shox: "We are efficient versus NiP"

Epsilon's new in-game leader, Richard "shox" Papillon, talked to us about their de_cobblestone win versus NiP in the following interview.

NiP and Epsilon got cobblestone as the random pick in the match for first place in group A and with Fabien "kioShiMa" Fiey on the helm of the attack, the Frenchmen got a solid 9-6 lead as Terrorists.

They didn't leave NiP much room to breathe as Counter-Terrorists, as they got seven straight rounds, which included a knife kill by Joey "fxy0" Schlosser. We talked to Richard "shox" Papillon about the match and the fact he took over the leading role after Gfinity.

Epsilon just beat NiP to top group A, kioShiMa obviously made it easier for you, but can you tell us about your thinking on the T side?

France Richard "shox" Papillon: "The fact is, I think we are really efficient when we play versus HellRaisers and NiP because of their gamestyle, I mean we really love playing against teams like this. We analyzed their defence and they didn't change it, so we managed to get a few rounds, because I think on this game we adapted our game more than them."

Can you tell us what happened in the anti-eco, where Fifflaren ended up in a 1v2 with the bomb?

France Richard "shox" Papillon: "We knew he had the bomb, me and fxy0 were on B, and he decided to go link. We waited, he planted the bomb, and I said to fxy0: "Let's go on the left side", because I knew he didn't have a weapon and if we play by this side, he can't really manage to get two kills. At least one and we get the revenge, so we did it like this and we got into the site, I smoked the bomb and defused it."

We've all seen the knife kill, how do you think fxy0 played that round?

France Richard "shox" Papillon: "We told him directly that you can't do that, it's not fair play, and we hate that. We told him in-game and then we had to stay focused of course, and we told him after the match. I mean, we all have respect between every teams and every players. For two reasons, you never do that again, because one the match is never over, so you don't have to bring a knife like this because you're happy or whatever, the game can always turn around. Moreover the fact is, as I said, it's disrespectful. Anyway, we told him and I don't want to see it again."

I noticed you were sitting in the middle, are you calling now?

France Richard "shox" Papillon: "Yeah, I'm calling. The fact is, I used to help GMX in the lead really often, and after Gfinity I said okay, I take it completely, that's better for the team."

Were you surprised at all that NiP wanted to play cobblestone, because it's a really open map and you have two good AWPs, which puts you on an advantage?

France Richard "shox" Papillon: "Not really, we knew they fear us on inferno and they really don't like mirage, so we knew their bans. I think they knew our bans also, so it was between cache, dust2 and cobble."

NiP and HellRaisers are now playing for second place in group A, we will most likely pick one of the members to share their thoughts about the match and more.

France Richard 'shox' Papillon
Richard 'shox' Papillon
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France Joey 'fxy0' Schlosser
Joey 'fxy0' Schlosser
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France Fabien 'kioShiMa' Fiey
Fabien 'kioShiMa' Fiey
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tarik | 
Yugoslavia bleaq 
shox top igl world
2014-08-15 11:14
2014-08-15 11:45
shox | 
Canada dB- 
shox top igl world, shox top aim world, shox top clutch world shox top player world
2014-08-15 15:43
2014-08-15 11:14
2014-08-15 11:14
2014-08-15 13:37
"We are efficient versus NiP" Yeah, on beta maps...
2014-08-15 11:15
dust 2 gfinity
2014-08-15 11:20
...and a lot of other maps.
2014-08-15 11:20
cmon swed, take it easy
2014-08-15 13:22
Really clear that NIP are not in tournament winning shape here, even if they manage to get out of groups over HR. they are probably 10% better than what they were at G3. Epsilon will move on ... but will most likely be pummeled in quarters by VP/Titan/fnatic/Dig .. just like at G3. They just have psychological edge over NIP and HR at the moment. In a way this is the best group draw that they could have hoped for. They recently crushed HR 16-0 and had a huge comeback win over NIP at G3. Taking nothing away from Shox and co .. they simply out-thought(?) and out-aimed NIP in long range duals at cbblestone. Well thought out map choice by Epsilon I must say. NIP on the other hand is just horrendous at choosing maps.
2014-08-15 11:16
You're retarded m8.
2014-08-15 12:14
indian, nuff said
2014-08-15 12:20
1. dont generalize everyone based on 1 opinion 2. if any of you have a argument here then you are most welcome to lay it out here If not, lets talk after quarter/semis.
2014-08-15 12:34
Nip never plays good in groups, they will go to finals man
2014-08-15 14:20
Yep they play better on finals Kappa
2014-08-15 15:47
Historically they are better at playoffs and finals. Bo3s.
2014-08-15 15:54
fingers crossed for NIP,honestly though others teams (VP/fnatic/C9) are playing with such intensity it seems highly unlikely
2014-08-15 18:50
Actually knife someone in the game is no more disrespectful and you can see a lot of players doing it , not in the way to troll them .But in the way it gaves you more Money . So he should be aware of it !
2014-08-15 11:17
i guess you could say that fxyo wasn't thinking about the money situation but was doing it to be cheeky - in the team's point-of-view, he probably could have just killed all three. disrespectful or not, i personally don't think he should be doing it. :)
2014-08-15 11:22
2014-08-15 12:01
fxyO is someone who is really in money rules stuff and strat . He plays for the team and not making crazy stuff with awp . Thats why he is so regular and consistent . i doubt he did it to troll ; Its exactly why we use pump or P90 on source or 1.6 it was so bad manner ? you knife its cool thats all . WP to him he gains more money
2014-08-15 12:32
p90 was a bad manner on 1.6 and source? Wasn't it just bad?
2014-08-15 15:49
I don't think this knife was disrespectful. It's not like it was a 4v1 situation and they run on him with their knife. He did 2 kills, maybe he would have done only 1 with his m4..
2014-08-15 11:22
France Wyrd 
Actually I think he would have done 3 kills if he hadn't used his knife, considering where he was at this moment. By switching back to his weapon he lost some time.
2014-08-15 11:25
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
2 good arguments for doing that : 1. He saw 4 people, he couldn't have sprayed and killed them all with only a famas... 25 bullets only. Even with the famas 3rd frag would have been really hard. 2. AWP Monies
2014-08-15 11:30
gj EPSILON. gl in PO:)
2014-08-15 11:31
Germany Dok1 
I don't think it's disrespectful, it's part of the game and it's mind games that can make you stronger and weaken the enemy because he's in shame :D
2014-08-15 11:32
Estonia Mäu 
And that is why you are not a pro with that mind set. Most teams like to play a fair and respectful game, not shame their opponents any way possible.
2014-08-15 11:45
Germany Dok1 
lol if you're mad at that after the game is done then you're not supposed to be a pro. You need to be able to differentiate what happens ingame and outside of the game.
2014-08-15 11:49
Estonia Mäu 
It's not about being mad after the game, he probably wasn't. It's about being respectful person.
2014-08-15 11:56
Getting 1500$ is not disrespectful, it's smart. The weapons are there for people to use, they're not for decoration.
2014-08-15 12:02
How is using knife disrespectful in anyway? Its just an aspect of the game, even give you more reward for doing it.
2014-08-15 12:03
im pretty sure you've never seen the nip crouch walking baretta play. or disrespect the 3rd rate team with 5 negevs while on 14-0.
2014-08-15 11:54
+1 Save the human race.
2014-08-15 12:02
Not necessarily disrespectful, just having some fun. Beatinging someone that hard gets boring after 6-7 rounds.
2014-08-15 12:03
its not. thats my point. knifing is also not disrespectful, even if it is fuck it. the only way you can criticize the knife that he could ve make them lose the round, but thats it. im pretty ure he wouldnt ve done it if he had a m4a4.
2014-08-15 12:05
Yeah, I said the same thing @ #32. It was risky but paid off, this time.
2014-08-15 12:07
Estonia Mäu 
And this mindset is why none of you will ever play on their level, cheers ;)
2014-08-15 12:51
Hvid | 
Sweden poppe- 
autosniper is disrespect imo
2014-08-15 12:38
"knife kill is disrespectful"
2014-08-15 11:39
There's a reason u get 1500 for a knife kill
2014-08-15 11:43
Cuz you have to be damn disrespectful and greedy to get it?
2014-08-15 23:11
Well played shoxie, very well done.
2014-08-15 11:46
knife is not disrespectful lmao, well played to fxyo.
2014-08-15 11:48
There's nothing disrespectful about knifing. If it had 300$ money bonus then maybe. As it is, knifing Fifflaren is the best thing fxy0 could've done. It's weird Fifflaren didn't hear him jumping down onto the box behind him.
2014-08-15 11:52
lol fxy0 just wanted 1500$ :(
2014-08-15 11:54
World wez- 
shox = best player in the world.
2014-08-15 12:01
shoxie you are dumb as fuck, knife kill get you $1500. Why wouldnt you want to do it, if you have the opportunity to? And what fxy0 did in that situation has no harm whatsoever, even saved him more bullets. He even could get traded right after if he had shot fifflaren since the famas bring more noise.
2014-08-15 12:01
It's because he could've lost them the round. It was a risky move. It paid off this time, but it could've gone to hell.
2014-08-15 12:06
Did you even watch that situation lol?
2014-08-15 12:08
Yes, I did. If the T's had reacted faster, he would've been dead.
2014-08-15 12:09
Thats the point, he made no noise by killing fiff with the knife. Thats why he had better chance to get 1 more kill right after. If he used his famas, the 2 t guys could hear it and turned around immediately.
2014-08-15 12:11
method | 
United States f0xes` 
He made noise coming down the ladder onto the box. Had Fiffy turned around and killed him going for the knife the round and subsequently afterwards, the match, could have gone in a different direction. The point is, why risk going for a knife and more money, when you can just win the match outright without trying to be cheeky. That's what shox is trying to say.
2014-08-15 21:26
typical casual american no wonder why your scene is so bad
2014-08-15 12:11
good point
2014-08-15 12:12
whoaaa not everyone agrees with this guy xD
2014-08-15 12:13
safed more bullets ? lol what an argument...its not about the money..its about the risk that he throw the round away and the game are dumb as f..k
2014-08-15 12:19
France JPK_ 
"so you don't have to bring a knife like this because you're happy or whatever", i think shox knows the mood the team was in and that it was a bit of euphoria from fxy0. I dont totally disagree with shoxie, even if it was awesome :D
2014-08-15 12:05
in a non-pro setting the knife makes sense for numerous reasons. but i agreee with shox show some respect
2014-08-15 12:08
Knife kill disrespectful? Weird thing to think. Great for viewers, bonus cash, demoralise opponent. Obviously only go for it if you have a good chance of succeeding. Nothing more awkward than a failed knife kill, then losing the round or something.
2014-08-15 12:11
shox is classy much respect
2014-08-15 12:11
I think the knife was awesome, fxy0 for life
2014-08-15 12:14
shox is a fucking retard, everyone does cut, its not disrespectful...
2014-08-15 12:14
you are a retard man, its not about the money or disrespect in first place..its about the risk that he throw the round away and the game turns
2014-08-15 12:20
do you even read? "it's not fair play" So stfu fanboy, he speaks about respect and he is wrong. cu
2014-08-15 12:32
"For two reasons, you never do that again, because one the match is never over, so you don't have to bring a knife like this because you're happy or whatever, the game can always turn around" do you even read ? so stfu retard. cu
2014-08-15 12:36
yes, some im right when i say he is wrong about disrespect. Where do you come from? poland? so retarded
2014-08-15 12:38
he isnt wrong, its his opinion about that, but in first place its about the risk that he fails it and the game turns around thats why he doesnt liked it...but you are 9 yrs old to write things like "Where do you come from? poland? so retarded"... grow up retard...
2014-08-15 12:42
Yeah because demoralizing the other team is a bad thing..... /s
2014-08-15 12:14
lol @ people saying $1500 is something to go for... It's MUCH more beneficial for him to kill 3 players rather than get only the two. By knifing the first player he wasted a good 1-2 seconds where he could've killed a 3rd player had he used his rifle. Killing that 3rd player carrying $4500 worth of gear is so much more important than getting yourself $1500
2014-08-15 12:14
knife kills are part of a game. Snax is disrespectful? I don't think so
2014-08-15 12:14
I think fxy0 was joking around saying he will knife one them. Shoxie was not happy because of the risk. It's not really disrespecting to get a knife kill.
2014-08-15 12:17
Finland teco 
source is more tactical
2014-08-15 12:51
shox so strong
2014-08-15 13:19
Just the fact that he actually told fx that it is disrespectful and we don't do that. He was a great player before, but now he's superb in my eyes and I've full respect for him as a leader.
2014-08-15 13:28
shox IGL that's the revolution
2014-08-15 14:29
Serbia krco 
2014-08-15 15:50
Venezuela xoile 
-Anyway, we told him and I don't want to see it again- he is mad :O
2014-08-15 16:01
I dont really see why they got mad, in CSGO you get alot of money for a knife kill and it could benefit the team:P?
2014-08-15 17:47
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