NiP win IronGaming

NiP have just defeated Natus Vincere in the IronGaming grand final 2-0 (16-12 de_cache, 16-8 de_dust2) for the $10,000 first-place cheque.

Na`Vi started off de_cache with a won pistol round, putting them to a quick 3-0 lead, but NiP managed to reply with three following gunrounds to tie it all up at 3-3. A good defense on the A site put Na`Vi back to a lead by one round, only to fall short to NiP's individual picks all over the map for 4-5.

Adam "friberg" Friberg and Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg then combined for a two-vs-five all over the map and with Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund's one-vs-three clutch at the B bombsite, NiP were up 8-4. Na`Vi picked up the last three rounds, but were shut down by Friberg's two one-shot headshots in the second pistol round.

Natus Vincere decided to do their usual forcebuy in the third round, but eventually fell short in a one-vs-one as the team ran out of time. A smooth eco went into NiP's hands for 7-12, but then the DreamHack Summer 2014 runner-ups started making a stand.

GeT_RiGhT puts NiP on a 1-0 lead after de_cache 

Three B strategies worked out well for them, as well as the following round despite Friberg's efforts in a two-vs-five, which put NiP on their first eco round in the half, as the scoreboard said 12-12.

Na`Vi then got picked off one by one and even though they were up a man in the next round, Alesund turned the situation around with four kills in a three-vs-four. His triple helped his team get three map points, but they only needed one to close out de_cache at 16-12.

de_dust2's beginning saw NiP taking the initial pistol round on the Counter-Terrorists side, as well as the first gunround after a B split by Na`Vi. Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács' and Sergey "starix" Ischuk's triples helped lower the deficit to only one round, but Friberg was too hot to handle, as he rushed forwards for 7-3.

Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson was the one to watch in the eleventh round, as he single-handedly took out most of the offense on short, as he picked up a quick quad-kill with an AWP.

friberg was too hot to handle on de_dust2 

Two following rounds were split between the teams, but it was NiP picking the pace up again as they stormed onto the Terrorists side with a 11-4 scoreline.

Even though their entire team was on less than a hundred HP combined, they were able to win the second pistol as well, and we could see Lindberg exploiting the new wallbanging system from T spawn to the double-doors in the following antieco.

Despite Na`Vi winning a round without a loss, NiP's quick A split put them on ten match points, which was three rounds afterwards exchanged for a $10,000 cheque at 16-8, while Na`Vi will go home with $2,000.

IronGamingBest of 2
6th July 2014

IronGaming S1 final standings:

1. Sweden NiP - $10,000
2. Ukraine Natus Vincere - $2,000
3-4. United States Exertus - $500
3-4. Canada Armata - $500
5-8. United States Heat
5-8. United States MM3
5-8. United States Hold My Purse
5-8. United States Frag Machines

Next up for NiP and Na`Vi could be the $45,000 Gfinity 3, taking place on August 2nd-3rd, where both have been invited, but neither of them accepted as of yet.

2014-07-06 22:13
2014-07-06 22:13
deserved... no
2014-07-06 22:14
2014-07-06 22:14
wow really?? anyone thought navi can win anything outside russia? XDDDDDDDDD
2014-07-06 22:14
32 replies
United Kingdom ELVIS^G
shatap you sexy dog
2014-07-06 22:15
2014-07-06 22:15
12 replies
2014-07-06 22:24
11 replies
from what country u are? :D that u don't know na`vi are from ukraine xd i guess in live in a big hole
2014-07-06 23:00
10 replies
2014-07-07 01:48
8 replies
2014-07-07 02:00
2014-07-07 03:54
Nice knowledge.
2014-07-07 07:11
Netherlands JUNG13
2014-07-07 09:54
1 reply
Latvia Ke]R[4u
pretty much all south america is 1 country
2014-07-07 10:29
2014-07-07 11:57
2 replies
SPAIN=Out of the WC.
2014-07-07 14:40
1 reply
+1 made my day :D
2014-07-07 19:04
hes polish
2014-07-07 08:57
tfg need some geography lessons
2014-07-06 22:19
14 replies
2014-07-06 22:24
13 replies
didnt know that Na'Vi are from russia, ty for info tfg.
2014-07-06 22:32
11 replies
russia owns ukraine, no big deal
2014-07-07 00:13
10 replies
usa owns canada
2014-07-07 01:04
9 replies
First of all, USA. Then Canada. U must remember how to spell names of your Masters, nigga
2014-07-07 01:07
8 replies
you must be a virgin
2014-07-07 01:10
2 replies
ofc lel
2014-07-07 02:23
good to know
2014-07-07 03:11
only a canadian can be this dumb
2014-07-07 10:16
You forgot the . after nigga! :/
2014-07-07 13:17
wow u mad bro
2014-07-07 15:17
canadian education *facepalm* its U.S.A. . Then shit hole. *crab noises*
2014-07-07 15:46
You know its Russia and Ukraine right?
2014-07-07 18:40
you are either moron, or a bad troll
2014-07-07 21:01
2014-07-06 22:35
hes trolling u morons.
2014-07-07 00:44
1 reply
no he isnt...
2014-07-07 02:51
2014-07-06 22:14
n4! GGWP!
2014-07-06 22:14
2014-07-06 22:14
2014-07-06 22:14
1 reply
2014-07-06 22:15
Is there any stats from the final? Would be awesome to see atleast :) GGWP
2014-07-06 22:15
1 reply
2014-07-06 23:35
worst event since techlabs '13
2014-07-06 22:15
5 replies
EuroCSS was worse
2014-07-06 22:18
2 replies
not as bad as 1.6 uk scene
2014-07-07 14:00
and the 1.6 uk scene was? = non existent
2014-07-07 18:45
India Gaming Carnival?
2014-07-06 23:34
1 reply
now THAT was a truly impressive event
2014-07-07 03:03
ez money
2014-07-06 22:15
Europe midi
Expected after Na`Vi gave out some rounds to HMP.
2014-07-06 22:15
2014-07-06 22:16
tooo easy!
2014-07-06 22:16
Fragberg, take the match in dust2!
2014-07-06 22:17
Now let us see if they pay them anything xD
2014-07-06 22:17
Navi #top 1 csgo
2014-07-06 22:17
nip seems to win the most events if there is no ghosting involved
2014-07-06 22:18
NiP only lost 15 rounds before the finals. So even if all the american teams combined all of their rounds against NiP they still wouldn't have won.
2014-07-06 22:19
1 reply
1 lower invite team; 1 high main team; 4 unheard of teams;
2014-07-07 05:20
In before they never get paid.
2014-07-06 22:21
6 replies
They is a possibility they might not get paid..but lets see what happens...there was another event like this before , where halo players never got paid... and ofcourse the famous IGC , im so ashamed. I warned all my acquaintances to skip it...alas , so many people were still lured towards it.
2014-07-06 22:28
1 reply
there have been tons of events in cs history when teams never got paid the pricemoney. and not only cs, fatality had several cases and lawyers included after he never got paid the big winning prices he had won
2014-07-06 22:31
I wonder if they don't get paid, will NiP open legal actions against them or something? hmm :P
2014-07-06 22:27
1 reply
yes they will
2014-07-07 17:23
Get_right received the check.
2014-07-07 00:03
1 reply
no good if it bounces
2014-07-07 03:04
Might as well go to India Gaming Carnival 2 on their way home
2014-07-06 22:22
1 reply
^ This.
2014-07-06 22:25
Expected...navi cant win shit outside of Kiev.
2014-07-06 22:24
6 replies
They raped VP outside of Kiev.
2014-07-06 23:32
5 replies
And they won exactly what ? Navi got raped by NIP,IBP,COL in america.
2014-07-07 07:08
4 replies
So what? They placed 2nd at DHS, beating VP means nothing? NiP also got raped by Murica. And Na`Vi won 1 map vs VP with ceh9 at ESEA, lololol.
2014-07-07 11:35
3 replies
Navi won 1 map vs VP with Ceh9 ? WHy wont they? Are the other 4 players shit ? No , they aint. Anyways , coming b ack to point.Navi cant win shit outside of Kiev :)
2014-07-07 12:16
2 replies
It's pretty much only NiP that have won a LAN tournament that isn't played on home soil the last couple of months, so that statement really doesn't say much.
2014-07-07 19:07
Once again, Na`Vi won vs. VP and few other teams outside of Kiev, means nothing for you? Then VP also can't win shit outside of Poland.
2014-07-08 01:25
wow surprise
2014-07-06 22:26
Hopefully they get paid.
2014-07-06 22:27
1 reply
2014-07-06 23:47
Edward just told that they could not concentrate after those easy games vs US teams and he added that they were just lower as a team in all ways..
2014-07-06 22:34
9 replies
nice excuse, what about their games vs US teams at ESEA?
2014-07-07 02:55
8 replies
Those were good NA teams not shit NA teams.
2014-07-07 03:19
With no Edward?
2014-07-07 11:34
6 replies
doesnt matter NA played better than ALL EU teams at ESEA
2014-07-07 12:48
5 replies
See you on ESL Cologne.
2014-07-07 15:31
3 replies
see you at *
2014-07-07 15:50
2 replies
2014-07-07 16:02
1 reply
dont have to say sorry .. just sayin so next time you can use the correct phrase :]
2014-07-07 16:11
Nope, and nope!
2014-07-07 19:52
Azerbaijan Talley
Drama starting tomorrow about unpaid prizes.
2014-07-06 22:38
-Edward +ceh9 Na'Vi was better with ceh9
2014-07-06 22:39
gj NiP
2014-07-06 22:45
The best team in cs history!
2014-07-06 22:46
player stats pls
2014-07-06 22:54
1 reply
2014-07-06 23:21
Friberg needs to change his nickname. Having last name as nickname is stupid.
2014-07-06 22:59
5 replies
Maybe if your last name is Bieberhitler, but why would you do that when your last name is frickin Friberg?
2014-07-06 23:10
3 replies
dude if my last name was "Bieberhitler" I would use it 100%
2014-07-07 00:20
2 replies
but you dont... sense has been made 10/10
2014-07-07 14:33
1 reply
hmm.. yeah.. wwhatever topkek
2014-07-07 14:36
Having "Swe" or "Rus" in your nickname is even worse.
2014-07-07 06:26
Fiffy 4k, highlight that shit
2014-07-06 23:08
1 reply
9-44 never forget
2014-07-07 10:22
Too much fun on easy games @ groupstage, they played like shit in finals
2014-07-06 23:09
you guys might consider putting some hide spoilers options for the news...look at
2014-07-06 23:29
NaVi ghosted confirmed. Also confirmed iBP just fluke. NiP still best.
2014-07-06 23:29
2 replies
NIP still best but American teams raped everyone at ESEA, sorry for insultes
2014-07-07 02:57
Nip 5th/6th esea Nip ghosted confirm in dream hack summer. Nip needs ghosting to win
2014-07-07 04:57
10000 dollars GIFT for NiP, obviously they stayed in US for 10 000 free ...
2014-07-06 23:32
1 reply
Why wouldn't they?
2014-07-06 23:34
2014-07-06 23:36
nip win only small no name tournaments but they willnt win any majors.
2014-07-06 23:45
7 replies
1st SteelSeries GO, 2012[8] 1st DreamHack Valencia, 2012[9] 1st ESWC, 2012[10] 1st DreamHack Winter, 2012[11] 1st AMD Sapphire, 2012[12] 1st THOR Open, 2012[13] 1st NorthCon, 2012[14] 1st Mad Catz CS:GO Invitational, 2013[15] 1st TECHLABS Cup, 2013[16] 1st Copenhagen Games, 2013[17] 2nd SLTV StarSeries V finals, 2013[18] 1st RaidCall EMS One Spring 2013 Finals, 2013[19] 1st ESEA Invite Season 13 Finals, 2013[20] 1st Svecup Västerås, 2013[21] 1st Swedish Championship, 2013[22] 1st DreamHack Summer, 2013[23] 1st SLTV StarSeries VI finals, 2013[24] 1st ESEA Invite Season 14 Finals, 2013[25] 1st DreamHack Bucharest, 2013[26] 3rd SLTV Starseries VII Finals, 2013[27] 2nd RC EMS One Fall Finals, 2013 [28] 2nd Dreamhack Winter, 2013[29] 1st Fragbite Masters 2013 [30] 2nd EMS One Katowice 2014 1st Copenhagen Games 2014[31] 2nd SLTV StarSeries IX [32] 1st Mikz Challenge [33] 1st DreamHack Summer 2014 1st Irongaming RTX 2014 yuuuup, such a bad track record xDDdd awkwaaaard
2014-07-06 23:48
4 replies
Greece her-1g
yeah worst team ever...haahahah
2014-07-07 00:14
2nd EMS One Katowice 2014 huahahaha :D
2014-07-07 03:14
United States lurppis
friendly tip: you should bring out the counter-arguments to your own (in this case nip's worse placings that you left out) in your own comment already, so it'd be harder to argue against you. also, what ar events like steelseries go, svecup västerås and mikz challenge doing on that list?
2014-07-07 08:09
1 reply
I just copied from wikipedia dude
2014-07-07 10:48
LOOL,finals in both majors bed team,virtus pro(US) on dhw crashed out in gs after losing 16-2 to NiP and fnatic didnt even reach semis in katowice,stfu
2014-07-07 00:36
Hungary Bonkheads
what did your parents do with you?
2014-07-07 09:00
free cash money £££$$$
2014-07-06 23:47
Stop inviting NiP :)
2014-07-07 00:02
navi disband please, tired of this bullshit team
2014-07-07 00:15
5 replies
2014-07-07 00:34
2014-07-07 10:24
u r the one who is bullshit.
2014-07-07 10:35
Na`Vi is top3 team, u mad canadian fegt because Armata is top10000?
2014-07-07 12:13
1 reply
Navi is not a top 3 team by any means you stupid virgin.
2014-07-07 17:09
nice easy money
2014-07-07 00:18
Europe came, they saw, they conquered, later they went back home
2014-07-07 00:19
9 replies
conquered shitty teams...gj
2014-07-07 03:00
1 reply
Denmark qwedsa
naaaah, the opponents were lower than that, it was, after all, only na.
2014-07-07 14:24
Greece her-1g
yet we got stomped from NA teams on esea finals, even though navi had 1 ringer and were jet lagged as fuck and they play all teams in a row
2014-07-07 12:23
5 replies
So much shitty excuses in one sentence.
2014-07-07 17:07
4 replies
Greece her-1g
well when NA team come to cologne i dont see them past groupstage.
2014-07-07 17:13
3 replies
Who cares what you see? You are from Greece LOL.
2014-07-07 17:15
2 replies
Greece her-1g
been around for 15 years. like you know shit about cs.
2014-07-07 17:39
1 reply
Well you seem to know shit after all these 15 years since coL has always done well on majors, and will do again. Also if you have been around for so long you should know that NA cs have done well in the past too.
2014-07-07 19:53
Yeah you conquered at ESEA alright. Conquered a local lube store. You know, for that butt of yours.
2014-07-07 17:08
guardian lost the awp battle clearly to fifflaren on d2 today, thats surprising... surprisingly moronic mistakes from navi. like that quad kill round from fiff where they just all walked out short without a flashbang and got fucked although its so ez to full flash the position at car where fiff was...
2014-07-07 00:47
1 reply
They played too high with other amateur teams
2014-07-07 06:14
a lan with bot
2014-07-07 00:52
bit of a prize disparity.
2014-07-07 00:57
5 replies
Must be a NA thing. Esea with 20k for first and 6k for second
2014-07-07 01:22
4 replies
bc why would euros come to america for 10k...
2014-07-07 03:01
2 replies
They already been there for ESEA cash and since it didn't work out for NiP they might as well stayed and grab at least 10k on this lan.
2014-07-07 04:15
1 reply
i know why they were there, im talking about at ESEA if there wasnt a big money pot for 1st place, euros wouldnt have come to the tourney
2014-07-07 06:34
United States lurppis
european teams, led by carn, negotiated the prize purse for esea where even last place gets $3k so there'd be as little risk as possible. as a result, the prize is really top heavy and money wise it's almost irrelevant whether you get 3rd or last.
2014-07-07 08:11
2014-07-07 01:10
Expected. All the teams got destroyed.
2014-07-07 01:26
videos or never happened!
2014-07-07 01:55
such easy money for nip! 10k first place vs 2k 2nd. lol.. nip just got their travelmoney to usa all back :p
2014-07-07 02:14
2 replies
10k def not enough to repay the organization for travel expenses...
2014-07-07 03:03
1 reply
Dont worry, they are not in minus. Sponsors, sponsors...
2014-07-07 08:25
I hope they will get paid that money.
2014-07-07 03:19
Paul Phoenix won the first Iron Fist Tournament
2014-07-07 04:29
GTR showered? must be on the hunt
2014-07-07 04:50
2014-07-07 05:16
2014-07-07 08:06
2014-07-07 08:17
Navi strong with Edward.
2014-07-07 10:10
ceh9 > edward :D
2014-07-07 10:19
edward>all na'vi
2014-07-08 02:00
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