allu: "Getting better day by day"

We caught up with mousesports' Aleksi "allu" Jalli to find out how his team is doing ahead of this coming weekend's Gfinity 3 tournament in London.

Aleksi "allu" Jalli left the Finnish scene roughly a month ago by departing from ENCE to join up with the German organization of mousesports. They will debut this weekend at Gfinity 3.

Online mouz have had good results, starting 7-1 in SLTV StarSeries X with allu neck-and-neck among the top three players of the event statistically. Last night mouz upset Na`Vi.

mousesports were fresh off a rough weekend that saw them not qualify for ESL One Cologne after surprising losses to dAT and Copenhagen Wolves.

Now allu and company are hoping to prove what they are capable of at G3, where they've been placed in group B together with, dignitas, Titan, ESG and Infused.

allu talks to about mouz and their G3 preparation 

How have you fit in mousesports as the only non-German speaker? What language do you communicate in? Have you learned, or do you have any plans to learn German?

allu: It's going okay and getting better day by day. Currently we keep making some stupid mistakes as we speak English and it's not a native language for any of us. At first I told the guys that maybe I should start learning German as it would be easier to play when I get it rolling but it would take a lot of time as I haven't ever studied German before so we chose to stick with English.

How does playing in an international team compare to Finnish teams? Do you feel mousesports is more talented than any roster you could assemble from Finnish players right now?

allu: It's a little bit different, can't really say it in other words. On the other hand it feels great to have teammates that are willing to put in the hours needed to succeed in this game but then I keep missing my former teammates as we have spent so much time together in the past two years.

I have always said that there is enough talent in Finland to make a top team but I think the problem is that Finnish people are not willing to make the sacrifices needed to succeed. Besides that we have the problem that there's always someone who doesnt want to play with person X and that person X could play with others but not with the person Y, it's an endless circle :D.

Despite a strong start in SLTV StarSeries X, you failed to qualify for ESL One Cologne on Sunday even though you were favorites going into both dAT and Cph Wolves matches. To what do account the losses? Why couldn't you make it?

allu: Well to be honest I don't think our start in SLTV was that strong if you look at the opponents we played first, as they were so called "lesser" teams which we should almost win against by default. Failure to qualify for ESL One feels like stab in the heart as we all looked forward to this event and qualifying for it was our first goal, and we failed miserably. As for the losses againts dAT iI think we simply played shit and against Copenhagen Wolves we were quite even but we were on the wrong side of coin flip-type situations.

How well prepared are you right now? Are you still trying to fit into mouz or are you more or less good to go? How much have you practiced and do you have a bootcamp planned prior to G3?

allu: We have been playing five to six hours almost every day since I joined, which is quite a lot but I still feel that we have a lot to learn about each other's game-styles and to figure out how to get the best out of each player. I think when I joined we talked about having a bootcamp before G3 but the move never materialised so we are only going to play online.

allu has teamed up with chrisJ in mouz 

With you only going to G3 and missing ESL One, do you think it may give you any advantage over the teams who are going to G3 to try to win, but with their eyes still on the big prize two weeks later?

allu: I don't think it really gives us an advantage as everyone comes to G3 to play as well as they can, of course we might see some teams saving tactics or some special tricks because ESL One is so close, but in the end I don't think it affects that much.

You're in a tough group with Titan,, dignitas, ESG and Rasta. Do you expect to be one of the four teams advancing? Who do you believe you have the best chance of beating from the favorites? How are your chances versus each of those teams?

allu: We are indeed in a very tough group with two of the top four teams in the world and Titan, who want to prove they belong there as well. I think we have all the strings in our own hands and our main goal is to make it out of the groups. We have the best chance to win against ESG, but I think we can challenge any team in our group if we don't shit on ourselves in the important games like we did this weekend.

What are mousesports' future plans after August? Are you contracted until the end of 2014? What do you have planned after G3 and SLTV StarSeries X are in the books?

allu: Our future plans are to play as much as possible and try to steadily improve as I think we have alot of potential to be unleashed. I am contracted until the end of the year. As for future events after G3 and SLTV, I think you will see us in every event we qualify for or get invited to and we also have the EPS Germany group stage and hopefully Finals to look forward to.

What do you expect of G3? How well do you realistically expect to do? Who do you think will win the event? Do you have a guess on who might surprise or disappoint at the event

allu: I am expecting a lot of great Counter-Strike to be played over the weekend. I have my sights to get out of the group and after that I am happy with any result we get, I don't think we are yet good enough to play with the big boys but we will get there!

allu's mousesports will begin their campaign at G3 on Saturday by playing the home team FM on the main stage of the event in the opening game at 10:00.

Finland Aleksi 'allu' Jalli
Aleksi 'allu' Jalli
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2014-07-29 19:07
Allu is last hope for Finland. Rest of the players here are shit, I doubt Allu can get that good without coach + analyst.. oh wait its CSGO, ofc he can get good.. its fucking joke game.
2014-07-30 10:52
Sweden Hampzuka 
ENCORE looks pretty stronk tough. Dunno why Refuse didn't look like that with the finnish players! ^^
2014-07-30 11:08
Finland teco 
They are not shit, they just focus on completely wrong things... :s
2014-07-30 12:25
Like what?
2014-07-30 15:26
we need more articles about lurppis' friends
2014-07-29 19:08
2014-07-29 19:10
Haha +1
2014-07-29 19:26
2014-07-29 22:35
2014-07-30 00:24
2014-07-30 05:55
2014-07-30 12:46
Poland yaD' 
didn't read
2014-07-29 19:08
Korea ws0 
he played like a silver 1 yesterday..
2014-07-29 19:11
United Kingdom grund 
"We simply played shit" aha
2014-07-29 19:11
gl gl
2014-07-29 19:12
CW was the clear favourite versus Mousespors.
2014-07-29 19:16
"after surprising losses to dAT and Copenhagen Wolves." hmm
2014-07-29 19:23
2014-07-29 19:41
-chrisJ +joelz
2014-07-29 19:32
2014-07-29 22:15
-häyha -all other fags
2014-07-30 06:50
Won vs NaVi while they was in bad shape - Best team EU.
2014-07-29 20:07
Germany pmb  
thx for the honesty! hope you'll make the best out of g3
2014-07-29 20:08
dp u even squat?
2014-07-29 20:15
cool story p.s. didnt read :P
2014-07-29 20:15
ruuit | 
Serbia Wule123 
with that word "upset", i really think that u should buy vocabulary.
2014-07-29 20:18
you should buy a dictionary :p
2014-07-29 20:29
2014-07-29 21:31
ruuit | 
Serbia Wule123 
lurppis user acc? :P
2014-07-29 21:39
god no
2014-07-29 21:58
France Kairos1g 
lurppis doesn't use emotes
2014-07-29 23:27
Slovakia kubiaxk 
Next article ChrisJ : "I promiz, me no suck on LAN"
2014-07-29 20:52
"and then the ball started rolling"
2014-07-30 00:52
2014-07-29 21:14
I was expecting him to say that thay're getting worse day by day...
2014-07-29 22:26
just one question please, how much did he(allu) earn money in mousesports ? ~avarage,about please
2014-07-30 00:39
I guess they earn around 400-600€ depends on the player.
2014-07-30 01:52
Finland teco 
Shows how bad the situation in pro scene is... I have a shitty job and average education but I earn 550e per week.... Doesn't motivate much I guess...
2014-07-30 12:51
like it.. sincere player.. i still think mousesports needs some changes though
2014-07-30 01:03
Will there be interviews with the other teams too?
2014-07-30 01:13
jOELZ | 
Finland jleh 
good read
2014-07-30 02:03
United States darkun 
its nice to hear a mouz player describe some of their game decisions the same way I feel inside when they throw rounds. Shit COME ON MOUZ.. GET UR SHIT TOGETHER IM DYING OVER HERE!
2014-07-30 06:45
who is that skinhead guy
2014-07-30 07:24
World cmj 
wish them luck
2014-07-30 09:26
people get so worried about perceived reputations in cs and get caught up in petty personality differences. man up, open your mind, play with new people!
2014-07-30 11:51
hes losing time,he will never go on lan and beat a team
2014-07-30 11:52
Can someone tell me the lineup of mouz please?
2014-07-30 13:55
Finland NUCL3AR 
tabsen nooky LEGIJA chrisJ allu
2014-07-30 15:27
Finland NUCL3AR 
they should communicate in Klingon, as much learning for everyone
2014-07-30 15:27
I chuckled :-D
2014-07-30 19:30
it's time too see, something diffrent in lan from Allu and online J. They are very good players, but in lan....
2014-07-30 15:40
Finland NUCL3AR 
allu is awesome on lan also
2014-07-30 20:09
Bot Allu
2015-12-31 18:16
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