Video: shroud vs. Exertus

Here is a highlight featuring one of North America's best prospects, Open Equal Free's Michael "shroud" Grzesiek against Exertus.

Grzesiek is a newcomer in North America, with the current season of ESEA Invite being his first full season in the region's top division. He has impressed, helping OEF to a second seed in the region.

Here he is performing four quick USP-S kills in the banana of de_inferno in an ESEA scrim against Exertus. You will be able to watch Grzesiek in action this weekend for OEF at ESEA Invite Season 16 Global Finals.

Highlight info

Player: Canada Michael "shroud" Grzesiek
Match: United States Manajuma vs. United States Exertus
Final result: 16:9 (12:34:6)
Match date: 28.04.2014
Map: de_inferno
Event: ESEA Invite Season 16 North America
Weapon: USP-S Stainless
Action situation: Second pistol round, Manajuma up 12-3

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2014-06-26 12:53
2014-06-26 12:54
All hail our overlord shroud
2014-06-26 12:57
France JPK_ 
This guys is use cheats obviously how can he shots head like this his hacker Kappa
2014-06-26 12:57
2014-06-26 15:12
One time I was in a game and I got headshootted by pasha. Fucking aimbot.
2014-06-26 21:27
Obvious shrood.exe user. Kappa
2014-06-26 12:58
Korea saddummy 
Probably the best NA player atm
2014-06-26 13:05
United States Prop 
don't think we can say that...he still has yet to show that he can play this consistently, but hopefully that will change after the ESEA lan :)
2014-06-26 13:06
2014-06-26 13:12
Bosnia and Herzegovina JayC 
wow64.exe downloaded comfirmed by doge
2014-06-26 13:12
and pige, and cate
2014-06-26 14:37
Poland yaD' 
pewpewpew human aimbotito
2014-06-26 13:23
just wait for EU guys.. they will show him how bad murica is.
2014-06-26 13:42
best NA
2014-06-26 14:21
aimkey busted
2014-06-26 14:51
Good lord... he's probably the only runner-up to swag in NA, hope he'll be that incredibly skilled on ESEA finals (not just to prove himself on LAN, but mostly to see amazing plays on stream!). This is how the USP-S should be used, he's so damn fucking calm just wrecking heads... fuck.
2014-06-26 15:18
That's what scares me about shroud, the dude doesn't even look like he cares when he's getting these mad frags.
2014-06-26 21:28
Ahah that's pretty amazing tho, and shows how beastly this guy can go, this is how the silencer should be played and it's pretty rare to see someone manipulating it so "cooly" :D
2014-06-26 21:39
This guy just keep popping up big plays. Really looking forward to see what he can produce on LAN.
2014-06-26 15:54
He shroud try this on LAN
2014-06-26 15:55
2014-06-26 16:07
Grzesiek, polish name :p dats why I wonder how his face can be american, not racist just wondering :p
2014-06-26 18:28
from what ive heard he was born in poland, then move to canada ;)
2014-06-26 18:31
Yes it seems to be like that.. he moved at a very young age cuz he got a pure Canadian accent
2014-06-26 18:33
currently the most overrated player in the CS:GO scene, just getting a few big plays here and there should not be enough to be considered one of the best NA players right now
2014-06-26 18:35
+1 The guy is not even close to the level of swag or hiko. Fanboys gonna fanboy tho.
2014-06-26 18:48
2014-06-26 21:24
2014-06-27 00:02
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