SLTV StarSeries X with $30,000 *

SLTV Starseries Season X has been announced, once again boasting a $30,000 prize pool with sixteen teams competing for the title.

The season is set to start just three days from now on June 24 and will run through until August 8. 

The online portion of the tournament is set to be held in round robin format, with the winning team earning three points, and both sides receiving one point each in the event of a draw.

Each of the top four teams at the end of the online season will be invited to Kiev to battle it out for the title of SLTV Starseries Champions and the first place prize of $14,000.

 Reigning champions Na`Vi look to defend title

Na`Vi defeated the Swedes of NiP in the grand final last season while on home soil, with Titan rounding out the podium in third and finishing fourth as the last team to receive prize money. 

The LAN final will be held from August 30-31 in Kiev, Ukraine at the Kiev eSports Arena.

It will be a double elimination bracket, with all matches to be played in a best of three format. The grand final will be a best of five with the team from the winners bracket starting with a 1-0 advantage.

As of now ten participating teams have been announced, leaving six spots open with presumably more big names to come.

France LDLC Germany Berzerk
France Epsilon Poland Dobry&Gaming
Ukraine HellRaisers Russia USSR
Estonia OnlineBOTS Russia Nostalgie
Germany mousesports Spain OverGaming

Prize distribution:

1. $12,000
2. $5,000
3. $3,000
4. $2,000

* Update: Prize distribution has been altered, and the remaining $8,000 will be forwarded and split between the four attendees of the LAN Finals as travel support

Stay tuned here at for the remaining six teams yet to be named, along with full coverage of SLTV StarSeries X.

git gud
2014-06-22 02:33
what gud ?
2014-06-22 15:10
mason | 
Tunisia mason~
2014-06-22 02:33
Hopefully HellRaisers, VP, NiP and Na`Vi make it to the main event.
2014-06-22 02:46
2014-06-22 12:55
and Dignitas and LDLC and fnatic
2014-06-22 15:46
2014-06-22 02:48
wow n1 go oG
2014-06-22 03:05
go go go Overgaming :D
2014-06-22 03:32
so the pricepool did increase? Ukranian CPH, I like it =)
2014-06-22 05:29
No, same prize pool.
2014-06-22 09:15
Ukraine petruska
2014-06-22 10:24
Pimp | 
Denmark Pimp
We have already said no. We're not able to play that much during the summer :) Especially not with the ESL thingy also.
2014-06-22 12:02
he prolly ment "ukranian Copenhagen Games" and not copenhagen wolves :P
2014-06-22 12:25
Pimp | 
Denmark Pimp
wow, my bad...xD
2014-06-22 12:32
srsly pimp? Its only 15 bo1 games durring regular season...
2014-06-22 13:19
sry bro, was late nite :D ofc i thought about Copenhage Games =)
2014-06-22 14:09
NaVi go go go
2014-06-22 08:54
yeah, dude :)
2014-06-22 12:05
AZK | 
United States Dood
What happened to GGWP.Pro?
2014-06-22 09:14
2014-06-22 09:16
cheaters bro
2014-06-22 09:16
later they got VAC banned ;D including teddy
2014-06-22 10:48
Plus Titan nip Navi Dignitas Vp and sk
2014-06-22 09:34
Same prize pool. IIt's good but I was kind of hoping it would increase a bit. We need those gotv tickets like dota so prizepools can explode.
2014-06-22 10:07
would be nice with the tickets
2014-06-22 10:36
navi virtus nip fnatic titan dignitas
2014-06-22 10:27
2014-06-22 10:30
GL OnlineBots <3
2014-06-22 10:41
2014-06-22 10:44
n1, love the starseries casters even if they dont speak english.
2014-06-22 11:52
Nostalgie. fix plz
2014-06-22 12:54
OverGaming power! Cmon!
2014-06-22 13:02
Where is our money valve?
2014-06-22 13:20
2014-06-22 14:09
Estonia has loads of above average CSGO teams.
2014-06-22 14:47
Germany Bongskie
they do ? :O
2014-06-22 22:56
Ha, sltv still lot more cash than dreamhack...
2014-06-22 15:12
wtf are you want dude?
2014-06-22 15:16
the four finalists had also an place or ?
2014-06-22 15:18
2014-06-22 22:48
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