kassad to coach Wolf for ESL One

August 4th, 2014 23:55

Aleksandar "kassad" Trifunović has been hired by Indian team Wolf to help them prepare for ESL One Cologne and coach them at the $250,000 event itself.

A few weeks ago we announced that the ex-LGB slot will be redistributed to an Indian representative, while also mentioning that ESL India is looking for a coach to help the qualifier winners prepare for ESL One Cologne.

Main favorites Wolf ended up winners of India's qualifier and they have now found their coach for the next two weeks in form of Serbian retired player Aleksandar "kassad" Trifunović.

kassad will be heading to India to coach Wolf

kassad was a member of the best Balkan team in CS:GO so far, which went under various names – iNation, Refuse, GamePub – last of which saw him turn to a coaching role and help Ayush "astaRR" Deora & co. beat Astana Dragons and finish third at SLTV StarSeries VIII last December.

Since the disbandment of GamePub earlier this year he has been inactive, barring a few appearances at local tournaments with mix teams, and now he will travel to Mumbai, India where he will coach the biggest underdogs of the $250,000 tournament.

"I am glad to be somewhat back in the CS:GO scene and that I have the chance to help someone. As far as this whole project is concerned, the guys in team Wolf are very positive people and they have a lot of potential, while the people behind this whole thing are very serious and professional and I am proud to be a part of this project." – Trifunović said to HLTV.org before embarking on his trip to India

For the next two weeks Wolf will have:

India Tejas "Ace" Sawant
India Ritesh "RiTz" Shah
India Ayush "astaRR" Deora
India Jigar "sMx" Mehta
India Aakash "RiX" More

Serbia Aleksandar "kassad" Trifunović (coach)

kassad will accompany the team to Gamescom where he will continue being their coach as they attempt to upset one of the big dogs in group A - NiP, HellRaisers and Epsilon.

India Aakash 'RiX' More
Aakash 'RiX' More
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
India Ayush 'astaRR' Deora
Ayush 'astaRR' Deora
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
India Tejas 'Ace' Sawant
Tejas 'Ace' Sawant
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
India Ritesh 'RiTz' Shah
Ritesh 'RiTz' Shah
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Serbia Aleksandar 'kassad' Trifunović
Aleksandar 'kassad' Trifunović
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
India Jigar 'sMx' Mehta
Jigar 'sMx' Mehta
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Maps played:
well.. I could've saved it for a better news article, but what the hell. n1
2014-08-04 23:57
But Indian do speak English right?...Hope they will have a good language course in India...
2014-08-05 13:32
I think team wolf must've been on drugs to hire an EU player to coach, *facepalm*, should opt for an American coach.
2014-08-05 14:43
Bro, back off! don't insult our country. but nevermind, It's true that there will be many to pull you back from your achievements. and yeah, i can smell that burn.
2014-08-05 19:13
Yeah like till now we were speaking in your language here on hltv. We speak better than you but i have no hard feelings for you, you have a reason to burn my Lil Chinese guy :P
2014-08-05 20:45
LOL you Chinese guys are so retarded, Go play Fifa or mortal kombat -_- ! And i do smell burns a**hol* ! Go eat noodles with your chopsticks !
2014-08-06 06:44
already raged~~ waiting for dat 16-0
2014-08-06 18:10
This is the problem with all chineese people. Open your small eyes first :D
2014-08-13 16:49
at least we dont need foreigners to teach us how to play~~ ^ ^
2014-08-14 01:51
Europe CI<3 
2014-08-04 23:57
thought same
2014-08-05 00:22
it's time to bring ozstrik3r to coach nip I guess
2014-08-05 00:48
Europe jUN^ 
nah, fiffy is NiP's future coach ;)
2014-08-05 02:55
2014-08-05 04:00
hope he has a strong stomach
2014-08-04 23:57
2014-08-05 12:18
much better now
2014-08-04 23:58
2014-08-04 23:58
RIP Wolf
2014-08-04 23:59
Macedonia balich 
you don't even know who is kassad :/
2014-08-05 01:17
probably the worst csgo player i've ever seen, so yeah... hltv.org/?pageid=181&gameid=2 (scroll down) :PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP also: hltv.org/?pageid=247&playerid=3291&event.. OUCH
2014-08-05 06:08
Good player doesnt need to be good coach and vice versa. its a fact.
2014-08-05 06:53
sure, but kassad is just bad overall XD
2014-08-05 17:03
and you are what? GTR's big brother?
2014-08-05 20:54
man, i want to be on your side with this one but jesus, those stats are bad!
2014-08-07 02:24
you can be an amazing coach without having the hand-eye coordination etc required to be a top player.
2014-08-05 08:28
2014-08-05 12:19
Would fiff be a good coach in your opinion then lurppis?
2014-08-05 14:01
i would assume he could be. he led nip successfully for a while, and clearly has a ton of knowledge about the game (based on what i've heard him say). in fact, if he ever gets removed from nip, i suspect they will hire him as a coach, if he wants the gig.
2014-08-05 14:42
But that will probably never happen. If he would get removed, he wouldn't be going alone either.
2014-08-05 14:54
Hey lurppis, i really thought you would be the coach, considering the fan following you have in India and your friendship with ATE ppl n all.
2014-08-05 15:01
no one contacted me about coaching wolf (or any other team, for that matter). otherwise i would have looked into it on a case-by-case basis.
2014-08-05 15:05
Poland kRAMERO 
cant be worster then fifflaren
2014-08-05 16:47
unfortuneatly it's possible :O
2014-08-05 17:04
understand the meaning of coach... take for example football...you hire them for tactical knowhow rather than for their once skill level
2014-08-05 19:46
2014-08-04 23:59
inb4 they wrek the whole NA and EU cs scene lol
2014-08-04 23:59
2014-08-05 00:09
yes, they have secretly practiced against hard bots 24/7 for six months :P
2014-08-05 00:23
2014-08-05 02:07
Sweden hagge931 
Moving on to expert soon. Look out EU!
2014-08-05 13:35
They can wreck EU teams but NA teams gonna be too much for them.
2014-08-05 14:39
2014-08-05 23:23
hf :)
2014-08-05 00:00
Ukraine arch 
gl with it
2014-08-05 00:01
Slovakia uno1 
2014-08-05 00:01
2014-08-05 00:01
best move
2014-08-05 00:01
that's great news for wolf. they wont achieve much ofc but it doesnt matter.
2014-08-05 00:01
maybe they'll gather up about 4 rounds now in the whole tournament.
2014-08-05 00:02
Including warmup
2014-08-05 00:20
nice name
2014-08-05 04:01
with this change new top 1
2014-08-05 00:02
Oh boy
2014-08-05 00:03
Just realized RiTz is WCG player youtube.com/watch?v=wW9H2mSHVjw
2014-08-05 00:05
Gl hf
2014-08-05 00:06
should've got NiKo to make their AWPer a top one
2014-08-05 00:06
2014-08-05 00:08
ahaaa, kassad
2014-08-05 00:10
Sweden SLITZ 
Why are they even trying?
2014-08-05 00:12
to impress your mom, sorry no offense :D
2014-08-05 19:50
2014-08-06 06:48
2014-08-05 00:12
2014-08-05 00:14
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
2014-08-05 00:14
2014-08-05 00:15
ok worst serbian player teaching.
2014-08-05 00:16
maybe the worst player but the best leader
2014-08-05 00:25
best active igl without doubt
2014-08-05 01:43
2014-08-06 13:03
2014-08-06 19:36
Europe midi 
2014-08-05 00:16
2014-08-05 04:02
i think ur underestimating these guys :P just like u did with vox u said not more than 5 rounds almost did made it out of grps GO4INDIA !!!!!
2014-08-05 00:16
Iraq Jfm 
They lost both games?
2014-08-05 13:07
we know a bit more about vox now, we have seen a few aus teams internationally. We don't no anything about this indian team and rarely see them internationally.
2014-08-07 02:25
2014-08-05 00:17
shox | 
United Kingdom dezmondo 
to be fair nobody expected london conspiracy to do as well as they did, mouz to do as well as they did, or infused to draw with iBP and take 12 rounds off NiP at Gfinity. they will probably get destroyed, but i wont be surprised if they do better than expected also if they are serious about this and they study demos and play hard for the next 2 weeks they could cause an upset.
2014-08-05 00:22
No offence but this guy could be coached by almost every player attending this event. :D
2014-08-05 00:22
he is probably the best balkan igl
2014-08-05 01:44
lol ok
2014-08-05 00:23
One of the better coaches out there really good to see for team wolf GL bro
2014-08-05 00:24
good move, gogo kassad! :)
2014-08-05 00:25
2014-08-05 00:25
ANGE1 | 
Russia monte:) 
HLTV trolling them :D
2014-08-05 00:31
Austria db42 
rip other teams
2014-08-05 00:33
hahaha ggwp wolf take the win
2014-08-05 00:39
That's exactly what they needed, wolf to win the tournament, kassad to be on the Hall Of Fame of csgo coach. #wolfroadtocologne
2014-08-05 00:43
2014-08-05 00:43
ye, every team will now have a coach :D
2014-08-05 00:44
gl XD
2014-08-05 00:45
One suggestions for the Indian team is to not study demos of top teams they wont use strats against u guys and probably under estimate u and rush from all sides, I would suggest u guys concentrate on holding positions as T's and hitting the shots.
2014-08-05 00:49
You are right. I will tell what will happen. Almost in both the match, nip or (hr/epsilon) will win the knife round. So, they will choose ct most probably. So wolf will start as t. And however wolf try right now on strats and team play but as they are not experienced of LAN pressure and strong defense, they will not be able to stick their plan. They will start rush in each round and they will be lost. If there will be ct wolf, then as you have said it is absolutely correct that they have to be concentrated and perfect in holding positions and sites. but i doubt they could do it against top level teams and also in pressured LAN conditions.
2014-08-05 05:57
gl guys
2014-08-05 00:59
Spain akproxx 
A few weeks ago we announced that the ex-LGB slot will be redistributed to an Indian representative why
2014-08-05 00:59
good morning
2014-08-05 07:16
2014-08-05 00:59
Spain akproxx 
ass + sad? sad ass¿?¿?¿?¿? I LIKE HPPY ASS :D
2014-08-05 01:01
2014-08-05 01:05
denishit ;>
2014-08-05 01:30
gl wolf
2014-08-05 01:01
I would love if he continues coaching them even after ESL.
2014-08-05 01:02
Japan Chii 
gl but still youre not going to win one match :d
2014-08-05 01:02
We got Doctor Paul for counter strike global offensive too :))) Glad to have you sir NeBuSC2
2014-08-05 12:05
NiKo | 
Serbia NESi [w] 
2014-08-05 01:03
Good move, NiP would lose to them if not -fiffy +allu
2014-08-05 01:09
2014-08-05 01:13
Russia Ou7bReaK 
who is it
2014-08-05 01:20
Macedonia balich 
haters from hltv talk about achievements of some team who qualified for 250k tour and they are unknown
2014-08-05 01:23
if we go 1 year back, no one had coatch! why da fuck do you need it now???
2014-08-05 01:37
Better communication and better tactic initiation.
2014-08-05 01:57
2014-08-05 01:54
Poland perM 
Wolf TOP 1 now! :D
2014-08-05 02:01
did someone see them already ? are they any good ?
2014-08-05 02:07
So Wolf is up against NiP in the group stage... Only way they can even hope to get out is if HR knocks down Epsilon (makes it HR vs NiP and Epsilon vs Wolf), and even then I don't see them winning vs HR or NiP. Wolf has no hope for this tournament. I guess that it's the thought that counts. It'll at least be nice to see how the Indian scene looks internationally.
2014-08-05 02:16
Rofl..0:16all matches
2014-08-05 02:18
2014-08-05 02:18
lol someone from other team is called virtual.byaliiii
2014-08-05 08:52
Way to Go Boyz... lets do it :)
2014-08-05 02:58
FalleN | 
United States Shrikky 
I am so happy, Thanks a lot to ESL, Kassad and HLTV.... Team Wolf, you can make the difference ! Stronger India - STRONGER E-SPORTS!
2014-08-05 03:01
2014-08-05 03:17
even the tables looked like dead wood :)
2014-08-05 04:03
Check out below all these 3 pics are also from a lan tournament which happens twice a year in India 2.bp.blogspot.com/-yQXMWsHcyYU/UAZkL9qbW.. byoc.in/18/images/aboutbyoc.jpg indiaprwire.com/downloads/photo/201306/3.. Said it many times and will say it again just get f**kn over IGC it was fault of organizers and not Indian gamers so please stop judging them on the basis of that
2014-08-05 15:12
LOL ? what are you doing mate? Trying to hammer some sense into HLTV users? It aint happening bro....let them have whatever impression they have..who the fuck cares ?
2014-08-05 15:56
2014-08-06 06:52
2014-08-05 06:48
2014-08-05 03:03
Sweden Frodo Baggins 
what a waste of time
2014-08-05 03:11
Slovenia k1d89 
i think its waste of money really, the plane ticket is like 1000 dolars or something?
2014-08-05 03:21
Probably more.
2014-08-05 04:04
much more..
2014-08-05 09:12
Are they taking from your pocket? Every team struggled at some time. It just you can't give slots to one part of world. Other countries too need a chance. May be they will fail now but in future they may be called Big Dogs. Racism starts here. Would be happy if you had mature thinking. GL
2014-08-05 12:11
Slovenia k1d89 
Did i said something about racism? It's not my money either, i just made suggestion cuz kassad is really best igl on balkan currectly, but that much money for some coaching in CS is too much. I respect India as country and I'm glad to see some new teams making step to top, but ur post is absolute shit, u offenced me without reason, cuz ur are angry on me, i dont see reason for that. Coaching this team with kassad will cost India ESL about 3000 euros, its not precise i dont know really i just guessing, its better to organise some tournament in India with that price fond. But no matter good luck on ESL...
2014-08-05 19:17
I'm supporting you on this. That silverx dude is an idiot.
2014-08-06 02:32
'i think its waste of money really, the plane ticket is like 1000 dolars or something?'What you man by this?
2014-08-07 21:32
2014-08-07 21:33
Slovenia k1d89 
Like i said in previous post i think hiring kassad is waste of money cuz spending that much money for coach in csgo is a stupid thing atleast by me. It's better to invest in higher tournaments in India with higher price pool that CSGO would become popular there. But everyone have their thoughts on this, so its just the way im thinking of, there is no need to insult me...
2014-08-07 21:50
Don't bother to watch Wolf's match please. We don't mind having some less viewers.
2014-08-05 12:08
ANGE1 | 
Russia monte:) 
Free frags for Fifflaren!
2014-08-05 04:06
2014-08-05 07:10
2014-08-06 16:00
kassad, one of the best igl. Hope to see some positive impact. Gl mote and co.
2014-08-05 04:37
best of luck to them! such a tough group though
2014-08-05 05:16
can't wait to watch the Indian strats. \o/
2014-08-05 06:00
ok gl wolf living our dream, do not spoil it.
2014-08-05 06:06
Wolf OP!
2014-08-05 06:19
Gooo Wolf
2014-08-05 06:54
Any chance to meet kassad and the whole team. I'm in Mumbai for a week at least.
2014-08-05 08:43
they are off for germany :)
2014-08-06 06:50
Oh! I thought since Kassad is in Mumbai, they might bootcamp here. Anyway, Good luck to the team.
2014-08-06 10:12
FalleN | 
Vietnam NoMEz 
2014-08-05 08:55
hahaha D:D:D
2014-08-05 09:33
United States Eneoji 
wolf will go undefeated in group kappa
2014-08-05 09:37
nty still suck
2014-08-05 09:54
wolf to win it all
2014-08-05 10:13
2014-08-05 10:28
They are going to win
2014-08-05 11:04
yes 2 rounds
2014-08-05 22:49
something is not fucking right :///////
2014-08-05 11:46
go wolf pro :p
2014-08-05 12:37
Spain akproxx 
best nick for your comment xD
2014-08-05 12:53
Spain akproxx 
2014-08-05 12:53
Even though it's a really hard chance that you guys will get through, but at the end, the exposure is always positive for the Indian gaming community.
2014-08-05 13:30
you don't have to be a sick player to be a sick coach jesus the kids don't understand
2014-08-05 16:59
I wish the best luck to india :)
2014-08-05 17:41
2014-08-05 19:11
I'm watching to much kids posting in this site recently...
2014-08-05 19:17
hoping to see some close matches Team wolf GL!!
2014-08-05 19:51
1st coach for indian gaming team??
2014-08-05 19:54
yea i guess
2014-08-06 06:49
Good to see that they take it very seriously but they should've hired Van Gaal instead.
2014-08-05 19:55
He izz too busy with united pre season :D Liverpool and Madrid Rekt :)
2014-08-06 07:05
Where's iBRA?
2014-08-05 23:19
Tejas "Ace" Sawant = iBRA
2014-08-05 23:26
GL Wolf!
2014-08-05 23:25
i know Ace great player!!!!
2014-08-06 00:51
India pfx 
2014-08-06 12:40
please cum again
2014-08-06 16:05
So many people out there just laughing on them, no life, wasting time on comments related arguments. They are playing ESL One Cologne, no matter win or lose, they made it till their and earned respect and negative fucktards like you are just sitting on your computers wasting time and money. Passing comments is easy, having talent to go their is not. So it would be better if you improve your game than laughing on others. GL HF :)
2014-08-06 19:06
2014-08-07 03:15
nice story bro
2014-08-07 14:50
2014-08-07 22:01
2014-08-07 21:33
ez for mts
2014-08-07 22:07
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