EPS IX Italy with CS:GO

ESL Italy has announced that the ninth EPS edition will feature CS:GO.

In May 2012, ESL stopped organising EPS seasons in Italy, a decision that left the local community dismayed as the league was considered to be the pinnacle of esports in the country.

It has now been announced that EPS has returned to Italy with a new tournament structure for the two games that have been picked for this season, CS:GO and Dota 2.

EPS IX will kick off with four online cups that are open to all. Teams will receive points based on how well they fare in these cups, and in the end the top eight sides will make it to the main division, called Serie A. There will also be a secondary division, which will go by the name of Serie B, that will be open to all teams.

The top three sides from Serie A will then be joined by a fourth team, who will come from a play-off stage that will pit four Serie A sides against teams from Serie B, at the LAN finals, whose dates and location have not yet been revealed. The prize pool for this EPS season has not been disclosed as of yet.

The dates of the four EPS cups are the following:

  • Cup #1 - June 16-30
  • Cup #2 - July 2-16
  • Cup #3 - July 21 - August 4
  • Cup #4 - August 6-20 
2014-06-05 22:03
2014-06-05 22:03
Canada fnaki 
2014-06-05 22:03
good for italy, nice to see
2014-06-05 22:04
not bad at all, but why Italy? They have no cs team -.-
2014-06-05 22:04
dunno what you got on your mind while writing that cmnt, you think there is no sense adding cs:go to EPS Italy bcoz in this country are no teams on decent level or you just thought that Italy is the location of organising IEM 2015 :D
2014-06-06 11:33
Portugal Cyborgy 
theres no team because theres no tournament..its like a vicious cycle..it has to start from somewhere
2014-06-07 04:42
Other reav 
2014-06-07 12:02
2014-06-08 19:34
United States sxg 
i wanna go to rome.. :D italy nice place.
2014-06-05 22:05
Pieter | 
Netherlands Grifte 
2014-06-05 22:06
Other reav 
gl hf
2014-06-05 22:08
Ukraine petruska 
2014-06-05 22:11
Italy KnJ^ 
2014-06-05 22:20
cool i hope some italian teams improving . :D
2014-06-05 22:26
Italy `aLaaa 
"the league was considered to be the pinnacle of esports in the country." Not really, ESL Italy never did a single positive thing for the Italian Esport community, unfortunately for us ESL Italy is not really managed by ESL, since they given out the brand in "franchise" to progaming.it, those monkeys/scammers are the reason because there is no eSport in Italy. Everything went fine until 2007, with NGI managing most of the LANs and Events (I'm pretty sure you remember WCG Italy and CPL South Europe), then just before the economic crisis they retired from Gaming and focused on ICT services. And here started our drama with ESL and progaming.it... since 2007 their only purpose is to force people in subscribing "premium" accounts, offering as back basically nothing apart poorly organized cups with joke prize-pools and ridiculous LANs (I can recall the infamous "pro-lan", affected by a power outage lasted something like 9hrs, and ofc no refund for anyone) compared to the ones we were used to enjoy during the pre-2007 era. Please HLTV, don't cover the event, they fucked up the whole Italian scene, they don't deserve any advertising.
2014-06-05 22:37
you should be happy that we finally have something...
2014-06-05 22:46
2014-06-05 22:46
Italy `aLaaa 
happy for what exactly? Italian EPS are universally considered a joke since season 1. Stylah you are aged enough to remind pretty well all the fails marked progaming.it :)
2014-06-05 23:02
so what should we do in your opinion? don't organize nothing, let the community dead, let them be casual for life? I bet we will be more happy Kappa
2014-06-05 23:14
2014-06-06 00:29
Italy `aLaaa 
The "esl or nothing" concept is fairly wrong, and led to the current catastrophic situation. Where was ESL IT in the past 3+ years? They are showing up right now just because they smelled some profit, since the eSport bubble is going big again. They don't care about players, teams and long term projects, they never cared, it's not even a matter of passion. They just want to do euros, they will trash CS again as soon as the bubble will go down. What we should do? Easy: 1) We need to revive the historic Italian gaming brands, such as TI, ASK, SoL and several others, this will wake up the scene. 2) We need to form a proper and clean management of oldschool gamers, and setup a company not-related in any way to progaming.it and ESL IT. Something like what Esportsm did. 3) After covering pt.2 We need to start hosting serious qualifiers. And here I'm mostly talking about DH and ESWC. Nobody cares about EPS Italy (they are considered a joke by the rest of the world), we need long term projects, we need to start giving EU chances to our scene, we are dying because our scene kept his doors closed for too long. IT teams must start facing EU ones, this is the only way to improve. Keep playing IT vs IT will not make us improve. Additionally keep thinking that "EPS Italy" is the "top" we can reach is totally wrong, ESL IT can't help us, they didn't help us before and they are not going to do it tomorrow. The only chance we have to step up is reworking everything from scratch, but this time in a serious and "scandinavian" way. Esport is a serious thing, and if we want to have some International credibility we need to start handling it in a professional manner(ie: the EPS Italy "presentation" clip is kinda pathetic, how can you attract sponsors with something like that?!). Now i'm not just talking, I'll be happy to put my money in a serious alternative for reviving Esport in Italy.
2014-06-06 00:59
I can agree with you on many points but how can you attract sponsors if no one is playing the game competitively here. There are no teams in Italy, if you don't give the players something worthy to play for, they will not take it serious, they will not put time in the game etc. something like this eps. Don't get me wrong, maybe they made a lot of mistakes in the past but this is the only ''serious'' thing we got so far in these 2 years of cs:go. Let's hope it's a start and people like you will invest money in the future but let's first have a player base at least.
2014-06-06 03:08
Italy `aLaaa 
There are no teams because nobody took the NGI heritage back in the days. However solving this issue is not so impossible, since we don't lack of players but just of teams, so it's more a matter of collecting all the community pieces and put them together again. This is possible only with a serious community project, promotion and intelligent event scheduling (and also several months of work). Something like the NA revival project, that worked pretty good in North America an year ago. Sponsors are attracted by serious projects, and currently I don't consider EPS IT a serious one, according to how it's presented sounds more something casual. The progaming.it management did mistakes in the past and they will keep doing them in the future since they still don't have any clue of what they are doing.
2014-06-06 03:34
Haha I remember playing vs team-impact in 1.6 eurocup back in the day, nice guys!
2014-06-06 10:13
trig | 
Italy trig 
regarding ESL showing up right now, nothing strange really, before there was 0 community\players, we\they tryed to set-up some cups ecc.. back in the days of CSS\CS1.6 but there was no interest. Now finally we got an improvement of players that play CS finally, so after some "test" cups they launched EPS Again, it's normal they see a business on it, but with no players there is no business so it's useless to cry because they were away for the last 3+ years, because we were too. ah btw, progaming.it follow only Console now, so EPS it's not part of Progaming.it but just from the Staff of ESL IT.
2014-06-06 13:59
Italy `aLaaa 
"there was no community before" Question: why there was no community? Answer: cuz the ESL behavior in the past 5 years, we don't have any single decent community in any game. Solution: go away from ESP IT, there is not any advantage for our CS scene in working with them again. We need start handling sponsors, prize-pools, streams and our user base directly, and without the ESL filter (fee). What we need is not just another EPS joke cup, but a proper IT Revival event, like the NA one kicked in last year. progaming.it may not follow EPS directly, but it's still the owner and manager of the whole ESL brand in Italy, this enough for keep my ass away from it. Now I'm not talking anymore as a former player and CS lover, but also as a possible Sponsor, and I assure you I'm not alone in this reasoning, many many international brands don't want to work with that guys anymore, and this is why ESL IT lacks of sponsors.
2014-06-06 14:31
Italy `aLaaa 
btw trig, just like Stylah you should be aged enough to understand what I'm talking about. We need to step-up our vision, EPS cannot revive the scene, we need a proper event external to ESL in order to do that, and well, old Cube should be revived too :P
2014-06-06 14:57
trig | 
Italy trig 
i hope this eps will be a step-up, it's not a good moment for new multigaming, because of Italian politics :D
2014-06-06 15:53
Italy `aLaaa 
Italian political situation is not really related to Gaming ;) And well, technically there several recent laws which may work pretty well for handling the "legal" aspect of a Multigaming team. Back in the days we had the boom of Multigaming teams registered as "amateur sports clubs", it was a smart choice for that years, but currently imho could be way better going for the innovative-startup format. :P
2014-06-07 02:38
Italy KnJ^ 
2014-06-06 00:16
2014-06-05 22:39
2014-06-05 22:42
It's good for Italy. I hope to see some italian teams in the international scene. Have fun and good luck.
2014-06-05 23:07
nice to hear :) gl
2014-06-05 23:07
Sweden binz 
good for csgo
2014-06-05 23:24
NBK- | 
Czech Republic THE_WILLY 
It is very nice that Italy is finally getting something worthy of playing. Any teams looking for a 5th player? (I'm half italian)
2014-06-05 23:39
2014-06-05 23:50
well, great for the scene, this guys with kimera and i dont remebmer who else were kind of good
2014-06-06 00:00
Italians only play shit games like COD and BF, i don't see us/them playing CSGO in International scene at all...
2014-06-06 00:19
italian eps i don't see us/them playing CSGO in International scene at all... logic
2014-06-06 00:41
have fun playing against silvers
2014-06-06 18:15
logic x2
2014-06-07 14:09
2014-06-06 00:29
go italian cs!
2014-06-06 00:30
2014-06-06 00:42
2014-06-06 01:21
What's gonna be the level of this tournament? And what are the pro teams in Italy? lel
2014-06-06 01:24
cool to see something moving, even tho i see the reasons behind it and i don't personally like ESL, i just hope some of us will have fun and will be able to be knowed at least a little bit more :)
2014-06-06 01:45
Italy One. 
2014-06-06 02:00
Italy ciliatus 
2014-06-06 02:20
gl, really cool!
2014-06-06 02:44
good luck
2014-06-06 02:46
Spain Donra 
cool for our mediterranean brothers!
2014-06-06 03:31
2014-06-06 03:36
Poland metal_cs 
wow such long time since i saw last time some Italian teams in HOT matches on hltv
2014-06-06 08:43
arch | 
Ukraine arch 
kimera and co >
2014-06-06 09:18
2014-06-06 12:51
Belgium Clinternet 
now we need this for the benelux
2014-06-06 13:44
holy shit never seen so many italians commenting on a topic like this before
2014-06-06 15:13
that's really strange indeed
2014-06-06 18:14
2014-06-06 23:24
Other reav 
Saw the first 10 comments, was disappointed. Came back today, now satisfied. :D
2014-06-07 12:11
2014-06-06 15:18
The biggest event here is the dota2 EPS not the CSGO one lol
2014-06-06 22:35
ok change website bye
2014-06-07 04:29
arch | 
Ukraine arch 
need EPS Ukraine
2014-06-06 22:59
2014-06-07 00:52
And EPS Sweden would be nice
2014-06-07 11:59
2014-06-07 12:48
Personally, I don't really care what ESL did wrong in the past. Right now it is the best chance the italian scene has to grow and we should take it without bitching too much about it.
2014-06-07 18:16
2014-06-08 19:30
If they are as bad as they were in 1.6 & Source this won't last to long but good luck for all the Italians hope you trained up hard this time its a good opportunity.
2014-06-09 18:00
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