Nico: "I feel confident with AWP"

Nicolaj "Nico" Jensen is next on the list of interviews with thoughts on their matches with Natus Vincere, London Conspiracy and their lack of practice.

Copenhagen Wolves started off with a 6-16 loss on de_inferno with Natus Vincere, but then played London Conspiracy on de_cache and managed to get out alive with sights on the loser of Na`Vi-LDLC.

We caught Nicolaj "Nico" Jensen to talk to about both of the matches and the practice on both the old and new maps:

You just finished your match against London Conspiracy after you lost to Na`Vi, can you tell us about both of the matches?

Denmark Nicolaj "Nico" Jensen: "The first game versus Na`Vi - we came off to a bad start, losing the gunrounds as Terrorists, but I believe we had many rounds that we could've gotten with a bit more practice. Eventually we lost because we didn't have enough practice to get clear on what we're gonna do when we get the site. We got the site easy as Terrorists I believe, so we couldn't really execute holding the site. 

London Conspiracy - we played cache against them, not really something we had planned, but it worked out well. We played our part and got the game."

Speaking about practice, there are seven maps and if you're going to get to the playoffs you have to be prepared on six, so how are you with the new ones?

Denmark Nicolaj "Nico" Jensen: "I think we're pretty comfortable with the new maps, the problem was more that we had to practice the old maps and the new maps in eight days as a team, and that's not really something you wanna do. With the old maps, eight days is a hell of a little amount of time, but we're okay with the new maps."

Do you think they're even going to be played? Do you think teams will want to play them or just wish to random their way out of it?

Denmark Nicolaj "Nico" Jensen "I think it will be randomly selected in some games, definitely. I think some teams are more comfortable with the maps than others, but it's definitely gonna be played with the random selection."

As the last question, how do you feel with the AWP?

Denmark Nicolaj "Nico" Jensen: "I feel good really, against Na`Vi it wasn't really good, but I feel confident and we'll see tomorrow how it goes. I feel really confident."

Teams from group C are now getting prepared for their initial matches, expect more of these quick interviews with some of them as well.

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No offense, but even if it's just sound / something to listen, even with lower quality.. Would prefer that to reading all the time. We are badly accostumed :)
2014-08-14 14:21
Me too! Wheres the cameramannnn
2014-08-14 14:39
2014-08-14 14:21
2014-08-14 14:52
Hong Kong Z23 
Nice to see Nico back
2014-08-14 14:24
"As the last question, how do you fell with the AWP?"
2014-08-14 14:24
Finland S M 
Dem Fells....
2014-08-14 14:27
16-7, 16-1, 16-4, 16-6, 16-2, 16-5 All games are so one sided :/
2014-08-14 14:30
bo1 games, it's called momentum.
2014-08-14 14:31
wait for iBP vs fnatic..
2014-08-14 14:41
I hope it wont end 16-3
2014-08-14 14:57
Yeah, 16-7
2014-08-14 15:47
w8 for dAT vs VP
2014-08-14 15:06
16-7 xD
2014-08-14 15:23
okay,i was wrong)
2014-08-14 15:39
Nico, don't forget to rename you awp maaaan ;]
2014-08-14 14:35
ketchup | 
Belgium fRe2k 
"against Na`Vi it wasn't really good", self-knowledge +1
2014-08-14 14:39
Nico: "I feel confident with AWP" Was never once said LOLOLOL So bad
2014-08-14 14:43
This has happened so many times... poor quality
2014-08-14 20:47
Definitely top5/10 awper.
2014-08-14 14:55
why no video?
2014-08-14 15:31
2014-08-14 20:50
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