TaZ: "We feel confident on overpass"

Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas answered a few questions about the inaugural de_overpass match with dAT, as well as the map itself.

Virtus.pro were trailing in their de_overpass match against dAT as Counter-Terrorists, but soon after turned it around and came out on top 16-7. Virtus.pro's Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas gave us some thoughts about the game and de_overpass.

We have just witnessed the first ever official overpass match, can you tell us about the game?

Poland Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas: "I think that overall as for us it went pretty messy, as our first game, and I hope we're going to play better. When it comes to the maps, I think that all of us really like the new maps and we feel pretty confident on overpass. I think if we will play one more game we will feel on it like on cache or mirage."

What do you think about the map itself, have you noticed any bugs, anything to exploit or what would mess up the competitivness of the map? 

Poland Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas: "At the moment I have not, I have not noticed any kind of bugs which teams could use or we could use to destroy the competitivness of the map, the map is neat and at the moment every one of us enjoys playing it."

How many times have you played it in practice?

Poland Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas: "It was just a regular rotation for us, when we like the map we play it often, we played cobble a couple of times, if not more than ten times. A lot, because you need to learn how the timings work, all the smokes, nades, fakes, overall we played it a lot."

You're going to face fnatic in the upper bracket final, what do you think about the match? Do you think you will play one of the new maps again?

Poland Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas: "I'm sure that we will play one of the new maps, I kinda know what maps we are going to play, I know what fnatic will veto, but I will leave it for them to decide in the end. For us I think it's a better fit to play against fnatic than iBUYPOWER, because we lost to them. Maybe next time, hopefully we will play them next tournament and tomorrow we will beat fnatic."

Coming up is an interview with Robin "flusha" Rönnquist, who will be playing against Virtus.pro tomorrow, after a premiere on de_cobblestone with iBUYPOWER.

Poland Wiktor 'TaZ' Wojtas
Wiktor 'TaZ' Wojtas
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lamp | 
Russia lamp` 
2014-08-14 16:26
lol i see it now
2014-08-14 16:28
the first answer...
2014-08-14 16:29
Denmark LnDcsgo 
fail. Post edited 2014-08-14 16:28:05
2014-08-14 16:37
2014-08-14 16:27
gj taz
2014-08-14 16:27
Summer | 
Korea dafNaY 
VP looking strong for this tournament O:
2014-08-14 16:28
Sweden sebb7 
a confident TaZ, fnatic will have a hard time tomorrow and so will anyone else facing them. I would like to see iBP, fnatic and VP in bo3s but that's impossibru :(
2014-08-14 16:28
Kind of looking forward to seeing overpass in action. Not such a huge fan of cbble so far.
2014-08-14 16:32
I kinda enjoyed watching cobble more than overpass, but I guess it's only coz I've never seen Overpass before, gotta learn all the places
2014-08-14 16:52
I did not actually get to watch the VP v dat match, unfortunately. But, from my experience of playing in publics, I prefer overpass over cbble. Though, being fair, I have not given either map a real chance.
2014-08-14 17:03
I've checked out Overpass yesterday on an offline server and I noticed alot of cool boosting possibilities, especially with an awp. Surprised that I haven't seen any of them being used so far ;)
2014-08-14 17:14
I prefer overpass because it seems to be far more streamlined and there is a real flow to it. Cbble simply has way too many corners, as #14 pointed out down below.
2014-08-14 17:29
Well, I've only played cobble a few times on public and I didn't like it tbh and didn't even imagine this map to be played competetively, but I'm really positively surprised so far. Will see how it works out.
2014-08-14 17:17
Meh, I thought the exact opposite... I actually quite enjoyed cbble in 1.6, but I really do not like it too much in GO. I suppose I could actually play a couple of games on it to see how it pans out in a proper match, but oh well cba!
2014-08-14 17:31
Vp looked pretty strong. I expected a more shaky start, will see how they perform tomorrow;)
2014-08-14 16:53
Switzerland BVz 
wait for NaVi, they will kick your ass on this shitty map
2014-08-14 17:07
low b8
2014-08-14 20:45
Cobblestone was horrible to watch. Not a single bomb plant before the timer almost runs out. Every round you just watch players running through the empty map and checking empty corners then gather and choke while trying to take a site.
2014-08-14 17:12
2014-08-14 17:17
United Kingdom peaks 
noticed a lot of boosting in this match...some of the walls are a bit low :P
2014-08-14 17:15
That's a cool thing when map allows you to do so. :D
2014-08-14 17:32
i like overpass, but i cant say the same about cobblestone - even castle is way better than cobblestone
2014-08-14 20:32
i definitely have confidence in fnatic, virtus.pro and dignitas in this tournament - i reckon one of them will win this.
2014-08-14 20:48
gg wp
2014-08-14 23:16
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