Video: iBP vs. fnatic final moment

Take a look at iBUYPOWER's response to the last round of their fnatic tie in the initial round of group stage.

iBUYPOWER and fnatic played the initial round of group stage without a GOTV or a stream available, but our crew at the venue caught the final moment of the game on tape.

Lucas "steel" Lopes's team was up 15-14 when the final round happened, and they were unable to turn the game in their favor, which made the team and especially Nissan himself unhappy due to problems with the servers. Hit play below to see the team's response:

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Brazil Lucas 'steel' Lopes
Lucas 'steel' Lopes
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2014-08-02 22:55
server must be joking.podbots steel in the screen froze. look at AZK's screen @ 0:08
2014-08-02 23:34
2014-08-02 23:56
zehN | 
Finland ludiMacak 
steel mad ?
2014-08-02 22:57
Germany Bongskie 
blame the server yeeeah
2014-08-02 22:57
look at AZK's screen @ 0:08
2014-08-02 23:02
Germany Bongskie 
oh you won :P i didn't notice that
2014-08-02 23:05
Same for fnatic lol
2014-08-03 01:36
lmao steel
2014-08-02 22:57
haha steel
2014-08-02 22:57
his statement does have some truth azk froze while planting bomb
2014-08-02 22:58
azk was dead and spectating
2014-08-03 09:53
Tunisia edgg 
muricans at their best
2014-08-02 22:58
Hes not even american
2014-08-03 14:53
2014-08-02 22:58
Canada LilmaN 
wow rage
2014-08-02 22:59
not surprised steel got mad, anyone would in that situation :P
2014-08-02 22:59
anyone but mature person
2014-08-03 09:52
<3 this type of videos.
2014-08-02 22:59
2014-08-02 23:00
Great video, but I'd like to watch to actual round with this audio
2014-08-02 23:00
would be nice
2014-08-03 18:16
mason | 
Tunisia mason~ 
dazed : "just kill some1"
2014-08-02 23:02
Why would u post a video like this? Its not really in anybodys interest to see this...
2014-08-02 23:00
2014-08-02 23:04
Wow, a politically correct post on This must be some type of record.
2014-08-02 23:53
why not? its a final moment, which hltv been doing for years
2014-08-03 18:17
k1to | 
Germany fLakz 
mad cuz bad
2014-08-02 23:01
haha happens <3 iBUYPOWER dont rage, u will win this tournament
2014-08-02 23:03
steel is annoying. x
2014-08-02 23:03
United Kingdom Ivanmt 
understand the context please. They would have won if it didn't freeze.
2014-08-03 05:09
it freezes for fnatic too, so it doesn't change that much, it's just awkward, just like pauses in the middle of rounds
2014-08-03 11:30
United Kingdom Ivanmt 
doesn't make the situation any better though. It favoured fnatic and it lost them the win. It it favoured iBP and fnatic almost won, I would be here moaning about how observed it was for the servers to crash like that, in key situations. It's not "just awkward", it's fucking bullshit and the round/couple of rounds etc. should have been played. He was trying to plant, and it froze, delaying the plant, and running out the timer. How is that not an issue for you? People on HLTV are complete spastics.
2014-08-03 22:44
imo was good to see how at a 50k event a map in group stages was decided because of server issues.
2014-08-04 02:18
United Kingdom Ivanmt 
2014-08-04 03:01
If at 15-14 the server freezes like that, I for sure would rage too...
2014-08-02 23:04
lag on lan bro?
2014-08-02 23:12
It's more likely than you think!
2014-08-02 23:12
Only if setup by complete amateurs
2014-08-02 23:55
2014-08-03 01:17
Look @ AZK's monitor. The server froze when he was planting.
2014-08-02 23:16
look at AZK screen @ 0:08
2014-08-03 01:31
steelRAGE :D
2014-08-02 23:15
United States mah9 
damn that must be really frustrating, i feel bad for azk, dazed mad :(
2014-08-02 23:19
Yep, AZK takes so much shit
2014-08-02 23:21
azk was dead and specing
2014-08-03 09:54
dat motherfucker gets all he deserve
2014-08-02 23:18
What did he do? (i'm assuming you are talking about steel)
2014-08-02 23:19
2014-08-02 23:19
so he had to hold mouse1 for 10 seconds instead of 5... i dont see why steel is so upset. im assuming all the fnatic guys got the lag as well?
2014-08-02 23:22
2014-08-02 23:29
2014-08-02 23:35
Organizations hosting tournaments that aren't Counter-strike-centric often times can not\will not take the necessary steps that is required for an exceptional counter-strike LAN. i.e tables not big enough for mouse\keyboard, performance servers, prioritizing which matches should be streamed, lack of demos, and so on.
2014-08-02 23:29
2014-08-03 09:55
"FUCKING SERVER PIECE OF SHIT" -steel "i dont rage in offical matches" -steel
2014-08-02 23:33
At this level there's no reason for a server to be shitty. Especially on Lan.. like wtf lol
2014-08-02 23:39
gfinity is a joke, it's not an official tournament
2014-08-02 23:47
Not official? ........................
2014-08-02 23:56
calm your tits dirty imperialist
2014-08-03 00:56
First place prize purse is more than DHS, SLTV finals, CPH Games, ESWC, every single Raidcall Lan Finals, etc. Sure G3 started poorly, but it's a pretty big deal.
2014-08-03 00:01
i fkn love steel
2014-08-02 23:35
France rsi_rise 
2014-08-02 23:37
is that swimming pants that swag has under his jeans, lol
2014-08-02 23:43
World breezy0 
dön't knöw
2014-08-02 23:45
wish i didnt see the video, as always immature attitude and big bad words coming out out of their mouhts...
2014-08-02 23:44
Dat lag tho.
2014-08-02 23:46
inmature kid
2014-08-02 23:47
:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD lmao so immature raging on lan prayers
2014-08-02 23:49
fuuu hope u keep losing with this attitude kids
2014-08-02 23:49
best organization ever Gfailnity 3
2014-08-02 23:51
ppl saying immature, bad words...the game is 15-14, the game freezes, i would be furious too. Imagine a ref in hockey/soccer(futbol) making a bad call in a super tight game, u can sure as hell bet there are gonna be a few fuck's and rage moments going on
2014-08-02 23:52
World ggrd 
No. In all sports everyone is always extremely gracious and would never ever swear.
2014-08-02 23:54
man azk acting like a bitch got step up to dazed
2014-08-02 23:53
i will go to cologne just to put laxative in steel's drink youll really see him rage
2014-08-02 23:55
steel raging nothing new roflz
2014-08-03 00:05
2014-08-03 00:40
steel is so annoying bro
2014-08-03 00:45
deM lagzz
2014-08-03 00:57
BOT Steel a noob
2014-08-03 01:05
what did DaZeD say to AZK?
2014-08-03 01:12
you should have gone out mid you had the second best spawn, trolling, but azk can take it unlike most
2014-08-03 05:07
I don't get why this is posted on HLTV
2014-08-03 01:19
f0rest | 
Sweden Krovvy 
Seriously, what's the point of this? Maybe if they wrote a small article on server issues this video would be useful, but otherwise it's not worth posting.
2014-08-03 01:29
Reminds you of something?
2014-08-03 02:39
He's 100% correct though and those of you who think in a game for money ON LAN they wouldn't be pissed are either too dumb or too hypocritical.
2014-08-03 02:51
pasha is shocked
2014-08-03 02:51
I understand him
2014-08-03 04:03
I love when people rage in the heat of the moment. It shows their commitment and passion for what they are doing. You can see that he calms down at the end of the video, but it's perfectly understandable the way he reacted. Get_right watching all the drama in the right, made the video even better. \o/ and what's up with swag fingering the screen ? LOL
2014-08-03 04:23
Steel raging is absolutely justified, they had massive lag spikes on almost every match.
2014-08-03 07:01
worst tournament ever. Thats the reason iBP, NiP are losing.
2014-08-03 07:24
VP wondering what's going on xD
2014-08-03 08:59
2014-08-03 09:56
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