schneider disappointed at fnatic exit

Former fnatic member Andreas "schneider" Lindberg has admitted to being "surprised and disappointed" with the way he was cut from the team.

Lindberg has been left out in the cold as fnatic recruited ex-LGB duo Freddy "KRiMZ" Johansson and Olof "olofm" Kajbjer in a bid to improve the team's recents, with Jonatan "Devilwalk" Lundberg taking on the role of coach.

He had been part of the team since February 2013, when he joined from Absolute Legends, and played an important role in fnatic's title-winning campaign at DreamHack Winter later that year.

schneider talks fnatic exit

Contacted by in the aftermath of fnatic's announcement, Lindberg dropped a hint that he may retire from gaming and did not hide his disappointment with the way his team-mates told him he was off the team.

"I feel really disappointed and surprised," he told "But not in the way you think I am disappointed. What bothers me every minute I'm awake is not that I was kicked and my gaming career is most likely over, but more because of that the way it all happened.

"I was told we had to have a meeting with the team in teamspeak. So there I was in teamspeak wondering what was going to happen next. To make this story a bit shorter I will just skip to the important parts.

"Jonatan starts off by saying that I was the one this was going to hit the hardest, but he told me was stepping down to be a coach and that was when I realized I was the one that was going to completely vanish from our group of friends.

"And then he continued in sort of coachy role to say: 'If you have any questions I will be here and answer them all for you. And I also understand that you hate me now.'

"What I said was: "I do not hate any of you guys, all I can feel is disappointment and that I'm in shock'. And then basically I started crying (yes, I know what you think; gay, weak, etc).

"But the one thing that I just cant stop thinking of is this: I started asking for their farewells, since up to that moment it had only been Devilwalk who had opened his mouth and said something me. 

"When I did that, Devilwalk and Jesper said a lot of kind words that I will forever appreciate. But while waiting to hear from flusha and pronax, and a simple goodbye would have made me happy if that was all they wanted to say, all I got was complete silence, not a single word.

"This, my friends, is what I am disappointed at and what I cannot stop thinking about, a person I spent around two years with and shared a million laughs and more than a thousand laughs with, not even wanting or having the guts to give me a proper goodbye.

"With this said I wish them all the best and I hope they can make the fnatic name in CSGO what it deserves to be."

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i hate fnatic now , schneider your not weak it just shows how much dedicated you were for your team ... i really hope you seeing in a good team reking fnatic next time you play against, good luck <3
2014-07-01 00:52
schneider to SK instead of delpan
2014-07-01 00:56
lol delpan ?.. remove rouqe
2014-07-01 03:45
they got eksem with amazing awp, do they really need Delpan with a decent awp and worthless rifle?
2014-07-01 09:39
Spain akproxx 
eksem is amazing awp and riffle
2014-07-01 11:29
thats my point, he's amazing with awp, they dont need Delpan who almost only play awp.
2014-07-01 12:50
shut up you obviously don't know what one year of delpan awp can do to the world one year of delpan
2014-07-29 18:18
Aslong as flusha, jw and pronax is in the team, fnatic will be hated.
2014-07-01 01:02
"When I did that, Devilwalk and Jesper said a lot of kind words that I will forever appreciate. But while waiting to hear from flusha and pronax" JW -------- learn to read
2014-07-01 01:39
Will always remember dh valencia 2013
2014-07-01 01:44
sry what?
2014-07-01 01:46
@dh valencia 2013@Jw
2014-07-01 01:53
Bresten wrote that JW will be hated, and I mentioned that he did said akind word towards schneider
2014-07-01 02:06
He's talking not about JW's kind words, but instead about DH Valencia where JW trash-talked NiP when Fnatic won the finals.
2014-07-01 03:09
Sweden DIOdorant 
and it wasnt in the finals, it was in a groupstage match, and NiP went on to win the tournament actually. For Gods sake, get your facts straight before talking!
2014-07-01 03:13
actually nip was bm and refused to accept the score after they believed the overtime was mr5
2014-07-01 13:59
Sweden DIOdorant 
you guys are retarded, it was at Bucharest and if you still havent let that die, then you shouldnt even care about CS. These guys, what they've done after that, is more than enough to forgive them..
2014-07-01 03:12
Sorry to disappoint you, but these guys doesn't seems have changed.
2014-07-02 02:45
it was bucharest. you dont even know wich event, wow you must be hating really hard.
2014-07-03 17:40
Bucharest* and people still care about that shit?
2014-07-01 06:34
let that go lol, how the f**k can you still whine about that moment... it was Moddii that pushed the rest of fnatic to scream at NiP, and a good note to that story is that admins failed and started a bo3 who fnatic won. then NiP said that it was bo5 and they replayed it and fnatic won again.. they just showed some heat of the moment wich is normal. so. get. over. it. pls.
2014-07-01 16:42
Actually I like fnatic because of JW.
2014-07-01 18:13
+1 hope Schneider to sk
2014-07-01 03:25
You hate fnatic now? They've been doing that kind of stuff since forever.
2014-07-01 08:35
2014-07-01 13:15
Sweden pyth 
He was one of the best players on Fnatic indeed, but I think they could use a change to get back some motivation. Sad to see him quit!
2014-07-01 00:49
is this a normal way to "let him go"?
2014-07-01 01:02
Really sad indeed. In my opinon this how good each individual was. #1 JW #2 flusha #3 schnaider #4 pronax #5 devilwalk
2014-07-01 01:22
#1 Schneider #2 Flusha #3 JW #4 Pronax #5 Devilwalk
2014-07-01 01:41
That's more like it.
2014-07-01 01:56
hampus | 
Sweden Exxet 
2014-07-01 02:25
+1 i have no idea why they didnt pick schneider>pronax
2014-07-01 05:02
They didn't picked schneider over pronax because Pronax is In game leader of Fnatic's team. And the team needs a leader to guide.. they can't remove leader with a surprised decision like that.
2014-07-01 06:05
But krimz was igl in LGB or am I wrong?
2014-07-01 06:14
I have no idea about that.. but Krimz don't knwo the play style of Fnatic's 3 players.. may be later he can be IGL but for now Pronax will be better. But as a player Schneider is far better player then Pronax.
2014-07-01 06:16
Yeah and they probably couldn't get olofm to join without Krimz, because schneider>krimz imo.
2014-07-01 07:37
Yes you are. They didnt have an IGL. So he had to take that role cuz no one wanted too. They made decisions tgthr and everybody Was bringing ideas.
2014-07-01 09:33
Spain akproxx 
2014-07-01 11:29
2014-07-01 17:54
i would say Flusha Schneider JW pronax devilwalk
2014-07-01 06:46
you should make a team with him. So many talented euros with no team Pyth Delpan Schneider Xelos Twist Cype Eksem Emelio Skytten and Centryz You've got enough manpower to take down top teams you have a solid IGL (Eksem) awper (Delpan) Support player (Centryz/Cype) Mad fraggers (Schneider, Pyth, Skytten, Twist etc) MAKE IT HAPPEN. Plus you have SK who is ready to take on a team
2014-07-01 06:27
Spain akproxx 
eksem twist schneider pyth and One more GG
2014-07-01 11:31
why pyth ? 0_0
2014-07-01 18:23
bro thats not euros, thats swedes and one norweigean
2014-07-01 14:01
United Kingdom huskTi 
Last time I checked Sweden and Norway are in Europe.
2014-07-01 17:14
He still could have written swedes or w/e
2014-07-01 18:06
his brain exploded from your comment
2014-07-01 18:07
2014-07-02 16:26
United States mah9 
damn rough for schneider hopefully he finds the motivation to keep playing
2014-07-01 00:52
Pakistan ZakiKLnTNasir 
2014-07-01 00:49
Brazil autismo 
amazing player. It was a bad move for fnatic i think
2014-07-01 00:50
They lose the best clutcher to fnatic :)
2014-07-01 00:50
hampus | 
Sweden Exxet 
flusha best clutcher schneider best player ;)
2014-07-01 02:26
Flusha has won more clutches. Regardless, Schneider was definitely one of the better players in Fnatic, very strange decision to kick him.
2014-07-01 10:34
2014-07-01 00:49
sad story, gl though u stronk
2014-07-01 00:51
to1nou next Titan? lel
2014-07-01 01:04
Spain akproxx 
2014-07-01 11:31
he's a great awper doe, Platinium playing well lately
2014-07-01 19:17
hopefully he will find a new good team and crush them, hehe :>
2014-07-01 00:50
strong player
2014-07-01 00:50
wow that was rude from pronax and flush
2014-07-01 00:50
2014-07-01 00:50
2014-07-01 00:50
2014-07-01 00:51
most logical thing EDIT -roque -Delpan +schneider +twist they dont need awper NiP style who want can pick the awp
2014-07-01 00:55
I just saw pyth's and twist team playing vs LC , they aren't bad at all.
2014-07-01 01:19
LC? twist and pyth made a team? o.O Is there a matchpage for that?
2014-07-02 03:11
it was for the esl one qualifier,LC = London Conspiracy maybe just a mix but twist and pyth were sick... was in esl ladder, BuggIT team.
2014-07-02 11:31
2014-07-01 00:52
2014-07-01 00:58
Ukraine petruska 
2014-07-01 12:21
I cried.
2014-07-01 00:51
Poland tfg 
lol, retard pussies, same thing was with LUq and kicking him from again dont respect them anymore
2014-07-01 00:51
nope,it wasnt same with luq
2014-07-01 01:02
Do you know what exactly happened to LUq? It was some money drama afaik. But I'm not sure.
2014-07-01 07:27
schneider didnt steal from fnatic so its not the same thing as luq
2014-07-01 03:59
Poland tfg 
2014-07-01 11:16
Yes, he stole.
2014-07-01 11:33
Poland tfg 
2014-07-01 11:34
No, i'm not neo fanboy.. Same with TaZ, i really dont like him, because of situation with lord. But, Luq situation is different. If u watched any competition with him, u can saw how agressive AND possesive he was. Soo, at the end of it - acting like u: GO LICK LUQS DICK.
2014-07-01 11:46
same thing was with LUq you have no clue what are you talking about do you? luq was kicked because he stole money from rest of the team...
2014-07-01 05:38
2014-07-01 00:51
fuck, that's stings...
2014-07-01 00:51
crybaby Kappa
2014-07-01 00:51
die well (;
2014-07-01 01:07
i dont understand why you would cut schneider. i would rather have him the krimz for sure.
2014-07-01 00:51
they cutted devilwalk for krimz, they cant take krimz and put schneider because then they would be left with no ingame leader
2014-07-01 01:20
devilwalk is not ingame leader lol
2014-07-01 01:35
Yes he was, lol.
2014-07-01 01:36
hahaha no its pronax dude
2014-07-01 01:46
Pronax has been IGL since he joined you idiot.
2014-07-01 01:50
No he wasnt. Pronax is the IGL Krimz just replaced Devilwalks support role, which krimz already plays amazingly compared to other supportroles. OLOFM is replacing schneider, i believe olof is better, but i do believe that schneider is better than JW. pronax and flusha the cowardness from that kind of silence is not easily forgiven, its fcking appalling and disrespectful.
2014-07-01 02:31
2014-07-01 02:32
as bunny already mentioned, devilwalk isent the IGL that is pronax.
2014-07-01 01:37
as bunny and exigo! already mentioned, devilwalk isent the IGL that is pronax.
2014-07-01 02:08
If you don't know by now you terrible garbage idiot, pronax is the IGL for fnatic.
2014-07-01 12:58
as bunny, exigo! and aslak_ already mentioned, devilwalk isent the IGL that is pronax.
2014-07-01 02:19
hahahahahah if i would be schneider i would laugh about these players, devilwalk was the only ulow in this roster but ok now he is a coach, what he wants to teach? how to be low?
2014-07-01 00:51
Devilwalk was not a fragger, he played a support role, so basically holding positions, and just stay alive. Help teammates. So try to understand the game before commenting dumb shit.
2014-07-01 00:57
But he was just terrible at the game
2014-07-01 00:58
Terrible is a bit much, but he wasn't on par with the rest.
2014-07-01 01:51
how he had helped teammates with 0 kills? Bodycovering them from bullets?
2014-07-01 06:00
lmao :D
2014-07-01 01:02
Solid player, really hope he doesn't retire.
2014-07-01 00:52
he should make a team with some of the other swedish free agents like xelos and twist (?) also I really don't see the point in keeping devilwalk around when cArn is already there
2014-07-01 00:52
2014-07-01 00:54
Maybe they are just keeping him for pity. He couldn't do proper gaming, and prolly can't do anything else either :D
2014-07-01 00:58
Yeah, but they released schneider, who was solid at gaming, and as a better player he could coach them better than devilwalk.
2014-07-01 01:18
i doubt that schneider would want to coach those guys
2014-07-01 02:04
"schneider joins sk-gaming."
2014-07-01 00:52
Poor guy's dog died today as well. Deserves a top team still, good luck.
2014-07-01 00:52
Oh my, I totally forgot about that. His dog dies and he gets cut from his team in the same day. :( GL to him.
2014-07-01 01:26
2014-07-01 02:21
a person I spent around two years with and shared a million laughts Shouldn't it be laughs?
2014-07-01 00:52
wow that changes everything, no one could understand what that was supposed to mean, thank you
2014-07-01 00:54
2014-07-01 00:56
2014-07-01 00:57
At least i read articles and don't bash others for wanting to correct the post :[ yusomean
2014-07-01 00:58
At least i read articles and don't bash others for wanting to correct the post Shouldn't it be I?
2014-07-01 06:05
wow that changes everything, no one could understand what that was supposed to mean, thank you ;o
2014-07-01 10:58
znajder | 
Sweden Ninya 
Thanks, now I understand what he tried to say :D
2014-07-01 13:29
SK Schneider please.
2014-07-01 00:52
Norway stbb 
feel sorry for him rlY
2014-07-01 00:53
heartbreaking stuff :(
2014-07-01 00:53
2014-07-01 00:53
-pronax +schneider or schneider to nip or sk
2014-07-01 00:53
Italy ciliatus 
2014-07-01 01:08
carn how u let this happen...
2014-07-01 00:53
He wasnt the weak link in any way possible, he actually got really good this year and was one of the best aimers, i dont get why they kicked him but i guess that krimz and olof were a package and they couldnt only get one of them, only olof instead of devilwalk would be perfect imo
2014-07-01 00:53
Azerbaijan Talley 
2014-07-01 06:34
Turkey huth 
"my gaming career is most likely over" You are hell of a player schneider. I hope u won't stop playing at a high level
2014-07-01 00:53
ANGE1 | 
Russia monte:) 
SK pls pick him! Really strong player and clutch master!
2014-07-01 00:53
it always be like this in e-sports,bunch of kiddies running the things why the fuck wouldnt flusha and pronax say smth?lolol,pronax should had been the one to get cut(yes i once supported the hell out of him) but his stuborness as a leader is really pissing me off and breaking up the core of fnatic(schneider jw flusha) is catastrophic,this team will fail like teamglobal did
2014-07-01 00:54
Denmark Pimp 
Your gaming career is far from over if you don't want it to be. In my head Schneider is one of the best players on the whole scene, taking so many important kills, huge clutches when its needed the most. Every player has his ups and downs, I know that of all... But that still does not change the fact that when he is on form, he is one of the best in the world! Good luck in the future to all parts involved! :)
2014-07-01 00:54
Amen Brother
2014-07-01 00:55
2014-07-01 00:55
You were in the same position as he is right now, weren't you?
2014-07-01 00:56
Denmark Pimp 
Well we dont know what has been going on inside the team, or what else has happend. But my situation and hes is comparable(?) I belived its called :D Anyway there is only one way, and thats fight your way back!
2014-07-01 00:59
You could say it's a similar situation.
2014-07-01 01:04
Haha yeah, thanks! :D Well point beeing that the situations will never be the same, but they can be compared to eachother. There are so many factors that it's rather impossible to directly compare them, but still close enough to be similar. #Auch
2014-07-01 01:06
Why are you danes always stacking on MM and playing so serious?
2014-07-01 05:31
Lol, it's actually a bit sad how much you care about a computer game haha
2014-07-01 01:03
it's sad that being in a forum like this , you still know nothing about gaming (:
2014-07-01 01:11
Bulgaria PTD 
well they make there money out of it so... woudnt you care if it was YOUR JOB?
2014-07-01 01:38
It's not about game only
2014-07-01 01:41
"the man"
2014-07-01 02:03
topkek m8, you've actually made an account on this website to comment le epik trollbaits like this, I applaud you for your efforts. gtfo virg
2014-07-01 02:19
why would you not "care" about your passion and your job?
2014-07-01 02:20
this is life - moe 2014
2014-07-01 05:18
who said this is a game ? this is spartaaaaaaaaa
2014-07-01 16:24
change ur name to "the retard"
2014-07-02 12:12
Naaaw, butthurt? :):):)
2014-07-02 17:10
no, you're just retarded for real.
2014-07-02 22:38
+1 well said pimp
2014-07-01 01:25
Harsh... Hopefully he will come out of this stronger.
2014-07-01 00:54
Jeez, best of luck Schneider, Fnatic lost my respect.
2014-07-01 00:54
why the fuck would they cut schneider anyway? hes so beast.
2014-07-01 00:54
gl for the futur schneider
2014-07-01 00:54
sad :/ -pronax +schneider krimz igl ??? profit
2014-07-01 00:54
I'd actually agree on this. Pronax is not a strong player and krimz seems to be also a decent igl + he is MILES aways from pronax skillwise.
2014-07-01 01:01
krimz wasn't LGBs IGL. He was the IGL on paper, but if you listened in on their TS (i know u dont know swedish) during katowice, you could hear them deciding all hits together, not krimz calling it. They were 5 players outaiming their opponents, no strats.
2014-07-01 01:17
they had strats ofcourse xD
2014-07-01 02:03
u get my point
2014-07-01 14:15
seeing as they are in fnatic , devilwalk as a coach , I bet they have more time to develop strats and don't actually need a dedicated IGL and only a mid-round strat caller
2014-07-01 08:49
this will happen when -ex6 +shox smithz igl.... (yeah never)
2014-07-01 01:06
poor guy wasn't even playing bad at all compared to devilwalk :/ gl scheidah.
2014-07-01 00:55
1x5 clutch never forget
2014-07-01 00:55
delpan eksem twist schneider skytten just some fantasy guys don't take it seriously :P
2014-07-01 00:56
good lu
2014-07-01 01:10
well, thats good lineup tho dude :D
2014-07-01 01:26
+emilio there
2014-07-01 02:02
2014-07-01 02:19
2014-07-01 06:35
Fnatic's CSGO team is so hard to like for the reason players in the squad doesn't seem very nice.
2014-07-01 00:56
2014-07-01 00:59
2014-07-01 01:53
Schneider then joins SK, and they qualify for ESL ONE. And again, SK crashes fnatic in group stage twice and knocks them out of the tournament like what they did in DHS2014. Schneider drops 50 bombs twice which makes him MVP of Day one with a strongly 100-50-0 Stats.
2014-07-01 00:59
you heard it here first^
2014-07-01 01:15
And Schneider cries again. Sweet tears of revenge.
2014-07-01 09:33
Latvia Senotajs 
Sad .
2014-07-01 00:56
ANGE1 | 
Russia monte:) 
SK|eksem SK|Delpan SK|SKYTTEN SK|Schneider SK|twist ehhh:(
2014-07-01 00:57
-Delpan +emilio
2014-07-01 01:18
i'm disappointed aswell, bad move fnatic.. -fifflaren +schneider
2014-07-01 00:57
2014-07-01 00:59
2014-07-01 01:05
2014-07-01 01:09
2014-07-01 02:02
The only way I'd agree with this, is if Fifflaren retired voluntarily.
2014-07-01 16:13
Serbia FREb 
If anyone needed to be cut it was pronax in my opinion , I know he's the IGL for fnatic and all that but honestly not even super glue could hold someone to the bottom of the frag score so hard. I hope schneider continues playing and I'm looking forward to seeing him in a new team soon !
2014-07-01 00:57
Denmark qwedsa 
sad :(
2014-07-01 00:58
Schneider was one of their stronger players and he was cut? Adding two new players to the roster while having the same IGL prior to the roster change won't help them get better results.
2014-07-01 00:58
best of luck mr. HIRVIRINTA :) <hug>
2014-07-01 00:58
Join SK <3 you were the best from fnatic. gl for your future :C
2014-07-01 00:58
no worries. Schneider + SK = Fnatics ass kicked.
2014-07-01 00:59
Come schneider, we will made team, you career isnt over bro!
2014-07-01 00:59
I hope he keeps going.
2014-07-01 00:59
I hope he can put this disappointment into a motivation to beat them with a different team.
2014-07-01 00:59
+1, I was thinking exactly the same.
2014-07-01 04:06
Schneider > JW
2014-07-01 00:59
retarded move!
2014-07-01 01:00
schneider > jw imo
2014-07-01 01:01
as long as JW is in that line up fnatic will never be where fnatic belongs :)
2014-07-01 01:01
Not having the balls to say goodbye us harsh. Getting cut or cutting a long term member is rough but you need to handle it properly and talk.
2014-07-01 01:01
Sweden lantis 
I am shocked. Schneider kicked? This is really weird considering Schneider was easily top1 or top2 in Fnatic.
2014-07-01 01:02
For sure one of the strongest and most consistent on fnatic, hope you keep playing schneider.
2014-07-01 01:02
uu dem feels. :x
2014-07-01 01:03
i hope schneidUr finds new team :d sick aimer
2014-07-01 01:03
I always thought schnieder was the most complete player on fnatic. Getting highlights regularly against top teams. Deserves a home on a prominent Swedish team. I hope he finds enough positive fan feedback to motivate himself. Good luck
2014-07-01 01:04
GL Schneider, bad move by fnatic! Get back in the game and kick their asses ;)
2014-07-01 01:04
Yap, schneider > jw. Jw is HIGHLY overrated player. What I've seen from him recently, is only failing.
2014-07-01 01:04
2014-07-01 01:04
go find another team and REKT fnatic as soon as poss.
2014-07-01 01:04
Don't go away :(
2014-07-01 01:04
"Baby don't leave me, no more"
2014-07-01 16:43
and What about that "we are a team that doesnt believe in roster changes,like NiP"....and Why Schneider?nowdays JW was so underpreforming ...ahh this makes no sense..I HOPE you will get picked up by some great team! :)
2014-07-01 01:04
Ok cArn lets talk about how important friendship in a team is.
2014-07-01 01:05
2014-07-01 01:15
2014-07-01 01:55
2014-07-01 02:01
haha +1
2014-07-01 08:51
2014-07-01 14:15
:( schneider loved watching him play, always thought he was one of the key factors to fnatic's success. best of luck~
2014-07-01 01:05
Really sad, that's why manners are #1 in every sport, then skill.. sadly not all people have them :(
2014-07-01 01:06
you're a beast schneider
2014-07-01 01:07
FU fnatic.
2014-07-01 01:07
Germany fjdeN 
that story made me mad... hope the best 4 you schneider :)
2014-07-01 01:08
Just lost all my respect to pronax & flusha (and Devilwalk at some extent) schneider was (IS) a sick player, and this is the dumbest thing they could do imho. Losing Devilwalk I can understand, and even pronax for KRiMZ would have been a better option imo, but schneider? Come on... I would say I wish fnatic the best, but I don't. They WERE one of my favourite teams, but now I won't cheer for them anymore, that's for sure :) GL to schneider, and I hope he won't quit! :)
2014-07-01 01:09
Brazil autismo 
2014-07-01 05:30
I cri everitime :(
2014-07-01 01:09
schneider hope ur fine and hope that u get a good team to beat that fat scrubs.
2014-07-01 01:09
Fnatic, why u do this? I hope you fail miserable!
2014-07-01 01:09
This just reeks of those players being socially awkward and not knowing how to deal with a tough situation, a bit pathetic really. Anyway, Schneider was probably the best player in fnatic and would be foolish to give up now, he'll have offers rolling in I would imagine. Also it's a damn travesty that Krimz has replaced anyone in fnatic, he's way under the level of even devilwalk.
2014-07-01 01:10
Maybe there was some fallout, maybe an argument over strategy or a personality clash? Or just sociopaths that can't communicate. Either way, JW is way too emo to be consistent. He was mediocre at best at the last few tournies when he really needs to carry hard. Pronax blows. Fnatic will never win another major with these players
2014-07-01 21:40
I gief you hug ok no cry ok?..iz okay the world ain't all sunshine and rainbows.
2014-07-01 01:10
Bulgaria bUHALOVIC 
Things like that happen in every sport/competition, dont need too much overvalue and drama.
2014-07-01 01:10
fuck fnatic, schneider to SK!!!111
2014-07-01 01:12
Of the whole fnatic team, I'd say schneider was the best, hands down.
2014-07-01 01:12
You did 1 mistake in the word "whole".
2014-07-01 01:37
well schneider was my favorite player in fnatic, he was one of the best in that lineup, or mb the BEST! Dont lose faith bro, u will find better clan than this shitty 'friendship' fnatic. cArn where are u? /fnatic hater from now. btw come on haters..../SHIELD ON!
2014-07-01 01:13
United Kingdom smoggy:. 
damn, sounds very sad and his dog died to top it all. hopefully the players avoiding him will change their minds, gl in the future.
2014-07-01 01:20
sk. schneider =)
2014-07-01 01:14
Good player hopefully he'll find a new team. New SK Lineup Eksem Emilio Skytten Delpan Schneider
2014-07-01 01:19
Just baffles me why remove schneider if only one player was needed after DW stepdown
2014-07-01 01:14
probably olofm would only join if they would bring krimz aswell
2014-07-01 02:01
thats what ive thought too, but its just speculation
2014-07-01 02:25
Damn, that's sad...
2014-07-01 01:15
damn i feel bad for schneider... will see you soon Schneider (at the top)
2014-07-01 01:15
He was the best in fnatic imo, hope he will find rly good team because he is rly talented player
2014-07-01 01:15
not correct the way things were done.. Really sad to read this. GL for schneider!
2014-07-01 01:16
good guy JW tho.
2014-07-01 01:16
Take this as a learning experience and don't be so quick to judge flusha and pronax. Obviously they should've said something but it was probably a tough decision for them and they might've felt awkward/sad/dissapointed or whatever. Hopefully you won't stop playing and will bounce back and prove (once again) you are worthy of playing in a top 5 team.
2014-07-01 01:17
Someone pass the tissues
2014-07-01 01:18
gl, don't give up
2014-07-01 01:18
But he was the best in there -.-
2014-07-01 01:18
schneider was actually their best player, fucking idiots
2014-07-01 01:19
I really hope he doesn't quit! :) SK|Maikelelelelelelelelele SK|SKYTTEN SK|emilio SK|Schneider SK|twist GG favourite team!
2014-07-01 01:19
DD | 
Russia @sL4Mtv 
2014-07-01 01:21
good team tbh, 3 SK players keeping its core and 2 great players,but i doubt it will happen
2014-07-01 02:01
Seems to happen a lot with teams.Becoming good friends while playing and everybody gets along. Yet not even having the decency to say goodbye to a 'friend' of yours. That's what you call the lack of social skills. Hope this team dies slowly.
2014-07-01 01:20
If he had a problem with the way some of the players dealt with this he should've brought it up with them. They seem to have behaved inappropriately and childish, but so is he by venting his frustration over a private TS conversation in a news article.
2014-07-01 01:20
2014-07-01 02:04
-1 stfu
2014-07-01 06:51
schneider, dont quit like this. join up with some mates, crush fnatic win, esl one. win dhw. and then you can stand on top of fnatic players and just pee in to jw's mouth... anyways gl in the future and you are an amazing aimer and deffo deserves a good team!
2014-07-01 01:21
why hate on jw?he was nice to scheneider
2014-07-01 02:00
schneider to nip confirmed.
2014-07-01 01:21
way better player then pronax and flusha so i dont understand this move at all...
2014-07-01 01:22
Denmark e1z 
Olofm and Krimz are for sure some sick players, they're both good replacements for schneider and devilwalk. I just really don't see why Schneider had to be removed from the roster... He crazy skilled, gl in the future :)
2014-07-01 01:22
First, fnatic released a tweet hinting at an announcement regarding CS:GO. Shortly after, schneider posted a tweet on his facebook page about how his dog had died and how the day couldn't possibly get any worse. fnatic's tweet was then deleted. Seemed obvious to me at that point that schneider was going to be released against his will, possibly attempting to appeal to his teammates' compassion. What makes this all the more tragic is that I don't think cutting schneider was the right choice. cArn of all people should appreciate the bond the players had, and the chemistry that had been built throughout the last year. But on the other hand, from looking at what schneider said about flusha and pronax, maybe there was something off about the teamspirit. Or it's simply that fnatic, while theoretically being able to recover from dropping out of DHS groups, seeing as how they went on to win against NiP later in the SMF, could not accept losing against SK. Still, I don't think it was the right choice to take in two completely new players, especially considering the work the lineup had only recently put in with the long bootcamp. Assigning devilwalk to the coach role and having KRiMZ step in might have been a needed change, but won't olofm clash with JW for the AWP roles on most maps? Anyways, hoping for: SK.schneider SK.twist SK.eksem SK.Delpan SK.SKYTTEN Would surely help to bring some of that glorious rivalry back into the fnatic vs. SK matchup.
2014-07-01 01:26
-Delpan +emilio
2014-07-01 01:32
Still remember the clutch at EMS katowice, anyone else remeber? At B site as T
2014-07-01 01:23
ak? with low hp, ofc! D:
2014-07-01 01:29
Germany 'ezpz 
Wow if this story is true it's very sad. I can more than understand his feelings. If someone who was my friend and teammate over the years kick me out and didnt get the balls to talk to me it's weak. Hope we will see Schneider in a better team soon.
2014-07-01 01:24
wow fuck ya fnatic
2014-07-01 01:26
-pronax +shneider pronax asshole
2014-07-01 01:27
i really hope schneider finds a new good team, he really deservs it.
2014-07-01 01:27
i was really shocked when i read that schneider got kicked out of the roster IMO he really stepped up his performance since the start of the year (he might played a bit unremarkable in 2013) and was together with flusha the player, who kept fnatic winning (some) matches i'm not convinced about the new lineup with JW AND olofm ... maybe -jw instead of -schneider would've been the better choice anyway, pretty undignified behaviour of the team for a pretty humble, longtime mate...
2014-07-01 01:28
-fif +sch
2014-07-01 01:28
I wish you the best of luck man. And do not quit. Im sure that any top team would have you if you stuck to it. A lot of swedish stars to play with.
2014-07-01 01:29
Schneider, stay strong You will bounce back
2014-07-01 01:29
Really sad to read, you will be missed, remembering great plays (DHW13 2nd pistol on train vs NIP, EMS in Poland 1vs5 vs LGB and so on), don't get why they replaced you with Krimz, since he has kinda the same role like you.. thoought you were friends and would never split up. :( Go fight! I <3 u (:
2014-07-01 01:31
GL schneider, fuck them they are not solid, i don't like fnatic anymore even tehre is krimz and olofm...
2014-07-01 01:31
Spain akproxx 
You were schneider best player on fnatic try join in new team and kick fnatic ass
2014-07-01 01:32
2014-07-01 01:32
2014-07-01 01:33
whats crazy is krimz can't even compare to schneider and even olof isn't much better than schneider, bad move from fnatic, that are desperate for a win.
2014-07-01 01:33
arch | 
Ukraine arch 
good luck Andreas, was pitty to read this
2014-07-01 01:33
Sad story indeed
2014-07-01 01:33
TBH I don't understand why they cut schneider...great player hope you find a new home :D
2014-07-01 01:34
Finland Eepzie 
GL Schneider!! One of the best swedish players atm :)
2014-07-01 01:34
try to join in SK
2014-07-01 01:34
schneider please for the love of all that's good... don't retire. this shit feels bad right now for sure man, but what would be better than being picked up by a good team and crushing these lowlife backstabbing cu**s? everyone knows you are one of the best players in Sweden. Stay strong man. fuck fnatic... they lost a lot of fans for sure
2014-07-01 01:34
I don't get why they would kick schneider but keep JW, it makes no sense at all. it makes even less sense when they bring in an awper that out-awps JW in 95% of the matches. And the way they treated him is just unacceptable, but yeah, typical swedish people, afraid to confront other people.
2014-07-01 01:36
Schneider don't give up !!! I'm disapointed with fnatic, that was unexpected ...
2014-07-01 01:36
Schneider was sick!
2014-07-01 01:36
2014-07-01 01:37
Wow and I though danes was bad at saying farewell to eachother when they change teams, kick and etc. Pronax and flusha grow a pair of balls...
2014-07-01 01:38
I would've been disappointed aswell...
2014-07-01 01:41
finns schneider <333
2014-07-01 01:42
SK next I hope.
2014-07-01 01:43
Norway Drolsum 
2014-07-01 01:43
2014-07-01 14:21
pronax and devilwalk are the weaklinks, fnatic will continue to lose even with olof and krimz.
2014-07-01 01:43
gl Schneider! pls dont step out from gaming, prove they were wrong with smashing them with another team!
2014-07-01 01:44
The problem is that a lot of people don't differentiate between gaming career and social life. They should have let him go at least with a decent farewell, this way he wouldn't have felt what he had felt. Anyways, cArn hired devilwalk to do the dirty work and he's off next. Couldn't think of any other reason why someone would get this job when his tactical knowledge is close to shit.
2014-07-01 01:44
how do you know devilwalk's tactical knowledge is close to shit?and he wont even take part on that because in case you didnt know pronax is the IGL he will probably take part in the social aspect of the team and trying to be an intermediate between fnatic players and the orga
2014-07-01 01:51
He analysis sometimes with anders + he used to call for them before pronax came in. Devilwalk could work for the social aspect but then again, devilwalk existing in this position would mean that cArn couldn't get involved in the cs division or else there would be a clash of thoughts on how things are working out.
2014-07-01 01:55
"his tactical knowledge is close to shit." You have no idea how much your learn while playing at this level, so I can tell you right now that his "his tactical knowledge" isn"t close to shit at all, you random MM player.
2014-07-02 05:17
I dont play mm so yeah.. and it is close to shit, thats why they brought in pronax
2014-07-02 14:44
You have absolutely no clue it's unreal, every pros think in much deeper way that you would ever think of. Just don't talk about such thing if you didn't ever play at such a level, thanks.
2014-07-02 15:02
And you know that i never played on such levels, How?
2014-07-02 16:03
Because someone with a little bit of knowledge wouldn't be calling devilwalk "shit" tacticwise, but thanks.
2014-07-02 16:46
Your most welcome.
2014-07-02 16:58
Hmm... twist and pyth were playing in a mix today for the ESL North qualifier but were eliminated. Maybe they could recruit schneider and start hunting for sponsors?
2014-07-01 01:45
That's almost impossible...
2014-07-01 01:49
Damn, rough!
2014-07-01 01:46
It's hard to find passion for something when you get backstabbed like that. Time is going to fix it man...
2014-07-01 01:48
Happy | 
Brazil Kurtt 
SK.maikelele SK.Delpan SK.twist SK.schneider SK.skytten
2014-07-01 01:49
i think that cArn is the one behind this whole story.He saw that fnatic wasnt having good results and changes were needed.Devilwalk as weakest link in the team he offered him manager/coach position to avoid the drama with removing him and schneider shamelessly from the roster.So devilwalk did what maybe carn was supposed to do.I could be completely wrong and if i am thats disgusting what flusha and jw did.They played for a very long time,but hey maybe they saw that things arent going to get better with this roster and changes were definitely needed.
2014-07-01 01:51
Flusha and Pronax*
2014-07-01 02:12
flusha and pronax what?>
2014-07-01 02:13
".I could be completely wrong and if i am thats disgusting what flusha and jw did." What did they do? It was Flusha and Pronax who didn't say anything. If you are talking about something else, then ignore my comment.
2014-07-01 02:17
flusha,jw,schneider and devilwalk are playing for very long time together and everyone was considering this team as very good friends and they always said this that they will never kick any of this members.Pronax was recent addition (DH Winter 2013)
2014-07-01 02:20
In the end I'm pretty sure it wasn't jw or flusha who made this decision. Even tho I understand what you mean, "the world" is often alot more complex than that.
2014-07-01 02:23
ofc,as i said im pretty sure that carn is behind all this.Whatever life goez ON
2014-07-01 02:42
I hope you will find a good team for you :) you are like one of the best aimer in the EU scene don't give up and try to find a good team . Hope i will see you soon on a CSGO tournament
2014-07-01 01:51
Feel bad for schneider, hope he doesn't actually retire!
2014-07-01 01:51
Malaysia ims- 
this is so heartbreaking ...
2014-07-01 01:52
pronax has always had this attitude, never cared about anything than winning. Ofc he didnt say goodbye to schneider. -pronax +any
2014-07-01 01:53
pronax seems like a disgusting person indeed
2014-07-01 02:07
Bad decision to kick schneider, he is sick player...I always remember that he played DM (hs only) without crosshair and still has postive k/d ratio :) GL in future
2014-07-01 01:54
fnatic just kicked the (imo) most talented player out of their roster. they derserve to lose 16-0 next 20 lan-matches
2014-07-01 01:55
thats sad. wish u the best
2014-07-01 01:55
Denmark fyhn 
Quite a few skilled Swedes without a team these days.
2014-07-01 01:56
2014-07-01 01:56
Cutting schneider for krimz is pretty damn stupid... I don't know if olof didn't want to join if krimz didn't get in or what's up but that was real fucking bs... hopefully -roque from SK and + schneider. so eksem, delpan, schneider and those 2 other guys.. ROFL
2014-07-01 01:56
dont quit gaming carier, you can be even better in some other teams. time will show. dont worry too much man...what goes around comes around
2014-07-01 01:56
Schneider, eksem, twist, Delpan, skytten
2014-07-01 01:56
Really sad for schneider, but that's life. In my opinion, this was bad move by fnatic Hopefully we can see Andreas in future at battlefields. I can't say he is talent anoymore, he was talent like a year ago. Now he is one of the best players in the world.
2014-07-01 02:06
Don't quit! You're such a sick player and there are always tons of really talented swedish players/ mixes you could team up with and form a strong team!
2014-07-01 02:11
this hit me right in the feels
2014-07-01 02:15
2014-07-01 02:20
2014-07-01 02:23
dem feels when I watch until the end
2014-07-01 03:46
Gay confirmed! HAHA GET REKT?
2014-07-02 19:41
Haha, well played sir! It's been fun while it lasted but I feel you may have just #rekt me here. I'm not actually borderline retarded by the way, I understand that the UK scene is irrelevant, and probably will be for a significant amount of time, and I don't actually think NA Counterstrike is awful, was just getting a lot of bites :-) And the only reason I was using those hashtags and retarded words was to get a rise btw. All in all I feel we had some good banter, enjoy your day sir!
2014-07-02 19:54
I knew you couldn't be full retard when your favorite movie is Wolf of Wallstreet. #ThatShitRekts <3
2014-07-02 19:55
In all honesty, I thought schneider was one of their best players, I've seen so many games where him/jw/flusha literally carried pronax & devilwalk, I assumed a change was coming, but thought it would be -devil -pronax +olofm +krimz... Guess I was wrong :-( -roque +schneider gogogo
2014-07-01 02:15
2014-07-01 02:20
mason | 
World PRQN 
I cried aswell, I cry everytime!
2014-07-01 02:22
lots of luck, imo the best from fnatic lineup. (i know jwbest, but honestly...)
2014-07-01 02:23
Just hope that Schneider can put all the emotional stuff aside and keep playing the game. He was easily one of the more stronger links in Fnatic and the way this ended would make most people upset. Just turn that upset into motivation.
2014-07-01 02:23
imo overall schneider is a better player than pronax and maybe also than flusha but the role was covering is pretty much the same of KRiMZ so to have a complete team maybe this is the best choice not like Titan that losing Shox added an awp that they already had (smithzz) and was permofing very well furthermore anyway i hope that he keep to play and doing well :D
2014-07-01 02:23
I think you have to be glad that you didnt waste even more time with those 2 kids sooner or later theywould have shown their real colours its prolly not pesonal just bussiness... I hope you find a nice friendly group of peeps that do want their put their hands in the fire for you... Btw you were a key player dude especially on lan! Never forget dat pistol ace on train vs nip :))) Keep it up man!
2014-07-01 02:27
+1 pronax and flusha just immature - keep it up
2014-07-01 02:34
get this man an SK tag now
2014-07-01 02:33
i cant belive this, they rlly kick the best player on the team. Fnatik wish u suck schneider dick, i was watching you because of hes mad aim. sh1t organization "pronax" omfg i can pick a randomly guy and he aims better. fuck you, hail schneider
2014-07-01 02:33
SK gogo =D
2014-07-01 02:35
i just hope fnatic wont go out of the groups in the upcoming tournaments, not because of olofm and krimz, but pronax and flusha... anyway, gl schneider #hate4fnatic
2014-07-01 02:45
schneider > krimz
2014-07-01 02:51
First of all, schneider is top 2 of fnatic. imo he is on the same lvl as flusha and > JW. Then LOL@ Devilwalk "And then he continued in sort of coachy role to say: 'If you have any questions I will be here and answer them all for you. And I also understand that you hate me now.' As if he was talking to a stranger. I hate ppl like that, there you can see some ppl are real assholes, unbelievable. Just talk with him about it like a friend and not like some idiot. sorry but fnatic lost a lot of my respect
2014-07-01 02:55
Yeah agreed, fking low life thing to say. He prolly thinking he's something now.
2014-07-01 03:06
hope schneider keeps playing, id say he was fnatics best player, certainly most potential anyway. didnt get the roster change, to me changing DW and JW with olof and krimz makes more sense, i dont see fnatic being any stronger with this lineup.
2014-07-01 03:05
France Sheld 
one of the best players on dreamteam game
2014-07-01 03:11
Keep on going Schneider! HLTV believe
2014-07-01 03:15
I hate fnatic for that..
2014-07-01 03:16
Fucking cuntbags Flusha and Pronax are. I wonder when they will tell HLTV that their "headsets weren't working" or that "TS fucked up for them like it usually does". You've known him for about 2 years(probably talked with eachother every single day) and you still can't say a single good bye to him? Hairy-Samwell Tarly, you will never get to shave your beard and you Pronax, you motherfucker, YOU AIN'T GOT NUTHIN' ON XIZT FOOL'!
2014-07-01 03:23
Sk Scheneider
2014-07-01 03:24
gl schneider u are a great riffler
2014-07-01 03:41
Friendship never should dies. This is more like selfish decision from the remained part of a team. Look at VP, stable team is a Key. I wish you the best schneider.
2014-07-01 03:47
Europe uppermost 
2014-07-01 03:50
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
I'm not going to judge each individual in fnatic by this news, and none of you should either. If you don't know them personally or how they acted in the team there's no need to hate on them just because of what happened.
2014-07-01 03:50
SK.Twist SK.schneider SK.eksem SK.pyth SK.cype
2014-07-01 03:54
pyth is shit..
2014-07-01 04:53
A team with pyth never lasts cuz pyth has personality problemZ
2014-07-01 10:30
You're an amazing player Schneider! Don't leave the game please! GL
2014-07-01 03:55
sad for schneider :( I would have wanted fnatic to fail miserably but for olofm and krimz
2014-07-01 04:02
Hmm, Devilwalk had to go for fnatic to improve, nice guy but clearly wasn't up to the top level of cs. Schneider though? skill wise him jw and flusha were pretty much all around the same level, either one of those 3 could do well or perform poorly so it seems like he was cut for something other than his skill level imo.
2014-07-01 04:20
2014-07-01 04:56
Keep your head up. You are one of the best out there, Im sure youll get another oppurtunity. GL
2014-07-01 04:22
delpan , eksem ,skytten ,twist shneider , sick line up
2014-07-01 04:34
GL schneider, fnatics sickest aimer
2014-07-01 04:45
Lithuania crxyolo 
Some of them are bitches, i wish all the best for you.
2014-07-01 05:04
Thats sad. But like everyone comments here, just dont give up and fight your way back two time harder. I see pretty much options for schneider to play in solid team, best of luck m8 ;)
2014-07-01 05:23
pronax and flusha so nice
2014-07-01 05:43
Well you was the best in fnatic , nvm don't retire your a such great player
2014-07-01 05:52
flusha and pronax little bitches quit cs, earn a million, buy fnatic organisation, fire them all. :) or if you wanna keep playing, dont give up and you will find something man 100%.
2014-07-01 06:09
should kick that jw fat kid
2014-07-01 06:53
Don't quit, Schneider. You're a great player with big potential and this shouldn't be your end. Terrible move by fnatic - in which probably flusha and pronax played a role considering their cuntish behaviour. It's normal for Schneider to feel betrayed and down but there's better things for him out there and he should just forget about fnatic and move on.
2014-07-01 07:05
Don't retire, find a decent team and fck them all. GL
2014-07-01 07:04
United Kingdom peaks 
And then basically I started crying (yes, I know what you think; gay, weak, etc). lmfao
2014-07-01 07:10
It's not gay or weak to cry when the situation calls for it, it's natural. I won't pretend I don't understand the reasoning of this fnatic line-up changing players, something needed to change and the recent trend wasn't promising enough. With that said, the way in which it was handled and the circumstances of being the one removed are understandably painful for you. Don't give up though. You might feel like shit today or for a few days or for the next few weeks, but one day you'll wake up and remember that beneath it all you want to compete in this game and be one of the best. When you realise that, you can set yourself to the task, regardless of having the fnatic tag in front of your name. Who was fnatic before you guys joined? A bunch of Danish players failing over and over and underwhelming the world, despite having the backing of one of the best organisations around. When Epsilon made the final of Dreamhack Summer it wasn't with the fnatic name. I'll let you in on the dirty secret of CS organisations: it's the players who make the reputation of the organisation, with their play, and not the organisation which makes the players, however much they might want to convince you it's the other way around. Your times in fnatic were good, but not some impossible ceiling you can never reach again. I think there is a place for you still in the CS:GO pro scene. There are a number of skilled players, not playing in NiP or fnatic, who I think you could be successful with, even as successful as this previous fnatic line-up, if you were involved in the right mixture of styles and personalities with. If you find a good team I'd happily help you out with some analysis or watch some demos for you. The CS:GO scene is still underdeveloped and there's still a lot can be done. For now, keep your head up and give it a little time. Just know you can return.
2014-07-01 07:21
Damn, as usual, good speech ! It might be interesting to see you as a coach. But, who're you thinking about when you say that "There are a number of skilled players" ? Who'll you pick to make a team as successful as NiP or fnatic ?
2014-07-01 07:41
On a side note, people should not start rallying against fnatic over this move. Their mistake, which was unintentional, was to overly stress how important their personal friendships were to the strength and success of their team. That creates an environment in which people will see this as some kind of betrayal, whereas it was a mistake to put undue emphasis on that in the first place. I can see why the players would say it, since most of them are young and have only had success playing with each other, so they didn't want to look past that and consider other possibilities. This is professional CS:GO though, and the game itself doesn't give two fucks if you love your team-mate or hate him, it only cares what actions you can perform together in the game. If anything I think fnatic actually waited too long to make roster moves, so I don't think blame should be leveled at them over this. Is it sad that a friend had to be removed from his group of friends so they could bring in an outsider? Sure, in a sense. It's not like schneider is dead though, they're still welcome to be his friend outside of the game. fnatic the pro CS:GO team has to go on though and if they want to remain representing fnatic, without being removed and replaced wholesale, then they have to produce results which are worthy of the level of market value fnatic has. Don't forget, fnatic was in a position last year where they could have pursued VeryGames, the best team in the world, but instead chose to stick with the Swedish line-up that had impressively won Dreamhack Winter. Friendships are a great thing in CS:GO, as they can increase the emotion surrounding wins and losses, but they cannot be allowed to supercede the game itself, else everyone involved will be dragged down. This isn't some Disney movie where they stick together for another six months and come back to win the world championship again, they were losing for a reason and it had nothing to do with friendship or their feelings about each other, it was to do with the fundamental concepts of how the game of CS:GO was played. fnatic needs a new line-up and it happens schneider and Devilwalk are the two they've chosen to remove and replace. I know the fnatic line-up better than I know most of the CS:GO teams and they are a good group of guys. That they managed to stick together with the same four players for so long, winning a World Championship title along the way, is impressive but it's also important to appreciate that in this game you are only as good as your last three months. To have won the biggest title in the world while playing with some of your friends is a rare and special thing, but precisely because it's so unlikely and probably impossible to replicate. Let's appreciate that they were able to do it but not hold it against them that they have eventually had to go another route.
2014-07-01 07:41
Do you think Fanatic has made the right call by letting these two go?
2014-07-01 09:05
Fully agree, Fnatic needed a change, if this is for the better? We will have to see. Sad for Schneider but thats how things go in the pro scene. Go Fnatic!
2014-07-01 09:25
"it's also important to appreciate that in this game you are only as good as your last three months" This is very, very, true.
2014-07-01 12:31
Are you happy with the addition of olofm and krimz or do you think there was better options for fnatic ? and can you see this new line-up becoming a top 3 team within the year?
2014-07-01 19:18
good guy thorin, i agree :')
2014-07-01 13:56
Plot twist: lurppis and you pushed cArn to make roster changes, mocking him that the win over NiP after dropping out of DHS group play was "a fool's luck", along which lines lurppis had put it on the broadcast. Now you feel partly responsible for schneider's misery.
2014-07-01 15:09
When ever the Devilwalk / pronax question appeared it was always schneider to claim they are group of FRIENDS before they are teammates. Now, the best player of the team gets kicked by Devilwalk, who would've thought? (inb4 coach Fifflaren kicks GTR). At one point I'm happy for schneider since he deserves a better team that deserves a good player like himself. I really hope he'll find a way to get into one of the Swedish teams and get back.
2014-07-01 07:20
stupid fnatic. 12 weeks and disband.
2014-07-01 07:30
Imagine how olof and krimz must feel now - seeing how fnatic treats their best player who is completely loyal to the team and his teammates. I actually feel bad for olof because he deserves a better team with friendly, good people in it (not back-stabbing assholes) No way I'm ever cheering for fnatic again till pronax,flusha,devilwalk are there.
2014-07-01 07:33
Fucking noobnax doesnt deserve to be in the team.
2014-07-01 07:54
Greece her-1g 
i expected olof and krimz to join fnatic but i also expected pronax and dw to be replaced. anyway schneider to SK
2014-07-01 08:02
I find it funny they decide to cut out the most consistent player of their team, anyways Schneider please don't quit you're a massive player i'm sure a lot of teams would love to have you
2014-07-01 08:09
Now i see he was kicked from team.Just OMG i think he was the best player from fnatic/
2014-07-01 08:13
My favorite in fnatic.
2014-07-01 08:19
Germany lpSykl 
fnatic... GO F YOU!
2014-07-01 08:20
jw needs to be kicked. such a bad and inconstant awper. also bad with rifles. ofc he has his moments, but its not constant.
2014-07-01 08:21
Cutting out schneider was a bollocks move.
2014-07-01 08:22
There was a time when men would keep their shit for themselves
2014-07-01 08:23
World VeryNiceFap 
no respect to flusha and pronax
2014-07-01 08:25
xosht | 
Georgia xosht 
fnatic is full of bastards. schneider respect :<
2014-07-01 08:26
Wtf, schneider out? Devilwalk coach? Need devilwalk and pronax out not schneider f* noobs. Good luck schneider youre best player and you need good team.
2014-07-01 08:28
I just hope schneider wont leave pro scene
2014-07-01 08:45
Sad for This guy only jw bestestered
2014-07-01 08:47
Things are a little raw at the moment, because you just got blind sided by your friends. Take some time, take a break and then come back and see if you want to carry on. Please don't make a decision on your future right now. You're a great player and I hope to see you playing again in the near future.
2014-07-01 08:58
2014-07-01 09:06
Thats absolutley horrible, respect man.
2014-07-01 09:39
You will find a better team! gl hf in future
2014-07-01 09:44
gl schneider! Hope you get better team and rekt fnatic cunts
2014-07-01 09:56
schneider is a good player, if he wants to continue playing on a high level, he will have no problem with finding a new team.
2014-07-01 10:00
twist schneider pyth eksem Delpan
2014-07-01 10:26
Weird decision from fnatic. On stats schneider > krimz and pronax. Get over it and find a new team!
2014-07-01 10:30
just give him some time, he'll get over it and start playing with a new team. he may then trash fnatic and smile at them during the after game handshake. sweet revenge
2014-07-01 10:47
a talking p3n1s w0w~
2014-07-02 17:57
SK should snatch him and build all around a strong team that will represent the organisation prestigiously. Add Delpan Add Schneider I don't know what's the situation with Dennis (and how much he plays) but they should try to get him if possible. If dennis is out of the question then they should just get Twist instead of emilio and the sky is the limit for that team.
2014-07-01 11:04
dennis have full time job, so he just prolly plays for fun
2014-07-01 11:59
funny how people are saying they cant kick pronax when they are bashing on ex6.
2014-07-01 10:55
Ukraine petruska 
Shned to SK
2014-07-01 10:58
hypn | 
Serbia hypn` 
Shame on flusha and pronax.
2014-07-01 11:13
Andreas, dont worry so much. We do understand your feelings, we do love you and appreciate everything you have done for us on CS: GO pro scene. We cant stand when some top teams kick their BEST players without any ideas.We wish you LUCK and we hope that you gonna find another team, like SK gaming and rekt fnatic babes so hard as you want it. remember dh, your 2v1 on pistol round was unforgetable best wishes, bro! !
2014-07-01 11:30
Schneider we are loves you. GL ! <3
2014-07-01 11:36
Korea saddummy 
eksem twist schneider pyth delpan make it happen and crush the fnatic pussies
2014-07-01 11:37
Schneidy I am only writing this because I know you will read it. Normally I don't agree with Thorin but he is right - this is not the end, and sky is the limit from now on even if it hurts for a while. The change will benefit you as well, as you will have a new love for the game, new teammates, new tactics to explore new bad and good moments to share, new friends and new supporters. You are young and have all the time in the world in front of you and you are not ousted out of the team beacuse of bad results, but because of political decisions and a stand by olof. You were the most complete and stable overall fnatic player and you will take that experience into your new team and rise again. Keep you head up, work hard, rise again - the community loves you :)
2014-07-01 11:41
nice words he will appreciate it !
2014-07-01 11:52
well said This will only benefit him in the long run, even thought he may not realize it just yet.
2014-07-01 12:15
its sad. you lost your dog and your team in the same day. but dont go crazy for me you were the best player in team with flusha just wait and you gonna be on top again soon.
2014-07-01 11:44
Horrible move if you ask me. I dont understand why people rate jw so high, he basically throws matches/tournaments left an right for them. To have 30 frags 1/10 matches does not justify being entryfragged 25 rounds in 9/10. I actually liked dw the most, so a shame he quit =) Let's hope they get a new team together, there are a lot of players that might fit better, as i feel the fnatic-playstyle didnt do so well against proper teamplay (virtus exp).
2014-07-01 11:48
rly sad story, gl with ur life/gaming career(if u decide to continue)
2014-07-01 11:54
I was dissapointed when they cut schneider, personally I thought he was like the best player in that team, or at least top 2. But this story is quite retarded. pronax and flusha? #RIP_heart
2014-07-01 11:56
Why everyone wanna see team like: delpan,eksem,pyth,schneider&twist. Okay its awesome LU, but I would -pyth and +skytten/emilio on that LU. imo
2014-07-01 12:04
No Schneider no Win fnatic noob
2014-07-01 12:04
Austria gex0r 
It's always the same, doesn't matter on pro level or amateur teams (just speaking for teams that had the same roster a long time). Had that myself. As teamleader you have to tell the one to dismiss, and most parts of the rest of the team will feel bad and don't know what to say. But at least a 'goodbye' or something sould everybody be able to say. I really feel for schneider, I think hes a top player and I hope he will get over it and start playing in another top team soon (SK!?) Fnatic tho needed a refreshment and I think olof and KRiMZ could be really it.
2014-07-01 12:08
Swedish males :D
2014-07-01 12:09
your point?
2014-07-01 16:13
You got it :)
2014-07-01 17:19
no clue
2014-07-01 19:54
And then basically I started crying
2014-07-02 10:15
Ah, so you're one of those
2014-07-02 10:59
stfu manly girl
2014-07-02 16:14
schneider I wish you all the best in e-sports and in life. You are one of the best Swedish CS:GO players right now, so keep calm and just play. I hope SK will invite scheider to their roster.
2014-07-01 12:24
lol what the fuck is this? you kick schneider for krimz? are they nuts?
2014-07-01 12:24
NiKo | 
Poland Jaruzel 
lol schneider was the best of them, what a dickheads. I hope the best for schneider and I'm sure that he will find a new team. With his skill, he can't just end his carrer like that. I hope that he will show them what they lost.
2014-07-01 12:34
This, my friends, is what I am disappointed at and what I cannot stop thinking about, a person I spent around two years with and shared a million laughs and more than a thousand laughs with, not even wanting or having the guts to give me a proper goodbye. dickheads confirmed ?
2014-07-01 12:38
2014-07-01 12:48
wtf wasn't Schneider like one of their best players?? probably on second to JW
2014-07-01 12:46
agreed, it's very wierd :/
2014-07-01 16:13
Would personally rank JW as the third best in the team imo. He played sick at DHW, but he's been a bit quiet since then a lot of the team. Flusha is their best player overall I think, then Schneider.
2014-07-01 20:20
schneider :/ He was the hero of fnatic...
2014-07-01 13:10
why, just why... if somebody should be kicked together with dw then definitely jw, most overrated player for me... schneider really didnt deserve it...
2014-07-01 13:17
very sad to learn it happened like this but Schneider i hope u don't give up and fight ur way back as Pimp stated much <3 dude hope u don't take the blow to hard and are able to continue ur cs career
2014-07-01 13:26
Hungary plummie 
Need official statement from pronax... please help me understand this :D Almost made me cry :(
2014-07-01 13:34
Also pronax or carn didn't bring the bad news but instead devilwalk? How much different "leaders" you need with a small team?
2014-07-01 13:47
Who cares about fnatic SK is the only team worth rooting for. Go delpan.
2014-07-01 13:37
whats up with the hype of useless role as coach ? please you've to be dumb in order to believe that this is an useful role or even worth of being created. in order for fnatic to be on top they should get rid of pronax get proper in game leader as Schneider is like 2 times more skilled when this guy and any other in game leader is way better than that guy. I hope they will fail to succed and when I will have a big laugh.
2014-07-01 14:16
I don't get the fnatic organistion either. First pronax was igl, devilwalk team captain and carn chief gaming officer. Now we have pronax igl, devilwalk coach and carn manager. Why we need so much leaders for a small team? You only need a good igl?
2014-07-01 15:12
fnatic living up their 'pig' name no wonder why they are called pigs, oink oink.
2014-07-01 14:22
Will be good for everyone in the long run, hopefully fnatic will challenge again and the remaining swedish talent will form a 3rd top team.
2014-07-01 14:25
Well a roster change in fnatic was obvious but kicking schneider is just one of the dumbest moves this year. A player that has the ability to turn around matches/make clutches is a player you want to keep.
2014-07-01 14:28
flusha besides that looks like a pig with a mind so also appropriately himself and leads it would be better kicked ... how you can play on the same team is not one year, after which his timeytu (learning about the news of his departure) in response to just say "goodbye"? Friis'a them not ..))
2014-07-01 14:33
2014-07-01 15:21 1.51 sec. ps By the way, thanks to this point with the glasses that the admins decided Friis .. Navi then withdrew from the tournament with resentment, though fnatiki in the table below were 1 position then)
2014-07-01 14:34
mmm, i already hate jw, but what about pronax and flusha? now i completely hate fnatic. 0/10 and i know that's important to u guys. u need to kno dis schneider gogo bro, u can do it .<3
2014-07-01 14:57
why would you hate JW? he's a nice guy :)
2014-07-01 16:09
he is not, did you see the video at dreamhack? and there were a lot (well, 3-4) of other plenty situations in where he acted like a faggot... i mean he is not a bad player, but in my opinion he is a faggot
2014-07-01 20:07
at dreamhack? the one with NiP? do you even understand what's being said and what was done there? I don't think you do.
2014-07-01 20:15
they had to play the overtime TWICE, and they WON that overtime. i mean they won twice against them what was being said? xplain please carn face: -embarasing..
2014-07-01 20:19
fnatic wins one overtime. NiP use rules to their advantage AFTER they've lost giving them a rematch of the overtime. Huge dick move. fnatic wins second overtime. moddii, jw and the others of fnatic (losely translated) screams: "damn you suck", "fucking hell they suck!" etc in the heat of the moment. NiP comes over to shake hands and say GG. moddii says "why do you want to shake hands?" and schneider "I'll thank you for a fair play game, but this?" I agree it's childish, but NiP are equally wrong in this situation, abusing the rules after they've already lost. fnatic also appolgized after while NiP stayed quiet on their high horse. After a while they say fnatic has damaged the relationship between their organizations. Both parties should appologize, and I'm sure you do understand why the fnatic players get upset IN THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT. That's my take on it. aswell and the NiP players come over to fnatic to shake hands and say GG.
2014-07-01 20:27
Mmm is really childish, but yeah, is pretty understandable :) . And agree, NiP were huge dicks. Peace. <3
2014-07-03 00:10
Hang in there schneider good things will come!
2014-07-01 16:02
completly disgusted of the way this went down, you have been such an awesome group, cant believe it went down this way :/ still remember dh summer! ;D lycka til, håppas du får mycke tid med din tjej :):) <3
2014-07-01 16:07
Sad thing, didn't expect they'r such cocksuckers... Hold on Andreas!
2014-07-01 16:34
SK !
2014-07-01 16:45
That's horrible, but I think they will make peace after sometime. Who khows. GL
2014-07-01 16:58
Well, im not surprised.. Flusha has always been acting like a little kid, even back at the 1.6 Playnation times. He's 14 in his head and it most likely havnt changed.
2014-07-01 17:02
Netherlands xdanny 
played sometimes against him on ESEA he was acting like he was the man when somebody killed him and said; hah i got you. he was in epsilon? i believe at that point.
2014-07-01 17:07
This fucking broke my heart. GL schneider, always been a fan. I trust you to get back up and keep fighting. #teamfuckfnatic
2014-07-01 17:05
Netherlands xdanny 
imo pronax should be kicked out instead of schneider.
2014-07-01 17:05
Sweden Hampzuka 
Nice move, but Schneider > Pronax imo...
2014-07-01 17:15
fnatiki for my bunghole
2014-07-01 17:17
schneider was a beast, so that's a stupid move imo unless they bring olofm + twist
2014-07-01 17:27
2014-07-02 02:25
you think schneider wasn't a beast?
2014-07-02 04:37
Wasn't what i meant. You wrote that they should bring in OlofM+Twist. If you would have read the article you would have seen that they've already brought in OlofM & KrimZ. :S
2014-07-02 13:40
ooh yea I didn't know that was official
2014-07-02 17:31
suNny | 
Finland phoosi 
I feel bad for him. :/
2014-07-01 18:54
World  . 
2014-07-01 19:27
schneider, he was the best from fnatic no more #fnatic
2014-07-01 19:26
I used to support this organisation so much back in 1.6 days. Now they fuck up almost everything they do, both in game and out. Gl schneider.
2014-07-01 19:38
2014-07-01 19:53
GL IRL schneider
2014-07-01 19:52
kicking the best guy in the idiots
2014-07-01 20:18
the best is probably flusha and JW, but he was definently not the worst
2014-07-01 20:34
jw best at missing awp bullets
2014-07-01 21:32
Why not kick the rest of the fnatic team and just hire ex LGB eSports? Fnatic is nothing without schneider now lol. olofm and kRIMz has to carry now. Good luck schenider and I hope you find a new, GOOD team.
2014-07-01 20:36
I am really sorry for schneider. I hope he will find an awesome team!
2014-07-01 22:41
Doesn't make him gay or weak that he shed some tears, makes him human. You're a fucking powerhouse schenider, I don't see it being too hard to find a new team that can pull better/similar results as those you had with fnatic. Good luck man, i'll be rooting for you!
2014-07-01 22:42
NEO | 
Poland camarpl 
2014-07-02 00:45
Hope he doesn't retire, that would really suck (and in such a way..)
2014-07-02 01:04
I always liked schneider's play the best in fnatic. never rooted for fnatic though. maybe now he'll join a team i will be happy to support. The way fnatic handled this was really poor. Seems Schneider was the last to know & DW's mea a coach...whatever. Flusha & Pronax's silence though who knows, maybe its dislike but it could be guilt or being unwilling to pretend to be nice. Sometimes the people who say the most & offer condolences are the ones who actually the ones who played the biggest role in kicking you out. 1 door closes and others open. all the best Schneider!
2014-07-02 04:19
Portugal antCB 
teamspeak meeting. so professional.. GL schneider
2014-07-02 04:59
schneider will rise!!!
2014-07-02 15:18
nothing new :) this is gaming ;) i could write many of these things ;)
2014-07-02 16:18
thats how it works in this business kompis - most people are in severe need of balls
2014-07-02 18:03
fuk fnatic
2014-07-02 19:44
schneider had some internal problems with the team but why couldnt they just kick the other players that was causing the problems instead of schneider???
2014-07-03 13:42
What a bunch of douchebags. I hope you find success in the future Andreas. Find another team and kick their assess.
2014-07-03 17:48
schneider seems to a be a humble guy. Fuck these guys. I was alaways cheering for fnatic. Thats over
2014-07-03 17:51
Schneider better than krimz tho. But if he lacked motivation or time to train, thats another story. I agree fnatic had to pick between pronax and devilwalk tho..
2014-07-03 21:23
Now they are top1 and The best team in CSGO history yet still hated by many nt though schneider xd
2015-09-06 20:39
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