New records set during Cologne final

Concurrent viewers and players records have been broken during ESL One Cologne final between NiP and fnatic, the new records are now set at 409,368 viewers and 277,192 players.

Records have been broken on the first day of ESL One Cologne already, and the viewers' peak rose during day three again, specifically during Cloud9's quarter-final with NiP, as well as later on in the NiP-fnatic grand final.

Cloud9 beat the record for the second time before the final

During map three of the grand final, the number of concurrent viewers rose all the way up to a whopping 409,368, while the concurrent players record is currently sitting at 277,192.

Cloud9's quarter-final with NiP set the viewership record at 320,135 previously, which means the grand final broke the record by 89,233 at the end of map three, de_inferno.

Poland aeles 
2014-08-18 14:26
World 01337 
Each day we grow stronger.
2014-08-18 14:27
read that with the terrorist in-game voice please
2014-08-18 14:28
hahhaha, n1nn1n1 :D :D
2014-08-18 14:33
The world is ours.
2014-08-18 14:50
Scrawny little birds, just feathers and bones.
2014-08-18 15:17
We fight as men!
2014-08-18 20:59
Jess my friends Jess!!!
2014-08-18 16:36
2014-08-18 21:43
Taiwan SCVready 
We will make them cry
2014-08-18 18:34
run little girls, run!
2014-08-18 19:00
In position
2014-08-18 20:55
2014-08-19 00:05
there, they are
2014-08-19 00:07
We gave them a spanking!
2014-08-19 10:00
2014-08-18 15:08
2014-08-18 15:52
France FuryO 
Need More ! :)
2014-08-18 14:27
next big event atleast 500'000 or riot!
2014-08-18 14:27
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Riot's next big event will have over 500k
2014-08-18 17:11
i see what you did there
2014-08-18 21:59
2014-08-18 17:33
Portugal krypz0n 
2014-08-18 14:28
;) x
2014-08-18 14:28
very n1
2014-08-18 14:28
2014-08-18 14:31
Now I hope valve announces DHW or whatever next tourney they will find as soon as possible. It's so important, imo.
2014-08-18 14:29
Ye.... We need to know the map-pool really quick. Now it's time to host in NA :)
2014-08-18 14:32
host in na :D than better host in irak.
2014-08-18 14:34
2014-08-18 14:35
It'll be another ESEA with NA teams dominating, just like Katowice/Kiev. I'd like too see a tourney in SG/HK/China, etc.
2014-08-18 14:54
u cant host a tournament in NA just because 2 teams play there. Only way would be if Valve helped with travel expenses.
2014-08-18 18:23
VALVE thinks on having an event like The International with CSGO, if that happens, that huge event will be made in NA :) So for now let the europe thrive in those massive events :)
2014-08-18 21:13
DHW was announced 2 years ago, but i guess you meant next 250k tournament? :P
2014-08-18 14:57
find should be fund*, so yes :)
2014-08-18 14:58
I think the teams know. Do you remember the interview with someone from hellraisers in june or smth. he already manetioned it there
2014-08-18 15:09
ah yeah, that's true, but don't you think it would add motivation for new players? I'm just a casual viewer who play like 3-4 MM games a week, but for someone young or a new team knowing the future holds 250k tourneys would be good, no? :)
2014-08-18 15:47
Can we copy and paste every "CS:GO will die within a year" comment in here please.
2014-08-18 14:30
I'm almost tempted to dig through hltv and find those...
2014-08-18 14:43
You can find some funny stuff in old HLTV news items. As if you needed more proof that roman was 100% retarded. HLTV users explaining how CS:GO was going to die and how all 1.6 players that were switching were 'traitors'. Also lurppis explains that CS:GO will never be bigger than 1.6 in the comments. 10/10
2014-08-18 17:57
ROFL @ Alex Garfield what a retarded cocksucker
2014-08-18 20:48
"cs:go will combine 1.6, cs:s, cod and bf3? big words backing a game that still has less players than cs 1.6 ( source: )" Written by the man himself: Lurppis. ;)
2014-08-18 18:56
haha, I stumbled upon that too - made me cringe
2014-08-18 19:09
To be fair, no one suspected that valve would add skins and throw community funded tournaments. Or that every existing tournament/league would drop both source and 1.6, forcing us all to switch.
2014-08-18 21:03
Agree on that, but I agree with valves decision too, to make one counter-strike game as a competitive and others to play for fun. At the begining CSGO was bad, but weekly updates made it playable, now it's not perfect yet, but it's way better then was and I actually enjoy playing it. If valve will not stop updating it, starts looking more towards pro players and community about changes which have to be made, we will have a great game. U can't expect something great at the begining. For example try baking cake for the 1st time and how good u think it will be ? :)
2014-08-18 21:24
The problem now is they are making all their money off the casual community, so they cater more to them (like with cbbl and overpass). And why is the bomb timer still 45 seconds in matchmaking??? I wish they would have made casual and competitive modes that were truly different, instead of just pub vs pug.
2014-08-20 21:30
2014-08-19 02:24
Awesome, this will hopefully bring in more sponsors, so we can have more prize money for this amzing game.
2014-08-18 14:31
Zeus | 
Latvia shtx 
sponsors you talk about are those who buy skins, sticker and so on... :)
2014-08-18 16:04
Need more updates. Make this game perfect #VALVE
2014-08-18 14:32
2014-08-18 14:33
Serbia TRBA 
2014-08-18 14:46
Finland 6294 
2014-08-18 14:33
lol and doto 1000 times bigger. codgo worst cs version of all time. 1.6 back pls. cu
2014-08-18 14:33
1.6 deadened rip in pepperonis
2014-08-18 14:35
2014-08-18 14:36
i m old school player (since 1999) first, i was very sceptical about cs:go, but when i play about 100 hrs i change my view. and now i never go back to 1.6 because cs:go is really good game. not ideal but each day we grow stronger!
2014-08-18 14:38
Greece her-1g 
that happened to me in 2012
2014-08-18 14:52
yeah but dota sucks
2014-08-18 15:44
2014-08-18 17:07
I think DreamHack Winter will broke record again
2014-08-18 14:34
nah i think it willnt broke
2014-08-18 14:36
Tunisia edgg isn't work
2014-08-18 16:43
It just keeps getting better and better , with tuscan that would be 500000
2014-08-18 14:35
we need The International for CS:GO. that would be a big thing.
2014-08-18 14:37
Nice results. CS:GO!!!!
2014-08-18 14:37
Tbh guys I dont think is possible to break this record, this is sick. Who would have thought about it when the game was peaking at 10-15k players and tourneys had 20k-30k viewers max.
2014-08-18 14:41
Tunisia edgg 
I remember that SLTV finals where VP won against NiP and everyone lost their minds because it topped at 45k viewers, that was exactly 1year and 3months ago
2014-08-18 16:45
Ye and they kept saying that those numbers weren't real real, waiting for dota2.
2014-08-18 22:08
with how popular the game in its current form has become, i doubt fundamental issues will ever be adressed, so there's that otherwise great to see CS up there, hopefully this will spark movements in the asian and south american scenes as well as strengthen the north american one. look at shroud, dude did nothing but make a name for himself from his parents' bedroom and now played at the biggest stage there is for CS. the dream is real. also, nerf swedes.
2014-08-18 14:41
but cs:go shit
2014-08-18 14:46
you are shit stopit belgian
2014-08-19 10:03
Great stuff. It's great to see people gather around and watch the tournament. I know from my Twitter feed a lot of LoL & CoD fans were watching ESL One.
2014-08-18 14:46
fuck csgo , 1.6 forever...... or not
2014-08-18 14:47
Greece her-1g 
some facts (with rounded numbers) DreamHack winter had ~ 97000 viewers ESL One Katowice had ~ 283000 viewers ESL One Cologne had ~ 410000 viewers So if we compare the first major to the third we se that cologne quadrupled the viewer numbers and also it was 1.5x the katowice numbers
2014-08-18 14:50
DHW had 156k viewers for the finals.
2014-08-18 16:33
English stream only. ~150k is correct for all streams + gotv. Just like the 410k number is for all streams + gotv. Still 260% growth in less than a year is impressive.
2014-08-19 15:21
How many North Americans were watching the final? It was really early in the morning for them and I can't help but feel the numbers would be even higher if it was at a later time/
2014-08-18 14:53
I set my alarm for 7am to watch it. The semis started at 5:30 for me.
2014-08-18 15:32
That's pretty brutal :D Do you know if many others did that as well?
2014-08-18 19:42
How would he know that,are u ok
2014-08-19 10:26
May have seen people say in the forums that they will be waking early. Might have friends that are doing it too?
2014-08-19 12:48
I can only imagine even more viewers, had the final been between NiP and Cloud9 for example. But great numbers none the less. Future of csgo is looking good!
2014-08-18 14:53
Antix is a lot quieter these days.
2014-08-18 14:57
CSGO is dying!
2014-08-18 14:58
+1 to all those people that didn't visit yet to vomit
2014-08-18 15:26
The day has come!!
2014-08-18 15:56
100,000+ of those viewers are most probably people with multiple twitch/game accounts open to get drops ps Don't get me wrong I am glad cs is growing
2014-08-18 15:57
I'm suprised theres only been one comment about drops o_o
2014-08-18 16:03
Uh. They only counted Unique viewers, if you watched on more than 1 account you were still 1 viewer. Also how can you even believe 100,000 people cared that much to log on more than 1 account is ridiculous.
2014-08-18 16:35
Denmark fyhn 
The cache boxes sold for more than 20€. If I had an extra steam account with GO, I'd for sure have made a new twitch account for that one as well. That's is quite a bit of money for 5 mins work, assuming you get a little lucky that is.
2014-08-18 16:42
show me in the article please where the word UNIQUE is mentioned .... In regards to if I believe /skin part or not just look at match threads it's filled with people blambing about their fucken skins nowadays so ye I do believe that there is a good portion of players with multiple steam accounts who opened multiple twitch and gotv's just to try to get more drops
2014-08-18 16:45 11k people at that moment had several accounts open. 11k, compared to your 'rough' estimation of 100k.
2014-08-18 16:46
This was your first reply '' Uh. They only counted Unique viewers, if you watched on more than 1 account you were still 1 viewer.'' Which shows how much of a lolipop you are when you link me that twitter post seeing the final number in the article includes both
2014-08-18 18:17
It's been stated numerous times that viewers are counted as one even if you have multiple streams open and the game open too... Hence counted as unique viewers. You're just hoping for the game to fail, if you're not here to support then why don't you go and find something else to do with your time eh?
2014-08-18 18:43
Want the game to fail are you mentally challenged or missing a chromosome go watch my PS in my first post.
2014-08-18 18:51
The article includes both of what? The number you see in the article is the total viewercount for the event, the game had 409k viewers. Unique viewers. No double accounts no logging on to several steam accounts and spectating ingame. It was unique viewers, unique means different. For example 1 IP is counted despite you sitting on 90k accounts, you're 1 viewer.
2014-08-18 18:48
you posted this shit retard, redeye posted a number, a user replied with a screen shot showing the in game number total. redeye re replied that his first answer was unique viewers. The number quoted in the article is using the ingame total number which includes both normal viewers and their smurfs you posted this shit dummy so either redeye is lying about the unique viewers or you how some mythical insider info
2014-08-18 19:06
He replied that the number in the picture was wrong, the real number was lower because of people using more accounts from the same IP to watch. I'm not sure how you could miss this but w/e.
2014-08-18 19:01
exectly now go watch this fucken picture posted by hltv its the same shit the number listed is the total number including smurfs and shit so we don't have the unique views here just the total overall
2014-08-18 19:09
No that picture is not counting smurf accounts.
2014-08-18 20:09
lol I am done man your a lost case you go against your own posts you linked earlier
2014-08-18 20:43
you are the retard. The dude explained you clearly that 1 ip count as one. So if you are watching the final in your bedroom and your lil bro is also watching the final in his. That will be 1 viewer. If you have 10 accounts watching the game it will be 1 viewer. Unless of course you are watching it on different ip but nobody does that.
2014-08-19 10:09
The dude gave his own interpenetration, but there is nowhere in the article which specifies that those views are all unique views. Furthermore he linked a fkn twitter post showing clearly that the in game counter includes smurfs to see that post he linked the final number of 409,368 viewers includes smurfs in the mix
2014-08-19 12:06
Denmark qwedsa 
No bets were allowed and what a wonderful tournament we had. Amazing.
2014-08-18 16:09
2014-08-18 16:25
Denmark fyhn 
Care to elaborate that?
2014-08-18 16:43
2014-08-18 16:11
2014-08-18 16:19
2014-08-18 16:25
remind me of old days of 1.6, i still play 1.6 almost everyday
2014-08-18 16:27
Poland kRAMERO 
same here. i played 200hrs and moved back to 1.6 :p
2014-08-18 17:11
Cool! But now fix train and complete tuscan, add them to map list, -cobblestone, leave overpass because it is not that bad and here we go!
2014-08-18 16:28
shox | 
Canada dB- 
/agree overpass has lots of potential, cobblestone is shit (but de_forge was pretty good for a cbble overhaul). +season, +tuscan, and I really wish we could have mirage_ce because valve's version is nowhere near being as good as it used to be (de_cpl_strike)
2014-08-18 19:41
Nice results, now its time to expand to the Asian countries and make a international tournament with $500k prize pool.
2014-08-18 16:29
My computer is to old to run the csgo, but I literally won't miss any major tournament, and I just spent the whole weekend watching every single match. That's a little help from Me to the csgo community.
2014-08-18 16:31
Next major will be at the first quarter of 2015 or is there a chance for another one before the year ends? It was so fun that you just can't wait for the next one :D
2014-08-18 16:31
2014-08-18 16:32
I feel proud of this comunity, come on Counter-Strike!
2014-08-18 16:47
2014-08-18 16:48
Whats the records in 1.6?
2014-08-18 16:48
Poland kingWZRD 
as far as i remember around 80k viewers was the biggest number
2014-08-18 16:58
Drops = more viewers.
2014-08-18 16:49
DDos[ia] = no viewers
2014-08-18 17:03
Denmark fyhn 
With these kind of numbers and the amount Valve makes on sticker capsules, I see no reason why they would up the prize pool for these majors. If we see prize pools breaking a million anytime soon, I guess we'll see much bigger numbers in viewers. CS sure is growing and it's great fun to watch!
2014-08-18 17:02
2014-08-18 17:14
225 000 more people tuned in on the final than on the QF between fnatic and dignitas. Just goes to show that drops isn't the sole reason for these numbers, although it obviously is a factor.
2014-08-18 17:19
Game should be rebalanced towards T a bit. Now it's mostly CT winning and usually the match is won by those who start on CT. Also it is more fun when bombs are planted not the dull holds. Maybe increase peakers advantage? Cobblestone was good, Overpass had great matches, Cache is as bad as always. Also there's too much (all quarters and one semi) Dust 2. They should drop in more new maps. Maybe they could play it on some operation maps otherwise it's boring as everyone knows every corner...
2014-08-18 17:33
Imo that's why c9 vs titan and c9 vs nip were so intense and entertaining - they fought from behind on t side both on dust2 and cobble.
2014-08-18 18:03
I disagree on Cache. The map is very balance in my opinion and I do not see any unbalance. There are smoke spots to smoke out heaven and connector which made it easy to take and set up position. I did not like overpass because it was too big in my opinion, it did not give the T enough time to set up a plan to execute on the site because it would take too much time. You can see wht I mean by the number of time the T ran out of time to plant the bomb. I think they should take out Cobble and replace it with Season.
2014-08-18 18:39
Cache was played three times in the tournament with terrorists starting with 4-11, 2-13 and 4-11 and then the other team just took it home in the other half. I think some of the teams didn't really understand Overpass, they just wen't through the connector and that's it instead of using it for rotations. For T side it's shorter and easier to rotate on Overpass than it is on Inferno... Or do you actually mean Cobblestone not Overpass?
2014-08-18 22:21
Argentina atriX^ 
given this I think it's time for Valve to increase the prize for CSGO, it's obvious this can only get bigger so a 500k prize purse shouldn't be out of the question right now since each major breaks the records of the previous one.
2014-08-18 18:09
shox | 
Canada dB- 
with the amount of money they make with selling operation passes, keys, capsules, AND the transaction fee on EVERYTHING SOLD, there is no way they couldn't make the next one a 500k tournament, since the peak viewers QUADRUPLED since the first major
2014-08-18 19:43
The transaction fee isn't a direct cash amount given to valve. It's basically like play money. So if you sell a skin for $1 and valve takes $0.1 as a cut, they don't directly receive $0.1. That's just a money sink. What is does do though, is indirectly generate them money by taking steam credit out of the economy, meaning people have to purchase more steam credit for actual cash to balance this out. It's basically a system to stop inflation of steam credit.
2014-08-18 20:04
Or for people like me who never use real money, it means it takes longer for you to 'make money' by selling your drops, which increases the chance you will get impatient and spend your real dollars.
2014-08-18 21:43
Money from steam transaction goes straight to profit of steam/valve/csgo and everyone involved. It comes from people's bank accounts and credit cards. It's all just as valuable because steam gets real cash from all the money put in. Its not a sinkhole its a money train, steam's company value is in the billions boy.
2014-08-19 09:38
That's incorrect. A small amount of logic could figure that out for you, child.
2014-08-19 10:02
Where do you think that money goes? Poof! into the air? The money in the Steam economy is real, it's just locked into Valve's ecosystem. All that money comes from people's real bank accounts. You can't buy or sell anything on the market with money that wasn't at one point put into it. There is no inflation (outside normal currency inflation) because no "play money" is generated, it's all real money put into Steam. The money in your Steam account is idle. Valve can't touch it. Only once it's spent does Valve make money. Or when you buy items on the market and Valve gets to remove the transaction fee from your wallet... into Valve's coffers. That's profit, aside from overhead involved with running the Steam market. That money doesn't just disappear into nowhere (money sink), because it's real, actual money that Valve has been sitting on but haven't been able to touch. As long as the money is on the merry-go-round (moved from wallet to wallet, basically just a few SQL commands in Valve's databases), it may seem like play money. But all those database commands are just scaffolding on top of real money. Bookkeeping, nothing more.
2014-08-19 15:39
Valve makes money from the initial transaction of you purchasing steam credit. So if you buy £10.00 worth of stream credit, valve receive £10.00. They don't then "double-dip" and get a cash cut when they take a fee off you for making a market sale. Because that is just credit, it's essentially play money that you have bought. The reason they take a cut is so there is ALWAYS credit coming out of the economy, hence making it so there isn't an inflation of steam credit, which would happen if they didn't have the market sale fee, because nothing would be coming out, just credit going in. This would de-value their games on the market by a lot. The fee does generate them money, but it does so indirectly.
2014-08-19 19:04
You can't trade games via the Steam market. You buy them from Steam, and they're tied to your account, or the account of whoever receives a gifted game. So that's money gone out of the economy. Nothing will be devalued as long as any credit (as you call it) is backed by real money.
2014-08-19 20:26
This what I'm thinking what if c9 went into the final? I believe we should have made it to half a million since everytime c9 played a recorded is broken, maybe because they played at a time where a lot of people could watch but after they played the viewer count would go down tho. Anyone agree or disagree with me
2014-08-18 18:41
good job!!!!!!!!!!
2014-08-18 18:42
and still no tuscan :(((((((
2014-08-18 18:56
go go international cs go
2014-08-18 20:09
I agree with #146 ! Bring CS:GO to TI now ! Thank you ESL for a very nice production ! <3 CS:GO is going huge now ! Nice Volvo :D
2014-08-18 20:33
2014-08-18 20:59
2014-08-18 21:41
who care some fucking statistic
2014-08-18 22:06
Brazil hugoooo 
Skins make stats looks great... take the fcking skins off and see how much people really care to watch the matches
2014-08-18 22:54
I wonder how much advertisement and sponsor money was moved through this weekend, and to whose pockets it landed. My guess would be team owners and Valve.
2014-08-19 00:13
Its time to make a union Valve should give 50% from all money to pro players
2014-08-19 15:34
you are joking but I bet the amount of money any team owner get is at least 10 times greater than what a player do.
2014-08-19 20:10
TI5 include CSGO !!!
2014-08-19 02:20
2014-08-19 10:28
2014-08-19 14:22
1 Million inc <3
2014-08-19 16:16
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