eLevate bring in RUSH

eLevate have signed former Homeless member Will "RUSH" Wierzba to replace  Zach "TM" Miller, according to ESEA News.

The former Exertus team, now playing under the wings of eLevate after the two organisations merged, are on the verge of qualifying for the ESEA Finals as they currently sit second in the league on a 9-4 record.

In the other tournaments, however, things have not been going their way, having been eliminated in the FACEIT League qualifiers at the hands of Mobility, while in CEVO-P they are already out following defeats against NetcodeGuides and Justus Pro.

Warden & Storm have a new team-mate

It seems now that the recent poor run of results has resulted in eLevate swapping Zach "TM" Miller, who had been with the team since ESEA Season 15, with former Homeless member William "RUSH" Wierzba.

This means that eLevate now have the following roster:

United States Matt "Warden" Dickens
United States Derek "desi" Branchen
United States Tyler "Storm" Wood
France David "Xp3" Garrido
United States William "RUSH" Wierzba

France David 'Xp3' Garrido
David 'Xp3' Garrido
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Tyler 'Storm' Wood
Tyler 'Storm' Wood
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Matt 'Warden' Dickens
Matt 'Warden' Dickens
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States William 'RUSH' Wierzba
William 'RUSH' Wierzba
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Derek 'desi' Branchen
Derek 'desi' Branchen
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Zach 'TM' Miller
Zach 'TM' Miller
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
cya tm
2014-09-13 18:13
Wierzba is polish surname. Anyone noticed? :D GL in future eLevate
2014-09-14 00:32
yeah i did, lol
2014-09-14 08:20
For non polish people: Wierzba in english means willow :D
2014-09-15 01:52
2014-09-13 18:14
Warden to jdm: "I'm gonna break your teeth at the next LAN" ... yea if he can catch him =]
2014-09-13 18:16
"you gonna need full dental"
2014-09-13 18:58
"I hope you have full dental"
2014-09-14 01:34
does anyone have a picture of tm?
2014-09-13 18:17
United Kingdom rhyss 
So glad that fat mess got removed again
2014-09-13 18:17
l8r tm!
2014-09-13 18:18
RUSH is really good
2014-09-13 18:19
2014-09-13 18:35
Chile Cristoff 
2014-09-13 19:07
Good my ass
2014-09-13 21:22
RUSH is not good lol. He went 73-102 last LAN. RUSH is a onliner.
2014-09-14 05:23
2014-09-13 18:19
"Rush" Wierzba USA getting ownt by Polish
2014-09-13 18:20
USA is a country of emigrated ppl. what makes you surprised?
2014-09-14 08:24
2014-09-13 18:20
Ukraine petruska 
2014-09-13 18:24
big deal
2014-09-13 18:35
storm :O
2014-09-13 18:36
2014-09-13 18:39
2014-09-13 18:42
Bulgaria b0xeR4et0 
Silver Rank NA
2014-09-13 18:43
later fatty
2014-09-13 18:47
Hope you find a new team TM. Don't know who this RUSH guy is but hopefully he's good. I wanna see Storm and Warden playing in an actual good team.
2014-09-13 18:48
United States brento 
meh storm and warden arent that good anymore, probably because they both have full time jobs. elevate lives and dies by the way desi plays
2014-09-13 19:01
Yeah I just remember these guys from 1.6 and they were really good. I wanna see them come back for real, not just play in an "adequate" team you know.
2014-09-13 19:04
Both are legends but yeah... finding motivation to be your best in cs while holding down a full time job ect is hard. ad least they are legends in 1.6(the best version of cs by miles) peace.
2014-09-13 22:50
when hltv posts news like these, means there's NOTHING else to post about
2014-09-13 18:48
sancz | 
United States nelluc 
right because a top NA team picking up a new player isn't news kill yourself fagt
2014-09-13 18:49
top NA team=shit in europe then I guess, or well it actually does xD
2014-09-13 23:39
too bad 2 top NA teams completely shit on all of europe in 2 different recent tournaments...
2014-09-14 09:05
Are you retarded or just American? I guess both? xD shit on all of europe? I guess you forgot an NA team has never won an event xD And nip beat c9 xDDD cyaaa and ibp went out in group stages XDd ha ha xD Sweden>world so stfu xD
2014-09-14 18:20
Except IBP won Esea Finals u dumb fucking swede, and c9 came in 2nd, they SHIT ON ALL EURO TEAMS...Also i forget what tourney it was a few months ago but c9 shit on every team in europe, they didnt win but they finished 3rd while beating every european team at the tourney....
2014-09-15 07:02
Jetlag and passport problems US customs was rooting for NA in that one
2014-09-16 05:31
you're right it really isn't
2014-09-16 05:30
so if TM is out there is room for two players more who is the other one?
2014-09-13 18:56
Brazil hugoooo 
I'm the only that thinks that Storm totally looks like Sheldon Cooper?
2014-09-13 18:59
2014-09-13 19:12
desi the best :D:D:D:D:D
2014-09-13 19:11
2014-09-13 19:12
seeeeya tm
2014-09-13 19:18
Now replace this inconsistent Xp3 kid with fRoD, mix in some more practice from Storm + Warden to get it back to how they were in 1.6, and you have yourselves an NA team capable of beating any team on LAN.
2014-09-13 19:29
We can dream right?
2014-09-13 21:10
storm and warden need to get replaced. xp3 and desi are the only good ones
2014-09-13 19:29
Warden was a beast in 1.6, same with Storm, both absolute rifle beasts, so they're definitely capable. Warden is just going to be a bit worse because of doing the ingame leading/strat calling duties. In 1.6 on complexity, he was a main entry killer/fragger (sort of like their Friberg equivalent), never called strats. They also don't have anywhere near as much hours playing GO then other invite players. Also, I think Xp3 is really over-rated. He is really inconsistent from what I've seen.. Always opposite ends of the spectrum.
2014-09-13 19:33
Warden and storm haven't been beasts in 1.6 since pre-CGS. After the CGS (they were below average in that btw) they came back to 1.6 and were pretty bad internationally. So you're talking about them being good like 8-10 years ago. They're about as old as HeatoN.
2014-09-16 13:00
Brazil Collee 
Rush is top6 NA 1 - Shahzam 2 - mOE 3 - hiko 4 - n0thing 5 - swag 6 - rush
2014-09-13 19:34
Shroud not in there? He's probably top 10 in the world right now (if not top 5). Shahzam isn't even LAN proven either. If anything I'd put Skadoodle over Shahzam though, not that Ska is much better, just has a bit more LAN xp and is slightly better online. Also I probably wouldn't even put n0thing in top 5 NA anymore after his performance at ESL cologne. He was looking like more of a support player then the fragger n0thing we're used to from 1.6. Really looking for him to redeem himself at the next major LAN. :D
2014-09-13 19:47
he's probably trolling though
2014-09-13 19:44
2 - m0E..... yeah hes trolling xD
2014-09-13 22:52
Shroud isn't even top 25 in the world. What kind of a delusional statement is that? You say n0thing isn't top 5 NA because of one performance but place shroud in top 5 globally with two mediocre LANs?
2014-09-14 01:33
top 10 world? are you joking? he's been to _ONE_ LAN xD are you delusional? I'm gonna name a few players that is more experienced and a lot better than shroud; flusha, gtr, f0rest, edward, byali, snax, guardian, JW, olofmeister, krimz.. I can go all day naming people who's better than your only good player xD
2014-09-14 18:23
i can find 20 guys that are better than rush in premier main and open. wtf you on about? 1-shazham is fucking cancer, nobody fucking likes him 2-mose is overrated. 3-hiko good 4-nothing is inconsistent and just a normal dude on go. he only gets it going for a match in every 15 matches. 5- swag no.1 6-rush lollöl
2014-09-13 20:24
You didn't even mention JDM? JDM is better than everyone you named in that list.
2014-09-14 20:43
ahh not my list. its the list of the guy above me. also jdm? jdm good. best rifling awper na. but is he better than swag or hiko? no. he is imo overall better than nothing, seangares and maybe dazed. but he is nowhere near the other dudes on c9 and ibp. also cutler>jdm skillwise but cutlers an asshole and jdm is the nicest guy ever.
2014-09-14 21:46
AZK | 
United States Dood 
Just the fact that you put Shahzam and m0E on this list over any other player in NA makes me want to not take you seriously
2014-09-13 21:40
TM retard and shite Good Call will be good now
2014-09-13 19:53
still better than ya doe. have fun with your shitty scene.
2014-09-13 20:22
who are you? whindanski i know, never heard of you though...
2014-09-14 01:28
Sweden binz 
tm hahah
2014-09-13 20:23
actually tm was pretty decent along with desi. storm and xp3 were absolute shite. warden is ok but nowhere near his former self and still cocky as ever. hopefully he will get his fat ass kicked by jdm in the near future. and according to that fat fuck on esea forums, it seems tm left on his own.
2014-09-13 20:36
Portugal Cyborgy 
xp3 shit lOLoLo
2014-09-13 20:53
yes, worst player on the team
2014-09-14 20:34
Nice try tm
2014-09-13 20:54
North America r00 
Funny they keep swapping players when indeed storm has under performed since switching over to cs go, he literally bottom frags in every match.
2014-09-13 20:39
Estonia 2026 
mOE laughing right now probably.
2014-09-13 20:40
though this spot may have gone to him seeing they already have desi but for him being, you know, mOE
2014-09-13 23:40
who brought in who?
2014-09-13 20:44
-uzzi +xp3
2014-09-13 20:53
2014-09-14 03:03
Brazil CleitoNTC  
Go KaBuM !
2014-09-13 21:53
Tm was better than any of his other teammates. Elevete not too stronk
2014-09-13 23:11
Tm better than desi? LOL
2014-09-14 00:39
2014-09-14 01:30
RUSH is nuts!
2014-09-14 00:39
Vietnam N4M 
HAHAHAHA TM is a stupid piece of shit redneck, thank god that chode got kicked out
2014-09-14 01:52
I still think it's a bad idea to kick TM, TM is still a very good player and carries when you need him too. Storm or Warden should get kicked
2014-09-14 02:52
who? who?
2014-09-14 04:31
United Kingdom smoggy:. 
arh tm has been fully castrated, hopefully he can bounce back to his old self.
2014-09-14 08:52
tm is a total piece of shit, played with him on MM with xp3 and sunman and he was the biggest douchebag, sunman and xp3 were nice and didnt really say much but tm was talking shit the entire time to everyone...
2014-09-14 09:11
rush.. a huge downgrade wouldnt do shit on lan for sure
2014-09-14 13:47
2014-09-14 17:29
2014-09-14 17:51
I just have a question for da NA people, a little off topic I guess. But, how can moe be considered good? I've watched his stream a couple of times and he really suck, like he really do suck. He doesn't even look close to a pro level. It's kind of emberrassing to see him getting so many viewers on twitch..
2014-09-14 18:26
getting viewers on twitch has nothing to do with how good you are
2014-09-14 20:36
Yea, but he seems to be regarded as good in the NA scene?
2014-09-14 23:45
I would kick Warden he didn't do anything for them this season or last, he is clearly the anchor in that team. His experience doesn't matter because they'll never qualify for a lan event so why keep him? I'm pretty sure not a single person cares about what they won in Source they're terrible now.
2014-09-14 20:41
He was one of the best entry fraggers of all time in CS 1.6... wake up.
2014-09-15 00:26
Dosia | 
Russia cann0n 
Adrenaline Rush
2014-09-15 01:15
2014-09-15 01:48
2014-09-15 02:06
s1mple | 
Sweden DiTzZ 
I hate TM, but I'd say he's a bit better than Rush
2014-09-16 02:25
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