25
Even though this doesn't seem fair from taz (and we know he is childish). I just want to say you and your team are hypocrites, you guys complain about everything, your team is x4 get_right. Edit: xyp9x is good
2014-06-02 02:00
And you with your bullshit on GT always. You don't know anything, GT is one of the most professional when it comes to sportsmanship. You always have no clue what you are talking about, so funnYyyYyYyyYYyYY :)
2014-06-02 18:14
Stop cry nub. You got ping ~100, and Neo got also same like You. Neo is MVP, You are loser, so stop crying, and be a man. Ps. Pasha will get You @ next lan anyway. VIRTUS PWN YOU EZPZ.
2014-06-02 12:18
Lol, stupid scrub. If you didn't wanna play on de servers, maybe you shouldve asked the admin a second time before starting to play again. I don't understand you idiotic shitbags that go through with the game, then lose, then starts complaining "Blabla, upperbracket, blabla, servers" It's not like you went in and played the stupid tourney blindfolded. Stop whining. VP deserved to win, you guys played poorly.
2014-06-02 15:39 you dont say?
2014-06-02 15:45
woah, you got prove that youre wrong and now youre throwing this line here? niiiiice :)))
2014-06-02 17:46
taz is a scumbag. It isn't his fault tho..almost all polish ppl are scumbags who take any advantage they can get without any doubt...its their culture. They are poor, ego's and don't care for others.
2014-06-02 10:30
Stop crying and blaming other nations because your favourite team in a game lost a match :(.It's so sad...You still have time to learn some about history, I guess you are about 10 years old ;).
2014-06-02 14:10
Nice cry and rage Nicolai
2014-06-02 00:04
nice :)
2014-06-02 00:01
lol look what he is replying to some guy Nicolai Reedtz &#8207;@dignitasdevice 2m @rainymondayy @FACEIT 5k$ is nothing4me #RichKidsOfBeverlyHills that guy is mad as fuck.ROFLLLLll
2014-06-02 00:03
its virtus pros year :) they are playing so strong in the important matches i think taz is comming back to us, he was the best in the ESC and then something happend to him but now he is starting to play in his old style
2014-06-02 00:04
GG ! :D
2014-06-02 00:04
Poland joeb 
pasha stronk! :D
2014-06-02 00:04
i agree to some extent that the format wasnt perfect.Winning upper bracket final for nothing sounds stupid to me.
2014-06-02 00:06
Denmark qwedsa 
1 match less at least..
2014-06-02 02:00
Eco for eco ;) GG VP !
2014-06-02 00:09
2014-06-02 00:10
Poland marco555 
anyway 3:2 in maps. gg wp cry off.
2014-06-02 00:12
I solely bet on VP because of their performance at EMS Katowice. The upset kings!
2014-06-02 00:13
Poland marco555 
much dollars much win
2014-06-02 00:14
Virtus Epic Team ever
2014-06-02 00:18
remember when the poles couldn't win anything and were getting raped by lesser teams? me neither. I wish the other 1.6 can learn his sauce flavored new game and be on pair to their older selves.
2014-06-02 00:21
fnx | 
Norway Trypticon 
Oh, you mean during the first year of CSGO? Yep, I remember that. The poles got ***Fuc*ed by EVERY lesser team.
2014-06-02 01:56
But they came a long way didn't they?
2014-06-02 02:35
gg, pasha2stronk
2014-06-02 00:25
titan disband please and yeah, I lost about 5$ having betted on dignitas.
2014-06-02 00:27
well that was a Joke, it should be BO5 with 1Map advantage on Dignitas, Faceit is shit... when you see a final with an UPPER bracket winner and LOWER bracket winner without an advantage? haha this is shit never seen. btw ggwp
2014-06-02 00:30
2014-06-02 14:13
VP too stronk)
2014-06-02 15:13
2014-06-02 01:01
2014-06-02 01:03
Now vp needs byali in form and they will win any lans atm.
2014-06-02 01:05
He played on low fps in Neo's house :P.
2014-06-02 14:14
too easy for pl
2014-06-02 01:06
GJ guys ;)
2014-06-02 01:11
Hey guys lets have a lower bracket where they can have easier opponents with out any downside.
2014-06-02 01:16
Denmark qwedsa 
yeah well, lower bracket is one match more, so not that there ain't no downsides.
2014-06-02 01:58
Well if you get an easier opponent than if you went through upper there is no disadvantage.
2014-06-02 02:22
Denmark qwedsa 
you don't get easier opponent? titan got vp in lower final and lost to the winners :o
2014-06-02 02:46
Still stupid that Dig didn't have map advantage lol.
2014-06-02 01:29
any VODs yet?
2014-06-02 01:33
Denmark qwedsa 
VP > dignitas anyday anytime when final.. dignitas choking so much in finals
2014-06-02 01:57
2:0 win from LB? bad rules. should be BO5, 1 map advantage for dignitas well gz, hope faceit will learn from this jarek pasha, strong frag count :)
2014-06-02 02:03
Bring back cajunb
2014-06-02 02:13
If Dig ended up playing Titan in the finals they wouldn't talk shit.
2014-06-02 02:30
congratz to VP and thanks FaceIT for the tournament and high entertainment. HOWEVER, it's not okay to use double el bracket and then have a final like that.
2014-06-02 02:40
Poland dijef 
I think the problem was that upper and lower brackets should not be for 4 teams only. It is great for bigger tournaments. Map advantage is give a way, not really interested in it as finals could be very boring.
2014-06-02 03:29
Poland kRAMERO 
byali Neo pasha sNax TaZ
2014-06-02 02:49
VP new top.1 NiP 6th place lol in faceit
2014-06-02 03:28
expected this
2014-06-02 04:17
pasha so fucking good this year
2014-06-02 04:48
where is muddied noob?
2014-06-02 06:22
hiding :D
2014-06-02 07:14
Poland venrav 
2014-06-02 06:53
biceps is always with u
2014-06-02 07:10
taz retarded behavior as usual. :>
2014-06-02 07:56
taz? u mean device, and fetish :) stupid dignitas kids
2014-06-02 09:26
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
Glad that Pasha is finally getting some attention, maybe he doesn't have a lot of spectacular highlights, but is stable like a rock in every game. Biceps is always with you!
2014-06-02 09:25
GG WP guys
2014-06-02 10:10
@FeTiShMB Ok , you lose the match :) Now you want to WIN on forum ? OK you are the winner ! c`ya
2014-06-02 10:27
2014-06-02 10:36
pls stop crying bitch, envy cuz norway sucks?
2014-06-02 15:27
I agree it's not ok to have no advantage coming from the WB but dignitas knew the rules from the start. But only started crying about it after the loss. If they wanted to speak up it should have been before the series :)
2014-06-02 11:41
wp wp wp
2014-06-02 12:28
Although dignitas deserved some advantage for coming from the upper bracket, I think vp were much better. They would have won anyway imo
2014-06-02 12:28
Anyway dig should advantage 1:0 then match will be simple no way VP can handle it and win with them
2014-06-02 12:31
Please make a demo with all aces/highlights from this tournament :)
2014-06-02 12:33
I feel shame for beting in this tournament, now that it end, and i won almost every bets, i feel shame. Was truly unfair that "2nd Final" on a BO3 with no advantage to Dig.. And we all saw, that Dig was the best team playing yesterday, even in season (a VP's map). Next time, that tournament has to "Evolve" or it would be better not make it, BO5 and no advantage it would be unfair enough, think about it.
2014-06-02 12:36
2014-06-02 18:03
your name = retarded, enough said.
2014-06-02 21:09
gj VP
2014-06-02 13:47
eh pasha pasha :)
2014-06-02 13:56
GG WP, Fetish stop crying.
2014-06-02 14:16
India pfx 
2014-06-02 14:23
It seems to VP found at least solution on Dignitas. Rules are rules, for everybody the same. Dignitas had problems with Fetish ping, and next VP had higher pings, between 50 and 60. I agree that double elmination with 4 teams is not good idea. Maybe it should 6 teams go to playofff, first 2 should have free choice, and play to the winners of matches 3vs6 and 4vs5.
2014-06-02 14:28
gg wp
2014-06-02 15:45
2014-06-02 16:12
ez skins ez life thanks for the skins Dignitas Fanboys :)
2014-06-02 16:26
2014-06-02 17:59
gg wp dignitas so sore
2014-06-02 19:23
gg wp
2014-06-03 12:58
nice, but I supported TD ;)
2014-06-03 14:28
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