Video: pasha vs. LDLC

Our next highlight from ESL One Cologne day three is an impressive ace from's sniper, Jarosław "pasha" Jarząbkowski.

The Polish giants have been denied the chance to defend their Katowice title and win back-to-back majors after being eliminated in the quarter-finals at the hands of

On de_dust2, a map where LDLC ran out 16-14 winners, Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski had this amazing round on the CT side where he gets four kills the AWP before capping it off with a CZ75 frag.

Highlight info

Player: Poland Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski
Match: France LDLC vs. Poland
Final result: 16:14 (8:7; 8:7)
Match date: 16.08.2014
Map: de_dust2
Event: ESL One Cologne 2014
Weapon: AWP Asiimov / CZ75-Auto Crimson Web
Action situation: down 3-5

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Poland Jarosław 'pashaBiceps' Jarząbkowski
Jarosław 'pashaBiceps' Jarząbkowski
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good 1
2014-08-17 00:39
Hungary lemusz 
I <3 u Pasha
2014-08-17 00:39
2014-08-17 00:40
no more biceps, esl is over for me :(
2014-08-17 00:41
Sweden sebb7 
biceps is always with you. <3
2014-08-17 00:43
biceps is always with you.
2014-08-17 15:26
very nice, too bad his team couldn't match his pace.
2014-08-17 00:53
good as always :D
2014-08-17 01:13
pasha should play awp more often
2014-08-17 01:16
Just from watching this highlight, you can tell how disorganized VP was this touranment
2014-08-17 01:17
Lack of practice. They made huge mistage IMO - too long vacation, before EMS, they should go on vacation after this event, not before but its just mine opinion ^^
2014-08-17 01:45
goddamn that gay ass music every fucking time
2014-08-17 01:18
pasha 2 stronk
2014-08-17 01:57
it was amazing to watch it live
2014-08-17 02:04
Pasha was the only VP player playing today
2014-08-17 02:10
+4124215123512567474 :) One player is not enough Still impressing performance by Jarek
2014-08-17 02:24
kNgV- | 
Japan kayenji 
pasha monster! <3
2014-08-17 04:25
Poland sajlent 
ehhh in that match only pasha and taz were really on point... I was hoping to see VP vs. NiP in semis :(
2014-08-17 04:38
That would be extremely boring, we had that for a year now.
2014-08-17 07:53
Spain YankoFarelli 
first frag is.. just amazing
2014-08-17 06:41
most boring ace ever :D but wp
2014-08-17 11:23
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