London Conspiracy sign .no

The Norwegian team .no has signed on with London Conspiracy as the organisation's first CS:GO team.

After winning Winter Assembly in Helsinki and a 9th-12th placing at Copenhagen Games under the H2k banner, the group has found new support in the form of London Conspiracy.

Already having been invited to Dreamhack Summer taking place on June 14th-17th, the team looks to be rejuvenated and has expressed interest in participating in both upcoming online tournaments and LAN events.

A statement from member Pål "Polly" Kammen:

“We are really happy to finally go official with our new organisation! This marks the beginning of a long and healthy partnership with London Conspiracy!

After we had to leave H2k, we quickly got alot of interest from many people, but the choice became clear to us pretty fast when we got in touch with the LC management, and we are really happy that we today finally can introduce them to the CS:GO community!

This partnership will enable us to attend the events we have planned for the future, starting with DHS, and will enable us to focus only on our game, so look forward to seeing us improve and establish ourselves as a stable top team in the time to come.

We all want to thank everyone involved with London Conspiracy and their partners for believing in us and giving us this chance!”

London Conspiracy is comprised of:

Norway Pål "Polly" Kammen
Norway Bjørn "Skurk" Maaren
Norway Ruben "RUBINO" Villarroel
Norway Markus "maak" Karlsen
Norway Håvard "rain" Nygaard

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2014-06-04 03:44
nice name org :D
2014-06-04 03:46
World klekk 
Yes, awesome!
2014-06-04 03:48
sick team top1 DHS #Skurk #top1 #2014 #blessed
2014-06-04 03:48
Yeeesyees olof, you know whats up.
2014-06-04 08:23
skurk in teamglobal??
2014-06-04 10:17
2014-06-04 13:10
London conspiracy ? Remember, remember, the 5th of November......
2014-06-04 03:49
mason | 
Tunisia mason~ 
n for nendetta
2014-06-04 04:46
hardstyle | 
Sweden SLITZ 
2014-06-04 03:50
#skurk4prez skurk is best!! :)
2014-06-04 03:54
nice,gl ruben!
2014-06-04 04:20
Norway prbn 
Good luck boys! Rain give them hell!
2014-06-04 04:20
Great news! Best of luck to them, I really like these players and I'm glad they found a new organisation fairly quickly :)
2014-06-04 04:29
gl guys
2014-06-04 04:42
2014-06-04 04:49
Team name reminder me 'London Dairy'...
2014-06-04 05:05
Tasty very very..
2014-06-04 08:19
very good team. hoyland?
2014-06-04 06:22
wonder the same. where is he?
2014-06-04 08:57
He was inactive because of celebrating graduation, which is a tradition in Norway called "Russ". So they had to replace him.
2014-06-04 09:21
celebrating graduation? how can it make him inactive so he had to be replaced, do you party 10 days and 10 nights or something
2014-06-04 10:10
no, 1 month actually
2014-06-04 10:26
"The festivities start on April 11. (On this date, russ are allowed to put on their overalls, board their vehicles, and officially become russ. From then on celebrations continue almost non-stop until the 17th of May (the national day)." -wiki
2014-06-04 10:27
Sweden pauf 
i wanna live in norway
2014-06-04 10:53
2014-06-04 13:11
2014-06-04 17:55
Finland coswell 
Haha, this is only when you graduate HIGH SCHOOL?? What do you do when you finish uni? :D
2014-06-04 16:18
Get a job. Or travel the world before you start earning money. Check this out:
2014-06-04 21:48
Norway danyyh 
2014-06-04 10:33
That is retarded+shit music+R.I.P. English+How the fuck is Norway so rich when people do these kinda things o.O
2014-06-04 17:13
Oil :)
2014-06-04 21:43
Of course, doesn't mean that the whole country has to be rich.
2014-06-04 21:48
Socialist country, we all benefit.
2014-06-04 23:38
I know. :D
2014-06-04 23:40
well, that is amazing, tbh. thanks for the info btw. :)
2014-06-04 16:55
The funny thing is that "Russetiden" is right before the final exams. So instead of studying norwegians party their asses of ;)
2014-06-04 17:29
Gj rubino & crew
2014-06-04 06:48
derp team, they really need hoyland.
2014-06-04 07:00
expect us
2014-06-04 08:56
Ahmad | 
Egypt 181314 
hope they rek
2014-06-04 10:21
Sweden pauf 
Skurk sickest player alive. Top team eu, i believe #believe #dhs4skurk #LC
2014-06-04 10:51
Gl rain!
2014-06-04 10:54
2014-06-04 13:10
2014-06-04 11:17
good luck!
2014-06-04 11:29
2014-06-04 11:35
Europe Kqlyjumperino 
no hoyland, no fun.
2014-06-04 11:53
2014-06-04 13:55
2014-06-04 15:03
Xizt | 
Bulgaria HellRose 
gl xD
2014-06-04 12:04
GL to these boys! Had an amazing time with H2k with you lots, gl in your next organisation!
2014-06-04 12:14
What a fucking shit name for an org, lmao, lel.
2014-06-04 12:52
2014-06-04 14:04
Sweden hMp 
2014-06-04 14:05
What is ElemenT doing these days?
2014-06-04 14:16
Norway duffz00r 
smoking weed and drinkin booze
2014-06-04 20:03
2014-06-05 14:41
2014-06-04 14:57
congratz and good luck
2014-06-04 15:46
lol nubtim
2014-06-04 15:48
Grats and GL fellas.
2014-06-04 16:14
2014-06-04 16:51
2014-06-04 16:56
United Kingdom smoggy:. 
gl to the players and the org. the org has the best name in esport!
2014-06-04 17:26
2014-06-04 19:06
2014-06-04 19:12
2014-06-05 00:32
gogo power-rangers!! HF guys, hope you do well :)
2014-06-05 09:11
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