ESL to exclude VAC-banned players

The Electronic Sports League has announced that it will not allow players who have been VAC-banned to attend its event in Cologne.

Last month, a major ban wave swept through the CS:GO community, catching thousands of players around the globe, including some well-known figures in the competitive scene.

The most famous case was that of Planetkey Dynamics member Anil "cLy" Gülec, who, despite having had his account banned, continues to reiterate his innocence.

Last week, Planetkey Dynamics reached the last-four stage of the ESL One Cologne southwest pre-qualifier, this way securing a place in the European finals, which will be played in two weeks' time.

However, the ESL has now introduced a new rule, which will come into effect immediately, to forbid any player that has been VAC-banned from taking part in the upcoming ESL One Cologne qualifiers and the main event itself.

"Any player who has been caught cheating by the game publisher's anti-cheat system (VAC) in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is not eligible to participate in this tournament," reads the new rule.

Moreover, the ESL stresses that, should they come across a team fielding a player who has been VAC-banned, said team will be disqualified from the tournament.

2014-07-11 21:28
doooooon't you clyyyyyyyy toniiiight
2014-07-11 23:24
Iraq IronManuel 
That was too perfect :D
2014-07-12 12:36
2014-07-27 02:46
2014-07-27 02:47
made my morning :)
2014-07-12 13:14
^this :')
2014-07-13 09:32
2014-07-27 02:46
2014-07-27 02:47
2014-07-13 00:37
2014-07-27 02:46
2014-07-27 02:48
2014-07-27 02:46
2014-07-27 02:48
n1 ESL fuck clY :D
2014-07-11 21:29
2014-07-11 23:50
cLy me a river
2014-07-12 00:58
2014-07-12 01:43
NBK- | 
France iWeeDooZ 
you made my day ><
2014-07-12 04:57
STK | 
Egypt STK- 
2014-07-12 06:16
2014-07-12 11:44
haha nice
2014-07-12 14:29
2014-07-12 15:45
2014-07-12 16:19
2014-07-12 16:33
2014-07-14 17:30
2014-07-12 09:29
Good news.
2014-07-11 21:29
Nice ESL
2014-07-11 21:30
India FREQ^ 
Buh Bye cLy.
2014-07-11 21:30
2014-07-11 21:30
Portugal impZ' 
2014-07-11 21:30
Banned people are gonna cLy now :(
2014-07-11 21:30
I see what you did there. :D
2014-07-11 21:37
smart move
2014-07-11 21:31
Denmark kaspeRztw 
2014-07-11 21:32
ESL doing some work
2014-07-11 21:32
Are VAC banned people allowed to spectate the event?
2014-07-11 21:32
2014-07-11 21:37
wtf ;_;
2014-07-12 18:20
It's in germany
2014-07-13 09:18
hahaha yessss :D
2014-07-11 21:33
United Kingdom Alth 
Gj ESL/Valve :)
2014-07-11 21:37
I fkn knew it valve would make esl add that rule every event they sponsor. ps Enjoy watching from home cly and a big Fu to Planetkey Dynamics who supports busted cheater's.
2014-07-11 21:38
Azerbaijan Talley 
well done!
2014-07-11 21:38
2014-07-11 21:39
This should be a basic rule but better later than never.
2014-07-11 21:39
2014-07-12 13:45
is nille allowed to play?
2014-07-11 21:40
gg, wp!
2014-07-11 21:42
Sweden kka96 
Does this include people who has been vac-banned, for example Swag in IBP? Or only recent bans?
2014-07-11 21:44
swag doesnt have a csgo vac ban, so no
2014-07-11 21:48
yeah it is a good question
2014-07-11 23:26
The rule says "in CSGO" so if its in other game I guess he can.
2014-07-12 10:02
Italy One. 
2014-07-11 21:46
Denmark MSL 
You need to be more accurate about this. For example Nille is banned long before the ban waves cause his steam account got hacked, does that mean he cant participate in the tournament? :)
2014-07-11 21:54
VAC-banned at csgo !
2014-07-11 21:49
Sweden pyth 
Read the rule again, it says CS:GO only, and I doubt half of the scene has been banned in CS:GO :P Probably 2%?
2014-07-11 21:55
Denmark MSL 
Ye okay my fault :)
2014-07-11 21:51
only cLy and Nille from the "pros" or do you know more?
2014-07-11 21:55
World Ezom 
Valve says that its your own fault if the account gets hacked, since the account wasn't save enough.
2014-07-11 21:49
+1 When you want to be a safe pro player, create password for your main account in os and use the av.
2014-07-12 12:33
Using an anti-virus means nothing, an AV just is a couple of malware heuristic signatures, but all of them based on common knowledge. You can be a victim of a kid (called hacker by people) that uses mitm, 0day, scam, or just a query of a pwned forum where you're using the same password. Probably you guys will not be a victim of this, or maybe yes (if you have expensive items on your accounts), but professional players are common objetives of those kids. ESL should consider this and protect the professional players. Even a security profesional could be pwned by a 0day, so this rule is just hilarious. P.D: Anyway i'm talking of course in the case where you can demonstrate that you were been hacked.
2014-07-15 11:02
I'm not a software engineer so you may be right.
2014-07-15 12:14
I hope this "half" will be out from esl
2014-07-11 21:50
Because Nille is VAC banned from CSGO, looks like he won't be able to participate.
2014-07-11 21:55
yeah hacked sure sure
2014-07-11 21:59
hacked? hahaha
2014-07-11 22:20
So somebody hacked his acount to cheat and get vac banned ?
2014-07-11 22:36
many people actually do that :P take their skins > hack > gets VAC banned
2014-07-11 23:49
being extra scummy
2014-07-11 23:52
It makes sense if he steals hiss skins but if i would hack some1 i would use the acount for my self, like why would hack a acc cheat instabtly on it and get banned, it makes no sense to me
2014-07-11 23:58
because you're easily able to retrieve your account by writing to steam support. so just for the lulz and to make you rage even more they also decide to get your account banned. has happened to two of my friends too. they never retrieved their account though
2014-07-12 01:00
Still, it seems quite awkard that Nille himself was playing on the account two days before the "hacker" got his account and retrieved the VAC-ban, which we all know does'nt come right away. And to change the name to "hacked lolo" does'nt seem like something a hacker would do, more like something a kid with the eager to hide his cheating affair. At the end of the day, i think its fair and square if he gets banned from ESL Cologne, it's your own fault if your account gets hacked, and that thing with "my account got hacked and vac-banned" is an overused bad excuse that has been around for quite to long now. The tournament leaders should have zero tolerance about cheating and its nice to see ESL finally making a move, and also
2014-07-13 10:25
Nille was long time ago. What are you tripping about? You can get instant VAC-ban in CSGO, if you load some detected cheats. "At the end of the day, i think its fair and square if he gets banned from ESL Cologne, it's your own fault if your account gets hacked, and that thing with "my account got hacked and vac-banned" is an overused bad excuse that has been around for quite to long now." - you sound like a complete douchebag with no intel on computers, the internet, the game or what so ever. Please stop yourself.
2014-07-13 11:26
You take 2 months for being a long time? And no you cant get instant Vac-ban in no steam game. One of the developers posted a thread on Steam, claiming they did postpone the bans so the cheat-developers would'nt know what triggered the ban. And why do i sound like a complete douchebag? Stop going offensive on the personal level, that's just childdish. It indeed is your own fault if you get your steam account hacked. Stop having passwords like "qwert", stop login in with your steam info on suspicious sites, that offers free steam games, and stop clicking on links from unknown people :)
2014-07-13 12:24
which team will replace them in the qualifier ?
2014-07-11 21:50
So there should be some proof of Nille's pc being hacked isnt it? But.. what's the point to hack an acc to hack? haha, doesn't seems very excusable By the way, planetkey changing one inc hahaha
2014-07-11 21:55
he cheated. You could see his old nicks all of them were like "Hacked lololol", like can you be more obvious?. Trying to cover himself, so sad.
2014-07-11 22:02
ffs, just accept he hacked
2014-07-12 02:11
hahhahaahahaha gl Cly
2014-07-11 21:54
thank god..
2014-07-11 21:58
gj esl i like it
2014-07-11 22:09
2014-07-11 22:10
i like this
2014-07-11 22:10
A logical decision.
2014-07-11 22:11
duh?? fuck all vac banned players
2014-07-11 22:11
2014-07-11 22:13
Lets find all the old pro accounts that got a vac ban! I'm sure many won't be able to attend. ;)
2014-07-11 22:17
All the accounts with a CSGO VAC ban. Learn to read
2014-07-11 22:44
Yeah. That's definitely more than just cly.
2014-07-11 22:57
Like who?
2014-07-12 16:58
So.. do you think they will try to wear a disguise with a fake name?!
2014-07-11 22:27
Yes so happy that planetkey get what they deserve by supporting that cheatin cunt
2014-07-11 22:38
Planetkey just has to change cLy and they can still play :).
2014-07-11 22:44
Ye i know but it will efffect them in a bad way however so im still happy fucktards
2014-07-11 22:52
Because there was no rule about VAC bans till today and I'm sure Planetkey Dynamics knew that.
2014-07-12 11:49
No need for a rule to kick someone out of your team that is vac banned, like the danish team did
2014-07-12 16:00
Ukraine petruska 
cly XDDD
2014-07-11 22:46
There goes a lot of people from being able to participate. Hell everyone has a VAC ban nowadays
2014-07-11 22:49
They can all fuck off
2014-07-11 22:53
lmfao "everyone has a vacban"? That completely true...
2014-07-11 23:02
2014-07-12 00:14
that's what i said , and it's sad.
2014-07-12 01:40
Banned people are gonna cLy now :(
2014-07-11 22:54
Poland metal_cs 
very good f cheaters
2014-07-11 22:56
2014-07-11 22:58
Shame that ESL admins don't understand that not only CHEATERS get caught in the VAC system.
2014-07-11 22:59
Keep telling yourself that.
2014-07-12 01:04
Great news. Glad to see Planetkey Dynamics being punished for supporting cheaters.
2014-07-11 23:03
Maybe if they would have let those players attend the event, we would have come to know whether cLy was cheating or he is really a good player.
2014-07-11 23:08
stupid idiot.. from ESL and now you anounce this when cLy wanted to play -.-
2014-07-11 23:11
They were obviously scared mOE would attend and dominate. ya hear MOE?
2014-07-11 23:20
is mOE even steam banned? isn't he just banned in esea?
2014-07-12 00:12
mOE ony banned in esea,yes
2014-07-12 06:53
poor cly D=
2014-07-11 23:24
2014-07-11 23:22
2014-07-12 00:01
2014-07-11 23:27
gg cly and nille, yes ofc steam hacked for Nille and brother played for cly.
2014-07-11 23:59
2014-07-12 00:07
2014-07-12 00:35
Bulgaria bUHALOVIC 
If some not very known team get qualifed how the organisers can know everything about the players and their past? Just wondering
2014-07-12 00:36
Vovlo knows everything about you, you can't hide from them!
2014-07-12 01:05
There is smth like "history" in ESL. SID's are stored and you must be trusted player in esl site in order to qualify. Was ESL admin.
2014-07-12 12:37
2014-07-12 01:13
Denmark qwedsa 
about time
2014-07-12 01:13
Dosia ban? hah Dosia is a monster at lan so don't say shit pls
2014-07-12 01:50
This is just stupid ... Maybe Valve could have warm everybody that "next ban" will be ban for all esl tournaments.. Because we all know that there are MANY MANY cheaters on matchmaking, and some players are bored and cheated on smurf account (yes this is bad blablabla I know), and got vac banned on main account too (I am agree, this is GREAT, and vac seems to really improve, this is very nice !) But now that everybody knows that, all new vac banned MUST be ban for major tournament. They let planetkey won qualifier with cLy and now they say that he will not be able to play final qualifier, this is bad timing ... By the way, it's a good news, but no need to be "retroactive" now ! New vac, new start, enjoy !
2014-07-12 02:04
United Kingdom jMz86 
For me it doesn't matter if you cheat in a mm, smurf account or in an official map. If you cheat, you cheat. You are promoting the cheat, probably putting money into it and still pissing a lot of people off. As I've said before, Zero tolerance to cheaters, no one's fault but your own if you can't play in a competition because of a VAC ban.
2014-07-12 13:54
big blow on this guy
2014-07-12 02:26
Pretty understandable as the Steam Suscriptor Agreement is the first thing a player, pro or not, has to comply with and a VAC ban would mean, at least at first sight, one has not. Still, and I am not sure if the ESL staff have thought of this, the reason for not being able to attend the event (and related qualifiers) would be that of 'because VAC/Valve said so'. I mean, on the contrary than with their own ESL Wire program, as far as I know, they don't have access to the data/reason that caused the VAC ban nor the circumstances that lead to it. Instead, as said, they could just state 'because VAC/Valve said so'. Sure, VAC bans are triggered by use of cheats. Are they? Solely and only? I honestly am surprised that ESL is willing to put so much faith in a 3rd party program they do not control nor, again, have access to the data it generates. In the end, it might mean that, besides the need of becoming much more aware of the competitive use of some of their games, there is also a need of some kind of communication channel between Valve and the major competitions when some of the competitors participating in them is affected by f.e. a VAC ban and instead of confessing they claim for their right to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Valve I presume would not care refering simply to the VAC ban. The ESL is willing to do the same without any proof in hand suitable for their own analysis?
2014-07-12 02:31
How do you know they don't communicate that stuff in private...
2014-07-12 06:30
And what would be the reason for not saying it publicly?
2014-07-16 02:34
Isn't obvious that Valve cooperate with ESL on this event?
2014-07-12 12:42
Well, define 'cooperate'. The 'cooperation' I know about is that Valve put in the money and ESL organises the event. And one can infer a possible 'no go' by Valve to potentially pay out some of that cash to a player that is sanctioned by their anticheat program. Still does not solve the issue offering more infor about what caused the ban, does it? Additionally, as far as I understand it, ESL simply took over the VAC ban (due to that 'no go'?) and included it in their rules, for this event only by the way.
2014-07-16 02:42
This is one thing, but another thing is, that this basicly only "ruined" well known players such as f.e. cLy. The rest can get themselves new steam account and new ESL account pretty easily and even if they would check accounts from the same IP adress, it is very easy to change it, or create the account from a completely different PC.
2014-07-12 12:43
The rest can get themselves new steam account and new ESL account pretty easily... Nope, when you're registered as trusted player you can't simply do it. When you're not trusted player you can always delete account, change steam account and create clean one for ESL and future tournaments.
2014-07-12 12:58
What if I create myself a new ESL acc and become trusted again ? EDIT: and is it even necessary to be a trusted player to participate in the quals ?
2014-07-12 13:17
You can't create second trusted player account with the same personal data. Yes it's necessary. I was an esl admin.
2014-07-12 13:18
Yes, I understand that I can't use the same personal data, but what if use data of someone else ? I.e. my brothers, fathers, friends... Nobody knows how I look like.
2014-07-12 13:42
United Kingdom jMz86 
If you do that, then you are not only a cheating scum bag, you are a also a lying little shit lol. Would there not be at some stage that this wouldn't work out for you anyway. For example travelling abroad with a passport, going to be suspicious when your passport says John Smith and your ticket says Steven Smith.
2014-07-12 13:58
Well I don't think that such an unknown player, who even cheated before would be able to realy qualify anywhere (assuming that he won't cheat on the new acc anymore). I just think that a lot of these VAC banned players can still find a way to play in the qualifiers.
2014-07-12 14:08
United Kingdom jMz86 
I still don't see your point? So because they might be able to cheat the system again, you should just let them play? Doesn't make any sense. If he doesn't qualify with the new account without cheating, what does it matter? Honestly, you are not making any sense what so ever lol.
2014-07-12 19:50
My original point was that this rule punishes "known" VAC banned players more than the rest, but I was proven wrong so yeah, there is no point to continue this discussion.
2014-07-12 22:57
f0rest | 
Sweden Krovvy 
2014-07-12 02:33
The decision everyone was waiting for !
2014-07-12 02:36
So that means Swag from iBP won't be able to compete then, right? Or does the rule only apply to recent VAC bans? Does it also matter what game you were VAC banned for?
2014-07-12 02:53
The quote featured in the news piece is quite self-explanatory, [...]in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive[...]
2014-07-12 03:58
Oh the most important part is in that small light grey font, my bad for not seeing that, I guess I was more taken by the bold font of the title that doesn't mention it or the black font that doesn't mention it either, next time I will know to disregard everything that isn't in small light grey font
2014-07-12 04:10
Read the whole piece and you don't have to worry about any font thing at all ;)
2014-07-12 04:14
Didn't even realise that was part of the article, but thank you, now I know to just read the light grey font
2014-07-12 04:16
You're so retarded that you can't recognize a quote AND you blame HLTV? Classy.
2014-07-12 11:19
No need to be that rude. Thank you.
2014-07-16 02:33
should be extend to all cs franchise vacban imo.
2014-07-12 04:59
AFF cLy's brother was the one who hacked valve is lies vac is lieS. so bad for CLY >.< /s
2014-07-12 05:52
2014-07-12 11:23
I thought about this aswell after I read the ESL One rules I didn't find anything about VAC bans. But there's a lot of problems with this rule. What if a player get banned, buy a new CSGO copy and sign up? What if a (upcoming) player already have a VAC ban on their previous account, you will never know that. But letting a VAC banned player participate in a 250k tournament is just stupid.
2014-07-12 11:32
There is smth like "history" in ESL. SID's are stored and you must be trusted player in esl site in order to qualify for this kind of tournament. Was ESL admin. All clear now?
2014-07-12 12:44
Yes thanks!
2014-07-12 13:45
You're welcome.
2014-07-12 15:12
Apparently it's possible to play?
2014-07-27 00:15
I can't open it.
2014-07-27 17:45
Nevermind Jacob removed the message because it was a mistake I guess :(
2014-07-27 18:27
This is a great move by ESL, I support it. Now cheaters will think twice and pro players need to think about protecting their account: - os account password, - anti-virus or firewall.
2014-07-12 12:56
Antivirus is not that secure anymore because hacks are often crypted, new hacks can't be found by anti-virus software. I just think pro players that get banned or hacked should inform themselves about protecting their accounts by not clicking every link that looks like a phishing site or download anything from insecure sites with their gaming pc and they can't get hacked.
2014-07-12 16:17
You may be right cuz I'm not a software engineer.
2014-07-12 16:28
The problem is not related to "crypted hacks", the major problem are 0days, the best way to avoid being hacked is ensure that all your potencial pwnable apps (adobe, java, browsers, etc) are updated daily. But despite this "tips" there are many ways of being hacked (mitm, true 0day, scams, using same pwd with pwned forums, etc), so, I do not find that rule fair enough. People that are being hacked are a victim, and ESL should consider this because they could be hacked as well, and probably they will not follow his proper rules.
2014-07-15 10:56
Java injection is only used on sites that are designed for it, so if you click a link on your gaming pc as a progamer it's your fault. To browse and stuff you can use a laptop near your normal pc to avoid being hacked. And I don't think that many pros get hacked, they are just cheating for fun in mm or maybe in league, test new private hacks and got banned now because the vac ban is transferred to any steam account on 1 pc that logged in regularly.
2014-07-15 14:35
Java injection? Java is everywhere, and Flash (ActionScript) as well, and a malicious crafted code in an iframe, xss, etc. can exploit a vulnerability in your browser. Many times those exploits are focused to spread as many people as possible, so probably you will not be affected in therms of cs:go, but you could be a part of a botnet. Checkout (official public vulnerabilities database), and even think about of those that are not public. Search for example "Adobe Flash Player", you will get only for this year (2014) at least 25 entries. This page is using flash, checkout "sponsors" tab. And a professional player does not have to be a security expert. Is not as difficult as we think be hacked.
2014-07-16 12:19
Yes but those hackers don't ban your cs goxD they have other interests
2014-07-16 13:24
os account password = crackable easily anti-virus + firewall = usually virus comes before anti-virus
2014-07-12 19:13
os account password = to avoid family and their facebook games av + firewall = using free since 2004 and still no problem
2014-07-12 19:40
You are "still" thinking that you have not a problem, but you have no way to watch out if a rootkit is installed in your machine ;)
2014-07-16 12:22
rip robin xD
2014-07-12 14:27
finally! cLy gets what he and many more deserves, lifetime ban for cs overall plz
2014-07-12 15:40
Cly I have a new job for you, you can wash my dishes and gtfo of our community
2014-07-12 15:56
U mad cLy?
2014-07-12 16:46
BRAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVO ESL!!! KEEP IT UP!!! AND DISABLE 2nd chance for these low life piece of sh1tes
2014-07-12 16:53
lol almost 8 players got vac bans and only cLy from them can't join. Really weird -.-
2014-07-12 17:12
Are u sure they're banned in CS:GO?
2014-07-12 19:40
Switzerland CHEDEL 
they're not natty, but spotted and reported. bye amateurs.
2014-07-12 18:11
Wish they published a list of banned players
2014-07-12 18:31
2014-07-12 19:41
is this rule only in csgo and not in 1.6. because if it were also in 1.6 and css. there would be like 2teams in world to play.
2014-07-13 16:06
Looks like no esl for ldlc.
2014-07-14 04:46
No they shouldn't
2014-07-16 15:30
Gj letting Flamie play for dAT :D
2014-07-27 00:34
I made a topic about this, no one interested:D:D
2014-07-27 00:37
maoaN | 
CIS maoaN 
byebye flamie
2014-07-27 02:38
JD | 
Poland Szekka12 
bb delpan, forever now
2014-07-27 02:48
mason | 
Tunisia mason~ 
delpan ? wtf?
2014-07-27 02:59
JD | 
Poland Szekka12 
2014-07-27 03:00
yeah delpan is a former cheater.. which means he got a vac banned accoutn somewhere
2014-07-27 03:01
mason | 
Tunisia mason~ 
no pic = no proof
2014-07-27 03:05 google translate that shit.
2014-07-27 03:10
There is probably 1 person who got an vac banned account on every team. Then i guess we can exclude the whole tournement.
2014-07-27 02:50
dolpan :(
2014-07-27 02:51
2014-07-27 18:32
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