fnatic wins SEC 2008

Sweden has done it again. Second year in a row, the gold at Samsung European Championship goes to Sweden.

fnatic represented Sweden, while Sweden and Poland once again made it to the final at Samsung European Championship, just like last year. Last year SK Gaming represented Sweden, while PGSPokerStrategy represented Poland. Present time. fnatic represented Sweden and once again the same Polish team represented Poland, just with a new name, MYM.

Since MYM came from lower bracket, they had to win two maps, while fnatic only needed one, to secure the Samsung European Championship gold. Starting off on de_nuke. fnatic as CT, but they really did not play the dominating CT side they use to. MYM was able as T to win first half 8:7. Second half fnatic really had to play a very consistent T side in order to win. MYM was able to secure a tie with the score 7:7 and only needed last round to win first map. MYM did take the last round, even with famas and no nades.

Second map should be de_inferno. The map MYM did not want to play fnatic on and I can tell why. fnatic started off as T. They got the momentum back in the game and MYM really had close to nothing to put up against fnatic. fnatic winning 11:4. Securing the gunround, fnatic was only 4 rounds away from the victory at Samsung European Championship. Fnatic pulled the remaining 4 rounds, raised their hands and can be crowned as Samsung European Champions 2008. MYM and Poland will second year in a row place second at Samsung European Championship, while third place go to the WCG Champions from McPoker.emL.

Grand Final

Sweden fnatic vs. Poland MYM - Demo

de_nuke - fnatic 14:16 MYM
de_inferno - fnatic 16:4 MYM
Archi planting the Swedish flag.

With the title, fnatic can pocket 12.500€ being the winning team of Samsung European Championship 2008.

Final Standings
1. Sweden fnatic - 12.500€
2. Poland MYM - 7.500€
3. France McPoker.emL - 5.000€
4. Germany Alternate
5-6. Denmark mTw
5-6. Romania TeG
7-8. Greece Vatos Locos
7-8. Ukraine Amazing Gaming
9-12. Finland roccat
9-12. Slovakia fu.sk
9-12. Switzerland Hellway
9-12. Lithuania oLa
13-16. Austria endEffect
13-16. Estonia afterlife
13-16. Portugal k1ck
13-16. Latvia escalate

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Poland tsrx 
2008-03-09 12:42
omg 16-4 w0wed
2008-03-09 12:45
Macedonia KaLaN 
great finale :) the biggest titan's, eye in eye ... GG fnatic !
2008-03-09 12:45
CIS sui~ 
gg ;)
2008-03-09 12:46
Romania Gyiku 
gg fnatic
2008-03-09 13:20
Sweden Gulp 
first map was exciting :D very well played by both teams.
2008-03-09 13:28
2008-03-09 13:39
Error in the main post: If fnatic is in lead 11-4 they don't need 4 rounds to win, they need 5?
2008-03-09 13:39
Read again. They secured the gunround (thats 1 round) lacking 4 more (5 in total).
2008-03-09 13:40
Oh, sorry, i didn't read it through :S
2008-03-09 13:41
what a CT-side from Fnatic on INFERNO!! IMPRESSIVE!! <3 FOREST
2008-03-09 13:43
gogoog fnatic
2008-03-09 13:48
@ #12 they played T side 1st securing 11 rounds in 1st half
2008-03-09 13:53
Russia redf 
kuben almost -5 :(
2008-03-09 14:08
Gj fnatic :) GG 4 MYM :) <3 F0rest :*
2008-03-09 14:11
Russia bS 
Omg.. Gay!
2008-03-09 17:04
Russia redf 
forest... WOW!! it's amaizing!
2008-03-09 14:13
gj MYM
2008-03-09 14:57
emL gj! mSx good player :P
2008-03-09 15:02
gz fnatic
2008-03-09 16:02
sec 2008 belongs to forestwOw~ ..!! :)
2008-03-09 16:19
gg both teams
2008-03-09 18:14
2008-03-09 22:29
Romania xtS. 
nice gg fnatic ...next time TeG will advance more,hope so ! :D
2008-03-09 23:01
I want more from k1ck on next SEC. :P GJ TeG and Vatos Locos.
2008-03-09 23:22
2008-03-10 00:11
2008-03-10 00:48
So disapointed by Finland! :<
2008-03-10 12:14
Too bad for MYM again lose 1st place
2008-03-10 13:38
GG. forestw0w~ <<PRO , but MYM rox :)
2008-03-10 14:12
lucky noobas
2008-03-10 14:24
fnatic win :D
2008-03-10 16:45
2008-03-11 15:28
lol the discussion between poland and sweden in the topic the Netherlands vs Poland comes to mind sorry poland, sweden just is that little bit better, next time better!! :D gg wp SVERIGE!! fnatic vinner för oss :)
2008-03-10 21:30
2008-03-10 22:31
Japan jia 
ez flusha
2017-05-22 15:17
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