Changes in ESEA Invite S17 EU

ESEA have added Epsilon and mousesports to the European Invite division's Season 17, as HellRaisers leave and ESG are removed from the league.

HellRaisers, fresh off top four finishes at DreamHack's Summer and Valencia events, have decided to pull out of ESEA Invite Season 17 due to its map rotation not being aligned with that of ESL One's.

Replacing HellRaisers will be Epsilon, who were initially included in the list of teams for ESEA Invite, but were then not part of the final roster of teams as fnatic appeared back on the list.

LEGIJA's mousesports get in ESEA Invite after all 

Removed from the current season of ESEA Invite are Swedish ESG, who recently failed to qualify for ESL One, as they had not paid the sign-up fees days after the league started.

Joining in their place are mousesports, who recently made the quarter-finals at G3, led by Aleksi "⁠allu⁠" Jalli's performance. This leaves ESEA Invite Season 17 Europe team list as:

Poland Sweden NiP Ukraine Natus Vincere
France Titan Spain OverGaming France Epsilon
Sweden fnatic Germany mousesports Denmark dignitas

ESEA Invite Season 17 is already live with Titan having defeated NiP 16-14 last week on de_nuke. Top four teams of the regular season will qualify for the final event in Dallas later this year.

Finland Aleksi 'allu' Jalli
Aleksi 'allu' Jalli
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
gl allusports ;D
2014-08-04 08:27
allusports/onlinesports will finish with the best record online and blow on lan #alluinpyjamas
2014-08-04 08:28
United States lurppis
i like this hashtag
2014-08-04 12:06
Netherlands PinheadFTW
Youre being unprofesional as fuck..
2014-08-04 13:39
for liking something that is funny? damn bro you sound angry, take a chill pill and go take some english lessons as you need them.
2014-08-04 13:45
he was a professional player nothing more :)
2014-08-04 13:45
United States lurppis
yes, media people aren't allowed to be opinionated. wait what? you realize it's my job to have opinions, right?
2014-08-04 13:48
It's your job to have an opinion, yes. It's also your job to stay proffessional. It's not proffessional to hop on a bandwagon that basicly mocks one person for being bad when he already stated that that made him feel bad. I don't think anyone deserves that, you are just feeding the trolls imo.
2014-08-04 14:07
will you just stop bitching about it, lurppis is a great person and writer, just deal with it if you cant handle it
2014-08-04 14:43
the lol's
2014-08-04 14:57
Denmark fyhn
^ This!
2014-08-04 14:45
2014-08-04 14:57
Firstly. Lurppis said "I like this hashtag" not "I agree with this hashtag" He found the hashtag entertaining. What the fuck are you having a bitch-fit about? As a writer he has every right to do what he did. There is nothing unprofessional or professional about it.
2014-08-04 15:10
I am now officially starting the @alluCSGO to NiP for Fifflaren -bandwagon. Hop on guys, there's room for everyone! Stronk argument of yours.
2014-08-04 15:34
I'm stating the obvious. Comment and Tweet are 2 different things. Go cry to your mommy.
2014-08-04 16:24
So as a writer/commentator/public person within the CS-communtity,the comminuty that obviously is kinda random and sometimes full of trolls. Don't you think a public person has a resposibility to NOT feed the trolls and to NOT express himself in a way that can be read as way to offensive (mock etc.)? Same in the "IRL"media, writers have an responsibilty as they reach out to so many people. Personal insults always comes when argument fails.
2014-08-04 17:22
He can feed the trolls sometimes!
2014-08-04 17:42
lurppis reaction to your comment
2014-08-04 15:10
allu is an ex teammate of his and im sure a good friend that he is just giving recognition too.
2014-08-04 16:31
Us always they are assholes. end up - with Nixon , and they know that. Just ignore him jockez. We know u are right.
2014-08-04 22:54
Netherlands PinheadFTW
Its about the way you say what you think :)
2014-08-04 15:11
2014-08-04 20:14
Poland mki`
And you have a stick up your ass.
2014-08-04 13:54
LOL, this is lurppis. That's as professional as he gets. And really, I wouldn't have it any other way. He's more of an entertainer/pundit than a journalist.
2014-08-04 15:05
im agree with you dude from USA , lurppis was pro player , wich never was top1 on big starge like, eswc, wcg, dreamhack etc.. He is expert as you can be , so don't worry bro.
2014-08-04 22:56
Q_Q kid
2014-08-04 15:37
You and others who are on the same boat as you have really tight assholes that need to relax. Lurppis is no more unprofessional than an entertainer like Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert. They all point out what they perceive as shortcomings in an entertaining way. You're like fox news getting all butthurt about it.
2014-08-04 16:41
Netherlands PinheadFTW
Youre mentioning people i dont know so it didnt make much impact. Anyway, you are comparing him with others.. that doesnt say he isnt rude. And i dont even care what you think.
2014-08-04 16:43
You don't care what I think? Is that because I have a different opinion than you silly little child?
2014-08-04 16:52
How professional do you expect someone act, who's job is, is reporting on counter strike. You shouldn't be in a forum if you want it censored. Forums are all about open discussions and opinions. It just so happens that a lot of lurppis' input seems to be negative criticism, it's just the way some people are, but I thinks it's sometimes needed. To have someone outspoken, not afraid to tell it how it is sometimes. I think it's a pointless discussion to have though as I think it's clear NIP would prefer to try for success with Fifflaren as they are a close knit team of friends. You may as well be saying. OMG Xist is so bad, why don't they swap him with shoxie and he can learn Swedish. Or why not Swap Friberg with Guardian? Some negative criticism is needed to make things improve, like his tweets about G3. But the only outcome from posting about Fifflaren is that the guy will just feel like shit. Why would anyone want that? Maybe it's because Lurppis is jealous and wishes he was in Fifflarens shoes? Why else would he come across so bitter? Who knows.
2014-08-04 18:42
Netherlands PinheadFTW
A forum is open -> So let me say he is unprofesional? Ty ;)
2014-08-04 19:35
Nailed it dude....but I think Lurppis is a different kind of writer.....He is a professional critic who criticizes player forms, skills etc......Critics are much needed bro
2014-08-04 19:57
I totally understand that, but the way he says it is not really kind.
2014-08-05 11:39
Your last paragraph. He like most fans of the game want to see excellent CS. He wants fifflaren out because fifflaren is perceived to hold back a top tier team from its full potential. It's really that simple.
2014-08-04 21:02
Everyone is entitled to voice their opinion dude. #alluinpyjamas Cause i'd like to see what allu can achieve in a proper top tier team.
2014-08-04 21:58
your System B01 in group stage r fuckin suck ! hope ESL cologne will refuse that ! sry but Bo3 or double elimination much much better !
2014-08-04 22:34
2014-08-05 08:52
2014-08-04 13:09
funny, watch VODs from fnatic / VP / dignitas vs mouz.. the only onliner in the mouz Lineup is chrisJ
2014-08-04 13:13
tabsen is bad
2014-08-04 14:31
2014-08-04 08:31
2014-08-04 08:33
grammatical error in caption.
2014-08-04 08:33
vp again :D
2014-08-04 08:39
where is HellRaisers?
2014-08-04 08:42
read the news omg
2014-08-04 09:02
Nobody reads HLTV news..
2014-08-04 14:15
with nobody you mean yourself because you cant read?
2014-08-04 15:09
Overgaming, just why?
2014-08-04 08:47
agree with you
2014-08-04 09:55
They played rly bad on last ESEA, but since, there are new rules, and teams can change roster, they have little chance to qualify to finals. Wiser choice would be HR, LDLC or maybe to give LC some chance since they did well on g3 EDIT: oh, i see about HR, but LDLC is still there,
2014-08-04 10:01
Pretty sure they are in invite because they won S16 Main.
2014-08-04 12:36
2014-08-04 08:52
Nice, nice 3 fingers, srbendo
2014-08-04 08:54
but that's a thumb :D
2014-08-04 09:38
No it's not :D
2014-08-04 09:41
y-yes it is is it not? I think it is
2014-08-04 10:15
+1 >)
2014-08-04 10:29
No HR no party
2014-08-04 08:56
mouz ftw!
2014-08-04 08:57
HellRaisers, fresh off top four finishes at DreamHack's Summer and Valencia events, have decided to pull out of ESEA Invite Season 17 due to its map rotation not being aligned with that of ESL One's. So HellRaisers want them to add overpass/Cobblestone, when other teams are arguing that these maps should be removed hmmm..
2014-08-04 09:20
Hellraisers are thinking in the long term. Valve is throwing all the money around so no matter how much players/leagues bitch and whine, eventually everyone will have to follow Valves rules. HR don't think it's worth their time to play in a league that has a tendency to defy valve's rules, especially when the lan finals are across the globe. Might as well spend that time practicing overpass so they can win the tournaments that actually matter Its good for the scene I think, I just wish cbble wasn't such a shitmap Also yay mouz. More bo1 online upsets = ezskins
2014-08-04 09:53
How do they know in the long term ESEA wont follow valves map pool? and how is SLTV any different? Every tournament in the world didn't include OP/cobble so they might as well just leave them all And the lan finals aren't until mid november i think? Valve won't have two majors so close to each other.
2014-08-04 15:04
What? No where does it say HR want these maps added, they're just saying it doesn't sync up
2014-08-04 10:30
Greece her-1g
so they want esea to remove train and add op and cbble
2014-08-04 10:57
They didn't say they wanted anything
2014-08-04 13:37
So what you're saying is they want ESEA to add cobblestone and overpass and remove train.
2014-08-04 15:07
I'm not saying anything at all
2014-08-05 06:42
HR love cobble and overpass, confirmed by jdnz.
2014-08-05 10:49
Americans stupid, confirmed by get_rythm
2014-08-05 11:26
due to its map rotation not being aligned with that of ESL One's. First paragraph in the article. You could say something and imply it in the end you want something to be done.
2014-08-04 15:06
I think it's more like they want to spend time practicing for ESL one
2014-08-04 14:57
ESL One is 10 days away, ESEA is going to be played out until october?
2014-08-04 15:06
But they were probably gonna forfeit the first couple weeks of games while prepping for ESL One, making it unlikely they'd get to the finals. They still have starladder to play, which is better for them because the LAN is so close.
2014-08-04 15:12
looks like ESG just playing together for short-term :D
2014-08-04 09:28
VP is for sure one of top 4 :D
2014-08-04 09:30
Why were ESG removed?
2014-08-04 10:00
didn't pay entry fees
2014-08-04 10:19
Hong Kong SHiFT^up
"Removed from the current season of ESEA Invite are Swedish ESG, who recently failed to qualify for ESL One, as they had not paid the sign-up fees days after the league started." Read.
2014-08-04 10:20
lol rage quit
2014-08-04 18:27
Wasn't there when I posted kkm8?? :)
2014-08-06 15:30
yea, crypan gonna cry now :(
2014-08-04 13:11
Legija <3
2014-08-04 11:24
mouz cause online
2014-08-04 11:50
2014-08-04 12:03
is this a hint ? ESG disband NiP new lineup -fiff +maikeleleRR nah j/k i hope NiP surprises us all in Koln and ESG have a chance to prove themselves in the next event (eswc/dhw?) No kapparino
2014-08-04 12:12
Or delpan, or pyth, or schneider.... However, I doubt they will get rid of fiff, and even if they do, that person will probably still be the bottom fragger on the team and look weaker in stats. I don't think NiP will make deliberate "we have to let you go" changes. But with how they're playing, and the slump get_right's been on (by his standards) we might see some retirements.
2014-08-04 15:04
fascist salute and hltv puts it's pic
2014-08-04 12:36
WTF is ESG doing?!?
2014-08-04 13:03
legija spoji te prste jebemu, ispadamo ko vatikanski fasisti
2014-08-04 13:06
gl allusports <3
2014-08-04 13:11
Im a big HR fan but I can rarely see them play when they pull out of every league for shady reasons.. Im disappointed
2014-08-04 13:25
Germany lpSykl
offlinesports FTW <3 btw ESG, what a fail club
2014-08-04 13:55
Portugal doshin
2014-08-04 14:40
2014-08-04 15:03
WHY K1CK OR OVERGAMING LDLC HR LC GG.. omg tard everywhere
2014-08-04 18:29
2014-08-04 15:12
nice gl
2014-08-04 15:12
Sorry, but Overgaming doesn't deserve the invite spot. Even LC/Dat team who are mid tier are better than them.
2014-08-04 15:46
Since they participated in the last ESEA finals in Dallas, they have a reserved spot. LC/Dat couldn't even afford to go, why should they play?
2014-08-04 17:15
Why were ESG removed?
2014-08-04 17:19
because read
2014-08-04 17:28
Its IN the article...
2014-08-04 17:35
seljacina debela
2014-08-04 18:17
Good. I like it better this way.
2014-08-04 19:39
I'm probably miss something. Why HR leave ESEA?
2014-08-04 20:46
I'm so sorry :D I'm blind as Stewie Wonder.
2014-08-04 20:56
HellRaisers....... have decided to pull out of ESEA Invite Season 17 due to its map rotation not being aligned with that of ESL One's. They pulled out of ESEA since they use season/train and not cbble/overpass.
2014-08-04 20:58
Too late but thanks :D
2014-08-04 21:33
why only 9 teams? and where is ESG?
2014-08-05 05:22
With Delpan we can't pay
2014-08-05 10:05
United States y0rk
Looking forward to watching Epsilon and Mousesports.
2014-08-05 17:27
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