Epsilon bring in fxy0

July 21st, 2014 20:06

Epsilon star Richard "shox" Papillon has revealed that Joey "fxy0" Schlosser has been recruited to replace Valentin "mistou" Balbastro.

DreamHack Valencia has made its first victim as Epsilon announce a roster change just 48 hours after the Spanish event, where the French team came in second place following a 1-2 loss to LDLC.com in the grand final.

The defeat came has a heavy blow to the former Clan-Mystik side, who were hoping to scoop the big prize after defeating HellRaisers in the semi-finals.

mistou released from Epsilon

In a bid to scale greater heights in the future, Epsilon have parted company with Valentin "mistou" Balbastro, who had been under criticism of late following some sub-par displays.

To replace the ex-Mistral man, Epsilon's choice fell on Joey "fxy0" Schlosser, a former member of WARMAKER and We Got Game who will take on the sniper role.

"Despite a really good performance a DH Valencia last weekend, it seemed to us that something was missing in our team to become the best: a sniper," Papillon wrote on Facebook.

"Mistou has been doing well since he joined the team but unfortunately we think that we need something more to continue to progress. That's why today we are bringing in "fxy0", who will be our main sniper.

"I wish the best to Valentin "mistou" Balbastro. I enjoyed playing alongside him and I hope to see him soon in a good team."

Schlosser will be making his first appearance for Epsilon tonight as the French team will take on ESG! in the SLTV StarSeries league.

Epsilon now have:

France Fabien "kioShiMa" Fiey
France Gordon "Sf" Giry
France Robin "GMX" Stahmer
France Richard "shox" Papillon 
France Joey "fxy0" Schlosser

France Joey 'fxy0' Schlosser
Joey 'fxy0' Schlosser
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
France Valentin 'mistou' Balbastro
Valentin 'mistou' Balbastro
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2014-07-21 20:06
WTF eplsilon new top 1 FR fxyo is a great awper and better than keenys x100
2014-07-21 20:42
Norway N8C 
n1 troll
2014-07-21 20:43
He is not even trolling
2014-07-21 20:56
you actually think he is 100x better than kenny?
2014-07-21 23:11
Time will tell, '100x better' was just an exaggeration. To me he is at least as good as kenny.
2014-07-21 23:16
And you are basing this statement on...? A few online games from months ago.
2014-07-21 23:18
Months ago ? Nope, he actually played with safe.gaming for quite a bit (beginning of this year).
2014-07-21 23:27
"he actually played with safe.gaming for quite a bit (beginning of this year)." ...hence "months ago"
2014-07-21 23:39
hence "many many many many weeks ago"
2014-07-22 00:20
Hence millions of seconds ago
2014-07-23 20:52
It's not because someone isn't in the front of the big stage everytime that he can't be as good a starplayer like kennyS. If you'd have followed the french scene, thing you didn't do (which I don't mind in the end just don't talk if you have no clue), fxy0 is just an extremly good player. He played with the former lineup WGG with Happy & co. He's as good on lan aswell if not better. Not matter what team he played in he always carried REALLY hard. The thing is that this guy is weird as fuck and is a real douche, that's why he didn't have the chance to show his talent to the world If I could say.
2014-07-22 17:37
I am aware that he's a very good player, but still, there aren't many (if any at all) that are on the same level as kenny and guardian. I know he played a lot for the last few months of 2013 and looking at the stats available on HLTV, he has only had a rating above '1.00' 12 games out of 23. I have watched him play in most of those games and yes he is good, his style is good, he is a good player, but saying his is at least better than kennyS is so dumb. If not for his mediocre rating, then surely for his tiny sample size of games. Only 23 games on record and people are claiming he is better than kenny is foolish..
2014-07-22 19:18
"Only 23 games on record and people are claiming he is better than kenny is foolish.. " You don't get it, people who are saying that follow the french scene, and know what he is capable of. He has only 23 games on hltv so therefore peopel aren't basing these words on that lol. Every french will tell you that this guy has as much talent as kennyS (saying more is untrue i'll give you that). But he's like the douchebag version of kennyS, unfortunately for him.
2014-07-22 19:43
From where I'm standing, I believe if the games are worth mentioning, they'd be on HLTV records. He is very talented, and may be a star in the French scene, but that's barely worth mentioning now that he is in a team that will be challenging Europe. I just don't see how people can even compare the two, kenny has had scores just like fxy0, but A LOT more. He has performed insanely multiple times at huge European LANs, and crushed the scene with great individual performances whilst playing for Clan-Mystik. Even if fxy0 has been great in the French scene recently, the two just don't compare.
2014-07-22 19:52
Why do u keep sayimng recently? This is extremely annoying. Fxy0 is well known for years and even before kennyS even did his 1st css lan.. In csho he played for different teams such at 3dmax and wGG, warmaker,img nd so on. So stop saying clueless shit please
2014-07-23 07:03
Markeloff is the best AWPer of all time, so he is the best AWPer in the world! That sentence would be true by your logic. Ofc I am saying "recently", just because he was good before kenny played, it does not mean he is better than kennyS as of right now. Why did you think I was comparing the two over their entire careers? lol. I am talking about right now, and kennyS is better, no question. And why do you keep mentioning his past teams? I am fully aware of his past teams and recent career.
2014-07-23 19:48
Because you're saying he's been good recently while he's been good forever. Since the begining of cs:go he's a beast, that's it. "Markeloff is the best AWPer of all time, so he is the best AWPer in the world!" Don't be a kid, markeloff is shit in csgo since the begining. foxy0 is like 100 times better than this guy, don't even mention him. He showed his skills tonight vs HR once again. I hope he will not act like a dick and make the team split so he can show what he is really capable of. So clueless guys like you start to shut up.
2014-07-23 20:08
pls for your own sake, stop with the insults. Have you been thinking we were talking about an overview of his career or something? Because I was simply saying that the people saying he is better than kennyS are wrong. I couldn't care less if he was the best or the worst player before last year. We only need to look at the last 6-12 months in order to tell if he is currently better than another player. I was poking fun of you when I said that "Markeloff is the best AWPer of all time, so he is the best AWPer in the world!" but it just seems you didn't understand what I was talking about, maybe because I didn't make myself clear enough? Yeah sure, he showed and impressive performance HR, but you can't defend people saying he is better than kenny just because of this game, aha. That's crazy..
2014-07-23 20:18
imo kennys>foxy0 in term of skillcielling but foxy0 is more consitent than him, also a better rifler. I didn't insult you, except if you would say that shut up is an insult, therefore I'm sorry I guess. We will see what futur bring to us, enjoy the few moments of foxy0 because he will be kicked quite soon, as always :-)
2014-07-23 20:21
but how can you tell fxy0 is more consistent? HLTV stats say quite the opposite, and even if you do follow the French scene, it really isn't the same compared to the global scene, which is where he will be playing right now. Whereas kenny has had one sub-1.00 event in the last dozen or so. btw, you said "So clueless guys like you start to shut up."
2014-07-23 20:27
As I said if shut up is an insult then I'm sorry, but imo it's not. foxy0 have made like 10 team on cs:go and HARDCARRIED them everytime, but ending being kicked due to his behavior. Like he literally dropped 30 frags per game. On his normal games he's more consistent than kennyS at hitting awp shots BUT since he didn't attend any international event yet, we will have to see if it's true aswell offline. foxy0 has 1.19 rating on hltv aswell as kennyS, can u stop with that please?
2014-07-23 20:34
kenny did the same when he played for CM, only difference was he was playing against the best teams EU had to offer. Good point about international events, how can anyone compare him to kenny when he hasn't even attended? His 1.19 rating comes from about 20 games on HLTV's database. This is such a small sample size it's debatable whether one should even use this as a reference. Kenny has a 1.19 rating from hundreds of games. This is incredibly hard to do. btw, you said "So clueless guys like you start to shut up."
2014-07-23 20:47
Clueless ins't an insult, and you're the one using these hltv statistics from the 1st comment you made lol.. That's I said stop using these stats against him if only 10 games are played or so, rofl... Btw awesome perf from foxy0 tonight :-)
2014-07-23 20:50
ofc I am using HLTV stats, I don't know the sources to get all the matches he's played, but like I said, if they are just some domestic battles (excluding Titan and other top French teams) then they aren't even relevant. Playing domestically and internationally is different. Yeah it was a good performance, reminds me of kenny's performances against NiP/VP/Na'Vi. If he keeps playing like this then ofc he could arguable be as good as kenny, but that will take a long time with many more games to be played first and international LAN's to be attended, and that won't happen overnight. In the mean time, just accept that kenny >> fxy0.
2014-07-23 20:57
Well kenny>fxy0 on lan isn't debatable since fxy0 didn't attend any events, we can only assume right? Online, I desagree, watch and enjoy mate :-)
2014-07-23 21:00
So where do you personally draw the line for number of games needed against top EU teams online before you can compare him with another active player? If someone has played one game and got >2.00 rating, would you say they are the best player in the world? The number of games kenny has played against top international teams dwarfs that of fxy0's, who has played <50.
2014-07-23 21:04
Well I told you he was insane before that game and guess what? about 80 frags vs Hr on one best of three. I know it because I know it, just enjoy the show.
2014-07-23 21:06
So... 3 maps is your answer? I guess I now know what kind of person I've been dealing with this entire time.
2014-07-23 21:08
Ask every french player you know, they will tell you the same as me. I cant prove shit since he did play 3 maps man, what you want me to say ffs.
2014-07-23 21:10
World MOI 
I'll tell u, i'm a french player and i really think that fyxo could be one of the best sniper, as kenny, but i must agree with grund. Right now, we just don't have seen enough of him against "top" teams. So, for now, i'm saying kenny>, even if i enjoy much more the style of fyxo. We just need to wait a bit to have something to compare :) Have a nice day
2014-07-25 15:51
So he's basically the french jOELZ?
2014-07-23 21:11
No because he attends lan lol. And jOELZ behavior in the team isn't terrible, is it?
2014-07-23 21:19
Going away to cook minced meat while playing praccs lol
2014-07-23 21:21
Im not trolling he's really an amazing awper now Im sure shox will never leave epsilon cuz they will start winning
2014-07-21 22:17
fxyo always come with a lots of problems. Disband or kick inc.
2014-07-21 21:17
Yeah but he is a real douche
2014-07-21 21:57
Actually Right . Fxy0 carry a lot of subtop teams , and ofc got kicked because he fixe higher objective than finishing top 5 at a french lan . Meanwhile on several online league he manage to outplay guardian and numbers of great awper . For once he got his chance to play in a team of his calibre . Really good moove from Epsilon ,(ofc you dont know him ) but he will show you how good at awp he is
2014-07-22 01:47
We have a politician here in India with the same name as yours :P
2014-07-22 07:36
FC Barcelona does have a player with the same name as yours :P
2014-07-22 12:57
yeah its true!
2014-07-22 03:15
lol kennys better:DDD
2014-07-22 11:18
he is not fast with his awp , but he didnt fail you #bestofluckfexy0
2014-07-21 21:05
Estonia Tauri 
2014-07-21 20:07
Argentina ffdd 
2014-07-21 20:07
thinkii | 
Spain thinkii 
2014-07-21 20:07
trace | 
World zevon[mx] 
2014-07-21 20:07
United Kingdom dezmondo 
2014-07-21 20:07
Mistou was just beginning to get good.
2014-07-21 20:07
nope, he was bad all the way
2014-07-21 20:15
France x453 
He was good, he can definitely get in a good french team in some time.
2014-07-21 20:45
He was decent for international level, but far from being really good and consistent imo.
2014-07-22 12:28
2014-07-21 20:07
Sweden SLITZ 
2014-07-21 20:07
2014-07-21 20:07
2014-07-21 20:07
2014-07-21 20:07
2014-07-21 20:07
Finland phoosi 
2014-07-21 20:07
Dayum son
2014-07-21 20:07
mistou was there for only 2 months.... dayum but GL
2014-07-21 20:07
loool n1
2014-07-21 20:08
GMX wrote on his FB page: Today is another day for Epsilon. We wanna thanks mistou for joining us and tried his best, but we think that we need something else in a team (a real sniper) , and thats why we want to bring in foxy0 , which we all know, we also know he will try to do his best to improve with us. In other hand i would like to thanks Mistou for the 2 events we played together ! And a big thanks to Epsilon for their support and of course to all our sponsors !
2014-07-21 20:08
China Ava1ondraGon 
good luck, mistou~
2014-07-21 20:14
Iceland bist 
good move, told you he sucks
2014-07-21 20:08
its still shoxielion
2014-07-21 20:08
Lithuania aMii 
2014-07-21 20:16
2014-07-22 00:30
Uhm, why not just shoxilon?
2014-07-21 20:16
It could actually be good. fxy0 is a sniper so shox will focus on rifling now...
2014-07-21 20:08
Denmark kaspeRztw 
Cool and gl to Valentin "mistou" Balbastro
2014-07-21 20:09
2014-07-21 20:09
2014-07-21 20:09
good move, fxy0 beast!
2014-07-21 20:09
2014-07-21 20:09
2014-07-21 20:10
who the f is foxy0
2014-07-21 20:11
NiKo | 
France Sheld 
one of the very best snipers, but also known for his bad attitude
2014-07-21 20:31
2014-07-22 07:37
Every single team mate he had think he is a dickhead, he got kicked many time and he is litteraly unberable to play with
2014-07-22 15:34
Mario Balotelli of cs
2014-07-21 20:37
2014-07-21 20:59
2014-07-21 21:18
more time for shox to rifle.good desicion imo..never liked shox awping with his amazing rifle skills
2014-07-21 20:11
big news for epsilon.
2014-07-21 20:11
ez with ESG today
2014-07-21 20:13
finally they read my comments @ hltv fxy0 = kennyS 2.0 too bad flex0r is not playing anymore
2014-07-21 20:14
Ask flex0r to come back. He'll read your comment!
2014-07-21 20:15
Iran Animal1ty 
2014-07-21 20:17
flex0r plays a lot of matchmaking though, he's still got it.
2014-07-21 20:17
Please write that Lunatic.hai returns. I am sure they will read your comment and do so. Also, please write "stop war, bring world peace", I am sure it will happen as well.
2014-07-21 20:18
calm down guys, jk :D btw. I asked fifflaren several times to step up, still nothing :(
2014-07-21 20:24
Fifflaren doesn't visit hltv anymore because of all the hate. Try to pm him
2014-07-23 20:27
Holy fucking shit, epsilon to roll over everyone. This is TEAM LDLC 1st era @ kennys apex sf maniac happy
2014-07-21 20:14
Cool for epsilon, fxy0 is a solid player. Good luck to mistou, not a low player by any means. He'll find a team.
2014-07-21 20:15
isn't fxy0 an onliner? that's just what i heard. if he's not then that's really good for epsilon, i remember an action of his on nuke with a sick wallbang .epic
2014-07-21 20:16
trace | 
Lithuania Jaguaras 
No. Very nice change,finally they got the real awper and a very good one so,release the shox and gmx
2014-07-21 20:18
n1, gl
2014-07-21 20:16
best thing they could do, n1
2014-07-21 20:17
2014-07-21 20:17
fxy0 its sick but he is so retard
2014-07-21 20:18
sounds like kennyS?
2014-07-21 20:27
kennyS is dumb ingame but he's a cool guy outside of that. fxyo is the complete opposite, he's just a retard with no education and no friends (in cs or outside). Nobody can stand him so they'll probably kick him after a few weeks or disband. Great cs player tho
2014-07-21 20:43
how do you know that?
2014-07-21 21:02
cuz i know them??
2014-07-25 15:32
gl both guys
2014-07-21 20:18
cool, used to play in we got game with gmx and happy
2014-07-21 20:19
2014-07-21 20:19
Kioshina is so strange player :D he can sleep all time and wake up with amazing clutch or hs... If he play more constant, Epsilon can be better :)
2014-07-21 20:20
very good dudes i am exited by this up n cumin team from the usa shox (is half american(
2014-07-21 20:20
2014-07-21 20:20
2014-07-21 20:21
2014-07-21 20:23
mr.dog GMX fxy0 cheaters from CS:S
2014-07-21 20:25
You only pop out to flame "cheaters" wtf is wrong with you?
2014-07-21 21:25
Should you expect any less from him? He does it everytime...
2014-07-22 00:03
-one onliner +another onliner
2014-07-21 20:25
A good thing that they have a real main awper, Shox awping is a complete waste of talent.
2014-07-21 20:26
yeah it was only good the way verygames used it, the occasional very aggressive awp to surprise the opponent (especially on CT)
2014-07-21 20:28
Even in VG, SmithzZ was stepping it up big time as an awper, since KennyS wasn't here anymore. Shox was awping only when they were already winning most of the time. In my opinion one of the best team chemistry was achieved with the Shox line-up in VG, and all players could perform at the maximum of their abilities. Even Ex6tenZ was fragging more during the Shox era. They ruined it with their damn gaming house...
2014-07-21 20:57
gl epsilon I was started to like mistou :/
2014-07-21 20:28
really nice to bring fyx0 to epsilon... I hope tonight they will win against ESG!
2014-07-21 20:28
That guy is the shit
2014-07-21 20:29
CIS skruxie 
fxy0 beast
2014-07-21 20:31
mistou in mistou out
2014-07-21 20:31
Italy One. 
2014-07-21 20:33
Poland tfg 
top1 online now, no way any other team gonna beat them online when they have shox and fxy0 xDDDDDD
2014-07-21 20:39
Please elaborate :).
2014-07-21 21:00
shox still onliner after beating HR 16-0 on d2 with 30-3 stats?
2014-07-22 09:23
007 never forget
2014-07-22 12:10
2014-07-22 14:31
failed vs ldlc
2014-07-22 15:12
you cant carry em all..
2014-07-23 00:14
World Ayr 
Shox onliner?, for sure u are a ratkid coming from CoD hahahaha
2014-07-22 18:31
CIS skruxie 
2014-07-21 20:39
2014-07-21 20:45
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
I just realized France has the best awpers. KQLY, KennyS, fxy0. All pretty crazy with the AWP. Epsilon has genuine upset potential now.
2014-07-21 20:43
lamp | 
Russia lamp` 
horks has a good awp also :P not the best temper tho. also SmithZz btw
2014-07-21 20:55
denmark has some pretty sick awpers as well
2014-07-21 21:10
There's nico and who else? Friis isn't even average in CSGO, cajun is average+ as a pure awper.
2014-07-21 21:13
dev1ce nico karrigan friis (he was pretty good last time I saw him play), even gla1ve and sniper isn't his everyday role
2014-07-21 21:15
Denmark lolzbananabe 
awp isn't device's "everyday" role either :)
2014-07-21 21:30
he was in the old cph line up
2014-07-21 22:17
Denmark lolzbananabe 
Nope, not a full time awper.
2014-07-21 22:23
wantz cajunb dev1ce dupreeh fetish he was the awper in this line up
2014-07-21 22:27
2014-07-21 21:51
yeah forgot about him
2014-07-21 22:17
You forgot cajun, he also had some great awp skills, even tho he wasn't a main awper (but device wasn't too imo).
2014-07-22 12:30
fxy0 was great last time I saw him playing. Could be a really dominant awper in a good team.
2014-07-21 20:44
Norway N8C 
2014-07-21 20:45
fxy0 "Mini kennyS" i.imgur.com/4MznVzh.jpg
2014-07-21 20:46
2014-07-21 21:15
Norway N8C 
2014-07-21 21:39
2014-07-22 01:06
how good was mistou? I wasn't able to watch him play much. I wonder if -kennyS +mistou could help Titan. It's clear that kennys doesn't work with them, and smithz could go back to awping which he was doing well. but since i haven't watched mistou i don't know if he's good enough to help titan beat nip/vp/navi/ibp
2014-07-21 20:47
World MOI 
Troll? Mistou is a good player but he hasn't the level to play in a "top" team, still a long way to go. He needs to improve in a lot of points and, obviously, Espislon doesn't have time for that, i mean we'll have big tournaments soon and i, and most of people who have seen him played, don't think that mistou can really become a TOP player, at least not in the next few months.
2014-07-25 15:57
fxy0 > KennyS, not even close
2014-07-21 20:49
i don't know him but gl
2014-07-21 20:50
shox | 
Italy 1nf3rn4L 
2014-07-21 20:50
This is why NiP will remain on the top, they won't ever kick teammates for failing a lan. The rest of the orgs will be tryhard midgets compared to them, no matter who they bring in.
2014-07-21 20:52
it seems like they kicked him because they want a primary awper without wasting shox's rifling ability. as the last one to join the team, it makes sense that he was dropped. Sounds like they just didn't pick the right type of player to begin with.
2014-07-21 21:02
nice fxy0 is a carrier but I hope he doesn't get mad too often now
2014-07-21 20:53
fyx0 0 dmg LAN GG !!!
2014-07-21 20:53
gl mistou
2014-07-21 20:56
nice moove
2014-07-21 21:04
mistou was defo better than gmx
2014-07-21 21:08
1) I dont think so hltv.org/?pageid=181&eventid=1424&gameid.. 2) GMX is also the IGL
2014-07-21 21:10
Wow fuks is the next rising star !
2014-07-21 22:11
Not even close GMX is a pro, mistou is bottom fragging every game.
2014-07-21 21:12
i saw that in DHV
2014-07-21 21:22
Fxyo is the kind of player who carries his team from time to time. It s a good change imo. Still hoping for Fxyo to fix his attitude now he reached a top team.
2014-07-21 21:19
is he one of the guys that "never do mistakes" ? :D
2014-07-21 22:46
Do you suggest that he would actually be german ?
2014-07-21 23:04
aaahhh.. stop with that FRA vs GER stuff pls :D just wanted to know whats wrong with his attitude
2014-07-21 23:11
He is sometimes arguing too much with teammates. You know, pushing the arguments to the limit.
2014-07-21 23:43
-gmx +SIXER
2014-07-21 21:45
sixer is a douchbag
2014-07-22 11:34
I know, but he is a really good player.
2014-07-22 12:17
He isn't
2014-07-22 12:37
i've played with him many times, it is
2014-07-22 13:04
decent addition, he's way better than mistou
2014-07-21 22:06
I played against him in mm like one month ago, he is monster with awp.
2014-07-21 22:11
-shox pls
2014-07-21 22:43
Expected ! Now Epsilon should be more dangerous !
2014-07-21 23:21
-SF fucking noob
2014-07-21 23:34
you're clueless
2014-07-22 02:55
I give them 2 weeks before they get tired of fxyo's attitude
2014-07-22 00:19
f0rest | 
Portugal KSED 
2014-07-22 00:29
played against fxy0 a few times in esea etc, he's genuinely a cunt. GL Epsilon
2014-07-22 02:35
typical english sentence " CUNT CUNT CUNT
2014-07-22 04:14
Well, he's right.
2014-07-22 05:55
Played against rattlesnk in esea once, he's genuinely a cunt.
2014-07-22 07:55
Hardly new information.
2014-07-22 14:23
2014-07-22 15:38
2014-07-27 16:40
2014-07-27 16:40
2014-07-27 16:40
2014-07-27 16:40
2014-07-27 16:40
2014-07-27 16:40
2014-07-27 16:41
2014-07-27 16:41
2014-07-27 16:41
2014-07-27 16:41
fxy looked pretty scary today against ESG, definitely a welcome edition.
2014-07-22 02:55
epsilon all the way! :P
2014-07-22 02:57
will be fun to see this guy at lan.
2014-07-22 07:35
2014-07-22 08:07
2014-07-22 09:11
fxy0 biggest onliner in the france scene! Lets see how he does on the bigger tournaments.
2014-07-22 09:58
he's really good, but its an asshole, gl epsilon
2014-07-22 11:34
any videos of fxy0?
2014-07-22 12:07
Expected and not surprised!
2014-07-22 14:21
Euh shox said that he's not playing anymore but still into this lineup !! did i miss something ?
2014-07-22 15:34
2014-07-22 17:28
He said that he will quit the gaming scene because of many things in his real life since his departure from TITAN !
2014-07-23 11:53
No, he didn't.
2014-07-23 14:36
then you are out-dated dude
2014-07-31 11:21
Finland coswell 
Hehe, i think i saw him play and i was surprised about him. Hope he fits in well! Nice random quote by the way; you dont point out at all who said it ;))
2014-07-22 17:09
does anyone knows fxy0's steam account?
2014-07-22 18:22
-fxy0 +SIXER
2014-07-23 00:11
judging by the first game that was hashtag worth
2014-07-23 21:25
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