LDLC.com win DH Valencia

LDLC.com won DreamHack Valencia 2014 following a 2-1 victory over Epsilon (5-16 on de_mirage, 16-6 on de_inferno, 16-11 on de_nuke).

LDLC were the team to claim bragging rights first, rushing the appartment area into the A site and killing everyone they found in their path. The two anti-eco rounds also went LDLC's way, but in gun play they struggled a bit at first, losing the fourth round after losing too much time after trying to enter the A site.

Richard "shox" Papillon then picked up a triple kill, shutting down the B site, this way forcing LDLC to go for another eco. In the next gun round, Vincent "Happy" Schopenhauer went around the map and almost caught Epsilon's players from behind, but he ended up revealing himself halfway through, allowing for a defuse.

The scoreline was now 5-3 in favour of Epsilon, who were clearly looking like the better side here, as LDLC seemed to be playing to their opponents' tune while showing a lot of communication issues across the board. In the following round, shox picked a triple kill and Robin "GMX" Stahmer got himself two more kills to pile some more misery on LDLC.

Epsilon would go on to make it 10-3, at which point LDLC finally picked up their first round during gun play. However, their recovery was short lived as GMX's quadruple kill in A gave the former Clan-Mystik side their 11th round in the game.

In the second half, Epsilon added yet another round to their tally following an A push. After losing the first eco round, LDLC went for a full buy in the third round, a move that paid off as they reduced the deficit to 5-13. However, that was too little, too late, as Epsilon secured the last three rounds they needed to win the map 16-5.

GMX putting in big numbers on de_mirage

On de_inferno, LDLC, who got off on the highly-favoured CT side, found themselves one man short in the pistol after losing Hovik "KQLY" Tovmassian in banana but they still managed to win the round by denying Epsilon as they entered the A site.

The first gun round also went to LDLC, who retook A after the last two Epsilon players found themselves boxed in the site. LDLC followed that up with another great round, with Happy getting three rounds to his name.

Little by little, LDLC were building a large lead, whereas Epsilon were a far cry from the side who had won the first map. Every time they lost a round, they would continue to buy instead of trying to save, which really hurt their economy. Epsilon only managed to score 11 rounds into the game, but that did not stop LDLC from going into the break up 13-2.

Things then went from bad to worse for Epsilon as LDLC picked up two more rounds to get just inches away from the win, but then shox gave his team a lifeline when he picked up an impressive ace that included two amazing Desert Eagle headshots. However, all they could do was merely delay the inevitable as LDLC ran out 16-6 winners.

Happy helped LDLC to turn the score around

On de_nuke, Epsilon, now playing as Terrorists, got off to a good start and won the pistol round by rushing courtyard towards the ramp, with KQLY still downing two opponents after being left in a one-on-four situation.

After winning the first two anti-eco rounds, the former Clan-Mystik team rushed the upper site but were completely slaughtered by LDLC, who were simply unstoppable in gun play.

In the 11th round, shox came close to pulling off one of the rounds of the tournament after being left in a 1-on-4 situation but he stopped short of killing the final opponent, who was left with just 12 HP. Later on, Happy took four players from point-blank range with a Shotgun to keep LDLC in the driving seat as Epsilon were trailing their opponents 3-12 at interval.

Epsilon knew they had a mountain to climb, but they refused to throw in the towel and kept themselves in the race by winning the pistol round, with Fabien "kioShiMa" Fiey picking up four frags. During gun rounds, nerves got the better of both teams as a lot of mistakes were made, but in the end LDLC proved the better side and ran out 16-11 victors.

LDLC.com win Spanish event

19th July 2014

 LDLC K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
France Vincent 'Happy' SchopenhauerHappy 59 - 43 +16 - 1.23
France Dan 'apEX' MadesclaireapEX 58 - 43 +15 - 1.20
France Hovik 'KQLY' TovmassianKQLY 53 - 48 +5 - 1.15
France Kevin 'Uzzziii' VernelUzzziii 50 - 47 +3 - 1.06
Switzerland Mathieu 'Maniac' QuiquerezManiac 40 - 50 -10 - 0.83
 Epsilon K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
France Richard 'shox' Papillonshox 49 - 50 -1 - 1.06
France Robin 'GMX' StahmerGMX 52 - 54 -2 - 1.00
France Gordon 'Sf' GirySf 44 - 50 -6 - 0.92
France Fabien 'kioShiMa' FieykioShiMa 46 - 52 -6 - 0.92
France Valentin 'mistou' Balbastromistou 40 - 54 -14 - 0.79

DreamHack Valencia 2014 Final Standings:

1. France LDLC.com - €6,000
2. France Epsilon - €2,500
3. Ukraine HellRaisers - €1,500
4. Portugal k1ck
5-8. Germany Planetkey Dynamics
5-8. Spain OverGaming
5-8. Spain Outbreak
5-8. France Platinium

France Vincent 'Happy' Schopenhauer
Vincent 'Happy' Schopenhauer
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
France Hovik 'KQLY' Tovmassian
Hovik 'KQLY' Tovmassian
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
France Richard 'shox' Papillon
Richard 'shox' Papillon
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
France Robin 'GMX' Stahmer
Robin 'GMX' Stahmer
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
France Fabien 'kioShiMa' Fiey
Fabien 'kioShiMa' Fiey
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
gg wp ldlc
2014-07-20 01:11
2014-07-20 01:11
2014-07-20 01:11
2014-07-20 01:10
2014-07-20 01:11
ez skinz ez lyfe
2014-07-20 01:10
2014-07-20 01:13
India FREQ^ 
2014-07-20 01:12
1. LDLC.com - €6,000 2. Epsilon - €2,500 3. K1CK - €1,500
2014-07-20 01:13
ANGE1 | 
Russia monte:) 
ez for HR.
2014-07-20 01:21
3. HR ez 1.500€ :d
2014-07-20 01:21
4.k1ck - 1Applause
2014-07-20 02:39
Lithuania disesion 
unhappy shoxie
2014-07-20 01:13
you are right he is not as happy as he was against hellraisers
2014-07-20 01:17
he is not as happy as happy is
2014-07-20 01:21
2014-07-20 13:25
2014-07-21 04:08
Happy is unhappy in pictures
2014-07-21 14:31
Denmark qwedsa 
2014-07-20 01:14
Shox so inconsistent lol
2014-07-20 01:16
watch the flag he have before posting a reply.
2014-07-20 01:17
americans have consistently beaten every french, ukrainian, and polish team that they've played in the last year+.
2014-07-20 01:56
BnTeT | 
Poland Freezak 
How many times? 1? muricans got beaten more than few times already by european teams, beat THAT :)
2014-07-20 04:07
lol nice joke bro
2014-07-20 11:57
Actually, only coL have a positive record against these countries. IBP is respectively 1-1, 1-1 and 0-0 (in terms of games).
2014-07-20 12:12
"so" he is -1 in overall 3maps against frenchs number 1 team and against the ukrainien top team +39 !!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!11!!
2014-07-20 01:19
titan still number 1
2014-07-20 01:34
no, ldlc > titan until titan show some good results
2014-07-20 01:39
United Kingdom Alth 
Thank you master of the world rankings for your well researched information.
2014-07-20 01:51
you are very low in the hltv user ranking !
2014-07-20 01:52
well actually he is right. When titan lost recently to LDLC twice. They don't score well anymore at LAN or internet whatever
2014-07-20 02:48
he is right
2014-07-21 04:09
hltv.org/?pageid=181&eventid=1424&gameid.. can you share what type of drug you use :D
2014-07-20 01:19
"found themselves one man short in the pistol after after losing" after after after
2014-07-20 01:17
Hungary lemusz 
lost 4 crappy skins :(
2014-07-20 01:18
that's why this game is TeAM-play! It's impossible in every map to be in top performance. They can come back , but this 1 vs 2 clutch from Happy was ...... :X
2014-07-20 01:19
Shox not even KD ratio 1. They wanking to KD ratio 10.Shox to NIP,SHOX no. 1 and what not...
2014-07-20 01:22
Shox is very consistent, why you're mad paki ? He play godly in 14 maps, and shitty in 1map, he still one of the best player in the world dont be mad
2014-07-20 01:24
You fucking idiot , learn to read first.What flag do you see ? I know he is good, but over wanking is not good. Wanking to Epsilon thinking shox will carry..is not good either :) Good job with your geography lessons... I see too much butthurt here :)
2014-07-20 01:30
So Iraq? Huehuehuehue
2014-07-20 01:44
hehuehuehuehehu, its india.
2014-07-20 01:51
n1 huehuehuehuehue
2014-07-20 01:51
Fuck that, it's Russia.
2014-07-20 02:41
Slovenia mejo 
happy best fragger/IGL #world
2014-07-20 01:26
2014-07-20 01:57
ggwp guys and its only a game why you heff to be mad? lost skins omgomg cry now. In the game you cry, watching other players play you cry, ggwp .
2014-07-20 01:28
2014-07-20 01:41
happy stronk.
2014-07-20 01:50
France blm' 
K1CK the best team in DH2014
2014-07-20 01:55
:( I lost my AWP ASIIMOV :( GG WP LDLC
2014-07-20 02:13
Poland PR5 
GJ k1ck
2014-07-20 02:18
no 30/3 no win for epsilon #sadlife
2014-07-20 02:28
k1ck deserved 3rd place and that prize money so bad :(
2014-07-20 02:53
if they deserved it then they should of beat Hellraisers.....
2014-07-20 03:01
SpawN | 
Slovakia mBust3r 
2014-07-20 13:04
2014-07-20 02:54
GG very nice win for LDLC
2014-07-20 03:01
Just like I said: mistou is a problem.
2014-07-20 03:22
K1CK deserve respect, for what they do in DHV
2014-07-20 04:23
Thanks for the BRONZE at least, HR! ;) GL!
2014-07-20 04:53
take it as a grain of salt guys. shox simply cant be god in every game.
2014-07-20 05:03
United Kingdom smoggy:. 
congrats ldlc, i wanted hr to win but heh they'll win cologne ;p
2014-07-20 06:19
GGWP. I win DreamhaX. -20$+96$! I love big and middle Tornaments! :D
2014-07-20 07:21
random game is random.
2014-07-20 08:25
Puls3 | 
World bigb1rd 
Happy, apEX, KQLY, shox, GMX/sf please. That would be a definite French number one and serious world number one contenders.
2014-07-20 08:53
In the end, the event was very underwhelming. Very poor competition (quality wise) and no real surprises besides HR not being in the final. Still EPS with shox can pull a win against most of the top teams so the surprise there isn't that big (besides d2) LDLC & HR felt incredibly shaky in the event and I was expecting a more dominant performance considering the lack of real competition. Guess you can't always be on the top of your game. In the end LDLC pulled it through and HR should be very dissapointed with themselves for not winning the whole thing.
2014-07-20 09:09
+1 LDLC woke up though and sometimes their teamplay was incredible. HR is shaky from the start but 3rd place is not really what they should've achieved here. I guess G3 and Cologne will be interesting...
2014-07-20 09:10
cant agree more well said :) +1
2014-07-20 12:44
Puls3 | 
World bigb1rd 
I disagree entirely with this. The competition was actually really good and close for once (probably because NiP/VP/Dig weren't there to steamroll everyone) and there were lots of unpredictable and really good games. Who would have thought Planet Key would run LDLC and HR so close, that Outbreak would be so good at their first tournie and take a map off HR, that Epsilon would have a close 2 maps with HR then rape them 16-0 on Dust2, that k1ck would almost beat LDLC and also take a map off HR. They were all great games and a lot closer and more exciting to watch than many LAN games recently. Anyone of the Top4 could have ended up winning it imo, even Planet Key had a good chance. And the Spanish and Portuguese teams all had great performances and really held up well. Happy, fox, shox, nex, KQLY, rmn, sukitron etc were all awesome and played out of their skins. Hellraisers disspappointed again, even though they have 5 great players. Great little event imo and surprisingly competitive considering the small prize fund.
2014-07-20 15:21
6k? doesnt even worth going
2014-07-20 09:08
i win 6k a day lol
2014-07-20 09:08
LOL!!!!! ME 2!!! ALL DA K'S!!
2014-07-20 09:59
Finland XAF 
+1, Poker best
2014-07-20 12:31
I think you meant 6D's a day
2014-07-20 15:34
I believe Happy to be on par with Shox as the best player in France
2014-07-20 09:22
shox is so weak against good teams and in finals, overated player
2014-07-20 09:28
Lol i didnt know kqly is a midget. Now i know why he is arrogant and mad to the world. StRtmoney kid need attention
2014-07-20 10:00
6k 1st place..ill better find a real job..meh :/
2014-07-20 10:11
Slovakia fAZENN 
CG! :)
2014-07-20 10:33
This DH was very weak, only existed Top 3 teams, and only the Epsilon and LDLC is showing how to play without taking value k1ck shown to be growing. But is that with teams like Nip, Na'vi, VP, Titan, Fnatic, Aligon the tournament would not otherwise? Obviously yes. maybe teams that reached the semi-finals with the other teams Top included not even close had passed. For me, I think it was a poor tournament. Congratulations to the winners LDLC, and also to Epsilion and K1ck, for the great performance .. best regards
2014-07-20 11:38
Iceland bist 
mistou sucks :"DD:DD
2014-07-20 12:07
Happy is the team leader and he was top frager , you dont see that evry day nice job LDLC #happy to be top 5 players soon
2014-07-20 13:16
he is so underrated as an igl and a fragger.
2014-07-20 14:42
is good to have these small tournaments so players like shox can win some money...
2014-07-20 13:18
Turkey huth 
LDLC and their teamplay on CT side. Whenever I watch them play on CT sides I always see perfect timing and use of grenades. They sometimes do silly mistakes on T sides. Nonetheless, they are a great team and happy so them winning.
2014-07-20 13:22
Gratz to LDLC they've been played awesome for quite some time now, much deserved! WP boys!
2014-07-20 13:29
Russia Razor_88 
- Ex6TenZ - kennyS - NBK - SmithZz - ScreaM + Maniac + apEX + Shox + Happy + KQLY
2014-07-20 13:32
2014-07-20 14:41
he must be Happy to change this nickname :D
2014-07-20 19:33
Shox kqly kioshima Happy apex Top3 in the world.
2014-07-20 17:06
Algeria colzero23 
2014-07-20 18:03
Titan -ex6tenz +happy
2014-07-20 19:23
Happy > shox
2014-07-20 20:32
Congrats LDLC.
2014-07-20 20:51
Shox KennyS (2ª Awper and Rifleman) KQLY (Awper) ShoxieJesus Happy or NBK
2014-07-21 05:02
2014-07-21 05:19
mach0 | 
Hungary druGh1 
emstQd! <3
2014-07-21 14:32
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