StarSeries X finals schedule released

Starladder has released the schedule for the upcoming StarSeries finals in Kiev.

StarSeries X will come to a close this weekend with the traditional season finals, which will take place at the CyberSports ARENA, right in the heart of the Ukrainian capital.

Due to the political situation in Ukraine, mousesports, the strongest side during the regular season, decided against attending the event, with myXMG, who finished 10th, replacing the German side.

As usual, the LAN finals will use a traditional double-elimination system and every match will be played in a best-of-three format.

Below you can find the complete tournament schedule, so that you do not miss any of the action:

Saturday, August 30th:
Sweden fnatic vs. Denmark myXMG 11:00
Ukraine HellRaisers vs. Ukraine Na`Vi 14:30
Upper Bracket final 18:00
Sunday, August 31st:
Lower Bracket final 11:00
Consolidation final 14:30
Grand final 18:00

The $30,000 prize purse will be distributed amongst the participants as follows:

1. - $14,000
2. - $7,000
3. - $5,000
4. - $4,000

Stay tuned to for coverage of the StarSeries X Finals, kicking off on Saturday at 11:00

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2014-08-26 02:49
myxmg getting free $4000 for doing literally nothing n1
2014-08-26 02:51
2014-08-26 02:54
Finland Brjw 
Probably doesn't even cover the travel expenses.
2014-08-26 03:04
Hope on a bus bus or ask someone to give them a ride and sleep on the street ez money ez life.
2014-08-26 03:15
Bulgaria R4D1 
you must be kiding like an plane tiket from denmark to ukrain is more than 200 euros (2way tiket) 3 night of hotel (100) and 100 more for foot so make that x5 and rest what you get from 4000 and dive it in 5 :D its not much but its ok :D and a free vacantion its a 400e profit for head :D if they spend normaly even if they go whit a manager its there is a profit so :D
2014-08-26 03:31
vacation to warzone, wow...
2014-08-26 07:33
Some people enjoy tanning, others enjoy running from bullets and molotovs..
2014-08-26 09:51
there is nothing happening in Kiev.
2014-08-26 10:29
Kyrgyzstan eiksch 
nice try putin
2014-08-26 10:41
2014-08-26 10:50
2014-08-26 12:42
bant his retard again pls
2014-08-26 14:30
Bulgaria R4D1 
for 5 days :D ibrale :D
2014-08-26 19:20
sltv cover travel expenses themselves
2014-08-26 08:28
2014-08-26 09:45
Gl guys! RoF streaming ?
2014-08-26 02:52
We are =)
2014-08-26 07:55
Are you kidding me ? :) great! <3
2014-08-26 09:17
2014-08-26 02:52
Europe midi 
Wow fnatic are not afraid of coming to Ukraine wow.
2014-08-26 02:52
Only schneider made fnatic didn't go there last time
2014-08-26 10:51
thought the same! :D
2014-08-26 13:07
2014-08-26 02:55
#1 team with chrisJ doesn't attend...ok lets invite #10
2014-08-26 02:55
Yeah, that definitely doesn't have anything to do with everyone above them declining the invite dumbass.
2014-08-26 03:09
u brainwashed kid what they can do if teams #5-9 decline invites
2014-08-26 06:48
Coordinate dates with other orgs. Like you see only team who didnt play both g3 and cologne ll attend. Fnatic is a special case cause they are a new team so they want to play as much as possible and there is no schniders mom so they can finally go to Kiev. Mausesports are onliners so they are the special case too. SLTV fianls should be like 1-2 weeks later. Now there are too close to g3>bootcamp>cologne marathon.
2014-08-26 12:47
2014-08-26 02:56
fnatic vs NaVi finals, 2-0 for fnatic
2014-08-26 02:59
HR vs MyXMG final 1-2 MyXMG wins
2014-08-26 10:52
Korea ws0 
ez for fnatic
2014-08-26 03:07
World Ayr 
1-fnatic 2-Na'vi 3-HR 4-MyXMG
2014-08-26 03:43
Australia AZRR 
lets gooo fnatic!
2014-08-26 03:55
fnatic na'vi final win fnatic of course
2014-08-26 04:54
mason | 
Tunisia mason~ 
n1 1-navi 2-hr 3-fnatic 4-MyXMG
2014-08-26 05:06
MyXMG could barely beat a newly reformed hungarian team, they're getting 16-0'd.
2014-08-26 05:15
That team actually beat OverGaming...
2014-08-26 05:35
They have terrible form atm, I'm not saying they're bad but they need much more time to be a real team.
2014-08-26 05:52
Getting shot at in real life helps develop character and is a great team-building excercise :_D Either that or attending a LAN where they're guaranteed a $4k prize for just showing up and have no "must perform" stigma. Obviously, I like everyone else, don't expect them to beat fnatic, but it will be less of a ROFLstomp than the majority consensus expects.
2014-08-26 12:40
Are you serious? Did u see that game? OG played I think more than 10 rounds 4v5 cause of ddos and they were still winning some of them. Even hungarians said OG wss better.
2014-08-26 12:51
Would have been really sweet to see mouseports in this....
2014-08-26 06:30
1.NaVi 2.Fnatic 3.HR 4.myXMG
2014-08-26 09:36
Navi gl HR go home!
2014-08-26 09:51
2014-08-26 10:00
Georgia otoghost 
MyXGM? what is dis?
2014-08-26 10:10
mousesport will not attend the event due to(security) war issues . MyXGM has taken their place
2014-08-26 10:18
"due to (lan dodge)onliner issues" Fix'd
2014-08-26 12:24
Germany ory 
yea, because they didn't attend g3 and almost beat fnatic. get your facts straight
2014-08-26 13:22
Georgia otoghost 
i know but wtf team is MyXGM? i know players?
2014-08-26 19:39
Kyrgyzstan eiksch 
myXGM is the indian slot for this tournament.
2014-08-26 10:43
2014-08-26 10:53
RIP in pieces myXMG, we will always remember you.
2014-08-26 10:11
Russia Razor_88 
1. HR 2. Fnatic 3. NaVi 4. myXMG
2014-08-26 10:38
navi hr fnatic myxmg
2014-08-26 10:40
Kyrgyzstan eiksch 
1.HR 2.NaVi 3.fnatic 4.myXMG
2014-08-26 10:42
gl HR! go markeloff!
2014-08-26 10:53
come on HR,dont let ur fan go,change ur play style!!!!
2014-08-26 11:30
2014-08-26 12:13
StarSeries X Finals are already ruined, that 1/2 final Fnatic vs myXMG, intense
2014-08-26 11:46
Uzbekistan burgerzz 
wtf , navi should play myxmg and hr should play fnatic, then 2 ukranians would meat at final
2014-08-26 12:08
2014-08-26 13:58
onlinesports pussies.
2014-08-26 13:14
na'vi or hr will win... you know how it works in kiev
2014-08-26 14:04
the best is you dont need win, you still have 4,000$ xd
2014-08-26 14:05
2014-08-26 14:58
ez fnatic win.
2014-08-26 14:58
Wait, everyone (LDLC, VP, Titan etc.) refuse participate at this event? Why??
2014-08-26 15:52
Bacause of the "war" going on there. The quote might be wrong actually, i don't know how it is down there at the moment.
2014-08-26 22:33
hope they dont get harmed, anyway would be fun some russian teams were there, fight on cs not in real life...
2014-08-26 16:28
Don't worry, Russian teams will show up later uninvited.
2014-08-27 18:05
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