GuardiaN: "New maps will be played"

Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács talked to about their convincing Copenhagen Wolves win, as well as the new maps in a short interview.

Natus Vincere's first and only match on day one was another one-sided faceoff, as Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács and company came out victorious after a 16-6 scoreline on de_inferno. We've talked to GuardiaN in the following interview:

You've just come off of a convincing win against Copenhagen Wolves, what can you say about the match?

Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács: "We were well prepared for this game, so everything went our way. The difference on CT side was perfect for us, even though we lost like three rounds, one of them was stupid."

What do you think about the Copenhagen Wolves and London Conspiracy match, who do you think will come out on top? 

Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács: "Well, we will see. It was like two easy wins for the favourites of the group, if you can say it like this. So it will probably be a close match."

You seem like one of the teams that want to play the new maps, or at least one of them, how much do you think they're going to be played? Do you think we will see them in the playoffs?

Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács: "As far as I know, every single team is playing new maps, but it's different, some are playing Overpass, some are playing Cobblestone. I think it will be played, but it depends on the system of shuffling the maps. I think all teams will pick their maps and then if the system will choose one of the maps, then it will be played."

Do you still stick to banning de_nuke?

Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács: "Yes, we ban nuke, all the time."

Next up will be an interview with either London Conspiracy or Copenhagen Wolves, who are now fighting for survival.

Slovakia Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács
Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács
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GuardiaN WOOOO
2014-08-14 13:23
2014-08-14 13:23
good call
2014-08-14 13:24
16-6 ?*
2014-08-14 13:26
Yeah, ban nuke, worst map
2014-08-14 13:28
2014-08-14 13:31
cobblestone > nuke
2014-08-14 13:32
Cant understand why they wont practice nuke :( They have an amazing AWPer for T side entry frags and ofc for yard/ramp defense. Stupid if you ask me. Anyway GL NaVi!!! <3 GuardiaN
2014-08-14 13:36
Totally agree
2014-08-14 14:08
nuke = one sided map, so the starting side will matter the most,so it gives more chance to randomness of the outcome of the match. The side who starts CT will have a psychological advantage if they are up 12-3/11-4. They've got to ban 1 map, so why not ban the map who will give u the outcome based on a knife round? EDIT: and also, if u start CT, and u have a bad CT side, the chance to get back on T side of nuke is rather tiny. That's why they rather play balanced maps, where even if u play bad on the "easy" side, u can still make it up.
2014-08-14 14:19
Well a lot depends of the pistol round also and these rounds much more balanced than the gun rounds. Just saying they could be very good at the map if they put some time in it.
2014-08-14 15:25
Estonia 2026 
Did you even see Na`Vi on train in 1.6? Heavily CT sided there and it was probably their best map. That's not the reason. Zeus just dislikes the map, I'm pretty sure.
2014-08-14 16:08
I was thinking of that too, no idea why .
2014-08-14 21:59
Na Vi used to ban nuke in 1.6 too LEL.
2014-08-14 13:44
They don't wanna get Nuked that's why XD
2014-08-14 14:22
Damn son :D
2014-08-14 17:07
haha lost only 3 rounds and one stupid xD he should add "but without our luck the score should be 8-7 after first half" xD
2014-08-14 13:45
They might have won some closely, but the ones they lost were also very close. Both times they won a round on A it was because Edward pushed and died, and they only lost 1 round on B.
2014-08-14 13:49
they cant play nuke but can play overpass and cobblestone... -.-' and cmon... de_train again please
2014-08-14 13:45
Na`Vi never like to play nuke, even in 1.6. Btw 1:7
2014-08-14 13:49
2014-08-14 13:51
i know this even before then you, the point is that they can play shitty maps and cant play the good one.... btw, how many WC serbia have won ? :D
2014-08-14 13:55
I doubt. Enough to not lose on home ground 1:7 :D
2014-08-14 14:00
no wc'ship and was out of 2010 in group stages, what moral do u have to say this ?
2014-08-14 14:02
dude 1:7 is 1:7. you cant win this
2014-08-14 14:09
still 5-0 for u and the guy above
2014-08-14 14:13
Still 1-7
2014-08-14 14:40
9-44 never forget no WC never will have thanks
2014-08-14 14:47
who even plays nuke lol
2014-08-14 13:47
cobblestone is nice map tho :)
2014-08-14 13:48
Shit map.
2014-08-14 13:56
your opinion is so boring to watch 10years all the same maps, so :)
2014-08-14 13:57
I like new maps. Like cache or season, but cobblestone shit map
2014-08-14 14:07
yea season is nice to :) to bad we dont have that on MM :)
2014-08-14 14:09
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
so lets watch a 15 year old map, okay
2014-08-14 14:19
in Bo3 then navi ban nuke, new maps most likely to be played ;)
2014-08-14 13:57
would love to see overpass and cobblestone. overpass more then anything else! really great map now!
2014-08-14 14:00
As a big fan of Natus Vincere (since 2k10) I assume that they ban nuke, because of Swedes and their domination on this map. I remember, when Zeus recommended to another team from Commonwealth of Independent States DO NOT PLAY NUKE VS fnatic/SK-Gaming and they answered on Zeus recommendation - we prepared this map, so we are ready. After that they got raped 16:1 on de_nuke from fnatic/SK-Gaming. Moreover, I think that their style of playing and in-game leader thinking are not just good for nuke.
2014-08-14 14:03
navi is dodgin nuke cus it reminds them of Chernobyl
2014-08-14 14:12
Yeah thats why they play cache
2014-08-14 14:33
Australia od1n 
what ever happened to nix0ns video interviews
2014-08-14 14:18
their nuke pics have been leaked, they will be playing nuke
2014-08-14 14:54
shaGuar | 
United States brieN 
cant believe they have to play maps like overpass and cbble. last time i heard cbble in 1.6 was 2002. sucks for players to have to play crap maps
2014-08-14 16:40
2014-08-14 23:16
2014-08-15 08:41
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